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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

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   Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is February 27,
1977, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 21.

   For some time now I have been warning you of the dangers
facing America.  Now, time is fast running out.  When Jimmy
Carter was inaugurated President on January 20, 1977, a
contingency plan concocted in 1963 was set in motion, and it is
progressing very rapidly.  The key to this particular plan was to
be the placement of a completely puppetized president in office
at a time of rapidly-mounting war threats.  Under this plan,
inadequate performance by the puppet presidents in the face of
these dire threats is intended to enable a take-over of the
country by Rockefeller-controlled military and CIA inner circles. 
In this manner the total dictatorship sought by the four
Rockefeller Brothers is to be brought into being.

   We are now faced with the planned threat of NUCLEAR WAR ONE
with the puppet president now on the scene in the person of Jimmy
Carter.  Carter continually spouts the Rockefeller line as he
learned it from his participation in their TRILATERAL COMMISSION,
but he has no real grasp at all of what he is involved in.

   Meanwhile, the CIA is also being readied for its appointed
role.  Nelson Rockefeller has been busy packing key positions in
the CIA with his "new men"; and to facilitate the enlistment of
required military support for the coming Dictatorship, a military
man who is a member of the Rockefeller inner circle, Admiral
Stansfield Turner, has been selected to head the CIA.  That's why
the earlier nomination of Ted Sorenson ran into a brick wall--he
ran afoul of a game plan he didn't even know about.

   The plan calls for pre-war crisis measures to be used to
condition Americans to accept the elaborate transformation of
America into a total dictatorship, and this pre-war build-up is
going on right now.  Ultimately many millions of Americans are to
be annihilated in a Soviet nuclear attack, which is to be carried
out according to rules laid down in secret agreements negotiated
by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

   As I revealed in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 for May 1976,
this joint Rockefeller-Soviet war plan includes a super-secret
"NUCLEAR SAFE ZONE" across the upper portion of the continental
United States within which the Rockefellers and their intimates
plan to ride out the war on Mount Desert and Bartlett Islands off
the coast of Maine, right in the heart of the Nuclear Safe Zone. 
This Nuclear Safe Zone is merely the nuclear-age equivalent of
the orders which were given to Allied Bombing Commands during
World War II not to damage Rockefeller-owned strategic targets in
Germany.  These orders caused such huge important installations
as the I. G. Farben Chemical plants to survive unscathed all the
way through World War II, while other targets and even whole
cities nearby were completely leveled.

   Last month in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 20 I was able to reveal
the club the Rockefeller Brothers believe they hold over the
heads of the Soviets to make sure the Soviet nuclear attack on
America goes as planned.  In this way the Rockefellers will have
used the Soviets to do their dirty work for them.  In any event,
this club consists of an undersea fleet of 14 super-missiles
targeted on the Soviet Union--five in the Pacific, 9 in the
Atlantic.  These missiles are not under the control of our
Defense Department, and have nothing whatever to do with the
defense of our country as a whole.  They're under the direct
control of the Rockefeller Brothers through their controlled CIA,
and their only purpose is to make sure that the Rockefeller inner
circles in America are not included in the holocaust that is
being arranged for the rest of us.  If all goes as planned, the
CIA super-missiles deep in the ocean will never be fired at all. 
Only if there should be a Soviet double-cross would there be an
attempt to fire them, and under those circumstances they would
act only as vengeance weapons.

   Yet as awesome as these CIA super-missiles are, they cannot
prevent a Soviet double-cross.  In fact, they have already
provoked one double-cross.  Last summer the Soviet Union sneaked
in under the CIA missile umbrella and began planting short-range
underwater-launch nuclear missiles in our own territorial waters,
hoping to achieve such total surprise that the CIA undersea
super-missiles would never be fired.  The limited exposure of
this threat, which I was able to achieve by means of AUDIO
LETTERS Nos. 14 and 15 for July and August 1976, was sufficient
to ruin the Soviet surprise, so an attack at that time was
averted.  The joint Rockefeller-Soviet war plan is back on track
for the time being, but now both sides are watching for a chance
to double-cross each other.  Meanwhile, as I reported last month,
the presence of the Soviet missiles in our waters are now being
incorporated into the joint war plan.

   For the first time in many years, Civil Defense, of which we
have none, has again become the subject of wide concern.  We are
again hearing radio test alerts on the Emergency Broadcasting
System which will be used in the event of war.  It has even been
hinted that we may soon experience unannounced air-raid drills, a
practice that could be especially effective in conditioning us
all to the idea that war is imminent.

   Only a few days ago, on February 11, 1977, President Carter
became the first president to fly with great publicity in a
special airplane now fitted as a flying Command Post to be used
in nuclear war.  The article above this in the New York Daily
News carried the headline, quote: "CARTER GETS A PREVIEW OF WORLD
WAR III."  Just a year ago such headlines would have been
unthinkable.  Now they are all around us.

   Because the plan now under way requires that military support
be arranged for the new Dictatorship, it was essential that
General George S. Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
be neutralized as I said he would be in monthly AUDIO LETTER No.
17.  General Brown played a pivotal role in preventing a Soviet
nuclear surprise attack on the United States during August and
September 1976; but that will not happen again, my friends.  The
campaign which began in October 1976 to render General Brown
ineffective in his efforts to protect America has now succeeded. 
He is no longer able to influence events to any significant
extent.  That is why when Carter demanded on January 12, 1977,
that studies be performed toward eliminating 75% to 80% of our
Intercontinental Missiles, General Brown simply agreed to have
the studies done.  Can you imagine?

   My friends, now that we have lost General Brown, there is no
one left in the entire United States Government to help us. 
There are still many patriotic individuals in the Government, of
course, but they are not the ones in positions of power.  Only
massive public pressure--informed, angry, and determined--now has
any chance of stopping the carefully-planned war to kill millions
of us and enslave the rest.  Every one of us must work to bring
about public awareness and pressure in whatever time we have
left.  But suppose we do not succeed--then what?!  I believe the
time has come to face that question squarely and honestly.

   It may well be that we have already failed in our efforts to
help prevent NUCLEAR WAR ONE.  Only God can know, but we dare not
give up because the victory may yet be ours.  But the fact is
that many Americans do not want to listen.  They are not ready,
and some will not be ready to listen until catastrophe comes upon
their heads.

   If NUCLEAR WAR ONE does come here, my friends, millions will
die, but there will also be some survivors.  You owe it to
yourself, to your family, and to our whole society to do whatever
you can to be among the survivors.  The godless dictatorship
being fashioned by our unelected Rulers will collapse in the end;
and when it does, there must be people left who know what America
was all about, and what went wrong.  Because you are willing to
hear the truth now before disaster arrives, YOU are that people. 
And if we are all forced to pass through the dark tunnel of war
and bungling dictatorship, it will fall your lot to help lead our
people out of darkness and into the sunlight once again on the
other side.

   My three special topics for today are:

Topic #2--PRE-WAR AMERICA, 1977
Topic #3--THE END OF AN ERA.

Topic #1--For more than a generation, since the outbreak of World
War II in fact, Americans have been preoccupied with the idea of
national security.  But what is National Security?  One concept
of national security is the familiar one promoted day in and day
out by the federal government.  According to the Government,
national security is a matter that is just too complex for most
of us to understand and must always be wrapped in secrecy,
intrigue, and more secrecy.  When we see diplomatic maneuvers
which seem to help our enemies while harming our friends or even
ourselves, we're always told we simply don't understand the
so-called National Security considerations that are involved. 
The map of the free world shrinks ever smaller, our country grows
visibly weaker and weaker, yet the federal bureaucracy knows
best, we are assured, and will take care of it all for us.  But
while you and I are both forced to pay the bill for it all, we
are never, never let in on what it is really all about.

   What is called "National Security" today by the Government
would be better described as security for our Secret Rulers. 
They see themselves as the embodiment of our nation, just as
royalty did in times past.  Thus to them, so-called National
Security is nothing more than a king's "X" to prevent the public,
you and me, from learning things about governmental doings that
could endanger our Rulers' security.  Vital secrets that are
routinely betrayed to our deadliest enemies are kept hidden from
our view.

   The Government's version of National Security involves ever
greater centralization of all power and all decision-making into
just a few hands.  Increasingly it involves spying on the
citizens of our own nation, and now it even includes diplomatic
manipulations that have betrayed us straight down the road to
NUCLEAR WAR ONE.  This is what the words National Security really
mean to those who secretly control the United States
Government--a government that used to be ours, but is no more. 
What is called National Security obviously is not what most of us
naturally think of when we hear these words.  The Government's
version of National Security, in other words, is an illusion and
a fraud.  Real national security has to be rooted in the people,
who are the nation.

   When we think of national security we usually think of the
ability of the nation as a whole to protect itself from damage by
other nations--politically, economically, and if need be
militarily.  But there's another side to national security that
is actually more basic, yet we in America have been led to
gradually neglect it and finally lose it altogether over the past
100 years or so.  I refer to the internal stability that has been
destroyed by over-centralization.

   Gone are the days when America consisted of thousands of
communities which could, if need be, survive for indefinite
periods without supplies from distant sources.  And gone are the
days when consumers could choose from among a wide variety of
products produced by true competitors.  Instead, most of the
things we now have to have for life come from somewhere else,
often we know not where; and there is little competition or real
choice left.  The flow of essential commodities can now be turned
off at will by the corporate socialists and a few central spigots
in order to bring America to a grinding halt.  Most Americans
today never give this state of affairs a second thought.  The
young cannot imagine things being any different; and most of
those who are old enough to remember a different way of life are
willing to settle for what we have today with the comforts and
luxuries that have become commonplace.

   What has happened, my friends, is that we have all become
addicts.  There is an addiction that underlies our entire way of
life today, and this same addiction has made it possible for us
to be brought to the threshold of Totalitarian World Government
and nuclear holocaust.  My friends, we are addicts--addicts to
energy.  There's no precedent in history for the magnitude of the
suffering man can now bring about, because there is no precedent
in history for the energy addiction that now grips America and
the world.

   For thousands of years mankind got by on the ancient and
renewable forms of energy such as animal power, water power, wind
power, and the burning of wood.  Then came coal, and the
industrial revolution was spawned.  But it was petroleum, thanks
to its great convenience and high energy output, that was
destined to make true energy addicts of us all.

   It is typical of addictions that they take time to develop,
and that is true of our energy addiction of today.  It began very
gradually over 100 years ago, and has built up over several
generations.  During the early years after petroleum first made
its appearance, we were still in the take-it-or-leave-it stage;
but gradually it found more and more uses, and then whole
technologies were spawned which depend specifically on petroleum
energy, such as the automobile and the airplane.  These
technologies gradually took on the character of necessities,
rather than optional luxuries, and from that point onward we were
true addicts.

   The same way, our energy addiction expanded to include
dependence on natural gas and electricity.  Even our food
production became increasingly dependent upon uninterrupted
supplies of non-renewable energy.  The American farmer, blessed
already with a rich land, began to retire his ox-drawn plow in
favor of a gasoline-powered tractor, and soon expanded his
productivity still further with other farm machinery--all of it
run by petroleum energy.  It became possible for fewer farmers to
feed us all; and farmers who failed to keep up with these new
trends, whether for financial reasons or otherwise, gradually
disappeared from the scene.

   Then came high-yield hybrid crops, petroleum-derivative
insecticides and fungicides to protect these delicate hybrids
from damage, and fertilizers made with natural gas as a raw
material in order to make them grow better.  Farms became bigger,
fewer, and more expensive; huge agribusinesses, energy-intensive
and geared for high productivity, began to dominate American
agriculture, making it still harder for the small family farm to

   Meanwhile, petroleum energy made possible fast freight
transportation over long distances.  High-volume food
distributors have exploited this in such a way that nearby small
suppliers of many foods are by-passed in favor of a few
centralized huge supply sources far away.  This, of course, has
caused many of the nearby supplies that used to exist in many
areas to dry up and disappear.  For example, every town of any
size used to have access to one or more local dairies which
processed the milk produced by cows in that area.  But today many
of the familiar, dependable local dairies of the past are gone;
and if you can find anyone who can tell you where the milk you
buy comes from, you may well discover that it comes from a
central processing plant in another state.

   We have now reached the point where practically all the
necessities of life, including food and water, reach us only by
means of non-renewable, centrally-controlled energy.  The energy
pushers have done their job well, making it appear that nothing
more than natural trends were at work.  They have fed our
addiction beyond the point of no return, taking care not to allow
competing sources of energy to develop that could get out of
their control and ruin their grip on us.

   Our energy addiction is now to be used against us for their
own purposes.  When we're told now that we must conserve, it
means that we must knuckle under to sacrifices as we are
gradually ground under the heel of artificial shortages and
rising costs.

   My friends, the role of energy in our society is so
all-pervasive today that it is hard to describe, and it is the
Rockefellers who first realized how powerful a tool it could be
for their own ends.  John D. Rockefeller, Sr. built the giant
Standard Oil monopoly with ruthless determination to corner the
market on petroleum.  The trust-busting era merely caused him to
devise better ways to hide his control while his program
proceeded without letup, and soon the Rockefeller Standard Oil
empire became involved in international intrigue and wars to
overcome foreign competitors as well.  The process has continued
down to the present with wars, skirmishes, coups, and so forth,
enabling the Rockefeller empire to maintain a strangle hold on
most of the world's oil.  In recent years this has been made
virtually airtight through control of most of the free world's
refining capacity.  So today it is the four Rockefeller Brothers
who are in a position to turn off the vital energy supplies to
which we have become addicted for our very lives.  We have all
become so accustomed to the steady supply of electricity, natural
gas, and petroleum products that the illusion of reliability has
been created.

   Alternative means of surviving by means of local resources
have gradually fallen into the disuse and have disappeared, while
we all have been lulled into a life or death dependence on
centralized energy sources controlled by the Rockefeller
Brothers.  And they're not interested in your security or mine. 
Their horizon is the world and how to control it--not the mere
survival of America.  Therefore when they turn the energy spigots
off, as they are beginning to do now, they will be turning off
our national security with it--in other words, we have NO
national security.  So long as the necessities of life remain
under the centralized control of men who are determined to murder
our beloved country, we will never again have true national
security.  Only if we, the people, will rise up and take back the
government that has been stolen from us, will the many things be
done that are necessary to restore true national security to our

Topic #2--When I recorded my AUDIO BOOK tape on the coming
depression and war in October, 1974, I explained the real purpose
that caused World Wars I and II.  In both cases, Germany was
nothing more than a huge pawn in an ever bigger game of
international conquest.  Instead, as I said then, through two
World Wars America's Secret Rulers brought Great Britain to her

   The American people as a whole feel strong kinship to the
British, so it seems incredible that our Secret Rulers would have
deliberately smashed Britain through war.  But listen to what
former Prime Minister Sir Harold Wilson said last month on
January 22, 1977 on a television talk show.  When he was asked to
explain the economic crisis Britain is in, he said, quote:

  "Two world wars took all our investments; and the Lend-Lease
Agreement with the Americans not only took all our markets, which
was justified as we didn't want shipping going to Latin America,
but we had to give them all our inventions."

Thus the three decades from the beginning of World War I to the
end of World War II were used to concentrate the bulk of the
world's economic might into the hands of those who ruled America
secretly, behind the scenes--namely the ROCKEFELLERS.

   The technologies and markets of friend and foe alike were
stolen and poured into the coffers of the Corporate Socialist
empire controlled by the four Rockefeller Brothers.  But this
emergence of America into sudden world dominance was never
intended to be more than a temporary phenomenon by those who had
secretly caused it to happen.

   A dominant share of the economic and technological might of
the world had been centralized under American control so that we
could then serve as an immense reservoir for transfusions to the
Soviet Union!  The godless dictatorship set up by the Bolsheviks
in Russia in 1917 with the help of Rockefeller financing was to
be the real wave of the future.  It represented the ultimate in
monopoly--total control over every aspect of peoples' lives.  But
the Soviet System which is intended as the pattern for TOTAL
WORLD DOMINATION is artificial and unnatural, and that is why the
Soviet Union had to be built up by massive transfusions from
outside--transfusions of money, food, economic and technological
know-how, everything.  Now the transfusions are virtually

   It took three decades to drain Britain and Europe to build up
America as a reservoir for the Soviet Union, and it has taken
three more decades to drain the American reservoir and make the
Soviet Union the world's most powerful nation in material terms. 
The United States is now following Great Britain down the road to
ruin, and for the same reasons.  The Rockefeller Brothers and
their intimates now arrogantly believe they can no longer be
stopped in their plan of world conquest.  They are convinced
there is no power greater than themselves, and they are becoming
more brazen by the day.

   Jimmy Carter has been programmed to proceed with all possible
speed in dismembering what remains of our nation's defenses while
at the same time promoting public awareness of war tensions here
and abroad.  He is making the terrible mistake of thinking he is
actually President.

   Meanwhile long-time Rockefeller agent, Walter Mondale, stands
ready and waiting for the moment IF and WHEN Jimmy Carter is
erased from the scene.  Mondale is by far the most powerful
Vice-President in history next to Nelson Rockefeller, and he's in
a position to pick up the reins of presidential power at a
moment's notice.

   As for Nelson Rockefeller, he hasn't given up either.  After a
recent White House ceremony at which he was given an award,
Rockefeller whispered to reporters as he left: "I'll be back."

   Jimmy Carter is functioning with a skeleton government at the
present time here in Washington.  Huge gaps remain deliberately
unfilled in the Carter Administration--such as the Chairmanship
of the United States Export-Import Bank.  Normally positions at
Eximbank are among the most coveted plums in all of Washington,
and yet up to now they remain unfilled.  Why?  Because, my
friends, the Export-Import Bank is a peacetime operation, and it
will be shut down when war comes as it is planned to do.

   The Carter Cabinet is a war cabinet, and the unprecedented
measure was taken of rushing their confirmation hearings through
Congress even before Carter took office.  On hand to preside over
America's final destruction in NUCLEAR WAR ONE are men of
unchallenged qualifications for that task--such as Secretary of
State Vance, Secretary of Defense Brown, and National Security
Advisor Brzezinski, among others.  These men were in the
forefront of those who argued in favor of America's involvement
in the disaster called Vietnam, and helped guide the conduct of
the war in such a way as to guarantee our defeat!  Now all they
have to say about Vietnam is, quote: "We made a mistake."  And
with that, our country has been placed in their hands once again.

   We hear continually about "government reorganization", but
what does this really mean?  For one hint, consider the fact that
Brzezinski is on record as saying, quote:

  "The reality of our times is such that a modern society, such
as the United States, needs a central, coordinating, and
renovating organ which cannot be made up of 600 people."

In other words, the United States Congress in its present form is
obsolete and should be replaced by something else!!  Brzezinski,
by the way, is a close neighbor and associate of David and Nelson
Rockefeller's at Seal Harbor, Maine.

   And then there are the words of Andrew Young, appointed United
States Ambassador to the U.N. by Carter.  In that position, Young
is charged with speaking for everyone in the United States, yet
he has said, quote: "Communism has never been a threat to me." 
Do words like that speak for you, my friends?  Or for your
neighbors?  Or for any real American?  But those words have been
allowed to stand, and the man who said them is still the United
Nations Ambassador.

   We are moving rapidly toward the introduction of the secret
new Rockefeller Constitution for America which I revealed and
described in AUDIO BOOK tape released in July 1975.  The plan is
now to accomplish this as part of the scenario now under way to
take over the country under threat of war.  Even Carter's new CIA
Director, Admiral Turner, has been in contact with Carter for
over five years--not about military matters but governmental

   And so our unelected Rulers continue to plan and scheme to
take full advantage of the threat of war and even NUCLEAR WAR ONE
itself to destroy our way of life for their own purposes.  The
orchestrated pre-war build-up of tensions continues.  In recent
weeks, western Europe has suddenly been highlighted as our
nuclear-age Dunkirk because doubts are now being expressed that
NATO forces there could withstand a surprise attack by the Warsaw
Pact forces.

   And here at home it is now officially acknowledged that the
Soviet Union is shooting for military superiority over the West. 
Unofficially, some say they already have it.  Worse yet, the
Rockefeller-controlled CIA just 'happens' to have been grossly
underestimating the Soviet military build-up for a decade or
more.  Can you imagine?  Suddenly now we are told that the Soviet
Union has been spending four times the previous CIA estimates for
new weapons and military installations.  The deliberate
underestimates, which were arranged for years by Rockefeller
insiders in the CIA, had just one purpose: To undermine any
arguments about a serious Soviet threat and thereby to insure a
decline in American military might.

   But now that NUCLEAR WAR ONE is imminent, the CIA estimates
can no longer make any difference in our preparedness, so now the
estimates have suddenly been raised in order to demoralize us and
convince us that defeat at Soviet hands is all but inevitable. 
Having arranged for our Constitutional military forces to be
weakened as much as possible, the CIA itself has become the most
powerful military organization in the United States--a fact
symbolized by the fact that the CIA will now be headed by Four
Star Admiral Turner, a Rockefeller insider who will retain his
military rank.

   The CIA has been transformed into a combined super-Military
and Secret Police controlled by persons loyal only to the
Rockefeller Brothers instead of the country as a whole.  This is
in complete violation of the original charter of the CIA and of
the CONSTITUTION of the United States.

   Sixteen years after the establishment of the CIA at the
instigation of David Rockefeller, former President Harry S.
Truman expressed public regrets over having done so.  On December
21, 1963, he wrote for the Washington Post, quote:

  "For some time I've been disturbed by the way the CIA has been
diverted from its original assignment.  It has become an
operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government."

Saying that he had never visualized, quote, "peacetime cloak and
dagger operations" for the CIA, he added, and I quote:

  "This quiet Intelligence arm of the President has been so
removed from its intended role that it is being interpreted as a
symbol of sinister and mysterious foreign intrigue, and a subject
for cold war enemy propaganda."

   These words of President Truman were published just a month
after an American president, John F. Kennedy, had been brutally
removed from office by a successful CIA operation, as I revealed
in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 3 for August 1975.  Already the CIA
had broken free of presidential control, and a decade later a CIA
operation called "WATERGATE" replaced an elected President and
Vice-President with appointees for the very first time in
American history!

   Today the United States is surrounded by 90 short-range
underwater-launch nuclear missiles planted by the Soviet Union
within our own territorial waters.  Our Constitutional military
services have been under presidential orders since October 1,
1976 NOT to remove them; and now that General Brown has been
neutralized, no effort whatever is being made to do so.  And the
only real counter-threat to these Soviet underwater missiles is
the fleet of 14 awesome super-missiles targeted on the Soviet
Union from resting places deep in the Atlantic and Pacific
Oceans.  These undersea super-missiles, as I revealed last month
in AUDIO LETTER No. 20, are not under normal military control but
are under direct Rockefeller command through their controlled
CIA.  Their purpose, as I have already explained, is not to
prevent NUCLEAR WAR ONE or even to retaliate when it comes. 
Their purpose is only to insure that the Soviet Union abides by
the joint Rockefeller-Soviet war plan to spare the Rockefeller
Brothers and their intimates while incinerating the rest of us.

   But as I revealed last month, the super-secret CIA missiles
have begun deteriorating and leaking.  One missile in the Pacific
is totally disabled, and several others are leaking plutonium
from their warheads into the surrounding waters, and probably are
useless also.

   One of the leaking missiles which I mentioned last month is
Atlantic Missile No. 8, which is located in the ocean about 290
miles east-southeast of Jacksonville, Florida.  On February 7,
1977, just two weeks after I recorded monthly AUDIO LETTER No.
20, the beach near Jacksonville, Florida became the scene of a
mystifying phenomenon.  For no apparent reason, whales suddenly
began beaching themselves in large numbers.  Within a short time
over 120 whales beached themselves only to die there.  That
evening NBC News reported that no autopsies were being performed
on the whales, that this was to be left to the Smithsonian here
in Washington.  The next day that story was retracted, but
meanwhile I know from my own sources that a high-ranking
Smithsonian official who is a covert CIA agent went to Florida
immediately to investigate and to make sure that the real cause
of the whales beaching themselves did not become publicly known.

   One story the Smithsonian circulated as a possible explanation
for the strange behavior of the whales was that some sort of
parasites, caused perhaps by pollution, had caused the whales to
lose their senses of depth and direction.  But that, of course,
does not explain why they would all have come ashore out of their
natural habitat, rather than wandering aimlessly at sea.  And it
explains even less what happened when some of the whales were
towed off the beach and into the sea.  In most cases they
unerringly headed straight for shore and beached themselves
again.  Even though death awaited them on the beach, they
preferred that to their natural habitat of the sea.

   What you have not been told, my friends, is that a number of
the whales were dissected, and in practically every case their
stomachs were completely empty--they were sick.  But the real
problem was not in their stomachs but in their lungs, which were
heavily contaminated with plutonium.  A few days after the whales
began beaching themselves, I was informed by my Intelligence
sources that the plutonium leakage from Atlantic Missile No. 8
had accelerated so rapidly that plutonium was now contaminating
the Atlantic in a fan that touches the east coast all the way
from about half way between Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia,
southward almost to Daytona Beach, Florida.  It was strongest in
the middle, right where the whales came ashore near Jacksonville.

   My friends, I am not a marine biologist, and I don't know
exactly how the whales got water-borne plutonium into their
lungs, but the facts speak for themselves, somehow it happened;
and once there, the plutonium produced a fungus-like infection
that interfered with their breathing.  Finally in desperation,
the whales (which are mammals like you and me) began casting
themselves onto the beach, gasping for air.

   By now the whales have been collected and buried in the Gerwin
Road landfill in Jacksonville, Florida, and forgotten by most as
yesterday's news.  But we would do well not to ignore the lesson
of the beached whales; because now, like the whales, our drinking
water in the United States now contains plutonium too.  The
Soviet injections of plutonium into our atmosphere which began
last October 1976 have continued and, in fact, are now
accelerating; and now fallout of this material has contaminated
our own drinking water nationwide.  It is invisible, it is
tasteless, but it is there.

   As I reported last month, a dramatic increase in flu-like
illness was to be expected all across America, thanks to the
Soviet plutonium attack No. 3 which took place in late December
and early January; and now it's happening.  Outbreaks of (quote)
"flu and flu-like illnesses" have been reported this month in at
least 23 states.  Perhaps you yourself have had a round of
something lately that seems like the flu, yet may have seemed
somehow different from flu you have had in the past, or perhaps
you have just noticed that something is "going around."  Even
this recording was delayed one week by flu-like illnesses which
hit myself and some of my associates very hard.

   I wish I could tell you that the flu-like illness season were
about over, but unfortunately the opposite is true.  A fourth
Soviet plutonium attack began this month on February 3 involving
25 Soviet submarines.  This time they were deployed along the
entire West coast from Seattle to San Diego, and they injected
plutonium into our atmosphere over a period of approximately two
weeks.  And now just three days ago on February 24 a fifth Soviet
plutonium attack on the United States has begun.  This time there
are 30 Soviet submarines, again deployed all the way from Seattle
to San Diego.  Furthermore, I am now able to confirm that there
is a weather-modification aspect to the Soviet plutonium attacks.

   In the past year or so the United States Environmental
Protection Agency, the EPA, has issued warnings, so-called, that
fluorocarbon propellants from household aerosol cans are damaging
the ozone layer far up into the atmosphere.  We have been warned
that this could have very dangerous effects on our environment;
and as a result, a trend away from aerosol spray cans is now
under way.  There may be some merit to that argument, but as
usual the EPA is merely seizing on a minor danger in order to
cover up a far more real immediate and major threat.

   The means by which the plutonium is being dispersed into our
atmosphere by the Soviet submarines is none other than by
fluorocarbon propellants discharging upward into the air at a
steep angle.  Each submarine in each attack exhausts huge
quantities of fluorocarbon propellant in such a way that it is
far more effective in damaging our ozone layer than millions of
ordinary household aerosol cans in normal use.  Even before the
plutonium attacks began last October, my Intelligence sources
believe that fluorocarbon injections like this into our
atmosphere were under way for some time.  The introduction of the
plutonium to these attacks last October was therefore an easy

   But by other means, also, weather-modification activities by
both the CIA and the Soviet KGB have been in progress for some
time now for use in warfare.  Because of these facts, I believe I
should warn you about one thing which, at this time, I must label
as conjecture.  Normally, as you know, my policy is to tell you
only those things which I have been able to confirm as
established fact; but this time I believe an exception is
warranted.  The timing, severity, and pattern of the huge winter
storm that struck the north and east portions of the United
States may well have been a massive pre-war weather-modification
experiment as a rehearsal for similar measures in NUCLEAR WAR
ONE.  Had war broken out while those weather patterns persisted,
large portions of the upper United States within the "Nuclear
Safe Zone" would have been immobilized by weather and therefore
could have been spared from attack--seemingly for natural

   It may be that weather control is the key to the riddle of the
"Nuclear Safe Zone", enabling it to escape attack while the
southern two-thirds of the United States along with Alaska and
Hawaii endure a nuclear holocaust.  If this is the case, then a
future storm pattern that immobilizes the part of the United
States above the 40th Parallel could be the signal that a Soviet
nuclear attack is imminent.  I emphasize again that, as of now,
this is conjecture on my part.  I have not been able to confirm
it, but there are so many facts that point in this direction that
I believe you should be warned of this possibility.  The
Rockefeller Brothers, in any case, are doing everything in their
power to hurry up NUCLEAR WAR ONE, so anything can happen.  They
are in a hurry because they want to make sure that the war takes
place while enough of their super CIA missiles are still
operational to provide an effective blackmail threat against the
Soviets.  But as for America's officially acknowledged fleet of
Intercontinental Missiles, that is another matter.

   I have never revealed what went on when I saw General George
S. Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in his Pentagon
offices last September 16, 1976, but I think I should now mention
just one item which has now acquired urgent new significance.

   One of the things I discussed with General Brown was the
horrendous Intelligence gap created by then Secretary of State
Henry Kissinger.  Because of this deliberate Intelligence gap,
General Brown and the Joint Chiefs have been denied crucial
information needed to protect our country.  In this connection,
General Brown did not know about the super-secret "Nuclear Safe
Zone" negotiated for the private benefit of the Rockefeller
Brothers and their intimates by Kissinger.  In fact, it seemed
unbelievable because he pointed out the presence of several prime
targets--namely, ICBM installations inside the "Nuclear Safe
Zone."  But now Jimmy Carter is pushing for those very ICBM sites
to be shut down.  That is the meaning of Carter's incredible
order to General Brown at the Blair House meeting of January 12,
1977, and by that means the Rockefellers plan to make the
"Nuclear Safe Zone" off limits to NUCLEAR WAR ONE attack.

Topic #3--Whatever the future holds for us, my friends, one thing
is for sure.  We are witnessing the end of an era.  Politically,
economically, socially, and spiritually we are entering a time of
tumultuous change, but the question still remains: Change in what

   Will this be the end of the era of destructive Rockefeller
control over our lives?  Or will we just sit back wringing our
hands and let them succeed in their plans to snuff out the era of
human freedom?  Might we look forward to the new era of renewed
respect for nature as God in His wisdom created it?  Or will we
condemn ourselves by inaction to a suicidal era of ever
increasing destruction of our beautiful world under the greedy
exploitation of the Rockefeller cartel and their Soviet allies? 
Will the struggle that is being forced upon us lead us at last to
a new dawning of the day of the individual?  Or will we submit
without struggle to the perfect equality of slaves in the
Rockefeller-Soviet world empire?

   My friends, it will take organized, dedicated, selfless action
to sound the alarm and bring pressure to bear in time to turn
away from total disaster for our land.  But the hour is now so
late; where can we hope for this action to come from?  If history
is any guide, my friends, there is only one institution left.

   I have pointed out on previous occasions that what is
happening in America today is a ghastly replay of what happened
to Germany before World War II--with one difference.  Those who
brought Hitler to power as a pawn are themselves coming to power
here in America.

   With this in mind, I will now read a very rare letter to you. 
For reasons which will become apparent, it will be safely stored
away again under lock and key by the time you hear this
recording.  The letter, written by a distinguished churchman, is
dated October 16, 1945, and is addressed to Dr. Albert Einstein. 
I will now read directly from the letter:

  "My dear Dr. Einstein:

   I have seen you reported as having said, quote: 'Being a lover
of freedom, when the revolution came in Germany I looked to the
Universities to defend it, knowing that they had always boasted
of their devotion to the cause of truth; but NO, the Universities
immediately were silenced.  Then I looked to the great editors of
the newspapers whose flaming editorials in days gone by had
proclaimed their love of freedom; but they, like the
Universities, were silenced in a few short weeks.  Only the
Church stood squarely across the path of Hitler's campaign for
suppressing the truth.  I never had any special interest in the
church before, but now I feel a great affection and admiration,
because the church alone has had the courage and persistence to
stand for intellectual truth and moral freedom.  I am forced thus
to confess that what I once despised, I now praise

Still continuing with the letter:

  "Would you be kind enough to let me know whether this
represents your feeling now that hostilities have ceased?  I
should be very grateful to know how you feel about this now.

   With great admiration and every good wish, I am
                                          Yours faithfully,"

and there follows the signature of the writer.  Below there is a
postscript as follows, and I quote:

  "P.S. - The statement is reported to have been made by you
before the United States entered the war, and I thought possibly
you might have had some occasion to change your opinion in the
light of later developments.  I naturally hope that you haven't."

The writer of this letter received it back with the following
answer in longhand along the right-hand margin, and I quote:

  "The reproduction of my verbally given statement is essentially
correct, and I have not changed my opinion concerning this

There follows the signature:

"A. Einstein."

   My friends, the churches in Nazi Germany recognized the
onslaught of evil and stood up against it.  Today America faces
the same evil, multiplied a thousand times over.  But where?  oh
where are the churches today?

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 20

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
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This recording is a product of Audio Books, Inc., Box 16428, Ft.
Worth, Texas  76133

   Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is January 24,
1977, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 20.

   Just four days ago, on January 20, 1977, our nation witnessed
the crowning achievement of Rockefeller public relations
propaganda, the so-called People's Inaugural of Jimmy Carter. 
Through emotional appeals to the American Dream, millions of
Americans are being enticed to let their hopes soar based on
nothing but blind trust.  But the most crushing disappointments
are always those which follow the brightest hopes; and the false
hopes that are being raised by Jimmy Carter will come crashing to
the ground all too soon.

   Even so, there is something to be thankful for that deserves a
moment's reflection.  Nelson Rockefeller still has been denied
the goal he has sought for so long--seizure of the Presidency and
his establishment as America's first openly visible Dictator. 
Never before has a bright light been focused on the real plans
and actions of Nelson Rockefeller and his brothers; but now,
after developing a total of nine scenarios and back-up plans for
placing himself in the Oval Office through the back door of his
25th Amendment, he has run through them all, and for the moment
he has failed.

   Major factors that have upset and delayed the plans of the
Four Rockefeller Brothers for total control have included such
things as: the twin Gold and Plutonium Scandal at Fort Knox which
is still being covered up, Indira Gandhi's crackdown on the CIA
in the summer of 1975, and of course their double-cross by the
Soviet Union that began last summer with the planting of
underwater nuclear missiles along our shores.  And according to
my own Intelligence sources, the glare of the truth has played an
important role in keeping Nelson Rockefeller out of the
presidency, so far.  In recent weeks, support for the leadership
of the Four Rockefeller Brothers among their corporate socialist
allies has been weakened by the shock of the Soviet double-cross. 
Nelson finally abandoned his ninth take-over scenario involving
the Electoral College scheme under pressure from brother David. 
Thus, David Rockefeller, the most powerful of the Four Brothers,
is now playing the role that their late uncle, Winthrop Aldrich,
always used to play in seeing to it that Nelson never became

   What Nelson Rockefeller may do from this point onward remains
to be seen.  Only one thing is for sure: Like the Soviets, he
never gives up; and he has not given up on his dream of becoming
the President and Dictator of the United States--and ultimately
of the world.

   But for the time being it is his brother David who is now
President-by-proxy through his control of Jimmy Carter.  What we
are witnessing in the transition from the Ford to the Carter
Administration is nothing more than a changing of shifts in the
one real political party that runs America--the Rockefeller
Party.  The Soviet Union is run decade after decade by fewer than
one percent (1%), who belong to the ruling Communist Party; and
the United States of America is now run decade after decade by
fewer than 1%, who belong to the ruling Rockefeller
Party--whether they call themselves Republicans, Democrats,
Liberals, or Conservatives.

   Jimmy Carter, who campaigned as a Washington outsider, owes
his come-from-nowhere election to the fact that David Rockefeller
selected him some years ago as the ideal puppet for his purposes. 
Carter was invited to join David's TRILATERAL COMMISSION and was
then steeped in Trilateralist thinking--in other words, the
Rockefeller line.  With such powerful support, Carter has no idea
how dangerous a position he is now in.  Already a "Carter
Watergate" is brewing to cut him down; and, worst of all, the
threat of war hangs over everything he does.

   In his Inaugural Address, Carter expressed a preoccupation
with war; and for the past several weeks the American public has
been under an avalanche of warnings about the Soviet military
threat, including statements that the Soviets are now preparing
for war.  This is a complete turnabout from the virtual ban on
anti-Soviet news that was in force in the controlled major media
until very recently; and the excuse that has been provided for
all these new warnings is a new study of Intelligence information
that was launched last summer as soon as it was learned that the
Soviet Union was planting offensive missiles in our waters.  The
threat of war, my friends, is very real; but the intent of the
controlled major media in relaying these warnings to you now is
another matter.  We are now being psychologically conditioned to
accept a "Declaration of National Emergency" when the time is
ripe, and to submit to the dictatorial controls it will impose.

   The drive to merge the United States with the Soviet Union to
form an all-powerful World Government has already cost us two
World Wars plus Korea and Vietnam.  Now, we are once again in a
pre-war situation, on the brink of NUCLEAR WAR ONE; and for
reasons I can now reveal, the Four Rockefeller Brothers still
believe they can succeed in bending the coming nuclear war to
their own purposes.

   My three special topics for today are:




Topic #1--One year ago in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 8, I publicly
revealed for the very first time the supersecret White House
merge directive.  Under this directive our lives in America are
to be so altered that we can be comfortably merged with the
Soviet Union.  And since last spring I have also been drawing
your attention to the little known but central role that the
major tax-free Foundations have played for two generations and
more to push our nation in the same direction.

   Last month I was able to reveal one of my sources of
information about the Foundations--my friend, Mr. Norman Dodd,
and to repeat for you his own words about the clandestine role
they have played in progressively destroying the America that was
created by our Founding Fathers.  Mr. Dodd's story is incredible,
but it is also based upon painstaking, carefully documented
research which he directed with the Congress of the United
States.  As one of America's foremost authorities on Foundations,
Norman Dodd is a man whose words carry a great deal of weight. 
But since last April I have also been informed anew that there is
a contingent among the present-day Trustees of these Foundations
who are becoming increasingly worried about the direction in
which they are taking us.  Even before the Soviet underwater
missile crisis materialized last summer, their fears of a Soviet
double-cross were mounting rapidly.  And now, no less than Henry
Ford II has resigned in dissatisfaction as a Trustee of the
biggest Foundation in the world--the Ford Foundation; and he has
warned in a criticizing letter that a change in direction would
be wise to consider.

   In his resignation letter of January 11, 1977, he said in
part, and I quote:

  "The Foundation exists and thrives on the fruits of our
economic system.  The dividends of competitive enterprise make it
all possible.  A significant portion of the abundance created by
United States business enables the Foundation and like
institutions to carry on their work.  In effect, the Foundation
is a creature of capitalism--a statement that I am sure would be
shocking to many professional staff people in the field of
philanthropy.  It is hard to discern recognition of this fact in
anything the Foundation does.  It is even more difficult to find
an understanding of this in many of the institutions,
particularly the universities, that are the beneficiaries of the
Foundation's grant programs."

Shortly thereafter he continues, and I quote:

  "I am just suggesting to the Trustees and the staff that the
system that makes the Foundation possible very probably is worth
preserving.  Perhaps it's time for the Trustees and staff to
examine the question of our obligations to our economic system;
and to consider how the Foundation, as one of the system's most
prominent offspring, might act most wisely to strengthen and
improve its progenitor."

   If you are not aware of the concerted drive toward
collectivism that has been promoted for decades by the major
Foundations, these words of Henry Ford II may surprise you.  Even
so, you may be even more surprised at the reactions of the major
Foundations to his criticisms.  Almost universally their
bitterest reactions had to do with Ford's defense of free
competitive enterprise.

   For example, consider the Carnegie Endowment for International
Peace.  In AUDIO LETTER No. 19 last month you heard of the
chilling role the Carnegie Endowment has played since 1909 in
altering America's national life through warfare and twisting our
education.  When a high official of the Carnegie Endowment was
asked for his comments on Henry Ford's letter of resignation, he
reacted in the scornful words, "Is that what the Ford Foundation
is set up for--to promote free enterprise?"  He was very upset at
the mention of free enterprise--the indispensable foundation of
Freedom itself.

   Henry Ford II is not alone.  Those Foundation trustees who
insist upon continuing the suicidal drive toward collectivism
under the long-time commitment for a One World Government are
trying to put down all dissent within their ranks.  But Henry
Ford II has courageously shown the way, and we can hope for
others to follow.

Topic #2--In all the major wars of this century involving the
United States, undeclared warfare has been a consistent pattern. 
In the cases of Korea and Vietnam, in fact, the entire wars were
undeclared.  In the cases of World Wars I and II, undeclared
warfare and provocations preceded the formal outbreak of war and
marked the time period in each case that has since been called

   In that sense, we are now living in the pre-war days that are
leading up to NUCLEAR WAR ONE here in America!  But as we are
living out the days of the pre-NUCLEAR WAR ONE period, undeclared
hostilities have reached a level unparalleled in the past.

   Consider first the repeated plutonium cloud attacks which have
been mounted on the United States by Soviet submarines in recent
months.  As I have related in previous monthly AUDIO LETTERS, the
first such attack was mounted in early October 1976 by Soviet
submarines deployed along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts
of the United States.  Based on the results from that first
full-scale experiment on our country, Soviet chemical warfare
specialists concluded that subsequent plutonium cloud attacks
could be mounted most efficiently from stations along the
Northwest Coast.

   In late November 1976, a second experimental attack was
mounted to test this out; and while it was not completely
successful from the Soviet viewpoint, it provided all the
additional data they needed.

   Both of these experimental plutonium cloud attacks by the
Soviet Union were accompanied by convenient cover announcements
by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, to
the effect that radioactive clouds from Chinese nuclear blasts
would be passing over us.  Thus an explanation was readily
available should something unexpectedly severe happen--but it did

   And on December 13, 1976, as I reported last month, 21 Soviet
submarines loaded with plutonium poison to inject into our
atmosphere arrived on station along the Northwest Coast of the
United States.  This time, my friends, experimentation was no
longer the goal.  Certain individuals in the United States
Government knew they were there, and knew why, but did nothing
whatsoever to interfere with their mission.

   As of December 31, 1976, 13 of the 21 subs had emptied their
load into our atmosphere and headed out to sea, having timed
their attack to make optimum use of severe winter storm
conditions across the United States.  The other 8 subs remained
behind to reinforce the main plutonium cloud by continuing to
feed it periodically over a period of days.  Finally on January
3, 1977, these 8 Soviet subs also departed out to sea, having
emptied their loads into our atmosphere.

   According to my own Intelligence sources, this third and
latest plutonium cloud attack by the Soviet Union was very
effective.  The Soviets did achieve a very broad dispersal of the
plutonium poison throughout the continental United States.  This,
on top of the record cold weather blanketing most of the United
States lately, may well lead to an outbreak of flu-like
sicknesses in the near future, to which the Government has been
conditioning us now for nearly a year.

   Undeclared warfare by the Soviet Union is also continuing by
means of the short-range underwater-launch missiles which have
been planted in our waters by the Soviet Union ready for use in a
surprise attack.  Last month I revealed that 93 such missiles
were in place in American waters, and I gave the navigational
coordinates for nine of them which were surrounding the Island of
Oahu, where Pearl Harbor is located.

   I can now report that the United States Navy did remove all
nine of these missiles, completing the operation on December 31,
1976.  But four Soviet submarines were on hand to observe the
complete missile removal operation by our Navy; and as of January
17, just one week ago, two new Soviet missiles were already in
place, threatening Pearl Harbor again.  In addition, four other
Soviet missiles have been planted since I recorded monthly AUDIO
LETTER No. 19 last month--two in Alaskan waters, the other two on
the West Coast.  This brings the total back up to 90 as of now.

   My disclosures last month demonstrated to certain persons that
I am not bluffing, that the United States is indeed targeted by a
massive new round of Soviet underwater nuclear missiles.  But for
the reasons I gave two months ago in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No.
18 for November, 1976, I do not intend to reveal the rest of the
missile locations merely to have them wasted in the deadly
cat-and-mouse game now under way.  Instead, my own Intelligence
sources have made it crystal clear that only public exposure of
the truth about this whole deadly matter has any hope of stopping
the coming war.  For that reason I have already launched efforts
through a number of indirect channels which lie outside the
Rockefeller sphere of control in an attempt to bring about this
public exposure.

   If full-fledged war does come, my friends, America is in for a
wide range of nasty military surprises.  In certain areas Soviet
approaches to military technology are far different from our
own--such as in the field of anti-submarine warfare.

   One field in which they are literally decades ahead of the
United States is in the area of microwaves as they affect human
beings.  Since early December the Soviet Union has been
conducting a major experimental test program on a new
satellite-based system that uses microwaves to directly affect
the behavior of humans.  The test victims: the crews of selected
tankers and freighters in and near American waters.

   Soviet researchers discovered long ago that prolonged exposure
to microwaves, even at intensities considered "safe" in the
United States, can produce a long list of effects on people. 
These range from dizziness and irritability to emotional
instability and alteration of brain wave patterns, as well as
other effects.  Starting from these findings, Soviet scientists
have developed microwave bombardment techniques which have the
basic effect of greatly reducing a person's capacity for
exercising judgment and fully comprehending facts at his
disposal.  A person under such bombardment, in other words, is
very prone to make mistakes, serious mistakes.

   On December 15, 1976, the Liberian tanker Argo Merchant went
aground on the Nantucket shoals off Cape Cod, and the resulting
oil spill of 7-1/2 million gallons was the worst to date in
American history.  Many things were strange about the
incident--such as the fact that the Nantucket shoals are a very
well known navigational hazard, and the Argo Merchant was many
miles off course.  Hearings later revealed that the ship's
navigational gear was not in proper condition, but strange
behavior by the crew itself went unexplained.

   The Argo Merchant was then followed by a rash of tanker
incidents in and near American waters; and in almost every case,
errors of judgment were either primary or contributing factors.

   It was a bad month for the Coast Guard; but it was worst of
all for the 38 nationalist Chinese crewmen of the tanker Grand
Zenith, which was lost at sea off the New England coast with over
8-million gallons of heavy fuel oil aboard.  On December 30,
1976, the Zenith reported its position as about 60 miles south of
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  It was never heard from again.  Several
days later, after the ship failed to arrive at its destination,
the Coast Guard began a search for the missing ship.  However it
was noticed that the last position reported by the Zenith was so
far north of its planned course that it did not seem to make
sense.  As a result, the search was shifted to a seemingly more
likely area far to the south of that location.

   The story of the Grand Zenith is a tragic one, my friends. 
But it might have been less tragic had the Coast Guard taken the
last position report by the Captain of the Grand Zenith more
seriously and anchored search operations on that position,
because on January 7, 1977, I received Intelligence information
to the effect that the location of the sunken Grand Zenith was
approximately 43 degrees 5 minutes North, 67 degrees 52 minutes
West.  Furthermore, my information indicated that as of that time
there were still survivors in the immediate vicinity of the

   It was urgent that this be brought to the attention of the
Coast Guard without delay.  The search had already been narrowed
down to the wrong area--over 200 miles to the southeast of the
correct position--based on the finding of two life jackets
bearing the name Grand Zenith.  I immediately contacted the J. F.
Moran Company in Providence, Rhode Island (the ship's agent in
New England), and gave them the information.  They passed it on
to the Coast Guard--but there it stopped!

   For days I tried directly and indirectly to get someone to
check out the location I had been given.  On January 10 I
contacted the Coast Guard directly to see what had been done.  I
was informed that no attempt whatever had been made to check out
my report, and that no attempt was going to be made!!  Instead
the same fruitless area 300 miles east of Cape Cod was searched
day after day for a week with no hope whatsoever of finding the
survivors.  Meanwhile I could not persuade the Coast Guard even
to make a single flight over the actual site of the sinking in
order to check out my report.

   The same information was also given to the Navy after the
Coast Guard refused to investigate; and the Navy, too, refused to
check it out.  Had either the Navy or the Coast Guard checked the
information I gave them about the Grand Zenith, they would have
found it to be true, and that would have demonstrated to the
public at large that my Intelligence sources about matters like
this are extremely accurate.

   My Intelligence sources had hoped that this would be exactly
the outcome of my relaying the life-saving information about the
Grand Zenith.  But, my friends, the TRUTH has many enemies.

Topic #3--The brain-scrambling microwave weapons which are now
entering operational status in the Soviet arsenal are just one
example of a whole new generation of superweapons which are now
under development in a secret arms race.  The participants in
this race are none other than the Corporate Socialist Rockefeller
cartel on the one hand, and the State Socialists of the Soviet
Union on the other.  Thus, while they are allies in the drive to
take over the rest of the world, there remains a tension of
rivalry between the two.  Each would like to achieve clear
supremacy over the other, and each is trying to prevent the other
from achieving such supremacy.  Caught in the middle as both pawn
and prize is the United States of America with her people, her
resources, and her industrial and military establishment.  We
continually hear about the military relationship between the
Soviet Union and the United States, but the real arms struggle is
between the Soviet Union and the Rockefeller empire--and it is a
well kept secret.

   Weapons which are under normal official Defense Department
control in this country are always compared with weapons which
enjoy a similar officially acknowledged status in the Soviet
Union.  Thus military planners think in terms of Soviet Backfire
Bombers versus the American B-1 Bomber; Soviet missiles and
missile-firing submarines versus their counterparts; and new
developments such as Cruise Missiles which, by the way, are not
actually a basic new concept at all.  All of these things are
real and important factors in the military equation.  But there
is another layer of weaponry that you have never heard about, yet
which is crucial to the real power balance between the
Rockefeller and Soviet empires.  This is the realm of the secret
arms race in highly advanced super weapons.  This realm is
completely unaffected by SALT treaties or other treaties, and
involves a continual jockeying for pure raw power!

   Thus, for example, timid reports are just beginning to be made
public about the possibilities that lasers might be used to blind
military satellites, and that some day far in the future they
might even be developed into death rays like those of Science
Fiction.  As for operational weapons in the supersecret category,
the Soviet underwater nuclear missiles that now infest our waters
and the sonar-absorbing mini-submarines which are used to plant
them are good examples.

   One of the puzzling things to me until recently was the
incredible "Red Friday Agreement" of October 1, 1976, whereby the
Rockefeller Brothers pledged, through President Ford, not to
harass the Soviet submarines planting missiles in our waters. 
Even more puzzling has been the absence of a Soviet ultimatum or
surprise attack so far, given our heavy coastal targeting with
these missiles.  But now, I can give you the answers.

   When I first revealed the locations of Soviet underwater
missiles around the world in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 15 last
August, I did so with the knowledge that a planned world-wide
Soviet surprise attack was imminent, and that public exposure was
the only thing that could prevent it.  Now I know more fully why
the surprise element was so crucial to the double-cross embarked
upon by the Soviet Union.  The Soviets were trying to prepare and
launch the attack before an awesome weapons system that is under
direct Rockefeller control could be activated; but ever since
that surprise was ruined, they have been forced to bide their
time while they watch for another opportunity to catch the
Rockefeller empire in a vulnerable moment.

   Meanwhile a standoff is being maintained between the Soviet
underwater missiles and the Rockefeller superweapons system I am
about to tell you about.  At the same time, Rockefeller
propaganda is being used to rapidly wash away the idea of
East-West detente in a flood of warnings about the Soviet threat
and possible war.  The purpose of it all is to lead up to a
"Declaration of National Emergency", as I have already warned. 
Finally, NUCLEAR WAR ONE is programmed to come.  The purpose of
the Rockefeller superweapons is not to prevent this war.  These
superweapons are only a club over the head of the Soviets to
insure that the war goes according to plan.  This includes Soviet
adherence to the "Nuclear Safe Zone" which was established by
secret agreement to protect the Rockefeller Brothers and their

   I was first alerted to the existence of the Rockefeller
superweapons system as the result of my press release which was
sent out to nearly 11,000 newspapers in the United States late in
October in connection with the release of monthly AUDIO LETTER
No. 17.  The press release called attention to the pivotal role
General George S. Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
had played in preventing a surprise attack by means of Soviet
underwater missiles.

   On November 17, 1976, one of my associates received a call
from a Mr. Tony Hodges, a prominent environmentalist who lives in
Honolulu.  Mr. Hodges had been given a copy of the press release,
and called to find out more about it.  He had good reason to be
interested because nearly a year earlier, unbenoticed to my
associates or myself, he had delivered a 47-page warning document
to the ambassadors of more than 50 countries who had signed the
1971 Seabeds Arms Control Treaty.  In this warning document Mr.
Hodges alerted the reader to, quote:

  "Probable violations by the USA and the USSR of the 1971
Seabeds Arms Control Treaty."

He was careful to make clear that the material contained in the
document did not prove his suspicions that undersea weapons of
the sort banned by the treaty had been deployed by either the
United States or the Soviet Union.  Nevertheless he did explain
in considerable detail why such weapons, such as missiles and
undersea silos, would be militarily desirable; and he also
presented the statements of several extremely highly qualified
experts in this field of technology contending that such undersea
missile systems are feasible.

   One of these authorities is Dr. John P. Craven, who is
presently (Jan. 1977) the dean of Marine Programs for the
University of Hawaii as well as Marine Affairs Coordinator for
the State of Hawaii.  Formerly he was Chief Scientist on United
States Navy projects which involved both the development of this
nation's submarine-launched ballistic missile system and deep
submersibles.  He is also an attorney specializing in Marine Law,
and at last report continued to be a high-level consultant to the
Department of Defense.

   In his warning document, Mr. Hodges lists the impressive
credentials of Dr. Craven in more detail, and also presents
voluminous notes on a conversation he had with Dr. Craven in
November 1975 about the subject of undersea missiles.  The entire
Craven interview as reported in the Hodges warning document
provides a great deal of insight into the whole subject of
undersea missiles, which are discussed throughout as being sealed
inside a protective capsule while they dwell in their hiding
places beneath the sea.  At no point did Dr. Craven admit to
knowing of the actual existence of any such system; but according
to the report of Mr. Hodges, the feasibility of such undersea
missiles was strongly confirmed by Dr. Craven.

   To illustrate this, I will now quote from page 26 of the
Hodges warning document--Notes C-29 through C-31, quote:

  "Craven said he could develop a total weapons system to do what
I suggested in a maximum of four (4) years, longer if it needed
to be clandestine.

   The above is an enormously important statement by Craven,
since the author believes that Craven was intimately involved in
the development of the systems noted in this warning document.
The figure Craven gave for carrying out the system development in
total secrecy, such as has been done, was seven (7) years.  This
is significant because it is believed that the program to place
nuclear weapons on and within the seabed was begun in 1968 while
Craven was still chief scientist of the Navy's Strategic Systems
project and its Deep Submergence Systems project.  The seabed
silos and the tidal wave and earthquake-generating systems would
certainly fall in those two areas of responsibility of his.

   It should be noted that whenever during the conversation we
got away from whether or not the weapons system had actually been
implanted, Craven quickly warmed up to the subject as the 'can
do' technologist he is known to be.  When he said he could
develop such a program--a 'total weapons system' he called it--in
only (4) years, he did so with considerable gusto.

   It was in this vein that Craven offered the next remark.
Craven said that the individual missile capsules did not have to
be placed in silos on the seabed, but could be dumped off the
rear of a fast-moving destroyer.  Craven said that there would be
some problem for the missile to know its precise location, but
that this could be worked out."

   The Hodges warning document also reports the assessment of
feasibility of underwater missiles by two other experts.  One who
is identified as having worked for 16 years on American
submarine-launched ballistic missile projects is Robert C.
Aldrich.  He is quoted as saying, quote:

  "Quite feasible, though I was skeptical at first."

Another person quoted is Costa Tpsis of MIT Center for
International Studies, a well known analyst of strategic missile
systems.  His assessment of the feasibility of undersea missile
systems, as described by Hodges, is reported to be quote:

  "'Absolutely possible.'  Tpsis said that such silos could be
placed on the continental shelf in water as shallow as 100 meters
and still achieve the same protective purpose."

(End of quote from the Hodges warning document.)

   My friends, Tony Hodges deserves a great deal of credit, both
for the importance of the material he uncovered and summarized in
his warning document, and for the way in which he has handled it. 
First, he tried unsuccessfully to get the Government to take
proper corrective measures without having to resort to
embarrassing publicity about it.  Then, he turned to the press in
the person of a syndicated columnist, whom I will simply call
"Mr. X."  Mr. X took great interest in the Hodges warning
document material and in the plan to have it delivered to the
governments of the signatories to the Seabed Arms Control Treaty
on December 17, 1975.  According to Hodges, a big news story was
written ready to break on the same day the documents were
delivered--December 17, 1975.  But suddenly Mr. X decided to kill
the story because CIA Director William Colby, National Security
Council Staff Director Brent Scowcroft, and Richard Chaney of the
White House Staff all asked him to kill it!  Nevertheless the
warning document was delivered to the ambassadors of the Seabed
Treaty signatories in Washington and at the United Nations in New
York City.  According to Mr. Hodges this, too, apparently fell on
deaf ears.  Nor have attempts to bring it to the attention of the
United States Congress apparently been of any use!

   But, my friends, Tony Hodges was on to something very big
indeed.  Having been alerted for the first time by his warning
document that the United States might be involved in some way
with undersea missiles or other nuclear weapons, I began checking
my own Intelligence sources to find out whether it was actually
so or not.  And, my friends, the answer is "Yes."  The Hodges
warning document provides a great deal of very informative
background material for what I am about to tell you; and I am
informed that as long as he has copies of it left, you can obtain
a copy for $10.00 by writing to him directly.  The name and

   Mr. Anthony Hodges, 3238 Paty Drive, Honolulu, Hawaii  96822
   His telephone number now is: Area Code 808-988-2557.

   What I have to tell you now, my friends, is not the
responsibility of Tony Hodges in any way.  It is what I have
learned from my own Intelligence sources over the past two
months, and I accept full responsibility for making it public.

   When I revealed the presence of Soviet short-range nuclear
missiles in our waters last August, I mentioned that the United
States had not placed similar missiles in the waters around the
Soviet Union.  I can confirm once again that this is the case. 
But now, I have learned that an entirely different kind of
underwater-launch offensive nuclear missiles are targeted on the
Soviet Union from resting places deep in the Atlantic and Pacific

   According to my own Intelligence information, only 14 of these
undersea supermissiles have been deployed--5 in the Pacific, 9 in
the Atlantic--but that's enough.  Each of these encapsulated
supermissiles is more akin to the Saturn moon rocket than to any
ordinary ICBM.  Each carries several dozen independently
targetable hydrogen warheads.  Several of these on each missile
are superyield warheads, with the rest being similar to the
normal Minuteman or Polaris warhead.  The superyield warheads are
designed to devastate all the major ports and key portions of the
industrial heartland of the Soviet Union, in spite of the Civil
Defense measures that the Soviets have taken in recent years. 
The huge number of lower-yield warheads are targeted on
relatively soft targets throughout the Soviet Union with the sole
purpose of raising the Soviet casualty toll as high as possible.

   The whole purpose of these undersea supermissiles is to
confront the Soviet Union with a threat of massive counterattack
which cannot be neutralized in a Soviet first strike, and which
would ruin the Soviet Union as a functioning society.  According
to plan, these missiles would virtually destroy the Soviet Union
as a modern civilization, killing over 100-million people in the
process.  But, my friends, the purpose of these undersea
supermissiles aimed at the Soviet Union is not to protect you and
me, nor to prevent war!  They are under the direct control of the
Rockefeller Brothers by way of their controlled CIA--not the
normal chain of command through the Department of Defense; and
their purpose is to serve as an awesome club over the heads of
the Soviet rulers to make sure that NUCLEAR WAR ONE goes as

   The world-wide Pearl Harbor attack that was imminent last
August when I publicly revealed the world-wide locations of
Soviet underwater missiles was a daring Soviet gamble.  Its
purpose was to eliminate the Four Rockefeller Brothers from the
scene and simultaneously prevent the CIA undersea missiles from
being launched by making such counterattacks seem pointless.  But
the key ingredient of that plan was secrecy and total surprise. 
My intelligence sources made it abundantly clear last July and
August that the only way to prevent immediate nuclear disaster
was public exposure of the truth.  And now we know why.  Now we
also know why the Four Rockefeller Brothers felt that they could
get away with the seemingly suicidal policy instituted on Red
Friday, October 1, 1976, agreeing to allow the Soviet Union to
keep planting short-range nuclear missiles in our territorial
waters without harassment.  It's all part of a nuclear standoff
involving weapons the public does not even know about and in
which the Rockefellers believe they hold the upper hand.

   There are now strong indications that the Four Rockefeller
Brothers, believing they still hold the upper hand with their
undersea supermissiles, plan to turn the presence of the Soviet
missiles in our waters to their own advantage.  During the fall
of 1976 they re-established the strained alliance between
themselves and the Soviet Union for the time being; and now we
are being built up rapidly to accept a Declaration of National
Emergency.  The announcement by the Government that there are
Soviet missiles in our waters is now being arranged to be done
with the advanced knowledge of the Soviet Union.  Just as
Franklin D. Roosevelt declared an "unlimited national emergency"
on May 27, 1941 as part of the build-up for war, a similar
scenario is being worked out now to trap us all!

   But the cruel joke may be on the Rockefeller Brothers
themselves, who may yet be buried by the Soviet Union along with
millions of us.  Something is going wrong with the CIA
supermissiles deep in the ocean; and as of now, one is completely
disabled and five more are deteriorating rapidly and probably are
not usable.  That leaves only eight undersea supermissiles at the
disposal of the Rockefeller Brothers; and their reliability, too,
is now open to serious question.  In addition, the Soviet fears
about their corroding underwater missiles in the secret Soviet
missile crisis of 1971, which I described in monthly AUDIO LETTER
No. 14 last July, apply again now.  Several of the undersea
supermissiles are now leaking plutonium from their disabled
warheads into the surrounding water, and the possibility of an
uncontrolled explosion cannot be ruled out.  Should this happen,
tidal waves or earthquakes could be created that could affect
Hawaii, the Bahamas, or any place along the east coast from Nova
Scotia to Florida.

   Just as my Intelligence sources emphasized last summer that
public exposure of the truth was the key to avoiding disaster,
the same situation exists again now.  The CIA undersea
supermissiles in the Atlantic and Pacific cannot protect us from
war, and in fact are not even intended for that purpose.  Yet
they sit there as a present hazard to all of our lives, directly
and indirectly.  Therefore I am going to reveal the locations of
all 14 of the CIA undersea supermissiles in navigational
coordinates.  At a minimum I hope to strip the Rockefeller cartel
of their ace in the hole that makes our survival irrelevant to
them; but even more, I hope to undo their continued cooperation
with the Soviet Union in a plan to sacrifice millions of our
lives.  This may well be our last chance to prevent the present
"pre-war period" from erupting as planned into NUCLEAR WAR ONE.

   The missiles are located in water depths ranging from a few
hundred feet at several Atlantic sites to more than 15,000 feet
at one Pacific site.

   The following five locations are in the Pacific Ocean. 
Incidentally, these are in the vicinity of locations which are
shown on a map in the Hodges warning document as probable
locations of undersea weapons.  As explained in the warning
document, Mr. Hodges believes that these locations were the
subject of seabed weapons installations or tests by the
CIA-financed Howard Hughes mystery ship, the Glomar Explorer.

Pacific Missile No. 1--About 25 miles north of the Hawaiian
Island Kauai at 22-37-14 North, 159-21-55 West.  Plutonium
leakage from this missile is badly contaminating the surrounding

Pacific Missile No. 2--About 10 miles north of Kauai at 22-21-59
North, 159-36-19 West.  Leaking, but not as badly.

Pacific Missile No. 3--About 650 miles northwest of Christmas
Island at 9-20-0 North, 165-18-41 West.

Pacific Missile No. 4--About 550 miles northwest of Christmas
Island at 8-0-0 North, 163-34-38 West.  This missile is totally

Pacific Missile No. 5--About 420 miles west-northwest of
Christmas Island at 3-2-0 North, 164-35-25 West.

Now for the Atlantic missiles:

Atlantic Missile No. 1--In Canadian waters near Sable Island at
43-52-0 North, 59-10-54 West.

Atlantic Missile No. 2--In Canadian waters about 140 miles
south-southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, at 42-30-24 North,
63-1-5 West.

Atlantic Missile No. 3--About 225 miles due east of Cape Cod at
41-46-23 North, 65-54-33 West.

Atlantic Missile No. 4--About 120 miles southeast of Cape Cod at
40-20-0 North, 68-18-32 West.  Leaking.

Atlantic Missile No. 5--About 50 miles to the southwest of
Atlantic Missile No. 4 at 40-4-0 North, 69-17-27 West.

Atlantic Missile No. 6--Only about 30 miles southeast of Cape
Hatteras, North Carolina at 34-49-1 North, 75-17-27 West.

Atlantic Missile No. 7--About 240 miles east-northeast of
Charleston, So. Car. at 33-5-40 North, 75-43-38 West.

Atlantic Missile No. 8--About 290 miles east-southeast of
Jacksonville, Fla. at 30-9-9 North, 77-8-44 West.  Leaking.

And finally:

Atlantic Missile No. 9--In British waters about 100 miles
east-northeast of Nassau in the Bahamas at 25-19-21 North,
75-54-33 West.

   In 1947 the Rockefeller Brothers arranged for the CIA to be
created for their own private purposes, and today it is the
CIA--not the normal military chain of command--that exercises
control for the Rockefellers over the undersea supermissiles as
part of its expanding encroachment into military affairs.  This
is helping to bring our beloved country to agony and ruin,
unless, my friends, WE stop it!

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.


MK Ultra Super Soldiers – Duncan O’finioan & Miranda Kelley

I have always thought, that Duncan is the most reliable MK ULTRA survivor and here is his interview with he’s companion Miranda:

Today’s Guest: Duncan O’finioan & Miranda Kelley

Robert Duncan O’Finioan is an author and martial artist. Born in 1960, he was taken at a young age by his parents and delivered to a secret government program known as Project Talent, a sub-project of the notorious MK ULTRA Program. The program used severe trauma to split his personality into several alternate personalities, one of whom was trained and enhanced to become a Super Soldier known as Omega Unit 197. It was only as an adult, after years of missing time, blackouts, odd experiences, and terrifying nightmares, that a car accident restored some of Duncan’s memories of involvement in these clandestine projects. Duncan also came to learn of the existence of three distinct other personalities in addition to 197. Duncan wrote his first book prior to the accident which caused him to regain his memories. Years later, he realized that his subconscious mind, or perhaps his other personality, was leaving him clues about his then unremembered past



Here is a link to my previous post about Duncan:

>> http://www.auricmedia.net/mk-ultra-soldiers-victims-of-mind-control/


Audio letter No. 19

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC. (1982 current
address: 1629 K St. NW, Washington, D.C.  20006)

   Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is December 18,
1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 19.

   As our Bicentennial Year of 1976 draws to a close, the United
States of America is in grave danger.  Our economy is ravaged by
the twin plagues of high inflation and high unemployment, a
condition which I named STAGFLATION some years ago.  Our Republic
is under attack in a far-advanced plan to bring our country under
dictatorship.  Our very lives are under the threat of extinction
in a surprise nuclear attack which would be the beginning of
NUCLEAR WAR ONE; and all of these terrible things have been
brought about deliberately by a handful of ruthless, powerful men
here and abroad, bent on world domination.

   "But how can this be?", you ask.  "How can so few people
control the destinies of all the rest of us?"

   After all, it is easy to imagine how far our Secret Rulers and
their henchmen would get if they tried to take over even one
city, much less all of America, with their own bare fists and
brute force.  They would be stopped in their tracks in no time
flat because everyone understands that kind of threat and there
are far more of us than there are of them.  But those who want to
enslave us understand this all too well; they know better than to
try any kind of frontal attack on us that would be widely
understood.  Instead, they have perfected the art of harnessing
our own energies so that gradually, step by step, we are
enslaving ourselves under their control.

   The Hegelian principle of thesis, antithesis, synthesis is
being applied so as to gradually merge our life with that of the
Soviet Union at every level!  The average working man and woman
in America would never knowingly allow this to happen, and yet it
is happening--gradually, year after year.

1. The first step, called Thesis, is to create and publicize a
problem in education, economics, or otherwise in our daily lives.
In other words, where there is peace, create discord and trouble.

2. Step 2, Antithesis, is to create opposition to the problem.

3. The final step, Synthesis, is to offer a so-called solution to
the problem.

This diabolical, roundabout approach psychologically conditions
people to accept things which they would otherwise oppose
vigorously.  Just a look around with this in mind, and you will
see that this technique is being used all around you in a
thousand ways; but the real key to the success or failure of this
method of manipulating the public lies in something Abraham
Lincoln said over 100 years ago, quote:

  "With public sentiment, nothing will fail; without it, nothing
can succeed."

So long as we, the people, are simply told the truth about
things, public sentiment reflects the truth.  Under those
conditions, real solutions can be found for real problems to
everyone's benefit; but when we are not told the truth, public
sentiment reflects only what we believe and we can be manipulated
into supporting all kinds of things that are not in our best

   Here in the United States a subtle, long-range propaganda
technique--known simply as MISINFORMATION--has been used to build
up an artificial and false picture of the world and our own
nation.  In the areas of foreign policy, national security,
politics, and economics, the truth has been suppressed and
replaced with an elaborate structure of lies, distortions, and
half-truths.  This false picture has come to be accepted as the
truth with the result that the truth itself has been rendered
unbelievable.  I don't think anyone in his right mind could do
what has been done to us.  Our education, our CONSTITUTION, our
free enterprise system, everything possible has been perverted in
order to confer ever more power on our Secret Rulers.

   Now, WAR IS COMING.  The wars of this century have been fought
far from our shores, but this time it is coming here--to our
land, to our homes, to our people!  It will not be a conventional
war but NUCLEAR WAR ONE.  As in all modern wars, it will begin
with a surprise attack.  Thanks to the silence of the United
States Government and of the controlled major media, most
Americans will be caught completely by surprise, believing in a
lie called detente until thermonuclear fireballs erupt all around
our nation.

   To show how different the truth is from what we are led to
believe by our Secret Rulers, I will discuss these three topics




Topic #1--On the evening of October 4, 1957, Americans were
stunned by the announcement that the Soviet Union had become the
first nation in history to place a man-made satellite in orbit. 
Sputnik I, weighing 184 pounds, was circling the Earth every hour
and a half sending out beeps that became famous overnight.  The
world was thrilled, and the world press heaped great praise on
the Soviet Union.  They inferred from this accomplishment that
the Soviet socialist system was superior to our own in scientific
and technical progress.  It was a historical first that can never
be undone--the Soviet Union had beaten the United States into

   Less than a month later Sputnik II was launched.  It weighed
over half a ton and carried the first live passenger into space,
a dog.  The dog died within a week but it was another startling
achievement nonetheless.

   Meanwhile poor old America was struggling along trying to put
a tiny 16-pound satellite into orbit by means of the Navy's
Vanguard rocket.  Two launches were attempted, but both failed. 
In one case the rocket lifted a few feet off the pad only to
settle back into a tremendous fireball as it exploded.  It made
exciting footage for the television news that evening.  Finally
on January 31, 1958, almost four months after Sputnik I, America
launched its first space satellite from Cape Canaveral, Florida. 
It was called Explorer I, and it was launched not by the Navy but
by the Army.  We were in space at last, but only after being
thoroughly humiliated before the entire world.

   After the Sputnik shock, space flight and rockets were
suddenly the "in" thing to be interested in.  Even then Senator
Lyndon B. Johnson arranged for a new "Aeronautics and Space
Committee" to be set up, with himself as its Chairman.  He was
thereafter as visible as possible in connection with space
matters, and today the manned space flight center in Houston
bears his name.  At the time, I could hardly imagine anything
more hypocritical for Johnson to do.  Even though I was a lawyer,
I had been a member of the then named "American Rocket Society"
for a number of years and had vivid memories of Johnson's
attitude toward space in the early 50's.  At that time, four or
five years before Sputnik, I was a member of a group headed by
Dr. Wernher Von Braun who approached Johnson in hopes of
obtaining support for a space program.  I'll never forget Lyndon
Johnson's reaction to the whole idea.  He did not merely say
"No", but jeered at the whole concept as ridiculous and

   A few years later the United States was deprived of the chance
to be first in space, but not by Lyndon Johnson.  What I am going
to tell you does not affect our national security now, but it
does provide a typical example of what has been happening to
America for many years.  And as Wernher Von Braun lies on his
death bed in a hospital near Washington, D.C., I believe the time
has come for the truth to be told about why we were not the first
to put a satellite into space.

   In late 1955 or early 1956, the Joint Chiefs of Staff began
the first act of planning for an American space program.  Their
goal: To have the United States initiate the world's first
successful space flight at the beginning of the International
Geophysical Year that was to begin on July 1, 1957.  After some
controversy as to which Service should sponsor the space project,
it was concluded that the Army was most capable of doing the job. 
This was agreed to and approved by the Joint Chiefs and by then
Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson.

   The Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama was
fortunate in having the services of the world's foremost rocket
expert, Dr. Wernher Von Braun.  From a very early age Von Braun
had been fascinated with the idea of space flight, and he had
spent his life working with rockets.  During World War II Von
Braun was pressed into service by Hitler, and the German rocket
program was far ahead of other countries by the end of the war. 
When the war ended, many of Von Braun's subordinates at the
German rocket base were taken prisoner by the Soviet Union and it
was they who were forced to develop and direct the Soviet missile
and space programs; but Von Braun himself had resolved well
before hostilities ended that he would surrender to the United
States, and he succeeded in doing so.  Our Government then
prevailed upon him to enter governmental research where he would
have the money and resources to pursue rocketry in earnest.

   When the Earth Satellite project came under consideration
years later in the mid-50's, the Joint Staff project officers
interviewed the Redstone Arsenal officials along with Von Braun
himself to ascertain their capability.  Von Braun stated that his
group could engineer a space vehicle and have it ready for orbit
in only a few months.  The Joint Staff pushed for the Von Braun
project; and after it was approved by the Joint Chiefs and
Secretary of Defense, it went to President Eisenhower for final
approval and allocation of Defense Department funds--but there it
stopped!  Strangely there was a long delay in getting the
expected presidential approval.  Finally the word came down to
the Joint Staff from the President.  Incredibly, they were to
disregard the Army's capability and give the Space project to the
Navy instead.  Such a decision was all but unbelievable.  The
Navy did not even have a blueprint for such a space vehicle! 
They would be starting almost from scratch; but the decision
stood, so several large aircraft companies and Navy scientists
gathered to initiate a program called "PROJECT VANGUARD."

   As a direct result of this decision, the Soviet Union was able
to put Sputnik into orbit while the United States was still
struggling unsuccessfully with Vanguard.  Joint Staff project
officers were most perplexed about the American political
decision to allow the Soviet Union to beat us in this endeavor
when we had the capability to be far ahead of them.  It appeared
to follow a pattern of withholding American capabilities and
allowing the Soviet Union the advantage.  Later, an aide to
President Eisenhower explained confidentially what had

   A select group of scientists and financial leaders got wind of
the American space satellite plans at an early stage.  The group,
headed by a man who was later awarded the Lenin Peace Prize by
the Soviet Union, went to the President and pressed him to
sponsor a purely American space project with only native
Americans working on it.  They didn't want by any means for a
former German, such as Wernher Von Braun, to give the world and
future historians the impression that the Germans of all people
were superior in the field of space science.  This group, who
were actually doing the bidding of the Rockefellers on behalf of
their Soviet allies, were instrumental in forcing America to take
a back seat in the early years of the Space Age when we were
fully capable of being supreme!

   Finally, after two Soviet Sputniks and two humiliating Navy
Vanguard failures, Eisenhower became exasperated and told the
Defense Department to get Von Braun into action.  Just six weeks
after he received the go-ahead, Von Braun's Army team launched
Explorer I.  He did exactly what he had said he could do two
years earlier--and the very first time he tried it; but the
special place in history he so richly deserved had been denied
him forever, just as it had been denied to the new homeland of
his choice, the United States of America.  The anti-German
argument that had been used on President Eisenhower was, of
course, a total fraud.

   When Sputnik I was launched a short dozen years after World
War II, the Soviet rocket program was even more dependent on the
efforts of captured German scientists than was true in the United
States.  Thus only one thing was really accomplished by delaying
the Army satellite effort under Wernher Von Braun: A tremendous
propaganda coup for the Soviet Union and a setback to American
prestige and self-confidence that persisted for years.  It is a
grim fact that accolades go to the spoilers and traitors among
us, but no acclaim to our true heroes and men dedicated to
American principles.

   Under the enthusiastic leadership of Wernher Von Braun the
United States was able to come from behind to win the race to the
Moon, but soon the world press will have relegated him to the
footnotes of modern history.  Like General Douglas MacArthur,
Wernher Von Braun will "just fade away."

Topic #2--When Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger was fired
by President Ford just over a year ago in November 1975, he said,

  "Some years from now someone will say, 'Why weren't we warned?'
and I wanted to be able to say: 'Indeed you were.'"

But most Americans when reminded of this parting statement by
Schlesinger tend to be surprised.  It is as if his words have
gone out into thin air, leaving no lasting impression at all. 
This is a perfect illustration of the way in which the American
public have been left comfortably asleep by the controlled major
media of our country, oblivious to the steadily mounting threat
of war.

   Around the world the alarms of impending nuclear disaster are
jangling louder and louder; but these alarms are muted, muffled,
and silenced by the time they reach you.  When isolated facts
about American or Soviet military developments are reported, it
is done in such a way that it has little lasting impact on most
people.  Thus, for example, you may hear a news item concerning
the debate over the new B-1 Bomber which the United States Air
Force is developing.  Taken in isolation you may well wonder what
all the shouting is about and, for that matter, why such a new
bomber is even being considered in this age of missiles.  Or you
may hear a brief news item mentioning that the Air Force wants to
buy some F-15 Fighters to augment our air defense system.

   Perhaps these things would make a little more sense to you if
you knew that the Soviet Backfire Bomber began to be deployed
operationally over three years ago!  The Backfire is a supersonic
long-range bomber capable of delivering nuclear weapons to
targets here in the United States--and that, my friends, is
precisely its purpose, not the so-called peripheral missions
mentioned by some.  Knowing this, perhaps it would have struck
you as a little strange that in 1974 after the Soviet Backfire
Bomber began being deployed, the United States virtually
dismantled its air defense system.  At the very time that a
renewed Soviet bomber threat was developing, our network of
interceptors was reduced to just six active Air Force Squadrons
plus six more in the Air National Guard!  The extensive network
of Nike Hercules Antiaircraft Missiles under Army command was
shut down completely.  But now, with war threatening to break
out, the Defense Department is reversing its position on air
defense without telling you why.

   The mounting controversy over the relative military strength
of the Soviet Union and the United States has taken many people
by surprise.  Almost 3-1/2 years ago the warning was sounded that
the Soviet Navy had become stronger than the United States Navy. 
That's what the world's foremost naval authority, Jane's Fighting
Ships, said in July 1973; but if you saw this reported at all by
the major media, did it make any impression?  Or consider the
matter of long-range ballistic missiles.  Over four years ago on
November 27, 1972, the Soviet Union successfully test-fired a
submarine-launched ballistic missile with a range of 4,500 miles! 
By comparison, the most advanced American sub-launched missiles
have a range of less than 3,000 miles.  In addition, the
development of a whole new series of Soviet missiles was

   Early this month the Soviet Union began a 20-day period of
tests of the new submarine-launched SSNX-18 Ballistic Missile,
firing them into a circular zone 100 miles in radius in the North
Pacific southeast of the Aleutian Islands.  The SSNX-18 now has a
multiple warhead capability; and these tests, which are
full-operational tests, extend over the full range of the missile
which is now more than 5,000 miles!  Particular attention is
being given to warhead performance in these test-proving flights. 
If all goes as planned, the SSNX-18 will be committed to full
production and operational status within a year's time.  The
SSNX-18 will give the Soviet Union a commanding lead over the
United States in the realm of submarine-launched ballistic
missiles.  But what have you learned from network news reports or
other major media about this missile?  Practically nothing.

   But the most tortured reasoning I have seen yet appeared on
December 6, 1976, in the New York Times.  An editorial on that
date entitled: MOSCOW'S SUBMARINE MIRV begins with the incredible
words, and I quote:

  "The Soviet Union's first successful test of a
submarine-launched ballistic missile armed with MIRV multiple
nuclear warheads is good news paradoxically for the United States
and the world."

The editorial then argues, in effect, that since this will
eliminate the one remaining missile advantage held by the United
States, it opens the door for the Soviet Union to make
concessions in SALT negotiations that could prevent either side
from acquiring a first-strike capability.

   Such Alice-in-Wonderland reasoning may still serve the purpose
of lulling millions of Americans back to sleep, but it would not
sit well these days with most NATO Defense Ministers.  For the
first time many officials of NATO are generally alarmed by the
continuing relentless build-up of Soviet power in Europe where
the best Soviet troops are concentrated.

   For example, consider Denmark which sits astride the channels
which lead from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea.  Soviet activity
in the Baltic has grown more and more ominous of late.  Early in
September a Soviet task force suddenly materialized off the
southeast coast of Denmark, then left, then reappeared.  All
kinds of Soviet naval war games are now being carried out
practically on Denmark's doorsteps so close that they could
suddenly turn into attack that would give practically no warning. 
Danish Foreign Minister K. B. Andersen said recently,

  "I'm astonished at what is going on.  This is completely
contrary to the expectations created by the Helsinki agreement."

And yet our kept press would have you believe that the new Soviet
SSNX-18 missile I just told you about is unimportant or even good
news, because of possible agreements the Soviet Union might make
about it.

   At the NATO Defense Ministers' meeting in Brussels earlier
this month, Admiral Sir Peter Hill-Norton of Britain warned that
the trend of the military balance between East and West is
continuing to move in favor of the Soviet bloc.  He declared that
more money and better planning are needed if NATO is to match
what he called the "relentless determination" of the Warsaw Pact
countries to achieve military superiority.  He warned that NATO
can no longer rely indefinitely upon the superiority of Western
technology because massive Soviet spending on research and
development have resulted in vast improvements in Soviet weapons.

   As Dutch Defense Minister Vredeling said on December 8, the
day after Sir Peter's speech, quote:

  "The situation as far as the balance of forces world-wide is
more serious than many people think."

And there are many other examples of genuine alarm at the
vulnerability of Western Europe to a devastating surprise attack.

   What did Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who was and is
a CIA operative, have to say to the NATO ministers?  He gave a
brief nod to the wide-spread concern over the Soviet build-up,
but what you heard reported in the news emphasized the following,
and I quote:

  "I think the alliance is healthy.  I leave my post as Secretary
of Defense next month with a good deal of optimism about the
Atlantic alliance--the fact that it survived some 26 years; the
fact that it's working, I think reasonably smoothly at the
present time; frankly reassured by the fact that there is an
Atlantic alliance, that it's on watch and doing its job."

And so, my friends, we can all go back to sleep, comfortably

Topic #3--One week from today will be Christmas 1976.  On that
day most Americans will be celebrating the birth of our Lord
Jesus Christ by giving gifts to one another.  The joy of giving
is something most everyone understands to a greater or lesser
extent.  When presents are opened on Christmas Day, for example,
parents of small children usually get their greatest fun out of
watching their children open presents, not from opening their own

   In the same vein, people usually feel good about it when they
give a portion of what they have to help others or to support a
worthy cause.  This is the foundation of what is known as
charity--but unfortunately there are always a very few among us
who are motivated not by a spirit of sharing but by runaway
greed.  Their only pleasure in life comes from amassing more and
more of this world's wealth for their own coffers and extending
their power to control the wealth of others as well.  Ultimately
those who are motivated this way reach the point where they have
so much wealth and so much power that it is no longer enough just
to add to it just still further.  The only thing left in life for
those who have acquired wealth and power through greed is to use
that power and that wealth to play with the lives and destinies
of people.  In short, they try to play 'God'.

   You may ask: Why would the Soviet Union go to war?  Would the
super-wealthy of America want to create a dictatorship here with
themselves in control?  You might as well ask: Why does the
mountain climber want to climb the highest mountain?  Common
answer is: Because it's there--just like the United States, the
richest country in the world, is there.  What a prize.

   Early in this century a systematic long-range program was
begun by a small group of immensely powerful people.  The goal of
this program was to acquire ever greater control over American
society.  This was to lead ultimately to America's merging into a
One-World Government with themselves and their heirs in control.

   The method by which this would be accomplished was the
dismantling of the basic structure of American society and its
reconstruction in the image desired by those who had decided to
play 'God'.  And to carry out this long-range program, powerful
tax-free Foundations were established and given the halo of
philanthropy.  They were explained to the public as simply a
special means the wealthy had devised for giving to the public at
large.  Each Foundation was thus given the image of an
institutional Santa Claus.

   Instead of questioning what they did, the American people were
led to accept their activities in the confident belief that they
were just showering wonderful gifts on our society day in and day
out.  This is the picture that is still accepted as the truth by
most Americans.  They believe it just as fervently as millions of
small children believe in Santa Claus.  The raw truth about this
network of Foundations may therefore sound unbelievable--just as
it sounds unbelievable to a small child if he is told there is no
Santa Claus.

   For months now I've been referring to the role that has been
played by these Foundations in undermining American society and
placing us in the extreme peril we now face.  Now I have been
given permission to reveal one of my primary sources of
information about these Foundations, and to repeat for you his
own words about them.  He is my friend Mr. Norman Dodd.  Mr. Dodd
was Director of Research of the special committee of the United
States House of Representatives to investigate tax-exempt
Foundations in 1953 and 1954.  The late Congressman Carroll Reece
of Tennessee was chairman of this very important committee.

   Recently Mr. Dodd gave a rare speech here in Washington, D.C.,
and he has given permission to repeat it here for you.  I will
now be quoting him.


   "This is not going to be a speech.  This is a sharing of ideas
born of experience, and I'd like to begin by qualifying myself in
your minds.

   I am a product of a strange type of education and schooling. 
The education of which I am a product featured the importance of
the question 'WHY?' and then went on to try to instill in us the
importance of the question plus our responsibility as individuals
to find the answers.  I happen to have taken this education and
schooling seriously and I have lived accordingly.

   In this schooling to which I was subjected, great stress was
laid upon the history of this country to illustrate the feature I
have just mentioned.  As a result I participated in and was
witness to something in the nature of a discovery--which was that
in the 200 years of our history many more truths made themselves
self-evident than motivated our Founding Fathers.  One of these
truths bears heavily upon the experiences that I shall recite to

   The truth, were it to be put in words, would read something
like this.  I'll repeat it slowly because it is quite significant
and deserving of considerable thought:

   The condition or state of the members of any nation at any
given time reflects the use to which the wealth they have
produced is being put by others than the ones who played a part
in its production.

That brings me to two experiences which I will describe to you.

   The first was my response to an invitation from the president
of the FORD FOUNDATION in his offices in New York.  His name:
Rowan Gaither.  Upon arriving there I was greeted with the

  'Mr. Dodd, we invited you to come because we thought that
perhaps, off the record, you would be kind enough to tell us why
the Congress is interested in the operations of Foundations such
as ourselves.'

Before I could think how best to reply, he volunteered this:

  'Mr. Dodd, we operate here under directives which emanate from
the White House.  Would you like to know what the substance of
these directives is?'

My answer was:  'Yes, Mr. Gaither, I would like very much to
know.'  Whereupon he said:

  'The substance of the directives under which we operate is that
we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the
United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet

Needless to say, I nearly fell off the chair.  As soon as I could
recover myself to reply, I said:

  'Mr. Gaither, legally you are entitled to use your grant-making
power for this purpose, but I don't think you are entitled to
withhold this information from the American people to whom you
are beholden for your tax exemption.  So why do you not tell the
American people what you have just told me?'

His answer was:

  'Mr. Dodd, we would not think of doing that.'

That was one experience that was very informative.  It was
incredible; nevertheless, it is the truth.

   The next experience involved the acceptance of an invitation
invitation came in response to a letter which I had written the
Endowment asking a few pertinent questions.  By 'pertinent' I
mean that they related to the effort of the Congress to determine
if Foundations were engaged in what the Congress said could be
'un-American activities', without defining 'un-American.'  I
arrived at the office of Dr. Joseph Johnson, who was then
president of the Endowment.  He was the successor to Alger Hiss. 
Present were two vice-presidents, relatively new men, and counsel
(a partner in the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell).  After
amenities, Dr. Johnson opened the conversation this way:

  'Mr. Dodd, we have received your letter.  We can answer the
questions but it will be a great deal of trouble.  The reason for
its being a great deal of trouble is that with the ratification
by the Senate of the United Nations treaty, our task was done;
and so we bundled up everything in the way of records and sent
them to the warehouse, and adopted a policy of constructing a
building across the street from the United Nations which will
serve as a facility for the benefit of those many organizations
which from this point on will be bound to follow the activities
of the United Nations.  So we have a counter suggestion which is
as follows:

   If you can spare a member of your staff and send him to New
York for two weeks, we'll provide a room in our library and also
make available to him the Minute Books of this corporation from
its inception.'

My first reaction was that he had lost his mind.  I had some
suspicion of what these Minute Books might well contain; but here
was counsel and there seemed to be no disagreement on the part of
the vice-presidents--and all of them were relatively young, so my
guess was that none of them had ever read the Minutes themselves. 
As a result, I accepted the invitation and did send a member of
my staff to New York.  That member brought back to me on
dictaphone belts the following:

   We are now back to roughly 1908 when the Trustees raised the
question, asking themselves:

(1)  Is there any way known to man more effective than war,
assuming they wish to alter the life of an entire people?

They discussed this question academically and in a scholarly
fashion for almost a year, and came up with the conclusion that
WAR is the most effective means known to man, assuming that

   Then they raised question No. 2:

(2)  How to involve the United States in a war?

This was in 1909.  I doubt if there was any subject more removed
from the minds of the people in this country at that time than
the possibility of involvement in war.  There were intermittent
shows, you will remember, in the Balkans; and my guess is that
not many people in the country even knew where the Balkans were. 
They answered the question this way:

  'We must control the diplomatic machinery of the United

   That brings up question no. 3, which is:

(3)  How do we secure control of the diplomatic machinery of the
United States?

   and the answer comes up:

  'We must control the State Department.'

   That fits in with prior findings which we had uncovered;
namely, that the hand of the Carnegie Endowment for International
Peace inside the State Department was a fact.

   Finally, we are in a war.  These Trustees have the brashness
to congratulate themselves on the wisdom and validity of their
original decision because already the impact of our participation
in World War I has indicated its capacity to alter our national
life.  They even go so far as to word and dispatch a telegram to
President Wilson, pressuring him to see to it that the war does
not end too quickly!

   Finally, the war is over.  The Trustees then take up the
problem which they face: namely, of preventing, as they put it, a
reversion of life in the United States to what it was prior to
1914.  They came up with the conclusion that:

   To gain that end, we must control education in the United

They realize this is a prodigious piece of work so they seek and
obtain the assistance of the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION.  They then
divide the task into parts, giving to the Rockefeller Foundation
the responsibility of altering education as it pertains to
domestic subjects.  They retain for themselves the task of
altering our education as it pertains to subjects bearing on our
international relationships.  Then they decide together that the
key to this is an alteration in the teaching of American history,
so they approach three of the then existing prominent historians
with the proposition that they alter the manner in which, up to
then, they had presented the subject.  They are all turned down

   They then decide that it is necessary for them to build their
own stable of historians.  They approach the GUGGENHEIM
FOUNDATION, which specializes in the awarding of fellowships, and
suggest: When we discover a likely young person who is studying
and looking forward to becoming a teacher of history, we will
take him to London to pursue his studies.  So they take 20 to
London, and these 20 are briefed in what is expected of them. 
These 20 return and eventually become the most active influence
in the American Historical Society.

   This coincides with the appearance which perhaps you will
remember of book after book the contents of which cast aspersion
on the Founders of this country, cast aspersion on the ideas
which prompted the founding of this country, and relegates them
to the realm of myth!

   Finally toward the end of the 1920's the Endowment grants the
American Historical Society $400,000 for the sole purpose of
rendering a report as to what the future of this country promises
to be and should be!  This appears in seven volumes.  The seventh
volume, of course, summarizes the contents of the other six, and
it ends on this note:

  'The future belongs to collectivism administered with
characteristic American humanitarianism and efficiency.'

   Well, in essence this was the whole story written down; and
Mr. Reece who was chairman of the investigation--the last
investigation of Foundations--hoped to be able to accomplish
this.  He was not able to do this owing to the disinterest on the
part of the committee's counsel and the violent activities of one
of its members.  I might mention that that member whose
activities barred the way was none other than Wayne Hays--who has
come to the end of his career, although this marked the start of


   Mr. Dodd concluded his talk with some additional comments
which I want to save for another discussion, since they go beyond
the subject of Foundations alone.  But you may want to replay
what I have just recited from his speech, noting carefully how
different the truth is from appearances.  And remember, the truth
has many enemies!

   And so it is that the 20th Century has been an unparalleled
era of increasingly destructive warfare, violence, and terror on
a world-wide scale.  By pursuing with relentless determination
the goal of merging the United States into ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT,
the Trustees of the key group of major Foundations have brought
us to the threshold of NUCLEAR WAR ONE--to be waged primarily on
American soil.

   As I first revealed in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 for May
1976, some of the present-day Trustees of these Foundations have
been awakening to the threat of a Soviet double cross in the
grand plan for world domination--and last summer this double
cross got underway with the planting of short-range
underwater-launch nuclear missiles within the territorial waters
of the United States, as well as of many other countries.  But
the world-wide economic and political empire that is today
presided over by the Four Rockefeller Brothers is so huge that it
includes many individuals who still do not believe that any
Soviet double cross will take place, much less that it is already


   For example, last month I reported that 18 Soviet submarines
were deployed along our west coast preparing to inject plutonium
particles into the air on November 20, 1976.  And our own
EPA--the Environmental Protection Agency--was cooperating by
telling us that on that date a radioactive cloud from a Chinese
atomic test would begin passing over our west coast, when
actually the radioactive cloud from China had not yet left
China's own borders!  By interesting coincidence, Russell Trane,
the head of the EPA, arrived in a presumably safe location,
Moscow, on November 19--the day before the plutonium was to be
released by the Soviet subs.  With appropriate irony, he arrived
there as head of the United States delegation to the
"Soviet-American Commission for Cooperation in Environmental
Protection."  Can you imagine?

   The plutonium was released by the subs as scheduled on
November 20; but just as happened when this was done the first
time in early October, unusual weather conditions kept the United
States from being badly contaminated.  The plutonium cloud
drifted across the upper part of the United States and had little
effect at ground level.  But, my friends, the Soviets never give

   Five days ago on December 13 I learned that Soviet submarines
were lining up along the northwest coast of the United States for
the third time for this purpose.  This time there are 21
submarines loaded with plutonium poison to inject into our
atmosphere.  According to my latest Intelligence sources, 16 are
deployed along the coast from Seattle, Washington to Eugene,
Oregon, while five (5) more lie between Eugene and Eureka,
California.  All of these are within 20 miles of the shoreline.

   I've already explained in detail the connection between this
radioactive chemical warfare and the Swine Flu hoax being
perpetrated by the United States Government, particularly in
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 17.  Therefore it is significant that
the so-called Swine Flu inoculation program was halted with great
publicity two days ago owing to death and paralysis suffered by
many who have taken the vaccine.  This serves to focus the
nation's attention once again on the terrible threat Swine Flu is
said to be just at a time when the Soviet submarines are once
again prepared to inject a poison into our atmosphere that can
produce severe flu-like symptoms.  It may be that, as was done
the past two times, the Soviet submarines will wait for another
announcement from the United States Government that it will serve
as a cover story, such as a Chinese nuclear test, before
releasing the plutonium into our air.  But now they have acquired
some experience and it is possible that they will release the
plutonium at any time.

   Meanwhile the build-up for war continues.  While the mounting
Soviet threat to Europe is fraying the nerves of NATO Defense
Ministers, the most immediate threat to Europe is once again
emerging in the Middle East.  In my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6
over a year ago I revealed the over-all plan that existed at that
time for war to begin in the Middle East.  I ask you now to
listen to that AUDIO LETTER No. 6 again.  All is nearly ready
once again for the long planned war in the Middle East to be
ignited.  The Rockefeller oil interests now have gotten most of
their money out of the Arab region.  Now the title to all the oil
fields have been sold to the Arabs themselves.

   The Middle East war will also leave the United States in an
even more defenseless position that we are now in if the Soviet
surprise attack on our country is allowed to take place.


   Last month I explained in detail why the underwater missiles
that are being planted along our shores by the Soviet Union are
so crucial to them in their plan to defeat the United States in
NUCLEAR WAR ONE, but I also explained that they are no longer
being removed by the United States Navy.

   Since I recorded that tape, 57 more nuclear missiles have been
planted in our own territorial waters.  Added to the 36 I
mentioned last month, this brings the total to 93 Soviet missiles
in the waters of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. 
In addition, four (4) missiles still threaten the Panama Canal,
and five (5) more missiles now threaten Canada.

   I declared last month that I would no longer reveal the
locations of these missiles unless and until responsible
arrangements are made to inform the public of the deadly threat
we are under.  Our Secret Rulers had been using my information
from October 1st onward only for their own benefit--and that is
not what it is for.

   I intend to continue to hold my silence until action is taken
for everyone's benefit.  Nevertheless I am going to make one
exception at this time--it involves Hawaii.  World War II began
with a devastating surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and now no
less than nine (9) Soviet underwater missiles now threaten Pearl
Harbor and the Island of Oahu with the same fate a second time.

   I will now give the coordinates for these nine missiles only,
in hopes that this time action will be taken to protect the
United States Pacific Fleet from the attack that could come at
any moment.  These coordinates are:

Missile #1:
   21 degrees/13 minutes/47 seconds North
   157 degrees/46 minutes/28 seconds West

Missile #2:
   21-18-37 North, 157-57-21 West

Missile #3:
   21-17-31 North, 158- 4-17 West

Missile #4:
   21-21-19 North, 158- 9- 7 West

Missile #5:
   21-36-12 North, 158-12-48 West

Missile #6:
   21-36-33 North, 158-11- 6 West

Missile #7:
   21-26-54 North, 157-47-17 West

Missile #8:
   21-19-27 North, 157-38-36 West

Missile #9: About 25 miles east of Oahu and 8 miles north of
Molokai at
   21-21-13 North, 157-15-26 West.

   I continue to hope, my friends, that a war can still be
prevented.  To find out what you can do in the event war does
come, I suggest you read issue 135 of McKeever's Multinational
Investment and Survival Letter, 1012 Russell St., Baltimore, MD 
21230, but my prayer is that you will never need that kind of

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 18

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

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This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC. (Current 1982
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   Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is November 20,
1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 18.

   As I speak with you today, we are drawing ever closer to being
swallowed up by the evils unleashed two generations ago by a
tight network of Foundation Trustees.  Operating under a false
cloak of philanthropy, supposedly for the benefit of others, they
actually launched long-range programs designed to grab everything
for themselves.

   Claiming to improve education in the cause of freedom, they
actually began replacing education with indoctrination in the
cause of collectivism.  And while painting themselves as
champions of peace, they have led the world into war after war on
the road to their version of "peace"--that is, an all-powerful
WORLD GOVERNMENT with themselves in control.

   Blinded by the insatiable greed for power, they could not see
that they were opening Pandora's box, setting forces in motion
that would ultimately prove impossible to control.  Only
recently, with disaster looming up fast, have the present-day
successors to those original Trustees begun awakening to this
fact, too late to regain control.  Now only the truth spread far
and wide can avert total catastrophe.

   Two years ago the United States of America plunged over the
brink of a devastating economic collapse as the result of
deliberate measures to create "stagflation", as I described in my
1973 book THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR.  But the process was
arrested part way down because other aspects of the Master Plan
for world domination were slipping behind schedule.

   As I have related in detail in previous tapes, factors such as
the still concealed Fort Knox Gold and Plutonium Scandals,
reverses in the Middle East, Indira Gandhi's upset of the CIA in
India, and other things have caused our Unseen Rulers enormous
difficulties for over 18 months.  But time is running out, and it
is do-or-die for those who seek to enslave us.  So now the United
States has at last been pried loose from its temporary economic
foothold and we are falling slowly but helplessly like a dreamer
in a nightmare toward the dreaded economic depression far below.

   Politically, the phantom election plan I revealed last month
by which Nelson Rockefeller still plans to become America's chief
executive is proceeding so far exactly as planned.  Sixty-eight
per cent of the voting precincts nation-wide had voting machines
on November 2, 1976, and where they jammed all across the country
there was no provision for paper ballots!  Thousands of ballots
were lost in certain areas, the legality of thousands of others
is being challenged, and re-counts are under way in some places. 
The net result, exactly as planned, was an extremely close
popular vote and no landslide for anyone.  President Gerald Ford
thought he had the election "in the bag", having been promised by
Nelson Rockefeller that he would carry New York State, but the
pained expression on Ford's face as his wife delivered his
concession statement on November 3 was nothing compared to the
shock that awaits Jimmy Carter if the plan now under way
succeeds.  Meanwhile, as the stage is being set for economic and
political shocks in America, we drift ever closer to war and a
"Declaration of National Emergency" that could spell the end of
our freedoms, and the dangerous Intelligence gap created by Henry
Kissinger continues.

   When I recorded monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 17 on October 26,
last month, I mentioned that the Soviet Union already knew where
our lost Phoenix Missile was in the North Sea but had not
retrieved it.  I had just learned of the missile's location and
revealed it in that tape.  On October 27, the following day, as
soon as the tape was released, I also relayed it to Military
Intelligence.  That same day Navy spokesmen told the press that
they still had not located the Phoenix; but using the information
I relayed to them, the Navy found and retrieved the Phoenix
Missile on October 31.  The United States Government would have
you believe it is mere coincidence that they suddenly found the
Phoenix after I revealed its location, even though the Navy had
spent six weeks in a fruitless search prior to that!

   There are also those who would have you believe that General
George S. Brown, the top military officer in the United States,
met with me for more than an hour on September 16, 1976 in his
Pentagon office out of idle curiosity.  And especially there are
many who want you to believe there will be no reason for the
Soviet Union to do as I have charged, planting
underwater-launched nuclear missiles within our own territorial
waters; but nothing, my friends, could be further from the truth. 
What the Soviet Union has done and is doing is completely logical
and to be expected if we look at it from their point of view.  As
Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, leader of the Conservative Party in
England, recently said, and I quote:

  "The danger is our Western tendency to assume that other people
will apply our own standards and values.  When considering
international matters, the important thing is not to look at
other nations as if we were standing in their shoes but as if
they were standing in their shoes."

If you depend, as most Americans do, on the controlled major
media for your understanding of the world, you will never learn
to think this way nor can you hope to grasp the real issues that
govern military survival; yet such understanding is essential if
we are to see how to correct our dangerous situation.

   One organization which in my opinion does do an excellent job
of clarifying matters of defense and national security is the
American Security Council located at Boston, Virginia.  Their zip
is 22713.  I recommend the Council as an excellent source of
information for every concerned American.

   To help in understanding the threat we now face and how we got
into such a position, I will discuss the following three topics




Topic #1--Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has said over and
over again for nearly a decade, quote:

  "Detente, or nuclear holocaust; there is no third way."

With this in mind, public discussion of American-Soviet relations
has focused for years on the alleged happy fruits of detente--the
growing thaw between East and West, etc.--but lately there has
been an ominous change.  President Ford dropped the word
"detente" from his active vocabulary, and mounting of concern
over the ragged condition of NATO forces has been expressed
increasingly by European and American leaders.

   Just last week two so-called prestigious groups burst upon the
public scene to churn up controversy over the issues of mounting
Soviet military power.  First, on November 11 came the "Committee
for the Present Danger" urging presumed President-elect Carter to
increase military spending, instead of decreasing it as promised
during the election campaign.  Then three days later a study
group financed by the Rockefeller Foundation proposed the
opposite--that we undertake joint military reductions with the
Soviet Union, perhaps initiating the process with selected
unilateral reductions of our own.  And the warnings continue!

   Just three days ago a representative of Boeing Aerospace
Company testified before Congress that in case of nuclear war,
98% of the Soviet population would survive because of the
elaborate Civil Defense precautions being taken there.  By
contrast, of course, the United States has no Civil Defense
program worthy of the name.  Obviously detente is fading from the
official scene rapidly.  According to the Kissinger formula, that
means nuclear holocaust is on its way.  But where did he get that

   The word "detente" is just another word for what was termed
"peaceful coexistence" in the early 60's, and the Kissinger
formula first emerged in October 1959 in the form, quote:

  "Peaceful coexistence or nuclear holocaust--there is no third

But the speaker then was not Henry Kissinger; it was Nikita

   The peaceful coexistence idea which later became so-called
"detente" began 20 years ago when Khrushchev announced a major
new Soviet policy line--namely, that war with the West was not
inevitable after all, contrary to the teachings of Lenin. 
Instead, the nuclear age had made peaceful coexistence necessary. 
To most Westerners, this sounded like "live and yet live"; but to
the Soviet Union it meant only the avoidance of a war which could
destroy the Soviet Union.  It was all right to continue to break
off chunks of the free world by intrigue, subversion, and
so-called "wars of national liberation", such as those which have
occurred in Vietnam, Angola, and elsewhere.  The Soviet Union
concentrated on selling the idea of peaceful coexistence for five
years from 1956 to 1961, ably assisted by their allies here in
the United States.

   Then in 1961 a major new phase began as John F. Kennedy became
president of the United States.  For decades the State
Socialists, who run the Soviet Union, had been in alliance with
and supported by the Corporate Socialists whose control over the
United States was drawing ever more complete.  Now at long last
the time was ripe to launch their well-orchestrated joint program
that was to lead to complete dictatorial control of the United
States by the Corporate Socialists, Soviet conquest of vast areas
of the world, piecemeal, with Corporate Socialist assistance, and
finally joint domination of the entire world by the
Rockefeller-Soviet alliance.

   The basic idea of the program was for the strength and resolve
of the United States to be undermined and sapped while the Soviet
Union would be enabled to forge ahead into unprecedented world
power.  Communism would be made to appear to be the wave of the
future, while American morale and faith in our free system of
government would be steadily eroded.  Finally according to plan,
the United States would be in the process of increasing
encirclement and vulnerability, more and more countries becoming
Soviet satellites with the unseen help of American Corporate
Socialists who would share in the spoils.  Economic disaster,
military vulnerability, and the collapse of our own
self-confidence would, according to plan, open the door for
dictatorship here in America.

   The single, most critical step in this long-range plan began
to be taken in 1961--the progressive shut-off of critical
research and development programs for future military technology.

   If research uncovers a basic new concept at a given point in
time, it will ordinarily be 5 to 15 years before it can be
translated into a new operational technology.  In between there
must be development, experimentation, evaluation, and full-scale
production programs.  By the same token, if research and
development are cut off, at some point 5 to 15 years later you
will not have the new technology available that would otherwise
have come into being.

   Early justifications for the dwindling R&D program were based
on fond new hopes for disarmament in connection with the new
Soviet stance in favor of peaceful coexistence.  Later, as the
conflict in Vietnam grew into a major war, it became easier to
leave important R&D items out of the already swollen Defense

   Another key ingredient in the overall plan was to be the use
of Cuban troops as proxies in Soviet so-called "wars of national
liberation" in Latin America and elsewhere.  The Bay of Pigs
invasion in 1961, a few short months after Kennedy took office,
could have produced a serious setback for the Rockefeller-Soviet
plans for overthrow of numerous governments, so Kennedy's
advisers carefully steered him away from making the invasion a

   Meanwhile the Soviet Union constructed long-range plans to
take advantage of the American disadvantage in military
technology that was being arranged to occur in the mid-1970's. 
While our R&D began to decline, theirs accelerated.  By knowing
exactly what to expect, the Soviet Union was able to target its
military development toward achievement of a dominant position 15
years later; and that time has now arrived.

   In 1962, however, a gamble by Nikita Khrushchev almost caused
the whole plan to come apart.  For more than a year a prominent
United States Senator, Kenneth Keating, had been sounding
warnings that offensive nuclear missiles were being placed in
Cuba by the Soviet Union; but his charges were denied by the
Administration, just as my charges about Soviet underwater
missiles are being plausibly denied now.  But President Kennedy
finally decided to look into it himself personally, instead of
accepting blind assurances that there was nothing to it from his
advisers.  He found out that the charges were true and the Cuban
Missile Crisis was upon us.

   The Cuban Missile Crisis led to the elimination from the scene
of both Kennedy and Khrushchev.  First, as I revealed in monthly
AUDIO LETTER No. 3 for August 1975, President Kennedy was
murdered because he was becoming increasingly dangerous to the
Rockefeller-Soviet alliance.  He had come into office lacking any
real grasp of the realities of international politics--but he was
learning, and learning fast.  It was clearly only a matter of
time before he would get around to reversing the cutoff of our
critical R&D programs.  Already he was initiating steps intended
to turn off our involvement in Vietnam.  Khrushchev, for his
part, took longer to oust since his power had to be chipped away
carefully by his enemies in the Kremlin; but finally he was
removed for jeopardizing the long-range plan of conquest with a
dangerous gamble that failed.

   Looking ahead toward the increasing opportunities that would
present themselves for the Soviet Union to benefit at America's
expense, the "Institute of the United States of America" was
founded early in the 1960's in Moscow.  This Institute, whose
purpose is to study the vulnerabilities of the United States, was
founded with the help of financing from the Rockefeller

   Once the Oval Office was inhabited by Lyndon Johnson, the
grand plan proceeded onward without further difficulty! 
Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara played an especially
important role in several ways.  The period during which he
served, from 1961 to 1968, was one in which research and
development carried out prior to the R&D cutoff would potentially
be continuing to bear fruit; but McNamara, doing the bidding of
those who had placed him in that position, succeeded in causing
the cancellation of important advanced weapons programs,
decommissioning of many Defense installations, physical scrapping
of huge quantities of Defense materiel, and costly concentration
of effort on ill-fated programs, such as the F-111 multipurpose
Air Force Navy fighter.  He also championed the
impressive-sounding theory of warfare called "Measured Response"
which guaranteed the escalation of Vietnam into a major war by
preventing clear-cut, decisive wins in battle.  As his reward for
such 'valuable' service, McNamara was made president of the World
Bank.  Can you imagine?

   With the inauguration of President Richard M. Nixon of January
20, 1969, the Kissinger era of foreign policy emerged in full
bloom.  Kissinger had been an influential voice in Government
since the early 60's, thanks to his association with Nelson
Rockefeller that began in 1955.  Now he became one of the most
important Rockefeller-Soviet agents in the United States
Government!  Following the outlines of the long-range plan, he
became known as the architect of so-called detente, repeating
Khrushchev's old formula--"peaceful coexistence or nuclear
holocaust"--almost verbatim.

   In 1972 detente entered a new phase.  The SALT I Agreement was
signed in Moscow by President Nixon in May of that year. 
Meanwhile, the same year, the Soviet Union launched the massive
drive in Civil Defense that has lately started attracting
attention.  The Soviet Union could see that the long awaited
opportunity to pull ahead of the United States was fast
approaching.  That same year, 1972, saw the expansion of
so-called detente to Red China.  Kissinger also played a central
role in this development; but far from promoting real peace,
Kissinger was undoing a golden opportunity for freedom for a
quarter of the world's people--and possibly peace for the entire

   What I am about to tell you is top secret, and I am revealing
it for the very first time.

   Some years ago an international entrepreneur (whom I will call
"Smith") was in the act of selling a large European bank when he
was approached by a Chinese on a business venture involving a
retired Chinese general (whom I will call "Lee").  Lee had known
both Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Tse-tung very well during earlier
revolutionary days, and was still closely associated with six
regional military chieftains in Red China who were all genuinely
anti-Soviet in every way.  Moreover, after the turmoil that took
place in Red China in 1957 and later, these Chinese military
chieftains became completely disenchanted and disgusted with
Mao's program of using young hoodlums to terrorize and murder all
suspected opposition to his dictatorial and oppressive programs. 
Mao's euphemistic term, cultural revolution, for these cutthroat
methods of bending the people to his will, did not impress them. 
They contacted Lee and queried him as to the possibility of
getting American support in case they should decide to overthrow
Mao and establish a republic using the customary parliamentary
form of government.  Those who preferred the security of
Socialism would be allowed to live in communes, but the
government would foster a free-market system for the country as a

   General Lee arranged through the United States Department of
State to send envoys through the Bamboo Curtain to make the
necessary arrangements; but someone in the State Department
leaked the information to Red Chinese officials, and all of the
envoys were quickly apprehended and put to death.  Nevertheless
General Lee persisted.  He asked Mr. Smith if he could arrange
for broadcasting equipment to inform all of Red China what was
taking place, why the military deemed it necessary to overturn
Mao, and what form of government would be established.  Smith
agreed to contact certain top officials in the United States
Government close to the President, however General Lee emphasized
that he must circumvent Henry Kissinger and get the ear of Mr.
Nixon only, since Lee did not trust Kissinger nor anyone else in
the State Department.  The contacts were made, but unfortunately
a member of another agency heard of the plan and briefed
President Nixon about it in front of Kissinger.  Almost
immediately arrangements were made for Kissinger to visit China
to meet secretly with Mao.

   This meeting took place, and at the meeting Kissinger informed
Mao that he would be overthrown by a military coup unless Mao's
regime chose to cooperate with those who held the real power in
the United States.  To sweeten the deal for Mao, certain secret
agreements were made concerning the future course of American
relationships with the Republic of China on Taiwan.  The
outgrowth of the meeting was ping-pong diplomacy--the Nixon
summit trip to Peking in February 1972, and so-called detente
between Red China and the United States.  In return, Mao
Tse-tung's ironhanded dictatorship over Red China was rendered
secure once again.  Red China would thus continue to be a
controllable threat to the Soviet Union.  With any real threat to
the Soviet Union from the direction of Red China taken care of,
the Rockefeller-Soviet plan continued.

   Last year the Helsinki Accord gave the Soviet Union
essentially what she had wanted for 20 years--a ratification of
her conquests in Eastern Europe.  By thus signaling to the
imprisoned countries behind the Iron Curtain that we consider
them to be within the Soviet sphere, we reduce any tendency they
might have to revolt in case of war.  The Soviet western flank is
thus made far more secure than before.

   In the past several years, countries have been falling into
the Soviet orbit at a quickening pace with their domination
shared secretly by their Corporate Socialist allies here in
America.  At the same time, the declining military might of the
United States and the fast increasing threat from the Soviet
Union has finally become too obvious to hide any longer.  This
stage, too, was foreseen and planned.

   All of the economic, political, and military factors are
intended to lead to a "Declaration of National Emergency" here in
America, dictatorship, and war!

   But, as it turned out, there is a terrible joker in the deck
that has been dealt by the Rockefeller empire in its hidden
collaboration with the Soviet Union.  The war to come, NUCLEAR
WAR ONE waged primarily on American soil, was supposed to be
neatly limited and controlled with a "Nuclear Safe Zone" set
aside for the Soviet allies here in America, as I revealed in
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 last May; but the Soviet Union has
for months been maneuvering to carry out a double cross at this
critical stage in America's increasing vulnerability.  They want
to seize all the marbles for themselves.

Topic #2--For many years American strategic defense strategy has
been based on a concept called "Mutual Assured Destruction", or
MAD.  The idea here is that should either the Soviet Union or the
United States launch a nuclear attack on the other, the victim of
the attack would be able to destroy the attacker in return.  In
this concept, furthermore, the targets are cities, not military
targets such as enemy missile installations.  An ICBM attack
under these conditions would have only one basic purpose--to kill
tens of millions of innocent civilians.  This is the so-called
"balance of terror" we often hear about.

   In World War II, Hitler used V-1 buzz bombs and V-2 missiles
in exactly this way against the civilian population of England
instead of against military targets, thinking to terrorize
England into submission.  But as we all know, it didn't work. 
The British learned to dig into bomb shelters, absorb the
civilian deaths and damage, and meanwhile redoubled their efforts
at military installations to strike back at Hitler in more
important ways.

   The MAD mutual terror defense strategy is nothing more than a
nuclear age version of the very technique that was proven to be
useless over 30 years ago.  We've all heard countless times,
quote: "The last thing the Soviet Union would ever want is a
nuclear exchange with the United States."  This comforting
statement tends to make one accept the foolish MAD defense
doctrine, if it is to be believed; but it is wrong.  The
announcement by Nikita Khrushchev in 1956 that all-out war was
not inevitable with the West after all, appeared to be a
renunciation of a basic Leninist principle, but it was not.  It
was simply the beginning of an elaborate 20-year ploy to make us
lower our guard so that when the inevitable all-out conflict did
come, the Soviet Union would be in a position to win.

   History is repeating itself.  In the late 1930's many people
made the mistake of believing that Hitler did not actually want
war but was willing to risk it in order to obtain concessions, so
the concessions were made with the idea that this would prevent
war.  Only too late was it realized that Hitler was determined to
have a war one way or another.

   In the past, the Soviet Union has been notably cautious when
skirting the fringes of a possible nuclear war, but that was
while she was still at a disadvantage militarily.  Now for the
first time the Soviets are emerging into a totally new situation
in which their military power is second to none.  With the rapid
collapse of free governments now occurring around the globe, the
over-all correlation of forces, as they call it, is shifting
rapidly in favor of the Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union is now
No. 1 in military power, while the United States is No. 2--a
situation that has never existed before.

   The time is now ripe for the Soviets to press their advantage
in an effort to seize control of the world.  The standing threat
from Red China is often mentioned hopefully as a major factor
tending to offset any Soviet ideas of waging major war against
us; but this, too, is in error.  The Soviet fear of Red China,
far from acting as a brake, is spurring them on.  Right now Red
China is leaning on the United States; but should the United
States be knocked out of action by a Soviet hammer blow before
China could take advantage of the situation, China would then be
isolated.  Red China would then have no choice but to patch
things up with the Soviet Union and cooperate, at least on
pragmatic matters.  Of course with the United States defeated,
and the two Communist superpowers joining forces once again, the
fate of the rest of the world would no longer be in question. 
Thus, as I stated in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 15, if we fall, the
world falls; and that is the basis of Soviet strategy.

   Thus the Soviet Union does want nuclear war with the United
States provided the Soviet Union is prepared to survive with
losses limited to acceptable levels, and provided the United
States can be destroyed as a military rival in the process.  The
Soviet rulers emphatically do not think of nuclear war as
something that could only happen as the unwanted result of a
confrontation, even though this is how we tend to think of it. 
To them war, including nuclear war, is a tool of conquest to be
used whenever it is advantageous to do so.

   People have asked the question: Why would the Soviet Union
plant underwater missiles in our waters when they already have
ICBMs, missile-launching submarines, and so forth?  Even some
officials who know about the Soviet missiles raise this question
in various forms as a smoke screen to create doubt.  For once you
understand the basic Soviet viewpoint I have described, the
reasons for the planting of underwater missiles become far easier
to grasp.

   To begin with, the underwater missiles constitute a
first-strike capability for the Soviet Union--that is, they are
concentrated on military targets.  Specifically, they are
intended to wipe out our naval bases, major ports, and a good
fraction of our naval fleet in one sudden, surprise blow without
advance warning.  This type of first strike is quite different
from those usually discussed, but would be extremely effective. 
Consider the choice faced by an American president immediately
after such a sudden strike by the Soviet Union by means of its
underwater missiles followed by a Soviet ultimatum to surrender! 
True, the American naval forces at sea around the world at the
time of the attack would be unaffected and our missile subs could
give the Soviet Union an unpleasant pasting.  Even our ICBMs
might still be available to fire, but what then?

   First, the damage we could now inflict on the Soviet Union
would be minimized by the mammoth Civil Defense preparations that
have been under way in the Soviet Union for five years and more. 
If the president did choose to counterattack, several million
Soviet citizens would possibly die and a small portion of the
military and industrial facilities of the Soviet Union not
underground would be destroyed.  But the vast majority of the
Soviet population would survive our counterattack as would a
large part of their military-industrial complex.  Now it would be
their turn again.

   The price we would pay for disobeying the Soviet ultimatum
would be awesome.  A salvo of ICBMs, not the whole Soviet ICBM
force, perhaps but a few hundred nonetheless, would rain down on
the United States, hitting both military targets and big cities. 
Thanks to the well named MAD defense strategy we have followed,
we have no Civil Defense and the carnage would be beyond
imagination, especially since Soviet nuclear warheads are many
times more powerful than ours.

   As for our naval forces, attacks by Soviet antiship cruise
missiles would rapidly take their toll; and the inability of
returning to port for fuel and more weapons would cause our navy
to wither away as a fighting force.  It would only be a matter of
time until our vital sea lanes of commerce were totally
destroyed.  The process might continue perhaps for some time, but
the outcome would not be in doubt.  The Soviet Union would be
able to outlast us and outblast us once the initial crucial
strike against our navy was made with the underwater missiles.

   The secret of success of the Soviet plan is their use of a
weapon system that would enable the first strike against our navy
to be a complete surprise with extremely reliable results.  The
greatest possible surprise, of course, would have been achieved
if our navy had never even known the missiles were there off our
shores until the moment they were fired.  That was the surprise
element that my monthly AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 14 and 15 were
intended to remove last summer.

   Another element of surprise has to do with the warning time if
a missile is actually launched.  With ICBMs, satellite
surveillance can provide a warning time of 20 minutes or
so--plenty of time to launch our own missiles in retaliation if
the decision is made to do so.  Submarine-launched ballistic
missiles may cut the warning time to a few minutes.  But in the
case of the short-range underwater-launch missiles, there is
virtually no warning at all since they must travel only a short
distance and the time of flight is brief.  By the time they are
detected and our defenses alerted, they will be exploding over
their targets.

   There is only one other kind of warning, which is probably the
most important of all--advance warning of impending attack
through Intelligence channels and through reading the meaning of
political tensions.  Up to now, for example, NATO defense
planning has assumed that any attack on Western Europe by the
Soviet Union would be preceded by a warning of at least three
weeks.  And 35 years ago there were several advance warnings
before the attack on Pearl Harbor beginning a week or so ahead of
time, but at that time these warnings were deliberately blocked
at high levels of the United States Government because certain
individuals wanted to insure that the attack did occur!  And now
the chance of obtaining advance warning of impending attack is
once again reduced, thanks to the Intelligence gap created by
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger!

   When the Soviet Union decides the time is ripe to attack, they
do not intend to telegraph their intentions in advance.  In this
regard, the underwater missiles lurking along our shores can be
invaluable to them.  Their ICBMs have too long a warning time and
insufficient accuracy and reliability for the Soviet rulers to
employ them with full confidence in a world-wide naval Pearl
Harbor attack, such as I described in monthly AUDIO LETTER No.
15.  And if they chose to use their missile-launching submarines
for that purpose closing in to short range to produce short
flight times for their missiles, they would risk alerting our
navy that something was up because of the peculiar deployment of
their submarines.

   On top of that, a world-wide surprise attack of the kind
contemplated by the Soviets depends for its success on a
simultaneous strike everywhere.  Not an easy thing to achieve
with missiles launched by numerous submarines all over the world;
but the underwater missiles are made to order for a surprise
attack.  They lurk unseen for days, weeks, or months until they
are needed; then when they are to be fired, the preparations for
the attack can be made without any outward sign at all, deep
inside a Command Post in the Soviet Union.  To launch the attack
itself, a signal need only be flashed world-wide from the Command
Post, while the observable activities of the Soviet Union,
military and otherwise, proceed in normal patterns giving no hint
of the impending attack!

   When the surprise attack plan of the Soviet Union is known,
the question is no longer: Why would they plant those underwater
missiles?  The question becomes: Why wouldn't they do it?

   The Soviet Union is prepared to wage war with several times
our own nuclear firepower.  At the same time, they are prepared
to survive such a war as a viable society with population losses
of perhaps no more than 2%.  That's around five-million lives,
and it is indeed very hard for you and me to imagine deliberately
accepting such losses for a political purpose.  But remember, the
Soviet bosses think their way, not our way; and if they were to
suffer losses that large, our own losses could be 50- to

   Provided they have the ability to disable the United States
Navy at the outset with the surprise attack they have planned,
the Soviets believe they have little to lose and everything to
gain now by their standards in a nuclear war; and that is why the
Soviet Union wants nuclear war now.

Topic #3--Since early July 1976 short-wave radio communications
world-wide have been disrupted by what one ham radio operator
describes as, quote: "A super-enormous strong signal that sounds
like a buzz saw."  Not only hams have been affected but maritime,
aeronautical, and telecommunications channels have been rendered
practically useless in some cases.  The signal is a rasping sound
that pulses 10 times per second, originating from Soviet

   The monitoring branch of the Federal Communications Commission
has received a flood of complaints and has written four
complaints to Moscow about it, without any reply whatsoever. 
According to Robert Kutz, chief of the FCC's International
Operations Division, this silence from the Soviet Union is very
unusual, quote: "Usually they have been very cooperative, unless
there's something particularly unique about this situation."

   Indeed there is something unique about these Soviet radio
signals, my friends.  They are transmissions between Moscow and
Soviet submarines world-wide by means of the Advanced
Communications System I mentioned in a recent monthly AUDIO
LETTER.  It is no accident that these signals first began early
in July 1976.  That was the month when I first revealed the
existence of underwater missiles in American and Canadian
territorial waters planted by the Soviets.  It is also no
accident that transmissions like this were first heard in 1962
during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

   The Government professes not to have any idea what these
signals are all about, but they know better.  These signals are
being used to maintain tight coordination of Soviet naval
activities, especially submarine movements, in preparation for
war.  But one lie leads to another; and just as you are not being
told about the Soviet underwater missiles that threaten your life
and your freedom, you are not being told the true meaning of the
Soviet buzz saw signals.

   There are at least 13 transmitters broadcasting these powerful
signals located mostly in Soviet or Soviet-occupied territory. 
Transmitters are operating at Archangel, Leningrad, Moscow, Kiev,
Odessa, Gdansk, the Bosporus Straits, Rostov, Minsk, Warsaw,
Prague, East Berlin, and of all places Loch Ness in Scotland. 
The Loch Ness transmitter is aboard a small submarine that
entered the northeast end of Loch Ness by means of the canal that
connects Loch Ness to Moray Firth.  If there wasn't one before,
there certainly is a Loch Ness monster now, compliments of the
Soviet Union.

   These Soviet transmissions make use of a technique known as
"pulse modulation."  Each of the 10 pulses per second sounds like
nothing more than a meaningless rasp to the ear, but in fact each
pulse contains a superimposed signal in code.  The possible codes
are endless, and a computer is required both to create the coded
pulses for transmissions and to decode them where they are
received.  Therefore unless and until Intelligence information
becomes available on the details of the exact code, it is
practically impossible to intercept and understand the Soviet
messages to their subs.

   But matters even more blatant than the Soviet mysterious
signals are being hidden from you.  For example: Do you know
about the joint Soviet and Cuban naval and aviation maneuvers
that took place from September 15 to September 23, 1976, in the
Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico?  These war games utilized not
only the new Soviet submarine base at Cienfuegos Harbor not far
from the United States naval station at Guantanamo Bay but also
Marianao and Havana, right across from Florida!  These war
exercises carried a clear threat for the Panama Canal, Puerto
Rico, and our base at Guantanamo Bay; and, in addition, ranged
all along our Gulf coast as far west as Galveston, Texas.  Yet
our so-called Defense Department said not one word about it, and
our sleeping press, following the non-existent lead of our
controlled major media, said nothing about it either.

   Since "Red Friday", October 1, 1976, our Military from General
George S. Brown on down have been muzzled, ordered to flatly deny
charges about Soviet missiles in our waters, if pressed to
comment on them.  Meanwhile, top secret Civil Defense exercises
are now under way here in Washington, D.C. and other sensitive
areas for top Government officials only, while the rest of our
people are left in the dark not only without protection but
without even any official warning that war could be imminent!

   But the last straw came in just the past several days, my
friends.  Last month I reported that immediately after the "Red
Friday" capitulation by President Ford to the Soviet demands
advanced by Andrei Gromyko, Soviet submarines along our east and
west coasts performed a chemical warfare experiment.  Clouds of
radioactive plutonium were released into our atmosphere to drift
inward and contaminate the United States while the United States
Government cooperated by claiming that we were being plastered
with radioactive fallout from a Chinese nuclear test 10 days
earlier.  As I reported last month, we were spared major effects
from that experimental plutonium release due to weather
conditions that did not behave as predicted by the Soviets.  But
now they are poised to do it again!

   On Wednesday November 17 a large Chinese atmospheric hydrogen
bomb test was announced, and immediately we were inundated with
announcements that the radioactive cloud would reach our west
coast only three short days later--today, November 20, 1976. 
Last time they claimed that the Chinese cloud took 10 days to
cover the same distance, but that was because the Soviet subs
were not ready at that time to use the Chinese blast as a cover
for their chemical attack against us.  This time they can hardly

   As of noon yesterday, November 19, 18 Soviet submarines were
deployed at even intervals along our west coast within about 35
miles of our shore line.  They are not missile launchers but are
equipped specifically for the injection of plutonium into our air
today.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is telling us
not to fear the Chinese nuclear cloud alleged to be passing over
our country, but is cooperating completely with the Soviet Union
in providing a totally false cover for the Soviet radioactive
plutonium attack on our country!  In actual fact, the
radioactivity created by the Chinese test itself has not yet gone
beyond Red China's own borders.

   The media are reminding us how terrible Swine Flu might be,
and we are also being told of the disappointingly low number of
eligible Americans who are taking the free Government Swine Flu
shots.  We are told that Swine Flu, if it breaks out, could
spread like wildfire; and now certain persons in the United
States Government are cooperating with the Soviet Union in an
attack on our nation by means of radioactive plutonium, the
effects of which can be mistaken for severe "flu" if intended
dosages are achieved.

   My friends, the so-called mysterious signals from the Soviet
Union stopped temporarily on November 2, but then on November 10
they started up again because Soviet war preparations were
resuming.  Since I talked with you last, 36 new missiles have
been planted in our waters in addition to those I referred to
last month.

   I have not given the locations of these to anyone, and for now
I do not intend to do so.  Now let me tell you why.  On one hand
there are those factions within the shell of a Government left
here in Washington who are actively cooperating with the Soviet
Union.  Some of these are outright Soviet agents; others are part
of the Corporate Socialist network that cooperates with the
Soviets for mutual advantage at the expense of the rest of us. 
Some in this second group still do not believe that a Soviet
double cross has been under way for months in the form of the
underwater missiles in our waters.  On the other hand, there are
many who are honestly trying to counter the Soviet underwater
missile threat acting within constraints imposed on them.

   Prior to October 1, missiles were being removed as they were
planted by the Soviet Union, acting on information I was
providing to General George S. Brown and to Military
Intelligence.  In this capacity, I have been acting as an
information channel to go around the Intelligence gap created by
Henry Kissinger.

   But where is all this leading?  What will happen if traitors
in our midst continue to cover up the truth about the Soviet
underwater missiles, and if patriots in our Government cannot
summon the courage to tell the truth, regardless of the
consequences?  What is going to happen if that situation
continues, my friends, is THERMONUCLEAR WAR and DICTATORSHIP here
in America!

   Even if the United States Navy were to continue removing
Soviet missiles as they are planted--which they have been ordered
NOT to do since October 1--this would not prevent disaster.  The
Soviet Union is able to plant missiles far faster than we can
remove them.  So the information I have been relaying is really
being used now for just one purpose--to enable our leaders to
keep abreast of the chances of attack, and to minimize those
chances until they are ready to run and hide in the 96
underground cities of the "Federal Relocation Arc" to ride out
the war--then war can come, scorching the land and consuming our

   The top-secret information provided me by my sources, often at
the risk of their own lives, is not intended for the private use
of cold-blooded traitors and spineless leaders in the American
Government.  It is intended to bring about exposure of the truth
as the one and only thing that can prevent a war.

   If war comes, it will be a devastating surprise to most
Americans.  The perverse behavior of our public officials in
misusing my information threatens to condemn millions of us to a
nuclear holocaust.  Therefore it is only right that they condemn
themselves at the same time.  Without the missile locations I am
now withholding they, too, will be caught in the lightning
surprise attack by the Soviet Union that threatens to engulf the
rest of us.  Millions of our lives apparently mean nothing at all
to them compared to their service to the Soviet Union, and their
jobs, and their pensions.  But now their lives are at stake along
with the rest of us.  Only if the truth about the Soviet
underwater missiles is exposed will I turn over the new
information I have on which not only our lives but theirs, too,
now depend.

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.


Audio letter No. 17

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC. (1981 current
address: 1629 K St. NW, Washington, D.C.  20006)

   Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is October 26,
1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 17.

   Four months ago in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 13 I reported the
presence of a Soviet nuclear weapon at Seal Harbor, Maine, placed
where it could destroy the summer homes of David and Nelson
Rockefeller.  The rulers of the Soviet Union were embarking on an
all-out double-cross of their long time allies, the four
Rockefeller Brothers; and for the past four months we have been
in the grip of the "Soviet Missile Crisis of 1976"--a fact of
which most Americans are still unaware.  The month before this
crisis began, in May 1976, I had revealed the rapidly mounting
fears of certain Trustees of the key Rockefeller-controlled
foundations that such a Soviet double-cross was imminent.

   More than half a century ago a commitment was formed for the
creation of a One-World collectivist government to be ruled by a
mere handful of wealthy, immensely powerful individuals.  This
drive, which long ago crystallized into the Rockefeller-Soviet
alliance, had been aided and abetted by the Trustees of the
Rockefeller-controlled group of foundations; but they have opened
Pandora's box, unleashing forces they can no longer control. 
Certain of the Trustees realized this even before the actual
Soviet double-cross began.  But the Gang of Four, the four
Rockefeller Brothers, could not bring themselves to believe it
until the Seal Harbor H-bomb was found by the United States Navy.

   Now they know beyond any doubt that a Soviet double-cross has
been in progress against them--as well as against the rest of us. 
But still the Rockefeller Brothers have not learned their lesson. 
They still think that they can get back to business as usual with
their Soviet allies in their joint program for world domination. 
And for the moment, the Soviet Union is doing everything possible
to encourage this false impression strictly as a tactic.  The
Soviet Union was robbed of the element of surprise by my
disclosures in monthly AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 14 and 15, and they are
trying to lull the Rockefeller Brothers back to sleep so that
they can be successfully disposed of a little later on.

   Beyond that, the Soviets did not expect to be caught in their
program of planting underwater missiles for a surprise attack;
and because they were caught and their missiles were removed
during August and September, they are proceeding with extra
caution right now.  And so for the moment the alliance between
the four Rockefeller Brothers and the Soviet Union is
functioning, but it is now a false alliance.  The Soviet rulers
are just biding their time, watching and preparing for another
chance to eliminate the Rockefellers and seize the whole world
for themselves.

   Meanwhile you and I are again under attack jointly by the
Rockefellers and the Soviet Union.  In a vain attempt to save
their own lives, the Brothers are bargaining away millions of
ours.  At this moment the United States and Canada are once again
encircled by Soviet underwater missiles and prowling submarines;
but now, since Friday, October 1, 1976, the missiles are no
longer being removed!

   Here are my topics for today:




Topic #1--Last month in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 16 I reviewed
for you the events that had taken place in the Soviet Underwater
Missile Crisis since recording AUDIO LETTER No. 15 in early
August.  As I pointed out, Air Force General George S. Brown,
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had so far played a
crucial role in preventing a Soviet surprise attack on the United
States, thanks to the actions taken by American Armed Forces
under his command.  In August he had obtained the go-ahead from
President Ford, as Commander in Chief, to seek out and remove the
Soviet underwater missiles in our coastal waters.  A remarkable
achievement, because Ford had to overrule Rockefeller agent Henry
Kissinger in giving this order!

   Using the navigational coordinates I revealed in my August
tape, the United States Navy was able to remove all the Soviet
missiles in our territorial waters during the latter part of
August.  On September 1, 1976, with the threat presumed to be
over, General Brown wrote me a letter, which was widely
publicized, seemingly dismissing my charges, but actually opening
the door for communication between us.

   On September 7 I had information about a new round of missiles
that were being planted by the Soviets.  I wrote General Brown to
request a meeting, and on September 16, 1976, I met with him at
the Pentagon in his office for well over an hour.  During that
meeting I gave him the navigational coordinates for 48 new Soviet
missiles threatening the United States and Canada from locations
in our territorial waters--and again he ordered prompt action by
the United States Navy to start removing them.  But as I warned
last month, the Soviet Union is not giving up; and on top of
that, General Brown confronts terrible opposition WITHIN the
federal government!  So I asked you to express your support for
General Brown to strengthen his hand for our country's benefit.

   Now you can begin to see why.  On October 17, 1976, selected
excerpts from an interview with General Brown were leaked to the
press a week prior to publication.  These comments, taken out of
context, made it appear that General Brown was disparaging
certain of our allies; and instantly General Brown was at the
center of a storm of controversy.  General Brown is being
criticized now for remarks in a six-month-old interview which was
rejected for publication then, yet has magically surfaced now! 
Certain individuals have arranged for the story to be made public
at this time as an indirect means of attack that obscures the
facts.  The real reason for efforts to get rid of him is his
dedication to our country's defense.

   What is happening now to General Brown is standard practice in
Washington today.  The idea is to get something on someone,
anything, that can be made to look bad by the media, and put it
in his dossier for future use.  Thus a dark cloud is always handy
later on in case it is needed to blackmail, or destroy, or
intimidate someone.

   In General Brown's case, he was set up with this particular
cloud by none other than his boss, Secretary of Defense Donald
Rumsfeld, who was the CIA contact man in the White House and is
still a CIA operative now.

   Last spring a political writer and cartoonist drew a cartoon
of Rumsfeld, and Rumsfeld called him to ask if he could have the
original.  The political writer agreed, and it was also agreed
between them that Rumsfeld would get Brown to give the political
writer an interview.  The interview was not used at that time,
six months ago.  Even when General Brown was questioned
intensively by the Senate two months later when his confirmation
for a second two-year term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff was being decided upon, the interview still did not emerge. 
But now, after helping prevent thermonuclear war for over two
months, by doing his duty Brown is in hot water.

   The Rockefeller Brothers are making a desperate effort to put
things right back on track with the Soviet Union, and they have
decided that Brown must go as part of the price of reinstating
so-called detente.  The controversy now surrounding Brown is
intended to build up until he resigns, is dismissed, or loses his
influence and credibility.  This is totally unrelated to the
election, contrary to appearances.

   In this situation, it is more important than ever that you
show your support for General Brown.  His enemies are trying to
bring him down by means of a battle he must fight with both hands
tied behind his back.  If he were to publicly reveal one word
about the Soviet missile crisis and his role in combatting it--in
other words, the real reasons for his present troubles--General
Brown could be instantly dismissed, court-martialed, and
imprisoned!  And speaking out, he would be rewarded with personal
disaster; and the major media, under the thumb of the gang of the
Four Brothers, would then pull out all the stops in a campaign to
discredit whatever he said so that no one would believe it.  By
the same token, if Senate Bill No. 1 promoted by Attorney General
Levi had passed earlier this year, I, too, could be imprisoned
for telling you the truth about the Soviet missiles aimed at you
because, my friends, this information is classified "Top Secret",
not because the Government wants to keep anything from the
Soviets, they know all about their own offensive weapons planted
in our waters--it is YOU that the Government wants to keep in the
dark for their own protection, not yours!

   Even if you have already written to General Brown to express
your support, I urge you to do so again by letter, telegram, or
Mailgram.  My good friend Mr. Edward Durell, an industrialist who
lives in Berryville, Virginia, is urging his associates to write
their Congressmen showing their support for General Brown, and to
send a copy of each letter to:

  General George S. Brown
  Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
  Grant Avenue, Fort Myer
  Arlington, Virginia  22211.

I think this is an excellent suggestion, and I urge you to do the
same.  You may want to write to both of your Senators too, and
send copies to General Brown as well.  Just address your letter

  Congressman (or Senator) so-and-so
  House (or Senate) Office Building
  Washington, D.C.  ...  The zip is:
    20515 for the House Office Bldg.
    20510 for the Senate Office Bldg.

   The controversy over General Brown, my friends, is only the
most visible part of a terrible reversal in our country's
fortunes that has occurred this month.  The turning point came on
October 1, 1976, a "RED Friday" for the United States of America. 
That was the day that President Gerald Ford caved in to pressure
from the Rockefeller-Soviet-Kissinger team.

   Two closely related events took place on October 1, 1976:

One was the appearance in the Washington Post of a story by
Woodward and Bernstein, no less, that the Watergate Special
Prosecutor's investigation of President Ford was (quote)
"serious."  The story, complete with big headlines, shook the
Stock Market where rumors circulated that Ford was about to step
down.  But, most importantly, Ford himself was given a clear
signal that swift political destruction awaited him if he did not
play ball with the Rockefellers.  Originally, Nelson Rockefeller
had arranged for the Watergate-related investigation of Ford as a
means of forcing Ford from office and in putting himself in
position as "Acting President" under the 25th Amendment to the
Constitution; but due to the Soviet Missile Crisis, that scenario
has been scrapped because the Watergate Prosecutor's
investigation was used instead to apply pressure for a different

   That different purpose had to do with the second major event
that took place on Red Friday, October 1--the visit to the White
House by Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko!  It was reported
that Gromyko's reception at the White House was the coolest it
had ever been since Ford became President--and no wonder.  When
Gromyko told reporters afterward that he and Ford, quote: "spoke
of the most cardinal issues" he was deadly serious.  He was
referring not to SALT talks or the Middle East but to the threat
of war between the Soviet Union and the United States.

   When I recorded monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 16 last month on
September 25, the second round of Soviet underwater missiles,
whose locations I had given to General Brown during our meeting
on September 16, had practically all been removed by our Navy. 
But the Soviets were already beginning to plant a third round of
these missiles, using the missile-laying mini-subs I described
last month, which are specially designed to elude detection by
our coastal sonar defenses.

   As of September 25, one of these Soviet mini-subs was resting
on the bottom of Chesapeake Bay near Norfolk, Virginia.  A mishap
had killed the crew, so the mini-sub was resting there like a
giant nuclear mine in American waters waiting for the Navy to
recover it.  Meanwhile over 142 Soviet submarines were deployed
in attack positions along the East, West, and Gulf coasts of the
United States.  During those last few days of September there
were growing indications that the Soviet missile crisis might
actually break out into the open for all to see, just as it must
do if the Soviet plans for nuclear attack world-wide are to be

   For example, a speech which I mentioned last month delivered
on September 24 by Navy Secretary William Middendorf used the
word "emergency" three times to describe our present naval
plight, and concluded his speech in the words, and I quote:

  "Our concern today is the future.  The ominous words of Admiral
Gorshkov and the cold steel of his ships tell us that we are in
an emergency situation right now.  Something must be done.  The
threat is real, and the choice is ours.  We must make the right
decisions now while we have these few precious moments of freedom
left, or be willing to suffer the consequences."

   Then on September 27, 1976, the Norfolk, Virginia Ledger-Star
newspaper published an article by reporters Garland Bradshaw and
Jack Kestner who had flown to Washington on September 23 to
interview me about my charges of Soviet underwater missiles.  The
article did exactly what honest journalism is supposed to do.  It
exposed the readers of the Ledger-Star to the fact that I have
charged the Soviet Union with planting offensive nuclear weapons
in our territorial waters, and did so in a fair, objective way. 
They did not try to convince their readers either to believe or
disbelieve my charges, but included background information on
both sides as available from their own sources.  The important
thing is that the Ledger-Star reported fairly about my charges to
a readership that can be considered an expert audience about such
things, since the Norfolk area is the biggest naval concentration
in the United States.

   Yes, things were beginning to break into the open--but then
came Red Friday October 1.  President Ford and White House aide
William Hyland met with Gromyko, Henry Kissinger, and Kissinger's
State Department Counselor, Helmut Sonnenfeldt.  Gromyko demanded
that the Soviet Union be permitted to sneak into Chesapeake Bay
to recover their dead missile-laying mini-sub near Norfolk.  In
return for that, Gromyko said the Soviet submarines deployed at
battle stations along our coasts would disperse.  Kissinger and
Sonnenfeldt counseled Ford to agree to this offer by Gromyko as a
reasonable and sound compromise.  As always, Ford was confronted
with the standard Kissinger option: "Do you want peace?  Or war?" 
And on top of that, Ford knew that the Watergate-related
political time bomb was all set to go off if he resisted, and so
he caved in and agreed.  Blackmail and threats won the day for
the Soviet Union!

   The same day, Henry Kissinger pressed his advantage and also
induced Ford to issue a secret Presidential Order to the Military
from that day onward to flatly deny all my charges when asked
about them.  In other words, they are now under presidential
orders to lie in order to keep the truth about the Soviet
missiles from the public.  This blackout on the Soviet missile
story is not for the purpose of avoiding a confrontation with the
Soviets, because that has already occurred; and it is not for the
purpose of buying time while we get into a better military
posture.  Since Red Friday, October 1, the third round of Soviet
missiles, which have been newly planted around our country, are
still there!  The blackout, my friends, is only to keep YOU in
the dark.

   This situation here stands out even more boldly when compared
with the behavior of some of our allies who are now alerted to
Soviet plans.  Ironically October 1, 1976, the day President Ford
caved in to the Soviet Union, was the same day that the Irish
Navy successfully concluded a naval confrontation with the
Soviets on the high seas.  A huge Soviet fishing trawler, so
called, was caught operating illegally inside the Irish 12-mile
limit near Cork Harbor the previous day, and the Irish fishery
protection vessel, L. E. Grenay, went after the trawler to make
an arrest.  The trawler fled into international waters, but the
Irish vessel gave chase, brought the trawler to a halt by firing
warning shots across her bow, and sent a boarding party aboard. 
The Soviet Captain was totally uncooperative, but the Irish sent
reinforcements, and ultimately had more than 50 men aboard the
Soviet ship.  The Soviet trawler entered Cork Harbor under arrest
with the Irish boarding party still aboard and accompanied by two
Irish naval vessels.  It was correctly reported by the Cork
Examiner newspaper for Friday October 1, 1976, that, quote:

  "The confrontation was regarded as the biggest and potentially
most dangerous that the naval service has faced in its history of
fishery protection."

   The Irish were prepared to apply whatever force proved to be
necessary to arrest the intruding Soviet ship.  And why?  Because
Cork Harbor itself is one of the locations from which a Soviet
underwater nuclear weapon was removed by the Royal Navy in
August, using information in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 15.  The
Irish now know quite simply that no intruding Soviet ship is to
be trusted.

   But here in the United States the Soviet Navy was allowed to
intrude into our waters Monday night, October 4, under the RED
FRIDAY AGREEMENT reached between Ford and Gromyko in the White
House.  At approximately 10:00 PM local time the Soviets
retrieved the dead mini-sub from its position on the bottom of
Chesapeake Bay outside Norfolk, operating under cover of
darkness.  The missile-laying mini-sub left the Norfolk area that
night in Soviet hands--and with it went what may have been our
only chance to learn the details of the technology of the
mini-subs and their sonar-defeating system so that we could begin
defending ourselves against them.  At the same time we lost a
golden opportunity to galvanize the whole world into standing
with us against an all-out common foe, the Soviet Union, by
announcing the capture of the mini-sub, displaying it on
television, and revealing what the Soviets had been doing with
these subs.

   If our country were run today by civilians of integrity,
honor, and courage who were trying to serve the people of the
United States of America instead of trying to merge our lives
with that of the Soviet Union, such a thing could have been done. 
Swift action could have been taken to do this after I first
notified the Pentagon of the presence of the mini-sub near
Norfolk on Monday, September 20; but NO, that's not the way it
works today.  All opportunities for the United States to act
sensibly for the good of its people must be suppressed,
sabotaged, thrown away.  Only in this way can we be ground down
to such a low level of life that the goal of the White House
Merge Directive can finally be achieved.  That Directive, in
existence for decades, is to the effect that our lives are to be
so altered that they can be comfortably merged with life in the
Soviet Union.

   By the following day, the Soviet submarines at battle stations
along our shores had dispersed, as agreed; but within a few more
days they were back again--and they are there now.  They are not
at this time deployed in the precise patterns that they were in a
month ago, which indicated readiness for an immediate attack, but
they are present in international waters just off our shores in
great numbers.  As of October 11, 1976, 164 Soviet submarines
were on station in the waters near Canada and the United States,
including Hawaii; and the situation has not changed significantly
since then.

   Since Red Friday, October 1, I have been cut off from contact
with General Brown, and none of the Soviet underwater missiles in
Canadian and American waters have been removed since that day. 
As of now, 50 Soviet nuclear missiles and bombs are planted in
American territorial waters plus the three (3) missiles in the
Gulf of Panama whose coordinates I gave last month.  ln addition,
seven (7) missiles are now planted in Canadian waters, whose
coordinates I have already given to Canadian Intelligence.

   My friends, there will be no effort by the United States Navy
to remove the nuclear missiles in our waters unless it is forced
by a new surge of public awareness and demand for action, because
Nelson Rockefeller's wife arrived in Moscow and on October 12
delivered a personal letter from Nelson Rockefeller to the
Kremlin.  In this hand-delivered letter Nelson Rockefeller made
the following pledges to the Kremlin on behalf of the "Gang of
Four", quote:

  "There will be no further harassment of your submarines, nor
will your underwater missiles and bombs be taken up.  The credit
squeeze by banking circles will be lifted.  You will not be
required to sell gold.  We will send gold for products delivered.
American know-how, grains, and food stuffs will continue to be
provided.  You must reinstate the 'NUCLEAR SAFE ZONE' agreement."

   The coordinates of all the Soviet weapons now in American
territorial waters have been transmitted to a number of reliable
men in the United States Intelligence Community, except for the
newest missile, which was planted three days ago in Delaware Bay
   39 39' 35"  North   75 32' 20"  West.

Action will therefore be possible if the Military can once again
be free to do its job.

   At least Great Britain, which had 29 new Soviet nuclear
weapons in her waters as of October 11, 1976, is taking action
once again to get rid of them.  By October 22, four days ago, the
Royal Navy had removed all but 10 of them, and is still fast at
work.  As for Latin America, all the missiles I revealed last
month are still there with two exceptions--British Honduras and
Guatemala were targeted by one missile each, but these have now
been removed.

   Our controlled major media tell us nothing at all about the
Soviet missile threat that is ready to engulf us in thermonuclear
war, but instead divert our attention to the case of the Navy
F-14 fighter that plunged off a carrier deck into the North Sea
six weeks ago on September 14, 1976.  Great attention is being
given to the F-14, and we are being fed all sorts of lies that
the Soviet MiG-25 Foxbat flown to Japan by a defecting pilot is
hopelessly inferior to the F-14.  But the Soviet Navy hasn't even
bothered to try to retrieve the plane.  They already know all
about the F-14, and it doesn't worry them.

   As for the Phoenix Missile which separated from the F-14 when
it hit the water, the Soviets know where it is too, but have not
yet picked it up.  The Phoenix Missile is resting on an
underwater plateau far to the south-southeast of the point where
the F-14 was found.  The coordinates of the Phoenix Missile are:
   61 - 26 - 6 North, 1 - 23 - 16 West.

   And so, my friends, the great war game continues.  Our Armed
Services are allowed to participate in NATO and other training
exercises, but are forbidden by Rockefeller hired hands from
doing anything about the real life-and-death threat now lurking
within our own territorial waters.  We are being made sitting
ducks for attack; and, in fact, we have already been attacked by
the Soviet Navy because on October 3, two days after Red Friday,
the Soviet submarines along our East, West, and Gulf coast
performed an experiment in radioactive chemical warfare with all
of us as the guinea pigs.

Topic #2--On October 5, 1976, just as the so-called "SWINE FLU"
inoculation program was getting under way, news reports suddenly
told us that we were experiencing fallout from an alleged Chinese
atmospheric nuclear blast on September 26.  Oddly enough, the
initial reports about this came from the East Coast, especially
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut; but certain
areas of the Pacific Northwest were soon mentioned as being
affected too.  We were told that radioactive iodine-131 was
showing up in milk at various locations; but we were also
assured, as we invariably are whenever any radioactive hazard
appears, that there was really no danger.

   In the days that followed we continued to hear about the
supposed Chinese fallout, but other things probably seemed even
more worrisome.  For example, elderly people began dying of heart
attacks shortly after taking swine flu shots, causing widespread
alarm at first.  But the Government quickly assured us that their
deaths didn't really matter at all, that they would have died
anyway; and the swine flu inoculation program went right back
into high gear.

   And then there were the strange outbreaks of an unknown
"mystery illness" at electronics plants in western Pennsylvania,
Ohio, and Oregon.  The employees, most of them women, experienced
headaches, nausea, stomach pains, difficulty in breathing, a
feeling of being intoxicated in some cases, and even fainting
spells.  This time the swine flu vaccine could not be the culprit
because the victims had not received it.  Instead, some were
worried that the swine flu itself had struck.  Others remembered,
with a shiver, the equally mysterious "Legionnaires Disease" that
had sickened nearly 200 people in Philadelphia and killed more
than two dozen of them two months earlier.

   My friends, there is actually no mystery at all behind these
developments and more like them that you can expect to see.  All
of these cases I have mentioned are man-made and deliberate, but
those who are responsible for them are neither telling you about
them nor leaving clues that will be found in normal medical
investigations of these episodes.  We in the United States are
now under attack in a campaign of experimental testing of
chemical warfare weapons so that they can be employed later on
with precision and devastating effect against us in full scale
war--that is, if we let it happen.

   For years all the major countries of the world have been in a
continuing race against time to discover ever more sophisticated
forms of bacterial and chemical weapons, some of them amounting
to doomsday weapons capable of destroying all life on this
planet.  Only mad men would even consider using such weapons, but
only mad men deliberately cause wars for their own greedy
purposes, too--and war is very near at hand right now.

   A few years ago a nerve gas called sarin was perfected in a
facility in Colorado.  A tiny amount escaped, and two shepherds
and their 7000 sheep were killed.  In response to the public
outcry that resulted, a statement was issued that the Chemical
Warfare Service had destroyed the sarin gas and was no longer
doing such research--but that was a lie.  Experimentation still
continues today on all kinds of such poisons, and at a furious

   As of right now, many hideous lethal ailments can be inflicted
on whole populations as operational weapons.  These include black
plague, smallpox, meningitis, dysentery, gangrene, yellow fever,
tetanus, botulism, typhus, hepatitis, Bang's disease, and Q
fever.  Thirty grams of Q fever is sufficient to infect over
150-million people, and it is considered especially convenient
since any individuals who are to be saved in such an attack can
first be immunized against it!  Such selective immunization could
easily be done, for example, under the cover of a mass
inoculation program like the swine flu program.

   Q fever, though, is mild by comparison to a nuclear gas called
AP-7 which is being manufactured in Uruguay and Argentina by
American and European subsidiaries of Rockefeller-controlled
conglomerate corporations.  Two thimblefuls properly distributed
could kill 180-million people; and one pound, all life on the
face of the earth.  Unless and until these hideous weapons are
unleashed on the earth, they remain in a condition in which they
can be destroyed and neutralized; and it is essential that they
be destroyed instead of just being handed around from one agency
to another, as Senator Frank Church permitted last year in his
shellfish toxin shell game.  But other types of chemical and
biological weapons are also of great interest to weapons
researchers which can be used in more selective ways or to
produce lower-order effects than the poisons I have just

   The Soviet KGB, which works hand in hand with the
Rockefeller-controlled CIA, now has access to whole families of
such chemical weapons which can be adjusted in exact dosage and
formula to produce a variety of effects on victims.  These were
and are intended for use as part of the program to eliminate
effective opposition by the people of the United States to the
planned Rockefeller dictatorship here in America and our
conversion into the most valuable of all slave nations for the
Soviet Union.

   Before these new weapons can be used with confidence though,
they must be tested, and that testing is going on now.  As a
cover for the periodic episodes of strange illnesses that will
occur here and there around the United States while this testing
is going on, the trumped-up swine flu threat was developed.

   On March 24, 1976, President Ford announced his proposal for
the unprecedented nation-wide inoculation program supposedly to
fend off the strange swine flu virus.  To this very day not a
single case of swine flu has been confirmed anywhere in the
United States since President Ford's announcement.

   Last February in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 9 I revealed that
the Government had panicked because of my disclosure that the
Fort Knox Bullion Depository contained leaking canisters of
deadly plutonium superpoison, and in January 1976 dumped part of
the poison into underground streams beneath Fort Knox.  Later
when the swine flu charade was announced, I was able to tell you
of the Government's plan to use this device to cover up the real
cause when and if the poison from Fort Knox began surfacing at
various points in the southeastern United States and causing
sickness and death.  But it wasn't until July of this year 1976
that I received information about the rest of the swine flu
story, and at that time the far more imminent threat of the
Soviet missile crisis involving a Soviet double-cross of the four
Rockefeller Brothers had to take precedence.

   The reason that the Government concluded last January 1976
that they could get away with dumping the plutonium poison from
Fort Knox into underground streams, which would surely carry the
poison elsewhere, was that the swine flu campaign had already
been planned for another purpose.  That purpose was to serve as a
cover to explain the effects that would be caused when chemical
warfare experimentation began, as planned, in July 1976 in our
country.  So when I revealed the presence of the leaking
plutonium superpoison in the Central Core Vault of the Fort Knox
Bullion Depository, they concluded that they could just dump some
of it underground and cover up that, too, with the swine flu

   In late July 1976 the joint KGB-CIA chemical warfare
experimentation program began in Philadelphia at the American
Legion Convention.  A convenient test group was assembled, and it
was exploited.  Data was desired for the effects of a formulation
of the new family of poisons on older men in particular, and the
American Legion Convention was chosen as the perfect target. 
Aerosol spray cans containing poisoned room freshener were used
to selectively saturate the atmosphere of the Legionnaires. 
Afterwards the special spray cans were taken from the hotel,
leaving the city by airplane from a small airport on the
northwest side of Philadelphia.  Two of the active ingredients in
the poison that produced the Legionnaires Disease were plutonium
and zirconium.

   The next experiment occurred late in August 1976 about a month
after the Legionnaire episode, and had quite a different purpose;
and so a different poison formula was used.  Plutonium was again
an ingredient, as it is in the entire line of chemical warfare
agents now being tested; but this time the formula was designed
for very rapid effect with the victims receiving a massive dose. 
On a day late in August two Air Force C-141 Starlifter transport
aircraft that were preparing to leave McGuire Air Force Base in
New Jersey on flights over the Atlantic were sabotaged by the
placement in their cockpits of concealed canisters of poison gas,
rigged so that the gas would be released in flights without being
detected.  The two planes left McGuire at nearly the same time,
and crashed within hours of one another when approaching separate
destinations in Greenland and England.  The very next day, with
the wreckage of the aircraft hardly cooled, a Pentagon spokesman
said, quote:

  "Sabotage does not appear to be a factor.  It's not even being
considered as a factor."

Officials also said there was no apparent connection between the
crashes.  Apparently leaving the same Air Base at practically the
same time and then crashing almost simultaneously without warning
is not supposed to suggest the possibility of anything but
coincidence.  No doubt it is also coincidence that McGuire Air
Force Base, the origin of these two strange fatal flights, is
right next door to Fort Dix where the whole swine flu cover-up
scare originated!

   The successful experimental sabotage of the two C-141s
provided valuable data to the Soviets, since it gave them some
measure of the operational reliability of the formula used for
that purpose.  Now, when they are ready to wage war, they have
another weapon tested and proven--the placement of canisters of
poison gas in the cockpits of numerous Allied aircraft to make a
shambles of our air power just when we need it most.

   Next came the mystery disease in the electronics factories. 
This time more data on women was wanted, especially since the
Legionnaires Disease did not kill many women.  The ideal target
would be some assembly plants containing a high proportion of
female employees.  To avoid too strong a public uproar, sublethal
doses were used; but again a key active ingredient was plutonium,
and many of the classic symptoms of radiation sickness were

   Finally in early October, this month, the first chemical
warfare experiment was performed against the entire population of
the United States.  On October 3, while the huge fleet of Soviet
submarines I told you about last month were still deployed at
precise intervals very close to our shores, the submarines
released a very fine dispersion of plutonium into the atmosphere
along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts of the United
States.  Unlike normal fallout produced by nuclear weapons, the
invisible clouds of plutonium from the Soviet submarines were
released at relatively low altitudes.  The theory was that the
plutonium clouds released in this way would diffuse inward over
land from all of our shorelines and ultimately settle mainly on
North America with very little of it reaching high enough
altitudes to be swept around the globe to the Soviet Union.  But,
my friends, this time they miscalculated and the nation-wide
plutonium cloud experiment backfired.

   Here is what happened: The early progress of the plutonium
cloud was just as planned.  The invisible clouds of plutonium
diffused inward onto the East Coast and onto the Gulf Coast, and
along the West Coast moved inland much more rapidly due to the
assistance of prevailing westerly winds.  By October 5 the
expanding plutonium cloud had penetrated a hundred miles or so
inland from the East and Gulf coasts and as far as the Rockies,
where it entered from the Pacific Northwest.  That was the day
that the cover story about Chinese nuclear fallout suddenly
appeared, pinpointing areas along the East coast and Pacific
Northwest as being most heavily affected so far.  Thus in case
the Soviet plutonium cloud turned out to have unexpectedly strong
effects, Red China had already been identified as the scapegoat. 
Over the next two days, the plutonium cloud gradually grew
together over the midwestern United States, forming finally a
continuous blanket over practically all of our land area.  At the
same time, the plutonium cloud had also been expanding outward as
well as inward from our coastlines, and by October 8 large areas
of Canada and Mexico were also affected.  Prevailing winds were
also tending to move the expanding plutonium cloud eastward out
over the Atlantic; and at this point things began departing from
Soviet calculations.

   In recent days there has been an extremely unusual shift in
the position of the high altitude jet stream to a position much
further south than normal.  The jet stream has a lot to do with
our weather; and in the case of the Soviet experimental plutonium
cloud, it did enough by causing the plutonium cloud released by
the Soviet subs to drift away from the United States sooner than
expected and to settle all over the Soviet Union
itself--definitely not according to plan.  As of now, it has
largely dissipated and does not continue to be a threat.  The
main problem that is left is that practically everyone in the
United States plus much of Mexico, Canada, the British Isles, and
Europe have suffered some exposure to this plutonium, though
fortunately it was at a relatively low experimental level this

   The best protective measure against radioactivity is, of
course, to avoid it; and that is exactly what Nelson Rockefeller
did, forewarned about the plutonium cloud to be released by the
Soviet subs.  When the plutonium drifted inward from our shores,
Nelson and Happy Rockefeller just happened to be elsewhere, in
London.  After all, Nelson wants to stay as healthy as possible
so that he can relish his planned elevation to the position he
has craved for decades--President of the United States and of the

                  THE PHANTOM ELECTION OF 1976

Topic #3--Nelson Rockefeller keeps saying, "I'm relaxed.  I
haven't got a worry", and seems from the generous media coverage
he is now receiving to be almost a wistful, nostalgic figure
fading from the public scene before our own eyes.  Meanwhile, he
is made to appear a refreshing point of interest against the
background of a presidential campaign that has turned off
millions of voters.  But what is not being reported in the
national press is the strenuous campaign Nelson Rockefeller is
carrying on right now all over the country, currying the favor of
members of Congress.  What is actually going on now is that
Nelson Rockefeller is down to his ninth and final scenario to
become President.  Barring some unforeseen development, he is now
counting on his final backup plan to make him Chief Executive of
the United States.  All of his previous scenarios have been
disrupted, one after another, and this is his last hurrah; and
yet when he says "I'm relaxed", he means it because this time he
is confident that he has it "in the bag."

   The Rockefeller-controlled major media have from the start
turned the presidential election 1976 into a media event,
disfranchising the American electorate in the process.  Now the
media are making both Carter and Ford look unappetizing to vast
numbers of voters, trying to insure both a low turn-out and a
very close election.  In addition, the Rockefellers have a
spoiler in the race, Eugene McCarthy, for the young voters. 
Everything possible is being done to make sure that the outcome
of the election on November 2 is very close and that no one gets
a mandate.  The plan is to create doubt as to the outcome,
possibly even triggering demands for recounts.  This situation
will be used to focus public attention on the electoral college.

   As you know, when you vote on Election Day you don't vote
directly for a presidential candidate but for his elector; but
unknown to the American people, certain key electors have already
been reached by Rockefeller agents.  On December 13, 1976, the
electors will do their voting.  The results will then be sent for
safekeeping to the president of the Senate, who just happens to
be Nelson Rockefeller, and they will remain in his possession for
over three weeks until January 6, 1977.  On that day, acting in
his official capacity, Rockefeller will open the envelopes
containing the votes of the electors, and the votes will be
tallied; and if all goes according to Nelson Rockefeller's plan,
he will announce that no candidate has received the required 270
electoral votes and therefore that no one has been elected. 
Therefore, under the Constitution, Congress will then be required
to select a President and Vice-President from among the leading
candidates in the election.  But things not being normal,
Congress may not be able within the short space of two weeks to
choose either a President or a Vice-President, so that as of
noon, January 20, 1977, the United States of America will no
longer have either a President or a Vice-President.

   This plan, my friends, is the real reason why the usual
elaborate preparation of inaugural facilities is not taking place
this year.  Instead, we are told folding chairs will be
used--folding chairs for a folding election.

   Nelson Rockefeller spent over 25-million dollars to get
himself confirmed almost two years ago as Vice-President, so he
still has a residue of good will in Congress.  In addition, he is
quietly courting Congressmen all over the country because he
plans to be the likely choice of Congress to become Acting
President with an open-ended term that carries no specific time
limit.  This will be according to Section 3 of the 20th Amendment
of the United States Constitution.  Once in that position, Nelson
Rockefeller will begin consolidating his power with all possible
speed.  His goal: The declaration of a "National Emergency"
invoking Executive Order 11921 signed very quietly by President
Ford on June 11, 1976.

   As I have explained in earlier tapes, our freedoms under the
Constitution will be suspended if this Executive Order is used,
and Nelson Rockefeller may well be on his way to making his
dictatorship permanent.  But should any candidate win by a
landslide on Election Day, Rockefeller's plan will be rendered

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 16

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC. (1981 current
address: 1629 K St. NW, Washington, DC  20006)

   Hello my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is September 25,
1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 16.

   Last month I recorded monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 15 much earlier
than normal, on August 2, because of its extreme urgency.  In
that tape I revealed the locations of multiple warhead missiles
and hydrogen bombs which had been planted by the Soviet Union in
the coastal waters of 25 countries around the world--especially
the United States, Canada, the British Isles, and Western Europe. 
We were on the threshold of a world-wide Pearl Harbor-type
surprise nuclear attack, and yet no one in the federal government
had taken any official action whatsoever to respond to my
warnings about this terrible war threat.  It was obvious that
nothing would be done in time unless public opinion forced it to
be done, and so I appealed to YOU.

   I told you the truth about our desperate situation, and I
asked you to bring about the rescue of our beloved country by
applying the kind of pressure on the Government that only
aroused, informed citizens can bring to bear.  Your overwhelming
response was a major shock to the United States Government; and
as a direct result of your efforts, action has been and is being
taken.  Thanks to you, the missiles and bombs in American waters
which I revealed in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 15 have been removed
by the United States Navy.  Likewise, those around the British
Isles and a number of other locations world-wide have also been
removed; but the grim fact is, my friends, that we are still in
very grave danger because the Soviet Union is not giving up. 
That means you and I must not give up either.

   The Soviet Navy is now struggling and maneuvering around the
clock trying to re-establish a commanding, strategic position for
attack, because an imminent nuclear attack on our country is
still planned by the Soviets.  If this attack is to be prevented,
two things must be done:

First, they must be prevented from achieving the decisive edge in
battlefield position which they are now trying very hard to
accomplish at sea by means of submarines; and

Second, the fact that the Soviet Union is preparing to plunge the
world into thermonuclear war must be completely exposed, not only
here in America but world-wide.  As I pointed out last month, in
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 15, the audacious world-wide naval
surprise attack which is almost ready to be triggered makes the
Soviet Union the all-out enemy of every other nation on earth. 
Once this becomes known, Russia's military posture will be very
awkward indeed.

   In order to bring you up to date on the events of recent
weeks, my three topics today are:




Topic #1--An increasing number of public figures in our country
know about the Soviet underwater missiles ringing our country,
but so far only one has come close to warning you about it.

   At the Republican National Convention on August 19, 1976,
Ronald Reagan was invited to the speakers platform to say a few
words following the nomination acceptance speech by President
Ford.  After some opening words of a personal nature and brief
comments about the Party Platform he had helped to forge, he
turned to what was really on his mind.  He began, and I quote:

  "If I could just take a moment, I had an assignment the other
day.  Someone asked me to write a letter for a time capsule that
is going to be opened in Los Angeles a hundred years from now on
our Tricentennial.  It sounded like an easy assignment.  They
suggested I write something about the problems and issues of the
day, and I set out to do so riding down the coast in an
automobile looking at the blue Pacific on one side and the
mountains on the other; and I couldn't help but wonder if it was
going to be as beautiful a hundred years from now as it was on
that summer day."

With a few words about various challenges we face, he then
continued, quote:

  "We live in a world in which the great powers have poised and
aimed at each other horrible missiles of destruction--nuclear
weapons that can in a matter of minutes arrive in each other's
country and destroy virtually the civilized world we live in. 
And suddenly it dawned on me: Those who would read this letter a
hundred years from now will know whether those missiles were
fired.  They will know whether we met our challenge.  Whether
they have the freedom that we have known up to now will depend
upon what we do here.  Will they look back with appreciation and
say, 'Thank God for those people in 1976 who headed off that loss
of freedom, who kept us, now a hundred years later, free; who
kept our world from nuclear destruction'?  And if we failed, they
probably won't get to read the letter at all because it spoke of
individual freedom, and they won't be allowed to talk of that or
read of it.  This is our challenge."

   It is no coincidence that nuclear missiles came to Ronald
Reagan's mind as he looked at the waters off the California
coast.  We had been in telephone contact with one another since
August 11, and he knew all about the Soviet underwater missiles
when he said those words of warning I just quoted.  But most of
his audience never realized what he was driving at, thanks to the
total absence of any other clues about the Soviet threat from the
Government or the major media.  So the fate of our beloved
nation, and therefore of the whole world, rested during the month
of August 1976 in the hands of those who heard my charges and
acted on them.

   Here is what happened: During August the United States
Government came under steadily mounting pressure from people like
yourself all over the world who sent copies of my tapes, relayed
my charges, and demanded action.  The first sign that this was
beginning to take effect came on August 14, 1976.  On that date I
learned that a secret code name had been assigned to the Soviet
Underwater Missile program.  However, action to remove the
missiles still had not been approved, and was not going to be
approved unless such action was forced by public opinion. 
Meanwhile the first concrete action in the August Missile Crisis
of 1976 was taken--not by the United States, but by Canada.

   On August 17, 1976 the Canadian Navy had found the Crescent
Beach missile near Vancouver, B.C., but lacked the capability to
retrieve it.  Prime Minister Trudeau, receiving no cooperation
from the United States Government at that time, called Soviet
Charge d' Affaires Nikolai Makarov in Ottawa and demanded that
the Soviet Union itself come and remove the missile.  And remove
it they did.  On August 25 the Vancouver area was visited by
three Soviet ships--two destroyers, the Sposobny and the Gnevny;
and a tanker called the Ilim.  Rear Admiral Vladimir Varganov
arrived aboard one of the ships, using this 'good will' visit as
a cover.  By the following afternoon, Canadian divers confirmed
that the missile was gone.

   Meanwhile Great Britain had also begun taking serious action
in order to rid herself of the 12 underwater missiles and bombs
ringing the British Isles.  On August 18, 1976, Prime Minister
Callaghan called a special Cabinet meeting at 11:00 A.M. London
time.  Present were the First Lord of the Admiralty, the First
Sea Lord of the Admiralty, and several Fleet Commanders.  The
purpose of the meeting was to listen to my monthly AUDIO LETTERS
Nos. 14 and 15 which had gone to England by diplomatic pouch. 
They already knew that my information was accurate because of the
Soviet missile discovered the previous day in the waters near
Vancouver, so the Royal Navy wasted no time in taking action.  By
August 27, 1976, all but one of the missiles had been removed;
and that one, too, was retrieved shortly thereafter.

  By late August the United States was at last taking action too,
prodded into it by still-building public pressure.  For once
President Gerald Ford acted on his own, over-ruled Rockefeller
agent Henry Kissinger and gave the go-ahead for the Soviet bombs
and missiles surrounding the United States to be removed.

   Having been unleashed at last, the United States Navy worked
fast, acting on the information in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No.
15.  By the evening of August 26, 1976, seven of the Soviet
weapons in our waters--six missiles and one hydrogen bomb--had
been removed; and by August 31, 1976, the waters along the
American coastline had all been cleared.  At this point the
threat to the United States that I had spelled out last month had
been eliminated at last, using the very information I had made
public.  But the Government in general, and the Military in
particular, were still under heavy public pressure; and under the
assumption that the Soviet threat was now over and done with,
they chose a technique which has become standard practice in
Washington today.  It's called "plausible denial"--a particular
type of bureaucratic double talk.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff and
the United States Navy had just completed an operation to remove
the missiles around our country, a job potentially so hazardous
as to defy imagination.  In short, they had done their duty; and
the Navy especially deserves our thanks for accomplishing their
task without anyone being hurt.

   They should be acclaimed as heroes, and our whole nation
should be rallying behind them with justified pride.  But, my
friends, in the nightmare world of step-by-step surrender to the
Soviets called "Detente", it doesn't work that way.  Even our
Military leaders are so thoroughly hemmed in by the "One-World"
web that the only way that they can do their duty in the face of
such a Soviet threat is to hide the fact that they are doing it. 
And so, as soon as the missile removal operation had been
completed around our shores, "plausible denials" of my charges
began being issued by the United States Military.  This began on
August 31, 1976, when Vice Admiral B. R. Inman, Acting Director
of the Defense Intelligence Agency, answered an inquiry sent to
the Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld weeks before by Senator Harry
F. Byrd, Jr. of Virginia.  Admiral Inman's letter gives a number
of arguments as to why any prudent government, including the
U.S.S.R.,  would presumably refrain from planting such missiles
and bombs in our waters.  But the real crux of his plausible
denial letter is the following sentence, quote:

  "There is currently no evidence indicating the Soviets have
placed underwater nuclear devices, including missiles with
multiple warheads, within the territorial waters of the United

Technically, Admiral Inman was telling the truth, because as of
August 31, 1976, when he wrote this letter, all of the
evidence--the missiles and bombs--had been removed from our
waters; but the impact of his letter, if read casually, would
seem to be that my charges never had been true!

   By the same token, General George S. Brown, Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote me the following day on September 1,
1976.  His letter has been photocopied and sent all over the
world by the Pentagon.  I will now read it in its entirety:

  "Dear Dr. Beter:

   Your recent tape report alleging that Soviet nuclear warheads
and hydrogen bombs have been planted in the coastal waters of the
United States has been brought to my attention.  I have
investigated these assertions and find not a shred of truth to
any of your statements in this regard.  Let me assure you of this
country's capability to detect any such aggressive actions by the
Soviet Union or any other world power.

   We stand ready to evaluate and comment in advance on any such
information you may acquire in the future which impinges upon the
vital issue of our national security.

                                            George S. Brown
                                            General, U.S.A.F."

The seeming impact of General Brown's letter, read casually, is
that my whole story about the missiles was a fake.  But the real
key, once again, is the word "find" (present tense). 
Furthermore, in the last sentence, General Brown actually
signaled me that the door would be open if I acquired more such
information; and by the time his letter reached me, I had more
such information because as I said before, the Soviet Union is
not giving up.

Topic #2--On the afternoon of September 7, 1976, I received
General Brown's letter of September 1, which I just read you. 
Ironically, I also learned on the same day, September 7, that
"round two" of the Soviet Underwater Missile Crisis was just
beginning.  Three underwater missiles were now threatening Los
Angeles, and San Diego was once again targeted by an underwater
missile close by.  Accordingly I answered General Brown's letter
as follows:

"Dear General Brown:

   Today I received your letter of September 1.  I fully
understand the position you are taking at this time; however
other governments have not taken your position.  They know the
truth, I know the truth, and so does President Ford; and the
truth is that during the month of August 1976 a surprise Soviet
nuclear attack of world-wide proportions has been partially

   Make no mistake, the huge build-up of Soviet nuclear missiles
on land and in the sea world-wide, continues to be a clear and
present signal for an imminent surprise attack of immense
proportions.  In 1962 we had a Soviet Missile Crisis in Cuba; in
1971 we had the Soviet Missile Crisis in Canadian and United
States territorial waters which was kept from the American
people; and now once again, in 1976, the world is experiencing
yet another Soviet missile crisis.  The world must know of the
courage of President Ford as Commander in Chief in moving aside
unbelievable obstacles in order to begin to meet the Soviet
challenge last month.

   In your letter you state that, quote:

  'We stand ready to evaluate and comment in advance on any such
information you may acquire in the future which impinges upon the
vital issue of our national security.'

   In view of this and the urgency of the situation, I
respectfully request to meet with you privately in your offices
within the next ten (10) days.  At that time I will present
evidence of the validity of all my charges, and under specific
conditions I will advise you of other strategic locations of
Soviet nuclear missiles planted in our coastal waters and
elsewhere of which you may not be aware and which constitute a
clear and present danger to our national security.

                                             Sincerely yours,
                                             Peter Beter"

   Shortly after my registered letter reached the Pentagon, Navy
Captain Sidney V. Wright, Jr. called on behalf of General Brown
to arrange a meeting with the General.  We agreed on meeting in
General Brown's offices at 3:00 P.M., Thursday September 16.  An
associate accompanied me to the meeting as a witness; and
promptly at 3:00 P.M. the meeting began with General Brown and
Captain Wright, who tape-recorded the meeting with my consent. 
In spite of the public posture which he has so far had to
maintain, General Brown told me that he had overruled his staff
in order to meet with me; and although he couched many of his
comments with considerable care, our discussion lasted for well
over an hour without interruptions, without telephone calls, and
without any cutoff because of time.

   I gave General Brown a special tape for his ears only,
revealing the locations of 48 new missiles threatening the United
States, and within two days the United States Navy was already at
work removing them.  In addition, General Brown made three
commitments to me, and I made one to him.

   To fulfill my own commitment, I sent the following registered
letter to him on September 17, 1976:

"Dear General Brown:

   Thank you for affording me the opportunity to meet with you in
your offices yesterday for over an hour.  During our conversation
I mentioned that the Soviet nuclear device which was removed from
Seal Harbor, Maine, had been taken to a location near Otis Air
Force Base on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and that it was still
there as of the time of my meeting with you yesterday afternoon.
You requested that I provide you with details about its location.

   The facts are that the Seal Harbor nuclear device was in the
process of being retrieved by the United States Navy late
Saturday, 28 August 1976, and was on the beach at Seal Harbor
waiting transportation by the afternoon of 29 August.  That
evening it left Seal Harbor by truck, which took it to an airport
at Augusta, Maine.  On the afternoon of 30 August the nuclear
device was flown from Augusta, Maine, to Otis Air Force Base,
Cape Cod, where the airplane touched down at 17:13 EDT, 30 August
1976.  From Otis Air Force Base this nuclear device was
transported to a remote location on the west side of Buzzards
Bay.  For over two weeks the device stayed in that location,
which is between one and two miles east of the small town of
Marion, Massachusetts, on a small peninsula, the tip of which is
known as Butler's Point.  The coordinates are: 41 42' 0" North,
70 43' 30" West.

   The Seal Harbor weapon remained there until about 2200 EDT
last night, 16 September 1976; but then less than six (6) hours
after my meeting with you yesterday afternoon, it left this
location.  As of today, this weapon is in a new location about 24
miles west of New London, Connecticut, with the approximate
coordinates: 41 19' 0" North, 72 31' 0" West.

   If I had not known about this latest move, the result would
have been an echo of your letter to me of 1 September 1976, in
which you state that you, quote 'find' no evidence to support my
charges.  Your letter of 1 September 1976, of course, was written
43 days after I first made my charges and only hours after the
Soviet missiles had all been removed by the United States Navy.

                                             Peter Beter"

   My friends, General Brown is laboring under the handicap of an
Intelligence gap created by none other than Secretary of State
Henry Kissinger.  Allied Intelligence sources inform me that they
have become gun-shy in sharing some of the information they give
me with the official Intelligence community of the United States
because invariably Kissinger betrays it immediately into the
hands of the Soviet Union.  Large segments of the United States
Intelligence establishment are so independent that they do not
consider themselves accountable even to the President.  Instead
they work under the direction of Henry Kissinger, who owes his
power to the four Rockefeller Brothers and who also works in the
interest of the Soviet Union.

   Of course many of our Intelligence people are still patriotic
and loyal to our country and they are doing everything they
possibly can to protect our nation.  Through their efforts the
Joint Chiefs of Staff first learned about 90 days ago that
missiles and bombs had been planted in American waters by the
Soviet Union; but due to the Intelligence gap, they were unable
to obtain complete information about them.  Only when I publicly
revealed this information last month, did they obtain it; and
even then had I related to them privately instead of making it a
public issue, Kissinger would still have been able to block any
action to remove them.

   The signs of our growing Intelligence gap are all around us. 
A few years ago the United States was believed to be far, far
ahead in multiple warhead technology for missiles; yet as far
back as 1971, as I revealed in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14,
short-range Soviet missiles with multiple nuclear warheads were
found in our own waters.

   A few years ago no real threat in naval aviation was
anticipated from Russia, but two months ago, July 1976, the first
Soviet Aircraft Carrier Kiev entered the Mediterranean through
the Bosporus Straits boldly violating the 1936 Montreux
Convention as it did so; and instead of the stubby little
aircraft the Pentagon had expected, the Kiev carries sleek
advanced aircraft comparable to the American F-4 Phantom with the
additional capability of vertical take-off!  And the Soviets are
building at least four more carriers like the Kiev.  It is now in
the North Sea to bolster Soviet air power, which is a weak spot
in that area for them.

   The military philosophy of detente as expressed to me by a
very high military official is, and I quote: "We watch what
they're doing, and they watch what we're doing, and that's good. 
It prevents miscalculations."  But, my friends, this means we are
in a perpetual war game with all of our lives at stake; and
because of the Intelligence gap that now exists, a miscalculation
cannot be prevented.  Instead, it becomes inevitable; and with it

Topic #3--Yesterday, September 24, 1976, Secretary of the Navy,
J. William Middendorf II, delivered a very important briefing at
the News Media luncheon of the American Security Council held at
the Army-Navy Club here in Washington.  He spoke of things that
every American should be alerted about, but the major news media
treated it as a non-event.  The Baltimore Sun and the Washington
Star carried stories which dealt with splinters from Secretary
Middendorf's speech but missed the basic thrust of his comments. 
The Washington Post and the New York Times and the rest of our
major media said nothing at all.  Here at home another attempt to
warn the American people has so far been muffled and silenced!

   But half a world away, Radio Australia did give Secretary
Middendorf's speech the attention it deserves--and they did not
miss the point.  Here is what Radio Australia had to say at 8:00
o'clock this morning EDT, quote:

  "A warning that the growing strength of the Soviet Navy has
created an emergency situation for the United States has been
sounded in Washington by the Secretary of the Navy, Mr. William
Middendorf.  He also said that the emphasis being placed by the
Soviet Union on Civil Defense has another ominous trend.

   Mr. Middendorf said the Soviet Union now has 345 submarines,
many of them nuclear-powered and armed with missiles capable of
hitting every city in the United States.  In contrast, the United
States has only 169 submarines.  Mr. Middendorf said that it is
evidence by the Soviet Union that the 40,000-ton Kiev-class
Aircraft Carriers, with four more believed to be under
construction, was another ominous change for the near future. 
Mr. Middendorf said that while the Soviet Union was producing
submarines and warships by leaps and bounds, the United States
Navy had been almost cut in half to 474 ships over the past six

   Is the Secretary of the Navy crying "Wolf"?  I submit he is
not, knowing what we know.  In International Law, mining the
harbors of another country is an act of war.  The Soviet Union
has already invaded our territorial waters, not merely with mines
but with hydrogen bombs and multiple-warhead nuclear missiles. 
By contrast, we have placed no such weapons around the Soviet
Union--so the actions already taken by the Soviets are acts of
war and pure aggression.

   As I say these words, an undeclared submarine war is going on
between the Soviet Union and the United States in the waters
surrounding our country.  So far it is still at the stage of
maneuvering for attack on the part of the Soviets, who now have
nearly half of their submarine force surrounding the United
States.  The challenge before us now is to prevent this from
escalating into all-out war, as planned by the Soviet Union.  To
do this, we must all understand what we are up against.

   As I explained several months ago in monthly AUDIO LETTER No.
13, WAR DOES NOT JUST HAPPEN!  It is planned and triggered
deliberately by those whose lust for power is more important to
them than the lives of their fellow men.  Conspiracy and
double-cross are standard practice in such things.  The threat of
nuclear attack by the Soviet Union that hangs over us right now
is tied directly to a three-way power struggle involving the
Rockefellers on one side, the Soviet Union on the other, and in
the middle Henry Kissinger who serves both sides!

   The four Rockefeller Brothers, of course, have been
double-crossing and using the American people for
decades--economically, politically, and in wars for their own
enrichment and expansion of power.  These things I've revealed in
my previous tapes, but in particular they have been working hand
in hand with the Soviet Union.  Now, the Soviet Union is
double-crossing them, trying to use their immense military might,
which has been built up with Rockefeller aid, in order to seize
complete world domination in a flash.

   For 20 years Henry Kissinger has been a key Rockefeller agent
in the Rockefeller-Soviet alliance, and in recent years has been
the exclusive--I repeat, the exclusive--negotiator with the
Soviets in many sensitive areas behind closed doors.  But
Kissinger sees the handwriting on the wall.  He knows Nelson
Rockefeller is trying to push President Gerald Ford aside to take
over.  Now if that happens, Rockefeller will be within reach of
the Dictatorship he has craved for so long, and Kissinger will
have outlived his usefulness to the Rockefeller Brothers,
becoming instead a dangerous liability because of what he knows.

   Kissinger has now tilted towards the Soviet Union, whom he
thinks will be the winner in this struggle.  Not only has he
created the Intelligence gap I told you about earlier, but he has
also used his unique position to withhold certain critical
information even from the four Rockefeller Brothers!  Not only
did he negotiate the agreements between the Rockefellers and the
Soviets concerning the "NUCLEAR SAFE ZONE" for the benefit of the
Rockefeller Brothers in the planned war to come; but it is he,
Henry Kissinger, who also conspired with the Kremlin for the
Soviet double-cross that is now under way!  The military threat
we now face is tied very closely to political maneuverings here
in the United States.  Nelson Rockefeller at this late date still
wants to get Ford out of the way as quickly as possible in the
hope that he can turn even this dangerous situation we now face
to his own benefit.

   The financial scandal against President Ford that Rockefeller
has had ready to spring for many months is now under way in the
form of the investigation of Ford by the Watergate Special
Prosecutor's office.  But the Soviet threat is real, the time is
short; and, therefore, as Nelson Rockefeller himself keeps
saying, "Anything can happen."

   Once he seizes the power of the presidency, Nelson Rockefeller
will have the option of declaring a "National Emergency" to help
meet this missile threat, thereby activating all of the
dictatorial controls that are provided for in Executive Order
11921, which I discussed in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14.  This is
not affected by the bill signed by President Ford on September
14, 1976, which has been falsely represented in some quarters as
eliminating the emergency powers of the president.

   Meanwhile Soviet military forces are now being deployed in
offensive positions.  In Europe over 4000 Soviet tanks have now
been deployed along the borders next to West Germany and Austria. 
Soviet naval and amphibious forces are ready for action in the
area of the Baltic and North Seas, but most ominous of all is the
deployment of Soviet submarines around the shores of the United
States.  In recent days, Soviet submarines have been swarming
into position at battle stations along our East, West, and Gulf
Coasts.  As of today, September 25, 1976, there are at least 142
Soviet submarines in position, lined up at precise intervals up
and down the East and West Coasts of the United States and
concentrated especially in the Gulf of Mexico.  The number of
Soviet submarines now in position around us is almost equal to
the entire submarine force of the United States--which are
scattered world-wide.

   One major advantage the Soviet Union has in this situation is
the ability of the Soviet Naval Command to maintain continuous
contact with any or all of its submarines.  This is a capability
which the United States Navy has been trying to obtain for over a
decade by means of "PROJECT SEAFARER" which has been thwarted
time and time again.  But the Soviet system of communication with
its submarines is far more advanced even than our Project
Seafarer would be, and enables the Soviet submarine force to
operate in close coordination, reacting quickly to any changes in

   Most of the Soviet submarines now at battle stations around
the United States are in readiness for direct participation in
warfare.  However, certain subs are also still at work planting
underwater missiles along our shores.  For this purpose, the
Soviets have a special type of missile-laying sub that is small,
highly maneuverable, and able to operate in shallow waters and
relatively tight quarters.  The missiles themselves are also
relatively small due to their short range and their use of
satellite guidance.  And these special submarines are very
difficult for our Undersea Sonar Detection Nets to pick up
because the hull is treated in such a way that it absorbs sonar
signals instead of reflecting them.  By moving slowly, these
submarines also avoid making sound that might be picked up by
passive sonar sensors.  Thus they move in and out of our waters
at will, planting missiles and bombs wherever they choose. 
Thanks to the detailed information handed over by Henry
Kissinger, the Soviet Union has been able to turn our undersea
sonar nets into another Maginot line.

   Since I recorded monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 15 last month,
additional missiles and bombs have been planted around the world
in certain locations besides the United States.  In particular,
the British Isles were ringed by 23 new underwater missiles as of
September 21, 1976.  On that date, I relayed complete information
to British Intelligence so that the Royal Navy can once again
take action to remove them.

   Elsewhere around the world the situation has not changed
drastically except in the case of Latin America.  As of last
month, the Soviet Union still had not planted underwater missiles
in positions to threaten Latin America; but now they, too, are
targeted.  Mexico has six missiles in its coastal waters. 
British Honduras, Honduras, and Guatemala have one each, while
three missiles now infest the waters off Costa Rica.

   The underwater missile which originally threatened the Panama
Canal from the north end has been removed by the United States
Navy, but now the Soviet Union has planted three new missiles to
the south of the Canal in the Gulf of Panama.

One is at
   Latitude 7 52' 20" North   Longitude 79-35-22 West

The second Panama missile is at
   18-19-24  North   78-58-12  West

and the third is at
   7-57-17  North   78-37-54  West.

   One missile lies off the coast of Surinam, two missiles lie
off Ecuador, and Peru is also targeted by two missiles.  Chile
has three missiles in the waters nearby.  Argentina and Brazil
are targeted by two missiles each.

   Last month I mentioned that the nuclear missiles in Guyana
which were formerly located around the huge Atkinson Airfield
near Georgetown had been moved south to a new location.  As of
now, they have been moved again, slightly north and west to the
new position:
   5-29-33 North   58-55-53 West.

In addition, there is now a Missile Resupply Base for Soviet subs
northwest of Georgetown, Guyana, at
   6-56-24 North   58-25-27 West.

   At present the Soviet submarines are also being resupplied
with nuclear missiles at stations in Cuba and Nicaragua where
Castro has been working very quietly.  In Cuba there is a Nuclear
Depot near the north coast northwest of Camaguey at:
   Latitude 22-7-37 North   Longitude 78-21-32 West.

Until recently, offensive missiles were also installed in
undersea concrete silos along the north and south coasts of Cuba,
ready to fire at the southern United States and the Panama Canal,
but these have now been taken up.

In Nicaragua the Nuclear Depot is on the east coast at:
   Latitude 12-49-42 North   Longitude 83-50-45 West.

These resupply depots are making it possible for the Soviet
submarine fleet to give the United States Navy a very difficult

   On September 16 I gave General Brown a list of 48 new sites
around the United States where missiles and bombs have been
planted during the first two weeks of September.  Two days later
the United States Navy was fast at work picking them up, and by
now has removed practically all of them; but we pick up one and
the Soviets lay down another.

   Using their missile-laying submarines, the Soviets have
planted seven more missiles in new locations around the United
States since my meeting with General Brown.  As of yesterday
afternoon, the United States Navy had already found and removed
two of these new ones--one northeast of Vero Beach, Florida; the
other southeast of Jacksonville, Florida.

   As of today, four of the other five are still in place in the
following locations:

Near Miami, Florida at:
   25-19-0 North   80-12-50 West

In the southwest end of Pamlico Sound, North Carolina, at:
   35-4-20 North   76-30-20 West.

In the northeast end of Pamlico Sound about 20 miles south of
Kitty Hawk, North Carolina at:
   35-40-0 North   75-38-50 West.

And near Valdez, Alaska, at:
   60-51-50 North   147-5-0 West.

The other new missile was planted Sunday night, September 20,
1976, near Bloodsworth Island in Chesapeake Bay at: 38-12-25
North   76-11-55 West but is now being removed.

   The Bloodsworth Island missile is a special case, and I will
have more to say about it in a moment.  Before I do that though,
it is important to mention a diabolical new trick the Soviet
Union is now trying in an effort to confuse the United States
Navy long enough to replant enough missiles in our waters for an
attack.  Some sites which have been cleared by the United States
Navy are now being used to replant new underwater missiles very
close to the exact location used before.  The Soviets anticipate
that when these locations are given to the United States Navy
they will be entered on the Master Plot in use by our Navy, and
at that point it will of course be noticed that the new report
corresponds to a location where a missile has been removed.  The
natural assumption would be, therefore, that such a new report
was simply a repetition of an earlier report and was now
out-of-date.  If this happens, the new missile will be overlooked
and will not be removed.  Just to make sure, however, the Soviet
Union is placing the new missiles just far enough from the
previous location to prevent our Navy from discovering them by
anything less than a complete new search of the area.

   As of approximately noon yesterday, I can confirm two new
missiles which have been newly planted at old locations this way.

One is near Gulfport, Mississippi, at
   Latitude 30-17-20 North   Longitude 89-18-25 West.

The other is near Mobile, Alabama, at
   Latitude 30-38-40 North   Longitude 87-59-0 West.

Both of these sites are almost identical to the ones which I gave
to General Brown on September 16 and which had been cleared by
September 21.

   A moment ago I mentioned a new underwater missile that was
planted last Sunday night, September 20, in Chesapeake Bay near
Bloodsworth Island, which is about midway between Baltimore,
Maryland, and Norfolk, Virginia.  The small missile-laying
submarine installed the Bloodsworth Island missile at 10:30 PM
EDT, and then headed back south toward Norfolk, Virginia.  As of
10:00 AM the following morning, Monday September 21, this small
submarine with at least one more thermonuclear weapon on board,
was close to the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, but had stopped and was
playing possum on the bottom.  Its location was about 10 miles
northeast of Norfolk, Virginia, at:
   Latitude 37-6-20 North   Longitude 76-7-10 West.

Upon receiving this information, I immediately called General
Brown's office and relayed this information to Captain Sidney V.
Wright, Jr.

   Here was a chance for the United States Navy to catch one of
the Soviet missile-laying submarines red-handed.  By the time you
hear this, the Bloodsworth Island missile planted last Sunday
night by this submarine will be gone, thanks to the action now in
progress by the United States Navy; but as of now, the submarine
is still there.  This Soviet missile-laying submarine will stay
there complete with its cargo of mass destruction until our Navy
pulls it up and takes it away because, my friends, the small
Soviet submarine now resting on the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay
has become a tomb for its crew.  Something went wrong with its
power plant, and now the Soviet crew is dead. The sub itself,
still loaded with nuclear weapons, has now become a gigantic mine
in the waters near the biggest naval concentration in the United
States, and so it will remain unless and until it is removed by
the United States Navy.

   My friends, the threat of war from the Soviet Union has never
before been as great nor as imminent as it is now.  But I remain
firmly convinced that, even now, a shooting war can still be
prevented.  Our fate remains in YOUR hands; but now I believe
more than ever that the American people, when told the truth, are
equal to the task.  Congressmen and Senators write letters to
President Ford or Henry Kissinger and get no satisfactory
response; but YOU, you opened the door for communication between
General George S. Brown, who heads our country's military
establishment, and myself, and I thank you from the very bottom
of my heart.

   Now I ask you to get behind General Brown in the same way. 
This is more important than I can express because General Brown,
handicapped by the Intelligence gap created by Henry Kissinger,
is confronted by many opposing forces within the federal
government who, unlike General Brown, are not loyal to the United

   As soon as you finish listening to this tape, I ask you,
PLEASE, to send a letter, telegram, or Mailgram to General Brown
expressing your support.  It took great courage from the
standpoint of his own career for General Brown to see me at all,
yet he overruled his staff in insisting upon doing so.  And under
General Brown's command, with the approval of President Ford as
Commander in Chief, the United States Navy has acted and has  so
far been able to fend off the intended surprise nuclear attack by
the Soviet Navy.

   Send your letters and telegrams to:

General George S. Brown
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Washington, D.C.  20301.

Thank him for seeing me, thank him for taking action, and tell
him you are behind him.  By doing this, my friends, YOU can help
strengthen Gen. Brown's hand against those who would rather see
inaction or outright surrender to the Soviet Union.  Remember:

   If God will grant us the time and the wisdom to do so, I
believe the war which is now so close can still be averted; but I
would not be honest if I did not urge you to take such
precautions as you can for your own protection in the event war
does come.  The Soviet Union has a massive Civil Defense program
to enable it to survive nuclear war.  No such preparations have
been made in the United States except for the so-called "Federal
Relocation Arc", a network of 96 virtually bomb-proof underground
cities in which many of the Government officials, who have
betrayed us into war, will be able to ride it out in safety and
comfort.  So the rest of us, who are considered expendable, are
left to fend for ourselves.

   Almost two years ago, looking ahead to this situation, I
recorded my first tape for AUDIO BOOKS. INC. entitled: "HOW TO
WAR."  The exact timetable and some other details have changed
since then due to unexpected obstacles and failures which the
four Rockefeller Brothers have encountered, including now their
double-cross by the Soviet Union; but the measures I suggested
then are still the ones I would suggest now in order to protect
yourself and your family.  Highly informed individuals who know
from their own sources that my present warnings are correct, are
actively preparing their own bomb shelters right now just in case
the worst should happen.  But as I said in conclusion to that
first tape two years ago, what we could accomplish to protect
ourselves individually was one thing, and what we can accomplish
working together was quite another.  Now, as then, that is where
my real hopes lie; and now, my friends, we are working together
to save our beloved country.  If we will continue without losing
heart, and if we will all show our overwhelming support for
General Brown, then I have the feeling that we're going to do it. 
It may sound too good to be true--but then, so did the concept of
FREEDOM that became the United States of America 200 years ago!

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 15

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC. (1980 current
address: 1629 K St. NW, Washington, D.C.  20006)

   Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is August 2,
1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 15.

   Normally I record each issue of my monthly AUDIO LETTER around
mid-month or later, but this month I must make an exception,
because of the urgency of what I have to tell you.

   In monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 12, three months ago, I
revealed the joint Rockefeller-Soviet plan for NUCLEAR WAR ONE to
be waged primarily on American soil.  In that tape I also
revealed the existence of the super secret "Nuclear Safe Zone"--a
swath across the upper half of the continental United States and
lower Canada between the latitudes of 40 and 50 degrees North
within which nuclear attack had been agreed not to take place
under secret agreements between the four Rockefeller Brothers and
their Soviet allies.  The fact that the four Brothers themselves
take this agreement very seriously is reflected by the fact that
they have virtually abandoned the famous Rockefeller estates at
Pocantico Hills, New York, moving their secret documents and
other assets to their other homes on Mt. Desert Island and
Bartlett Island just off the coast of Maine, right in the middle
of the Nuclear Safe Zone.  Only today, in fact, Nelson
Rockefeller entertained reporters at Seal Harbor, which is on Mt.
Desert Island; but in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 I also reported
that more and more of the Trustees of the major
Rockefeller-controlled Foundations, through whom the Rockefellers
exercise their control over our economy and our government, are
increasingly fearful that the ONE WORLD program of the
Rockefellers has jumped the tracks.

   Over a period of 50 years and more the wealth and power of the
western world, especially the United States, has been bled off in
a continuous transfusion to strengthen the Soviet Union
artificially.  But now they see increasingly that they have
opened Pandora's box and that a terrible double-cross by the
Soviet Union is looming closer and closer as the hideous dead end
of their behind-the-scenes control of our nation.

   The very next month, in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 13 I was able
to reveal the existence of a Soviet-planted nuclear weapon in the
waters near the entrance to Seal Harbor, Maine, ready to destroy
the summer homes of David and Nelson Rockefeller upon Soviet
command.  And just two weeks ago in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14
for July 1976, I revealed the presence in American territorial
waters not only of three more bombs but of 10 short-range,
underwater-launch, multiple-warhead missiles with nuclear

   We are now in the grip of a grotesque rerun of the deadly
Soviet Missile Crisis of 1971 which I revealed and described in
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14.  Now, as then, our leaders are not
telling you one word about it, but this time the Soviet threat is
vastly greater and more imminent than it was in 1971.  What the
Soviet Union is hatching, my friends, is a devastating naval
surprise attack of world-wide dimensions which goes far beyond
even the huge dimensions of the threat I revealed to you last
month.  No less than 25 countries around the world are now
threatened with surprise attack by the Soviet Union at any moment
the Soviets may choose by means of underwater-launched missiles
and bombs planted by the Soviet Navy.

   It has now been two weeks since I recorded monthly AUDIO
LETTER No. 14 in which I challenged the United States Joint
Chiefs of Staff to take appropriate action about the deadly
Soviet nuclear offensive weapons in our territorial waters and in
which I pledged my readiness to cooperate fully with the Joint
Chiefs.  My challenge and offer of cooperation were also
transmitted directly to the appropriate officials; but, my
friends, as of this moment I have not received one word of
official reply to my charges, my challenge, or my offer to help!

   The Joint Chiefs of Staff have been given notice of specific
aggressive acts by the Soviet Union that imperil the peace and
security of the United States, the placement of offensive nuclear
weapons at strategic locations within American territorial
waters; but to my knowledge up to this moment they have not taken
any action whatever to seek out, much less to destroy, any of the
bombs or missiles I revealed last month including even the
missile near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, whose location I spelled out
in navigational coordinates.  So long as this inaction continues,
they are failing to protect our shipping, to protect our vital
sea lanes of communication, to maintain general naval supremacy
in our own waters, and to protect crucial naval bases and
property among other things.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff are in
flagrant and continuing violation of Title 10 of the United
States Code and of the Department of Defense Directive 5100.1
which spells out the functions and responsibilities of the Armed
Forces of the United States.  What is the meaning of this?  Does
this mean that the Joint Chiefs are so completely trapped and
insulated by Rockefeller agent Henry Kissinger that they are no
longer free to do their duty?

   My friends, what hope can there be for us when our most
trusted and respected leaders, civilian and military, fail us
through treason and fear?  The answer is that ours is not the
only government facing this terrible Soviet threat, so I have
turned this information over to them too; and while the United
States Government sits paralyzed through fear and Rockefeller
treason, other governments are taking action.  Meanwhile my own
efforts are to rob the Soviets of the crucial element of surprise
which they are counting on to make their world-wide naval attack

   Today I want to discuss these three topics:




Topic #1--In the early fall of 1938 an International Conference
was held to consider Adolf Hitler's demand that the Sudetenland
with its heavy German population be ceded to Germany by
Czechoslovakia.  For years the Third Reich had been rearming
itself to the teeth in open defiance of the "Treaty of
Versailles" but the Western Allies, afraid of offending Hitler,
had done nothing about it.  Prior to Czechoslovakia, Austria had
been annexed under the pretext of racial ties like those in the
Sudetenland that demanded such an organic relationship to
Germany.  The Allies had done nothing about Austria, and now
Britain and France agreed as well to Hitler's annexation of the
Sudetenland.  On September 30, 1938, the fate of the Sudeten
residents of Czechoslovakia was decided without their own
participation when the infamous Munich Agreement was signed. 
Amid widespread relief, "peace in our time" was proclaimed; but
less than a year later, on September 1, 1939, World War II began
with Hitler's invasion of Poland.  Just over a year ago, on July
30, 1975, a new Munich agreement was signed, 35 signatories were
involved as the Helsinki Accord was signed sealing the fate of
the Soviet satellites of eastern Europe as a stable relationship
referred to as "organic and permanent" by high officials of the
United States Department of State.  Widespread praise for the
so-called "Spirit of Helsinki" assured us all that detente was
doing fine and all was well.

   Meanwhile the steadily accelerating Soviet military build-up
has redoubled its pace in clear violation of the "Strategic Arms
Limitation Treaties" (SALT) which forbid such major new weapons
as the huge Soviet SS-19 ICBM now being deployed.  In the past 10
years the military superiority once enjoyed by the United States
has been systematically and deliberately eroded, always with the
excuse that our failure to unilaterally disarm in stages might
seem provocative to Russia.

   Meanwhile the Soviet build-up has doubled and redoubled to the
point where nations around the world are expressing increasing
alarm at such military preparations which now go far beyond
anything that could conceivably be limited to self-defense.  The
situation is becoming so ominous that more and more nations which
have formerly kept their silence rather than to risk offending
the Soviet Union are now crying out in alarm.  In May 1976, the
same month in which I recorded monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12
telling you of the mounting fears of a Soviet double-cross by
certain Trustees of the major Rockefeller-controlled Foundations,
the clamor of concern over Soviet military intentions began
building up.

   For example, on May 9, 1976, Denmark's Foreign Minister, K. B.
Andersen, was quoted as saying about neighboring Soviet and
Warsaw Pact exercises, quote:

  "The military activity in the last few years has been more than
is necessary for defensive purposes.  It is more than is
reasonable in the spirit of Helsinki."

The Danes are especially worried about amphibious landing
maneuvers which are being carried out on the Baltic coast and
which are moving ever closer to Denmark, which controls the
straits which lead from the Baltic into the North Sea.

A week later, on May 16, 1976, Denmark's growing concern was
echoed by West Germany's Foreign Minister, Herr Genscher, who
said that the Soviet Union is arming itself beyond its defense
needs, creating a danger for European security.

About the same time half a world away, the Japanese were
increasingly voicing serious concern over Soviet military
escalation.  Since the beginning of 1976 there has been a
dramatic increase in Soviet naval and air activity in the
vicinity of Japan including frequent scrambling of aircraft,
numerous violations of Japanese air space by Soviet aircraft, and
submarine exercises just off Japan.

By late May the same theme had been taken up by Great Britain. 
On May 26, 1976, British Foreign Secretary Crosland told the
Central Treaty Organization of Foreign Ministers, quote:

  "We cannot ignore the evidence of our eyes.  It has been
precisely during the years when the Soviet Union has advocated
detente that we have witnessed the steady build-up of the Soviet
armed forces."

Nor have the warnings by leaders of other countries abated. 
Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has rightly criticized
detente as an illusion used by the Soviet Union to veil its
imperialist designs.

Red China, which is badly weakened at the moment by the
devastating earthquakes, has expressed worry over the recent
strengthening of Russian land and air forces along her northern

And only three days ago on the first anniversary of the Helsinki
Agreement, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, leader of the Conservative
Party in Britain, reinforced her warnings voiced earlier this
year concerning the very real and growing threat posed by the
Soviet Union.

   Meanwhile here in our own United States all attempts to voice
similar warnings are suppressed, muted, and diffused.  Recently
the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General George S.
Brown, revealed that while the American Pacific Fleet should be
able to keep sea lanes open to Hawaii and thereabouts, quote:

  "Because of a shortage of warships the fleet will not be able
to protect the sea lanes into the western Pacific."

Admiral James L. Holloway, Chief of the Naval Operations, has
gone even farther, declaring that American warships now operate
in the Sea of Japan only at the tolerance of the Soviet Pacific
Fleet.  No wonder the Japanese are worried; but perhaps the most
dismal estimate of the situation comes from retired Admiral Elmo
Zumwalt who flatly says that the United States could not win a
war against the Soviet Union today.  Well, he ought to know.  It
was while he himself was Chief of Naval Operations that the
Soviet Missile Crisis of 1971 occurred involving underwater
missiles in American and Canadian waters, as I revealed last

   Meanwhile Rockefeller Soviet agent Henry Kissinger speaks
comforting lies for American public consumption about the
military inferiority of the Soviet Union; and our interim
president Ford, speaking words put in his mouth like a
ventriloquist by Nelson Rockefeller and Kissinger, solemnly lies
to us that there have been no violations of the SALT agreements
by the Soviets, and that they have refrained from using any
loopholes in the SALT agreements.  The Rockefeller major media
drum lies like these into our heads, creating a false sense of
security.  We, the people of the United States as well as of the
other countries now under the threat of the Soviet surprise
attack, have been sold out by the four Rockefeller Brothers and
their agents in and out of Government.  Our trust of those in
positions of leadership has been used against us at the very
highest levels.  We have all been double-crossed for the private
gain of a handful of greedy, callous men; and yet, even they too
are about to lose everything in the same way--double-cross by the
Soviet Union.

Topic #2--In this age of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles,
Viking space craft landing on Mars, and B-1 Bombers, it is easy
to forget the indispensable roles played by land and sea forces. 
The vast tonnages of commodities that travel around the world in
international trade travel not by air in most cases but by land
and especially by sea.  For reasons of simple economics, the sea
is still the unrivaled highway of the world's commerce, spelling
prosperity for many and survival for some; and as long as this is
true, navies will always play a major role in a nation's military
power.  If some Americans have forgotten this, the Soviet Union
has not.  For over two decades just one man has been continuously
in command of the Soviet Navy, Admiral Sergei Gorshkov.  The
Soviet Union has less need of a navy for defensive purposes than
many other nations, but for 21 years Admiral Gorshkov has worked
relentlessly to build the Russian fleet into a formidable
striking force world-wide, and he has succeeded.

   Starting as a minor defensive military arm when Stalin died in
1953, the Soviet Navy has been built into a modern armada in
astonishingly short time, and it is still expanding rapidly.

   While the United States has been shutting down shipyards at
home and losing bases abroad, the Soviet Union has been building
new shipyards and stretching its reach by opening more and more
bases far from its own shores.  Even now, before the new American
naval base is built on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, the
Russians are angling for a new base in the South Pacific on the
Island of Tonga north of Australia.  Gorshkov has said, quote:

  "Establishing the conditions for gaining sea control has always
required prolonged periods of time and the execution of a series
of measures while still at peace."

He also emphasizes the importance of the Soviet Fleet for
exercising, quote: "influence on coastal countries."  Gorshkov
claims that his navy is now capable of fighting anywhere as a
political tool in furthering the Kremlin's aims, including not
only the wartime role of severing sea lanes but even possible
peacetime harassment and interference with shipping.  He now
considers the Soviet Navy to be, quote: "a long-ranged armed
force which could exert decisive influence on the course of an
armed struggle in theaters of military operation of vast extent." 
In other words, the Soviet Navy is now a global striking force,
and Gorshkov recently signaled his fleet that it will be the Navy
which will bear the brunt of any armed conflict to come.

   Western military analysts have been puzzled by recent
indications that the Soviet General Staff is preparing, quote:
"new methods of repelling aggression and waging war."  Well,
anti-tank guided missiles, which many analysts are concentrating
on, are just a side show in these so-called new methods.  The
real focus in current Soviet military planning is the Navy, and
prominent among these new methods are the underwater-launched
missiles and bombs which the Soviet Navy has now planted in
coastal waters all around the world.

Topic #3--In monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14 which I recorded just
two weeks ago on July 19, 1976, I reported the presence of 4
bombs and 10 short-range underwater-launch missiles with multiple
nuclear warheads in the territorial waters of the United States,
all of them planted there by the Soviet Union.  I can now confirm
that all of these bombs and nuclear warheads are of the
thermonuclear variety--that is, hydrogen bombs as opposed to
smaller atomic bombs.  What is more, the list for North America
now includes two more missiles--one at the south end of
Chesapeake Bay near Norfolk, Virginia, and the other in Canadian
waters near Vancouver, Canada.  Of these two, the Norfolk missile
has been planted just within the past few weeks.


   Here now are the navigational coordinates for the locations of
the 16 nuclear weapons in United States and Canadian territorial
waters.  Most all the locations are firm but some could be off
one or two miles:

(1) Near the entrance to Seal Harbor, Maine.  Hydrogen bomb.
   Latitude 44  17'  0" North   Longitude 68  14'  0" West

(2) In a cove off Boston Bay near Quincy and Weymouth, Mass.
   Latitude 42  14' 30" North   Longitude 70  59' 0" West

(3) Long Island Sound near Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Missile.
   Latitude 41  9'  40" North   Longitude 73  5'  0" West

(4) Chesapeake Bay near Deale, Maryland, east of Washington, DC.
   Latitude 38  46'  0" North   Longitude 76  33'  0" West

(5) Potomac River near Indian Head, Maryland, south of
Washington, D.C.  Hydrogen bomb.
   Latitude 38  33'  40" North Longitude 77  12'  0" West

(6) South end of Chesapeake Bay near Norfolk, Virginia.  Missile.
   Latitude 36  58'  30" North   Longitude 76  16'  0" West

(7) Inside Pensacola Bay, Fla.  Missile.
   Latitude 30  23'  30" North   Longitude 87  11'  30" West

(8) In the Mississippi River near New Orleans.  Hydrogen bomb. 
(A correction here from monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14.  The bomb is
down river near Port Sulphur, La., rather than up river.)
   Latitude 29  35'  30" North   Longitude 89  50'  30" West

(9) In Galveston Bay, Texas.  Missile.
   Latitude 29  22'  10" North   Longitude 94  49'  10" West

(10) Inside San Diego Bay near Chula Vista, California.  Missile.
   Latitude 32  38'  0" North   Longitude 117  7'  0" West

(11) Inside San Pablo Bay near San Francisco, California.
   Latitude 37  59'  0" North   Longitude 122  23'  0" West

(12) In American waters between northwest Washington State and
Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Missile.
   Latitude 48  13' 0" North   Longitude 123  8'  0" West

(13) In Canadian waters southwest of Crescent Beach near
Vancouver, British Columbia.  Missile.
   Latitude 48 58'  9" North Estimated Longitude 122 57' West.

(14) In Prince William Sound, Alaska, near the entrance to the
Port of Valdez.  Hydrogen bomb.
   Latitude 60  57'  40" North Longitude 146  44'  15" West

(15) In the waters just north of Colon, Panama Canal Zone.
   Latitude 9  25'  30" North   Longitude 79 54'  45" West

(16) And finally, in the coastal waters just outside Pearl
Harbor, Hawaii.  Missile.
   Latitude 21 18'  30" North    Longitude 157  58'  58" West.

   My friends, get out a map and mark these locations on it.  See
for yourself just how complete the surprise attack is that is
being readied for the United States Navy.  Then after you have
absorbed that, listen on because, my friends, there is more, much

   The principal target of the Soviet Union in the surprise
attack now planned is the United States of America.  If we fall,
the world falls; but that does not make us the only target. 
American Naval Forces are deployed world-wide.  In addition, the
Soviet Union has designs on Western Europe, the Mediterranean
area, southern Africa, China, Japan, Australia, India, the
Persian Gulf--in short, the whole world!  Large chunks of the
world are already under direct Soviet control, while others are
primarily within the direct influence of their Rockefeller
partners whose chips they plan to pick up by means of the
double-cross.  But all the areas of the world which remain to be
conquered or stand in the way of overwhelming Soviet victory are
also targeted with bombs and underwater-launched missiles planted
in coastal waters.

   I can now report that coastal waters in at least 64 locations
world-wide now contain nuclear offensive weapons planted by the
Soviet Union.  A few are bombs, but the vast majority are
underwater-launch multiple-warhead missiles armed with hydrogen

   The Soviet Navy, true to the claims of its Commander in Chief,
Admiral Gorshkov, that it is now a global striking force, is now
poised for the most ambitious, most devastating surprise attack
of all time--a world-wide Pearl Harbor-type attack designed to
bring all the navies of the world to ruin at a single blow.  If
this naval attack succeeds, the sea lanes that are the life blood
not only of defense but of trade and even survival for many
nations, will be severed and destroyed.

   Regardless of any reprisals by means of Intercontinental
Ballistic Missiles, bombers, and all the rest, the Soviet Union
is prepared to survive the minimum casualties, no more than
perhaps 10-million--which the Kremlin is willing to accept,
thanks to the all-out Civil Defense preparations which have been
underway in Russia for years.  Eventually, they reason, even
if--and that is a very big "if"--if we do strike back we will run
out of ICBM Missiles and will consume all of our remaining
defenses without any hope of ultimate success, robbed as we will
be of any significant naval power.  Thus, whether their initial
surprise attack persuades us all to just lay down our arms and
surrender, or whether we first retaliate with such forces as we
can muster after the destruction of our Navy, the Kremlin expects
to emerge inevitably as the victor, as the unchallenged ruler of
the entire world.  That is what this world-wide Pearl Harbor
attack is all about, and that is what I am trying to prevent by
taking away the advantage of surprise that the Soviets are
counting on.


   I will now give you the other locations world-wide.  The same
time, I will just give each Latitude or Longitude as three
numbers--meaning degrees, minutes, and seconds respectively.

   Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the British Isles are
heavily targeted with underwater missiles and bombs.  This is
intended to free a considerable part of the Soviet Baltic Fleet
for service elsewhere and also to neutralize or eliminate the
NATO air power, which is presently a weak spot for the Soviet

   Denmark is the key to Soviet access to the Baltic Sea, and two
missiles are now planted in Danish waters: One north of
Copenhagen at
   Latitude 56 - 10 - 37 North   Longitude 12 - 25 - 56 East

The other to the south at
   Latitude 54 - 55 - 30 North   Longitude 10- 27 - 51 East

   Far to the north a missile is also located at the north end of
the Gulf of Bothnia near the border between Finland and Sweden at
   Latitude 65 - 42 - 25 North   Longitude 24 - 34 - 0 East

   On the Baltic coast of West Germany just south of Denmark a
missile is located at
   Latitude 54 - 27 - 27 North   Longitude 13 - 4 - 14 East

while the North Sea coast of West Germany is the site of another
missile near Bremerhaven at
   Latitude 53 - 39 - 50 North   Longitude 8 - 20 - 41 East.

   Moving on down the North Sea coast to the Netherlands, a
hydrogen bomb has been planted by the Soviets just outside the
mid section of the huge dike about 50 miles north of Amsterdam. 
The bomb is at
   Latitude 53 - 2 - 4 North   Longitude 5 - 10 - 55 East

If it were detonated, the North Sea would rush in like a tidal
wave to crush and drown the inhabitants of Amsterdam and more
than 1000 square miles of Dutch low-country formerly reclaimed
from the sea.  This is horrible to imagine, my friends, but it
would be far more horrible if we allowed the Soviet Union to do

As if that were not enough, the Netherlands coast is also
threatened by a missile at
   Latitude 51 - 36 - 7 North   Longitude 3 - 55 - 43 East

in a cove southwest of Rotterdam.

   The French coast, too, is targeted.  One missile is southwest
of Brest at
   Latitude 48 - 10 - 23 North   Longitude 4 - 50 - 12 West

   The other missile, further south, is about midway between
Nantes and Bordeaux at
   Latitude 46 - 15 - 9 North   Longitude 1 - 30 - 51 West.

   As I have explained in earlier monthly AUDIO LETTERS, such as
No. 6 for November 1975, the Rockefeller plans for war did not
include hostilities in Europe or Great Britain; but remember, the
Soviet surprise attack plan is all part of the massive Soviet
double-cross of their Rockefeller masters, and nowhere does the
magnitude of this great double-cross create a greater shock than
in looking at the current Soviet threat against the British

   Under the Rockefeller scenario the United Kingdom was not to
be involved in hostilities; but under the surprise attack
double-cross being readied by the Soviets, the British Isles are
now the most heavily targeted area on earth in terms of the
geographic concentration of missiles and bombs now planted in
their territorial waters.  Not only naval targets, but American
and Royal Air Force targets are crucial to the Soviet goal of
liberating their own Northern Naval Fleet to help conquer and
patrol the rest of the world.  The Soviets view England as a huge
enemy aircraft carrier that must be sunk.

   Beginning on the northeast coast of Scotland, a missile is
located in Moray Firth northeast of Inverness at
   Latitude 57 - 36 - 0 North   Longitude 4 - 2 - 49 West.

Next, near the entrance to the Firth of Forth and northeast of
Edinburgh, Scotland, a missile is planted at
   Latitude 56 - 7 - 0 North   Longitude 2 - 31 - 46 West.

   Next, an atomic bomb (not a hydrogen bomb) is at the narrow
entrance to the cove at Middlesborough, England, at
   Latitude 54 - 38 - 30 North   Longitude 1 - 7 - 43 West.

Continuing down the coast, a missile is roughly centered in the
entrance to the bay known as "The Wash", east of Nottingham:
   Latitude 53 - 7 - 30 North   Longitude 0 - 30 - 48 East

And on the north flank of the entrance to the Thames River east
of London, still another missile now sits at
   Latitude 51 - 37 - 0 North   Longitude 1 - 2 - 26 East.

Moving over to the west coast, a missile is located in the water
about 30 miles north of Liverpool at
   Latitude 53 - 49 - 0 North   Longitude 3 - 6 - 40 West.

Further north at
   Latitude 54 - 55 -0 North   Longitude 3 - 30 - 50 West

a missile is planted in Solway Firth at the border between
England and Scotland.

   North of that a missile now lurks in the Firth of Clyde
southwest of Glasgow, Scotland at
   Latitude 55 - 39 - 0 North   Longitude 5 - 7 - 4 West.

And the last missile in the waters along the west coast is in the
channel known as "Little Minch" off the northwest coast of
Scotland at
   Latitude 57 - 21 - 0 North   Longitude 6 - 52 - 37 West.

   Ireland, too, has been targeted.  The entrance at Dublin
Harbor contains a hydrogen bomb at
   Latitude 53 - 20 - 0 North   Longitude 6 - 5 - 0 West.

Likewise the entrance to the harbor at Cork on the south coast
also contains a hydrogen bomb at
   Latitude 51 - 48 - 0 North   Longitude 8 - 14 -24 West

And in the waters of the west coast of Ireland there is a missile
in Blacksod Bay at
   Latitude 54 - 1 - 30 North   Longitude 9 - 56 - 34 West.

                        ICELAND LOCATIONS

   To round out the Soviet preparation for total elimination of
resistance to movements of its Northern Naval Fleet, Iceland also
has two missiles in its coastal waters.  One is near the entrance
to the port at Reykjavik at
   Latitude 64 - 10 - 24 North   Longitude 21 - 56 - 15 West.

The other is near the northwest side of the island at
   Latitude 66 - 9 - 2 North   Longitude 22 - 58 - 18 West.

   So much for any obstacles to the Soviet Northern and Baltic
Fleets if the surprise attack by underwater missiles and bombs is
carried out.

                     MEDITERRANEAN LOCATIONS

   The next major area of concern to the Soviet Navy is the
Mediterranean; and there, too, preparations have been made.  The
main American Naval Base now left in the Mediterranean is at
Naples, Italy, and in the northwest side of the Bay of Naples a
Soviet underwater-launched missile is now located at
   Latitude 40 - 47 - 4 North   Longitude 14 - 6 - 0 East

   In addition, four more underwater missile sites have been set
up by the Soviets in the west end of the Mediterranean so that
the American Sixth Fleet can be completely cornered, trapped, and
ultimately destroyed, leaving the Mediterranean as a Soviet lake.

Missiles are located just inside the Strait of Gibraltar on the
north side at:
   Latitude 36 - 8 - 29 North   Longitude 5 - 24 - 17 West.

and on the south side at
   Latitude 35 - 54 - 45 North   Longitude 5 - 18 - 13 West.

The other two missile sites are about 140 to 150 miles east of
Gibraltar, one on the north in the Gulf of Almeria at
   Latitude 36 - 43 - 7 North   Longitude 2 - 15 - 0 West.

The other on the south near a point of land jutting out from
Melilla, Morocco, at
   Latitude 35 - 26 - 13 North   Longitude 2 - 52 - 35 West.


   The waters around southern Africa contain three missiles.  One
is southwest of Capetown, South Africa, at
   Latitude 34 - 12 - 4 South   Longitude 18 - 10 - 18 East.

Another is on the Transkei Coast roughly midway between Durban
and Port Elizabeth, South Africa, at
   Latitude 32 - 2 - 32 South   Longitude 29 - 8 - 7 East.

The third is in the bay near Lourenco Marques, Mozambique, at
   Latitude 25 - 54 - 56 South   Longitude 32 - 57 - 11 East

about 300 miles east of Johannesburg, South Africa.

   The rest of Black Africa is already under joint
Rockefeller-Soviet domination which the Soviets plan to transform
into pure Soviet domination by means of their massive
double-cross of the four Rockefeller Brothers.


   A similar situation prevails throughout Latin America, and
aside from the Panama Canal missile, the Soviets have not planted
anything in Latin American territorial waters.  The only nuclear
missiles in Latin America are those in Guyana targeted on the
Panama Canal, the southern United States, and other places.

   I can now reveal that these have been removed from the
vicinity of Temehri Airfield near Georgetown and moved to a site
about 100 miles south of Georgetown, Guyana, at
   Latitude 5 - 20 - 0 North   Longitude 58 - 7 - 54 West

southeast of the town of Ituni.  This remote site is now in use
in order to separate the missiles from the Temehri Airfield which
has been under heavy use for movement of Cuban troops to southern
Africa and which is also planned to be the landing point for the
new Soviet Backfire Bomber and other aircraft in an attack on the
United States.


   Another area of strategic importance to the Soviet Union is
the Persian Gulf with Saudi Arabia to the southwest and Iran to
the northeast.  Under a secret deal made in 1972 by the
Rockefeller Brothers through their agents Henry Kissinger and
then president Richard Nixon, a huge arsenal of sophisticated
weaponry has been built up in Iran with a current value of over
10-billion dollars.  This includes 80 brand new F-14 Jet
Fighters, Hawk anti-aircraft batteries totaling 1800 missiles,
and an ultramodern naval fleet that includes six (6)
Guided-Missile Destroyers more advanced than anything owned or on
order by our own United States Navy!  Can you imagine?  And yet
the tremendous arms build-up in Iran has far outpaced the ability
of Iran to use these arms due to lack of adequate training.  What
is actually happening is that Iran is secretly being used by the
Rockefeller Brothers to funnel weaponry into the Soviet Union
itself and to an area which can be taken over by the Soviets in
the coming war.  The real shah of Iran is United States
Ambassador Richard Helms, the former head of the CIA who now
controls Iran for the Rockefeller Brothers!

   Just as we left 5- to 10-billion dollars worth of weaponry
behind for the North Vietnamese to pick up when we pulled out
very hastily last year, the same thing is planned to happen in
Iran.  In both cases, these deals between the Rockefeller
Brothers and the Soviet Union were made in return for secret
agreements guaranteeing Rockefeller control of oil and other
mineral interests in that region.  But this arrangement is now
about to blow up in the Rockefeller Brothers' faces, as well as
yours and mine, in the world-wide surprise attack planned by the

   There is now a Soviet underwater missile site in the Persian
Gulf about 60 miles southwest of Bushehr, Iran, at
   Latitude 28 - 33 - 40 North   Longitude 48 - 55 - 29 East.

   As I explained in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6, November 1975,
the joint war plan between the Rockefeller Brothers and their
Soviet allies involved the outbreak of war in the Middle East as
the trigger with the disabling of Arab OPEC oil fields by means
of an American limited nuclear strike.  This would cripple
Europe, rendering southern Africa vulnerable in turn to final
conquest.  Meanwhile an Asian war was to be building up as a
follow-on with a joint Rockefeller-Soviet take-over of India and
Red China, with Japan being whipped back into submission for the
Rockefellers in the process.

   But now, under the audacious double-cross and world-wide Pearl
Harbor-type surprise attack that has been plotted by the Soviet
Union, the Soviets plan to make all of these dominoes tumble at
once and into their own laps with the Rockefeller empire
eliminated as a factor.  To this end, many more underwater-launch
missiles are planted in coastal waters around the world.


   India is targeted with two such missiles.  One is on the west
side northwest of Bombay at
   Latitude 20 - 52 - 56 North   Longitude 71 - 48 - 39 East.

The other is on the east side in a cove south of Calcutta at
   Latitude 21 - 45 - 7 North   Longitude 88 - 17 - 32 East.

The waters east of Singapore contain a missile at
   Latitude 1 - 28 - 52 North   Longitude 105 - 8 - 51 East.

Japan is threatened by Soviet missiles in its waters in two
locations.  One is in a bay at the south end of the Island of
Hokkaido at
   Latitude 42 - 17 - 26 North   Longitude 140 - 30 - 42 East.

The other is in the coastal waters southeast of Hiroshima at
   Latitude 34 - 7 - 15 North   Longitude 132 - 46 - 32 East.

   Seoul, South Korea, is threatened by a Soviet missile in the
waters about 25 miles to the southwest at
   Latitude 37 - 21 - 47 North   Longitude 126 - 30 - 47 East.

   Red China is menaced by three Soviet underwater missiles in
its territorial waters.  One is in the Gulf of Chihli about 260
miles southeast of Peking at
   Latitude 38 - 31 - 34 North   Longitude 120 - 45 - 43 East.

The second is about 75 miles south of Shanghai at
   Latitude 30 - 17 - 55 North   Longitude 121 - 35 - 44 East.

And the third is about midway between Canton and Hong Kong at
   Latitude 22 - 42 - 2 North   Longitude 113 - 39 - 56 East.

   In addition, there is a missile in the north end of the Gulf
of Tonkin about 50 miles east of Haiphong, Vietnam, at
   Latitude 21 - 4 - 30 North   Longitude 107 - 30 - 14 East.

   And about 25 miles north of Taipei off the northern tip of
Taiwan still another missile sits waiting at
   Latitude 25 - 24 - 11 North   Longitude 121 - 30 - 41 East.


   To round out the Soviet plan for crushing all the rival navies
of the world with one blow, underwater missiles are also planted
in the waters of the Philippines and Australia.

   One of the Philippine missiles is in the water southwest of
the Batan Peninsula within striking range of the United States
Naval Bases at Subic Bay and south of Manila.  The Latitude is
   14 - 33 - 8 North   Longitude 120 - 15 - 55 East.

The other Soviet missile in the Philippines is northwest of Panay
Island at
   Latitude 11 - 51 - 57 North   Longitude 122 - 5 - 0 East.

   As for Australia, four underwater missiles have been planted
by the Soviet Navy around the heavily populated southwest
quadrant of coast line.  One is just south of Kangaroo Island,
southwest of Adelaide at
   Latitude 36 - 3 - 43 South   Longitude 137 - 34 - 7 East.

Another is near the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, south of
Melbourne at
   Latitude 38 - 19 - 3 South   Longitude 144 - 44 - 44 East.

The third missile is near the entrance to Port Jackson near
Sydney at
   Latitude 33 - 50 - 46 South   Longitude 151 - 16 - 0 East.

And missile no. 4 is in the water northeast of Brisbane at
   Latitude 27 - 22 - 14 South   Longitude 153 - 12 - 24 East.

   My friends, the world-wide surprise attack that has been
prepared by the Soviet Navy makes the Soviet Union the
aggressive, all-out enemy of every other nation on earth.  The
sheer audacity of such a plan is one of its greatest strengths. 
No one would expect such an attempt to bring the whole world to
its knees all at once!  This is especially important as it
regards the double-cross of the Rockefeller Brothers.  The
Rockefellers themselves had the audacity to spirit away the
monetary gold supply of the United States, realizing full well
that most people would find such a huge crime unbelievable and
would therefore never suspect anything.  But the world-wide
surprise attack that has been devised by the Soviets is designed
to take even the Rockefeller Brothers themselves off guard.  They
have held sway over the Kremlin for so long that they literally
cannot imagine losing that power.  And so the Soviets believe no
one will believe such a thing is possible until the day they push
a button, signals flash world-wide by satellite, missiles erupt
from coastal waters around the world, and the biggest surprise
attack in history takes place.  Then everyone will believe, but
then it will be too late.  This is the long and the short of the
fantastic Soviet gamble that is now ready to be played out at the
moment they choose.

   My friends, what I have told you is the truth; and while you
may be tempted to try to argue a thousand ways to convince
yourself not to believe what I have said, just keep one cold,

   On the evening of December 6, 1941, the American Fleet was
peacefully at anchor in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and Christmas
parties were in progress.  Suppose you had been at one of those
parties and I had walked in and started trying to tell people
that the Japanese were going to attack the following morning. 
Your reaction would probably have been, quote: "But we haven't
heard anything about that.  There's nothing on the news about it,
and the Government hasn't sent us any warnings, and the Fleet
certainly would not be in the harbor like this if there were any
danger.  I just don't believe it."  I might have then produced
all kinds of evidence about the Japanese build-up, little-known
information about the efforts of the Rockefeller-sponsored
"Institute of Pacific Relations" to bring on such an attack, and
so on; yet you might still have refused to believe me.  But I
would have been telling the truth, and the truth would still have
been the same.  At 7:55 A.M. the following morning a sky full of
Japanese planes raining death on your head would have been
proving my warnings, but then it would have been too late.

   Don't let it be too late this time.  My charges are true, and
they will be proven to be true one way or the other.  They can be
proven now by forcing those officials, military and civilian, who
have the responsibility of protecting our lives to do their duty,
to find and neutralize these missiles and bombs; OR we can sit
back and listen to more lies, more comforting arguments, more
distractions until the unearthly flashes of burning light from
hydrogen bombs drive the truth home horribly, conclusively, and

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 14

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC.  (1980 current
address: 1629 K Street NW, Washington, D.C.  20006)

   Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is July 19, 1976,
and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14.

   What I am forced to tell you about today is grave and urgent
beyond description.  I believe you have a right and a need to
know about it, and yet I already know that in all likelihood you
will not believe me when I tell you because it is something no
one wants to believe.  I've wrestled with this thing wondering
how best to tell you what you must be told, but all I can say is
that it is absolutely true beyond any shadow of a doubt.  I stake
my entire life and my reputation on this fact.  If there were any
doubt at all about what I am about to reveal, I would not reveal

   At this very moment the United States of America is teetering
on the precipice of a devastating nuclear surprise attack the
likes of which the world has never seen.  If the detailed plans
for war that I have already told you about are carried out as
discussed especially in my monthly AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 6, 12, and
13, this attack might not come for as much as another year or
even more; but that is a very big IF because the capability for
this attack is now in place, and it includes provisions for a
Soviet double-cross of their allies--the four Rockefeller
Brothers, who now rule America behind the scenes.

   Today I want to alert you to the terrible threat we face by
means of these topics:




Topic #1--It was a sleepy Sunday morning in Hawaii nearly 35
years ago when WORLD WAR II came to America.  Much of the Pacific
fleet of the United States Navy was peacefully at anchor
suspecting nothing, while President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his
closest advisors far away in Washington, D.C. waited anxiously
for the attack to occur as planned.  At 7:55 A.M. on that
peaceful Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, more than 100 Japanese
aircraft suddenly appeared in the skies over the Island of Oahu,
Hawaii.  All attempts to warn the Navy of the impending attack
had been thwarted or delayed, and the bottled up American fleet
was torn to shreds as a result of the complete surprise that
resulted.  F.D.R. and his closest advisors had made sure that no
aircraft carriers were caught in the raid because these would be
indispensable in the retaliation to come against Japan.  Instead,
the sacrifice was limited to battleships, destroyers, cruisers,
and several thousand American Servicemen's lives.

   Soon the news of the crushing disaster that had befallen the
United States Navy flashed across a stunned and unbelieving
America, and the words "Pearl Harbor" from that day have been a
synonym for surprise attack of the most catastrophic variety.  It
should also bring to mind high treason and intrigue, because
while most Americans were trying to recover from the shock and
horror of the Pearl Harbor attack, F.D.R. and his Rockefeller
bosses were congratulating themselves on the success of the
operation.  The United States would now be drawn into the war
against Hitler, enabling a Rockefeller take-over of the formerly
British oil concessions in Saudi Arabia; yet President Roosevelt
would be making good on his campaign promises not to send
American boys away to die in a foreign war.  Instead, he had
arranged to get us into war by allowing several thousand American
boys to die in a rigged attack on American territory--Pearl
Harbor!  His renowned "Day of Infamy" speech then galvanized the
nation overnight into a fighting mood.  The obstacle of American
isolationist sentiment had been flattened, and the United States
was AT WAR.

   Today we are once again at the mercy of an imminent Pearl
Harbor-type attack.  As before, we are being given no warning
whatever that this is the case aside from the general level of
tensions here and abroad.  But this time it has been planned to
be far worse because this time the plan is not for America to win
the war but to lose it.

   Two months ago in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 I first revealed
the existence of the supersecret "Nuclear Safe Zone"--a swath
across roughly the upper half of the continental United States
between the latitudes of 40 and 50 degrees north.  According to
secret agreements between the Rockefeller Brothers and their
Soviet allies, this Zone is supposed to be spared from the
all-out thermonuclear war that is planned to engulf the southern
half of the United States in NUCLEAR WAR ONE.

   This arrangement has three (3) purposes:

First, as I revealed two months ago, it provides a zone within
which the Rockefeller Brothers and their closest collaborators
expect to ride out the coming NUCLEAR WAR ONE in safety and

Second, much of the industrial base and agricultural breadbasket
of America will be preserved for exploitation after the war.

   A third factor, which I did not mention before, has to do with
the high altitude jet stream which goes clear around the earth. 
Should the Soviets find it necessary to back up their so-called
"clean bombs", which I revealed last month, with the older dirty
bombs, they don't want radioactive fallout from America to drift
around the earth and land on the Soviet Union.  More than 95% of
the Soviet Union lies north of the 40th parallel of latitude; so
by agreeing with the Rockefeller Brothers to strike America only
below that latitude except for a small strike against Alaska, the
Soviets have avoided the danger of having much radioactive dust
from America circle the globe to land on their own country.  But
the Soviets are very eager to break free of the Rockefeller
control under which they have functioned for so long, and they
are preparing a double-cross.

   As I reported last month in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 13, the
Safe Zone agreement has been violated by the placement of an
atomic bomb at Seal Harbor, Maine, to blast the summer homes of
Nelson and David Rockefeller off the map.  But that, I am sorry
to report, is only the beginning of the "Pearl Harbor" the
Soviets have prepared for us.  The Soviet double-cross of the
Rockefeller Brothers is to be thorough and complete, and it will
include several more violations of the Nuclear Safe Zone--an
acceptable price in Soviet eyes for breaking free of the
Rockefellers and into the position of absolute world supremacy

   While the United States has focused its missile development on
long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, the Soviet Union
has never forgotten the potentialities of shorter range missiles,
which are easier to design and build.  That's what the Cuban
Missile Crisis of October 1962 was all about.  The Soviets, not
wishing to depend on their long-range missiles, had installed
much shorter-range missiles in Cuba able to reach many American
cities from the vulnerable south; and when President John F.
Kennedy spoiled the Rockefeller-Soviet plans by forcing Nikita
Khrushchev to remove them, they did not abandon this idea. 
Instead, J.F.K. was removed from the scene himself; and his
replacement, Rockefeller puppet President Lyndon B. Johnson,
handed the Soviets a new site for the implacement of medium-range
missiles to threaten the United States from the south.  This was
done by turning over the huge United States-built MacKenzie
Airfield to the newly independent Marxist republic of Guyana. 
The Americans pulled out, MacKenzie Airfield was re-named the
Temehri Airfield, and this new air base, the largest in Central
and South America, was then fortified by ringing it with nuclear
missiles aimed at the Panama Canal and cities in the southern
half of the United States.  And as l have been reporting for over
two years--without any Government investigation of my charges
whatsoever--the missiles in Guyana are at operational readiness
today, threatening the United States and the Panama Canal.

   But that's not all, my friends.  Five years ago, in 1971,
there was another Soviet missile crisis, this time involving both
Canada and the United States; and I am here revealing it for the
very first time.  The Soviet Missile Crisis of 1971 began with an
accidental discovery by some divers off Vancouver Island, Canada. 
A Vancouver fishing trawler had sunk in the area and divers were
sent down to locate it.  While they were looking, they came
across something unbelievable--a missile anchored to the bottom. 
It was attached by heavy chains to four concrete blocks, each
estimated to weigh five tons.  The blocks in turn were anchored
to the bottom by extra heavy anchors of Soviet design.  The
divers reported their unexpected find immediately, and the North
American Air Defense Command (NORAD) went into action.  The
Canadian ship H.C.M.S. Resogoushe plus two mine-layers and a
torpedo boat were dispatched and immediately covered the area.

   By coincidence, this chance discovery occurred just as the
Soviet Navy was launching its own operation to recover that very
missile.  Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko had just arrived
to visit Vancouver for a hush-hush Foreign Ministers Conference
ostensibly.  Strangely, he arrived aboard the Soviet ship SUROV,
a heavy cruiser of the Cresta class.  But Gromyko explained that
away by saying that he had just been inspecting the Soviet fleet
which was on maneuvers--but that was just a cover story.

   A Soviet oceanographic research ship doing underwater
experiments on guided missiles near Sakhalin had reached the
conclusion that six guided missiles, which had been placed
strategically on the seabed around the North American continent
years before would now have to be recovered and removed at once. 
These had been planted on the orders of Khrushchev after his
defeat by President Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis, and for
years they had been lurking undetected.  But now they would have
to be removed because the Soviet experiments at Sakhalin had
revealed that the metals used in the missiles were proving
unstable and had started disintegrating rapidly in the salt
water.  The situation was very serious, not only because the
missiles were no longer dependable as weapons but also because
corrosion of the warheads could have led to leakage of
radioactive materials or even under certain conditions,
uncontrolled explosions.  This was the real reason for Gromyko's
strange visit to Vancouver aboard the heavy cruiser SUROV in

   The Soviet Navy in reality was invading the territorial waters
of Canada to recover a malfunctioning weapon, the Underwater
Missile; but due to the accidental discovery of the missile by
the Canadian divers, Gromyko's mission was foiled.  He stayed
there for three days aboard the ship and then was aghast to see
the Soviet missile go past him on a barge on the way to dockside. 
Gromyko immediately canceled his appearance in Vancouver and
sailed for home without delay.  The missile itself was rushed by
special airplane immediately to a secret location in the United
States for study and analysis.

   The Vancouver discovery also triggered an intensive search of
all the American and Canadian coasts by specially equipped
surface and underwater vessels.  This search turned up three more
such missiles--one off the coast of California and Oregon;
another just south of San Rosario, Baja, California; and the
third one off the coast of Maine just east of a rocky island
there.  Two additional underwater missiles were known to exist as
well.  One was believed to be somewhere in the arc from Cuba to
Pensacola, Florida; the other was thought to be in the Caribbean
Islands aimed at the Panama Canal.  These last two were never
found by the United States Navy, but the pattern of activity of
the Soviet Navy indicated that they were successfully recovered
by the Soviets.  The Soviets had been poised to mount a recovery
operation for all six missiles, but were prevented from making
any such attempt because of the intensive United States Navy

   Each of the four missiles which were recovered by the joint
Canadian-American effort was examined and its targets determined. 
It turned out that each missile was fitted with multiple
warheads.  The one discovered by the divers off Vancouver had six
targets--the Royal Canadian Naval Base on Vancouver Island, the
Port of Vancouver, the Port of Seattle, and three Boeing aircraft
plants in Seattle, Everett, and Blaine.  The missile found off
the coast of Oregon and California had its multiple warheads
targeted on five centers in the San Francisco Bay area.  The San
Rosario missile was targeted on the United States Naval Base at
San Diego and on the City of Los Angeles.  As for the missile
found in the waters off the coast of Maine, its targets were
Boston, the Submarine Base in Connecticut, the Brooklyn Navy
Yard, and the New York Harbor.  The missile which was apparently
retrieved by the Soviets in the Cuba-Pensacola area was assumed
to have been aimed at strategic coastal targets in the Southeast.

   And so ended the Soviet Missile Crisis of 1971.  In some
respects it was even more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis
nine years earlier because the underwater missiles off our shores
were already operational, whereas those in Cuba were stopped just
short of operational status.  But you've never heard a word about
the Soviet Missile Crisis of 1971.  This is because that would
not have squared well with our official policy of so-called
detente with the Soviet Union.  The Rockefeller agents in our
government knew all about the missiles, and had a ticklish job
keeping the lid on after the accidental discovery by the
Vancouver divers brought NORAD and the United States Navy into
the picture.

   All's well that ends well, or so it seems; but this just
wasn't the end of the Soviet Missile Crisis.  On February 11,
1971, the same year in which the Soviet Missile Crisis occurred,
63 nations signed a treaty prohibiting installation of nuclear
weapons on the seabed beyond any nation's 12-mile Coastal Zone. 
On top of that, the United States over the past dozen years has
laid down a grid of electronic sensing wires and cables on the
ocean floor all along both our Pacific and Atlantic coasts making
the seabed look like a giant spider web.  These detection nets
called "Sosus" for the Atlantic and "Caesar" for the Pacific are
tied into computers which enable any submarine passing over them,
American or foreign, to be detected, located, and even identified
in a very short time.  So, what could happen?

   My friends, the Maginot line did not protect the French from
invasion in World War II--the Germans went right over it.  In the
same way, the Rockefeller Brothers have enabled the Soviets to go
over our underwater detection nets as if they did not exist! 
When President Richard M. Nixon arrived in Moscow on May 22, 1972
for summer talks with the Kremlin, he had more to discuss than
the highly publicized SALT talks.  A key agreement arrived at
then established joint oceanographic projects with the Soviets,
and since that time Soviet oceanographic vessels have been in and
out of our territorial waters continuously!  For approximately
two years these vessels operate in a totally innocent-appearing
fashion while actually gathering information on optimum placement
sites for a new fleet of underwater missiles along our shores. 
By the time the joint Army-Navy teams monitoring the underwater
nets had become accustomed to the Soviet oceanographic ships as a
routine non-threatening presence in our waters, the Soviets were
ready to act.  Under cover of oceanographic operations, the
Soviets began planting underwater missiles along our shores once
again, plus several strategically located atomic bombs.  And as
if they needed it, the Soviets have also slipped in through a
loophole in the 1971 treaty, which superficially seems to ban
such weaponry in our coastal waters.  Most if not all of these
weapons have been planted inside our 12-mile territorial limit,
whereas the treaty only forbids such things beyond that limit.

   This is a chilling echo of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's
promises to avoid a foreign war before World War II, only to help
rig an attack on our own territory.  But the Soviets, having been
given the oceanographic cover they needed in order to get the
bombs and missiles into our coastal waters, have already
double-crossed their Rockefeller allies.  Not only have the
Rockefeller Brothers themselves been marked for destruction, as
signaled by the bomb at Seal Harbor, Maine, but their precious
Nuclear Safe Zone has already been breached by the Soviets in at
least three other places where missiles have been placed contrary
to their agreement with the Rockefellers.  The Soviets, like the
Rockefeller Brothers themselves, are now going "for broke"--they
are trying to arrange in every way they can to break the back of
any conceivable retaliational resistance by the United States in
the coming war.  It is still in the Soviet interest to minimize
warfare within the Nuclear Safe Zone, but specific targets will
be attacked within this Zone whenever the Soviets consider it
necessary to achieve their goal of total victory and total world
domination over the United States.

   I can now reveal that the coastal waters of the United
States--including Alaska, Hawaii, and the Panama Canal Zone--now
contain at least ten (10) multiple warhead, short-range,
underwater-launch missiles of a new advanced design.  In
addition, at least four (4) atomic bombs have been strategically
placed in harbor areas.  Here is the situation as it now stands
according to my own latest Intelligence sources:

First, the four bombs.  One is the bomb I was able to reveal last
month which is placed at Seal Harbor, Maine, to destroy the
summer homes of David and Nelson Rockefeller.  The second is
planted in the Potomac River near the United States Naval
Ordnance Station at Indian Head, Maryland.  The third is in the
Mississippi River upstream from New Orleans in the vicinity of
Bonnet Carre Spillway and Floodway.  And the fourth atomic bomb
has been planted in the Port of Valdez, Alaska, which is the
southern terminus of the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline.  By rendering
the port of Valdez useless, of course, the Pipeline will be put
out of action, since oil tankers are supposed to carry the oil
from the Pipeline delivery point at Valdez to destinations in the
lower United States.

   As for the short-range multiple warhead Soviet missiles which
once again infest our coastal waters, three violate the Nuclear
Safe Zone.  One is in Boston Harbor; the second is in Long Island
Sound about midway between New York City and the Submarine Base
at New London, Connecticut; and the third is in the
Seattle-Vancouver area situated between Victoria, British
Columbia, on the north and the Port Angeles or Sequim,
Washington, area on the south.

Outside the Nuclear Safe Zone, missile No. 4 is in Chesapeake Bay
east of Washington, D.C.  No. 5 is located just off shore from
Pensacola, Florida.  A 6th missile has been planted in Galveston
Bay, Texas.  A 7th lies just off shore of San Diego, California;
while missile No. 8 is deep inside San Pablo Bay near San
Francisco.  The 9th missile is located in the Atlantic Ocean near
the north entrance to the Panama Canal.  And finally, missile No.
10 with tragic irony is poised in the Pacific Ocean near the
entrance to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The exact location of the
Pearl Harbor missile is: Longitude 157 degrees, 58 minutes, 58
seconds; latitude 21 degrees, 18 minutes, 28 seconds.  All the
Navy needs to do is to look and do it now before the Soviets have
time to sneak in and move it, and they'll find this missile.

   I respectfully urge--no, I demand--that the Joint Chiefs of
Staff immediately take such actions as are required to remove the
deadly missiles which now menace the United States and Vancouver,
Canada from our own territorial waters.  The things I have just
revealed are true, my friends, and I urge you to add your
challenge to mine.  I stand ready to cooperate fully with the
Joint Chiefs of Staff in the new larger Soviet missile crisis we
are now in.

   Will the Joint Chiefs act?  If they do not do so and soon,
then they themselves will have violated their oath to protect and
safeguard our Constitution, our Nation, our lives, and the lives
of generations to come.

Topic #2--I comment often about the covert alliance that exists
between the Corporate Socialists headed by the four Rockefeller
Brothers in America, and the Communist bosses of the Soviet
Union.  It is essential that this relationship be understood even
though the day is fast approaching when the Soviets plan to end
it by means of a double-cross.  But it is also important to grasp
the fact that the Rockefellers are not themselves Communists.  To
them, Communism is just a very convenient and powerful tool, a
stepping stone to power.  They don't themselves subscribe to any
rigid ideology, Communist or otherwise.  Their only real doctrine
is that of domination and control along with destruction of
everything and anyone they cannot control.  In this they bear a
striking resemblance to just one man, Adolf Hitler.

   What we have today is a blend of emerging fascism, which is a
combination of State Control with Monopolistic Capitalism and
Socialism of the Marxist variety all wrapped up in American
packaging and sold to us by means of Rockefeller public relations
propaganda.  Our would-be Dictators realize full well that if
they were to dress up in combat fatigues, get up on a high
balcony and rant and rave about the need for the state to control
our lives totally, we would all recognize them right away for
what they are--and their schemes would fail.  Instead, they wear
nice business suits, use cleverly worded phrases that seem to say
exactly what we want to hear, and make sure that they smile a
great deal.  And instead of swaying great crowds in a public
square from a high balcony, they can now cajole and mislead whole
nations from the matchless high balcony of television.

   In monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 1, June 1975, I mentioned the role
played by the Rockefeller empire in providing the support Adolf
Hitler needed in order to rise to power in Germany.  They
supported him, watched him, and learned from him.  In the late
1920's the Rockefellers had succeeded in wrestling control of the
German dye and drug cartel, I. G. Farben Industry, AG, away from
the British.  This, plus an ongoing rivalry between Britain and
the Rockefellers over oil, led the British to institute boycott
tactics preventing the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests from
exploiting the vast Saudi Arabian oil concessions which the
Rockefellers had pried loose from the British during World War I. 
The Rockefeller solution: Confront Britain with a threat great
enough to break Britain's Saudi Arabian oil boycott.

   When 22-year-old Nelson Rockefeller returned from his
around-the-world honeymoon trip in 1930, he convinced his father,
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., that the solution to their problems lay
in one Adolf Hitler.  Not many Germans really took Hitler
seriously in 1930, but the Rockefellers did.  Having observed
Hitler at close range, they were convinced that Hitler could
serve the Rockefeller purpose well.  Hitler was obviously bent on
conquest and war; so providing the support he needed to achieve
power would produce a very real menace to Britain in due
course--just the right medicine to cure Britain of her Saudi
Arabian boycott against the Rockefeller oil interests.

   Hitler was especially attractive for Rockefeller purposes for
one additional reason beyond his sheer aggressiveness.  His
earlier failure and imprisonment had taught Hitler a very
important lesson which the Rockefellers themselves had also
learned decades before; namely, that successful revolutions are
best carried out with, and not against, the full power of a
nation's government.  In other words, Hitler had concluded that
the best way to achieve his goals would be to first acquire
control of the government through means which were legal, at
least in appearance, and then to carry out the revolutionary
changes he desired.  Therefore, by supporting Hitler and watching
to see how he went about the details of his take-over and
revolution, the Rockefellers stood to learn valuable lessons for
their own use later on.  This was a very nice bonus for the
Rockefellers, so support for Hitler through covert channels began
immediately; and from 1930 onward, Hitler's star rose rapidly.

   The same time, the Rockefellers had to make sure that they
would be in a position to check Hitler's advance when he had
served his purpose--which was to frighten the British government
into surrendering control over Saudi Arabia.  In other words, a
balance of power had to be maintained so that Hitler would not
get out of control.  For this reason and as well as others,
Rockefeller support for Hitler was counterbalanced by support
also for the man who, as president, would have the job of getting
America into the war to stop Hitler--Franklin Delano Roosevelt! 
FDR had staged a political comeback from his crippling attack of
polio several years before, but it was about from 1930 onward
that FDR's political star rose rapidly on the national scene
paralleling the rise of Hitler in Germany.  Throughout their
period on the world stage, the careers of Hitler and FDR
paralleled one another.  Both came to power early in 1933, and
both proposed sweeping changes in rapid fashion that differed
widely from their campaign pledges.  Both exercised unprecedented
power during their terms in office, and both died in April 1945
less than three weeks apart as the war in Europe was ending.

   The dual role of the Rockefellers throughout can be
illustrated, for example, by the actions of Nelson Rockefeller. 
In 1935 he became a Director of the Creole Petroleum Company in
Venezuela, a subsidiary of Rockefeller-owned Standard Oil of New
Jersey.  Creole was the principal avenue through which the Nazi
war machine was provided with the essential fuel without which
war could not have been waged; and for seven years, 1937 through
1943, Creole Petroleum shipped 90% of its Venezuelan oil
production to Germany in Nazi tankers, only a token 10% going to
the United States.  In this way the Rockefeller
empire--increasingly dominated by Nelson, David, Laurance, and
John D. III--provided Hitler with over 65-million barrels of oil
each year from the Venezuelan oil fields alone well into the
World War II.

   In 1940, Nelson resigned his directorship of Creole Petroleum
to become Coordinator of InterAmerican affairs by appointment of
Rockefeller puppet president FDR.  As Coordinator, Nelson was
supposedly feverishly at work to combat the Nazi menace in this
hemisphere, the very menace that was being sustained by oil
provided by his Creole Petroleum Company!  Through Hitler, the
Rockefellers did at last bring Great Britain to her knees, and a
great deal was learned from the plan Hitler followed that is
being followed again today by the four Rockefeller Brothers.

   Hitler had two very important rules for exercising power.  One
was to use the masses by means of effective propaganda, leading
them to accept and do things which they normally would not.  The
other rule was to make sure that any lies were big lies, so big
that no one could believe they were lies, coming from their

   Those same principles are being used today in updated and very
smooth ways by the Rockefeller Brothers and their agents. 
Hitler's rise to power was made possible by an era of inflation,
shortages, and then depression.  The same conditions are being
brought about deliberately here in America in order to help
achieve the same end result--revolution and dictatorship!

   While Hitler was in prison, he began writing "Mein Kampf",
which means "my struggle."  In it and in his speeches, Hitler
made it clear what he would do if he ever acquired the power to
do it.  In a similar vein, we can read "The American Rich"
published in 1930 by Rockefeller advisor Hoffman Nickerson; "The
New Federalism" by Nelson Rockefeller; "The Emerging
Constitution" published in 1974 by Rexford Tugwell quietly
revealing a dictatorial new Constitution, which was written to
match a secret outline provided by Nelson Rockefeller himself; or
the Bicentennial Declaration advertisements published nation-wide
in 1975 by John D. Rockefeller III's National Committee for the
Bicentennial Era.  The last item could have been titled: A
Bicentennial Manifesto, since a manifesto is nothing more than a
public declaration of intentions, motives, or views; but everyone
now knows that the Communist Manifesto of a century ago was no
joke, so that word was avoided.

   But keep in mind what Hitler said in January 1941, quote:

  "It is nonsense for the rest of the world to pretend today that
I did not reveal this program until 1933, or 1935, or 1937.
Instead of listening to foolish chatter, these gentlemen would
have been wiser to read what I have written and re-written
thousands of times.  No human being has declared or recorded what
he wanted more often than I."

If the four Rockefeller Brothers are allowed to succeed in their
diabolical plans, they, too, will be in a position to indict us
in practically the same words.

   Hitler directed much of his appeal to the new generation. 
Young people had grown up in an abnormal time, lacking normal
roots and values, and who were therefore more vulnerable to being
misled and used.  Introduction of the 18-year old vote,
regardless of its actual effect, was intended for a similar
purpose here in America.  Hitler pursued a 'policy of legality'
strictly as a tactic in his campaign to take control of the
German government.  In every respect Hitler was challenging the
authority of the State under the Weimar Constitution, yet he
camouflaged this challenge by using fair-sounding words.

   The same thing is happening once again here today.  The words
we hear in the presidential campaign--for example, such as: "A
new world framework for peace", "governmental reorganization",
"interdependence."  But the meaning of these words involve World
government, surrender of United States sovereignty, and
suspension or replacement of the United States CONSTITUTION! 
"But why", you may ask, "do they bother to leave any clues at all
like this if they're trying to be devious?  Why don't they just
lie outright?"  The answer is simply that it is harder to lie
convincingly than to tell the truth; and if one starts telling
actual lies, it becomes harder and harder over a period of time
to keep track of what has been said before, and eventually one
makes mistakes which can be detected.  So instead they tell a
little bit of truth but always in such a way that you won't
understand it unless you are very alert.

   Hitler realized that his 'policy of legality' could only lead
to success in one way; that was to gain access to the position of
Chancellor and use the emergency powers of the president under
the Weimar Constitution.  This was true because try as he might,
Hitler was never able to achieve majority popular support for
himself or his Nazi Party.  And today, our would-be Dictator,
Nelson Rockefeller, who has also been frustrated in his attempts
to gain majority popular support nationally, is also trying to
position himself to seize control by means of emergency
presidential powers.  David Rockefeller's agent Jimmy Carter
meanwhile, whose build-up has been used to impress Ford with
Rockefeller power, also stands ready in case Nelson's illness
should overcome him.

   In 1936 Hitler said, quote:

  "It is not enough to overthrow the old State, but that the new
State must previously have been built up and be practically ready
to one's hand.  In 1933 it was no longer a question of
overthrowing a state by an act of violence; meanwhile the new
state had been built up, and all that there remained to do was to
destroy the last remnants of the old state--and that took but a
few hours."

So it is that the Rockefeller Brothers are rapidly getting the
governmental machinery into place which is to go into full
operation under their dictatorial new Constitution for the,

   Shortly before Hitler became Chancellor in 1933, he said to
then Chancellor Bruning, quote: "Herr Chancellor, if the German
nation once empowers the National Socialist movement to introduce
a constitution other than that which we have today, then you
cannot stop it."  On September 12, 1975, Nelson Rockefeller
displayed exactly the same thinking, during a news conference in
Dallas, Texas, in response to criticisms leveled at him as our
appointed Vice-President by a columnist; Rockefeller's answer
was, quote: "Well, he's got one, so there's nothing he can do
about it."  On August 9, 1974, our last elected president,
Richard Nixon, became the first in American history to resign,
hounded out of office by means of the Watergate scandal.

   Listen now to the following words taken from a conspirator's
diary, and I quote:

  "For him alone, winter seems to have arrived.  He is being
secretly undermined and is already completely isolated.  He is
anxiously looking for collaborators.  Our mice are busily at work
gnawing through the last supports of his position."

Those words could have been written about Watergate with complete
accuracy, but they were not.  They were written by Hitler's
propaganda chief, Paul Joseph Goebbels, 12 days before Chancellor
Bruning was forced to resign on May 30, 1932.  Bruning was
succeeded by an interim chancellor more to Hitler's liking, Franz
von Papen; and Hitler himself replaced von Papen on January 30,
1933, when Hitler was appointed Chancellor by aging President von
Hindenburg under the provisions of the Weimar Constitution.  It
was this weakness in the Weimar Constitution--the fact that the
Chancellor was appointed, not elected, that enabled Hitler to
succeed in his plan to take control of Germany by 'legal' means
despite his lack of majority popular support!

   This lesson was not lost on Nelson Rockefeller, who introduced
exactly the same weakness into the United States Constitution for
his own benefit by means of the 25th Amendment!  The 25th
Amendment was proposed a scant three weeks after the
assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Nelson
Rockefeller's water boy, Birch Bayh, almost as if it had been
ready and waiting!

   Immediately after becoming Chancellor, Hitler forced new
elections.  His election campaign promised nothing at all, but
instead simply ran down the failures of the past.  Hitler said
simply, "Give us four years."  Meanwhile he assured his
supporters that these would actually be the last elections to be
expected for 10, perhaps even a hundred years.

   Terrorism and lawlessness mushroomed during the campaign,
culminating in the Reichstag fire just a few days before the
elections.  This pretext was used to suspend individual liberties
as guaranteed by the Weimar Constitution, enabling the Nazis to
take any actions they pleased against their political opponents. 
Following the election and the suppression of all effective
opposition, Hitler forced the passage of the infamous enabling
law, the foundation of Hitler's dictatorship.  This gave the
Chancellor the right to make laws without the cooperation of the
Reichstag for a period of four years.  Now, after it was too
late, it became clear what Hitler had meant in his campaign
theme, "Just give us four years."

   Hitler's enabling law gave him the power to rule by fiat,
which is the power of dictatorship.  To enact a law as Dictator
without the concurrence of the Reichstag, the Chancellor had only
to write a law and publish it, and in exactly the same way the
President of the United States can, and does, make law without
any action by Congress in the form of "EXECUTIVE ORDERS."  These
'laws' signed by the President himself, become law simply by
being published in the "FEDERAL REGISTER."

   Since March 1933, we have been technically in a continuous
condition of 'National Emergency', and many governmental powers
have been usurped by American presidents under this condition
over the past 43 years.  But every time a major new phase is
entered, there is a fresh declaration of National Emergency.

   In monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 10 four months ago, I alerted you
to the fact that plans are now progressing rapidly toward
implementing Executive Order 11490 signed by President Nixon
nearly seven years ago to provide in detail for a total
government take-over of all activities in a 'declared Emergency'. 
And on June 11, 1976, just last month, President Ford signed a
new Executive Order 11921 very quietly, which updates the older
Executive Order and shifts the emphasis heavily in the direction
of post-attack conditions as we near the outbreak of war!  It
places heavy emphasis on procedures relating to nuclear,
biological, and chemical hazards of the sort introduced into our
environment by the planned war.  It provides for the
establishment, not the preservation, of an economy for the
nation.  It provides for sweeping controls on that all important
resource, WATER, which is to be controlled and allocated by the
federal government.  This is the outcome of the little noticed
"National Commission on Water Quality" which was started by
Nelson Rockefeller at the same time as his better known
"Commission on Critical Choices."

   My friends, write to your Congressman and demand that he send
you a copy of the FEDERAL REGISTER for June 15, 1976, and read
for yourself the 44 pages of detailed provisions for the
"National Emergency" which is planned for all of us.  If
possible, this will be brought into play in the wake of oil
shortages and other disruptions generated in the wake of a Mid
East war!  But the thrust of Executive Order 11921 just signed by
Ford has to do with the aftermath of nuclear attack.

   The pattern, my friends, is unmistakable.  After Hitler
achieved power, he progressively consolidated it by eliminating
opposition political parties, ending independent local government
and replacing it with agents of his federal government, enforcing
his will by means of a Secret Police and spies, disposing of
troublesome elements by means of Concentration Camps, and using
Germany as a springboard for war to conquer other nations as

   If the Rockefeller Brothers succeed in their plans, the United
States of America will soon witness a replay of Hitlerism,
brought up to date and made more repressive and horrible than
ever by those who used Hitler for their own purposes.

Topic #3--If NUCLEAR WAR ONE is permitted to take place as
planned on American soil, perhaps you will survive it.  Many will
not, but some will; but if you do survive, what sort of future do
you and your trusting children have to look forward to?

   My friends, whether or not the Rockefellers are double-crossed
by their Soviet allies, the aftermath of NUCLEAR WAR ONE promises
to be slavery for you and all your loved ones.  If the
Rockefeller Brothers somehow find a way to prevent a double-cross
by the Soviets, then the war will proceed as planned for the
benefit of the Rockefellers.  Half of America's population will
be consumed in nuclear blasts a thousand times hotter than the
ovens of Hitler.  Those who are left will be given the task of
rebuilding America along the patterns dictated by the Rockefeller
Brothers--a once free people reduced to slave labor, shipped like
cattle to one area to rebuild a bombed-out power dam, to another
area to work in uranium mines, to still another area to work the
agricultural lands owned by the huge agri-businesses owned by the
Rockefellers and their collaborators.

   If the Rockefellers are double-crossed, the death toll during
the war itself may be even higher but the results afterward will
be no different.  Instead of living under a Rockefeller
dictatorship, we will exist under Soviet occupation whose
characteristics will be practically the same.  And so, my
friends, the choice between the Rockefeller Brothers and their
Soviet allies is no choice at all.

   If these things are allowed to come to pass and the final link
in the chain reaction that is to begin with general war in the
Middle East, then the life that will be left to us and our little
ones will not be worth living.  That is why for my part I would
rather speak the truth now in the hope that we may yet turn to a
third choice, the saving of our free country from war and
dictatorship while it can still be done.  The lesson of history
is that this cannot be done; that like countless peoples before
us, we will refuse to see the truth, believe it, and act on it in
time to save ourselves.  That is how most Germans reacted to
Adolf Hitler in the early 1930's, and that is how most Americans
are still behaving today.

   But 200 years ago a small band of very wise men defied the
rules of history and created a government that freed men as no
government had done in 5000 years, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 
And you and I can redeem this priceless heritage.  We, too, can
and must defy history in the same way by saving the unique
heritage that is ours.

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.


Celebrities invoking KALI’s Death Cult & Slaughter

So first some information about Kali from the Wikipedia:

Kālī (Sanskrit: काली, IPA: [kɑːliː]), also known as Kālikā (Sanskrit: कालिका), is the Hindugoddess associated with empowerment, shakti. The name Kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva. Since Shiva is called Kāla—the eternal time—Kālī, his consort, also means “Time” or “Death” (as in time has come). Hence, Kāli is the Goddess of Time and Change. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation of evil forces still has some influence. Various Shakta Hindu cosmologies, as well as Shākta Tantric beliefs, worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman. She is also revered as Bhavatārini (literally “redeemer of the universe”). Comparatively recent devotional movements largely conceive Kāli as a benevolent mother goddess.[1] Kālī is represented as the consort of Lord Shiva, on whose body she is often seen standing. Shiva lies in the path of Kali, whose foot on Shiva subdues her anger. She is the fierce aspect of the goddess Durga (Parvati).[2]


Kālī is the feminine form of kālam (“black, dark coloured”).[3] Kāla primarily means “time” but also means “black” in honor of being the first creation before light itself. Kālī means “the black one” and refers to her being the entity of “time” or “beyond time.” Kāli is strongly associated with Shiva, and Shaivas derive the masculine Kāla (an epithet of Shiva) to come from her feminine name. A nineteenth-century Sanskrit dictionary, the Shabdakalpadrum, states: कालः शिवः । तस्य पत्नीति – काली । kālaḥ śivaḥ । tasya patnīti kālī – “Shiva is Kāla, thus, his consort is Kāli” referring to Devi Parvathi being a manifestation of Devi MahaKali.

Other names include Kālarātri (“black night”), as described above, and Kālikā (“relating to time”). Coburn notes that the name Kālī can be used as a proper name, or as a description of color.[4]

Kāli’s association with darkness stands in contrast to her consort, Shiva, who manifested after her in creation, and who symbolises the rest of creation after Time is created. In his supreme awareness of Maya, his body is covered by the white ashes of the cremation ground (Sanskrit: śmaśāna) where he meditates, and with which Kāli is also associated, as śmaśāna-kālī. It is said that aspirants who wish to offer Bhakthi should approach under the proper guidance of a Siddha or equivalent. Chanting her mantras from anywhere would cause unknown effects.


Hugh Urban notes that although the word Kālī appears as early as the Atharva Veda written 1000 BCE or older, the first use of it as a proper name is in the Kathaka Grhya Sutra (19.7).[5] Kali is the name of one of the seven tongues of Agni, the [Rigvedic] God of Fire, in the Mundaka Upanishad (2:4), but it is unlikely that this refers to the goddess. The first appearance of Kāli in her present form is in the Sauptika Parvan of the Mahabharata (10.8.64). She is called Kālarātri (literally, “black night”) and appears to the Pandava soldiers in dreams, until finally she appears amidst the fighting during an attack by Drona‘s son Ashwatthama. She most famously appears in the sixth century Devi Mahatmyam as one of the shaktis of Mahadevi, and defeats the demon Raktabija (“Bloodseed”). The tenth-century Kalika Purana venerates Kāli as the ultimate reality.

According to David Kinsley, Kāli is first mentioned in Hinduism as a distinct goddess around 600 CE, and these texts “usually place her on the periphery of Hindu society or on the battlefield.”[6] She is often regarded as the Shakti of Shiva, and is closely associated with him in various Puranas. The Kalika Purana depicts her as the “Adi Shakti” (Fundamental Power) and “Para Prakriti” or beyond nature.


Slayer of Raktabija

In Kāli’s most famous legend, Devi Durga (Adi Parashakti) and her assistants, the Matrikas, wound the demon Raktabija, in various ways and with a variety of weapons in an attempt to destroy him. They soon find that they have worsened the situation for with every drop of blood that is dripped from Raktabija he reproduces a clone of himself. The battlefield becomes increasingly filled with his duplicates.[20] Durga, in need of help, summons Kāli to combat the demons. It is said, in some versions, that Goddess Durga actually assumes the form of Goddess Kāli at this time. The Devi Mahatmyam describes:

Out of the surface of her (Durga’s) forehead, fierce with frown, issued suddenly Kali of terrible countenance, armed with a sword and noose. Bearing the strange khatvanga (skull-topped staff ), decorated with a garland of skulls, clad in a tiger’s skin, very appalling owing to her emaciated flesh, with gaping mouth, fearful with her tongue lolling out, having deep reddish eyes, filling the regions of the sky with her roars, falling upon impetuously and slaughtering the great asuras in that army, she devoured those hordes of the foes of the devas.[21]

Kali destroys Raktabija by sucking the blood from his body and putting the many Raktabija duplicates in her gaping mouth. Pleased with her victory, Kali then dances on the field of battle, stepping on the corpses of the slain.[22] In the Devi Mahatmya version of this story, Kali is also described as a Matrika and as a Shakti or power of Devi. She is given the epithet Cāṃuṇḍā (Chamunda), i.e. the slayer of the demons Chanda and Munda.[23]Chamunda is very often identified with Kali and is very much like her in appearance and habit.[24]

Dakshina Kali

Bhadrakali (A gentle form of Kali), circa 1675.
Painting; made in India, Himachal Pradesh, Basohli,
now placed in LACMA.

In her most famous pose as Daksinakali, popular legends say that Kali, becoming drunk on the blood of her victims on the battlefield, dances with destructive frenzy. She is about to destroy whole universe when urged by all Gods Shiva lies on her way to stop her. In her fury she fails to see the body of Shiva, who lies among the corpses on the battlefield and steps on his chest.[25] Realizing Shiva lies beneath her feet, her anger is pacified and she calms her fury. Though not added in any of the puranas, the popular legends tell that Kali was ashamed at the prospect of keeping her husband beneath her feet and thus stuck her tongue out in shame. The ‘Devi-purana”, which goes into great depths about Goddess Kali, reveals the true reason for the symbolism of the tongue. The characteristic icons that depict Kali are the following; unbridled matted hair, open blood shot eyes, open mouth and a drooping tongue; in her hands, she holds a Khadga (bent sword or scimitar) and a human head; she has a girdle of human hands across her waist and an enchanted Shiva lies beneath her feet. Each of these icons represent a deep philosophical epithet.[26] The drooping out-stuck tongue represents her blood-thirst. Lord Shiva beneath her feet represents matter, as Kali is undoubtedly the primeval energy. The depiction of Kali on Shiva shows that without energy, matter lies “dead”.[27] This concept has been simplified to a folk-tale depicting a wife placing her foot on her husband and sticking her tongue out in shame. In tantric contexts, the tongue is seen to denote the element (guna) of rajas (energy and action) controlled by sattva.

If Kali steps on Shiva with her right foot and holds the sword in her left hand, she is considered to be Dakshina Kali.[28][29] The Dakshina Kali Temple has important religious associations with the Jagannath Temple and it is believed that Daksinakali is the guardian of the kitchen of the Lord Jagannath Temple. Puranic tradition says that in Puri, Lord Jagannath is regarded as Daksinakalika. Goddess Dakshinakali plays an important role in the ‘Niti’ of Saptapuri Amavasya.[30]

One South Indian tradition tells of a dance contest between Shiva and Kali. After defeating the two demons Sumbha and Nisumbha, Kali takes up residence in the forest of Thiruvalankadu or Thiruvalangadu. She terrorizes the surrounding area with her fierce, disruptive nature. One of Shiva’s devotees becomes distracted while performing austerities, and asks Shiva to rid the forest of the destructive goddess. When Shiva arrives, Kali threatens him, claiming the territory as her own. Shiva challenges Kali to a dance contest; both of them dance and Kali matches Shiva in every step that he takes until Shiva takes the “Urdhvatandava” step, by vertically raising his right leg.[31] Kali refuses to perform this step, which would not befit her as a woman, and became pacified.


Now when you know that Kali is the Symbol of death and slaughter we check out what is happening in Hollywood and it’s not nice. I wondered many times that why Miley Cyrus sticks her tongue out in every fucking picture, but now it is just plain clear. She is promoting Illuminati’s death cult like everyone else in the musin business nowadays:

“Whether we like it or not, us females in the industry are role models and as such we have to be extremely careful what messages we send to other women. The message you keep sending is that its somehow cool to be prostituted … its so not cool Miley … its dangerous. –Sinéad O’Connor

Miley Cyrus Satanic Conspiracy

The MTV Music Awards has come and gone but, the Mind Control remains!

Miley Cyrus VMA conspiracy

Why is Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs important to our nation? Simply stated, Global Mind Control. It is not always the effect on the children of America. This is a global conspiracy and they need the U.S. to look like The Great Satan in the eyes of other nations. Our celebrities are used as symbols to rally the forces of war. Kali, consort of Shiva, symbolizes the “Time of Death”; The Black One. Once Kali had destroyed all the demons in battle, she began a terrific dance out of the sheer joy of victory. The unleashed form of Kali often becomes wild and uncontrollable. Kali was so much involved in the killing spree that she got carried away and began destroying everything in sight. Kali is the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess.

Notice in this video of Miley’s performance at the VMAs she is stroking invisible hair; another indication that THEY have her invoking Kali

Psychological warfare is the subtle undertone that guides a population to war. Some say there are much more important things to discuss other than Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Music Awards. The simple answer is that this is wartime propaganda and Disney has been at the heart of it since WWII.

Miley Kali

They brought Miley out of a trailer park and onto the stripper pole singing “Party in the USA” as the U.S. economy collapsed. Again, Miley was dredged up to play a role in the Occupy Movement. Now, it is the blatant destruction of the United States’ image. The rest of the world must see us as The Great Satan. This is the reason for Honey Boo Boo, Sex in the City, or Pawn Stars; to make America look like the lowest form of life on the planet. Beyond this is the Truther programming that leads one to destroy their own nation from within. Do you think THEY do not want you spreading hate for America’s leadership. It’s in the plan! Globalists have no love of nations. Disney showed us this little tid bit of mind control in Chicken Little. The Fox uses Chicken Little to spread fear and animosity amongst the chickens all the while he thinks he is doing the right thing. (Spoiler Alert) It does not go well for the chickens.
There is more to this. The psychological effect that this display of debauchery has on young minds. We have all grown up institutionalized and mind controlled. Our celebrities simply reinforce the meta-programming and without them, this whole scenario falls apart.
On December 7, 1941 Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor. Within twenty four hours war had been declared and approved by Congress and the United States officially entered WWII. The next day Walt Disney arrived to work at the studio in Burbank only to be stopped at a check point and made to confirm his identity. The entire studio had been commandeered by the military.

Disney Wartime Propaganda

When the studio occupation ended Walt chose to stick with the military theme in his project “Victory Through Air Power”. It ended with a triumphant obliteration of Tokyo. The cartoon reduced war to machines fighting machines leaves out the suffering and dying…one critic of the time called it a “gay dream of holocaust”. Winston Churchill liked it so much he requested a private screening for himself and Franklin Roosevelt to help convince the president to go ahead with a long range bombing program.

Inspired by Disney’s “Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi”, Hitler was enjoying his own finely tuned mechanism of mind control. His propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels admired the quality of Walt Disney’s animation so much he was inspired to use the same medium to create propaganda of his own.


Walt Disney has stated that he always saw Donald Duck as the common man, yet, he portrays Donald as one who is irrational, ill-tempered, impulsive, of low intelligence and is easily manipulated. In the 1942 cartoon entitled “The New Spirit” Donald is implored by a radio to help stamp tyranny from the earth by paying his income taxes, imparting to him the motto “Taxes to beat the axis.” When Donald rushes his payment to Washington DC we discover exactly where our tax revenues go…to factories working day and night to produce “guns, machine guns, anti-tank guns, long range guns, guns, Guns all kinds of GUNS!”

Why would the government need Donald Duck to remind people to pay their taxes? Perhaps because in 1942 Americans were just getting used to the idea of federal income tax. Few people know that prior to 1913 federal income tax was considered unconstitutional.
Get Weird Stuff to know more!


The Teddy Bear is used in Mind Control as a symbol of your helplessness. A drugged-out, one-eyed Teddy Bear is beyond the concept of the message given to children by Satanic Ritual Abusers when they defile their most treasured possession. This lovable stuffed bear is turned into a constant reminder of the molestation the child has suffered. If it can happen to Teddy…
As a matter of fact, kissing the anus of the Devil was a ritual performed on the witches sabbath. It is the ultimate act of abasement called Osculum Infame – “The Kiss of Shame”.


You may think that bringing more attention to this spectacle is creating more bad publicity for the U.S.A. but as they say on G.I. Joe, “Knowing is half the battle.” The effects of the celebrity mind control are obvious. What is not as familiar is the master controlling the puppets and by proxy, controlling you. If you blame these celebrity victims, you are under the spell of the sorcerer! It is their job to Blur the Lines.

The Illuminati message is clear – We Can’t Stop!
Dancing with Miley
Doing whatever we want
This is our house
This is our rules
And we can’t stop
And we won’t stop
Can’t you see it’s we who own the night
Can’t you see it we who bout’ that life
And we can’t stop
And we won’t stop
We run things, Things don’t run we
We don’t take nothing from nobody
No, you give your free will agreement every time you witness these events and do nothing to change the direction our world is being pushed. Yes, you need the strength of Atlas, so invite your friends to lead an agenda to find the beautiful, loving, caring, nurturing people that surround you.


It is a choice of what to care about. Some are certain you should be looking at the warfare as opposed to being offended by Miley. We show that this runs hand-in-hand. The Princess/Warrior Programming creates the culture of narcissistic psychopaths that leads to war.


We are being led down a path outlined by Aleister Crowley in the Book of the Law and at the top is the Whore of Babylon. Crowley stated, and I cover this in-depth in Aliens From Hell, that the destruction of society lies in children witnessing every sexual act before adolescence. Lady Gaga shows us the allegiance to Lucifer dressed as Venus and we can only escape this vampiric influence by turning our back to the Little Monsters placed on the stage before us.


Lucifer is our Lady Liberty. Look it up if you don’t believe me. We are part of a High Profile Ritual regardless of which theater it is performed in; a theater of war or the stage of MTV Music Awards. To understand the purpose of all this, you must learn of the Ordo Templi Orientis or Sex Cult of the Illuminati. You will learn much by going through these Podcasts. Our children’s souls are at stake and with them our very future.
When you learn the goal of invoking demons to enter our souls brought to you by Disney, Katy Perry and the like, you will understand what is at stake! They call this Scarlet Woman, the Whore of Babylon and she has come in many incarnations…


Don’t let this mouse shake you down!

Minnie Mouse Shake Down

And just a thought, as you watch warfare for entertainment, keep in mind what Disney’s show Jessie has to say…


This comes from the episode titled “The Secret Life of Mr. Kipling”. You will find that Mr. Kipling is not only a reptile but also a Freemason. Stay tuned, more to come!
The Art of Disney is 666

Disney Art 666


This satanic/Illuminati/death cult agenda is just so sickening, that please spread and tell others and don’t let your children look at this satanic CRAP!