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Just found this huge packet of info about Ascension and other stuff. Interesting to watch, but make up your own conclusions:

Written by  Kerry Cassidy

I went to Florida to interview A’shayana Deane, author of the Voyager books. Her previous work details the history behind the genetic engineering of the human race and the numerous ET races that have been interacting with and shaping our destiny here on Earth as well as throughout the many multi-verses. ashayana-deane

Sarasota, Florida May 2010 |NOTE: no changes have been made.




I went to Florida to interview A’shayana Deane, author of the Voyager books. Her previous work details the history behind the genetic engineering of the human race and the numerous ET races that have been interacting with and shaping our destiny here on Earth as well as throughout the many multi-verses. This information is highly complex and detailed. She and two other “speakers” as they call themselves are receiving this information via telepathic downloads. They have been trained by the Guardian Alliances, a group of ETs who protect the secrets of ascension and the stargates on this planet and others from what they call the self-interested Intruder races.

This interview is the first part of several hours I spent with Ashayana Deane and the others working with her on briinging the science of Keylonta to the planet. Keylonta is the science of “light, sound, subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter”. The many images on the video of charts and “maps” depict these concepts in a visual manner aimed at stimulating memory and re-awkening the DNA pathways in the viewer. The .pdf files for download are available for purchase at Azurite Press to assist those who are interested in following along more closely while watching the video.

Because of the complex but vital information presented here I encourage anyone who is interested to do further research and to visit the website for more information. Classes and DVDs are available there as well: Azuritepress.com

Kerry Lynn Cassidy

May 2010


The Coming “Official” Announcement of the Alien Presence on Earth

Some info about Alien agenda…

The Coming “Official” Announcement of the Alien Presence on Earth

Author Unknown
(likely posted in the early 1990’s)

The Coming “Official” Announcement of the Alien Presence on Earth



What is going on? Something very sinister is going on.

Polls reveal that over 90% of the Americans people believe in UFO’s and 95% of these people believe the government is keeping this knowledge from the public. But Why?

Are they afraid the people will panic if an “Official” announcement were made? Hardly. Such an announcement would create interest and excitement and many questions, particularly by the churches, but do not panic. Why then the continued cover-up?

There is overwhelming evidence in the past several years from “Whistle Blowers” retired military officers who have finally said, “Enough is enough! It’s time the government told the people the truth!” These officers, such as Navy Intelligence officer, William Cooper, Major John Lear (whose father founded the Lear Jet Corp.) and Air Force officer William English, to name but a few, have all discovered the truth, and at the risk of their very lives, are trying to alert YOU to the secrets behind the UFO’s and the Alien Presence on this earth. These people worked on the secret projects, had access to ‘classified’ Top Secret documents , had seen with there own eyes ‘captured’ aliens, or extraterrestrial entities, UFO’s and the incredible technology they brought with them.

Sightings of UFO’s have been reported throughout history, and biblical and historic references to “Flaming Chariots” huge flying ‘birds’ and odd looking beings predate our history by thousands of years. In the 1940’s several alien spacecraft were recovered by the U.S. and other countries, along with a few dead aliens and one live one they named EBE (a name suggested by Dr. Vannever Bush and was short for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity).

In 1953 astronomers discovered large objects in space which were moving toward earth. At first they believed they were asteroids, but later evidence proved the objects could only be spaceships. Project Sigma and Project Plato intercepted alien radio communication and using the computer binary language, was able to arrange a landing that resulted in face-to-face contact with alien beings from another planet. Meanwhile, a race of human-looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government, warning us that the aliens orbiting the equator were hostile beings from Orion. These human-type aliens demanded we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons, that we were on a path of self-destruction and we must stop killing each other, stop polluting the earth, stop raping the earths natural resources and learn to live in harmony with one another. President Eisenhower rejected these demands.

Later in 1954, the race of aliens, known as Greys, from Zeta Reticuli area in space, who had been orbiting the equator, landed at Holloman Air Force Base. they stated their planet was dying and needed quarters on earth to conduct genetic experiments that might allow their race to survive; this in exchange for certain technology. President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal treaty was signed [Greada treaty]. The treaty stated the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth secret; they would furnish us with advanced technology. They could abduct humans on a limited basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring, with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, that the humans have no memory of the event. It was also agreed the alien bases would be constructed underground, beneath Indian reservations in the 4 corners area of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Another was to be constructed in Nevada in the area known as S-4, about 7 miles south of area 51, known as ‘Dreamland‘. A multi-billion dollar secret fund was organized and kept by the Military Office of the White House, supposedly to build secret underground sites for the President and the staff in case of military attacks.

By secret Executive Memorandum, NSC5410, Eisenhower established a permanent committee known as “Majority Twelve” (MJ12) to oversee and conduct all covert activities with the aliens. This included FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and six leaders of the Council on Foreign Relations, known as the ‘Wise Men‘ and later others from the Trilateral Commision. George Bush, Gordon Dean, and Zbigniew Brzezinski were among them.

A major finding of the commission was the aliens were using humans and animals for a source on glandular secretions, enzymes, hormonal secretions, blood and in horrible genetic experiments. The aliens explained these actions as necessary for their survival, that if their genetic structure were not improved, their race would cease to exist.

The ruling powers decided that one means of funding the alien project was to corner the illegal drug market. A young ambitious member of the Council on Foreign Relations was approached. His name is George Bush who at the time was president and CEO of Zapata Oil Co. based in Texas. Zapata Oil was experimenting with offshore oil drilling and it was arranged that the drugs could be shipped from South America to the offshore platforms by fishing boats, then transferred to the U.S. shore by normal transportation, thus avoiding search by customs agents. The plan worked better than anyone expected, and today the CIA controls all the world’s illegal drug markets. One should remember, it was George Bush who first started selling drugs to our children. The drug money was used to finance the deep underground alien bases.

Conclusions: the Bilderburgers, the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] and the Trilateral Commision are the SECRET GOVERNMENT and rule this nation through MJ-12 and the study group known as the Jason Society.

Throughout history the aliens have manipulated and/or ruled the human race through various secret societies, religion and the occult. The CFR and the Trilateral Commision are in complete control of the alien technology and the nation’s economy. Eisenhower was the last president to know the entire overview of the alien problem. Succeeding presidents were told only what MJ-12 wanted them to know, and it was NOT the truth. MJ-12 presented each new President with a picture of a lost alien culture seeking to renew itself, build a home on this planet and shower us with gifts of technology. Each president has bought the story hook, line, and sinker. Meanwhile, innocent people continue to suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of alien and human scientists who are engaged in barbarous research that would make the Nazis pale in comparison. As if that is not enough, many people end up as food for the insatiable alien appetite for biological enzymes, hormonal secretions and blood. At least 1 in every 40 Americans have been implanted with alien devices that are used to control them if necessity calls.

By 1989 over 3 million ‘Greys’ are occupying these deep multi-level underground complexes. Level 7 at Dulce is called “Nightmare Hall”. They have welched on their agreement on abducting humans; today over 25 million citizens have been abducted and implanted, a literal army awaiting orders to march! (Whitley Strieber has written best selling on his personal experience as have many others). For this reason other nations were informed. Within 5 months the communist monolith Russia was dismantled to unite with the U.S. and it’s technology to fight the invasion. The Hubble Space Telescope was created to keep a watchful eye on the invasion fleet; Star Wars technology has been developed to hopefully stop them in outer space before they can get to the earth.

Today, the government is on the horns of a dilemma. Too may sources are releasing alien information. The public could get angry at continued secrecy. So MJ-12 plans soon to make an “Official” announcement, under controlled conditions, probably Area 51. Network TV will be called to meet the staged ‘landing’ of the aliens, these being the Greys. They will come bearing gifts, technology that supposedly will heal Cancer and AIDS, retard aging, etc. They will tell us they are ‘saviors of humanity’ who have come to defend the earth against an invasion of man-eating aliens called Reptoids.

This story is a LIE, they already work for the Reptoids [reptilian aliens]! Their plan is to unify the world into a One-world Government, a ‘New World Order’ with the argument that only this can defeat the invasion by Reptoids. This is a trap to enslave the world’s population. Control will be accomplished through the money system, a universal currency controlled by certain international bankers, who for years have been lackeys of the aliens, who seized upon their greed and lust for wealth and power as a means to bring about their evil plan to control the earth. (This also being the scenario predicted in the Bible’s ‘Book of Revelation’ wherein only those who accept the Mark of the Beast (the aliens being the ‘Beast’ and the ‘Mark’ being some sort of laser tattoo or Credit Card they will use, which will allow people to buy and sell goods). Those who do not accept this ‘Mark’ must live outside the money system and survive somehow on their own, through barter etc.



‘Prelude to Afternoon of an Alien’ (April 16, 2005)

Project Blue Beam

Cosmic Deception: The Hoaxed Alien Invasion Scenario

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The Aliens Are Here! The Aliens Are Here!

Alien Invasion Herald?

The Alien Invasion Scenario & Other Insights from Matthew Ward (June 3, 2003)

The Long Awaited ‘Study’ Exposing ET Infiltration of Military, Intelligence, and Government Departments (June 3, 2003)


Rules of the Road

Quick post about spiritual activism:


Rules of the Road

13 Principles of Spiritual Activism

[Editor’s Note: These 13 suggestions for ethical behavior and spiritual progression are based on principles which operate throughout the universe. Some people call them Universal laws When you reach the point in your life when you begin to take notice of these inviolate rules and consciously apply them, you begin to notice changes in your awareness, in your sense of fulfullment, satisfaction, and peace. You will also notice material and spiritual rewards coming to you in greater abundance. When you follow these spiritual Rules of the Road for Life’s Journey, you will find yourself in harmony with the Voice of the Creator and life will flow through you like a river. Christ was able to distill a fair share of the ideas embraced here when he laid out the principle of Golder Rule: “Do unto others as they would do unto you” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. Jesus didn’t do such a bad job expanding these concepts with the Beatitudes either. Print this list out and tape it to your refrigerator or slip it into a page protector and put it somewhere where you and other people will notice it and read it. Daily reminders are the best way to adopt new patterns of behavior. ..Ken]

July 6, 2005

Forward courtesy of Marcus Macauley <mmacauley@riseup.net>

Original Title
Principles of Spiritual Activism

The following principles emerged from several years’ work with social change leaders in Satyana’s Leading with Spirit program. We offer these not as definitive truths, but rather as key learnings and guidelines that, taken together, comprise a useful framework for “spiritual activism.”

1. Transformation of motivation from anger/fear/despair to compassion/love/purpose. This is a vital challenge for today’s social change movement. This is not to deny the noble emotion of appropriate anger or outrage in the face of social injustice. Rather, this entails a crucial shift from fighting against evil to working for love, and the long-term results are very different, even if the outer activities appear virtually identical. Action follows Being, as the Sufi saying goes. Thus “a positive future cannot emerge from the mind of anger and despair” (Dalai Lama).

2. Non-attachment to outcome. This is difficult to put into practice, yet to the extent that we are attached to the results of our work, we rise and fall with our successes and failures—a sure path to burnout. Hold a clear intention, and let go of the outcome—recognizing that a larger wisdom is always operating. As Gandhi said, “the victory is in the doing,” not the results. Also, remain flexible in the face of changing circumstances: “Planning is invaluable, but plans are useless.”(Churchill)

3. Integrity is your protection. If your work has integrity, this will tend to protect you from negative energy and circumstances. You can often sidestep negative energy from others by becoming “transparent” to it, allowing it to pass through you with no adverse effect upon you. This is a consciousness practice that might be called “psychic aikido.”

4. Integrity in means and ends. Integrity in means cultivates integrity in the fruit of one’s work. A noble goal cannot be achieved utilizing ignoble means.

5. Don’t demonize your adversaries. It makes them more defensive and less receptive to your views. People respond to arrogance with their own arrogance, creating rigid polarization. Be a perpetual learner, and constantly challenge your own views.

6. You are unique. Find and fulfill your true calling. “It is better to tread your own path, however humbly, than that of another, however successfully.” (Bhagavad Gita)

7. Love thy enemy. Or at least, have compassion for them. This is a vital challenge for our times. This does not mean indulging falsehood or corruption. It means moving from “us/them” thinking to “we” consciousness, from separation to cooperation, recognizing that we human beings are ultimately far more alike than we are different. This is challenging in situations with people whose views are radically opposed to yours. Be hard on the issues, soft on the people.

8. Your work is for the world, not for you. In doing service work, you are working for others. The full harvest of your work may not take place in your lifetime, yet your efforts now are making possible a better life for future generations. Let your fulfillment come in gratitude for being called to do this work, and from doing it with as much compassion, authenticity, fortitude, and forgiveness as you can muster.

9. Selfless service is a myth. In serving others, we serve our true selves. “It is in giving that we receive.” We are sustained by those we serve, just as we are blessed when we forgive others. As Gandhi says, the practice of satyagraha (“clinging to truth”) confers a “matchless and universal power” upon those who practice it. Service work is enlightened self-interest, because it cultivates an expanded sense of self that includes all others.

10. Do not insulate yourself from the pain of the world. Shielding yourself from heartbreak prevents transformation. Let your heart break open, and learn to move in the world with a broken heart. As Gibran says, “Your pain is the medicine by which the physician within heals thyself.” When we open ourselves to the pain of the world, we become the medicine that heals the world. This is what Gandhi understood so deeply in his principles of ahimsa and satyagraha. A broken heart becomes an open heart, and genuine transformation begins.

11. What you attend to, you become. Your essence is pliable, and ultimately you become that which you most deeply focus your attention upon. You reap what you sow, so choose your actions carefully. If you constantly engage in battles, you become embattled yourself. If you constantly give love, you become love itself.

12. Rely on faith, and let go of having to figure it all out. There are larger ‘divine’ forces at work that we can trust completely without knowing their precise workings or agendas. Faith means trusting the unknown, and offering yourself as a vehicle for the intrinsic benevolence of the cosmos. “The first step to wisdom is silence. The second is listening.” If you genuinely ask inwardly and listen for guidance, and then follow it carefully—you are working in accord with these larger forces, and you become the instrument for their music.

13. Love creates the form. Not the other way around. The heart crosses the abyss that the mind creates, and operates at depths unknown to the mind. Don’t get trapped by “pessimism concerning human nature that is not balanced by an optimism concerning divine nature, or you will overlook the cure of grace.” (Martin Luther King) Let your heart’s love infuse your work and you cannot fail, though your dreams may manifest in ways different from what you imagine.


Prelude to Afternoon of an Alien

Sunday read:


[Editor’s Note: I’ve already mentioned ‘The Aliens are Coming, The Aliens are Coming!’ scenario in previous articles that touched on the hoaxed alien invasion scenario or its friendly counterpart, ‘Aliens Landing on the White House lawn’, or even more likely, ‘The Really Big Show in the Sky’ variation of alien spacecraft seen by millions around the world and shown on TV everywhere (as indicated in the disinformation piece reprinted below). Matthew also mentioned this very routine in one of his recent messages. All of these aliens-in-your-face scenarios are scripted deceptions by the Illuminati to dupe us. As usual, the Illuminati wants to control both sides of their concocted conflicts, so we will either get the ‘aliens as our buddies who will help save us from ourselves’ scenario (as suggested below) OR we will be given the ‘aliens are a deadly mortal threat to all of humanity; requiring that we all ban together under one world governemnt and accede to military control over our lives – or a combinations of the two. The plan to use the ‘disclosure’ of aliens as a set up for eventually getting humanity to band together under a One World government (for our mutual ‘protection and defense’ of course) was laid out in Project Blue Beam over 50 years ago. These plans have been in the making for a long time. Isn’t it about time that you came up to speed on this hoax? Also see the linked articles posted at the bottom of this page. …Ken]. ,

April 16, 2005

—– Original Message —–
From: george.z
To: Editor@educate-yourself.org
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005
Subject: From my village to yours

Dear Ken,

Have you seen this: http://www.geocities.com/meetetnow/Changetheworld1.htm

I would be interested in your opinion.

Best regards,

George Ziegler

Change the World!
Decide Whether We Should Show Up!


Whoever transmitted this translated message to you is irrelevant, and should remain anonymous in your mind. It is what you will do with this message which matters !

Each one of you wishes to exercise her/his free will and experience happiness.

These are attributes that were shown to us and to which we now have access. Your free will depends upon the knowledge you have of your own power. Your happiness depends upon the love that you give and receive.

Like all conscious races at this stage of progress, you may feel isolated on your planet. This impression makes you sure of your destiny. Yet, you are at the brink of big upheavals that only a minority is aware of.

It is not our responsibility to modify your future without you choosing it. Consider this message as a worldwide referendum! And your answer as a ballot!

Who are we?
Neither your scientists nor your religious representatives speak unanimously about the unexplained celestial events that mankind has witnessed for thousands of years. To know the truth, one must face it without the filter of one’s beliefs, however respectable they may be.

A growing number of anonymous researchers of yours are exploring new knowledge paths and are getting very close to reality. Today, your civilisation is flooded with an ocean of information of which only a tiny part, the less upsetting one, is notably diffused.

What in your history seemed ridiculous or improbable has often become possible, then realised, in particular in the last fifty years. Be aware that the future will be even more surprising. You will discover the worst as well as the best.

Like billions others in this galaxy, we are conscious creatures that some name “extra-terrestrials”, even though reality is subtler.

There is no fundamental difference between you and us, save for the experience of certain stages of evolution. Like in any other organised structure, hierarchy exists in our internal relationships. Ours is based upon the wisdom of several races. It is with the approval of this hierarchy that we turn to you.

Like most of you, we are in the quest of the Supreme Being. Therefore we are not gods or lesser gods but virtually your equals in the Cosmic Brotherhood.

Physically, we are somewhat different from you but for most of us humanoid-shaped.

Our existence is a reality but the majority of you does not perceive it yet. We are not mere observations, we are consciences just like you. You fail to apprehend us because we remain invisible to your senses and measure instruments most of the time.

We wish to fill this void at this moment in your history. We made this collective decision but this is not enough. We need yours. Through this message, you become the decision-makers ! You personally.

We have no human representative on Earth who could guide your decision.

Why aren’t we visible?
At certain stages of evolution, cosmic “humanities” discover new forms of science beyond the apparent control of matter. Structured dematerialisation and materialisation are part of them. This is what your humanity has reached in a few laboratories, in close collaboration with other “extra-terrestrial” creatures at the cost of hazardous compromises that remain purposedly hidden from you by some of your representatives.

Apart from the aerial or spatial objects or phenomena known about by your scientific community, that you call ‘UFOs, there are essentially multidimensional manufactured spaceships that apply these capacities.

Many human beings have been in visual, auditory, tactile or psychic contact with such ships, some of which are under occult powers that “govern” you. The scarcity of your observations is due to the outstanding advantages provided by the dematerialised state of these ships.

By not witnessing them by yourself, you cannot believe in their existence. We fully understand this.

The majority of these observations are made on an individual basis so as to touch the soul and not to modify any organised system. This is deliberate from the races that surround you but for very different reasons and results.

For negative multidimensional beings that play a part in the exercise of power in the shadow of human oligarchy, discretion is motivated by their will to keep their existence and seizure unknown.

For us, discretion is motivated by the respect of the human free will that people can exercise to manage their own affairs so that they can reach technical and spiritual maturity on their own. Humankind’s entrance into the family of galactic civilisations is greatly expected.

We can appear in broad daylight and help you attain this union. We haven’t done it so far, as too few of you have genuinely desired it, because of ignorance, indifference or fear, and because the emergency of the situation did not justify it. Many of those who study our appearances count the lights in the night without lighting the way. Often they think in terms of objects when it is all about conscious beings.

Who are you?
You are the offspring of many traditions that throughout time have been mutually enriched by each others’ contributions. The same applies to the races at the surface of the Earth. Your goal is to unite in the respect of these roots to accomplish a common project. The appearance of your cultures seems to keep you separated because you substitute it to your deeper being. Shape is now more important than the essence of your subtle nature. For the powers in place, this prevalence of the shape constitutes the ramparts against any form of jeopardy.

You are being called on to overcome shape while still respecting it for its richness and beauty. Understanding the conscience of shape makes us love men in their diversity. Peace does not mean not making war, it consists in becoming what you are in reality: a same Fraternity.

To understand this, the number of solutions within your reach are decreasing. One of them consists in contact with another race that would reflect the image of what you are in reality.

What is your situation?
Except for rare occasions, our interventions always had very little incidence on your capacity to make collective and individual decisions about your own future. This is motivated by our knowledge of your deep psychological mechanisms.

We reached the conclusion that freedom is built every day as a being becomes aware of himself and of his environment, getting progressively rid of constraints and inertias, whatever they may be. Despite the numerous, brave and willing human consciences, those inertias are artificially maintained for the profit of a growing centralising power.

Until recently, mankind lived a satisfying control of its decisions. But it is losing more and more the control of its own fate because of the growing use of advanced technologies, which lethal consequences on the earthly and human ecosystems become irreversible. You are slowly but surely losing your extraordinary capacity to make life desirable. Your resilience will artificially decrease, independently of your own will. Such technologies exist that affect your body as well as your mind. Such plans are on their way.

This can change as long as you keep this creative power in you, even if it cohabits with the dark intentions of your potential lords. This is the reason why we remain invisible. This individual power is doomed to vanish should a collective reaction of great magnitude not happen. The period to come is that of rupture, whichever it may be.

But should you wait for the last moment to find solutions ? Should you anticipate or undergo pain ?

Your history has never ceased to be marked by encounters between peoples who had to discover one another in conditions that were often conflictual. Conquests almost always happened to the detriment of others. Earth has now become a village where everyone knows everyone else but still conflicts persist and threats of all kinds get worse in duration and intensity.

Although a Human being as an individual, yet having many potential capacities, cannot exercise them with dignity. This is the case for the biggest majority of you for reasons that are essentially geopolitical.

There are several billion of you. The education of your children and your living conditions, as well as the conditions of numerous animals and much plant life are nevertheless under the thumb of a small number of your political, financial, military and religious representatives.

Your thoughts and beliefs are modelled after partisan interests to turn you into slaves while at the same time giving you the feeling that you are in total control of your destiny, which in essence is the reality.

But there is a long way between a wish and a fact when the true rules of the game at hand are unknown. This time, you are not the conqueror. Biasing information is a millenary strategy for human beings. Inducting thoughts, emotions or organisms that do not belong to you via ad hoc technologies is an even older a strategy.

Wonderful opportunities of progress stand close to big subdual and destruction threats. These dangers and opportunities exist now. However, you can only perceive what is being shown to you. The end of natural resources is programmed whereas no long-term collective project has been launched.

Ecosystem exhaustion mechanisms have exceeded irreversible limits. The scarcity of resources and their unfair distribution – resources which entry price will rise day after day – will bring about fratricide fights at a large scale, but also at the very heart of your cities and countrysides.

Hatred grows bigger but so does love. That is what keeps you confident in your ability to find solutions. But the critical mass is insufficient and a sabotage work is cleverly being carried out.

Human behaviours, formed from past habits and trainings, have such an inertia that this perspective leads you to a dead end. You entrust these problems to representatives, whose conscience of common well-being slowly fades away in front of corporatist interests, with those difficulties. They are always debating on the form but rarely on the content.

Just at the moment of action, delays will accumulate to the point when you have to submit rather than choose. This is the reason why, more than ever in your history, your decisions of today will directly and significantly impact your survival of tomorrow.

What event could radically modify this inertia that is typical of any civilisation ? Where will a collective and unifying awareness come from, that will stop this blind rushing ahead ?

Tribes, populations and human nations have always encountered and interacted with one another. Faced with the threats weighing upon the human family, it is perhaps time that a greater interaction occurred.

A great roller wave is on the verge of emerging. It mixes very positive but also very negative aspects.

Who are the “third party”?
There are two ways to establish a cosmic contact with another civilisation: via its standing representatives or directly with individuals without distinction. The first way entails fights of interests, the second way brings awareness.

The first way was chosen by a group of races motivated by keeping mankind in slavery, thereby controlling Earth resources, the gene pool and human emotional energy.

The second way was chosen by a group of races allied with the cause of the Spirit of service. We have, at our end, subscribed to this disinterested cause and introduced ourselves a few years ago to representatives of the human power who refused our outstretched hand on the pretext of incompatible interests with their strategic vision.

That is why today individuals are to make this choice by themselves without any representative interfering. What we proposed in the past to those whom we believed were in a capacity to contribute to your happiness, we propose it now to … you!

Most of you ignore that non-human creatures took part in the exercise of those centralising powers without them being neither suspected nor accessible to your senses. This is so true that they have almost very subtly taken control. They do not necessarily stand on your material plan, and that is precisely what could make them extremely efficient and frightening in the near future. However, be aware that a large number of your representatives are fighting this danger ! Be aware that not all abductions are made against you. It is difficult to recognize the truth !

How could you under such conditions exercise your free will when it is so much manipulated ? What are you really free of ?

Peace and reunification of your peoples would be a first step toward the harmony with civilisations other than yours.

That is precisely what those who manipulate you behind the scenes want to avoid at all cost because, by dividing, they reign! They also reign over those who govern you. Their strength comes from their capacity to distillate mistrust and fear into you. This considerably harms your very cosmic nature.

This message would be of no interest if these manipulators’ tutorate did not reach its peak and if their misleading and murderous plans did not materialise in a few years from now. Their deadlines are close and mankind will undergo unprecedented torments for the next ten cycles.

To defend yourselves against this aggression that bears no face, you need at least to have enough information that leads to the solution.

As is also the case with humans, resistance exists amongst those dominant races. Here again, appearance will not be enough to tell the dominator from the ally. At your current state of psychism, it is extremely difficult for you to distinguish between them. In addition to your intuition, training will be necessary when the time has come.

Being aware of the priceless value of free will, we are inviting you to an alternative.

What can we offer?
We can offer you a more holistic vision of the universe and of life, constructive interactions, the experience of fair and fraternal relationships, liberating technical knowledge, eradiction of suffering, controlled exercise of individual powers, the access to new forms of energy and, finally, a better comprehension of consciousness.

We cannot help you overcome your individual and collective fears, or bring you laws that you would not have chosen, work on your own selves, individual and collective effort to build the world you desire, the spirit of quest to new skies.

What would we receive?
Should you decide that such a contact takes place, we would rejoice over the safeguarding of fraternal equilibrium in this region of the universe, fruitful diplomatic exchanges, and the intense Joy of knowing that you are united to accomplish what you are capable of. The feeling of Joy is strongly sought in the universe for its energy is divine.

What is the question we ask you?


How to can you answer this question?
The truth of soul can be read by telepathy. You only need to clearly ask yourself this question and give your answer as clearly, on your own or in a group, as you wish. Being in the heart of a city or in the middle of a desert does not impact the efficiency of your answer, YES or NO, IMMEDIATELY AFTER ASKING THE QUESTION! Just do it as if you were speaking to yourself but thinking about the message.

This is a universal question and these mere few words, put in their context, have a powerful meaning. You should not let hesitation in the way. This is why you should calmly think about it, in all conscience. In order to perfectly associate your answer with the question, it is recommended that you answer right after another reading of this message.

Do not rush to answer. Breathe and let all the power of your own free will penetrate you. Be proud of what you are ! The problems that you may have weaken you. Forget about them for a few minutes to be yourselves. Feel the force that springs up in you. You are in control of yourselves !

A single thought, a single answer can drastically change your near future, in one way as in another.

Your individual decision of asking in your inner self that we show up on your material plan and in broad daylight is precious and essential to us.

Even though you can choose the way that best suits you, rituals are essentially useless. A sincere request made with your heart and your own will will always be perceived by those of us whom it is sent to.

In your own private polling booth of your secret will, you will determine the future.

What is the lever effect ?
This decision should be made by the greatest number among you, even though it might seem like a minority. It is recommended to spread this message, in all envisageable fashions, in as many languages as possible, to those around you, whether or not they seem receptive to this new vision of the future.

Do it using in a humorous tone or derision if that can help you. You can even openly and publicly make fun of it if it makes you feel more comfortable but do not be indifferent for at least you will have exercised your free will.

Forget about the false prophets and the beliefs that have been transmitted to you about us. This request is one of the most intimate that can be asked to you.
Making a decision by yourself, as an individual, is your right as well as your responsibility !

Passivity only leads to the absence of freedom. Similarly, indecision is never efficient. If you really want to cling to your beliefs, which is something that we understand, then say NO. If you do not know what to choose, do not say YES because of mere curiosity. This is not a show, this is real daily life, WE ARE ALIVE ! And living !

Your history has plenty of episodes when determined men and women were able to influence the thread of events in spite of their small number.

Just like a small number is enough to take temporal power on Earth and influence the future of the majority, a small number of you can radically change your fate as an answer to the impotence in face of so much inertia and hurdles ! You can ease the mankind’s birth to Brotherhood.

One of your thinkers once said: “Give me a hand-hold and I’ll raise the Earth”.

Spreading this message will then be the hand-hold to strengthen, we will be the light-years long lever, you will be the craftsmen to … raise the Earth as a consequence of our appearance.

What would be the consequences of a positive decision ?

For us, the immediate consequence of a collective favourable decision would be the materialisation of many ships, in your sky and on Earth.

For you, the direct effect would be the rapid abandoning of many certitudes and beliefs.

A simple conclusive visual contact would have huge repercussions on your future. Much knowledge would be modified forever. The organisation of your societies would be deeply upheaved for ever, in all fields of activity. Power would become individual because you would see for yourself that we are living. Concretely, you would change the scale of your values !

The most important thing for us is that humankind would form a single family in front of this “unknown” we would represent !

Danger would slowly melt away from your homes because you would indirectly force the undesirable ones, those we name the “third party”, to show up and vanish. You would all bear the same name and share the same roots: Mankind !

Later on, peaceful and respectful exchanges would be thus possible if such is your wish. For now, he who is hungry cannot smile, he who is fearful cannot welcome us. We are sad to see men, women and children suffering to such a degree in their flesh and in their hearts when they bear such an inner light.

This light can be your future. Our relationships could be progressive.

Several stages of several years or decades would occur: demonstrative appearance of our ships, physical appearance beside human beings, collaboration in your technical and spiritual evolution, discovery of parts of the galaxy.

Every time, new choices would be offered to you. You would then decide by yourself to cross new stages if you think it necessary to your external and inner well-being. No interference would be decided upon unilaterally. We would leave as soon as you would collectively wish that we do.

Depending upon the speed to spread the message across the world, several weeks, or even several months will be necessary before our “great appearance”, if such is the decision made by the majority of those who will have used their capacity to choose, and if this message receives the necessary support.

The main difference between your daily prayers to entities of a strictly spiritual nature and your current decision is extremely simple :

we are technically equipped to materialise!

Why such a historical dilemma?
We know that “foreigners” are considered as enemies as long as they embody the “unknown”. In a first stage, the emotion that our appearance will generate will strengthen your relationships on a worldwide scale.

How could you know whether our arrival is the consequence of your collective choice ? For the simple reason that we would have otherwise been already there for a long time at your level of existence ! If we are not there yet, it is because you have not made such a decision explicitely.

Some among you might think that we would make you believe in a deliberate choice of yours so as to legitimate our arrival, though this would not be true. What interest would we have to openly offer you what you haven’t got any access to yet, for the benefit of the greatest number of you ?

How could you be certain that this is not yet another subtle manoeuvre of the “third party” to better enslave you ? Because one always more efficiently fights something that is identified than the contrary. Isn’t the terrorism that corrodes you a blatant example ?

Whatever, you are the sole judge in your own heart and soul ! Whatever your choice, it would be respectable and respected ! In the absence of human representatives who could potentially seduce into error you ignore everything about us as well as from about those who manipulate you without your consent.

In your situation, the precautionary principle that consists in not trying to discover us does no longer prevail. You are already in the Pandora’s box that the “third party” has created around you. Whatever your decision may be you will have to get out of it.

In the face of such a dilemma, one ignorance against another, you need to ask your intuition. Do you want to see us with your own eyes, or simply believe what your thinkers say ? That is the real question!

After thousands of years, one day, this choice was going to be inevitable: choosing between two unknowns.

Why spread such a message among yourselves?
Translate and spread this message widely. This action will affect your future in an irreversible and historical way at the scale of milleniums, otherwise, it will postpone a new opportunity to choose to several years later, at least one generation, if it can survive.

Not choosing, stands for undergoing other people’s choice. Not informing others stands for running the risk of obtaining a result that is contrary to one’s expectations. Remaining indifferent means giving up one’s free will.

It is all about your future. It is all about your evolution.

It is possible that this invitation does not receive your collective assent and that, because of a lack of information, it will be disregarded. Nevertheless no individual desire goes unheeded in the universe.

Imagine our arrival tomorrow. Thousands of ships. A unique cultural shock in today’s mankind’s history. It will then be too late to regret about not making a choice and spreading the message because this discovery will be irreversible. We do insist that you do not rush into it, but do think about it ! And decide !

The big medias will not be necessarely interested in spreading this message. It is therefore your task, as an anonymous yet an extraordinary thinking and loving being, to transmit it.

You are still the architects of your own fate…



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Skull fashion – a spiritual perspective

Something to think about:

1 Introduction to skulls as a fashion trend

In recent years, apparel with skulls on it has grown in popularity. Once seen as a sinister symbol of a counter-culture, skulls prints have become a mainstream fashion trend and are used on everything from children’s clothes to underwear. People choose to wear skull outfits in various ways from a totally Gothic look to adding a bit of spice to a classic outfit. Famous fashion designers too have incorporated the skull motif on their clothes and accessories. Celebrities who are generally considered trend setters have endorsed this sinister fashion by wearing clothing such as skull scarves, skull tops and skull skirts. When celebrities endorse a fashion trend, society generally flocks to embrace it. It has often been observed that clothing with skull prints get sold out faster than other fashion apparel. In the pictures below we have shared some ways people have incorporated skull designs into their wardrobe including their children’s clothing and baby’s cot.

2 Skull fashion from a spiritual perspective

When people embrace a fashion trend they generally do so because everyone else seems to be doing so. They may adopt the trend thinking that the idea of placing skulls on various items used in daily life is ‘cute’, ‘creative’, or ‘inventive’. Yet people give little thought to the spiritual effect of what they wear. However at SSRF through spiritual research it has been observed that what people wear can impact them to a considerable extent.

According to the science of Spirituality, the entire universe is made up of 3 basic subtle components – Sattva, Raja and Tama. Sattva is the component that represents spiritual purity and knowledge; Raja represents action and passion, while Tama represents ignorance and inertia. The subtle vibrations emanating from anything and everything are dependent on the predominant subtle basic component they are comprised of.

SorcerorThe skull is a symbol of death and has high amount of negative or Tama vibrations associated with it. Through spiritual research we have found that the shape of the skull by itself emits negative vibrations and attracts negative energies. According to spiritual science everything that is created has a form, touch, taste, smell, sound and energy associated with it. Very often subtle artists at SSRF through their advanced sixth sense of vision have seen demonic entities wearing skulls (please see adjacent picture). Demonic entities wear skulls because it increases the negative energy in them. When we use items in our daily lives that have skulls on them, we increase the Tama component in us. Consequently the vibrations emanating from us are negative in nature thus attracting demonic entities to us.

The skull fashion trend in society has been started due to negative energies. People who are possessed by demonic entities are more likely to embrace such a fashion. The demonic entity possessing them influences their thinking and increases their liking for such things which emit negative vibrations. When possessed people choose to wear clothes with skulls, they help the demonic entity possessing them, to strengthen their hold over them. Furthermore, such fashion trends increase the overall negative vibrations in society.

Wearing clothes and accessories with skulls or demonic looking figures on them makes any average person spiritually vulnerable. This vulnerability increases an average person’s risk of being affected by negative energies by 70%. For those who are already susceptible to be possessed, such as people who have a liking for non-vegetarian food and alcohol, who are mentally disturbed or suffering from depression; wearing skull designs increases the risk of possession by 30%. These figures are average guides to show the serious negative impact such clothing can cause a person. This percentage can however vary from person to person. Once a person gets possessed, the possessing ghost can control the person not only in this life but in the afterlife and many future lifetimes to come. It is very difficult to rid oneself from the controlling subtle entity.

3 Suggestions to avoid the negative effect of skull fashion

  • If one has clothes and accessories with skulls printed on them, one should discard them.
  • If one is associated with a person who wears such attire, then chanting the Name of God according to the religion of one’s birth will provide one with a Divine protective covering from the negative vibrations emanating from that person.
  • Starting spiritual practice and continuing it on a regular basis gives one the ability to discern what is spiritually negative and positive.
  • Having the subtle ability to discern gives one a whole new dimension to consider when one makes daily decisions such as what to wear. By not considering the spiritual effect of a decision a person can do himself much harm.






2009-01-26 07:15:05


This article has been sitting dormant on my hard drive for over a year, mostly because I always think that it’s out of date, no longer relevant. Experience, however, suggests the opposite. I wanted to say something about the frustratingly popular trend of “skull” fashion, and as it turns out, the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So here’s the old article (revised, of course), which has apparently stood the test of time; a surprising thing considering the usual turn-over rate of fashion trends.

The walking dead seem to be among us, and in more ways than one.

I can hardly go a day without seeing upwards five skulls on somebody’s shirt, shoes, scarf, purse, hat, pet or baby. Skulls with batwings, a skull with caribou antlers, X-Files-esque alien skulls, a skull with “What!” written above it, rhinestone skulls on baseball caps; skeleton outlined jackets with skulls, rear and side views, on the hood. I’ve even seen – in the most absurd and perplexing case of all – the slogan “Vive le FLQ” written in dripping blood letters above a skull. What the 1960s militant Quebec separation group, “Front de libération du Québec”, has to do with anything, I’m not sure (I suppose the easy answer is, “They killed people.”).

Those are just a few examples. I’ve seen more than I can remember. Anything – and I mean anything – can be combined with a skull and put on a shirt. And any skull-combo you can think of has probably run through the mind of one of the decidedly unoriginal, low-level designers pumping out this trendy garbage. Casual morbidity not only goes with black, it is the new black. It certainly seems to be the “in” thing at the moment. Scratch that: “in” for a good many moments. The trend apparently has staying power. So what’s with all this stylish skullduggery?

Even if you don’t count the skull imagery that’s always gone with biker, punk rock and skateboarder fashion, skull-related symbology is strikingly common. Where did the skulls as fashion trend come from? And why is it so popular now?

I mean, does anybody actually think to themselves why they even buy such clothing in the first place? When you buy that cool shirt, do you think, “Hey, I like skulls. I’ll get this shirt.” Do people ever think to themselves “Skulls are a symbol not only of death but of change, transformation and growth. I think I’ll wear this”?

Or is this all just a recent trend that everybody is conforming to because, consciously or not, we think that, “Well, everybody else is wearing it.”? According to a post by nicole6980 on the fashion website, Gurl.com, “Skulls on clothes rox. They dont really mean anything but they look badass. Me and my friends rock them almost everyday.” I take this to be representative of most people’s thoughts on the subject.

In my other admittedly sparse internet research on the skeletal trend I found FOXNews.com reporting as far back as 2006 that, “Taking their cue from bottles of arsenic, fashion designers around the world are going gaga for Mr. Skull and Crossbones, adorning everything from jeans to jewelry with his bony image.” They credit celebs like Lindsay Lohan for popularizing the trend, which seems to be going nowhere, much to my annoyance. USATODAY.com, also years ago, wrote that, “Being bad to the bone may prove good for the bottom line. Hoping to capitalize on the “skull chic” trend — as well as Friday’s release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest — marketers are plastering skulls, with or without crossbones, on everything from T-shirts and belts to dinner plates and jewelry.”

The USATODAY.com article included a section titled “How marketers are trying to get ahead with skulls” detailing how the skull trend is “exploding” in clothing, accessories and home decor. But they warn it should be meant ironically, lest you come off as some sort of tough guy. The “ironic” part is usually expressed through combining skulls with cutesy things like the Hello Kitty brand, or with little hearts. In Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” video, for instance, the background features huge, brightly coloured, plaid skulls with heart-shaped eye sockets (irony is no stranger to today’s youngest generations, so much so that sarcarm trumps seriousness almost everywhere you go).

For some reason parents are even decorating their kids in these symbols of death. The baby clothing shop near my apartment sells (or did sell) a black baby t-shirt with a baby skull on it. Why you’d want to be reminded of death when you look at your newborn I’m not sure.

Even more strange, perhaps, on Denman street – a high class, area in Vancouver’s famously gay neighbourhood near Davie street – I walked by a doggie fashion store and noticed, you guessed it, a doggie t-shirt with a little doggie skull on it.

You can find skulls on people’s clothing in movies and TV, too. Quentin Tarantino’s gore-fest Deathproof features on its poster a skull on a car, plus in the movie a character or two with skull shirts. On the TV show L.A. Ink, about a tattoo parlour, one of the tattoo artists had a shirt with a skull, and above it the words “Guns and Knives”. And this just scratches the surface of skull-fashion’s TV and film exposure. Again, why this modern, morbid trend?

Could it be that in our age of worldwide violence, war, and famine, we have to somehow sublimate all the nihilistic energy in the air? Is our modern, North American culture so swamped in casual, violent images – provided by a fear-mongering media – that we unconsciouly don the fitting fashion? Perhaps the sheer amount of death and destruction in the world – both real and imagined – reduces the possibility of understanding it in any sensible way, leaving most of us jaded, resigned or indifferent. So the casual, cute, ironic morbidity of the alarmingly common skeletal motif might just be an unconscious expression of our malaise, our powerlessness, our sinking into a bottomless, political, moral abyss, which even (or especially) words cannot get us out of.

The key word there is “unconscious”. My generation, the younger siblings of Generation X (which, fittingly, makes us Generation Why?), harbours a strong distrust of mainstream politics and the words attached to it. But words, as far as I can tell, are one of, if not the only sign of a critical or creative – that is, conscious – mind. Static symbols, like skulls, when lacking an interpretation (i.e.: in words), can only be the passive flashcard of an unconscious mind.

The violent imagery doesn’t stop with skulls, of course. Also popular is the war motif: guns, tanks, bombs, etc. And like the skulls, they are often combined ironically (how hip!) with more light-hearted images. Take, for example, the t-shirt in which bombs being dropped from an airplane morph into butterflies; or the one (by the same company, I assume) that has a man holding a just-fired gun to his head, with the blood splatter morphing into those cute butterflies again. Perhaps a clever comment on how butterflies themselves morph, perhaps not.

In my more theoretical moments I actually do believe that the skulls and other violent imagery are an unconscious expression of, or response to, our age of ultra-violence. But it could merely be, as another modern trend has it (this one linguistic), that it’s all just “random”. Plus, with the George Bush era ostensibly over, perhaps Barack Obama’s Yes-We-Can-style “hope” will finally diffuse the morbid trend.

Clearly skulls have, for a while now, become a dominant, abstract, no-content symbol on almost everybody’s (including their babies’ and dogs’) clothing. But is it so devoid of content? Maybe there’s something behind the seemingly mindless trend. Perhaps it actually represents a state of mind, a politico-cultural opinion, a worldview – albeit an unarticulated one. I mean, do people actually have an opinion on what they wear? Does it represent some statement about the Bush era? Are people using the skulls on their clothes to “express themselves” or “get across some message”?

Here’s a partial answer in anecdotal form:

A while back I visited a fashion store, Riot, which is in my building on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. I pointed out a hat on the rack that had a skull on it and asked the two girls who were working what they thought about all the trendy skull imagery everywhere. I, being the snobbish, pretentiously intellectual male I am, assumed the girls wouldn’t be interested in my own theory about the modern moral malaise and the inexpressible despair with the state of the world, and so I went with the condescendingly simple Pirates of the Caribbean theory: about how it’s probably just the Disney Company doing sly promotion through its likely vast fashion subsidiaries. The girl behind the counter said, “Yeah, maybe, but I think it has more to do with how there’s so much violence in the media and with the war and stuff like that. You can’t really go around wearing rainbows and happy stuff. It just wouldn’t look right.”

So I was wrong, and very glad about it. Someone besides me had been thinking about all this (she wasn’t actually wearing any skulls, though). And so I come back to my earlier question: do the skulls really represent an unarticulated, geo-political opinion on the state of the world? Well, no. And that’s simply because there’s no such thing as an unarticulated opinion! The most common response I get to my frequent probes into this fashion quirk is a resigned, “It doesn’t mean anything” (nicole6980 would agree).

For what it’s worth, I always have trouble accepting “It doesn’t mean anything” as an answer to any question because I can’t help but interpret it as “I don’t want to think about it.” Perhaps all I’ve done here is confirm the idea that fashion is antithetical to individual thought, because fashion is mostly conformity to an arbitrary trend.

What I’ve concluded, perhaps unfairly, is this: Where words fail, or just simply don’t exist (for lack of effort or smarts) you have a trendy, jaded symbol to do the “talking” for you. And guess what? You’ll have plenty of similarly fashionable people to “agree” with: skulls for everyone, all in on the “in” thing. No need for words, no need for thought. I know I shouldn’t judge people by their covers, but they give me little else – words! – to work with. The walking dead are among us, but as far as I can tell, they are the brain-dead.



The Stanley Kubrick Conspiracy – Part 1: Tales from a Paper Moon

There is something about Stanley Kubrick and here’s a nice collection:

The Stanley Kubrick Conspiracy – Part 1: Tales from a Paper Moon

Science fiction’s portrayal of covered-up or faked space missions dates back many decades. In the February 1955 issue of “Galaxy Science Fiction” magazine, author James Gunn published a story entitled “The Cave of Night”. The story deals with a manned mission to Mars which goes awry, stranding an astronaut with no hope of rescue. The climax of the story is shocking, utilising the notion of fakery to portray an erroneous perception of the outcome of the mission. http://tangentonline.com/old-time-radio/1180-the-cave-of-night

The plot of the 1969 movie “Marooned” also involved a manned mission to the Moon going wrong – failure of a re-entry rocket leaves the occupants of the lunar capsule stranded in space. Although there is no cover-up inherent to the plot, the original script called for the “suggestion” that a story would be created to perpetuate the notion of a heroic attempt to rescue the astronauts, should they have perished. The film received full support from NASA, including the use of Cape Kennedy for interior and exterior location filming. http://www.debate.org/reference/marooned

“Capricorn One” (1978) went much further than “Marooned”, featuring a plot that utilised Hollywood trickery and gimmicks to fake the first manned space flight to Mars. In the film, the astronaut crew are removed from their rocket and driven to a film set in the desert to record fake footage of their planetary touchdown. Bizarrely, this film also received full support from NASA – which is strange given how NASA has generally avoided supporting Hollywood productions that cast the agency (or fictional agencies with a resemblance to NASA) in an unflattering light (see: NASA’s refusal to support Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”). The film was directed by Peter Hyams, who would go on to helm “2010: The Year We Make Contact” (the sequel to Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”) six years later. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capricorn_One


The film “Sneakers” also featured a character (played by Dan Aykroyd) who mentions the Apollo cover-up – including “this LTX71 cancellable mike is part of the same system NASA used when they faked the Apollo moon landings.” http://www.groundzeromedia.org/the-shadow-of-kubricks-legacy/

More recently, the film “Apollo 18” used the ‘lost footage’ plot device (popularised by films like “The Blair Witch Project”) to posit the notion that NASA carried out secret manned missions to the Moon. In this case, the “Apollo 18” mission (involving NASA astronauts landing on the Moon in 1974) was covered-up following the discovery of an extra-terrestrial insect-like organism on the Moon – an organism that subsequently kills the “Apollo 18” astronauts. Interestingly, the film shows the astronauts discovering a dead cosmonaut (along with a Soviet landing module) on the lunar surface – suggesting that, like NASA, the Soviets were also conducting clandestine missions and cover-ups. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_18_(film)

The reality of this latter concept has been studied by a number of researchers and is known as the “Lost Cosmonaut” paradigm. Whilst the evidence of Soviet space cover-ups isn’t as obvious as that of NASA, at least one account has been evidentially verified. Valentin Bondarenko was a would-be cosmonaut whose death during training was covered-up for decades by the Soviet government. http://www.jamesoberg.com/usd10.html

In 1960, the science fiction author Robert Heinlein wrote an article for Pravda describing how (whilst in the Vilnius region of Soviet-occupied Lithuania, May 15, 1960) he was told a Red Army cadet that the USSR had launched a man into orbit that day. The account was denied by officials later the same day. Heinlein elaborated on the story in a speech he gave at the XIXth World Science Fiction Convention Seattle in 1961.

“A Russian cosmonaut is circling the Earth!’ All the other cadets nodded agreement to everything he said and sometimes added details. I congratulated them on their country’s wonderful scientific achievement–with a frozen smile and a sick feeling in my stomach. We talked a bit more about it, then they went on up the hill and we went down. That afternoon, we tried very hard to buy a copy of Pravda. None were available anywhere… We did listen to the Voice of Moscow–Mrs Heinlein told me that it did report the rocket–but just as one of the Sputnik, no mention of a passenger. That evening our guide joined us to go to the ballet–and she immediately told us that the cadet had been mistaken; it was not a rocket ship with a man in it–just a dummy. The cadet had misunderstood. Well, perhaps so… but, if so, then all those dozen or more cadets were mistaken exactly the same way.”http://web.archive.org/web/20090522083740/http://www.firearmsrights.com/rah1961.htm

Another science fiction luminary and who has expressed views about the Apollo cover-up is Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood. Atwood authored the dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” – a story that addressed such concepts as population reduction, female fertility and ecological disaster. In a 2009 interview, Atwood questioned the technology of the 1960s, why man hasn’t landed on the Moon again, and mentioned the shadow discrepancies as well as the radiation belts.http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2010/09/23/margaret-atwoods-just-wondering-about-that-silly-moon-landing-hoax/

Perhaps the most unusual (non-science fiction) movie to allude to the Apollo cover-up is the James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever” (1971). “While investigating multimillionaire recluse Willard Whyte’s Tectronics Space Centre outside Las Vegas in the Nevada desert, his cover blown, James Bond (Sean Connery) finds it necessary to make a hasty exit. Finding himself in an artificial moonscape complete with trainee astronauts, Bond dashes for a nearby Moon Buggy vehicle and crashes out of the centre and into one of the 007 films’ most famous chase scenes.” http://www.007magazine.co.uk/moonbuggy/moon_buggy.htm

Although I am slightly digressing for a moment, it is worth noting the larger esoteric significance of James Bond. Bond’s creator Ian Flemming has a documented connection with the British Intelligence Community, which in turn has connections with the occult – remember that the occult also appears to have been prevalent in agencies like NASA. Bond’s roots lie with John Dee – a sixteenth century mathematician, astronomer and navigator. Dee was an imperialist and devoted consort of Queen Elizabeth I. He was a student of philosophy, alchemy, divination, the occult and an associated freemason. He was also instrumental in the then-version of what we would now call MI5 and his code-name was 007! John Dee was Ian Fleming’s inspiration for James Bond. http://www.examiner.com/article/john-dee-007

Many of the designs on “Diamonds Are Forever” were conceptualised by Oscar-winning Production Designer Ken Adam. Adam was born into a German Jewish family that fled the Nazi Regime in 1934 to settle in England. Adam was a close friend of the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick and worked on many of his films (he famously designed the “War Room” set featured in “Dr Strangelove”), with one notable exception: “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Adam once described how he was asked by Kubrick to join the production of the film. “I found out that he had been working with experts from NASA for a year on space exploration and all that sort of thing. And the moment I saw that, I thought, not for me. Because I could only function properly with this very powerful computer-like brain of Stanley by knowing as much visually about the subject matter as he did, because then I could justify departing from the visual reality that he knows.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film/3561380/Ken-Adam-the-man-who-drew-the-Cold-War.html


Kubrick is often cited as the likeliest candidate to have filmed fake footage of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Some researchers have suggested that a deal was struck between Kubrick and certain agenda players sometime in the mid/late 1960s. It is known that the production history of “2001: A Space Odyssey” overlapped the era of NASA’s Apollo program and that NASA collaborated extensively with the film’s production team. The film was released in 1968, over a year before the Apollo 11 mission. The film’s narrative also featured a cover-up (a story is perpetuated about the spread of a fictitious virus, prompting a quarantine of a lunar base) to hide the discovery of an extra-terrestrial artefact – the Tycho Monolith – on the Moon, and a subsequent mission to the planet Jupiter with a “secret” agenda.

In 1997, a number of “Apollo Hoax” researchers appeared as guests on Jon Ronson’s Channel 4 discussion show “For the Love of Lunar Conspiracies”. The show was one of a series that “examined” subjects often attributed to the hidden-global-agenda players. The guests on this episode were David Percy, Mary Bennett, Barry Reynolds, Matthew Williams, Andy Thomas and Marcus Allen. The guests predominantly discussed the then-prevailing evidence of a cover-up. At one point, Percy discussed the scene in the Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75I_6uPtZCg

Percy: “It’s a James Bond movie and people say ‘what’s that scene doing in there!?’ He walks into this lab and they’re going to the Moon and he says, ‘I’ve come to inspect your radiation shields!’ The next thing he does, he walks out of the lab into a Moon set with astronauts poncing around and phoney backgrounds to it…”
Bennett: “…And a studio above it”
Percy: “That’s right. A complete studio… (Inaudible) he’s being chased out of the set. So you have a connection in a James Bond movie of a lunar set and a statement just prior to it: ‘I’ve come to inspect your radiation shield!’ Isn’t that interesting?”
Ronson: “And these movies were made for a purpose then?”
Bennett: “Well the… certainly all movies are made for a purpose. One is to entertain; two is to make money… or possibly the other way around. One is the product of the other.”
Ronson: “Or are they also made for a slightly more sinister purpose?”

Bennett: “I don’t think James Bond is made for a sinister purpose. I think we have a, erm… possibly… there’s a zeitgeist in artists that they’re going to pick up the general energy of what’s going on and scriptwriters who are very close to the edge of things are going to incorporate it in all work, as anybody does – a painter, writer, whatever. They’re caring about things and, as you know, in repressive societies you can get a lot said in fiction or in entertainment that you can’t actually say straight out. And just because America is not labelled a communist society, it doesn’t mean to say that it’s a democracy either.”
Percy: “But, in some cases, you can have a situation where things are done to confuse…”

The conversation quickly turns into a discussion of Hollywood’s perception management of the ET/UFO subject and no further mention of the lunar fakery subject in movies is made.  It is interesting that there is no mention made of Stanley Kubrick throughout the discussion. Given the nature of the subject, I am surprised his name wasn’t mentioned at least once. It is possible that Kubrick’s possible involvement was discussed, but never made the final edit. Alternative knowledge researchers who have participated in “conspiracy hit-pieces” for the mainstream media have regularly described how they have been, on occasion, interviewed for several hours – with only a few minutes of the interview footage ultimately being used in the final edit.


However, Jon Ronson is a life-long fan of Kubrick; he has written numerous pieces about the filmmaker. He even conducted an interview with Kubrick’s widow, Christiane, for an article published in The Guardian newspaper in 2010.
“After Stanley Kubrick” by Jon Ronson (Guardian.co.uk – Wed 18 Aug 2010) http://www.theguardian.com/film/2010/aug/18/stanley-kubrick-christiane

Interestingly, researcher and host of the popular “Richplanet TV” show, Richard D. Hall, has alleged that Ronson may be connected to, or an asset of, the British intelligence establishment. Here is a quote from his article “MI5 Exposed”:

“Ronson is another close associate of John Lundberg who runs Jon Ronson’s website. Ronson is the author of ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’ and producer of many UK television programmes which have essentially debunked people like David Icke and Alex Jones. If there is going to be a mainstream documentary about an “alternative view”, it is often given to Ronson because he’ll make sure that truth and objectivity are the last things on the agenda. His recent book ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’ is quoted by Colonel John Alexander, who the book is about, as being ‘based on about 5% reality and 95% hokum’, yet this hokum was made into a Hollywood film which therefore makes the film another piece of disinformation. Ronson’s close association with John Lundberg, along with the complete lack of truth seeking in both his writing and programme making makes us believe that Ronson is part of the MI5 psy-ops operation.” http://www.richplanet.net/detail.php?dbindex=209

It is possible that the reason why Kubrick’s alleged connection with the Apollo Hoax wasn’t discussed in Ronson’s show was because there was next to no awareness of the possibility in 1997. Whilst researching the “Kubrick connection”, I have attempted to identify who originated the story and when it first became publicly known. This has been incredibly difficult. I have watched, listened to and read as much material relating to Kubrick as I can lay my hands on. Although Kubrick’s knowledge of esoteric, alchemical and occult subjects (and the allusions, made to these subjects, in his films) has been examined for several decades, there appears to be no mention of Kubrick in relation to the Apollo cover-up prior to the mid/late 1990s… at least as far as I am currently aware of. It is possible that Percy, Bennett, et al, were unaware of the connection in 1997.

In Part 2, I will examine the origins of the Kubrick / Apollo Hoax paradigm…
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Wising Up to Alien Interference

Here’s something from the good site www.montalk.net:

montalk.net » 7 August 13

This Q&A is a paraphrased transcript of three radio interviews I did with Sienna Lea on her show Illuminating the Shadowland. The original audio interviews are also posted on YouTube.


The public perception of the UFO phenomenon centers around lights seen in the sky, reports of encounters with beings and ships that have landed in the woods, and certain people getting abducted for experimentation and breeding purposes. These do happen, but they are only the tip of the iceberg.

Most alien influences are much more subtle and widespread. Their abilities include teleportation, invisibility, telepathy, and viewing of probable futures. This allows them to be more ubiquitous than commonly assumed. For instance, they can be standing by your bed while you sleep and telepathically insert commands into your subconscious. They can look over your shoulder as you type. They can monitor internet forums, pay attention to what people read and think of them. They can track who networks with whom, toward what possible outcomes, and what potentials for misunderstanding can be leveraged to break up those networks. Whereas lights in the sky are intentional displays to slowly acclimate the public to their existence, this more serious stuff is surreptitious and not meant to be noticed.

Now, they don’t have a personal interest in most people because most are of no consequence to them, except indirectly as far as total public perception goes. But if you are personally a threat to them, say by exposing their activities and methods, or if you are someone they find potentially useful as a proxy for their agenda, then they can be in your life without you ever remembering an abduction or having a UFO sighting. In other words, their reach extends beyond the typical abductees, contactees, and sighting witnesses. Thus far more people than assumed are under their observation and influence, and the alien phenomenon as a whole cannot be kept at arm’s length, as some abstract phenomenon that stays safely between the pages of a UFO book.

Why should people care about this subject?

Because the increase in sightings, contacts, abductions, and saturation of alien imagery and concepts in media and entertainment suggests alien open contact will happen in our lifetimes. It will change human history forever. Over time, the impacts will dwarf any of the mundane concerns people still take seriously today. The future can go very wrong, or very well depending on how we respond. If we’re not informed, we will be no better off than the natives who blindly welcomed the Spanish conquistadors. Misconceptions, disinformation, and wishful thinking are convincing people to support the wrong team. We just have to wise up, get informed, and not fall for it.

Where do they come from?

Any combination of possibilities: from the future, from a parallel reality, from some higher dimension we cannot perceive, some from other planets, some could be humans that long ago branched off and became more advanced than the rest of humanity. These possibilities are not mutually exclusive. For example, one alien faction might be human-like time travelers from a future where they have established colonies on other star systems and transcended to a higher dimension we cannot perceive.

Are they physical or nonphysical beings?

Both, neither, and in between. It seems to vary depending on the alien in question. They have bodies, real ships, working technology, and bases so we know they are physical to a degree. But by using technology or psychic powers they can change the dial on the radio station, so to speak. We are on one station; they can shift to other stations. To us it looks like they dematerialize. But really they are just shifting in/out of our reality. I would say the majority is quasi-physical or variably physical. They are not as entrenched in the limitations of physicality as we are. From a physics viewpoint, aliens demonstrate they have command over macroscopic quantum phenomena.

Are they good or evil?

They span the whole spectrum. Make no mistake, every alien faction has an agenda. Just that some agendas are in our best interest, some are not, and that defines whether an intention is good or bad — regardless of whether such distinctions exist at the absolute metaphysical level. There are obvious good guys, obvious bad guys, and then there are bad guys pretending to be good guys. What many channelers and contactees or abductees think are good aliens, are actually impostors. Telling the difference is important, and my article series Discerning Alien Disinformation is directed toward that goal.

Why are they here?

It ranges from one extreme to the other and everything in between. Some seem dedicated to our enlightenment and spiritual liberation, even if only to safeguard their own timeline if they are time travelers. Others are bent on total planetary control through deception and persuasion, for they are interested in us — not just our planet, but us humans — as a natural resource and strategic asset. Sure, some could be here as scientific observers or neutral referees, but those are not the only roles present. If you pay attention, you will see that since ancient times, there has been a tug of war going on. It’s over the future of this planet and the human race. They have a strategic interest in us, in our planet, in our future. William Bramley’s book “The Gods of Eden” gets into that. Factions from the future could even be engaged in a kind of quantum-based timewar over their shared past to restructure the timeline in their favor.

How long have they been here?

As Lloyd Pye points out, there’s evidence of genetic engineering in our DNA. We have fewer chromosomes than some worms, ferns, and even chimpanzees. We have genetic diseases that are unheard of among undomesticated animals. Aliens have surely been around since before the dawn of our species and played a role in genetically engineering or modifying us. Sumerian, Biblical, Greek, and Hindu mythology claim mankind was created by superhuman beings. The ancients called them gods, archons, angels, or jinn. This shows they’re not recent visitors to Earth, certainly not recent curious scientific explorers who just happened upon our world. They’ve been watching and influencing us since antediluvian times.

What are some common misconceptions about aliens?

1) That if they are advanced enough to get here, they must be evolved as a civilization, thus they must be good. Not so. If a hostile faction on their home planet uses nonviolent manipulation, they can slowly take over the rest of their planet without resorting to self-destroying forms of warfare. Then they can mold their civilization into a totalitarian dystopia hostile to other worlds. Think of what would have happened if the Nazis won the war. They came incredibly close. Had they succeeded, within several generations they would be colonizing other planets and enslaving those they considered subhuman.

2) That what we focus on we attract, therefore we shouldn’t think about negative aliens. The Law of Attraction only applies to synchronistic attraction. If you stop attracting, you’re not blocking either. They can still enter your life if they want, and they will do so if your ignorance can be exploited for their convenience.

3) That the government is bad, aliens are good. Ancient history and mythology suggest alien factions have battled each other. If they are all good, why were they fighting one another? What of the Battle of Nuremberg in 1516 when UFO fleets were seen shooting each other down? Undoubtedly there are negative alien factions here on Earth. And it’s more likely that the core of our shadow government, whose nucleus was seeded by the Nazis brought over after the war, are in league with the same negative alien factions that were in contact with Hitler and the Thule Society that birthed Nazism as an occult organization. If the shadow government is shooting down anyone, it’s the positive alien factions who refused to sign technology exchange treaties with them. These black ops groups may be using technology given to them by negative alien factions. So to say the government is bad, and aliens are good, is a gross and dangerous oversimplification.

Why haven’t they contacted us openly?

They do contact certain people and allow themselves to be seen at certain times in a certain controlled way. They don’t need to turn on their lights when they fly around, yet they do… for a purpose. They want to be seen, just in a measured way. It’s been an incremental desensitization and viral marketing effort that’s been going on since the 40s. And it’s accelerating toward a threshold. That means it will come to a head soon.

But why not full public contact yet? The “good guys” probably think our planet as a whole is not mature enough to handle alien contact calmly and wisely. It would do more harm than good.

Meanwhile, the “bad guys” don’t have all their pieces in place yet, but they’re getting close. They stay hidden to avoid painting themselves as targets. And the shadow government doesn’t want to upset the status quo either, not until they have enough totalitarian controls in place to prevent chaos when the alien presence is revealed.

So none have had reason yet to make public contact. The first to do so, however, will be the negative factions once programming of the population and police state controls are adequately in place. Should these forces cross a certain line, then positive factions might show up to help level the playing field by informing us of the deception. But they certainly wouldn’t show up first, as then they would have to shoulder the burden of being responsible for sending our civilization into a culture-shock induced tailspin. Nor are they in a position to orchestrate a police state lockdown to make sure we can face such a shock without total anarchy.

Why haven’t aliens taken over the planet when we were primitive?

Because not until recently have we developed the level of global government and technology needed to enslave ourselves. Now we have GPS, satellites, cameras, drones, NSA surveillance of every communication, militarized police, a global strike force, a global military. We have the mining infrastructure, water distillation plants, genetic raw material industries. We have everything needed to run our own prison, our own farm, and that’s far less work that these aliens have to do. If they tried it even five hundred years ago, they’d have to supply all the technology, training, and manpower themselves. Look at what the US forces in Afghanistan had to do to create the new Afghan military from the ground up, it’s a total mess. If the US had taken over the UK, the technology and infrastructure would already be in place there and would only have to be repurposed toward quelling dissent against the occupiers.

Why do negative aliens work through persuasion and deception instead of force?

It’s a softer, subtler form of hostility. They’re trying to keep us from making informed decisions, decisions that would interfere with their attempt to one day win over our hearts and minds through deception. That’s why even now, if you speak out against them, reveal their tactics, ask too many questions on a message board, you can and will gain their attention. They are quite neurotic about controlling and shaping public perception of them, just like any corporation worried about its image because that affects their bottom line. In practice though, aliens can already detect your probable future of causing them harm before you even speak the first word against them. I believe some people are profiled as a threat from infancy, and are abducted throughout life to ensure they never reach their potential.

They are micromanaging the little problem spots on the timeline, to keep them from becoming bigger problems in the future. It could be as simple as you starting to read an important book or website on this issue, and suddenly you’re overcome with an intense desire to fall asleep. Or you wake up the next day and all motivation to look into that subject has been wiped from you, even though you were all enthusiastic before going to sleep. What happened during the night? You don’t have to be taken for hybrid breeding purposes, to get visited and tinkered with.

So aliens use a variety of tactics to shut down spiritual and strategic awakenings in people. They are telepathic. They can read your thoughts, and they can influence your thoughts and feelings to an extent. It’s more a pressure than a total override, though they are capable of the latter as well if they are permitted to exercise that level of control. They can put hypnotic commands into your subconscious while you sleep, that influence you into doing, saying, thinking, or feeling what they require you to. Again, I say influence because it’s not total forced mind control. Most of the time it’s subtle persuasion, but it has a very high success rate because humans are so mindless and don’t question their own impulses.

If we’re aware of it, we can keep ourselves from following through with it. For instance, when coming across an important book on the subject, instead of saying “gee I’m sleepy, I guess I better go to bed” even though it’s two hours before your bedtime, become aware that something unusual is happening, and fight it off. That’s an easy one. Other forms of influencing play on your ego, your insecurities, your emotional weaknesses. Those are harder, because one needs self-examination, willpower, honesty, and humility to not play into ego hooks.

What is the demiurgic Matrix control grid?

This is a question of who’s really running the show, what’s really behind the system of spiritual oppression on this planet. If we look at who is controlling our society, on the surface it looks like the problem could be greedy corporations or corrupt politicians, but if you dig deeper you will find that their strings are really being pulled by secret societies and shadow military groups. But even those guys, by their own admission, ultimately take their orders from non-human beings, and here I mean aliens. So let’s look at what’s going on with aliens then.

From the abduction literature we know that the gray aliens are the most commonly reported. And it’s probably because they are more like worker bots that are put on the front line of the abduction program to do most of the handling of the abductees. They’re the ones flipping the burgers, so to speak. Grays never act on their own, they’re always looking up the chain of command for instruction. Sometimes they are seen with reptilians, insectoids, or human-looking aliens who appear to have the role of supervisor. Therefore it’s safe to say that the Grays are working for these other aliens, and that therefore these latter ones are the ones in charge. Then the big question is, whom do they ultimately serve? Who or what is their God?

Well, several sources I’ve come across claim that the reptilians worship the physical universe itself. But I think it would be more accurate to say that they worship the soul of the physical universe, which by definition would be what the Greeks and Gnostics called the Demiurge. It’s basically the soul of the matrix control system, the underlying source code that keeps it running. It’s a kind of subtle energy field that permeates this universe and holds it together in a certain configuration.

Now why is this important? Because if you want to control physical reality, you have to do it through the Demiurge in some way. You have to manipulate the source code or subtle energy field that projects this universe. If you’ve ever seen the movie Dark City, the aliens in that film do this nightly ritual where they channel their psychic powers into this big machine shaped like a face, and that machine is symbolic of the Demiurge. They use this machine to reconfigure the fake city that they have made for their victims to live in. Well, if Reptilians or other negative aliens want power, if they want to be kings of the Matrix, they have to turn to the Demiurge to do it.

And as a result of all their manipulations, their interfacing with the Demiurge, it’s my belief that the soul of the universe has gotten corrupted from all this evil intent being funneled though it. The source code of reality is infested with viruses and trojans. And that has given the Demiurge aspects of a universal parasite — which is exactly what the Gnostics recognized. Plato thought the Demiurge was good, but the Gnostics thought it was evil. Why? Because in its original and true form, it is a necessary and healthy part of creation. But it has a corrupted partition that seems to have a firm grip on our reality, and that is what the Gnostics saw. The Gnostics also said that there were powerful beings they termed Archons, who served this corrupt Demiurge and were served by it. Of course the Archons are really upper level negative aliens and maybe some overlords of the demonic realm.

So to sum up, there are probably negative aliens who “worship” the Demiurge, because it’s their occult sugar daddy, so to speak. I believe the Demiurge is therefore at the top of the negative hierarchy and the central coordinator of the matrix control system.

How do we contract to become part of the demiurge control grid?

I think it boils down to the fact that at some level, we made a choice that resulted in us being here in this physical universe. And when you take on a human body, you choose to accept its limitations. One of these limitations is that by default we only have five senses. That funnels our consciousness into a very narrow range, into perception of only the part of reality controlled by the Demiurge and its subordinates. So really, choosing to incarnate is choosing to take on a handicap, a kind of ignorance or blindness or delusion.

In addition to that, we also accept the laws of physics, which allow for physical force and therefore violence. Physicality is what allows one being to violate the freewill of another. Therefore, whether through deception because we can barely perceive anything, or through force because we are here in physicality, we risk having our freewill manipulated or outright violated. Thus we have chosen at some level to accept the risks that come with living in the domain of the Demiurge, and that creates a kind of contract that allows negative forces to influence and suppress us if we don’t take countermeasures.

The biggest problem is that a portion of this control system actually lives inside of us. It’s as if we — and here I mean our spirit or core consciousness — aren’t the only intelligence residing in our bodies. There’s another component inside that may be called the shadow.

The shadow is the part of us that comes from the Matrix, and that resonates with the corrupt Demiurge in an ‘as above, so below’ kind of way. It’s like an inner microcosmic reflection of the external Demiurgic hierarchy. The ego is part of it, but that’s only one component. I define the shadow as all hands on our steering wheel that aren’t our own, that are trying to pull us every way except the right spiritual direction. We’re not usually conscious of it, but our outlook and our behaviors and our decisions are biased by it.

The shadow resides in our subconscious, in the dark basement of the mind. There’s all kind of stuff down there, like repressed traumas, dissociated personalities or soul fragments, demons or ghosts that latch onto us like parasites, and also our biological drives and social conditioning. All of these make up the shadow, and their collective representative in our minds is the ego, which is the inner analogue to the Corrupt Demiurge itself.

So some of the shadow comes from habits, programs, and conditioning. People can spend years trying to work through such issues from a psychoanalytical perspective. But other parts of the shadow are actual entities that have embedded parts of themselves into our soul. There are times when psychological problems stemming from the shadow are actually due to these entities, rather than repressed emotions or internalized habits or whatever psychoanalysis tends to blame for being the problem. Researchers like William Baldwin, Corrado Malanga, and Shakuntala Modi have devised hypnosis techniques that aim to uproot these entities at the level of your subconscious mind, which can give faster results than mere counseling or psychoanalysis.

Is there an ancestral/racial shadow that we carry that has contracted with the dark side?

Well considering we humans have similar biology and psychology, we do have aspects of our individual personal shadows in common. Except that since we’re so fragmented as a species, where every mind is psychically cut off from another, there’s not that much of a cohesive collective shadow.

The situation would be different for aliens though. We know that aliens are telepathic, and that they’re therefore always connected to a kind of psychic internet shared between members of their civilization. This psychic internet creates a collective consciousness or collective pool of memories, and thoughts and experiences. The Law of One Material calls this a social memory complex. It’s not necessarily a hive mind where every alien is just an unconscious organ directed by a central mind, rather the aliens still have their own minds, but they are connected to each other via a common mental field.

Now, it stands to reason that for a dark alien civilization, that collective mental field will likewise have a dark aspect. After all, it’s what unifies them; it’s what gives them their motivation; it’s their common denominator. So this, then, would be their collective shadow, and it’s what resonates them collectively with the Demiurge.

So you could say that the shadow within an alien links it to the collective shadow of its civilization, which links that civilization to the shadow of the universe, namely the Demiurge. The same thing could be said for humans, just in a more embryonic and unfocused form.

How do we reinforce the Matrix control grid unconsciously with this relationship between our shadow and the entities that have access to our energy?

Well it’s like how computers can get viruses or trojans that allow hackers to access files and mess with the system. Our shadow is like a pyschological trojan that allows the Matrix to manipulate us. One example would be when the Matrix makes an appeal to ego, and we ignore our spiritual conscience and make an ego-based decision instead. And that ends up ensnaring us further in the Matrix.

In any case it leads to a loss of personal energy that instead feeds the demons, negative aliens, and other parasites that evoked that response. It’s in our lacking self-awareness and not questioning what’s motivating our decisions, that we act from the part within us that the Matrix has control over.

In what ways do Aliens and entities influence our thoughts emotions and actions once we have allowed them in?

I think most sentient people start off with a very basic form of protection from these entities. Not that they are free from getting harassed or manipulated in life, but rather that they can’t be outright killed or possessed on the first try. The protection might come from the higher self or spirit guardians or angels or whatever.

But if you intentionally invite negative forces in, even if you mistakenly believe they’re the good guys, then all bets are off. It’s like lowering the drawbridge. No matter how good the rest of your defenses are, if you give them permission to come in, then you have a real problem on your hands. It’s like giving a hacker the passwords to your online accounts. Think of how much can they do with that. They can take over your life. Well, giving aliens or demons permission eventually leads to full possession or mind control, whereby a person will become a walking instrument for aliens or demons to control.

The more permission they obtain from you over time, the more tangible, noticeable, and imposing they become in your life. Permission isn’t an all or nothing thing. It’s incremental, and they take what they can get. Satanic rituals are an extreme example. That’s where you consciously invoke an entity through ritualistic acts that serve as a method of giving permission. With some aliens, it’s not that different. I mean, there are books on steps you can take to invite the Grays into your life! We have to be careful with those kinds of sources.

What are the dangers of inviting such forces?

Let me give you an example. When I was 12, my family was driving home one night and I looked out the window at the stars and asked “them” for a sign. I had read a lot of books about abductions and was curious about the Grays. I wanted them to prove to me they were real. I expected the stars to start flying around or something, but that didn’t happen. Well, that night I had a dream about being on an airplane with people sitting around me who had white faces and black eyes. I woke up with a two inch long scar on my forehead going into my hair line. And for the next several years, I had a lot of backdoor alien interference in my life. I got my sign alright, but at the cost of my wellbeing.

So when you mentally send out a request for alien contact, remember that anyone can hear that message — not just the good guys. From what I’ve experienced, negative aliens — especially the ones who share traits with demons — they need permission to get at you more directly. And when they hear such a mental broadcast, they realize there’s a potential sucker down there who can be exploited. They can sense the motivation behind your call, and if you do it out of ego and ignorant wonder, you’ll definitely attract the wrong forces. If you do it for the right reasons, in a moment of humble sincerity and strength and discernment and readiness, then maybe the real good guys will enter your life — even if only by sending inspiration and beneficial coincidences your way. But they’re at the back of the line as far as who wants at you first, and not until you have the filter mechanism to see through all but the last in line, will you earn the respect of the latter.

If you do call out to aliens, never EVER address or mentally picture the Grays, Reptilians, or Insectoid beings. Address only those who serve the divine will and are of a positive spiritual orientation. And even then, be sure to test whoever might respond to make sure they are not impostors putting on a smile and a pretty face. Inviting aliens is a bad idea overall, but if you do it, do it from a position of selflessness, calm awareness of the risks, and with a sense of dedication to the upliftment of humanity to gain the attention of beings with similar motives. Even just being curious for the sake of new experiences is not enough.

And don’t aim it at the sky, because that demonstrates a naive assumption that they’re necessarily flying around in ships. Just aim it inwardly like a prayer. They’re psychic and can sense you based on your intent and energy. If you can’t muster that kind of selfless purity and wisdom, then it’s best not to try. If you’re ready, they’ll contact you, you don’t need to solicit them. It’s a rule though, that positive aliens try to interfere as little as possible, so even if you got their attention, their presence in your life may be covert, helping you out in ways that make you think you’re just lucky or clever. It’s the impostor aliens that show up with fanfare and pompous stories about how you’re really the only surviving heir of Commander Ashtar and need to claim your galactic inheritance from the Dolphin Council or some baloney story like that.

What is their agenda for the human race, and how are they wishing to use us against our own humanity?

I believe that we are divine godsparks inhabiting human bodies. The body can be our prison, or it can be our temple. It depends on whether we rule the body, or whether the body rules us. I believe that our bodies were genetically engineered over tens of thousands of years by various alien factions. The later modifications probably handicapped us psychically, mentally, and physically. Right now we’re at a point where we have just enough abilities to sustain civilization and keep the matrix going, but not enough to easily see through deception and have the energy and smarts to easily put a stop to it. But we still have enough of something that we could escape their clutches of control, and I think that’s the risk they’re trying to mitigate.

I believe that they are planning on revealing themselves to humanity one day but will pose as our saviors. Then I think they will implement a transhumanist movement that will result in the human species being genetically modified once again and augmented with cybernetic technologies that take the place of spiritual functions. So that in the end, we will be godsparks fully imprisoned within a high tech biological prison and deeply mind controlled.

I think they’re just trying to create a more manageable and profitable crop. I mean, we’re GMOs, we’re genetically modified organisms, and they are the Monsanto of the galaxy. Overall I think it’s about a war of darkness against light, a completion of the mythical Lucifer Rebellion against the Kingdom of Heaven.

Is truly embodying our humanity, our love and compassion and empathy for life, the cure for all this?

Well that’s the part we must never give up, because those qualities of love, compassion, and empathy are functions of spirit, of our inner godspark. The moment we give those up, we give up the very thing we’re fighting for. But of course, love without wisdom is ignorance and naiveté. It’s like the story of Adam and Eve, they had love and compassion and empathy because they were pure, but they were no wiser than babies. The other half of the equation is wisdom, discernment, and awareness. You have to be sharp, think hard, see through the deception, and have the tools and knowledge to carry out the directives that come from your heart.

Love and understanding go hand in hand. The highest love and the highest understanding are the same thing. When you truly understand something or someone in the most absolute sense, you can’t help but love them. That’s where the two halves of the equation unite. But at our level, the best we can do is strive to balance and develop both sides in parallel.

How do we break our contracts with them and gain sovereignty over our own spirits and souls?

There are different kinds of contracts. The verbal ones made with aliens or demons are straightforward to deal with. If you have an unwanted alien presence in your life, it’s always a good idea to put your foot down and show gestures of refusal to cooperate. If they tell you to lie down and go to sleep because they are coming, refuse. If they are likely to show up on a particular night, then get a voice activated digital recorder to make it harder for them to get away with it. State out loud periodically that you revoke all permissions given to them, you know, that you cancel any agreements you might have with them. When you assert yourself that you are no longer cooperating with the dark side, that gives the positive forces more legal right to intervene and protect you. So really it comes down to revoking permission, aligning yourself with the divine, dropping all fear, and acquiring sharper awareness and knowledge and applying it in a very calm and strategic manner. That’s the best advice I can give.

On the other hand, the contract you have with physicality by being born into a human body, that contract is the most deeply binding. To overcome the five senses and the laws of physics is very difficult because it’s rooted in a choice made at a level of mind that is way deeper than any level we have access to in our current state. Tell yourself that you reject gravity and try stepping off a chair. You’re guaranteed to fall to the floor. That’s the whole point of physicality, to be bound by restrictions and consequences that create a kind of game or difficult workout for the soul.

Now, if you really wanted to get over the five senses and physicality, you can either go backwards or forwards. Going backwards means reversing the choice you made to inhabit a physical body, as in death. But that’s not progress, that’s a form of rejection or avoidance. It’s like a kid dropping out of school, that’s not the same as leaving school via graduating. To go forward would mean graduating from physicality through high levels of spiritual self-mastery and the development of certain psychic powers. If you make the choice to eat like crazy and then you get fat, how do you overcome the consequences of that choice? You exercise, and that takes lots of time and lots of exercise. The choice to become human likewise takes time and work to overcome. It’s not as simple as verbally revoking the choice, as you still have to undo the consequences. Even the positive aliens aren’t fully there yet, though they are light-years beyond us in what they’ve overcome.

What are the Universal laws we need to learn to shore up the holes in our self-protection fields.

It’s important to understand how our own shadows can resonate with the dark side of certain alien beings and draw them deeper into our lives. There’s this metaphysical principle called the Law of Attraction. It says that what we deeply resonate with down at the subconscious level, we attract in a synchronistic way. It’s not a New Age principle, it traces back to ancient times and were part of the teachings of Christ, though the New Age has certainly hijacked that idea and diverted it toward ignorant, egotistical, and materialistic ends.

As far as aliens are concerned, if you resonate with the predator-prey dynamic, you will be the prey that attracts the predator. That’s true in everyday life, where people with low self-esteem and lack of confidence may attract abusers and bullies. Well, same goes for the opportunistic types of aliens that look for people to toy with and feed on. When you sustain a deep seated fear of a situation, a kind of fear that gnaws at you and takes on a life of its own, that can cause that very situation to manifest. So being in a constant state of fear, paranoia, and jumpiness regarding aliens can actually bring about terrifying alien activities in your life. That’s the dark side of the Law of Attraction.

Some aliens, mainly those who have demonic traits and may actually be possessed by demons in some way, they can use the Law of Attraction against you in order to worm their way into your life. They start by dropping some paranoid thought into your head telepathically, or maybe they cause some small paranormal incident that grabs your attention and makes you worry. Then the more you obsess over it and give into prolonged paranoia, the more you attract events that induce more of the same feelings. The beings can therefore “ride” these events to make you even more scared. This creates a runaway feedback loop that, if left unchecked, can cause a total meltdown of your mind and your reality. People who succumb to that end up homeless, or in mental hospitals, or in some cases I believe they get taken over or possessed.

Now, just because paranoia attracts them, that doesn’t mean ignoring the alien phenomenon will keep them away. Sure, ignoring might make you stop attracting them, but that’s not the same as outright blocking them. They can still enter your life if they want to. Your door may no longer be open, but it’s also not locked. They can enter if they want. So you can’t make negative forces go away solely by ignoring them. That’s a prevalent misconception in the New Age community.

The question is, how then do you block them? Well, it’s conscious awareness that has a blocking effect. For instance, more often than not, I’ve noticed that problems tend to show up when I least expect them. But if I become aware of the problem and am mentally prepared to handle it, then it never happens again. So what you prepare for and calmly anticipate tends not to manifest. This is the Law of Awareness. It’s as if awareness freezes a probable future in its tracks, keeps it from precipitating in the present moment. This can be combined with the Law of Attraction to get rid of 90% of overt alien interference in your life.

What you do is use the Law of Attraction to stop attracting, and use the Law of Awareness to start blocking. So first and most important thing you can do, is drop the paranoia, the fear, the desperation, obsession, and victim mindset. That’s because having a strong sense of powerlessness attracts situations that make you feel even more powerless. You can also apply the Law of Attraction by resonating with the opposite of paranoia, by invoking a feeling of protection, confidence, power, and stability. Then you can combine this with the Law of Awareness by very calmly and strategically anticipating their moves, and then taking common sense preventative measures if needed.

It’s totally okay to learn about the alien agenda and read about what they’re up to, so long as you keep calm and approach it from an intellectual and strategic point of view. It helps to maintain a sense of confidence and positivity. You know, it’s not a choice between being cynically aware or blissfully ignorant, you can be blissfully aware if you have the right knowledge and stay centered. So be aware, but stay positive.

What are some of your personal experiences with these forces?

There are two types of alien and demonic phenomena, overt and hidden. The overt phenomena are pretty easy to notice. They include intimidation, harassment, paranormal phenomena, and remembered abduction experiences. These comprise the bulk of experiences you find shown in movies, books and television because they are so tangible and in-your-face. But they are just the tip of the ice berg. Often they are just bluffs or misdirection meant to distract you. Most of what negative aliens and demons actually engage in, can be described as hidden interference which is far more serious and effective because it tries to sneak through the backdoor of your mind and exploit your weaknesses and blind spots without you noticing what’s going on.

My earliest overt experiences happened in 1981 in Germany, when I was less than a year old. I was in my crib in my room at night with all lights turned off except for a night-light shining up at spinning mobile suspended above me. I was looking up at it, when suddenly a pale face with black eyes peered over the crib and looked down at me. I remember being terrified and screaming the word “Geist!” at the top of my lungs. Geist is German for ghost, and that was actually my first word in life. So my parents would run into the room to check on me, but it was gone. According to my mom this happened a bunch of times.

Then between 1982 and 1985 I had several dozen abductions from that same apartment in Germany. The couple I remember started out the same way. I’d be in my parent’s bedroom during the early afternoon, having just awoken from my nap, and often my mom would be there standing next to the bed. She tells me to stay there while she attends to some business out in the hallway. The bedroom door was closed, but I could tell there was a lot of activity on the other side. So she walks out the door and closes it behind her, and at that point I would suddenly remember all the previous times this happened, and I thought “oh no, not this again!” So I panicked and looked for a place to hide, which was either under the bed or in the back corner of the room between some furniture. But as I was running for cover, the door would open and in would pour a half dozen or more Grays in cobalt blue suits. They swooped right in on me and then I would black out. After that I only remember small fragments. I do recall landing on a grassy field near some mountains, with the sun starting to set. When the abduction was over, I’d wake up in the bedroom and it would be early afternoon again. So I suspect I was taken east to a different time zone. Now, during those years I also had a terrible fear of owls and was always talking to my parents and grandparents about what I called the Steinemenschen, meaning Stone Men. I called them that because their vibes were like they were non-living things that were somehow animated in a creepy way. So I was definitely being abducted back then, but what they did to me exactly I don’t remember.

Fast forward to October of 2002, when an alien tried to bust down my front door. I was living in Florida at the time, in my own studio apartment. I was up late at night working on an article for my site, when I heard something dash across the lawn of the private courtyard outside. It made a rustling sound like porcupine quills or dry leaves being shaken. And I could tell from the sound that it was bipedal and about as light as a child. But it moved way too quickly for person, and that made me concerned. So I projected my mental feelers into the darkness outside and when I connected with whatever it was, I got goose bumps because that thing felt wrong. That’s when I heard this thing step onto the concrete porch and slowly pitter patter up to my door. So I stared at the door as it got closer and then boom, it threw itself up against the door and started rattling it like it was trying to get in. Because I was sitting on the floor, I couldn’t see through the gaps between glass slats, only through the slats themselves, and what I saw was a pinkish blob shaped like a face at doorknob height, and a smaller blob shaped like a hand with long fingers about halfway down. This thing was probably 3 to 4 feet tall. After yelling at it to identify itself a couple times, I commanded it in the name of God to go away. But it just stayed there pressed up against the door. And that’s when I reached for the phone and began dialing my girlfriend, and when she answered and I looked back up the thing was finally gone. I told her I was coming over, and then had to make a run for my car through that dark courtyard, but luckily I didn’t encounter that being.

So in the fall of 2004 we moved to Virginia, and just a month or two later I heard that same exact rustling sound coming from outside the kitchen window. Something had just dashed across the cement patio out there. My girlfriend heard it too, and she knew immediately what it might be. Our cat also heard it, and went nuts running from window to window trying to look out into the darkness at whatever made that noise. She never did that with deer or raccoons, so this was different. Instinctively I just went around and closed all the blinds, made sure nothing could see in, and we couldn’t see out. And that was the end of that incident. If I had seen a face peering through the window I think I would have lost it.

What are the more covert forms of interference you have experienced?

The overt kinds of experiences are pretty rare in my life. I don’t have even a quarter of the experiences that others might. I mean, check out my girlfriend’s website if you’d like some cool anecdotes. I’m normally the guy taking in everyone else’s experiences and crunching the data. But I don’t really get open harassment like black vans parked outside, or threatening phone calls, or aliens telling me they’re going to replace me with a clone if I don’t stop what I’m doing. That stuff doesn’t really work on me, it only makes me fight harder with more confidence. I found that when they get serious, they use covert methods to destroy you without you even realizing it. And that’s a much bigger threat, because it’s sneaky and I think more commonplace than the overt stuff.

Disinfo Agents

I noticed a recurring pattern with aware people, which was that a disinformation agent would enter their life shortly after the beginning of their awakening process. It was like something was trying to nip these people in the bud before they could build up discernment. Well I had mine in 2001 after I first stumbled across the idea that reality itself was a conspiracy, that it might be counterfeit like in the Matrix movies or the Truman Show. A couple weeks into this, a woman emailed me through another website I owned that was completely separate from my main site. No one who visited that site could possibly know that I was behind it, and I hadn’t yet published anything concerning the Matrix idea either. And yet there she was telling me about reality being fake, and listing off some of the very same websites I had been looking into regarding that theory.

So her contacting me was quite synchronistic to say the least. She mirrored all my thoughts and theories about it as if trying to gain rapport, except she would add this disinformative paranoid spin to it all. As the weeks went on, the spin would keep increasing and try to pull me along with it. I got the impression she was hurried like some sales person trying to close a deal. Well I wasn’t buying into it fast enough for her, and that’s when she did a 180 and tried to bite my head off, and I mean a total emotional breakdown. When that didn’t work, she became really nice again, and then another 180 and that’s when I cut her out.

I’ve known dozens of other people who’ve had similar stories of someone entering their lives synchronistically who worked quickly to gain rapport only to dump a bunch of disinformation on them and try to lead them around by the nose, then do 180s when it wasn’t working. You have to watch out for those controlling types.

Paranoia-induced Synchronicities

Another thing I started noticing back then was how my beliefs could warp reality into creating synchronicities that reinforced those beliefs. Like for a short while there I really was starting to believe that reality was fake and people around me were only pretending to be human. And wouldn’t you know it, my college roommates and their friends started mirroring my thoughts, saying things that pertained to what I had been thinking or noticing that day. Like I was walking home from class when I came across a shoe in the grass, a black flat just lying there. I thought that was odd but put it out of my mind, and then as soon as I got back to my apartment and sat down to rest, my roommate’s girlfriend sits down and starts telling me about the black flats she just bought. She shows them to me and they’re the same exact kind I saw earlier. Stuff like that would happen several times a day for weeks. It seemed like people knew what I was doing and thinking at all times. And if I hadn’t snapped out of it, I could have easily descended into all out paranoid schizophrenia.

But knowing what I know now, most of it was actually generated by my own subconscious bending probability and nudging other people’s thoughts. My subconscious was being filled with paranoid beliefs that were bleeding over into reality itself. I mean, sure there are hybrids and aliens pretending to be human who have telepathic powers, but there’s also self-generated synchronistic phenomena that can mimic that and add to it. So that’s why I recommend people drop the deep seated fear and paranoia, and try to seek awareness with a sense of confidence and positivity, because you don’t want to make reality weirder than it already is.

Depression and Aggression

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that not all of our thoughts and emotions are necessarily our own. They can be induced from the outside by various technologies and psychic means. I mean, people can be neutralized this way if their minds are bent towards self-destructive attitudes like despair, apathy, depression, suicidal thoughts, and so on. Now, for years I would get hit with a dark cloud of negative energies just prior to being faced with an important decision or situation. Like at the end of high school when I was doing college and scholarship applications, I might wake up feeling utterly defeated and worthless and depressed for no reason, and coincidentally that very day a counselor would tell me to apply for a particular scholarship. I had no way of knowing that morning, that this day I’d be given such an opportunity. And if I gave into the artificial attitude I woke up with, I would have not even bothered applying. But most of the time I pushed myself and went for it anyway, and because of that ended up getting a full ride. But had I given into those feelings, my life would be very different now.

Same with feelings of aggression that might hit me out of nowhere just prior to some situation erupting that could cause a lot of damage to friendships and relationship if I overreacted. So whatever was influencing me had foreknowledge of the immediate future and was manipulating me into being off balance so that I wouldn’t make the right choices. But by realizing these sudden changes were external manipulations, I could disown them and thereby locate my true inner feelings and act from those instead. After doing this for a while, whatever was causing the problem finally backed off, like it wasn’t working anymore for them.

Break up of Networks

The most common and most serious form of interference is the breaking up of networks, and friendships, relationships. I’ve seen how people are profiled for their weaknesses and then played against each other in very precise ways to create the maximum amount of damage. I saw this happen all the time on the Noble Realms forum that I ran for several years. That forum was a constant target of disruptions because it was a fringe sanctuary of sorts and a lot of good came from it. But people were being targeted left and right. One guy left the forum for a while because he was so spooked at his own overreactions, you know, by the sensation of being overcome by an external psychic pressure.

From what I could tell, some external force was profiling members, scanning them for their weaknesses, who held what interests, who had what buttons and ego sensitivities and so on. This force could also see the near future and tell when certain people would be at their low points, which I noticed tended to correlate with lunar and biorhythm cycles. So it would pick the weakest people and start working them over, possibly even through abduction, so that at their weakest time they could be pressured into carrying out a certain act, into saying something that had a very strategically calculated effect. One thing then triggers another and the end result would be a permanent ruin of important friendships and great damage to my credibility and reputation as well.

But I caught onto this and got better and better at heading it off. Like I would get precognitive dreams and other indicators that would let me know who would be the problem, what the issue would be about, and roughly when it would occur. That allowed me to make some prescient moderator moves that prevented about half of these incidences from coming to fruition. People who didn’t have the inside scoop were pretty mystified at my moderation style, but little did they know that an invisible war was happening behind the scenes. This allowed me to keep the forum running for a good four years before I had to move onto other things.

Signs of Monitoring

Even back in Germany, I would get occasional ringing in my ears as a kid. They sounded like this sample I re-created.

Looking back on it, they would cluster around times when I would have my abductions. Well it wasn’t until ten years ago that I figured out what these ear ringings meant. In my case they were signs of being psychically pinged by an entity that was scanning me. A few times I was dreaming while an ear ringing occurred for real, and in the dream it would symbolically manifest as a fire station alarm going off, or something along those lines. That is what initially clued me to the idea that for me, ringings were like a psychic tripwire being set off by an intruder.

So in my case, it was a sign of being monitored, usually in anticipation of something I didn’t yet know about like an impending abduction, or some disinformation agent sent to throw me off track, or some orchestrated hit on the forum that would impact me, or any event that they find strategically important. I would get these ear ringings and other symptoms in the days or sometimes even minutes leading up to it. The correlation was good enough that I can use ear ringings as a pretty reliable indicator that something is around the corner.

As for ringing in the left ear versus right, I found that right has a relatively more positive meaning than the left. But that’s relative to what the basic meaning of an ear ringing is for you. Since mine indicate monitoring regarding an event of interest, I found that right ear means an event that signifies a hit against my faith, self-confidence, resolve, and will to live. Those are all positive qualities, hence why it’s in my right ear. Whereas left ear has correlated with events that play on my aggression or cockiness or overreaction, which are negative qualities. But for someone else whose ear ringing has a different basic meaning, the right and left will be positive and negative in context of that. The Law of One material mentions how the subtle energy field of the body is bilateral and the right side is associated with more spiritually positive patterns, which correlates.

Some people don’t get ear ringings at all, and I’ve always wondered what differentiated them. From the few I know who don’t, their interests and abilities don’t really intersect with the alien agenda. So perhaps they aren’t of interest to them.

Weakening Process Leading up to Critical Decisions

I noticed that I would get a lot of interference in the days leading up to some negatively orchestrated event. For one, I would get hit with this amped-up nervous energy that felt like having too much caffeine even though I didn’t have any caffeine, and that resulted in a couple days of sleep deprivation. Along with that, I would also get this pulsation of the glowing phosphenes in my field of vision, which I actually measured and found to be 8 cycles per second, which is in the alpha brainwave state. That state is too low to be fully awake, and too high to be asleep, so that further added to my sleep deprivation.

Then about a day before the event, someone would always email me being a complete jerk and try to provoke a reaction. Maybe to throw me further off balance, I don’t know. And lastly, when I did manage to get some sleep, I would get some pretty violent nightmares. So I would wake up tired and discombobulated, only to be thrown into the orchestrated event where my self-restraint and judgment were really put to the test.

This kind of thing would happen once or twice a month for the four years I ran my forum, and also afterwards when the opportunity arose. It’s always the same pattern, and I’m still working on how to deal with that.

Mind Programming Attrition

When all else fails, I noticed that they simply engage in a very subtle but steady process of weakening a person. It’s called a war of attrition. Sapping energy here and there, lots of programming during sleep or during abductions to instill posthypnotic commands, and so on.

Imagine if you were told several thousand times a night as you slept, that you see no hope in the world and that God has abandoned you. And that this went on for months without you consciously realizing it. Can you imagine what effect that would have on your subconscious, what that would do to your daily outlook? It would grind you down and sink you into that exact mindset.

What I said before about using the Law of Awareness, well that protection goes away if you’re unconscious. You can’t block if you’re not aware. What are you doing for a third of the day? You’re sleeping, you’re unconscious of your surroundings. Unless you develop lucid dreaming skills, which is really about how much mental and spiritual energy you have, or unless you have some psychic mechanism in place to alert you intrusion, you are manipulable during sleep. Then the best you can do is damage control in the days after to notice triggers and influences before they trip you up.

I believe this is the kind of stuff that is being done on a mass scale, whether by human technology, or through demonic beings whispering such negative programming into our minds as we sleep, or aliens picking targets and hacking away at their morale and spiritual light. This is a big problem.

How do you deal with attrition?

To counter this, if you can identify roughly what negative commands are shaping your attitude, you can create equal and opposite statements and use those as affirmations. I’ve also found it important to spend a few minutes everyday before getting up, doing what it takes to put yourself into a good and healthy mindset. This way you start the day on a mindset of your own choosing, rather than letting what happened during the night decide that. The way I see it, as long as I’m conscious and awake, I have the freewill to take control of my thoughts and my feelings. They may have the night, but I rule the day. And if my positive gains outdo negative influences, I win and they lose. I learned that if you can’t block them, you can still outmaneuver them by having more light than they can snuff out. That’s really what it comes down to.


The (Profound, Pioneering, Breakthrough Research) Books of Dr. Hulda Clark

Here’s some interesting breakthrough research on for example canser and AIDS:

From Ken Adachi <Editor>

The (Profound, Pioneering, Breakthrough Research) Books of Dr. Hulda Clark

Special Addendum, April 6, 2012. I’ve added four other books below by other authors that will greatly benefit your understanding of how the body works and how to successfully treat the body for modern ailements that we are all experiencing, partly due to intentional poisoning of the atmosphere (chemtrails) with pathogens and toxins, resulting in the contamination of crops, soil, and ground water. I especially urge you to obtain the Healing is Voltage book by Dr Jerry Tennant; remarkable information.

1. Healing is Voltage by Dr Jerry Tennant (Very important information in this wonderful book. Read it and understand how to help the body maintain its health and longevity)

2. Hypothyroidism Type II by Dr. Mark Starr

3. Iodine, Why You Need It, and Why You Can’t Live Without It by Dr. David Brownstein

4. Bioenergetic Basics by Janice Bailey (This is an incredible and amazing book that discusses a NEW therapy developed in Mexico by Dr Goiz based on the use of a pair of magnets to correct all sorts of energetic imbalances in the body and in so doing, correct and eliminate most disease conditions. Everyone should study this book by Janice Bailey. Fabulous information)

**Some of Dr. Hulda Clark books are now available on-line as free downloads (see further below) **

Update Sep. 19, 2010: I’ll be creating a special section of this web site devoted to the work of Dr. Hulda Clark, which will include the listing of her books of course. For the time being, I’ll append new postings and articles about Hulda’s work to this page, but eventually I’ll have it collated on a separate index page. I’ve added a 3 part video further down this page (after the info on her books) of Hulda’s last video interview in 2007 with Kirk White called a Conversation with Dr. Clark. The 30 minute video was included with Hulda’s last book, The Cure & Prevention of All Cancers (2007). It’s an extremely important video interview as Hulda demonstrates on camera the simplicity of the Syncrometer test and how this simple resonance detection device has opened up a cornucopia of New Knowledge about the sequence of events in the body that lead to cancerous growth. If fact, all known disease conditons are established in a similar pattern of etiology.

Relatively few people in the world understand the importance and significance of Hulda Clark’s discoveries using the Syncrometer. She had accomplished more astonishing medical discoveries in the past 17 years of her life than all of establishment medical science had achieved in the past 100 years (and I’m not exaggerating) using this simple detection device. The only way you’re going to realize the truth of what you just read, is to read her books yourself. Start with her most recent book (2007) and work your way backwards..Ken Adachi

One of the best sources of information to cure yourself of any health problem is “The Cure for All Disease” by Dr. Hulda Clark (available as a free online download further below). It explains the role of pollutants, metals, and solvents in the body that act in concert with certain species of parasites, bacteria and viruses which in turn sets the stage for disease pathology. By eliminating the solvents and metals which allow these parasites to settle in certain organs or tissues (nerve sheath for example), you can knock out the bugs that essentially create the disease symptoms. Her information is top rate in my opinion Her most recent books on cancer include her lastest discoveries. The Syncrometer is the greatest advancement in body analysis in the past century. Learn about it and learn how to use one. You’ll be glad you did (see articles on the Syncrometer below). Anyone can be their own doctor and do a far better job of it than the drug pushers with the white lab coats.

The Books of Dr. Hulda Clark

1. The Cure And Prevention of All Cancers (2007-Her Last and Greatest Contribution; extremely important information pertaining to all disease conditions**)
2. The Prevention of All Cancers (2004-Profound discoveries on how & why cancer grows)
3. The Cure for Advanced Cancers
(1999-accelerated 21 day program for advanced cancers)
4. The Cure for All Cancers (1993-first book identified critical role of parasites & solvents in cancer)
5. The Cure for All Disease (1995)
6. The Cure for HIV/AIDS (1993)
7. The Syncrometer Lab Manual (2000)

8. The Syncrometer Lab Manual 2 (2011) 61 NEW experiments added after Dr. Clark published her first Syncrometer Manual in 2000, currently on sale for $19.95 from New Century Press

Syncrometer Training Video

Syncrometer Basics with Carmen Myers and Dr Hulda Clark, DVD (1996)

Syncrometer Basics with Carmen Myers and Dr Hulda Clark, VHS Tape


Note concerning downloading of Hulda Clark books, Feb. 27, 2014:
I have temporarily disabled downloading of Hulda Clark books available online from this web site. You can find her downloaded books at other web sites by using a search engine.
I received an email in early February 2014, from Carmen Meyers, manager of New Century Publishing, publisher of Hulda Clark books, falsely claiming I was illegally posting copyright protected books. She contacted Google claiming infringement and said Google would block listing of EY pages if books not removed by Feb. 28, 2014. I told her in my reply that the books which I had posted as downloadable were clearly made copyright free by Hulda Clark and that anyone could copy them and make copies available to others in any manner, legally. She did not respond to my email. After I present the evidence to Google and clear up the matter, I will re-establish the online downloads of Hulda’s books. Ken Adachi


Hulda Clark permitted people to copy her books and make them available free, as long as there is no cost or charge involved and her copyright notice is acknowledged and mentioned. Here is the statement found in ALL of her books published before 2007:

“Permission is hereby granted to make copies of any part of this document for non-commercial purposes provided this page with the original copyright notice is included”

Only her last book, The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers, published in 2007, contains an additional limitation on free distribution as an electronic download. The 2007 book contains an additional line which says: ” No electronic copies of any kind allowed.” That means that the 2007 book alone, has this limitation for on-line posting, while all of her other books DO NOT have this limitation and therefore can be lawfully and legally posted on line. I am not in favor of down-loading pirated books in which the author and/or the publisher are being robbed of their profits from book sales by the illegal uploading of a copyrighted book to the Internet. However, it was Dr. Clark’s desire to have her books freely copied and distributed-without limitation-except for the non-allowance of profiting from copies made from her books. And since her information (and discoveries) can save the lives of untold numbers of cancer victims especially, IF her incredible research is widely available and accessible to anyone in the world with a computer, I decided to search out the links below and make them easily accessible to motivated readers.

Nevertheless, I still prefer to read a real book which I can hold in my hand and carry with me. It’s far more convenient than reading a book from a computer screen. If you can afford to buy Hulda’s books, then I urge you to buy them and read them from the printed page. It’s so much more rewarding than reading on-line.

1. The Cure for All Diseases (pdf) (1995)

2. The Cure for All Advanced Cancers (1999)

3. The Cure for All Cancers (1993)

Study the Syncrometer Manual to learn how to make and use the Syncrometer and possess your own world class, research laboratory at home. The Syncrometer is a revolutionary research invention, discovered and pioneered by Dr. Hulda Clark, that allows an experienced tester to determine the presence, identity, and location of ANY living or non-living organism, molecule or substance down to a part per trillion found anywhere in the body and without the need of the test subject to be physically present. There is NO laboratory in the world that can match the investigative/diagnostic capabilities of the Syncrometer. This magnificient invention should have earned Dr. Hulda Clark the Nobel Prize in medicine for the importance of its contribution to the science of health and to a new understanding which could lead to the eradication of most disease conditions and human aliments when fully embraced.

4. Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual (Pub. 2000)
© Copyright 2000 by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D.
All rights reserved, except permission is hereby granted to make copies of any part of this document for non-commercial purposes provided this page with the original copyright notice is included.

Here’s a short 1 minute and 15 second video clip (http://www.syncrometer.com/SyncVideo.WMV) from the 1996 Sycrometer Basics instructional video showing Dr Hulda Clark demonstrating the baisc resonant frequency response sound of the Syncrometer in action.

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A Syncrometer Demonstration with Dr. Hulda Clark & Carmen Myers

2007 Video Interview with Dr Hulda Clark

Conversation wtih Dr Clark (and Kirk White)

(Click the four arrow box in the lower right corner of the video to enlarge the video to full screen size. You need to see what’s she’s doing and to listen to her explanations carefully. There is a great deal of phenomenal research discoveries being presented in this short 30 minute video. I’ve replayed this video at least 30 times and I’m still learning new things with each review…Ken)

Part 1



Who Built the Moon? Interview with Christopher Knight

Here is some information about that could the Moon be artificial:

Who Built the Moon? Interview with Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight’s first book ‘The Hiram Key”, which he co-authored with Robert Lomas was published in 1996.

Quickly becoming a best seller, The Hiram Key was acclaimed a classic in the field of alternative history, going on to influence a generation of researchers among them The Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown.
In the last ten years Knight has written six books, four with Robert Lomas and two, including his latest Who Built the Moon?, with Alan Butler. In Who Built the Moon?, Knight and Butler raise some fascinating and challenging questions, foremost: Could it be that the Moon is artificial? Could it even be hollow? And does the Moon really exist through some happy accident, or is a blueprint apparent – and if so, who was the architect?New Dawn recently spoke with Christopher Knight about his controversial book and his astonishing conclusions.
– New Dawn
NEW DAWN: All of mankind’s visits to the Moon have not answered some of the most basic questions about its origin and importance. Your new book Who Built the Moon? (co-authored with Alan Butler) brings to light some extraordinary facts about the Moon, and comes to a mind-blowing conclusion about its origin. Could you briefly outline some of these little known and ignored facts?
CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT: The Moon sits very close to the Earth yet it is widely regarded as the strangest object in the known universe. It is a bit like knowing that every person in the world is completely normal except the person you live next door to, who has three heads and lives on a diet of broken razor blades.
The book lists the strangeness of the Moon, which includes the fact that it does not have a solid core like every other planetary object. It is either hollow or has a very low-density interior. Bizarrely, its concentration of mass are located at a series of points just under its surface – which caused havoc with early lunar spacecraft. The material the Moon is made from came from the outer surface of the Earth and left a shallow hole that filled with water and we now call the Pacific. This rock left the Earth to produce the Moon very quickly after our planet had formed around 4,6 billion years ago.
The Moon is not only extremely odd in its construction; it also behaves in a way that is nothing less than miraculous. It is exactly four hundred times smaller than the Sun but four hundred times closer to the Earth so that both the Sun and the Moon appear to be precisely the same size in the sky – which gives us the phenomenon we call a total eclipse. Whilst we take this for granted it has been called the biggest coincidence in the universe.
Furthermore, the Moon mirrors the movement of the Sun in the sky by rising and setting at the same point on the horizon as the Sun does at opposite solstices. For example, this means the Moon rises at midwinter at the same place the Sun does at midsummer. There is no logical reason why the Moon mimics the Sun in this way and it is only meaningful to a human standing on the Earth

ND: What led you to write Who Built the Moon? And does this latest book relate to your earlier research when writing Civilization One and Uriel’s Machine?
CK: All of the six books I have had published over the last ten years are part of a continued single piece of research. I came to write Who Built the Moon?with Alan Butler after we had finished Civilization One, because our research led us to study the Moon very closely.
We had found that the superbly advanced measuring system in use over 5,000 years ago was based on the mass, dimensions and movements of the Earth.
However, for thoroughness we checked every planet and moon in the solar system to see if there was any pattern. Amazingly, it worked perfectly for every aspect of the Moon but did not apply at all to any other known body – except the Sun.
It was as though we had found a blueprint where the Moon had been ‘manufactured’ using very specific units taken from Earth’s relationship with the Sun. The more we looked, everything fitted – and fitted perfectly in every conceivable way.
ND: Most astoundingly, you found that an ancient system of geometry and measurement used in the Stone Age works perfectly on the Moon. What exactly is this system and how could the ancients have attained this knowledge?
CK: It is not possible to describe the greatness of this ancient system of geometry and measurement without repeating the content of Civilization One.
The work of Alexander Thom, a brilliant professor of engineering from Oxford University, was our starting point. He identified the existence of what he called the Megalithic Yard. This was a precise unit of measurement that was the basis of late Stone Age structures across Western Europe – such as Stonehenge. Most archaeologists have written his work off as a mistake but when one looks coldly at their objections they are baseless.
Alan and I were able to show how they made these highly precise linear units based on the rotation of the Earth and how they were also the basis of all time, capacity and weight units in use today. Once again these are exact – not approximations or close fits.
Where the ancients got such knowledge is quite baffling. All we can be certain of is that they were way ahead of us today! It’s easy to check out by anyone with a calculator.
ND: Your conclusion is there are more than enough anomalies about the Moon to suggest it is not a naturally occurring body and was quite possibly engineered to sustain life on Earth. How did you reach this conclusion?
CK: Not only is the Moon an apparently impossible object, it has some unique benefits for us humans. It has been nothing less than an incubator for life. If the Moon was not exactly the size, mass and distance that it has been at each stage of the Earth’s evolution – there would be no intelligent life here. Scientists are agreed that we owe everything to the Moon.
It acts as a stabiliser that holds our planet at just the right angle to produce the seasons and keep water liquid across most of the planet. Without our Moon the Earth would be as dead and solid as Venus.
ND: If the Moon is an artificial construct, what are your theories on who or what built it, and why?
CK: In Who Built the Moon? we explain that we could not come to any other conclusion than the Moon is artificial. Because it is certain that it is 4.6 billion years old that raises some interesting points. Another factor was the obvious message that has been built into the Moon to tell us it’s artificial. The language of the message is base ten arithmetic so it looks as though it is directed to a ten digit species that is living on Earth right now – which seems to mean humans.
The question of why the Moon had to be built is easy to answer: To produce all life, especially humans. As to who did it – well that’s a lot tougher! We give the three possibilities we can think of, namely: God, aliens or humans. The only one of these that is 100% scientifically possible is the last one. Time travel is universally accepted as being physically possible and a number of scientists are close to sending matter back in time. We can envisage that machines could be built in the future that could be sent back to remove matter from the young Earth to construct the Moon – probably using mini black hole technology.
And the some videos about the topic:



Here is also my post about Mars Moon Phobos and how that could be artificial also:

>> Scientist Claims Mars Moon Phobos Is Hollow and artificial!


Emerging Diseases

Sorry, that there is not so many postings but I’m on vacation and spend it in the nature. Go outside and enjoy the nature, but here is something…

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
May 1999

Google Translator: Convert English into 51 Different Languages

Emerging Diseases by Ken Adachi (May 1999)

Note: This information is being presented to inform you. If  I was convinced that you couldn’t do anything to surmount these biological events, then there wouldn’t be any productive reason to discuss them. but the alternative medicine bag is filled with many, many tricks for overcoming ANY biological pathogen, whether bioengineered or natural in origin. Fear paralyzes people. Fear comes from not being informed and not knowing how to protect yourself. Knowledge liberates you and gives you the best opportunity for overcoming adversity. Don’t be afraid of the truth; embrace it. It’s your best ally.


While having gone unnoticed by a large portion of the population, there are numerous new emerging diseases and new virulent strains of older bugs that are beginning to manifest themselves with greater frequency at ever widening locations in North America and around the world.

Names like Flesh Eating Bacteria (Necrotizing fasciitis), MDR Staph A (Multiple Drug Resistant Staphylococcus aureus or VRSA bacteria), Hanta Virus, Ebola (a new outbreak of Ebola has killed 63  as of May 3, 1999), Mad Cow Disease, Pfiesteria (“Red Tide”), Viral Meningitis, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis , Monkey Pox (similar to Smallpox), Australian Flu, Bird Flu, E-coli H-0197, Tuberculosis, Listeria and other “mystery outbreaks” are regularly reported in the media today. A recent outbreak of a pig virus has occurred in Malaysia. It was originally  called Japanese Encephalitis, but now that identification has been dropped in favor of a  NEW species of viral encephalitis called Nipah, a virus that crossed species from pigs to humans.

In addition, the growing threat of biological attack from “terrorists” groups is becoming increasingly evident. Since December 1997, there have been numerous warnings from the Department of Defense (DOD) and the White House about possible bio-terror attacks on Americans with biological agents like Anthrax or Bubonic Plague.

In 1999, we were treated to a brand ‘new’ mosquito-borne virus supposedly originating in the New York City area called the West Nile Virus (WNV). Patty Doyle has done much investigative on WNV. Her articles on WNV, along with those of  Dr Len Horowitz, can be found at Jeff Rense’s web site. The WNV has now spread to neighboring states in the Northeast and possibly across the nation, carried, we are suppose to believe, by ‘birds’ (how convenient). Len Horowitz has drawn a connection between chemtrails and WNV.

The purpose behind this crescendo of media warnings is to get the public ready for something BIG. You can be sure that the government knows something that you don’t. In politics, nothing happens in a vacuum. ALL events are planned. Nothing is ever really a surprise to the elite in government (including the “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor). The government is flooding the media with these warnings now because when the excrement hits the fan, they don’t want you to be able to say that you weren’t warned. One topic that the government ISN’T interested in discussing in the media, however, is Chemtrails


In the past, I introduced the story of Chemtrails here, but the story has become so pressing, that I decided to create a seperate link to discuss it.

Bio-Engineered Diseases

To date, there have been approximately 20,000 deaths of former military personnel from Gulf War Disease (GWD). A far larger number (over 200,000) of relatives and friends have come down with similar symptoms to those of the Gulf War victims. The disease appears to be contagious. One pathogen connected with GWD has been isolated by Dr Garth Nicholson as Mycoplasma Fermentens Incognitus. This immune crippling pathogen , along with the AIDS virus and the Ebola virus, were bioengineered right here in the good ole USA in laboratories with names like Litton Bionetics, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Dr Len Horowitz has carefully laid out the voluminous and indisputable evidence of the government’s involvement in the laboratory development of these deadly pathogens. In his book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, Nature, Accident, or Intentional, Dr Horowitz follows the paper trail on the development of the AIDS and the Ebola viruses from monkeys, chickens, and other animals to the point where they eventually ‘take’ in humans and cause the disease that is seen in the animal.

Unresponsive to Pharmaceutical Antibiotics

Diseases that were previously controllable with pharmaceutical antibiotics are adapting themselves and becoming resistant to virtually all pharmaceutical drugs. A good example is a dangerous strain of the common staph germ, Staphylococcus aureus. It now has doctors worried because it has developed a resistance to pharmaceuticals’ most powerful antibiotic, Vancomycin (CNN May 28, Aug. 22, & Sept. 5, 1997, AP Dec 30, 1997, Feb. 24, 1998, Reuters Feb. 19, 1999). The percentage of Staphylococci infections resistant to penicillin in 1960 was 13; the percentage resistant in 1997 was 99.

While some television shows, such as Dateline, Nova, and 20/20 have examined the issue of emerging diseases, the true extent of the danger is barely perceived by the public. The number of new emerging diseases is rising. The problem goes unnoticed and the majority of people remain unaware, unprotected, and vulnerable.

BioTerrorist Attack in the US

The threat of biological attack is very real. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has recently been giving presentations across the country to police and emergency personnel on emergency procedures to follow in the event of a biological attack.

Alternative Medicine

What if you could interfere with the reproduction mechanism of ANY bacteria, or ANY virus? What if you could disintegrate a pathogen within the body with specialized electrical and magnetic fields or other therapies before it had the chance to even start reproducing itself? If you could do that, you would not succumb to the disease organism. It couldn’t multiply, spread, and overwhelm your defense systems. It couldn’t go anywhere. It would just get gobbled up by your while blood cells, digested, and eliminated. You would live. You would survive. These technologies are available and usually at low to moderate cost. You can obtain a great deal of information about many of these technologies from little known books and at this and other web sites.

>> Articles on Emerging Diseases

This link will take you to the index page of articles from many sources about the growing problem of emerging diseases.


Why to wear jewellery

Do you wear jewellery? Would it be nice to know their spiritual meaning? Here you go:

1. Why to wear jewellery – An introduction

Many people of various cultures wear jewellery on a daily basis and some jewellery can carry significant meaning, e.g. if it is an heirloom passed on within the family. While we often think of women wearing jewellery, it is also common for men to wear rings and bracelets. When we look back in history, we can see that various types of jewellery made of different metals and gems have been worn by people of different civilisations. We were curious as to why people wear jewellery and whether people wear jewellery for reasons other than the aesthetic appeal.

At SSRF we have conducted spiritual research which revealed that a person can obtain spiritual benefit from wearing jewellery. These benefits include allowing the person to imbibe Divine consciousness (Chaitanya), reducing the black energy in the body, giving protection from attacks of negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.) as well as spiritual healing through acupressure therapy.

2. Drawings based on subtle-knowledge of the spiritual effect of wearing jewellery

The following drawings based on subtle-knowledge have been drawn by seekers of SSRF using advanced sixth sense.

Seekers of SSRF from the subtle-department have the ability to see into the subtle and create drawings based on subtle-knowledge as part of their spiritual practice (sadhana) and service unto the Absolute Truth (satsēvā) . The drawings based on subtle-knowledge are then verified by H.H. Dr. Athavale for accuracy.

The drawings based on subtle-knowledge show the effect of wearing different types of jewellery including a gold ring, earrings, gold chain, copper bracelet, and friendship bracelet.

2.1 Drawing based on subtle-knowledge of wearing a gold ring on the ring finger

Subtle picture of wearing a gold ring on the finger


From this drawing based on subtle-knowledge we can understand the following points:

  • By wearing a gold ring on the ring finger, Divine consciousness is attracted, activated and emitted from the ring. Divine Energy (Shakti) is also activated and emitted from the gold ring.
  • The Divine consciousness in the ring creates a pressure on the finger that enables acupressure to take place. This eliminates obstacles in the form of black energy and the finger receives Divine consciousness.
  • It is most beneficial to wear the ring on the ring finger, followed by the middle finger. For spiritual benefit, women can wear rings on the left hand while men can wear rings on the right hand.


2.2 Drawing based on subtle-knowledge  of wearing earrings

Subtle picture of wearing earrings

From this drawing based on subtle-knowledge  we can understand the following points:

  • By wearing sāttvik earrings, the Divine Principle is attracted and emitted from the earring.
  • A flow of Bliss (Ānand) is attracted to the earring and particles of Bliss are emitted from it.
  • Divine consciousness is attracted and spread throughout the body and environment.


2.3 Drawing based on subtle-knowledge  of wearing a gold chain

Subtle picture of wearing a gold chain

From this drawing based on subtle-knowledge  we can understand the following points:

  • By wearing a gold chain around the neck, Divine consciousness enriched waves of the Absolute Fire Principle (Tējtattva) are attracted and emitted into the environment.
  • The Raja-Tama particles in the surrounding environment of the person wearing the gold chain get destroyed.
  • Fighting spirit (kshātrabhav) is generated within the person due to the creation of the Absolute Fire Principle. Fighting spirit is an important quality for a seeker to have to sustain their spiritual practice and fight against negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.).


2.4 Drawing based on subtle-knowledge  of wearing a copper bracelet

Subtle picture of wearing a copper bracelet

From this drawing based on subtle-knowledge  we can understand the following points:

  • Divine consciousness is attracted, activated and emitted from the copper bracelet. A protective ring of Divine consciousness is also created around the hand.
  • The Principle of the Sun Deity is attracted, activated and emitted from the copper bracelet.
  • Saviour energy  is also activated and emitted from the hand.


2.5 Drawing based on subtle-knowledge  of wearing a friendship bracelet

Subtle picture of wearing a friendship bracelet

From this drawing based on subtle-knowledge  we can understand the following points:

  • Spiral rings of emotion are created and activated from wearing a friendship bracelet. Particles of emotion are also emitted into the surrounding environment.
  • There is an emission of energy of attraction as well as Illusory energy around the hand. The Illusory energy creates a pleasant feeling within the person that wears or looks at the bracelet even though the vibrations emitting from it are negative.
  • Particles of black energy are emitted within the body of the person wearing the bracelet as well as into the surrounding environment.

3. Importance of the material used to make the jewellery

3.1 The type of metal used

The type of metal that is used to create the jewellery is important in determining how much spiritual benefit the person wearing the jewellery can imbibe. The table below explains the proportion of Divine consciousness that is found in each type of metal. The most sattvik metal is gold followed by silver.

The proportion of Divine Consciousness in gold, silver, copper, and other metals

As per spiritual science, jewellery worn above the waist should be gold to protect from stronger negative energies (ghosts, devils, demons etc.). The gold augments the Absolute Fire Principle that enables the chakras above the waist to absorb positive energies.

Jewellery worn below the waist should be silver to protect from lower level negative energies (ghosts, devils, demons etc.). Silver has the ability to imbibe the Rajapredominant waves of desire.

3.2 The type of gem used

Gems like diamond, ruby, sapphire, coral, and emerald that are embedded in jewellery have a spiritually beneficial effect on us. The subtle-rays coming from the Sun, Moon and other celestial bodies are reflected from these gems based on the principles they attract.

The following table explains the benefits according to each gem.

Type of gem Effect on the person
Ruby Provides protection and energy to the gross body (sthūladēha)
Diamond Purifies the gross and mental body (manodēha). It is associated with the Absolute Fire Principle.
Coral Kindles the Divine consciousness in the body in the form of vital energy (Prāṇa-shakti) . It increases enthusiasm in the person to perform various activities.
Pearl Enables the person to have more alertness and joyous nature due to continuously activating Divine consciousness in the body. It is associated with the Absolute Water Principle (Āpatattva) .
Emerald Keeps consistency in the unmanifest ̣ Divine Energy Principle.

When the jewellery contains sattvik metals or gems, divinity is attracted towards them with the help of the five Cosmic Principles (Panchatattva). The spiritual emotion (bhāv) of the person wearing the jewellery towards the jewellery that is worn is helpful in getting maximum benefit from wearing the jewellery.


4. The effect of the design of the jewellery

When we look through a jewellery catalogue, the number of the various designs, shapes and patterns are astounding. Often we base our choice of jewellery on aesthetic appeal, but from a spiritual perspective there are other factors we can keep in mind.

The design of jewellery can either be sattvik or tāmasik. Sattvik designs emit positive energy and impart feelings of Bliss. Often they are round or petal shaped. Tamasik designs emit negative vibrations. These negative vibrations can have detrimental effects on the person’s health by affecting the chakras of the body.

The following is an example of a gold chain with a sattvik design and another with a tamasik design:

Sattvik design of jewellery Tamasik design of jewellery
Sattvik design of jewellery Tamasik design of jewellery

From these examples we can see the importance of choosing jewellery based on spiritual principles and not based on aesthetic appearance. When selecting jewellery we can try to perceive the subtle-vibrations that emit from it through a subtle-reading. It is best to perform the subtle-reading after chanting the Name of God for a few minutes so the mind can achieve concentration.


5. Purification of jewellery

 Black energy : The primary weapon used by negative energies is black energy which is a spiritual energy capable of manipulating any process on the Earth plane. The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy.

The jewellery that we wear is effective in protecting us from the attacks of negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.). When negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.) try to attack us with their black energy, they first attack the jewellery that we wear before affecting us directly. Due to this, it is important to regularly purify the jewellery we wear to remove the black energy.

There are various ways that we can spiritually purify jewellery using the five Cosmic Principles.

Absolute Fire Principle: Holy ash (Vibhūti)  from SSRF incense-sticks can be applied to the jewellery from all sides.
Absolute Air Principle (Vāyutattva): blow holy ash from SSRF incense-sticks on the jewellery or allow the smoke of the incense-sticks to touch them.

Absolute Ether Principle (Ākāshtattva): keep the ornaments in an empty box for some time.


6. Why to wear jewellery – a spiritual perspective

From this article we explained how we can derive spiritual benefit from wearing jewellery made of sattvik material and of sattvik designs. The Divine consciousness that is imbibed by wearing sattvik jewellery helps us in our spiritual practice by allowing us to have continuous access to Divine energy. As our spiritual practice increases, the necessity of wearing jewellery decreases as we are able to attain sāttviktā and spiritual energy from our spiritual practice.

The various types of jewellery that we wear are associated with specific parts of the body. Each part of the body is associated with a specific chakra. Divine consciousness that is activated around the body where the jewellery is worn purifies and awakens the chakra associated with that part of the body. For example if the chakra at the heart region (Anāhat-chakra)  is awakened then spiritual emotion towards God is awakened.

Another benefit to wearing jewellery includes receiving the benefit of acupressure therapy. Acupressure points in the body where the jewellery is worn are also pressed. This results in the removal of black energy in the body and enables Divine consciousness to flow freely. Physical, psychological, and spiritual distress can be alleviated through acupressure therapy.


7. In summary

  • Wearing jewellery allows us to imbibe Divine energy, protects us from negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.) and performs spiritual healing.
  • The jewellery that we wear should be made of sattvik material and be of sattvik designs.
  • By performing regular spiritual practice on a daily basis, we begin to grow spiritually and generate sattvik vibrations or spiritual energy within us. The necessity to wear jewellery to imbibe sattvikta then reduces.


Here is the second part to the Blue Planet Project, enjoy:

>> PDF File


The following document is a continuation of the Blue Planet Project, and again, is believed to be the personal notes and scientific dairy of a scientist who was contracted by the government over several years to visit all crash sites, interrogate captured Alien Life Forms and analyze all data gathered from that endeavor. He also wrote notes on or about any documents which he came in contact with, which in any way related directly or indirectly to the organization, structure or operation for the collection of such data.

This individual was discovered to have kept and maintained such personal notes and therefore was scheduled for termination. He narrowly escaped termination by the government and is currently in hiding out of this country.

We believe his involvement in these investigations span over a thirty-three (33) year period. He was soon discovered and immediately went into hiding in 1990.

We modified his personal notes only so slightly, and only when necessary to make them flow together and read correctly.

When you read this document, it may disturb you. The real facts have a tendency to do exactly that, but this information needs to get to the general public. I caution you to use your best judgement when allowing a minor child to read this document.

At this time, to the best of the data we have available, there are at least one hundred and sixty (160) species or races of Aliens from different galaxies, stars and planet we have encountered. You will find as much data (as we have available thru 1990) on each race in the following pages, as each race is discussed. There are still more Aliens we haven’t encountered yet, but we feel it won’t be long before we do…



1 Alterated Adrenalin

2 Alterated Coradrenalin

3 Cordrazine

4 Cortropinex

5 Formazinye

6 Hyronalinx

7 Masiform DX

8 Melanexy

9 Pituitary Hormone

10 Ryetalyn (Vrietalyn)

11 Sterilex

12 Stokalinex



15 Psionics

15 Aura

15 Cosmic Rays

16 Tewric Energy

16 Psychokinesis

16 Plasma Reorganization



18 The Impulse Propulsion Engine

18 The Speed Gear Propulsion Engine


20 Servents from Rigelian

20 Servents from Z-Reticulae 1

23 Servents from Z-Reticulae 2


26 The Controllers Affair

27 Remote Hypnosis



29 The Nordic Body

29 Nordic Internal Organs



33 Examples of Alien Writing

33 Nordic and Pleiadian

33 Vegan Ancient and Syrius

33 Syrius

33 K’Thai and Orion

33 Antarian

34 The Grey Universal

34 The Universal Communication Symbol



35 Understanding their written language

35 Orthography

35 Tenses

36 Accentuation

37 Punctuation

37 Sentence Structure

38 Capitialization

38 Understanding their numbers

39 Understanding their Time Measurement





48 Are the Aliens Hostile or Not !

48 Non-Hostility Situation

48 Misperceived Intentions

48 An Analysis is Needed

48 Protective Measures ?

49 Possible Benevolence

49 Polarization Tendency

50 Long-term Survival




Here is the first part of the series, where is a lots of information about UFO’s and Aliens:


>> PDF-File

Alien Technical Research

Alien Life Forms


Note – This document is the alleged result of the actions of one or more scientists creating a covert, unauthorized notebook documenting their involvement with an Above Top Secret government program. Government publications and information obtained by the use of public tax monies cannot be subject to copyright. This document is released into the public domain for all citizens of the United States of America.

Additional note: Michael Relfe personally saw a photocopy of the original spiral bound notes during a UFO conference around 1991.

Table of Contents


  • The U.S. Government Counter Intelligence Organizational Chart
  • U.S. Space Counter Intelligence HQ, Organizational Chart
  • Operation Majority
  • The U.S.’s Alien Cover-up
  • Top Secret – Majic
  • The “Majic Projects”
  • Majic’s Contingency Plans
  • Majic’s Secret Weapons Against the Aliens
  • Information from Inside Report Number
    • Other Majic – Alien Tips from inside Report Number
  • NSA Security System


  • Facts About Aliens on Earth (1)
  • Main Important UFO Crashes, Under Ultra-Secret Cover-ups
  • Extra-Terrestrial Classifications
  • Alien Presence on Earth


  • My General Personal Observations
    • Human Reasons for the Mutilations
    • Alien Reasons for the Mutilations
  • Black Helicopter Involvement in Mutilations


  • Time and UFOs


  • Crop Phenomena: Circles Affair


  • The Dulce Base
  • Caught in the Game
  • Who’s Planet is this ?
  • The Secret Activity
  • R & D and the Military Industrial Complex
  • Surviving the Future
  • The Transamerican Underground Subshuttle System, (T.A.U.S.S.)
  • Overt and Covert Research
  • Each Base has its own Symbol
  • Inside the Dulce Base
  • The Town of Dulce
  • Mind Manipulation Experiments
  • Better living Through Bio-Tech ?


  • U.S. Government Data from Autopsies of Aliens
    • Uni-Terrestrial Data, Code: UNA
      • Mission Skills and Assignments Chart
      • Mission
    • Ultra-Terrestrial Data, Code: ULTRON
    • Intra-Terrestrial Data, Code: INTERAV
    • Meta-Terrestrial Data, Code: MEREDITH
    • Para-Terrestral Data, Code: PARAMUS
    • Greys
      • Extra-Terrestral Data, Code: EBEs
        • The First EBE
        • KRLL
      • Rigelians
        • The Rigelian Saga
        • Alien Bases at Sol III Perimeter
        • Project BETA, The Study of Grey Psychology
        • Taxonomy of some Extraterrestrial Humanoids
      • Greys Data from Autopsies
        • Type A
        • Type B
        • Type C
      • Nordics Data from Autopsies
        • Type D
      • Oranges Data from Autopsies
        • Type E


  • Alien Crafts with Dimensional Factors and/or Dimensional Origin
  • The US Government and Alien Technology
  • The Implant or S.B.M.C.D.
  • Aliens and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Alien Artifacts used at Mutilations
    • The Biological Scanner
    • The Spray Applicator
    • The Field Reader Tube
    • Surgical Scalpels
    • Skin-Grafting Lasers
    • Blood Attracting Device


  • Mystery Helicopters and Mutilations
  • Surveillance Devices
    • The RPV, AROD
    • The Hale, ADR/238F
    • The TRA, SN-75, XH-75D


  • ‘The Monitors”
  • The Case for Alien Abductions
  • The Most Common Areas Examined by the Aliens
  • Biological Specimens, Samples usually taken for Abductees and/or Witnesses
  • Pregnancy
  • Our Genetic Code is under Siege
  • The Metagene Factor


  • Learning, Teaching and Assimilation techniques of electronic space societies 104 Inculcation Devices
  • Inculcation Bar Device
  • Inculcation Monitor
  • Catecholine Beta-Lipotropin 9753
  • Rapid Inculcation Processes


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), An Overview

If you don’t know what FEMA is maybe you should check your facts:


“The crux of the problem is that FEMA has the power to turn the United States into a police state in time of a real crisis or a manufactured crisis

September 5, 2006

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), An Overview (Sep 5, 2006)


Some people have referred to it as the “secret government” of the United States. It is not an elected body, it does not involve itself in public disclosures, and it even has a quasi-secret budget in the billions of dollars. This government organization has more power than the President of the United States or the Congress, it has the power to suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant and hold them without trial, it can seize property, food supplies, transportation systems, and can suspend the Constitution. Not only is it the most powerful entity in the United States, but it was not even created under Constitutional law by the Congress. It was a product of a Presidential Executive Order. No, it is not the U.S. Military nor the Central Intelligence Agency, they are subject to Congress. The organization is called FEMA, which stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Originally conceived in the Richard Nixon Administration, it was refined by President Jimmy Carter and given teeth in the Ronald Reagan and George Bush Administrations. FEMA had one original concept when it was created, to assure the survivability of the United States government in the event of a nuclear attack on this nation. It was also provided with the task of being a federal co-ordinating body during times of domestic disasters, such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Its awesome powers grew under the tutelage of people like Lt. Col. Oliver North and General Richard Secord, the architects on the Iran-Contra scandal and the looting of America’s savings and loan institutions. FEMA has even been given control of the State Defense Forces, a rag-tag, often considered neo-Nazi, civilian army that will substitute for the National Guard, if the Guard is called to duty overseas.


Though it may be the most powerful organization in the United States, few people know it even exists. But it has crept into our private lives. Even mortgage papers contain FEMA’s name in small print if the property in question is near a flood plain. FEMA was deeply involved in the Los Angeles riots [1992] and the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the black helicopter traffic reported throughout the United States, but mainly in the West, California, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado, are flown by FEMA personnel. FEMA has been given responsibility for many new disasters including urban forest fires, home heating emergencies, refugee situations, urban riots, and emergency planning for nuclear and toxic incidents. In the West, it works in conjunction with the Sixth Army.

FEMA was created in a series of Executive Orders. A Presidential Executive Order, whether Constitutional or not, becomes law simply by its publication in the Federal Registry. Congress is by-passed. Executive Order Number 12148 created the Federal Emergency Management Agency that is to interface with the Department of Defense for civil defense planning and funding. An “emergency czar” was appointed. FEMA has only spent about 6 percent of its budget on national emergencies, the bulk of their funding has been used for the construction of secret underground facilities to assure continuity of government in case of a major emergency, foreign or domestic. Executive Order Number 12656 appointed the National Security Council as the principal body that should consider emergency powers. This allows the government to increase domestic intelligence and surveillance of U.S. citizens and would restrict the freedom of movement within the United States and grant the government the right to isolate large groups of civilians. The National Guard could be federalized to seal all borders and take control of U.S. air space and all ports of entry.

Here are just a few Executive Orders associated with FEMA that would suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These Executive Orders have been on record for nearly 30 years and could be enacted by the stroke of a Presidential pen:

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998 allows the government to seize all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports, and waterways.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 10999 allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.

* EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has broad powers in every aspect of the nation. General Frank Salzedo, chief of FEMA’s Civil Security Division stated in a 1983 conference that he saw FEMA’s role as a “new frontier in the protection of individual and governmental leaders from assassination, and of civil and military installations from sabotage and/or attack, as well as prevention of dissident groups from gaining access to U.S. opinion, or a global audience in times of crisis.” FEMA’s powers were consolidated by President Carter to incorporate:

o the National Security Act of 1947, which allows for the strategic relocation of industries, services, government and other essential economic activities, and to rationalize the requirements for manpower, resources and production facilities;

o the 1950 Defense Production Act, which gives the President sweeping powers over all aspects of the economy;

o the Act of August 29, 1916, which authorizes the Secretary of the Army, in time of war, to take possession of any transportation system for transporting troops, material, or any other purpose related to the emergency; and

o the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which enables the President to seize the property of a foreign country or national. These powers were transferred to FEMA in a sweeping consolidation in 1979.


FEMA’s deceptive role really did not come to light with much of the public until Hurricane Andrew smashed into the U.S. mainland. As Russell R. Dynes, director of the Disaster Research Center of the University of Delaware, wrote in The World and I…The eye of the political storm hovered over the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA became a convenient target for criticism.” Because FEMA was accused of dropping the ball in Florida, the media and Congress commenced to study this agency. What came out of the critical look was that FEMA was spending 12 times more for “black operations” than for disaster relief.

It spent $1.3 billion building secret bunkers throughout the United States in anticipation of government disruption by foreign or domestic upheaval. Yet fewer than 20 members of Congress, only members with top security clearance, know of the $1.3 billion expenditure by FEMA for non-natural disaster situations. These few Congressional leaders state that FEMA has a “black curtain” around its operations. FEMA has worked on National Security programs since 1979, and its predecessor, the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency, has secretly spent millions of dollars before being merged into FEMA by President Carter in 1979.

FEMA has developed 300 sophisticated mobile units that are capable of sustaining themselves for a month. The vehicles are located in five areas of the United States. They have tremendous communication systems and each contains a generator that would provide power to 120 homes each, but have never been used for disaster relief.

FEMA’s enormous powers can be triggered easily. In any form of domestic or foreign problem, perceived and not always actual, emergency powers can be enacted. The President of the United States now has broader powers to declare martial law, which activates FEMA’s extraordinary powers. Martial law can be declared during time of increased tension overseas, economic problems within the United States, such as a depression, civil unrest, such as demonstrations or scenes like the Los Angeles riots, and in a drug crisis.

These Presidential powers have increased with successive Crime Bills, particularly the 1991 and 1993 Crime Bills, which increase the power to suspend the rights guaranteed under the Constitution and to seize property of those suspected of being drug dealers, to individuals who participate in a public protest or demonstration. Under emergency plans already in existence, the power exists to suspend the Constitution and turn over the reigns of government to FEMA and appointing military commanders to run state and local governments. FEMA then would have the right to order the detention of anyone whom there is reasonable ground to believe will engage in, or probably conspire with others to engage in acts of espionage or sabotage. The plan also authorized the establishment of concentration camps for detaining the accused, but no trial. An Executive Order signed by then President Bush in 1989 authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency to build 43 primary camps (having a capacity of 35,000 to 45,000 prisoners each) and also authorized hundreds of secondary facilities. It is interesting to note that several of these facilities can accommodate 100,000 prisoners. These facilities have been completed and many are already manned but as yet contain no prisoners.

Three times since 1984, FEMA stood on the threshold of taking control of the nation. Once under President Reagan in 1984, and twice under President Bush in 1990 and 1992. But under those three scenarios, there was not a sufficient crisis to warrant risking martial law. Most experts on the subject of FEMA and Martial Law insisted that a crisis has to appear dangerous enough for the people of the United States before they would tolerate or accept complete government takeover. The typical crisis needed would be threat of imminent nuclear war, rioting in several U.S. cites simultaneously, a series of national disasters that affect widespread danger to the populous, massive terrorist attacks, a depression in which tens of millions are unemployed and without financial resources, or a major environmental disaster.


In April 1984, President Reagan signed Presidential Director Number 54 that allowed FEMA to engage in a secret national “readiness exercise” under the code name of REX 84. The exercise was to test FEMA’s readiness to assume military authority in the event of a “State of Domestic National Emergency” concurrent with the launching of a direct United States military operation in Central America. The plan called for the deputation of U.S. military and National Guard units so that they could legally be used for domestic law enforcement. These units would be assigned to conduct sweeps and take into custody an estimated 400,000 undocumented Central American immigrants in the United States. The immigrants would be interned at 10 detention centers to be set up at military bases throughout the country. REX 84 was so highly guarded that special metal security doors were placed on the fifth floor of the FEMA building in Washington, D.C. Even long-standing employees of the Civil Defense of the Federal Executive Department possessing the highest possible security clearances were not being allowed through the newly installed metal security doors. Only personnel wearing a special red Christian cross or crucifix lapel pin were allowed into the premises. Lt. Col. North was responsible for drawing up the emergency plan, which U.S. Attorney General William French Smith opposed vehemently.

The plan called for the suspension of the Constitution, turning control of the government over to FEMA, appointment of military commanders to run state and local governments and the declaration of Martial Law. The Presidential Executive Orders to support such a plan were already in place. The plan also advocated the rounding up and transfer to “assembly centers or relocation camps” of a least 21 million American Negroes in the event of massive rioting or disorder, not unlike the rounding up of the Jews in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

The second known time that FEMA stood by was in 1990 when Desert Storm was enacted. Prior to President Bush’s invasion of Iraq, FEMA began to draft new legislation to increase its already formidable powers. One of the elements incorporated into the plan was to set up operations within any state or locality without the prior permission of local or state authorities. Such prior permission has always been required in the past. Much of the mechanism being set into place was in anticipation of the economic collapse of the Western World. The war with Iraq may have been conceived as a ploy to boost the bankrupt economy, but it only pushed the West into deeper recession.

The third scenario for FEMA came with the Los Angeles riots after the Rodney King brutality verdict. Had the rioting spread to other cities, FEMA would have been empowered to step in. As it was, major rioting only occurred in the Los Angeles area, thus preventing a pretext for a FEMA response. On July 5, 1987, the Miami Herald published reports on FEMA’s new goals. The goal was to suspend the Constitution in the event of a national crisis, such as nuclear war, violent and widespread internal dissent, or national opposition to a U.S. military invasion abroad. Lt. Col. North was the architect. National Security Directive Number 52 issued in August 1982, pertains to the “Use of National Guard Troops to Quell Disturbances.” The crux of the problem is that FEMA has the power to turn the United States into a police state in time of a real crisis or a manufactured crisis. Lt. Col. North virtually established the apparatus for dictatorship. Only the criticism of the Attorney General prevented the plans from being adopted. But intelligence reports indicate that FEMA has a folder with 22 Executive Orders for the President to sign in case of an emergency. It is believed those Executive Orders contain the framework of North’s concepts, delayed by criticism but never truly abandoned.

The crisis, as the government now see it, is civil unrest. For generations, the government was concerned with nuclear war, but the violent and disruptive demonstrations that surrounded the Vietnam War era prompted President Nixon to change the direction of emergency powers from war time to times of domestic unrest. Diana Raynolds, program director of the Edward R. Murrow Center, summed up the dangers of FEMA today and the public reaction to Martial Law in a drug crisis: “It was James Madison’s worst nightmare that a righteous faction would someday be strong enough to sweep away the Constitutional restraints designed by the framers to prevent the tyranny of centralized power, excessive privilege, an arbitrary governmental authority over the individual. These restraints, the balancing and checking of powers among branches and layers of government, and the civil guarantees, would be the first casualties in a drug-induced national security state with Reagan’s Civil Emergency Preparedness unleashed. Nevertheless, there would be those who would welcome NSC (National Security Council) into the drug fray, believing that increasing state police powers to emergency levels is the only way left to fight American’s enemy within. In the short run, a national security state would probably be a relief to those whose personal security and quality of life has been diminished by drugs or drug related crime. And, as the general public watches the progression of institutional chaos and social decay, they too may be willing to pay the ultimate price, one drug free America for 200 years of democracy.”

The first targets in any FEMA emergency would be Hispanics and Blacks, the FEMA orders call for them to be rounded up and detained. Tax protesters, demonstrators against government military intervention outside U.S. borders, and people who maintain weapons in their homes are also targets. Operation Trojan Horse is a program designed to learn the identity of potential opponents to martial law. The program lures potential protesters into public forums, conducted by a “hero” of the people who advocates survival training. The list of names gathered at such meetings and rallies are computerized and then targeted in case of an emergency.

The most shining example of America to the world has been its peaceful transition of government from one administration to another. Despite crises of great magnitude, the United States has maintained its freedom and liberty. This nation now stands on the threshold of rule by non-elected people asserting non-Constitutional powers. Even Congress cannot review a Martial Law action until six months after it has been declared. For the first time in American history, the reigns of government would not be transferred from one elected element to another, but the Constitution, itself, can be suspended. The scenarios established to trigger FEMA into action are generally found in the society today, economic collapse, civil unrest, drug problems, terrorist attacks, and protests against American intervention in a foreign country. All these premises exist, it could only be a matter of time in which one of these triggers the entire emergency necessary to bring FEMA into action, and then it may be too late, because under the FEMA plan, there is no contingency by which Constitutional power is restored.


There have been documented over 60 secret underground virtual cities, built by the government, Federal Reserve Bank owners, and high ranking members of the Committee of 300. Some of these underground areas can be seen in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. In addition, there exist underground Satellite Tracking Facilities which have the ability to punch your 911 address into the computer and a satellite can within seconds bring a camera to bear on your property to the point that those monitoring can read clearly the articles of the newspaper on your doorstep. These facilities have as of Oct. 1, 1994, been turned over to the power of the United Nations.

For more information about the AboveTopSecret.com Discussion Board check out our information on the benefits of our FREE membership, or have a look at this detailed information on the wealth of free board features.


Forward from Bob Rose: “What is FEMA Really For?” (video) May 3, 2008

America’s 800+ Concentration Camp Locations, State by State (Sep. 7, 2005)

Deadly Silences: Hurricane Andrew & the New World Order (2001)


The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

I found this book and it would be very important to read it through:

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

[Editor’s Note: The term “protocols” in this text refers to the recorded minutes of a series of meetings which took place among the innermost circle of Zion elders. The term also implies a blueprint or strategy to follow in order to achieve the desired goals stated here. The minutes of these meetings were either originally issued at the First Zionist Congress held in in Basel, Switzerland  (spelled Basle at the time) in 1897, or they were re-issued at that Congress. The Zionist Congress was headed up by Theodore Herzl who held subsequent Zionist congresses on almost a yearly basis until 1913, and then resumed again in 1921. The ideas and beliefs expressed in these protocols are so hideous and repugnant to the sensibilities of any normal person of good will, that the British translator, Victor Marsden, could only work on translating the 1905 Russian text of the Protocols for one hour per day due to his revulsion with the concepts being promoted. The people who embrace these concepts consider themselves a special and separate category of humanity who were chosen by “God” to rule over all other men on this planet and establish a simple two tier feudal society: one with elites at the top and worker serfs below them. They consider non-Jews to be the equivalent of cattle and therefore afford no more concern for the “rights” of the subhuman Goyim than one would grant to a herd of steer or sheep.

You will notice that the strategies of control expostulated here-in 1897– such as the use of fiat paper from Zionist owned banks to replace currency backed by gold, along with the destruction of the nuclear family unit, control of school curriculums, the end of freedoms of any stripe, the creation of “terrorism” to frighten the Goy into clamoring for safety over safeguarding of constitutional rights, etc., etc., etc. is today being followed and employed exactly as laid out by Zionist planners in the 19th century.

While Zionists and their agents are dispersed world wide, the heart of Zionism resides with those who control the state of Israel. I bear no ill will toward Israelis who do not endorse Zionism, but I am mindful that the Zionists in control of that tiny nation have wielded enormous influence upon American politicians who in turn, have burdened the American taxpayer with the cost of  funding the strife, oppression, and terrorism which Israel has wreaked upon so many defenseless and vulnerable people around the world. For the twisted minds who embrace these precepts, there is no lower limit to the degree of deceit, dishonesty, abuse, trickery, cruelty, or killing that the Talmud tells them that they are allowed to employ in order to achieve their goals of a One World feudal society in which merely staying alive in order to serve the Zionist masters and enjoy even one more day of life, will be the ONLY concern of the Goyim “workers’…Ken Adachi]

Translated by Victor E. Marsden

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


Who are the Elders?
Protocol I The Basic Doctrine
Protocol II Economic Wars
Protocol III Methods of Conquest
Protocol IV Materialism Replace Religion
Protocol V Despotism and Modern Progress
Protocol VI Take-Over Technique
Protocol VII World-Wide Wars
Protocol VIII Provisional Government
Protocol IX Re-education
Protocol X Preparing for Power
Protocol XI The Totalitarian State
Protocol XII Control of the Press
Protoco XIII Distractions
Protocol XIV Assault on Religion
Protocol XV Ruthless Suppression
Protocol XVI Brainwashing
Protocol XVII Abuse of Authority
Protocol XVIII Arrest of Opponents
Protocol XIX Rulers and People
Protocol XX Financial Programme
Protocol XXI Loans and Credit
Protocol XXII Power of Gold
Protocol XXIII Instilling Obedience
Protocol XXIV Qualities of the Ruler


Destiny and the rule of give-and-take

This one is related to karma and how we are born with spiritual debt:

Many events in our lives are destined beginning with our birth and the family that we are born into. One is born into a family where conditions are conducive to undergo one’s destiny and where one has a significant give-and-take account with each member of his or her family.

According to the law of karma, every positive deed generates a “merit” while every negative deed generates a “demerit” or a sin. Subsequently one has to reap the results of one’s actions. Whenever one does a good deed for another, this is bound to result in a positive return (in the form of some happiness), and this is apart from a simple “Thank you” from that person! Whenever one inflicts harm, this is bound to result in a negative return (in the form of some sorrow). It cannot be undone by a simple “Sorry”!

The law of karma is infallible. It is something like Newton’s third law of motion, which states that, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Throughout our lives we are either settling an old account or creating a new one. If the account cannot be settled in this birth it is carried over to the next birth. We are not consciously aware of the give-and-take accounts generated in our previous births.

Also, the status of the relationship and the sex of the individual may change with subsequent births. So a father of a person in one birth can be born as a daughter of the same individual in the next birth.

The following are some examples of how accounts are created and settled as one’s destiny. It also gives an understanding of how spiritual practice can nullify the effects of destiny:


Creation of a give-and-take account

According to the science of Spirituality, most of our family members are people with whom we have positive or negative accounts from previous births. The reason for this is that one has to be in the proximity of the other person with whom one has karma in order to experience either pleasure or pain.

In understanding the law of karma, we can see how Spirituality can be useful to even those of us who have absolutely no spiritual aspirations and who only wish to be immersed in worldly pursuits. Even for those worldly relations to be fruitful they need to be insulated from destiny.

End Times Programming

There is a lot’s of talk about the end times and here is an article about how religion can guide you towards to that end of times dead end:


End Times Programming

The end-times apostasy of believers occurs because of a great satanic deception among believers. What would such a deception look like? It certainly will not be something very obvious. Satan is not going to waltz into the church on Sunday morning and say, “OK everybody! Listen up! I’m Satan and this is the great apostasy, so get in line and follow me!” No, his end times deception will be through a subtle twisting of biblical Christianity, mixing biblical truth with demonic error. So close is this mixture, in fact, that many believe it to be biblical Christianity and fall away from the true Faith. Thus, many believers are deceived and lead away from the Faith through false doctrine-a subtly different Jesus, different spirit, and different gospel. Consequently, because of Satan’s disguise as an “angel of light” and his ministers’ disguise as “ministers of righteousness” (2 Cor. 11:14-15) everything they do looks and sounds very Christian. In other words, the great apostasy from the Faith will be orchestrated by ministers who, on the surface, appear righteous and godly. Their teaching will be so close to true biblical Christianity that many will follow the false “angel of light” and the false “ministers of righteousness” away from the true Jesus, the true Spirit and the true Gospel. ” Jeffrey Mark Spencer, M. Div , The Irenaeus Foundation

By Zeph E. Daniel (http://www.zephnet.com)
October 23, 2004

[Editor’s Note: Zeph Daniel is a victim of satanic ritual abuse and Illuminati mind control programming. He was born into a powerful and influencial Hollywood family and was subjected to the typical horrendous abuse from a very early age that most victims of Illuminati programming are forced to endure. He broke through his programming in 2000 and credits his unwavering devotion to God and Jesus as the lifelines which rescued him from the abyss. You can read more details of his incredible journey on Zeph’s web site. This article deals with a subject that needs to be faced squarely by devote and honest Christians everywhere on this planet, but especially here in the United States: the apocalyptic, End Times scenario that is being hammered into the minds and hearts of fundamentalist Christians across this nation is a set up. If you take the time to read a book written by William Bramley called The Gods of Eden, you will find that the same End Times scenario, the same script, and the same cast of characters, has been used before-many times before.

Self satisfied people often respond emotionally (and irrationally) to information that they cannot handle intellectually or objectively because of pre-conditioning (remember the earth used to be”flat” at one time and everyone just knew it to be true). If you possess a fundamentalist perspective and find yourself becoming upset and angry with the information presented below, then you have to honestly question yourself and ask: am I a victim of mind conditioning too? Words cannot harm you and if you cannot consider the merits of a presentation without going banannas, then you have a problem, dear friend, not the author of this article. Remember, truth will always find a way to surface and that which is false cannot sustain itself indefinitely…Ken]

Original title: ‘Christian’ Mind Control

Suffice to say the average person has no idea that they are controlled from cradle to grave. Many Christian end-times mind-controllees believe they are not mind controlled and that the Anti-Christ will seek to mind control them in the future—that their brethren will be deceived, take the microchip and go to Hell.

My own testimony is as such—I was mind controlled by others, and used for spiritual purposes. I was referred to as the “God-mind” since childhood, was too spiritually different to become a child satanist—where children are traumatized, dissociate and are indwelt with the PROGRAM (the entire demonic hierarchy hive-mind), to be raised up in society to lead.

If I was not able to provide “something” (in this case spiritual power, since they had been cut off from God and had no power of their own)—I would have been eliminated, as many are. Suffice to say, God’s gift to me, His plan for me was ingenious.

My programming broke in the year 2000, roughly—though somewhere in my person I always knew my destiny, and was not worried; I had seen the world falsely, and reality was at the fringes of my consciousness…I was oppressed by the world, but not acceptable to the world.

At the pre-appointed time of my healing, the angelic hosts and the Elohim healed me, a fragmented personality—and I realized that I did not even know who I was for most of my life. I remember someone commenting once, “You thought you were this or that…a writer, a filmmaker,” and they laughed, as even that activity was “assigned, controlled, handled, programmed, etc…” In actuality, in the world’s terms, I was nothing—had done nothing, and had no identity of my own. I did not exist, and I was not even here. I came here in 2000, and in an opposite to the occult way, I am very much a “walk-in.” A walk-in is usually a demon who takes over a traumatized vessel. If you want to see a movie-version of this, confirming it for you, see K-Pax, starring Kevin Spacey. Ask yourself this question—if this is an alien who took over the body played by Spacey, then where is the alien’s life-form? That also answers the riddle of the alien situation as well.

I was used, or the power I had within me was accessed, in order to boost the careers of those around me—the power I had within me could do that… always has been the case. Perhaps God gave me that so they would not kill me. Indeed, why kill me if you could make millions off me! They had the information of course wrong…God gave them over to their lusts, and meanwhile protected one of his own. I suspect there are many others like me—indeed, I know some of you will write me, confirming this with your own testimony—thank you in advance!

But all this leads me to expose perhaps the worst mind control program of all—the Christian end times programming.

* * * * *


As soon as the programming broke, I continued my walk with Elohim YHWH, who reminded me of all things—as I am an eternal person, and never actually fragmented in the spirit. Maybe that’s why I let others think what they wanted to.

But others came around and told me I needed to read certain scriptures, guided by them of course, and that I needed to get into church. I was told not to write my novel LAMB, and especially not GLASS BACKWARDS (the ultimate mind-control satire!) until I had been in church and studied the scriptures for a year. Until I had CHANGED.

I TOLD ONE FELLOW: “Obviously I’ve changed… I know all things. I have nothing to learn.”

He just about dropped off his chair, and asked if he could bring ELDERS from his church to sit and talk with me.

I agreed finally to go to the church of his, and of course everything I thought would happen, did happen!

These people who touted Christianity were all satanists. Every single one assigned to me. They just had to SAVE ME with their activities… their love-bomb hugs, their psycho-babble end-times paranoid philosophy. These differ from actually atheistic satanists in that their minds were anything but reasoned, whereas the classic satanist is a man of reason. This is mostly due to the fact that so many in the Christian mind control program had been sexually abused and traumatized as children—and didn’t take to it as the classic satanists did.

Here, in church, I was judged by men, castigated, my life threatened continuously, and finally, when they realized that they could not make me one of “them,” I was cast out. I toured all the churches and the same thing happened again and again. I gave my novel LAMB to a pastor in one church and he came back SCREAMING: “I didn’t kill anybody! You got any names???”

Next thing I knew my vehicle was sabotaged, and I won’t go into the rest of it. Suffice to say I had to leave town because of a book I wrote.

* * * * *

The LORD was within me, and so he could look through my eyes—I was sent to the churches to put them on notice, and to heal many who were deceived and confused… they may never know it was me, but many have since left, and many remained. They just couldn’t get over that I wasn’t conformed to satanism and society. I remained in contact and prayed over them, but most of the leaders refused to change—and were even angry when I told them they served Satan FORMALLY, and had sold their souls in exchange for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

They believed that they were saved, and that they would be going to heaven in the Rapture, another mind-control program. And the RAPTURE would begin any day now!

(this cultish theory also breaks up many a fellowship—when the rapture doesn’t happen, everyone turns on each other)

People come and go from eternity all the time—there is no need of a Rapture. Death of the flesh is a rapture, but I have never seen so much fear of death EXCEPT amongst the Westernized, End Times Evangelical Christians.

I have my own interpretation of the scriptures pertaining to this, and much of it is metaphysical, multidimensional, spiritual—not some comic book literalism as many paint it.

I have never seen as much cruelty and abject hatred of humanity except for these who believe in certain dogma, when they come into contact with others who do not. Jesus is of course out the window at that point.

In addition, many of the mind-controlled Christians want 9/10ths of the humans on earth to go to hell, while they say, I TRIED TO WARN ‘EM! God’s going to teach humanity a lesson, they’ll say, mouths drooling when they finally get even with those who hurt them. Again, most Christians are traumatized mind-control victims, and when deemed born again by men, these no longer deal with their personal trauma that brought them to crisis, but they now attack others out there—they project their collective illness onto the world, and anyone who threatens their precious religion, which is the PROGRAMMING ITSELF.

None would pray over those that FALL from grace—instead, they castigate them, attack them, and bear false witness against them to marginalize them.

This is standard operating procedure for satanists, not Christians. That’s why they are referred to, ultimately, as satanists, as they do the bidding of Satan—accusing the brethren and anyone they do not agree with.


I should preface all this by saying that I was healed of past traumas by the Holy Spirit through the power of the Son of God, Yahushua, who has always been with me and is the reason that I was kept out of things. And the ultimate reason for my protection. I praise His Holy Name, which is Yahushua (Yahweh is salvation).


When my “Christian programming” broke—that which caused me to hate and occluded my walk with Yahushua—I received hatred and false witness borne against me by the mind-controlled so-called Christians, of course. I am sure this report will add fuel to the fire, since what I write threatens their true religion, their programming.

The height of my own FALL into this programming occurred late in 2003, when I received a message to end the ZEPH REPORT and to begin the LAMB REPORT. This directive may have been allowed by Yahweh, but at the same time, it allowed programmers (those who perpetrate mind control, and most of this is from spiritual technology and witchcraft) to surround me—those who serve the occult and not Yahweh, two opposite paths, although many mysteries of Yahweh have been labeled (falsely) as occult, which simply means “hidden.”

The height of the programming occurred over my absolute hatred of Mel Gibson’s movie, THE PASSION. Later, I found out that this was a Mind Control program designed of course on all sides to break up the true following of Christ and to distract those on the Path into hatred, divisiveness, and slander toward the Passion, or toward those who were opposed to it. The whole protestant/catholic, catholic-protestant hate control program also plays into this.

I noticed a lot of fellowships breaking up because of this movie, which is not the evil juggernaut that people said it was, but one man’s interpretation of Christ’s Passion… It became a fresh avenue for Catholic bashing and splitting the protestant camp into many factions. The old war was renewed and Satan laughs all the way to the bank.

Many movies that falsely interpreted Yahushua have been made, and man is incapable of perfect accuracy anyway—we each have a bias. And yes, some say that the movie itself was another Mind Control program—that if killing Jesus over and over again, which is pleasing to Satan, or let’s just say this for those who do not believe in a guy named Satan… it’s pleasing to those who hate Jesus, who wish to see him suffer for being separate, which is considered a sin amongst the worlders.

Those who know Satan exists can look at it that way—micro macro… Satan-world, Jesus-eternal Kingdom. Take your pick.

Movies, in general, are used for Mind Control, some more than others—so one must have discernment. At one point, we were saying, in this mind control camp, that if you have seen Gibson’s Passion, you required deliverance, which is of course another way of saying, “All those who went to see Passion are demon possessed,” a surefire way to marginalize or castigate others into oblivion—PURE SATANIC HATRED DISGUISED AS CHRISTIAN LOVE.

That was one example, and of course the End Times programming is even worse, as it demands that people BELIEVE in the End Times interpretation of the Bible and if they don’t, THEN THEY ARE GOING TO HELL.

At this time, I still have no desire to see Passion, but have nothing against those whose soul-path or soul-journey demands that they see it. I’m sure it helps those who need to see it.

I actually plan on seeing it though—a good way to kill the programming regarding this situation once and for all. Halalu Yah. There is nothing out there that is harmful to me anyway—been all around the block on earth, nothing killed me…nothing harmed my soul.

1Co 6:12 All things are lawful for me; but not all things are expedient. All things are lawful for me; but I will not be brought under the power of any.


It was a good thing for me—seeing all this, to see what the Human Condition upon planet earth really is, since I have never really lived here. I am a spiritual sojourner who lives in eternity, who is here for God’s purposes and no other—none that I can see. I look back on the time I spent here and cannot see myself exactly—I can make an argument that I have not been here… but for His purpose, as I cannot see myself any longer in the past. Indeed, I have no idea how I got here…but questioning it further is of no benefit—I just look and marvel and praise God…for He is the author and finisher of our lives, and our faith.

My purpose, given to me by Yah, is to heal others—not divide or hate them.

I had to experience the irony of Christian hatred first hand—and I had to dish it out as I did during the Passion intrigue. Or the New World Order intrigue, or the pedophile intrigue, or the satanic ritual intrigue involving politicians… my goodness we should at least understand that this goes on and that Lucifer does indeed have rulership over the planet—that the reigning world system is his… why do we still marvel?

And thus, now is the time to have pity and compassion upon those who sold their souls for money and fame and power. Yahushua said,

Mat 19:24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

I had no idea I was serving the dark side! I thought this: I am a bondservant of Jesus Christ, and him alone do I serve.


How many Christians go to the tunnel of light after death? Some say a true believer in Christ will not see that tunnel, but NDE testimonies beg to differ! Going into the tunnel of light is a mistake that will lead a soul into much pain and bondage for a much longer time, though not forever—it is not fatal.

Most of what we do here upon the earth is not fatal, it is all a learning experience for the soul. It’s all about soul-emancipation.

Souls can be healed by miraculous means!

This scripture is a joy:

Joh 16:2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you shall think that he offereth service unto God.

Here, Yahushua is talking about MIND CONTROL—look at the world this way… a TEST. Only God can break your programming.

Here is a checklist:

1) Do you hate anyone?

2) Do you feel the overt need to correct others and threaten them with Hell?

3) Are you mind controlled into certain IMPLACCABLE belief systems (and they must be implacable, as religion), such as the Rapture dogma, the New World Order Dogma, and other dogmas tied to time and space… such as various time-tables for the comic book version of the Book of Revelation to come due?

4) Do you constantly need to correct (read that slander, castigate, hate) all the apostates who are deceiving the nations?

5) Do you shun people who do not believe as you do about the world?

6) Do you throw curses in the Name of Jesus?

(Note: this comes under the mind-control programming of “spiritual warfare,” which is often witchcraft disguised. Last summer, I had people trying to bind and cast me out…and even to kill me, those who were supposedly Christian…their god of course would not answer their prayers, and their programming will not allow them to repent. Often, these will justify their throwing death curses by saying that the target threw death curses at them first, a kind of mind-control sandbox mentality.)

7) Is everybody wrong except the few in your circle?

If everyone is wrong, it means that your circle is filled with spooks, psyops! Get a new set of friends and seek the LORD without the group for deliverance. He delivers all who come to Him by the way. Take this report as your healing, and know that GOD IS WITH YOU.

8) Do you replace lack of faith with THEOLOGY.

I.E. put the Bible above God? Or legalism (interpretation) above God? Have you rendered the Bible as idolatry? Do you worship the idea of God and not God directly?

If any of the above are true, then you are mind controlled—and your controllers are probably mind controlled and do not believe that they are controlling you. To find the wolf in your fellowship is nearly impossible, unless his identity is somehow unmasked.

Those who fall victim to Christian mind control are a danger to themselves and others—hatred always leads to harm of others. Many of these are programmed to hate the government, the world, and humanity—seeing themselves above it all, and never admitting wrongdoing. Christian mind control ensures that no one takes responsibility for sin—sin is forgiven, and they cannot sin or be victimized since they have the Holy Spirit. From there, problems can, with the proper stimulus, escalate into full blown mental illness, the goal of Christian mind-control programming.

It is no different than scientology or any other cult—you know them when you see them, most are extremely fear-based, paranoid, and many have MPD as well, though this symptom is largely unreported.


This writing will be rejected of course by those who are mind controlled, and they will have the need to denounce it—which is a blessing to me, since it helps me further in my healing journey.

Healing is ultimately the “I” in a person recognizing the soul within, and God who made the soul. When the “I” realizes that he is not going to be enlightened, that he will never be God, that he is not the master of his destiny, then hopefully, the programming will begin to break, and the humbling process will have begun.

Healing is not necessarily the curing of disease, the avoidance of physical pain, accident or injury—healing is removing occlusions to the soul’s emancipation. When that happens, of course, the scenery changes—never the other way around. We receive patterns of persecution and trauma (just being born into this world is trauma) for the purpose of soul learning, soul healing, soul emancipation. Healing the body may be a bi-product of soul-emancipation or it MAY NOT, since most who are further down the path are in the process of leaving the world, or serving the world (becoming self-less, or ego-less). When you see people in this state, you will realize that they are first godly, and that they come from all walks of life, from all over the world—and are not relegated to this or that social program, such as churchianity, mind-control Christianity, or other programs designed to keep souls in bondage.

Healers also release souls… though this is a mystery.

And yes, healers also heal in the physical realm too… I don’t want to make it seem that it’s all at the soul level. It’s not. For example, I may be used to change things… to change people’s direction. Careers, sure. Health, absolutely. But it’s all subject to the will of the Father…

When I was under their control, God let them use me for their purposes—making more money, skyrocketing to the top of their life-career, while I was failing… no threat… almost laughable, except that I could be used, which as I said, is why I am here today—I was no threat to the satanists who controlled me, I was a blessing to them.

And even to this day, I have no anger toward any human—I am angry, perhaps, at the situation… and do not understand God’s reasoning as to why everything is so painful… war, disease…just the images from the Sudan and Iraq are enough to make me very sad and upset—Why, Father, would you let so much suffering occur?

Yes, I have anger there. I will be changed though, because the Father will change me… I will one day understand, and even if I don’t, one day I will love the one who must hate me or kill me…and love them till my last dying breath, in earnest… that is true healing.

That is the way of Yahushua.

When you see hatred, you have infirmity, lack, poverty…only through the embrace of the Father’s (agape, unconditional, healing) love can we overcome this world and move on.

Here is what Yahweh (God) said through John:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God sent not the Son into the world to judge the world; but that the world should be saved through him. John 3:16-17

And thus, we are not to JUDGE THE WORLD… Yah (God) judges, and vengeance is of God, and Yahushua was sent that the WORLD (cosmos) would be saved through him.

Through Him the world should be saved, as he is God.

We must feel compassion for those who sold their souls, for those who embraced the world—these need prayer, healing… and they do not need us to wish for their punishment, just because they hate us, or wish us harm. They would not feel that way if they drank of the water of life, which is Yahushua.


Zeph E. Daniel


The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave:
Chapter 10- Using Spiritual Things to Control a Person

Born Again Brainwashing (June 6, 2005)

Billy Graham

The Promise Keepers

Bush, a Christian?

The Politics of Christianity

‘The Passion’ Bashin’

Conspiracy Against God

Fiery E-Mails from A Fundamentalist Hothead (Mar. 18, 2005)


Present state of battle between good and evil

Here is a nice review about the battle between Good and Evil:

1. Where is the battle between good and evil fought?

The battle between good and evil is fought mainly in the subtle-world between the subtle-forces of good and evil. This battle, even though at a much larger scale than any battle on Earth (Bhūlok), can only be perceived by a person who has an advanced sixth sense.

After the subtle-forces of good begin to win the subtle-battle, it is followed by a battle in the physical realm i.e., on Earth. This battle in the physical realm affects the entire world but it is required to remove all the evil doers from the face of Earth. At first the battleground manifests on Earth in people’s minds and it seems like we are living in a world that has gone crazy. This is pretty much like the state of our world in recent times. This is primarily because of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) possessing or affecting humankind. Along with this there is an increasing intensity of natural disasters (such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, epidemics and drought). Later the battle in the subtle, manifests to a greater extent and escalates the turmoil on Earth. It will finally culminate in a Third World War along with severe natural disasters. Natural disasters are nature’s way of cleansing the planet of the Tama predominant elements and therefore making way for a better world.

2. When does the battle between good and evil intensify?

The battle between good and evil intensifies when the subtle basic Sattva component drops to a relative low point (or rock bottom) and the subtle basic Tama component reaches a relative peak. The reduction in the Sattva component is a function of the proportion of evildoers on Earth. The amount that the Sattva component reduces by differs over time and changes with each era. For example, the worst period of Satyayug (the first era of the universe) would be far more sāttvik than the period of highest sāttviktā in the whole of Kaliyug (which is the current era of the universe).

Good vs evil currently - Rise in the number of evil doers as per the era

Please note: The figures for the first three eras are for the main eras and not for the mini-cycles within it.

In the future, in the next mini-cycles, rock bottom or the low point will come after the evildoers have crossed 35%, 40% and so on. When they become 100%, the universe will cease to exist because the entire population will have to be annihilated by God.

3. Who participates in the battle between good and evil?

  • Most of the seekers of God are unaware of this subtle-battle as they do not possess the sixth sense ability to understand it and nor have they been told about it. As a result, they can neither prepare themselves to face the attack by demonic forces, nor can they participate in the battle. Most Saints on Earth who are involved purely in their own individual spiritual practice are also unaware of this battle. As per their spiritual level, God functions through them. But other than that function, there is little that they contribute to the forces of good in the battle of good and evil.
  • Those people and subtle-bodies, on the side of good and who are within the 30-50% spiritual level, have an understanding of the issue only at a psychological level. As they lack spiritual strength, they can contribute little at a spiritual level. Such people who are fighting physically on Earth usually perish. But at least they accrue merits because they fought on the side of God.
  • Those at a spiritual level of 50% and above and who have spiritual emotion (bhāv) and a warrior-like attitude are really able to participate in the battle at a spiritual level. To be able to participate in such a battle at a spiritual level requires one to have a very low ego, an advanced sixth sense and a strong understanding of Spirituality that is beyond sectarian or organised religion. Here seekers act under the guidance of higher level Saints who are able to access the Universal Mind and Intellect and understand God’s will. As the acts done by the seeker are as per God’s will, the person is able to access Divine energy and also does not create a give-and-take account with his actions. The devotion of a person to God makes God to rush to his aid. It is because of God rushing to the aid of the true devotee, that the people associated with the devotee and his mission also benefit. This can be understood from the following analogy. When a devotee of God, trapped in a building in the middle of an earthquake, cries to God for help, God will send people to save him. In doing so, others in the building too will be saved.
  • There are very few Saints who are actively involved in guiding seekers to do spiritual practice for the sake of society and are guiding them through these adverse times. They do so, due to Their yearning for establishing Righteousness (Dharma) on Earth. Due to this, these Saints are more one with God whose fundamental attribute is Righteousness. Spiritual practice for the sake of society includes assisting humanity in understanding and practising Spirituality according to the six basic principles of spiritual practice and living a righteous life. Accordingly God functions to a much greater extent through them. These Saints are actively involved in the subtle-battle and are guiding seekers to fight this evil at a spiritual level.
  • All persons and subtle-bodies below the 30% spiritual level with high ego, and who display anti-social behaviour are considered on the side of the forces of evil. These kinds of people indulge in criminal or terrorist activities, corruption, perpetrate sexual offences and denigrate Deities or symbols of worship and reverence. Religious fundamentalists think they fight on God’s side and indulge in (religious) terrorism but they too come under the forces of evil. As a part of this subtle-battle, higher level ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) such as subtle-sorcerers (māntriks) force the spiritually weaker ancestors’ subtle-bodies to make use of their give-and-take accounts with their ‘good’ descendants to trouble them.
  • Refer to article – Why would my departed loved ones and my other ancestors want to give me pain?

4. The present subtle battle

The present era we live in is the Kaliyug, part of the Kaliyug, part of the Kaliyug, part of the Kaliyug, part of the Kaliyug, part of the main Kaliyug. We are therefore living in the darkest part of this mini-cycle of the main Kaliyug era where materialism, lack of Spirituality and selfishness of man has reached its peak. All these are indicative of an increase in the Tama component in people.

In 2006 the balance between the good and evil forces was in the ratio of 70:30. Presently evildoers in society have reached the 30% mark. For this part of the era, this means that the Sattva component has hit its nadir. It is something akin to a share market where when the index goes below a psychological barrier we say that the share market has bottomed out.

One may ask, “If the balance is currently 70 to 30 in favour of good then how can there be a problem?” After all, it contradicts the last paragraph under point one which states that the majority of the people of the world are evil. The answer is that most of the good forces are in the higher regions of the universe. In these high planes of existence they are so one with God that they maintain an observer attitude to events that take place and have the attitude that everything happens as per God’s will. The evil forces take advantage of this attribute of the good forces and set themselves up to strike and establish supremacy on Earth.

In the current times, humankind is at the threshold of witnessing a historic change from the mini era of Kaliyug to the mini era of Satyayug within the main era of Kaliyug. This change of era will also bring about a means of cleansing the planet of Tama predominant people and elements.

Good vs evil current battle of the era in the universe

Unknown to most of mankind, in the years 1999 – 2012, a major subtle-battle of good versus evil has taken place in the subtle-regions. In the past decade, this subtle-battle has also manifested a little in the physical Earth plane. We have seen an increase in intensity of natural disasters, wars, social unrests and anti-social activity. The primary reason for this is because of the increase in the subtle Tama component that is associated with evil i.e., ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) along with a society that lacks in spiritual practice and a lifestyle of Righteousness.

5. Details of the present subtle battle of good versus evil

Starting from the year 1999, the battle between good versus evil has been intensifying in the subtle-regions. Deities and Saints have been fighting this battle against very powerful forces of evil such as subtle-sorcerers in the subtle-world. This fighting by the forces of good is totally in the subtle and takes place at the ‘level of existent power’. The level of existent power can be understood by the analogy of the Sun. Every day when the Sun rises, the flowers bloom. The Sun does not ask or make the flowers bloom. It happens automatically by the very presence of the Sun. Similarly by Their very existence the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent Saints and Deities, through their Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) that is transmitted continuously, fight the battle.

Refer to the article on – Hierarchy of power in the universe.

Seekers of God doing spiritual practice for the sake of society participate in this battle with their little might. When they spread the awareness of Spirituality within society (as part of their spiritual practice) they are attacked by negative energies from the spiritual dimension. Seekers of God are able to withstand these attacks by the use of spiritual healing methods as well as through spiritual power gained through spiritual practice and blessings and most importantly the grace of God. The forces of evil in the subtle-world also possess and give energy to the anti-social elements on the Earth plane as shown in the diagram below. The result of which is when we switch on the news on television, we see a world that is increasingly chaotic with lack of morality, insane behaviour, rampant terrorism and skirmishes and wars.

Since most people do not understand the spiritual cause or perspective behind the chaotic present times, they try to rectify the situation through physical means such as waging a war against terrorism or psychologically by having conventions, summits etc. However this is not the solution as all the anti-social elements are powered by (i.e., are puppets of) the subtle evil forces. As a result it is not possible to eradicate or overcome them by physical or psychological means. Even if the worst of the anti-social elements on Earth were to be eliminated, higher level negative energies would simply possess yet another anti-social element giving them their spiritual power. This spiritual power is far more powerful than any physical power.

The state that the world is in today can only be rectified if the evil in the subtle-world is overcome. This is the reason why Deities and Saints have been engaged in a subtle-battle, fighting superior subtle-sorcerers from the deepest regions of Hell (Pātāl), with their spiritual strength in the years 1999 to 2012.

Good vs evil current subtle battle

The subtle-battle was at its peak in 2012 and it will slowly begin to subside in the subsequent years as the subtle-forces of good overwhelm the subtle-forces of evil. The anti-social elements that were initially getting their energy from subtle-sorcerers in the subtle will no longer have access to that spiritual energy. As a result, the anti-social elements on Earth and the rest of mankind that is being possessed and affected will reduce. Due to this they will be overcome. This will be followed by a physical war affecting the entire planet. The battle in the physical is also required to eradicate all people that are evil and anti-social elements from the face of the Earth. In the major physical battle that will ensue in the coming years along with an increase in natural disasters, the world population will decrease considerably. The scale of the physical battle will be unlike anything anyone has seen before and all of mankind will be affected. People with a lower spiritual level i.e. below 30% are more likely to be adversely affected in this change. Those who are evil will be wiped out as they will be fighting on the side of the evil. Those who are sitting on the fence, i.e. neither on the evil nor on the good side will suffer in the crossfire.

6. The spiritual significance of the current times

Good vs evil - Spiritual significance of the current times

At all times after the universe came into existence, a particular subtle basic component has been predominant. For example in Satyayug, the Sattva component was predominant and now in Kaliyug it is the RajaTama component that is predominant.

The period between the years 1999 – 2023 represents a twilight period between two eras as we move from a darker age (mini-Kaliyug) to a spiritually better one (mini-Satyayug) within the main era of Kaliyug. During this twilight period of 23 years, any spiritual practice undertaken by one according to the basic principles of Spirituality will benefit one immensely. This is because God graces seekers with spiritual progress when done even in adverse times.

In fact, each year of spiritual practice in these 23 ‘twilight’ years is equal to 50 years during the course of an era. Taking adulthood to be about 50 years in an average human’s lifespan; spiritual practice undertaken in these 23 years would be equivalent to over 1000 years. Another way of looking at it would be that we would be getting the benefit of 20 lifetimes of spiritual practice in just one lifetime.

7. The way forward after the battle of good and evil

7.1 For demonic forces

After the battle of good versus evil when the subtle demonic forces have been conclusively subjugated, they will stop fighting and go away to undertake rigorous spiritual practice to regain spiritual strength so that they can once again try to stake their claim of supremacy on the universe. Also as a result of the demonic forces being overcome, a period of Sattva predominance will follow on the Earth region and all the regions above the Nether region (Bhuvarlok). The mini-Satyayug known as the Divine Kingdom will begin. This era is ushered in at all the subtle-regions above Earth first and then comes on Earth as well.

7.2 For humankind

We are in the midst of a watershed in the history of humankind. After the physical battle, there will be a period of trial and error as the world adjusts to the new world situation and picks up the pieces. During this time, the potential to run the Divine Kingdom will be generated in the people that survive. This will continue till the year 2023. After this period of flux, humanity will experience almost a thousand years of peace. In the new era, there will be renewed spiritual awakening and flourishing of disciplines such as the science of Āyurvēda, hitherto unaccepted as a mainstream science by the modern world.

It is important to note that these thousand years will be the last divine era in the universe. The Sattva component generated in this era will be all that will be available to mankind till the end of the universe some 400,000 years later. There will be no fresh generation of the subtle basic Sattva component after these thousand years as the universe will slowly go spiritually downhill towards Tama and hence meet its inevitable dissolution.

Among all the planes of existence in the universe, the Earth region is most conducive to do spiritual practice. Unfortunately when the period of peace and prosperity ensues, over time mankind gets lost in worldly pleasures and forgets about spiritual practice. As a result of this the sattvikta starts declining. Consequently there is a progressive rise in unrighteousness that further decreases the sattvikta and increases the RajaTama. This decline in Sattva and increase in RajaTama affects all the regions. Though it affects the subtle-regions only fractionally, even that marginal decline in Sattva component causes severe distress to the good subtle-bodies in the regions above the Nether Region who are used to uniform high Sattva levels at all times.

More detailed information on the coming times has been given in our article on Armageddon.

8. In summary

For seekers of God who want to grow spiritually, these 23 years represent an unparalleled opportunity for spiritual growth. Every effort made to realise God in these years will have a multiplied effect. If you do not know how to go about your spiritual practice then do visit our page – Start your spiritual journey.

The evil-doers and anti-social elements on Earth become puppets in the hands of the subtle negative energies. That is why to reduce the strength of negative energies; all seekers need to increase spiritual practice by chanting and devotion unto God. Assisting in the spread Spirituality along with making efforts to reduce ones ego and personality defects results in rapid spiritual growth.

The seekers above 60% spiritual level can chant and pray for the destruction of the negative energies under the guidance of Saints.



The Strawman Illusion Explained

Here is a interview with a man who explains what real life Matrix is. Very interesting indeed:


Notes from Ken Adachi, Editor
April 2, 2010

The Strawman Illusion Explained by Thomas Anderson (April 2, 2010)

Someone sent me an e-mail today and asked me if I ever visited a web site called The Crow House (http://thecrowhouse.com/home.html) I took a look and was pleasantly surprised to see a well-stocked Australian anti-NWO site that covers many of the subjects which I touch upon here.

I came upon this excellent one hour and 34 minute audio presentation by Thomas Anderson, an Australian who also uses the name Agent J or “J. Anderson” on his videos. He has a clear and melodious voice which he puts to good use in explaining the fiction of commerce which we are all subjected to called the Strawman and our assumption of representation of that fictitious entity whenever we sign our name or give our name to the court. I spent a lot of time listening to talks given in Long Beach, California in the mid 1990s which explained the basic tenets of the Freeman movement (referred to as the Redemption movement)..This man successfully distills those hours and hours of lectures down to a succinct and crisp single lecture. Well done.

Thomas Anderson has published four books which can be obtained through his official web sites:

www.theclassifiedfiles.com and www.myspace.com/theclassifiedfiles

The Strawman Illusion

Audio: Live Interview With Thomas Anderson About The Strawman
Interviewed By Adam Davis TruthMovementAustralia.com.au
28th January 2009


Original links in taht articel were dead, but here is the interview in Youtube (10 Parts):




I also found Mary Croft’s book: How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man, available as a free pdf download.  ( http://thecrowhouse.com/Documents/mary-book.pdf ) . The book ably covers most of the key principles involved in understanding the Strawman and other aspects of the Redemption movement. I knew of the book’s existence a few years ago, but didn’t actually read it until now. I was greatly impressed.

Beyond the money/debt stuff, I find her perspective about the Wasteland called ‘higher education’ to be in sync with my own views. While I love the idea of education, self-education is the only thing that adds any meaning or value to our lives. Formal schooling, both public and private, could be an expansive and gratifying growth experience, but most of the time, it isn’t. The quality of education in America has been intentionally DUMBED DOWN thanks to the hidden hand of the (British) Fabian Society, which gradually infiltrated their Illuminated agents into the American educational system, starting at the turn of the 20th century. The end result is that today, we have kids being driven to exhaustion trying to pile on ever more truckloads of useless DATA, while stifling the creative expression normal to kids, and doing everything possible to keep kids from THINKING FOR THEMSELVES. Paul Verge, producer of the DVD Hijacking Humanity, recently produced some excellent video and audio interviews on this very topic. I’ll be posting them soon to this web site.

Ken Adachi


Spiritual research on possession

Now some information bout possession and how you can prevent it:



How much does spiritual level provide a protective sheath against ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)?

Ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) trouble us for a number of reasons which have been explained in the article on ‘What is the objective of ghosts’. They can affect us in many ways materially, psychologically and spiritually.

(Please read the article on Examples of superficial causes and spiritual root causes of problems in our lives.)

To remedy a problem in our lives that is caused by a ghost (i.e. a spiritual cause) we need a spiritual remedy. Practicing Spirituality and the resultant rise in our spiritual level is the key factor that protects and insulates us from the onslaught of an attack by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) The principle here is that whoever is stronger spiritually, wins.

(Please read the article on What is spiritual level?)

Let’s look at a few variations in how this principle works practically:

  • Our first example is a person who through spiritual practice has achieved the 40% spiritual level. If a common ghost at 25% spiritual level attacks him, the effect of the attack on him would be very limited or negligible. Please see the diagram below.

Effect of attack if person is at 40% and ghost is at 25% level


Ghosts can have very high spiritual levels, e.g. some sorcerors from the 6-7 regions of Hell have a very high spiritual level like 80-90%. Those persons who have done lot of spiritual practice consistently in many births but have committed a grave sin or developed high ego go to these regions of hell as ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies). However by virtue of their past spiritual practice, they have a high spiritual level and hence high spiritual power.
  • However suppose the Common ghost (at 25% spiritual level) is acting on the orders of more powerful ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) such as a subtle-sorcerer (māntrik) from the lower regions of Hell (Pātāl), the situation could change adversely for the same person mentioned above (at 40% spiritual level). Subtle-sorcerers use common ghosts to carry out tasks and they also give them the requisite black energy to trouble a person at a higher spiritual level than the common ghost.

Note: In case of the regions of hell, the lower the region, the higher the severity of negativity. For example, the seventh region of Hell lies lower than the first six regions and hosts ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) of highest spiritual power, that is, with the highest black energy levels.


Effect of attack if the common ghost is given black energy by a higher level negative energy

  • Even people who are at the high spiritual level of a Saint are open to an attack by ghosts of a higher level. Here the ghosts cannot affect a Saint’s mind and intellect as they have merged to varying degrees with God; so they target the Saint’s physical body. Saints have been known to experience severe physical distress like bleeding or loss of vital energy (Prāṇa-shakti) as a result of distress caused by higher level ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)
  • Seekers engaged in spiritual practice for the sake of society are especially at risk of being attacked by ghosts as compared to those doing only individual spiritual practice. The reason why ghosts attack seekers of God is given in ‘What is the objective of ghosts’. Seekers who serve God by trying to spread Spirituality as a part of their spiritual practice for the sake of society come under God’s protective umbrella to a greater extent and get His grace in being protected from ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)

The following table shows the details of distress experienced by a person due to attacks from ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) in relation to their spiritual level and type of spiritual practice.

Distress experienced from ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) according to one's spiritual level

From the above table we can see that:

  • With increasing spiritual level, the person is attacked by higher level ghosts. This is because he is impervious to attacks by ghosts of a spiritual level less than 10% of his own spiritual level. For example, a person at 40% spiritual level is unaffected by an attack by a ghost of spiritual level less than 30%.
  • The distress by ghosts suffered by persons at a lower spiritual level is predominantly due to the subtle-bodies of their ancestors. This is especially so about persons doing individual spiritual practice.


1. This column shows the subtle-region or plane of existence from where the ghosts come from. It can either be from the Nether region (Bhuvarlok) or one of the seven regions of Hell. The numbers in the column refer to the region of Hell. The lower the region of Hell such as six and seven, the more powerful the ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.)

The entire universe is made up of fourteen regions or planes (lokas) of existence, comprising seven positive and seven negative planes. Earth is the only physical plane while all the other planes are subtle in nature. Heaven is just one of the positive planes we can go after death.

2. Even though most ancestors reside in the nether world, we have differentiated ‘ancestors’ from ‘ghosts of the Nether region’ in the chart. The term Nether is used here to mean that the attack is by a ghost in the Nether region, that is not an ancestor of the person.

3. Persons who take up the spread of Spirituality as a part of their spiritual practice are attacked with more intensity by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) but they also get added protection. On the other hand, the attack is reduced on people doing individual spiritual practice after the spiritual level of 70% as ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) do not waste their energy on them, as they become assured that these people are only doing individual spiritual practice. People who mind their own business and do spiritual practice only for their own sake do not constitute a threat to ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.). On the other hand people spreading Spirituality help raise the sāttviktā in society. This is a direct threat to the ghost’s way of life as they are Raja and Tama predominant and cannot tolerate sattvikta.

4. This column refers to the severity of distress faced by the person on account of being attacked by a ghost. The severity of distress is on a scale of 0 to 100% where 100% means death of the person.

God’s protection received is about 10% and 20% more than the strength of the attack by the ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) by people doing individual spiritual practice and those doing spiritual practice for the sake of society respectively. God’s protection is uniform for all, but those with higher spiritual levels and those doing spiritual practice for the sake of society due to their lesser egos are able to receive it more.

This does not mean that a person is totally unaffected as God’s protection is more. What is meant by God’s protection is:

  • Making the attack less troublesome for the person, i.e. the person is able to endure the distress.
  • Saving the life of the person.
  • In the case of people doing spiritual practice for the sake of society, imparting spiritual energy as they need more spiritual energy for spreading Spirituality. This is one of the reasons why protection is more for persons doing spiritual practice to spread Spirituality in society, the other being that the attacks are more severe.

People not doing spiritual practice are unable to receive required protection from God. The reason for this is that there is a lot of ego around their soul. As a result, protection received is less than the attack from the ghost. Due to this ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) can create havoc in these people’s life at a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level.



If you don’t know… This is finland:

Finlandia, Op. 26 is a symphonic poem by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The first version was written in 1899, and it was revised in 1900. The piece was composed for the Press Celebrations of 1899, a covert protest against increasing censorship from the Russian Empire, as the last of seven pieces, each performed as an accompaniment to a tableau depicting episodes from Finnish history.

The premiere was on 2 July 1900 in Helsinki with the Helsinki Philharmonic Society conducted by Robert Kajanus. A typical performance takes anywhere from 7½ to 9 minutes.

A recurrent joke within Finland at this time was the renaming of Finlandia at various musical concerts so as to avoid Russian censorship. Titles under which the piece masqueraded were numerous, a famously flippant example being Happy Feelings at the awakening of Finnish Spring.

Most of the piece is taken up with rousing and turbulent music, evoking the national struggle of the Finnish people. But towards the end, a calm comes over the orchestra, and the serenely melodic Finlandia Hymn is heard. Often incorrectly cited as a traditional folk melody, the Hymn section is of Sibelius’s own creation.

Although initially composed for orchestra, in 1900 Sibelius arranged the entire work for solo piano.

Sibelius later reworked the Finlandia Hymn into a stand-alone piece. This hymn, with words written in 1941 by Veikko Antero Koskenniemi, is one of the most important national songs of Finland (though Maamme is the national anthem). With different words, it is also sung as a Christian hymn (Be Still, My Soul), and was the national anthem of the short-lived African state of Biafra (Land of the Rising Sun).

Created by
Wild Scandinavia / Wildes Skandinavien / (2011)
Directors: Uwe Anders, Oliver Goetzl
Writers: Jan Haft, Oliver Goetzl


Silenced people, Serge Monast: Project Blue Beam (murdered)

Here’s another soul destroyed, because of  Truth:


Project Blue Beam


By Serge Monast
Originally Published 1994

[Note: Serge Monast [1945 – December 5, 1996] and another journalist, both of whom were researching Project Blue Beam, died of “heart attackswithin weeks of each other although neither had a history of heart disease. Serge was in Canada. The other Canadian journalist was visiting Ireland. Prior to his death, the Canadian government abducted Serge’s daughter in an attempt to dissuade him from pursuing his research into Project Blue Beam. His daughter was never returned. Pseudo-heart attacks are one of the alleged methods of death induced by Project Blue Beam.]

[Update from Ken Adachi: February 17, 2009: I’m only begininng to now fully grasp the entire breath of Serge Monast’s contributions to humanity and the unbelieveable courage he demonstrated in coming out with these incredible revelations which were secretly or anonymously given to him by contrite politicians, military people, or intelligence people who still possessed a conscience and a sense of humanity.

A required companion piece to this article is an astoundingly accurate prophetic discourse presented by Serge in 1994 to the Canadian Free Press of Quebec, Canada. The plannned NASA/Illuminati script that Serge revealed in that 1994 talk could be taken directly from today’s headline news. The transcript of that talk is found here: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/sergemonast1994transcript.shtml

(ca. Dec 1996)

from: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/Despatch/vol91_Concern.html

A member of our accountability structure, Dorothy Dart, reports that a Canadian investigator into New Age globalism, SERGE MONAST, has died of a “heart attack.” This man has faithfully exposed the New World Order for the last decade. His children were home-schooled, so the authorities took his eight year old daughter away, then his seven year old son was taken, as they said the parents were abusing them emotionally by stopping the children going to a State school. The father was then arrested, and spent the night in jail. Next day at home, he had a “heart attack.” He was 46 years old. This brave man has left a wife, who now has no family. Pray that she can get her little ones back. Our source said that the Canadian investigator, Serge Monast, wrote to her in Australia not long ago, saying he had been threatened many times, and did not except to survive.]

NASA’s Project Blue Beam
By Serge Monast (1994)

The infamous NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration] Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the Antichrist at its head. We must remember that the new age religion is the very foundation for the new world government, without which religion the dictatorship of the new world order is completely impossible. I’ll repeat that: Without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible! That is why the Blue Beam Project is so important to them, but has been so well hidden until now.

Engineered Earthquakes & Hoaxed ‘Discoveries’
The first step in the NASA Blue Beam Project concerns the breakdown [re-evaluation] of all archaeological knowledge. It deals with the set-up, with artificially created earthquakes at certain precise locations on the planet, of supposedly new discoveries which will finally explain to all people the “error” of all fundamental religious doctrines. The falsification of this information will be used to make all nations believe that their religious doctrines have been misunderstood for centuries and misinterpreted. Psychological preparations for that first step have already been implemented with the film, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey;’ the StarTrek series, and ‘Independence Day;’ all of which deal with invasions from space and the coming together of all nations to repel the invaders. The last films, ‘Jurrassic Park,’ deals with the theories of evolution, and claim God’s words are lies. http://i.am/jah/evolut.htm

Hoaxed “Discoveries’
What is important to understand in the first step is that those earthquakes will hit at different parts of the world where scientific and archaeological teachings have indicated that arcane mysteries have been buried. By those types of earthquakes, it will be possible for scientists to rediscover those arcane mysteries which will be used to discredit all fundamental religious doctrines. This is the first preparation for the plan for humanity because what they want to do is destroy the beliefs of all Christians and Muslims on the planet. To do that, they need some false ‘proof’ from the far past that will prove to all nations that their religions have all been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

The Big Space Show in the Sky
The second step in the NASA Blue Beam Project involves a gigantic ‘space show’ with three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projection of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving a different image according to predominating regional national religious faith. This new ‘god’s’ voice will be speaking in all languages. In order to understand that, we must study various secret services’ research done in the last 25 years. The Soviet’s have perfected an advanced computer, even exported them, and fed them with the minute physio-psychological particulars based on their studies of the anatomy and electromechanical composition of the human body, and the studies of the electrical, chemical and biological properties of the human brain. These computers were fed, as well, with the languages of all human cultures and their meanings. The dialects of all cultures have been fed into the computers from satellite transmissions. The Soviets began to feed the computers with objective programs like the ones of the new messiah. It also seems that the Soviets – the new world order people – have resorted to suicidal methods with the human society by allocating electronic wavelengths for every person and every society and culture to induce suicidal thoughts if the person doesn’t comply with the dictates of the new world order.

There are two different aspects of step two.

The first is the ‘space show.’ Where does the space show come from? The space show, the holographic images will be used in a simulation of the ending during which all nations will be shown scenes that will be the fulfillment of that which they desire to verify the prophecies and adversary events.

These will be projected from satellites onto the sodium layer about 60 miles above the earth. We see tests every once in a while, but they are called UFOs and “flying saucers” sightings.

The result of these deliberately staged events will be to show the world the new ‘christ,’ the new messiah, Matraia (Maitreya), for the immediate implementation of the new world religion. Enough truth will be foisted upon an unsuspecting world to hook them into the lie. “Even the most learned will be deceived.”

The project has perfected the ability for some device [referred to as “tractor beams” by ufologists].to lift up an enormous number of people, as in a Rapture, and whisk the entire group into a never-never land We see tests of this device in the abduction of humans by those mysterious little alien greys who snatch people out of their beds and through windows into waiting “mother ships.” The calculated resistance to the universal religion and the new messiah and the ensuing holy wars will result in the loss of human life on a scale never imagined before in all of human history.

The Blue Beam Project will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old, as major an event as that which occurred 2,000 years ago. In principle, it will make use of the skies as a movie screen (on the sodium layer at about 60 miles) as space-based laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet in every language and dialect according to the region. It deals with the religious aspect of the new world order and is deception and seduction on a massive scale.

Computers will coordinate the satellites and software already in place will run the sky show. Holographic images are based on nearly identical signals combining to produce an image or hologram with deep perspective which is equally applicable to acoustic ELF, VLF and LF waves and optical phenomena. Specifically, the show will consist of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving a different image according to the specific national, regional religion. Not a single area will be excluded. With computer animation and sounds appearing to emanate from the very depths of space, astonished ardent followers of the various creeds will witness their own returned messiahs in convincing lifelike reality.

Then the projections of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will merge into one after correct explanations of the mysteries and revelations will have been disclosed. This one god will, in fact, be the Antichrist, who will explain that the various scriptures have been misunderstood and misinterpreted, and that the religions of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, and nation against nation, therefore old religions must be abolished to make way for the new age new world religion, representing the one god Antichrist they see before them.

Naturally, this superbly staged falsification will result in dissolved social and religious disorder on a grand scale, each nation blaming the other for the deception, setting loose millions of programmed religious fanatics through demonic possession on a scale never witnessed before. In addition, this event will occur at a time of profound worldwide political anarchy and general tumult created by some worldwide catastrophe. The United Nation even now plans to use Beethovan’s ‘Song of Joy’ as the anthem for the introduction for the new age one world religion. If we put this space show in parallel with the star wars program we get this: combination of electromagnetic radiation and hypnosis which have also been the subject of intensive research. In 1974, for instance, researcher G. F. Shapits, said of one of the research proposals that, ‘…in this investigation it will be shown that the spoken words of the hypnotist may also be converted by electromagnetic energy directly and to the subconscious part of the human brain without employing any mechanical device for receiving or transcording the message, and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously. It may be expected that the rationalized behavior will be considered to have been taken out of their own free will.’

Anyone investigating so-called ‘channelling’ phenomena right now would be wise to take this area of research into consideration. It will be noted that those who think of themselves as ‘channellers’ has escalated rapidly since this type of research was conducted. It is uncanny how similar their messages are, despite which entity they claim to be their source of divine guidance. It would suggest any individual considering the credibility of channelled information should be discerning and critically evaluate where the message they are receiving originates, and if the messages are specifically beneficial to the new world order.

The Sydney Morning newspaper published an item on March 21st, 1983 which announced that the Soviets were invading the human mind, the article having been submitted to the foreign editor by Doctor Nathan Abnuengy, assistant professor in the faculty of agriculture in Asia. It is worth quoting the article at length even though his grammar is a little old. This article relates to the Soviets who created the supercomputer we were discussing earlier and which is really important because these types of computers can be run through satellites and through space. The computers were fed with all the different languages and their meanings, the dialect of all peoples were fed to the computers with objective programs. But we are no longer talking about the Soviets; we are talking about the United Nations, the minions of the new world order, who are feeding the computers with the necessary information.

The editor of the column in which the article appeared even states that the piece made points too important to ignore. I think it is possible that the persons who have created this mega-mind-control-program could sell the software to an organization and not be aware that the client might use the program and data to enslave all of humankind. Just imagine how far they have advanced since that article was published!

Artificial Thought & Communication
The advancement of techniques propel us toward the third step in the Blue Beam Project that goes along with the telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach each person from within his or her own mind, convincing each of them that their own god is speaking to them from the very depths of their own soul. Such rays from satellites are fed from the memories of computers that have stored massive data about every human on earth, and their languages. The rays will then interlace with their natural thinking to form what we call diffuse artificial thought.

That kind of technology goes into the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s research where the human brain has been compared to a computer. Information is fed in, processed, integrated and then a response is formulated and acted upon. Mind controllers manipulate information the same way a computer for grammar manipulates information. In January 1991, the University of Arizona hosted a conference entitled, ‘The NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Current and Emergent Phenomena and Biomolecular Systems.’ What does that mean exactly? It means this: We refer to one paper that was delivered at the conference which stands out for its different attitude towards the development under discussion at that time. It was, in effect, a protest and chilling warning to the attending scientists about the potential abuse of their research findings.

Their findings, of course, stated that the United States has already developed communications equipment which can make the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk. It can relieve the terminally ill from pain without the use of drugs or surgery. I’m not talking about science fiction. A man might retain the use of all his faculties right up to the moment of his death. This communications equipment depends upon a completely new way of looking at the human brain and neuromuscular systems and radiation pulses at ultra-low frequencies. Some of this equipment is now operational within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It will never be used to make the blind see, the deaf hear and the lame walk because it is central to the domestic political agenda and foreign policy of George Bush and his puppet-masters of the new world order.

Domestically, the new communications equipment is being used to torture and murder persons who match profiles imagined to be able to screen a given population for terrorists; to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations which promote tolerance and peace and development in Central America; to torture and murder citizens who belong to organizations who oppose the development and deployment of nuclear weapons, and to create a race of slave cult automatons, or what is popularly called ‘the Manchurian Candidates.’ Overseas experimentation is taking place on hostages held by the United States and Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Finland and France. Additionally, there has been a long series of bizarre suicides among British computer scientists, all of whom have had some connection to the United States Navy.

What is possible to ask before such a psychology of terror is this: would any government, corporation or psychiatrist wilfully promote such horror today? The answer is quite obviously, ‘Yes.’

Government agencies and the corporations that work with them toward a new world order are prepared to promote anything that will help them achieve their objective of total social control. As for the question of why: For one thing, if you terrify the public and make them fear for their safety, they will allow you to implement draconian law enforcement practice, disarm them and keep extensive records on them, and they only have to tell you that it is all to protect you, of course. Secondly, it promotes the decay of the present democratic forms of political systems, and leads societies to search for alternative methods of political ideology. Of course, the alternative has already been planned. It is called the New World Order and it will not have your safety or interests at heart. As George Bush said: ‘Read my lips.’ Fear has always been used by powerful elite to control and subjugate the masses.

The old maxim, ‘divide and conquer’, is being played out to the limit worldwide to ensure that everyone is frightened for their personal safety, and to be suspicious of everyone else. This, too, is mind-control. To go further in regard to the new technology which is at the base of the NASA Blue Beam Project, we have to consider this statement by psychologist James V. McConnell which was published in a 1970s issue of Psychology Today. He said, ‘The day has come when we can combine sensory deprivation with drug hypnosis and astute manipulation of reward and punishment to gain almost absolute control over an individual’s behavior. It should then be possible to achieve a very rapid and highly effective type of positive brainwashing that would allow us to make dramatic changes in a person’s behavior and personality.’

Now, when we talked before about that kind of ray and the telepathic and electronically augmented communication, the kind of rays that are fed from the memories of computers which store massive data about humans, human language and dialects, and we said that the people will be reached from within, making each person to believe that his own god is speaking directly from within his or her own soul, we refer to that kind of technology and that kind of thinking that same psychologist was espousing, that is: we should be trained from birth that we should all do what society wants us to do rather than what we want to do for ourselves; that because they have the technology to do it, no one should now be allowed to have their own individual personality. This statement and these ideas are important because it is the basic teaching of the United Nations that no one owns his or her own personality. And that same psychologist claims that no one has any say-so about the kind of personality they acquire and there is no reason to believe you have the right to refuse to acquire a new personality if your old personality is considered ‘antisocial.’

What is important in this declaration is that the new world order will be set up over the current system, meaning the old way of thinking and behavior and religion will be considered the ‘old’ and incorrect way of thinking and that they can change it at one of the eradication camps of the United Nations to make sure that anyone with this ‘antisocial’ behavior will be disposed of quickly so that other modified individuals will be able to fulfill the needs and agendas of the new world order without being distracted by the truth.

Could this be the greatest mind control project ever?

The NASA Blue Beam Project is the prime directive for the new world order’s absolute control over the populations of the entire earth. I would suggest you investigate this information carefully before dismissing it as fanatic lunacy. If we go further in the different reports we have presented, we find that the mind-control operations and technology include a transmitter that broadcasts at the same frequency as the human nervous-system, which transmitter is manufactured by the Loral Electro-Optical System in Pasadena, California. Loral, a major defense contractor, has previously conducted research on directed energy weapons for Lt. Gen. Leonard Perez of the U. S. Air Force who was searching for a weapon that could implant messages into the minds of the enemy while urging his own troops on to superhuman deeds of valor! The device employs electromagnetic radiation of gigahertz frequencies [microwaves] pulsed at extremely low frequencies (ELF). It is used to torture people both physically and mentally from a distance.

Weapons of this type are thought to have been used against a British woman protesting the presence of American Cruise Missiles at Greenham Common Airbase during the 1970s. This weapon can be used to induce total sensory deprivation by broadcasting signals into the auditory nerve at such high power that it blocks the ability of the individual to hear themselves think!

The process employed by such ELF technology are described in various U. S. Defense Department publications, including one entitled, ‘ The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Low Intensity Conflict,‘ by Captain Paul E. Tyler, Medical Commandant, U. S. Navy, which is included in a collection entitled, ‘Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology Edict,’ by Lt. Col David G. Dean, USAF. The paper was delivered in 1984 and the collection published 1986 by Air University Press, Maxwell Airforce Base, Alabama. Another pulse microwave device can deliver audible signals directly to an individual while remaining undetectable to anyone else. The technology is very simple and can be built by using an ordinary police radar gun. The microwave beam generated by the device is modulated at audio frequencies and can broadcast messages directly into the brain. Now here we come to the NASA Blue Beam Project. The broadcasting of subliminal two-way communication and images from the depths of space correspond directly to that kind of technology.

In his book, ‘The Body Electric,’ Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Robert O. Becker describes a series of experiments conducted in the early 1960s by Allen Frie where this phenomena was demonstrated as well as later experiments conducted in 1973 at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp who personally underwent tests in which he proved he could hear and understand messages delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed microwave audiogram which is an analog of the word’s sound vibration beamed into his brain. Becker then goes on to state, ‘Such a device has obvious application for covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with unknown voices or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin.”

Now figure out when we hear that voice from the new world messiah who would be speaking from space to all of the sane (?) people of the earth who might give instructions to zealots and religious fanatics, we would see hysteria and social mayhem on a scale never witnessed before on this planet. No police forces in the world, even as a combined front, could deal with the disorder that will follow! A 1978 book entitled, ‘Microwave Auditory Effect and Application,’ by James C. Lynn describes how audible voices can be broadcast directly into the brain. This technology could actually allow the blind to see and the deaf to hear. Instead, it has been turned into a weapon to enslave the world.

Allen Frie also reports that he could speed up, slow down or stop the hearts of isolated frogs by synchronizing the pulsed rate of a microwave beam with the heart itself. According to Dr. Robert Becker, similar results have been obtained using live frogs, which shows that it is technically feasible to produce heart attacks with rays designed to penetrate the human chest.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Both the author of this report and his colleague died of ‘heart attacks’ only days apart. I should mention also that Dr. Becker does NOT participate in such research.]

It has been demonstrated that focused ultra high frequency UHF electromagnetic energy beams can be used to induce considerable agitation and muscular activity or induce muscular weakness and lethargy. Microwaves can also be used to burn human skin and aid the effect of drugs, bacteria and poisons or affect the function of the entire brain. These effects were all revealed at length by the CIA on September 21, 1977 in testimony before the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb who directed the MK-Ultra program at that time was forced to discuss the scope of the CIA’s research to find techniques of activation of the human organism by remote electronic means. So this is something that exists right now, that has been pursued to its highest degree, that can be used from space to reach any person, anyplace on the face of the earth.

If we go deeper in that process of mind control over the people we find that the equipment and technology has been used to influence politics in a much more direct fashion. Michael Dukakis, the Democrat candidate running against George Bush in the 1988 election was targeted with microwave technology in order to impede his public speaking performance once the public opinion polls showed he posed a serious threat to Bush’s election prospects. He also claims that the equipment was used against Kitty Dukakis and drove her to the brink of suicide. In the Disneyland world of U. S. politics, a presidential candidate with problems such as these, would obviously lose their race to the White House. In the December 1980 edition of the U. S. Army Journal, called the Military Review, a column by Lt. Col John B. Alexander, entitled, ‘The New Mental Battlefield: Beam Me Up, Spock,’ provides further insight into the technical capabilities at the disposal of the comptroller. He writes:

“Several examples will demonstrate areas in which progress have been made. The transference of energy from one organism to another; the ability to heal or cause disease to be transmitted over a distance, thus inducing illness or death from no apparent cause; telepathic behavior modification which includes the ability to induce hypnotic states up to a distance of 1,000 kilometers have been reported.

The use of telepathic hypnosis also holds great potential. This capability could allow agents to be deeply planted with no conscious knowledge of their programming. In movie terms, the Manchurian Candidate lives, and does not even require a telephone call. ‘Other mind-to-mind induction techniques are being considered. If perfected this capability could allow the direct transference of thought via telepathy from one mind or group of minds to a select target audience. The unique factor is that the recipient will not be aware that thought has been implanted from an external source. He or she will believe the thoughts are original.”

This is exactly what we were talking about.

The third step in the NASA Blue Beam Project is called the Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication. Lt. Col John Alexander’s article continues:

“If it is possible to feed artificial thought into the multigenic field via satellite, the mind control of the entire planet is now possible. An individual’s only resistance would be to constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts and not act upon thoughts which they consider to be outside their own ideological, religious and moral boundaries.'”

Once again, it is wise to consider how television, advertising, modern education and various types of social pressure are used to manipulate those boundaries. It has been reported by Lt. Col Alexander who said, in the summary of his Military Review article,

‘The information on those kinds of technologies presented here would be considered by some to be ridiculous since it does not conform to their view of reality. But some people still believe the world is flat.’

Now, this means a lot, because if people do not believe this kind of technology is possible, or that it is science fiction, those people put themselves in great jeopardy, because on the night when those thousand stars will shine from space, during the night when the new messiah will be presented to the world, they will not be prepared and will have no time to prepare to save themselves against that kind of technology. They don’t believe and they won’t take time to prepare.

(This is exactly what happens to people who are convinced by Satan into believing that he doesn’t exist, so they have no defence against him. – JAH.)

Universal Supernatural Manifestations via Electronics
The fourth step concerns the universal supernatural manifestation with electronic means. It contains three different orientations.

One is to make mankind believe that an alien (off-world) invasion is about to occur at every major city on earth in order to provoke each major nation to use its nuclear weapons in order to strike back. This way, the United Nations Court will require that all those nations which launched nuclear weapons to disarm when the invasion is shown to have been false. And how will the United Nations know that the invasion was false? They will have staged it, of course.

The second is to make the Christians believe that the Rapture is going to occur with the supposed divine intervention of an alien (off-world) civilization coming to rescue earthlings from a savage and merciless demon. Its goal will be to dispose of all significant opposition to the implementation of the New World Order in one major stroke, actually within hours of the beginning of the sky show!

The third orientation in the fourth step is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves used at that time will allow “supernatural forces” to travel through optical fibers, coaxial cables (TV) electrical and phone lines in order to penetrate to everyone at once through major appliances. Embedded chips will already be in place. The goal of this deals with global Satanic ghosts projected all around the world in order to push all populations to the edge of hysteria and madness, to drown them into a wave of suicide, murder and permanent psychological disorders. After the Night of the Thousand Stars, worldwide populations will be ready for the new messiah to re-establish order and peace at any cost, even at the cost of abdication of freedom.

Phasing Out Cash & Independence
The techniques used in the fourth step is exactly the same used in the past in the USSR to force the people to accept Communism. The same technique will be used by the United Nations to implement the new world religion and the new world order. A lot of people ask when this is going to happen and how they will accomplish the visions of the Night of a Thousand Stars, and the events that will point to the days when it will begin.

According to the many reports we have received, we believe it will begin with some kind of worldwide economic disaster. Not a complete crash, but enough to allow them to introduce some kind of in-between currency before they introduce their electronic cash to replace all paper or plastic money. The in-between currency will be used to force anyone with savings to spend or turn in their cash because they understand that people who have money and are not dependent upon them might be the very ones who will mount an insurrection against them. If everyone is broke, no one can fund a war of any kind: paper currency will cease to exist. This is one of the first signs.

But to implement the worldwide electronic money system, everyone in the world who might have money in the future, will have to have a way to transfer money electronically. Before that time, everyone will have spent, before the year 2,000, all of their cash, reserves and assets. Everyone has to be 100% dependent upon the Council for their existence. To prevent any kind of independence, the new world order has already implanted micro chips in wild animals, birds, fish, etc. Why? They want to make certain that the people who will not accept the New World Order will not be able to hunt or fish any where in the world. If they try, they will be tracked and traced by satellites, then hunted down and imprisoned or killed.

The new world order is already changing the laws of all nations to make everyone dependent upon a single food and vitamin supply. They are changing laws about religion and psychiatric disorders in order to identify anyone who is potentially threatening to the NWO. Those who are found defective will be sent to eradication camps where their organs will be taken and sold to the highest bidders. Those who are not killed outright will be used as slave labor or used in medical experiments. The goal of a dictatorship is to control everyone, everywhere on the planet, ruthlessly and without exception. That’s why the new technology being introduced everywhere is a technology for the control of the people. The technology of the 1940s and 1950s was used to help the people have an easier and more productive life.

The new technology is designed and built to track down and control people everywhere. This technology is being manufactured for a specific purpose and to refuse to see and recognize that purpose, which is to enslave the entire populations of the world, is to deny the emergence of the Antichrist and the establishment of the new world order religion and government. If you cannot see, if you cannot learn, if you cannot understand, then you and your family and friends will succumb to the fires of the crematoria that have been built in every state and every major city on earth, built to deal with you. No one is safe in a totalitarian police state!

Serge Monast



The Goals of Project Blue Beam

More on Project Blue Beam

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The Coming “Official” Announcement of the Alien Presence on Earth

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Principles of spiritual research

Here is a good base for spiritual research:



1. Differences between modern sciences and spiritual sciences

Let us first explore the differences between modern sciences and spiritual sciences before we look at the differences in research method.


2. The principles of spiritual research

The following are the principles of spiritual research. We have explained each of them in detail below:

1. Cannot use conventional measurement and analysis tools

2. Conducted through the sixth sense or extrasensory perception (ESP)

3. Spiritual dimension is just as systematic and logical as that of the physical world

4. Knowledge obtained in a ready-made format from the Universal Mind and Intellect

5. Spiritual research is not dependent on time or place

6. Needs to be under the guidance of a spiritually evolved guide

2.1 Cannot use conventional measurement and analysis tools

When one wants to research the subtle-world, one cannot use conventional measurement and analysis tools. Just as we cannot use a measuring tape to measure one’s intellect, so also we cannot use physical, psychological or intellectual methods to understand or explore the spiritual realm. This is because of the simple reason that by definition the spiritual dimension is that, which is beyond the understanding of the five senses, mind and intellect.

2.2 Conducted through the sixth sense or extrasensory perception (ESP)

Spiritual research can only be undertaken with the means of an advanced sixth sense (ESP).

We are familiar with gaining knowledge through the media of the five sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue), mind and intellect. This is the paradigm in which we conduct traditional research of modern sciences. However only about 2% of the spiritual dimension is understood by the medium of the five sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue), mind and intellect. 98% of knowledge can be perceived only through our subtle-sense organs. Our subtle-sense is commonly known as our sixth sense or ESP. Spiritual research can only be conducted with the help of a highly activated sixth sense (ESP). To experience the all-encompassing world of the science of Spirituality, we have to develop our five subtle-sense organs, subtle-mind and subtle-intellect.

What is not spiritual research:

The following will give you a feel for what is not spiritual research:

  • Trying to verify the authenticity of a religious artefact by using carbon dating technologies.
  • Ascertaining through modern science research methodologies the co-relation between religious practice and some sociological or psychological transformation.
  • Trying to verify whether a place is haunted through advanced technological equipment.

In all these instances, one is trying to measure and understand the spiritual realm with modern sciences. This is known as research and not spiritual research. The ability to measure and understand the spiritual realm with modern sciences is so severely restricted that it compromises the accuracy or effectiveness of the analysis.

2.3 Spiritual dimension is just as systematic and logical as that of the physical world

When modern science, for example investigated the cause of Jaundice, it came to the conclusion that one of the causes was infection. They investigated further and found out that the infection was due to the Hepatitis virus. Further they found that there were various types of the Hepatitis virus like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B etc. In this way, the finer analysis of causes of ailments and problems are being investigated. But the deeper or deepest causes are known only with the help of the science of Spirituality, i.e. spiritual research.

Through our spiritual research, we have found that the root cause of a problem can be either in the physical, psychological or spiritual realm. Up to 80% of our problems in life have their root cause in the spiritual realm. Quite often when we see a tragedy occur we hear the phrase, ‘Its God’s will’. However the root cause behind tragedies such as natural disasters or airplane crashes are primarily in the spiritual realm that in our ignorance we attribute to ‘God’s will’. We have elaborated on these spiritual reasons in our article on the ‘Spiritual root causes of difficulties in life’.

2.4 Knowledge obtained in a ready-made format from the Universal Mind and Intellect

The knowledge of even the most knowledgeable person has limitations. On the other hand, God who is Omniscient knows everything about everything. This is why people from every walk of life and any nationality, experience inspiration after praying following a severe block in thinking or analysis. Many have experienced being miraculously saved from dangerous or fatal accidents after a prayer. The Universal Mind and Intellect is God’s mind and intellect. After one develops their sixth sense (ESP) through spiritual practice beyond a certain point one is able to get unrestricted access to the Universal Mind and Intellect.

All knowledge on this website has been obtained or verified from the Universal Mind and Intellect.

2.5 Spiritual research is not dependent on time or place

As the knowledge is received from the Universal Mind and Intellect one does not need to travel to any place to do the research. Also it is not dependent on the time of the event. Whether a specific event happened many centuries ago or is to happen in the future, the nature of the incident and its contributing factors can still be ascertained.

It is for this reason we have been able to publish articles such as ‘Spiritual research on the spiritual life of Nostradamus’. Such articles give unique information that is not of the current time or place.

2.6 Needs to be under the guidance of a spiritually evolved guide

Perhaps the most important point in spiritual research is that any spiritual research team needs to be led by a person at the spiritual level of a Saint or a Guru.

On a scale of 0-100, if merging with God (which is the ultimate in any spiritual path) is 100%, then most people in today’s world are at the 20%-25% spiritual level. Only when one through spiritual practice attains a spiritual level of above 70%, can he/she be called a spiritual guide or a Saint. These evolved beings can access the Universal Mind and Intellect and be absolutely sure that they are not being misguided by subtle-bodies or entities. In simple terms, achieving the spiritual level of a Saint is like reaching the higher stages in spiritual growth. This is akin to being a Nobel laureate in a certain field in worldly life.


Start your spiritual journey

Now is your time to begin act like human being and good start is to start your spiritual journey:

Throughout the website the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has stressed the importance of doing regular spiritual practice.

The purpose of this section is to give you a quick understanding of what you can do to begin your spiritual journey (spiritual practice) today.

Whichever religious path or culture you come from, the Spiritual Science Research Foundation recommends three things you can do right away to begin or complement your spiritual journey.

Chanting the Name of God according to the religion of your birth
Chanting a protective chant for ancestral problems
Building your spiritual knowledge


1. Chanting the Name of God according to your religion of birth

We are born to the religion that is most conducive to begin our spiritual journey. Accordingly, the aspect of God that we worship depending on our religion is what is most beneficial for our spiritual growth at that stage. The various Names of God according to each religion, represent the various aspects of the one Supreme God. By repeating the Name of God according to the religion of our birth, we call upon this aspect of God and harness His divine energy. This would be akin to taking a general spiritual tonic that is most required for us.

Let us look at a few examples of the Name of the Lord we should chant, depending on the religion of our birth.

Some tips on chanting:

Chanting 1. Chant however you are comfortable with: You can chant mentally or you can chant verbally or you can chant with a rosary or a mālā. You can choose whichever method you are comfortable with.
2. Any time and any place: You can chant at any time and place. For example, you can chant while going to work, while cooking or taking the dog for a walk.
clock 3. Quantity to chant: The more you chant, the more the spiritual benefit. You can start with five minutes a day and progressively increase it to a few hours a day within a couple of months. This can be done in many sessions and while doing other things like cooking etc. as explained above.
calendar 4. Be regular with your chanting: Sincere efforts at chanting give benefits like feeling a sense of calm in your life that you have not experienced for a long time or your worldly life getting better.

The bottom line: Give this spiritual practice your best for at least 6 months and you will see the benefits in your life.


2. Chanting a protective chant for ancestral problems

In today’s world almost all of us are affected with something known as ‘ancestral problems’. This has been explained in depth in our section on Ancestral Problems.

By repeating Lord Datta’s Name (i.e. the aspect of God that protects us from these ancestral problems) we get insulated from these problems.

The exact chant is ‘Shrī Gurudev Datta’. Click here to hear the protection chant.


Tips on chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’

  • Quantity: We recommend the quantity of chanting Shri Gurudev Datta that is commensurate with severity of the distress experienced due to ancestral problems. Please read the article, ‘What are ancestral problems’ to understand the types of distress/problems that can happen due to our departed ancestors
    1. In case where no distress to mild distress is experienced, one can chant for 1 to 2 hours every day in order to avoid such trouble in future.
    2. In case where the distress is medium, chant for 2 to 4 hours every day.
    3. If the distress is severe one must chant Shri Gurudev Datta for 4 to 6 hours per day.

    Note: The above quantity of recommended chanting has been increased recently. The increased duration of chanting has been recommended taking into account the rise in trouble caused by ancestors and negative energies in the current and in the coming times.

  • According to your convenience: You may do this in one session or in many separate sessions.


3. Building your spiritual knowledge

Study: Regular study of the various aspects of the Spiritual science is important to help you understand the importance of regular spiritual practice and also clarify questions that you may have. We recommend that you read the following sections or articles

Note: Please feel free to share your experiences or ask any questions you may have after starting your spiritual practice.