Illuminati droned (bodysnatched) his son

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Now I post a really sad story about a man called John Welgos. His son was droned (bodysnatched) by Illuminati. If you don’t know what droning means you should read my previous Donald Marshall info about Droning here:


This man took his son to a dentist and there they planted a Vril consciousness into this 3 yearld old boy. It means that this boy’s real consciousness and soul is dead and there is now a Vril consciousness acting like this boy. Read the Donald Marshall info and watch these videos below and you understand. Sad story and this must end. It’s up to you and only sharing this information you can help to fight against Illuminati.

John Welgos tells how Illuminati droned (bodysnatched) his 3 year old son. There is pretty remarkable video of his son showing illuminati hand signs, which he has no knowledge of after this operation. Just watch these videos:

>> Here’s more John Welgos videos about how his son was droned and other videos related to Illuminati.

Read more from Auricmedia:

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5 thoughts on “Illuminati droned (bodysnatched) his son”

  1. Now I grew up in a spirit filled home, saw many things as a young child. My thoughts are this, unless your child has been “taken ” over the only purpose I could see would be to either destroy you, or 2 , lay in wait until the correct time to unleash hell upon you. Sometimes in my times I’ve fallen, I know Jesus has a call upon my life and I have a job to do here. It can be confusing.

  2. Yeah, I just reported John Welgos to Child Protective Services in Pennsylvania… He is clearly paranoid, and his mental illness will affect his son if he is left in his care. There is nothing wrong with his kid in the videos. The John has delusions of being a targeted person, and probably sees evidence of his beliefs in everything that he does. Pleas Jesus protect this child from his father. Amen.

  3. Thank you for your comment. I don’t know if your info or my is real so I don’t take any sides. I just want to thank you to bring more information to the table. The point is, that if his son is so called “droned” it is a seriuous thing. I think that we would need a word from Mr. Welgos to this topic.

    BR, Blogman

  4. Is John still alive?? He hasn’t posted a word in 3 years… one thing he said was that he would not stop. That they would have to kill him to shut him up. God bless him and the victims of these living monsters.

  5. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more info about him. I hope he is well.

    BR, Blogman

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