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Audio letter No. 15

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

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   Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is August 2,
1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 15.

   Normally I record each issue of my monthly AUDIO LETTER around
mid-month or later, but this month I must make an exception,
because of the urgency of what I have to tell you.

   In monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 12, three months ago, I
revealed the joint Rockefeller-Soviet plan for NUCLEAR WAR ONE to
be waged primarily on American soil.  In that tape I also
revealed the existence of the super secret "Nuclear Safe Zone"--a
swath across the upper half of the continental United States and
lower Canada between the latitudes of 40 and 50 degrees North
within which nuclear attack had been agreed not to take place
under secret agreements between the four Rockefeller Brothers and
their Soviet allies.  The fact that the four Brothers themselves
take this agreement very seriously is reflected by the fact that
they have virtually abandoned the famous Rockefeller estates at
Pocantico Hills, New York, moving their secret documents and
other assets to their other homes on Mt. Desert Island and
Bartlett Island just off the coast of Maine, right in the middle
of the Nuclear Safe Zone.  Only today, in fact, Nelson
Rockefeller entertained reporters at Seal Harbor, which is on Mt.
Desert Island; but in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 I also reported
that more and more of the Trustees of the major
Rockefeller-controlled Foundations, through whom the Rockefellers
exercise their control over our economy and our government, are
increasingly fearful that the ONE WORLD program of the
Rockefellers has jumped the tracks.

   Over a period of 50 years and more the wealth and power of the
western world, especially the United States, has been bled off in
a continuous transfusion to strengthen the Soviet Union
artificially.  But now they see increasingly that they have
opened Pandora's box and that a terrible double-cross by the
Soviet Union is looming closer and closer as the hideous dead end
of their behind-the-scenes control of our nation.

   The very next month, in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 13 I was able
to reveal the existence of a Soviet-planted nuclear weapon in the
waters near the entrance to Seal Harbor, Maine, ready to destroy
the summer homes of David and Nelson Rockefeller upon Soviet
command.  And just two weeks ago in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14
for July 1976, I revealed the presence in American territorial
waters not only of three more bombs but of 10 short-range,
underwater-launch, multiple-warhead missiles with nuclear

   We are now in the grip of a grotesque rerun of the deadly
Soviet Missile Crisis of 1971 which I revealed and described in
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14.  Now, as then, our leaders are not
telling you one word about it, but this time the Soviet threat is
vastly greater and more imminent than it was in 1971.  What the
Soviet Union is hatching, my friends, is a devastating naval
surprise attack of world-wide dimensions which goes far beyond
even the huge dimensions of the threat I revealed to you last
month.  No less than 25 countries around the world are now
threatened with surprise attack by the Soviet Union at any moment
the Soviets may choose by means of underwater-launched missiles
and bombs planted by the Soviet Navy.

   It has now been two weeks since I recorded monthly AUDIO
LETTER No. 14 in which I challenged the United States Joint
Chiefs of Staff to take appropriate action about the deadly
Soviet nuclear offensive weapons in our territorial waters and in
which I pledged my readiness to cooperate fully with the Joint
Chiefs.  My challenge and offer of cooperation were also
transmitted directly to the appropriate officials; but, my
friends, as of this moment I have not received one word of
official reply to my charges, my challenge, or my offer to help!

   The Joint Chiefs of Staff have been given notice of specific
aggressive acts by the Soviet Union that imperil the peace and
security of the United States, the placement of offensive nuclear
weapons at strategic locations within American territorial
waters; but to my knowledge up to this moment they have not taken
any action whatever to seek out, much less to destroy, any of the
bombs or missiles I revealed last month including even the
missile near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, whose location I spelled out
in navigational coordinates.  So long as this inaction continues,
they are failing to protect our shipping, to protect our vital
sea lanes of communication, to maintain general naval supremacy
in our own waters, and to protect crucial naval bases and
property among other things.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff are in
flagrant and continuing violation of Title 10 of the United
States Code and of the Department of Defense Directive 5100.1
which spells out the functions and responsibilities of the Armed
Forces of the United States.  What is the meaning of this?  Does
this mean that the Joint Chiefs are so completely trapped and
insulated by Rockefeller agent Henry Kissinger that they are no
longer free to do their duty?

   My friends, what hope can there be for us when our most
trusted and respected leaders, civilian and military, fail us
through treason and fear?  The answer is that ours is not the
only government facing this terrible Soviet threat, so I have
turned this information over to them too; and while the United
States Government sits paralyzed through fear and Rockefeller
treason, other governments are taking action.  Meanwhile my own
efforts are to rob the Soviets of the crucial element of surprise
which they are counting on to make their world-wide naval attack

   Today I want to discuss these three topics:




Topic #1--In the early fall of 1938 an International Conference
was held to consider Adolf Hitler's demand that the Sudetenland
with its heavy German population be ceded to Germany by
Czechoslovakia.  For years the Third Reich had been rearming
itself to the teeth in open defiance of the "Treaty of
Versailles" but the Western Allies, afraid of offending Hitler,
had done nothing about it.  Prior to Czechoslovakia, Austria had
been annexed under the pretext of racial ties like those in the
Sudetenland that demanded such an organic relationship to
Germany.  The Allies had done nothing about Austria, and now
Britain and France agreed as well to Hitler's annexation of the
Sudetenland.  On September 30, 1938, the fate of the Sudeten
residents of Czechoslovakia was decided without their own
participation when the infamous Munich Agreement was signed. 
Amid widespread relief, "peace in our time" was proclaimed; but
less than a year later, on September 1, 1939, World War II began
with Hitler's invasion of Poland.  Just over a year ago, on July
30, 1975, a new Munich agreement was signed, 35 signatories were
involved as the Helsinki Accord was signed sealing the fate of
the Soviet satellites of eastern Europe as a stable relationship
referred to as "organic and permanent" by high officials of the
United States Department of State.  Widespread praise for the
so-called "Spirit of Helsinki" assured us all that detente was
doing fine and all was well.

   Meanwhile the steadily accelerating Soviet military build-up
has redoubled its pace in clear violation of the "Strategic Arms
Limitation Treaties" (SALT) which forbid such major new weapons
as the huge Soviet SS-19 ICBM now being deployed.  In the past 10
years the military superiority once enjoyed by the United States
has been systematically and deliberately eroded, always with the
excuse that our failure to unilaterally disarm in stages might
seem provocative to Russia.

   Meanwhile the Soviet build-up has doubled and redoubled to the
point where nations around the world are expressing increasing
alarm at such military preparations which now go far beyond
anything that could conceivably be limited to self-defense.  The
situation is becoming so ominous that more and more nations which
have formerly kept their silence rather than to risk offending
the Soviet Union are now crying out in alarm.  In May 1976, the
same month in which I recorded monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12
telling you of the mounting fears of a Soviet double-cross by
certain Trustees of the major Rockefeller-controlled Foundations,
the clamor of concern over Soviet military intentions began
building up.

   For example, on May 9, 1976, Denmark's Foreign Minister, K. B.
Andersen, was quoted as saying about neighboring Soviet and
Warsaw Pact exercises, quote:

  "The military activity in the last few years has been more than
is necessary for defensive purposes.  It is more than is
reasonable in the spirit of Helsinki."

The Danes are especially worried about amphibious landing
maneuvers which are being carried out on the Baltic coast and
which are moving ever closer to Denmark, which controls the
straits which lead from the Baltic into the North Sea.

A week later, on May 16, 1976, Denmark's growing concern was
echoed by West Germany's Foreign Minister, Herr Genscher, who
said that the Soviet Union is arming itself beyond its defense
needs, creating a danger for European security.

About the same time half a world away, the Japanese were
increasingly voicing serious concern over Soviet military
escalation.  Since the beginning of 1976 there has been a
dramatic increase in Soviet naval and air activity in the
vicinity of Japan including frequent scrambling of aircraft,
numerous violations of Japanese air space by Soviet aircraft, and
submarine exercises just off Japan.

By late May the same theme had been taken up by Great Britain. 
On May 26, 1976, British Foreign Secretary Crosland told the
Central Treaty Organization of Foreign Ministers, quote:

  "We cannot ignore the evidence of our eyes.  It has been
precisely during the years when the Soviet Union has advocated
detente that we have witnessed the steady build-up of the Soviet
armed forces."

Nor have the warnings by leaders of other countries abated. 
Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has rightly criticized
detente as an illusion used by the Soviet Union to veil its
imperialist designs.

Red China, which is badly weakened at the moment by the
devastating earthquakes, has expressed worry over the recent
strengthening of Russian land and air forces along her northern

And only three days ago on the first anniversary of the Helsinki
Agreement, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, leader of the Conservative
Party in Britain, reinforced her warnings voiced earlier this
year concerning the very real and growing threat posed by the
Soviet Union.

   Meanwhile here in our own United States all attempts to voice
similar warnings are suppressed, muted, and diffused.  Recently
the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General George S.
Brown, revealed that while the American Pacific Fleet should be
able to keep sea lanes open to Hawaii and thereabouts, quote:

  "Because of a shortage of warships the fleet will not be able
to protect the sea lanes into the western Pacific."

Admiral James L. Holloway, Chief of the Naval Operations, has
gone even farther, declaring that American warships now operate
in the Sea of Japan only at the tolerance of the Soviet Pacific
Fleet.  No wonder the Japanese are worried; but perhaps the most
dismal estimate of the situation comes from retired Admiral Elmo
Zumwalt who flatly says that the United States could not win a
war against the Soviet Union today.  Well, he ought to know.  It
was while he himself was Chief of Naval Operations that the
Soviet Missile Crisis of 1971 occurred involving underwater
missiles in American and Canadian waters, as I revealed last

   Meanwhile Rockefeller Soviet agent Henry Kissinger speaks
comforting lies for American public consumption about the
military inferiority of the Soviet Union; and our interim
president Ford, speaking words put in his mouth like a
ventriloquist by Nelson Rockefeller and Kissinger, solemnly lies
to us that there have been no violations of the SALT agreements
by the Soviets, and that they have refrained from using any
loopholes in the SALT agreements.  The Rockefeller major media
drum lies like these into our heads, creating a false sense of
security.  We, the people of the United States as well as of the
other countries now under the threat of the Soviet surprise
attack, have been sold out by the four Rockefeller Brothers and
their agents in and out of Government.  Our trust of those in
positions of leadership has been used against us at the very
highest levels.  We have all been double-crossed for the private
gain of a handful of greedy, callous men; and yet, even they too
are about to lose everything in the same way--double-cross by the
Soviet Union.

Topic #2--In this age of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles,
Viking space craft landing on Mars, and B-1 Bombers, it is easy
to forget the indispensable roles played by land and sea forces. 
The vast tonnages of commodities that travel around the world in
international trade travel not by air in most cases but by land
and especially by sea.  For reasons of simple economics, the sea
is still the unrivaled highway of the world's commerce, spelling
prosperity for many and survival for some; and as long as this is
true, navies will always play a major role in a nation's military
power.  If some Americans have forgotten this, the Soviet Union
has not.  For over two decades just one man has been continuously
in command of the Soviet Navy, Admiral Sergei Gorshkov.  The
Soviet Union has less need of a navy for defensive purposes than
many other nations, but for 21 years Admiral Gorshkov has worked
relentlessly to build the Russian fleet into a formidable
striking force world-wide, and he has succeeded.

   Starting as a minor defensive military arm when Stalin died in
1953, the Soviet Navy has been built into a modern armada in
astonishingly short time, and it is still expanding rapidly.

   While the United States has been shutting down shipyards at
home and losing bases abroad, the Soviet Union has been building
new shipyards and stretching its reach by opening more and more
bases far from its own shores.  Even now, before the new American
naval base is built on Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, the
Russians are angling for a new base in the South Pacific on the
Island of Tonga north of Australia.  Gorshkov has said, quote:

  "Establishing the conditions for gaining sea control has always
required prolonged periods of time and the execution of a series
of measures while still at peace."

He also emphasizes the importance of the Soviet Fleet for
exercising, quote: "influence on coastal countries."  Gorshkov
claims that his navy is now capable of fighting anywhere as a
political tool in furthering the Kremlin's aims, including not
only the wartime role of severing sea lanes but even possible
peacetime harassment and interference with shipping.  He now
considers the Soviet Navy to be, quote: "a long-ranged armed
force which could exert decisive influence on the course of an
armed struggle in theaters of military operation of vast extent." 
In other words, the Soviet Navy is now a global striking force,
and Gorshkov recently signaled his fleet that it will be the Navy
which will bear the brunt of any armed conflict to come.

   Western military analysts have been puzzled by recent
indications that the Soviet General Staff is preparing, quote:
"new methods of repelling aggression and waging war."  Well,
anti-tank guided missiles, which many analysts are concentrating
on, are just a side show in these so-called new methods.  The
real focus in current Soviet military planning is the Navy, and
prominent among these new methods are the underwater-launched
missiles and bombs which the Soviet Navy has now planted in
coastal waters all around the world.

Topic #3--In monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14 which I recorded just
two weeks ago on July 19, 1976, I reported the presence of 4
bombs and 10 short-range underwater-launch missiles with multiple
nuclear warheads in the territorial waters of the United States,
all of them planted there by the Soviet Union.  I can now confirm
that all of these bombs and nuclear warheads are of the
thermonuclear variety--that is, hydrogen bombs as opposed to
smaller atomic bombs.  What is more, the list for North America
now includes two more missiles--one at the south end of
Chesapeake Bay near Norfolk, Virginia, and the other in Canadian
waters near Vancouver, Canada.  Of these two, the Norfolk missile
has been planted just within the past few weeks.


   Here now are the navigational coordinates for the locations of
the 16 nuclear weapons in United States and Canadian territorial
waters.  Most all the locations are firm but some could be off
one or two miles:

(1) Near the entrance to Seal Harbor, Maine.  Hydrogen bomb.
   Latitude 44  17'  0" North   Longitude 68  14'  0" West

(2) In a cove off Boston Bay near Quincy and Weymouth, Mass.
   Latitude 42  14' 30" North   Longitude 70  59' 0" West

(3) Long Island Sound near Bridgeport, Connecticut.  Missile.
   Latitude 41  9'  40" North   Longitude 73  5'  0" West

(4) Chesapeake Bay near Deale, Maryland, east of Washington, DC.
   Latitude 38  46'  0" North   Longitude 76  33'  0" West

(5) Potomac River near Indian Head, Maryland, south of
Washington, D.C.  Hydrogen bomb.
   Latitude 38  33'  40" North Longitude 77  12'  0" West

(6) South end of Chesapeake Bay near Norfolk, Virginia.  Missile.
   Latitude 36  58'  30" North   Longitude 76  16'  0" West

(7) Inside Pensacola Bay, Fla.  Missile.
   Latitude 30  23'  30" North   Longitude 87  11'  30" West

(8) In the Mississippi River near New Orleans.  Hydrogen bomb. 
(A correction here from monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 14.  The bomb is
down river near Port Sulphur, La., rather than up river.)
   Latitude 29  35'  30" North   Longitude 89  50'  30" West

(9) In Galveston Bay, Texas.  Missile.
   Latitude 29  22'  10" North   Longitude 94  49'  10" West

(10) Inside San Diego Bay near Chula Vista, California.  Missile.
   Latitude 32  38'  0" North   Longitude 117  7'  0" West

(11) Inside San Pablo Bay near San Francisco, California.
   Latitude 37  59'  0" North   Longitude 122  23'  0" West

(12) In American waters between northwest Washington State and
Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Missile.
   Latitude 48  13' 0" North   Longitude 123  8'  0" West

(13) In Canadian waters southwest of Crescent Beach near
Vancouver, British Columbia.  Missile.
   Latitude 48 58'  9" North Estimated Longitude 122 57' West.

(14) In Prince William Sound, Alaska, near the entrance to the
Port of Valdez.  Hydrogen bomb.
   Latitude 60  57'  40" North Longitude 146  44'  15" West

(15) In the waters just north of Colon, Panama Canal Zone.
   Latitude 9  25'  30" North   Longitude 79 54'  45" West

(16) And finally, in the coastal waters just outside Pearl
Harbor, Hawaii.  Missile.
   Latitude 21 18'  30" North    Longitude 157  58'  58" West.

   My friends, get out a map and mark these locations on it.  See
for yourself just how complete the surprise attack is that is
being readied for the United States Navy.  Then after you have
absorbed that, listen on because, my friends, there is more, much

   The principal target of the Soviet Union in the surprise
attack now planned is the United States of America.  If we fall,
the world falls; but that does not make us the only target. 
American Naval Forces are deployed world-wide.  In addition, the
Soviet Union has designs on Western Europe, the Mediterranean
area, southern Africa, China, Japan, Australia, India, the
Persian Gulf--in short, the whole world!  Large chunks of the
world are already under direct Soviet control, while others are
primarily within the direct influence of their Rockefeller
partners whose chips they plan to pick up by means of the
double-cross.  But all the areas of the world which remain to be
conquered or stand in the way of overwhelming Soviet victory are
also targeted with bombs and underwater-launched missiles planted
in coastal waters.

   I can now report that coastal waters in at least 64 locations
world-wide now contain nuclear offensive weapons planted by the
Soviet Union.  A few are bombs, but the vast majority are
underwater-launch multiple-warhead missiles armed with hydrogen

   The Soviet Navy, true to the claims of its Commander in Chief,
Admiral Gorshkov, that it is now a global striking force, is now
poised for the most ambitious, most devastating surprise attack
of all time--a world-wide Pearl Harbor-type attack designed to
bring all the navies of the world to ruin at a single blow.  If
this naval attack succeeds, the sea lanes that are the life blood
not only of defense but of trade and even survival for many
nations, will be severed and destroyed.

   Regardless of any reprisals by means of Intercontinental
Ballistic Missiles, bombers, and all the rest, the Soviet Union
is prepared to survive the minimum casualties, no more than
perhaps 10-million--which the Kremlin is willing to accept,
thanks to the all-out Civil Defense preparations which have been
underway in Russia for years.  Eventually, they reason, even
if--and that is a very big "if"--if we do strike back we will run
out of ICBM Missiles and will consume all of our remaining
defenses without any hope of ultimate success, robbed as we will
be of any significant naval power.  Thus, whether their initial
surprise attack persuades us all to just lay down our arms and
surrender, or whether we first retaliate with such forces as we
can muster after the destruction of our Navy, the Kremlin expects
to emerge inevitably as the victor, as the unchallenged ruler of
the entire world.  That is what this world-wide Pearl Harbor
attack is all about, and that is what I am trying to prevent by
taking away the advantage of surprise that the Soviets are
counting on.


   I will now give you the other locations world-wide.  The same
time, I will just give each Latitude or Longitude as three
numbers--meaning degrees, minutes, and seconds respectively.

   Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the British Isles are
heavily targeted with underwater missiles and bombs.  This is
intended to free a considerable part of the Soviet Baltic Fleet
for service elsewhere and also to neutralize or eliminate the
NATO air power, which is presently a weak spot for the Soviet

   Denmark is the key to Soviet access to the Baltic Sea, and two
missiles are now planted in Danish waters: One north of
Copenhagen at
   Latitude 56 - 10 - 37 North   Longitude 12 - 25 - 56 East

The other to the south at
   Latitude 54 - 55 - 30 North   Longitude 10- 27 - 51 East

   Far to the north a missile is also located at the north end of
the Gulf of Bothnia near the border between Finland and Sweden at
   Latitude 65 - 42 - 25 North   Longitude 24 - 34 - 0 East

   On the Baltic coast of West Germany just south of Denmark a
missile is located at
   Latitude 54 - 27 - 27 North   Longitude 13 - 4 - 14 East

while the North Sea coast of West Germany is the site of another
missile near Bremerhaven at
   Latitude 53 - 39 - 50 North   Longitude 8 - 20 - 41 East.

   Moving on down the North Sea coast to the Netherlands, a
hydrogen bomb has been planted by the Soviets just outside the
mid section of the huge dike about 50 miles north of Amsterdam. 
The bomb is at
   Latitude 53 - 2 - 4 North   Longitude 5 - 10 - 55 East

If it were detonated, the North Sea would rush in like a tidal
wave to crush and drown the inhabitants of Amsterdam and more
than 1000 square miles of Dutch low-country formerly reclaimed
from the sea.  This is horrible to imagine, my friends, but it
would be far more horrible if we allowed the Soviet Union to do

As if that were not enough, the Netherlands coast is also
threatened by a missile at
   Latitude 51 - 36 - 7 North   Longitude 3 - 55 - 43 East

in a cove southwest of Rotterdam.

   The French coast, too, is targeted.  One missile is southwest
of Brest at
   Latitude 48 - 10 - 23 North   Longitude 4 - 50 - 12 West

   The other missile, further south, is about midway between
Nantes and Bordeaux at
   Latitude 46 - 15 - 9 North   Longitude 1 - 30 - 51 West.

   As I have explained in earlier monthly AUDIO LETTERS, such as
No. 6 for November 1975, the Rockefeller plans for war did not
include hostilities in Europe or Great Britain; but remember, the
Soviet surprise attack plan is all part of the massive Soviet
double-cross of their Rockefeller masters, and nowhere does the
magnitude of this great double-cross create a greater shock than
in looking at the current Soviet threat against the British

   Under the Rockefeller scenario the United Kingdom was not to
be involved in hostilities; but under the surprise attack
double-cross being readied by the Soviets, the British Isles are
now the most heavily targeted area on earth in terms of the
geographic concentration of missiles and bombs now planted in
their territorial waters.  Not only naval targets, but American
and Royal Air Force targets are crucial to the Soviet goal of
liberating their own Northern Naval Fleet to help conquer and
patrol the rest of the world.  The Soviets view England as a huge
enemy aircraft carrier that must be sunk.

   Beginning on the northeast coast of Scotland, a missile is
located in Moray Firth northeast of Inverness at
   Latitude 57 - 36 - 0 North   Longitude 4 - 2 - 49 West.

Next, near the entrance to the Firth of Forth and northeast of
Edinburgh, Scotland, a missile is planted at
   Latitude 56 - 7 - 0 North   Longitude 2 - 31 - 46 West.

   Next, an atomic bomb (not a hydrogen bomb) is at the narrow
entrance to the cove at Middlesborough, England, at
   Latitude 54 - 38 - 30 North   Longitude 1 - 7 - 43 West.

Continuing down the coast, a missile is roughly centered in the
entrance to the bay known as "The Wash", east of Nottingham:
   Latitude 53 - 7 - 30 North   Longitude 0 - 30 - 48 East

And on the north flank of the entrance to the Thames River east
of London, still another missile now sits at
   Latitude 51 - 37 - 0 North   Longitude 1 - 2 - 26 East.

Moving over to the west coast, a missile is located in the water
about 30 miles north of Liverpool at
   Latitude 53 - 49 - 0 North   Longitude 3 - 6 - 40 West.

Further north at
   Latitude 54 - 55 -0 North   Longitude 3 - 30 - 50 West

a missile is planted in Solway Firth at the border between
England and Scotland.

   North of that a missile now lurks in the Firth of Clyde
southwest of Glasgow, Scotland at
   Latitude 55 - 39 - 0 North   Longitude 5 - 7 - 4 West.

And the last missile in the waters along the west coast is in the
channel known as "Little Minch" off the northwest coast of
Scotland at
   Latitude 57 - 21 - 0 North   Longitude 6 - 52 - 37 West.

   Ireland, too, has been targeted.  The entrance at Dublin
Harbor contains a hydrogen bomb at
   Latitude 53 - 20 - 0 North   Longitude 6 - 5 - 0 West.

Likewise the entrance to the harbor at Cork on the south coast
also contains a hydrogen bomb at
   Latitude 51 - 48 - 0 North   Longitude 8 - 14 -24 West

And in the waters of the west coast of Ireland there is a missile
in Blacksod Bay at
   Latitude 54 - 1 - 30 North   Longitude 9 - 56 - 34 West.

                        ICELAND LOCATIONS

   To round out the Soviet preparation for total elimination of
resistance to movements of its Northern Naval Fleet, Iceland also
has two missiles in its coastal waters.  One is near the entrance
to the port at Reykjavik at
   Latitude 64 - 10 - 24 North   Longitude 21 - 56 - 15 West.

The other is near the northwest side of the island at
   Latitude 66 - 9 - 2 North   Longitude 22 - 58 - 18 West.

   So much for any obstacles to the Soviet Northern and Baltic
Fleets if the surprise attack by underwater missiles and bombs is
carried out.

                     MEDITERRANEAN LOCATIONS

   The next major area of concern to the Soviet Navy is the
Mediterranean; and there, too, preparations have been made.  The
main American Naval Base now left in the Mediterranean is at
Naples, Italy, and in the northwest side of the Bay of Naples a
Soviet underwater-launched missile is now located at
   Latitude 40 - 47 - 4 North   Longitude 14 - 6 - 0 East

   In addition, four more underwater missile sites have been set
up by the Soviets in the west end of the Mediterranean so that
the American Sixth Fleet can be completely cornered, trapped, and
ultimately destroyed, leaving the Mediterranean as a Soviet lake.

Missiles are located just inside the Strait of Gibraltar on the
north side at:
   Latitude 36 - 8 - 29 North   Longitude 5 - 24 - 17 West.

and on the south side at
   Latitude 35 - 54 - 45 North   Longitude 5 - 18 - 13 West.

The other two missile sites are about 140 to 150 miles east of
Gibraltar, one on the north in the Gulf of Almeria at
   Latitude 36 - 43 - 7 North   Longitude 2 - 15 - 0 West.

The other on the south near a point of land jutting out from
Melilla, Morocco, at
   Latitude 35 - 26 - 13 North   Longitude 2 - 52 - 35 West.


   The waters around southern Africa contain three missiles.  One
is southwest of Capetown, South Africa, at
   Latitude 34 - 12 - 4 South   Longitude 18 - 10 - 18 East.

Another is on the Transkei Coast roughly midway between Durban
and Port Elizabeth, South Africa, at
   Latitude 32 - 2 - 32 South   Longitude 29 - 8 - 7 East.

The third is in the bay near Lourenco Marques, Mozambique, at
   Latitude 25 - 54 - 56 South   Longitude 32 - 57 - 11 East

about 300 miles east of Johannesburg, South Africa.

   The rest of Black Africa is already under joint
Rockefeller-Soviet domination which the Soviets plan to transform
into pure Soviet domination by means of their massive
double-cross of the four Rockefeller Brothers.


   A similar situation prevails throughout Latin America, and
aside from the Panama Canal missile, the Soviets have not planted
anything in Latin American territorial waters.  The only nuclear
missiles in Latin America are those in Guyana targeted on the
Panama Canal, the southern United States, and other places.

   I can now reveal that these have been removed from the
vicinity of Temehri Airfield near Georgetown and moved to a site
about 100 miles south of Georgetown, Guyana, at
   Latitude 5 - 20 - 0 North   Longitude 58 - 7 - 54 West

southeast of the town of Ituni.  This remote site is now in use
in order to separate the missiles from the Temehri Airfield which
has been under heavy use for movement of Cuban troops to southern
Africa and which is also planned to be the landing point for the
new Soviet Backfire Bomber and other aircraft in an attack on the
United States.


   Another area of strategic importance to the Soviet Union is
the Persian Gulf with Saudi Arabia to the southwest and Iran to
the northeast.  Under a secret deal made in 1972 by the
Rockefeller Brothers through their agents Henry Kissinger and
then president Richard Nixon, a huge arsenal of sophisticated
weaponry has been built up in Iran with a current value of over
10-billion dollars.  This includes 80 brand new F-14 Jet
Fighters, Hawk anti-aircraft batteries totaling 1800 missiles,
and an ultramodern naval fleet that includes six (6)
Guided-Missile Destroyers more advanced than anything owned or on
order by our own United States Navy!  Can you imagine?  And yet
the tremendous arms build-up in Iran has far outpaced the ability
of Iran to use these arms due to lack of adequate training.  What
is actually happening is that Iran is secretly being used by the
Rockefeller Brothers to funnel weaponry into the Soviet Union
itself and to an area which can be taken over by the Soviets in
the coming war.  The real shah of Iran is United States
Ambassador Richard Helms, the former head of the CIA who now
controls Iran for the Rockefeller Brothers!

   Just as we left 5- to 10-billion dollars worth of weaponry
behind for the North Vietnamese to pick up when we pulled out
very hastily last year, the same thing is planned to happen in
Iran.  In both cases, these deals between the Rockefeller
Brothers and the Soviet Union were made in return for secret
agreements guaranteeing Rockefeller control of oil and other
mineral interests in that region.  But this arrangement is now
about to blow up in the Rockefeller Brothers' faces, as well as
yours and mine, in the world-wide surprise attack planned by the

   There is now a Soviet underwater missile site in the Persian
Gulf about 60 miles southwest of Bushehr, Iran, at
   Latitude 28 - 33 - 40 North   Longitude 48 - 55 - 29 East.

   As I explained in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6, November 1975,
the joint war plan between the Rockefeller Brothers and their
Soviet allies involved the outbreak of war in the Middle East as
the trigger with the disabling of Arab OPEC oil fields by means
of an American limited nuclear strike.  This would cripple
Europe, rendering southern Africa vulnerable in turn to final
conquest.  Meanwhile an Asian war was to be building up as a
follow-on with a joint Rockefeller-Soviet take-over of India and
Red China, with Japan being whipped back into submission for the
Rockefellers in the process.

   But now, under the audacious double-cross and world-wide Pearl
Harbor-type surprise attack that has been plotted by the Soviet
Union, the Soviets plan to make all of these dominoes tumble at
once and into their own laps with the Rockefeller empire
eliminated as a factor.  To this end, many more underwater-launch
missiles are planted in coastal waters around the world.


   India is targeted with two such missiles.  One is on the west
side northwest of Bombay at
   Latitude 20 - 52 - 56 North   Longitude 71 - 48 - 39 East.

The other is on the east side in a cove south of Calcutta at
   Latitude 21 - 45 - 7 North   Longitude 88 - 17 - 32 East.

The waters east of Singapore contain a missile at
   Latitude 1 - 28 - 52 North   Longitude 105 - 8 - 51 East.

Japan is threatened by Soviet missiles in its waters in two
locations.  One is in a bay at the south end of the Island of
Hokkaido at
   Latitude 42 - 17 - 26 North   Longitude 140 - 30 - 42 East.

The other is in the coastal waters southeast of Hiroshima at
   Latitude 34 - 7 - 15 North   Longitude 132 - 46 - 32 East.

   Seoul, South Korea, is threatened by a Soviet missile in the
waters about 25 miles to the southwest at
   Latitude 37 - 21 - 47 North   Longitude 126 - 30 - 47 East.

   Red China is menaced by three Soviet underwater missiles in
its territorial waters.  One is in the Gulf of Chihli about 260
miles southeast of Peking at
   Latitude 38 - 31 - 34 North   Longitude 120 - 45 - 43 East.

The second is about 75 miles south of Shanghai at
   Latitude 30 - 17 - 55 North   Longitude 121 - 35 - 44 East.

And the third is about midway between Canton and Hong Kong at
   Latitude 22 - 42 - 2 North   Longitude 113 - 39 - 56 East.

   In addition, there is a missile in the north end of the Gulf
of Tonkin about 50 miles east of Haiphong, Vietnam, at
   Latitude 21 - 4 - 30 North   Longitude 107 - 30 - 14 East.

   And about 25 miles north of Taipei off the northern tip of
Taiwan still another missile sits waiting at
   Latitude 25 - 24 - 11 North   Longitude 121 - 30 - 41 East.


   To round out the Soviet plan for crushing all the rival navies
of the world with one blow, underwater missiles are also planted
in the waters of the Philippines and Australia.

   One of the Philippine missiles is in the water southwest of
the Batan Peninsula within striking range of the United States
Naval Bases at Subic Bay and south of Manila.  The Latitude is
   14 - 33 - 8 North   Longitude 120 - 15 - 55 East.

The other Soviet missile in the Philippines is northwest of Panay
Island at
   Latitude 11 - 51 - 57 North   Longitude 122 - 5 - 0 East.

   As for Australia, four underwater missiles have been planted
by the Soviet Navy around the heavily populated southwest
quadrant of coast line.  One is just south of Kangaroo Island,
southwest of Adelaide at
   Latitude 36 - 3 - 43 South   Longitude 137 - 34 - 7 East.

Another is near the entrance to Port Phillip Bay, south of
Melbourne at
   Latitude 38 - 19 - 3 South   Longitude 144 - 44 - 44 East.

The third missile is near the entrance to Port Jackson near
Sydney at
   Latitude 33 - 50 - 46 South   Longitude 151 - 16 - 0 East.

And missile no. 4 is in the water northeast of Brisbane at
   Latitude 27 - 22 - 14 South   Longitude 153 - 12 - 24 East.

   My friends, the world-wide surprise attack that has been
prepared by the Soviet Navy makes the Soviet Union the
aggressive, all-out enemy of every other nation on earth.  The
sheer audacity of such a plan is one of its greatest strengths. 
No one would expect such an attempt to bring the whole world to
its knees all at once!  This is especially important as it
regards the double-cross of the Rockefeller Brothers.  The
Rockefellers themselves had the audacity to spirit away the
monetary gold supply of the United States, realizing full well
that most people would find such a huge crime unbelievable and
would therefore never suspect anything.  But the world-wide
surprise attack that has been devised by the Soviets is designed
to take even the Rockefeller Brothers themselves off guard.  They
have held sway over the Kremlin for so long that they literally
cannot imagine losing that power.  And so the Soviets believe no
one will believe such a thing is possible until the day they push
a button, signals flash world-wide by satellite, missiles erupt
from coastal waters around the world, and the biggest surprise
attack in history takes place.  Then everyone will believe, but
then it will be too late.  This is the long and the short of the
fantastic Soviet gamble that is now ready to be played out at the
moment they choose.

   My friends, what I have told you is the truth; and while you
may be tempted to try to argue a thousand ways to convince
yourself not to believe what I have said, just keep one cold,

   On the evening of December 6, 1941, the American Fleet was
peacefully at anchor in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and Christmas
parties were in progress.  Suppose you had been at one of those
parties and I had walked in and started trying to tell people
that the Japanese were going to attack the following morning. 
Your reaction would probably have been, quote: "But we haven't
heard anything about that.  There's nothing on the news about it,
and the Government hasn't sent us any warnings, and the Fleet
certainly would not be in the harbor like this if there were any
danger.  I just don't believe it."  I might have then produced
all kinds of evidence about the Japanese build-up, little-known
information about the efforts of the Rockefeller-sponsored
"Institute of Pacific Relations" to bring on such an attack, and
so on; yet you might still have refused to believe me.  But I
would have been telling the truth, and the truth would still have
been the same.  At 7:55 A.M. the following morning a sky full of
Japanese planes raining death on your head would have been
proving my warnings, but then it would have been too late.

   Don't let it be too late this time.  My charges are true, and
they will be proven to be true one way or the other.  They can be
proven now by forcing those officials, military and civilian, who
have the responsibility of protecting our lives to do their duty,
to find and neutralize these missiles and bombs; OR we can sit
back and listen to more lies, more comforting arguments, more
distractions until the unearthly flashes of burning light from
hydrogen bombs drive the truth home horribly, conclusively, and

   Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you,
and may God bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 13

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC. (Current 1982
address: 1629 K St., NW, Washington, D.C.  20006)

   Hello everybody, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is June 26, 1976,
and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 13.

   Just a few days from now, on July 4, 1976, the United States
of America will observe its 200th birthday, our BICENTENNIAL. 
This is a special milestone in our history which will be here
only once and then gone, never to return again.

   What it should be is a time of thankful reflection on our
past, of joyous appreciation of our present, and of eager
anticipation of our future.  That is what it should be, but it is
being ruined deliberately for us by a handful of very powerful
people who want to take it all away from you and me.  Instead of
peacefully celebrating the freedom won for us in the American
Revolution two centuries ago, we are being plunged into a
so-called "Second American Revolution" to end that freedom.

   As Patrick Henry declared in his Liberty or Death speech of
March 1775:

  "Gentlemen say, peace, peace; but there is no peace.  The war
is actually begun!  The next gale that sweeps from the north will
bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms!..."

   Economically, politically, and militarily the war to undo our
independence and destroy our way of life is raging all around us
today.  It is therefore up to us, the American people, to
reaffirm our treasured DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE whose signing
we celebrate on July 4, and to enforce it against those who seek
to enslave us--the Four Rockefeller Brothers along with their
client followers.

   At the conclusion of monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 last month I
challenged those who wield great power on behalf of the Four
Rockefeller Brothers to declare their own independence and begin
immediately to work for good, instead of evil.

   The top layer in the vast pyramid of power under Rockefeller
control are the innermost circle of Foundation Trustees.  My
associates and I know who they are.  There are about a hundred of
them--the Trustees of a mere dozen Foundations--controlling the
financial and industrial base of America not only through the
Foundations themselves but through their interlocking
directorates of banks, multinational corporations, insurance
companies, educational institutions, and legal firms all for the
benefit of their Rockefeller bosses, NOT for yours!

   These inner circle Trustees--and they know who they are--have
breached a fiduciary trusteeship because the Foundations are
public supported, being almost totally exempt from United States
taxation.  I charge these Trustees with subversion of schools,
churches, government, and the very liberty intended by our
Founding Fathers.  Their day is coming, they will be unmasked,
and they will do well to be found hard at work to undo the evil
they have set in motion; otherwise their power, like that of
their masters the Four Rockefeller Brothers, can and I believe
will be taken away and given to more faithful custodians by an
increasingly informed, aroused America.

   Last month I explained the most important key to the
maintenance and expansion of power--deliberate destruction. 
Today I want to point out how CONSPIRACY (they call it
commitment) is always involved in such deliberate destruction in
order to expand their power.

   My three topics today are:




Topic #1--Suppose a pair of thugs were to confront you in a
parking lot, steal your brand new $5,000 car, sell the
unidentifiable parts at a junk yard for $50, and push the rest
over a cliff.  The thugs would be $50 richer at the expense of
your losing 100 times that much, and the value built into the
destroyed car would be permanently lost and irretrievable.  If
this happened to you, you would be the victim of economic
destruction which benefits only the destroyers to the detriment
of everyone else.

   Most thieves, of course, would know better than to just walk
up and confront you this way, face to face; instead they would
work out a plan together whereby they could make off with your
car without your knowing who did it, coordinating their actions
so that they would not be caught.

   The legal term for such planning of an illegal act by two or
more individuals is called "conspiracy", and in this case it
would be a conspiracy for the purpose of economic destruction.

   If a ring of thieves were to make a continuing business of
stealing cars, selling their parts and junking the remains, they
would no doubt make sure that they maintained a convincing image
as legitimate business men so that no one would suspect anything. 
If they didn't get caught, the members of the auto theft ring
might get wealthier and wealthier, appearing to be pillars of the
community in the process.  But meanwhile their predatory
activities behind the scenes would be a serious drain on the
community's economy, perhaps heightened by the inability after a
certain point for residents to buy Auto Theft Insurance. 
Eventually the unsuspecting townspeople might turn to the little
group of citizens who appear to be wisest because they had become
the wealthiest, the well disguised thieves themselves, to tell
them how to solve the community's deepening problems; and the
thieves, if they foresaw this opportunity to steal everything at
once, might well have a new town charter ready to propose that
would put them in charge of everything.

   This, basically is what the Four Rockefeller Brothers and
their close associates are up to economically--economic
destruction for their own benefit but on a vast complex scale.  I
described the economic aspects of this three years ago in my book
"THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR"; but instead of a new town
charter, the Rockefellers have their secret "NEW STATES OF
AMERICA CONSTITUTION" ready to enslave us all!

   The Rockefeller conspiracy for economic destruction is all
around us, and far advanced!  Consider, for example, the gold
situation.  I have stated before and repeat again now, that David
Rockefeller plans for gold to go past $2,000 an ounce and the
economic chaos that is being brought on by David and his
brothers; and yet since about the time of the first Gold Auction
by the United States Treasury on January 6, 1975, gold has been
defying all natural market influences and slowly dropped in price
without regard to anything else that is going on!  The situation
has gotten so worrisome that at least one newsletter specializing
in this area has suspended publication, and other analysts
express bewilderment also.

   The question is: What's wrong with gold prices?  The answer
has two parts--Fort Knox and South Africa.  A year ago the
cover-up for the Fort Knox Gold Scandal was a prime influence in
artificially holding down gold prices, as I have explained in
earlier tapes; but now the main factor in the gold price is
economic warfare against South Africa.

   The Rockefeller Brothers and their allies, the Rothschilds,
have formed a conspiracy to double-cross their associates in
South Africa, such as the Guggenheims and others.  Through joint
action on the London Gold Market, the Rockefeller-Rothschild team
are manipulating gold prices downward to reduce South Africa's
income from gold sales--income that is needed in order to resist
the Rockefeller-Soviet take-over of southern Africa that is now
far advanced.

   This tactic against South Africa and all of southern Africa is
having side effects elsewhere as well, such as the suspension of
some gold-mining operations here and abroad due to the inability
of current low gold prices to pay for extraction costs.

   Early this month, on June 2, 1976, the International Monetary
Fund held its first gold auction in what will allegedly be a
four-year series of gold sales.  When the IMF announced the
beginning of its gold auction series, the United States Treasury
announced that there would be no competing sales of United States
gold during that four-year period--a clever move since there is
no United States gold left to sell except for a small amount left
over from the two Treasury auctions of 1975 which utilized the
illegally-obtained gold from the Exchange Stabilization Fund. 
This tiny leftover amount of United States gold was about 780,000
ounces, and by odd coincidence this was the exact amount sold
under the IMF banner in Washington, D.C., on June 2!  Was that
really IMF gold?  Or was it actually the very last of America's
gold, disposed of in yet another illegal maneuver?

   Many questions have been asked about the reason for the
International Economic Conference being held in Puerto Rico this
weekend which was caused by the United States; but I can reveal
to you that one of the main secret topics to be discussed at this
conference is whether to continue with further gold auctions by
the IMF even though the IMF has announced a general time schedule
for future gold auctions.  Should the IMF gold supply be shut
off, and once the current turmoil in southern Africa succeeds in
shutting down the gold mines there, the stage will be set at last
for gold prices to take off.  It will then be just a matter of
selecting the proper moment politically, then the
Rockefeller-Rothschild team will take the lid off the gold
pressure cooker.  Gold will climb ever higher; paper currencies
like the United States dollar, the pound sterling, and others
will be thrown into the fires of inflation; the Stock Market will
collapse; and the generalized economic destruction sought by the
Rockefeller Brothers for their own benefit will begin its final,
catastrophic phase.

   The United States economy has been bled dry of its normal
resilience and stands on the edge of instability.  Banks continue
to fail here and there, and just a few days ago more than
one-third of Mississippi's Savings & Loan Associations were put
under a ban on withdrawals to stop a spreading run on deposits
that was bordering on panic.  More than 120,000 accounts and
nearly half a billion dollars in depositors' money are now tied
up, out of reach.  Much has happened nation-wide in the Bank
Holiday declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933.  The
specific trigger of this situation in Mississippi was localized;
but the underlying conditions that allowed it to spread, now
exist throughout the United States brought about by faulty, poor
banking practices fostered by David Rockefeller who still thinks
of himself as an OSS spy.

   Those who depend on our Social Security System are also being
swindled without mercy.  It has now been revealed that the
currently foreseeable obligations for Social Security are at
least four thousand billion dollars more than the total projected
income into the fund to cover them--half again as large as the
estimate just one year ago!  The true situation is even worse. 
An accelerating inflation, feeding on itself now, will either
destroy the System or create an unbearable burden for current

   And as I spelled out in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 9, February
1976, the conspiracy to destroy our postal service, with all the
destructive effects that it will have economically and otherwise,
is continuing.  The recent trial balloons about terminating
Saturday mail service are just a pale shadow of things to come. 
I strongly urge everyone who can do so to get a Post Office box
now while you can.  The day is coming when this may well be the
only mail service left to us under the destructive control of the
Rockefeller Brothers and their Corporate Socialist associates!

Topic #2--Conspiracy for political destruction is an ever present
aspect of the Rockefeller program to bring about the
revolutionary changes they desire.  In this area of maximum
intrigue and deception the unexpected can happen.

   The Capitol Hill sex scandals which broke several weeks ago
starting with Congressman Wayne Hays are a part of the conspiracy
for political destruction in the United States.  It was Hays,
acting on behalf of the Rockefeller Brothers who stopped the
Reece Committee investigations into tax-free Foundations in
1954--an honest investigation which, had it been allowed to run
its course, might well have prevented the national disaster that
threatens us today.  It was also Hays, ironically, who nine years
ago fought the establishment of the House Ethics Committee which
is now investigating him even though he triggered the downfall of
Congressman Adam Clayton Powell on ethical grounds.  Now Hays'
own turn has come and his political destruction is being turned
toward the advancement of the Rockefeller political program. 
After the Hays scandal broke it was quickly joined by similar
allegations about other members of Congress, and the whole thing
is turning into an American rerun of the Profumo Affair that
shook up the British Parliament several years ago.

   This destruction of some political careers breaking at this
particular time has two purposes.  The first purpose is aimed at
the presidential campaign, while the second longer-range purpose
has to do with the ultimate fate of Congress itself!

   The first major impact is supposed to come at the Democratic
National Convention.  The sex scandals so far seem to afflict
primarily Democrats, and this is no accident--not because the
Republicans in Congress are the least bit more moral than the
Democrats but because this is a political ploy aimed at the
Democratic Party; and already the frightened Democrats are
scrambling to introduce so-called reforms in Congressional
privileges to try to prop up their image.

   The next step is to be the downgrading of Jimmy Carter, who at
this moment is being proclaimed a sure thing for the nomination. 
This is planned even though Jimmy Carter is a puppet of David
Rockefeller and has been for over three years.

   Carter was initially chosen as a tool to destroy the George
Wallace presidential threat and this, of course, was successful. 
Then the Rockefeller major media turned Carter into a steam
roller to flatten all the other Democratic contenders as well
except for Rockefeller ally Hubert Humphrey, who knows the score
and entered no Primaries; California Governor Brown, who also has
Rockefeller backing; and Senator Henry Jackson whom Nelson
Rockefeller himself had to blow out of the water by alleging that
Jackson's staff harbored Communist sympathizers such as
Rockefeller's own long-time close associate Dr. Dorothy Fosdick. 
Right now they are still getting their mileage out of Carter by
giving him tremendous publicity as he delivers foreign policy
speeches written for him by Professor Brzezinski, who is the
Director of the powerful Tri-Lateral Commission on behalf of
David Rockefeller.  And especially Carter is being used to inject
an explicit moral leadership theme into the presidential
campaign.  But Carter is scheduled to run into trouble.  The
Rockefeller-controlled major media made him and they will unmake

   For example, it will be said that he has no true capacity to
survive a campaign, that he is a nobody who has come up from
nowhere too fast and that he lacks humor, that he takes himself
too seriously, that he is overconfident in the Dewey style, that
it is difficult for him to make personal contact, that he does
not have the ability to compromise, that he arouses widespread
misgivings, that he cannot cope with stress situations, and that
he leaves himself open for attack on slip-of-the-tongue personal
opinions.  These are hardly leadership characteristics.  He is,
therefore, the captain of a political Titanic minutes before it
sinks to the bottom along with everyone who is clutching his

   By the time the Democratic Convention begins next month the
Rockefeller scenario now is for Carter's supposedly unbeatable
delegate line-up to be shaky and vulnerable, and for moral
leadership to be a nagging concern thanks to the sex scandals.  A
deadlock on the first ballot will set the stage for an
electrifying upset with moral leadership assuming a key role. 
The deadlocked Convention is programmed to turn at last to
H.H.--not Hubert Humphrey but former Senator Harold Hughes of

   Hughes received heavy publicity in the Rockefeller controlled
major media several years ago when he quit the Senate, reportedly
to pursue religious activities.  His credibility as a moral
leader will be unsurpassed, but 15 months ago in my AUDIO BOOK
talking tape No. 2 on the "FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL AND WHAT IT
MEANS TO YOU" I revealed this plan concocted by Nelson
Rockefeller for Hughes to be nominated as a dark horse.  In that
tape I described him and the way he is to be used but did not
name him, hoping that he would wake up and not go along with this
plan; but at the present time everything is still lined up for
Hughes to be nominated in this way.

   Last December 1, 1975, Hughes was even installed as chairman
of the "Commission on the Operation of the Senate", a one-year
operation set up by the Rockefeller Brothers to be a vehicle for
Hughes.  This Commission, virtually unknown to the public, makes
Hughes highly visible on Capitol Hill yet practically invisible
to the rest of the country--that is, until he receives his cue to
walk into the spotlight.

   In revealing this plan I must remind you that even as long
standing as it is, and even though it is still on course at this
moment, it could still change.  The Rockefeller Brothers, as I
explained several months ago, are continuing to juggle a lot of
factors in their do-or-die catch-up plan, and they always have
contingency backup plans.  The important thing to know is that
you should not be deceived if the Hughes plan is carried out and
what looks like a stunning upset takes place.  Remember the words
of that old "political animal" F.D.R.:

  "Nothing ever happens in politics by accident.  If it happens,
you can bet it was planned that way."

   The second and longer-range purpose of the Congressional sex
scandals is to begin the final downfall of Congress as an
institution, paving the way for Nelson Rockefeller as our
President and Dictator to abolish it under his "NEW STATES OF
AMERICA CONSTITUTION."  Momentum in this direction is supposed to
pick up steam soon with a startling echo of the Watergate
Scandal--the trial of Gulf Oil lobbyist Claude C. Wild, Jr. for
illegal campaign contributions.

   At this time two years ago the Watergate Scandal had reached
the stage of impeachment proceedings for the political
destruction of our last elected President, Richard M. Nixon. 
This served its purpose of placing Nelson Rockefeller in the
Vice-Presidency by way of his 25th Amendment to the UNITED STATES
CONSTITUTION; but now some of the very legislators who basked in
the glory of Nixon's destruction are about to be destroyed
themselves in the wake of testimony that they, too, were guilty
of illegal fund raising like that for which they condemned Nixon. 
Erupting between the two national conventions, the trial of the
Gulf lobbyist is calculated to have destructive political effects
on both Parties and both Houses of Congress.

   This same trial, after the Republican Convention nominates a
Ford-Rockefeller ticket, is also supposed to ensnare President
Ford in scandal.  This is the option of several that are ready by
which Nelson Rockefeller plans to become Acting President on or
about September 19, 1976, after Ford is declared "unable to
discharge his duties as President" under Section 4 of
Rockefeller's 25th Amendment.  Once he is in position as Acting
President, Rockefeller plans to move as rapidly as circumstances
allow in dismantling what remains of our free Republic.  At the
cost of destroying everything the rest of us hold dear about our
land, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller hopes ultimately to realize his
own lifelong dream when under his secret new Constitution he
begins a nine-year term as our Dictator-President.  And, my
friend, only you and I can stop it!

Topic #3--The idea that any group of people could be both
powerful enough and ruthless enough to deliberately conspire to
destroy human life by means of war, to suit their own purposes,
is a very hard thing to accept.  To most of us, human life is a
sacred and precious thing, not only our own lives but those of
others as well.  But to those who are consumed by an insatiable
lust for power, the most important thing is CONTROL--control of
people and of their lives.  If this means that some people have
to be destroyed in order to make those who remain more
controllable, that is regarded as an acceptable cost by these
power-hungry people.

   For example, the Communist regime that rules mainland China
today was brought into power at an estimated cost of 64-million
lives; but three years ago, while Rockefeller agent Chou En-Lai
was still alive, David Rockefeller said, quote:

  "Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously
succeeded in producing a more efficient and dedicated

And he went on to add, quote:

  "The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership
is one of the most important and successful in human history."

Since David wrote these words, however, Chou En-Lai has passed
from the scene and China for all intents and purposes has slipped
free of Rockefeller control.  This removes China from the success
category, by Rockefeller definition, and China therefore now has
to be whipped back into line by means of war.

   Japan, too, is straining at the bonds of Rockefeller control,
and is therefore being forced by the Rockefeller-Soviet alliance
into the Red Chinese orbit so that both nations can be crushed
into submission together with one shot.  As I explained in my
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6 of November 1975, the war now building
in the Middle East is engineered to set the stage for the far
larger war in Asia which in turn is to be the prelude to NUCLEAR
WAR ONE waged primarily on American soil!

   To see that "control" matters more to the Rockefeller Brothers
than does human life, one need only to compare our foreign
policies toward Canada and the Soviet Union.  Canada, our
friendly neighbor who in no way threatens our lives, is guilty of
wanting to be independent of Rockefeller control--an unpardonable
sin in the eyes of the Rockefeller Brothers--so the Rockefellers
have declared economic and political war on Canada with
explanations such as that given earlier this month in an
interview by the United States Ambassador to Canada.  He said,

  "Canada can't simply unilaterally cut back on its relations
with the United States and expect there won't be a reaction from

So now Canada has on its hands the hot issue of the Air Traffic
Controllers' dispute.

   If the Canadian government would investigate the real reason
why the Premier of Quebec, Mr. Bourassa, pushed through the
Quebec Legislature his extreme bill No. 22 about 19 months ago
making the French language the official working language within
the Quebec Province, the investigators may well find that the
bottom line in this bilingual issue is to restore Rockefeller
control over all Canadian affairs by engineering their own John
Turner, former Finance Minister of Canada, into the office of

   By contrast, the Soviet Union does now pose a grave threat to
millions of American lives; but the Rockefeller Brothers still
think they do control their Soviet allies so they keep right on
aiding Russia financially, technically, and militarily.  For just
one recent extremely serious example of how Russia is thus being
equipped by the Rockefeller Brothers to be our mass executioner,
I refer you to the lead article in the June 7, 1976 issue of the
Daily News Digest, Box 27496, Phoenix, Arizona  85061.  This
article, suppressed by the Rockefeller major media in the United
States, details the way in which an 8 to 10-year jump in Soviet
missile technology has been handed to them on a platter within
the past year with disastrous implications for us!

   But developments like these are simply climaxing a process
that has been going on out of public eye for a very long time. 
For example, when I was in private law practice in Washington
during the 50's, I once had a case involving an oceanographic
physicist who was being railroaded out of his naval job by some
Admirals on the false ground that he had associated with
Communists in 1933 while working his way through college.  The
truth behind these charges turned out to be that the Admirals
simply wanted to get rid of him because they wanted to spend
their appropriations on ships of all kinds, while my client was
pressing hard for high priority to be given also to research on
obtaining hydrogen energy from the seas--a field in which the
Soviet Union was 15 years ahead of us.

   Because of legal work I had done in connection with the
Federal Prison System, it happened that I knew Senator William
Langer, who was chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary
Committee.  I told him about the predicament of my client, the
Navy physicist; whereupon he suggested that I send my client to
see Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.  He said it was really
Dulles, not President Eisenhower, who was running the government;
and that if I wanted to get my client reinstated in his Navy job,
Dulles was the man to see.  I said "Okay"; and Senator Langer got
an appointment for my client to see Dulles.  Neither my client
nor I was prepared for what happened next.

   John Foster Dulles was the former head of the Rockefeller
Foundation, but I had yet to learn the true significance of that,
nor did I know at that time that President Eisenhower was merely
a figurehead--just one more in a succession of Rockefeller puppet

   Eisenhower's nomination in 1952 had been engineered by
Winthrop Aldrich, the uncle of Nelson Rockefeller and his
brothers, by handing out literally baskets of cash to Republican
Convention delegates at his suite in the Blackstone Hotel; nor
for that matter, did I at that time have the slightest inkling
about what the Rockefeller Brothers were really up to.

   Senator Langer advised me not to accompany my client to his
appointment with Dulles, explaining that for some reason Dulles
was very wary of any lawyer-client presence in private
conversations.  So off my client went to see Dulles, alone.  A
short while later he reappeared at my office white as a sheet,
looking as if he had seen a ghost.  When I asked him what had
happened, he said he had gone and told his story to the Secretary
of State Dulles, whereupon Dulles answered, and I quote:

  "Since they say you have associated with Communists, whether
true or not, why don't you go to Russia.  They need people like

My client could hardly believe his ears.  Here was our own
Secretary of State, proclaimed by the media to be staunchly
anti-Soviet, anti-Communist, telling my client to go to a
Communist country and help them!  He recovered from his shock to
hear the following advice from Dulles, and I quote:

  "Go to the Soviet Embassy on 16th Street here in Washington and
they will receive you."

My client thanked him for his time, and left to report to me
immediately.  I was appalled, too, by what had transpired with
Dulles.  After some further discussion, my client said he would
have to talk things over with his wife and would be back in

   Two days later he decided to visit the Soviet Embassy, and
sure enough they had been expecting him.  They told him he would
be well taken care of in the Soviet Union.  He would be given an
automobile, a fine apartment, and other special privileges, and
would be flown to Moscow with his wife and small children in
first-class accommodations.  My client told me it was an offer he
could hardly afford to refuse since he was now cut off from money
and jobs here in the United States by the big lie about his
having consorted with Communists in his college days.  And so two
weeks after his astonishing private talk with Secretary of State
John Foster Dulles, he and his family flew off to the Soviet
Union, where he is now doing research on hydrogen energy in the
oceanographic laboratories of the Soviet government.

   It's no wonder that our present Secretary of State, Henry
Kissinger, who is the John Foster Dulles of today, privately says
that America's time is past and the future belongs to the
Soviets.  Like his predecessors and his masters the Rockefeller
Brothers, Kissinger is doing everything in his power to make this
bleak forecast come true.

   The story of ever-expanding joint Rockefeller-Soviet
domination of nation after nation, is a story of
DESTRUCTION--destruction of economies, destruction of political
institutions, destruction of freedom and individual choice, and
in every case destruction of human life--all done in secrecy so
that you won't know about it.

   Right now the Rockefellers and their Soviet partners are in
the process of destroying southern Africa, just as they have
destroyed other parts of Africa in order to obtain control over
it and its immense richness in natural resources.  According to
the Rockefeller-CIA timetable I first revealed in February 1974,
the Union of South Africa now has less than a year to go before
it is utterly destroyed.

   Africa's troubles really began when John D. Rockefeller III
took a two-month trip there in 1948 as a Trustee of the
Rockefeller Foundation, ostensibly out of concern over the health
and welfare of the natives but actually to survey the commercial
and industrial potentialities, just as he had once done in Japan
years before.  When he came back from Africa he was so excited
over the vast natural resources there that he could hardly keep
himself on the subject of his professed interest, the natives, in
an interview with the New York Times; and within a few years a
crescendo of Black upheaval, death, and destruction began in
Africa that still has not ended.  This has been brought about by
the combined efforts of the Rockefeller-controlled foundations,
the International Labor Organization of the AFL-CIO, the CIA, and
the Soviet KGB working together abroad.

   It is a fact of life that the Blacks in Africa are not yet
capable of carrying on business, commerce, and industry all by
themselves and they know it, as I know from my own personal
experience of five years in Africa.  So although the basic
industries are always nationalized by the new Black governments
as they take over as a face-saving gesture, they then have to
turn right around and give the management contracts to the white
Corporate Socialists, who thereby earn income in the form of fees
larger than if they owned the assets outright themselves.  On top
of that, double sets of books are then kept by the Corporate
Socialist managers so as to pay low taxes and royalties while
actually exploiting cheap local labor to produce huge amounts of
low-cost raw materials for use by Rockefeller multinational
corporations in the industrialized countries.

   The whole thing is immensely profitable to the Corporate
Socialists, and that is why destructive revolutions and massacres
are stirred up in order to bring about this kind of arrangement. 
This is what Rockefeller agent Henry Kissinger is actually
working for in southern Africa today, handing out millions of
American tax dollars to revolutionary Blacks while he publicly
expresses pious satisfaction over the progress being made there
toward "majority rule."  In the same vein, Joseph Stalin used to
say that everything in the Soviet Union belonged to the people;
but then he would add, quote: "We are only managing it for you."

   The Trustees of the "Carnegie Endowment for International
Peace" were right about one thing they decided in 1908 and 1909:
War does completely transform the life of a nation.

   Close your eyes and try for a moment to see beautiful quiet
villages nestled on the sides of hills and mountains, with the
smell of cedars in the air, and snowcaps on the mountain tops
most of the year.  Visualize gentle, kind, happy working-people,
prosperous and contented in their peaceful country--people with a
song in their hearts and love for their neighbors, people who
pray each according to his own faith, people who are tolerant,
who practice the golden rule and who say, "To each his own"; a
country with a strong banking, business, and industrial base, a
country uninterested in conflict and intrigue with little more
than a militia as its military establishment.

   Would I be speaking of Switzerland?  No, I would be describing
Lebanon, the Switzerland of the Middle East, the Lebanon that I
knew and loved, and the Lebanon that has now been destroyed in a
nightmare of senseless terror, destruction, and mayhem.  What has
happened would never have happened spontaneously, the people
simply are not like that; but little Lebanon just by being there,
has been caught up in a bigger picture--the deliberate triggering
of general war in the Middle East which is to culminate in
NUCLEAR WAR ONE in the United States!  Just as Jamaica is now
being destabilized by the CIA causing death, destruction, and a
state of emergency, the agony of Lebanon has been brought about
deliberately by the Rockefeller-controlled CIA under direction of
the CIA station in Athens, Greece, using agents infiltrated into
Lebanon from Libya, which is totally controlled by the CIA.

   Nearly one out of every 100 persons in Lebanon has now died in
the violence there, and no one in that country now remains
untouched by the horrible tragedy there.  Yet as terrible as they
are, the death throes of Lebanon are intended by the Rockefeller
Brothers to be nothing more than the match that ignites the
forest fire of NUCLEAR WAR ONE.  Lebanon is only a convenience
for them; it is YOU and I who are the ultimate targets.

   If the crescendo of war that has been planned by the
Rockefeller-Soviet conspiracy is allowed to run its course, the
final phase will be the nuclear destruction of the southern half
of the United States in NUCLEAR WAR ONE.  As I first revealed in
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 last month, a supersecret "Nuclear
Safe Zone" has been set up by secret agreement between the four
Rockefeller Brothers and their Soviet allies consisting of a
swath across the northern United States and southern Canada
between the 40th and 50th parallels of latitude.  All of the
states to the south of this zone, plus Alaska and Hawaii, have
been condemned by the Rockefeller Brothers to have the ultimate
in human destruction rain down on their heads--THERMONUCLEAR WAR!

   To the Rockefeller Brothers there is such a thing as excess
population and excess people whose unwanted numbers make it
difficult to maintain the rigid control over people that they
desire; so the war they have planned for America will, to them,
amount to nothing more than a very fast, efficient form of
population control, which all four of them--John, Nelson, David,
and Laurance--publicly promote in every possible way.

   The industrial heartland and much of the bread basket of
America are to be preserved within the Nuclear Safe Zone because
these will be needed after the war both to keep supporting the
Soviet Union, an artificial state which cannot support itself,
and as the base for reorganized industry in the planned "NEW
STATES OF AMERICA" under complete totalitarian Corporate
Socialism.  These resources they want to protect; it is only
excess human lives that they mainly want to get rid of in order
to strengthen their control over those who are left.

   In this nuclear attack, according to Intelligence sources, the
Soviet Union now has the option of using what are called "clean"
hydrogen warheads.  Most hydrogen bombs are triggered by atomic
bombs, and this atom bomb trigger is where most of the
radioactive fallout comes from.  But the Soviets, with huge
amounts of aid, have now perfected the technology to set up a
hydrogen warhead in another way; and by setting off such a
warhead above a city, instead of right on the ground, it is
possible to destroy all life in the attack zone and yet produce
very little radioactive fallout to drift downward.  Such warfare
can therefore be used to cut the population of the United States
in half yet leave the vast natural resources of America largely
intact, ready for further exploitation.

   The lives of many of those living in the southern half of the
United States are scheduled to be sacrificed on the altar of
Rockefeller control if these hideous, inhuman plans are allowed
to be carried out.  Tens of millions of our lives are considered
by them to be expendable.  There are no Civil Defense
preparations for us like those in the Soviet Union; but where our
Rulers own lives are concerned, that is another matter.  A
network of 96 underground cities known as the Federal Relocation
Arc has been built to house thousands of key federal officials
when war arrives, keeping them safe and comfortable, immune to
the nuclear holocaust taking place all around them.

   And as I revealed last month, the four Rockefeller Brothers
and their intimate client followers have quietly prepared their
own hideaways inside the Nuclear Safe Zone in order to ride out
the coming war unharmed.  The middle of the Nuclear Safe Zone is
the 45th parallel, and almost at that exact latitude the
Rockefeller Brothers have their fortified hideaways all ready on
Mount Desert Island and Bartlett Island off the coast of Maine. 
What the Rockefeller Brothers do not realize is that they have
already been marked for a selective double cross by their Soviet
allies in the coming NUCLEAR WAR ONE.  The Rockefeller Brothers
have an instinct for conspiracy and especially for the
double-cross; but they are not the only ones who can play the
game and, according to Intelligence sources, the arrangements
that have been made for their double cross involve a kind of
poetic justice, gruesome though it is.

   There exists today a large and growing black market in
plutonium, which is the raw material for atomic bombs as well as
for the incredibly dangerous next generation of nuclear power
plants now on the drawing boards.  The Rockefeller Brothers
themselves, convinced that a plutonium energy economy is the wave
of the future, are the leaders in this growing plutonium black
market, just as they are in the rest of the nuclear field.  It is
therefore ironic that they themselves are now in a position to be
destroyed by means of plutonium.  At least one powerful atomic
bomb, made with plutonium, now has been planted at the small cove
known as Seal Harbor, Maine, strategically located to blast the
summer homes of both Nelson and David Rockefeller which are
located on opposite sides of Seal Harbor.  I have not been
informed as yet of any similar arrangements at David's new
fortifications on nearby Bartlett Island, but time may change
that because the Soviets intend to leave nothing to chance in
their double cross of the Rockefeller Brothers.

   For example, the Brothers may think they can escape anyway by
fleeing to their remote mountain-top fortress in Venezuela, which
is accessible only by air.  Rockefeller private aircraft are kept
on 24-hour call for just such an escape; but there, too, they are
in for a surprise.  It so happens that the Marxist Prime Minister
of neighboring Guyana, Forbes Burnham, who was put into power a
decade ago by David Rockefeller's CIA, is already double-crossing

   The gold produced by Guyana, which is what attracted David's
interest in the first place, is for the most part being stashed
away in caves, unreported to David.  For once the Rockefellers
are on the receiving end of a swindle through double-bookkeeping
process, and the nuclear missiles which ring the huge Temehri
Airfield in Guyana now include one target not planned by the
Rockefeller Brothers.  Not only are they targeted on the Panama
Canal, which is our new Pearl Harbor, and not only are they aimed
at cities in the southern half of the United States in readiness
for the planned war to come, but the Venezuelan retreat of the
Rockefellers is also targeted.

   The Soviets, who have yet to live up to any agreement they
have ever made, intend to break free of the Rockefeller grip on
them when the time is ripe.  After eliminating the Rockefeller
Brothers from the scene, the Soviets expect to step into full
control themselves using the Corporate Socialist managers, who
now work with the Rockefellers, to do their own bidding--just as
they found managers in Eastern Europe to do their bidding after
it was conquered.

   This, my friend, is where the Rockefeller conspiracy to
destroy economies, societies, and human lives is leading--to the
destruction of the Rockefeller Brothers themselves and the
destruction of our nation and our way of life in the
process--that is, my friend, if we sit idly by and allow it to

   Listen again to the things I urged you to do at the end of
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 12 last month.  It is essential that as
many Americans as possible be informed of the disaster now
threatening us and get behind the drive to stop it; but it will
take the actions of individuals like you, acting on your own
initiative, to make it happen.

   Our situation today is once again expressed by the words of
Thomas Paine who in December 1776 wrote in the crisis:

  "These are the times that try men's souls.  The summer soldier
and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the
service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the
love and thanks of man and woman.  Tyranny, like hell, is not
easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the
harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph..."

   Until next month, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 12

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

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This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC. (Current 1981
address: 1629 K St., NW, Washington, D.C.  20006)

   Hello everybody, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is May 26, 1976,
and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 12.

This issue completes the first year of the monthly AUDIO LETTER
series, and what a year it's been!

   In his Farewell speech as the first President of the United
States of America, George Washington warned:

  "In proportion as the structure of government gives force to
public opinion, it is essential that public opinion be

That is what my monthly AUDIO LETTER is all about.  Public
opinion is always wrong when it's based on false and incomplete
information, and that is exactly what is served up daily by the
Rockefeller-dominated major media under the guise of "news." 
Every month I try to help you cut through the exhausting flood of
Rockefeller propaganda in order to focus on more basic underlying

This month I want to pull together some of the most basic threads
that run through everything I've been telling you about.  After
hearing this issue, I strongly urge you to go back and review
what I have passed on to you in previous tapes--both my monthly
AUDIO LETTERS and the AUDIO BOOK talking tapes I have recorded;
and always keep in mind that it is physically impossible to
repeat everything from one month to the next to remind you of
everything that's going on.  Instead, every issue is devoted to
matters which I believe will remain relevant for a long period of
time.  Whenever plans are later changed in any drastic way, I try
to alert you to those changes.  Otherwise you may assume that
what I've told you in the past continues to have a bearing on
what is happening today.

   What I want to do today is to try to give you a peek into the
minds of the Four Rockefeller Brothers and their allies--in other
words, to show you what makes them tick.  By this, of course, I
do not mean a peep show or prying into their personal behavior
even though they themselves have launched such gutter level peep
shows lately without total regard for truth or good taste to
debunk the late President Kennedy, former President Nixon, former
Vice-President Agnew, among others; but I do think you have a
legitimate and pressing need to understand in the clearest terms
possible what they are trying to achieve, why they are trying to
achieve it, and how they exercise vast power to suit their own
purposes.  As an old saying goes,

        "Know your enemy."

   The entire program of the Four Rockefeller Brothers boils down
to one of conquest and enslavement by any and all means! 
Wherever possible, resistance to their schemes is reduced by
using techniques which are not understood by the general public,
and control of the major media through various "fronts" is used
to help guarantee this lack of public understanding.  But all of
their most powerful techniques involve a common denominator,
DESTRUCTION--economic destruction, physical destruction,
destruction of individual choice; and whenever it suits their
purposes, destruction of human life world-wide!

   My three topics today are:




Topic #1--In my home state of West Virginia, John D. Rockefeller
IV, also known as Jay Rockefeller, is breaking all records there
for campaign spending in his bid for the governorship.  He's
campaigning openly on the theme that he's too rich to steal, and
he won the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary by a landslide.  He
spent over $4,000,000 just to win the Primary!  Can you imagine? 
This is not to say that Jay would steal, but the fact that he can
actually campaign on the "Too rich to steal" theme is a vivid
illustration of what has been accomplished by three generations
of Rockefeller public relations aided and abetted by
ever-expanding Rockefeller domination of the major media.

   Jay's great-grandfather, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., was
America's first billionaire by the dawn of the 20th Century, but
he most emphatically was not viewed as too rich to steal. 
Rather, he was widely regarded as "too rich to trust" because the
source of his immense wealth lay in ruthless grasping and
destruction of competitors.  Through these methods, the huge
Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust had been built into a monster that
was depicted in political cartoons of that time as devouring
everything in sight.  No wonder.

   An honest United States Supreme Court not yet packed by the
Corporate Socialists, ruled in its 1911 Standard Oil Company
dissolution decree, and I quote:

  "For the safety of the Republic, we now decree that this
dangerous conspiracy must be ended by November 15, 1911."

   The Rockefellers, of course, paid no real heed to this legal
order to dissolve their monopoly.  For the sake of appearances
only, their infamous Standard Oil Trust was carved up into
several allegedly separate companies--but behind the scenes,
Rockefeller control was retained over all of them through the use
of nominees, banks, and tax-exempt Foundations which hold the
controlling interest in these companies for the benefit of the

   The Standard Oil decree of 1911 exemplified one very basic
fact--the incredible fortune amassed by John D. Rockefeller, Sr.,
was acquired by unjust, corrupt means.  It was, therefore,
susceptible to being erased if justice were allowed to take its
course.  This posed an ever present danger to the Rockefeller
fortune, to which the Rockefellers responded in two ways:

On one hand they launched the most elaborate sustained public
relations program the world has ever seen in order to create a
more favorable image in the public eye.  The centerpiece of this
campaign was, and still is, so-called "philanthropy" through an
ever-growing complex of tax-exempt Foundations.  These were sold
to the public as "something for nothing" devices, thoughtfully
set up by the Rockefellers to help them 'give away' their money
for the 'public good' without the slightest thought of benefit to

The other side to the Rockefeller program was to continue the
actual expansion of their monopolistic empire to ever grander
proportions, using these very Foundations to cover and hide their
control and to escape taxation; monopoly in business with the
same motivation as before, greed.  Soon this expanded into
monopoly in labor by bringing into their camp more and more of
the most important Labor leaders--they were housebroken.  And
monopolistic control of money itself through their
unConstitutional private central banking system--the Federal
Reserve System!

   To protect their economic monopolism from being tripped up by
law and justice, Rockefeller efforts spilled over more and more
into control of politics, of our Judicial system, and of

   Soon after the troublesome Supreme Court decree of 1911,
Woodrow Wilson became President--the first president to be a
complete Rockefeller puppet!  And in 1930, the Supreme Court
acquired a new Chief Justice, direct from the Rockefeller
Standard Oil stables--Charles Evans Hughes.  This began the
gradual packing of the Supreme Court, which later reached
scandalous proportions under Rockefeller puppet President
Franklin D. Roosevelt.

   Key factors in the successful advancement of Rockefeller
monopolism and the resulting destructive effects on American life
were none other than the very Foundations which were hailed in
Rockefeller public relations propaganda as "philanthropies."

   In 1917 Senator Chamberlain of Oregon warned on the floor of

  "The Carnegie-Rockefeller influence is bad.  In two generations
they can change the minds of the people to make them conform to
the cult of Rockefeller or the cult of Carnegie, rather than the
fundamental principles of American democracy."

Truer words were never spoken; and even as Senator Chamberlain
made these remarks, Rockefeller termites were busily at work on
Congress too, eating away the true representation of the people
and leaving nothing but the weak, hollow shell we have today!

   By means of World War II the Rockefellers acquired an economic
weapon which enabled them to make a giant leap forward,
outdistancing all of their rivals both here in America and around
the world.  That weapon was their control of Saudi Arabian oil,
whose surrender by Britain to the Rockefellers was the price of
America's entry into World War II.

   The Saudi fields were then developed by G.I. labor at
practically no expense to the Rockefellers, who then obtained the
oil for 30 years, up until two years ago, at just five cents (5)
a barrel!  Using the tremendous windfall profits that
resulted--hundreds of billions of dollars--the Four Rockefeller
Brothers, operating through various fronts here and abroad, were
able to buy up the industrial base not only of America but of
Europe, Japan, Latin America, and elsewhere.  Soon thereafter,
global corporations under Rockefeller control posed an
unprecedented economic challenge to the very sovereignty of
nation after nation.

   Today, after three generations of relentless striving, the
Rockefeller empire controlled by the Four Rockefeller
Brothers--David, Nelson, Laurance, and John D. III--is on the
threshold of total monopoly here in America if they can implement
their dictatorial "NEW STATES OF AMERICA CONSTITUTION."  But you
may ask: "What does total monopoly really mean?  How would it
affect me?"  In a total monopoly, my friend, you would be
surrounded, boxed in.  You would be a complete slave!  And to the
extent that partial monopoly already exists, you are a half-slave

   This brings me back full circle to West Virginia once again. 
There on a localized scale, you could have seen total monopoly in
action not long ago.  I've seen it with my own eyes; and I have
to tell you, my friends, it was not a pretty sight.  I have seen
it over and over again all around my home state--miners working
long, hard days in dangerous mines for low wages which were not
even paid to them in currency but in tokens called "scrip."  The
miners and their families lived in houses owned by the coal
company, paying their rent in scrip--houses which often would not
have been accepted as meeting minimum standards anywhere else! 
For all the necessities of life, the miner and his family had to
go to the company's store, the only place where scrip could be

   Years ago I knew a high official of a large railroad which
owned coal fields in West Virginia.  One day he tried to bring to
the attention of the Directors of a large financial institution
in Cleveland, Ohio, which controlled the railroad, that prices in
the coal company stores were inhumanly high and kept the miners
perpetually in debt to the company store.  He said: "Why not pay
the miners a living wage and reduce prices to a fair level in the
company stores?"  At this, the Directors shouted: "Socialism,
Communism"; and within a few months they forced him into early
retirement.  Far from being a Communist or a Socialist, my friend
was simply a Christian with a sincere concern about the working
and living conditions of the miners.  But the bank itself was
controlled at the top by the Rockefeller interests, who are in
league with the Soviet Union, which is run by nothing but a bunch
of Communists.  What irony!

   The same sort of thing is all around us today.  The
Rockefeller Brothers always make sure that they have plenty of
spokesmen giving a lie that they 'support the free enterprise
system'--when actually they are monopolists through and through.
They are Corporate Socialists, just as their counterparts under
the Soviet system are State Socialists.

   The goal of the Rockefeller Brothers for the United States is
that our entire nation be brought under their total monopoly so
that we can all be exploited, as were the coal miners.  Living in
company-owned housing, buying the necessities of life at
outlandish prices from the company store, paid in scrip which
could not be redeemed elsewhere, and deprived of educational or
other opportunities to break the vicious cycle they were in, the
miners were economic slaves!

   Living a life of hard, dangerous work, they fought an
ever-losing battle against mounting debts to their slave
masters--the coal companies.  They were not merely employed, they
were consumed!  They were disabled by occupational hazards like
Black Lung and on-the-job injuries.  They left destitute widows
and children without pensions.  A miner did not last
indefinitely, but the company didn't worry too much when he fell
by the wayside.  Generally he would be replaced without any
difficulty by his or another miner's son growing up, caught in
the same economic spider web.  And if the Rockefeller Brothers
get their way, we will all end up as their slaves, just like
those miners in the coal fields then.

Topic #2--We Americans today are becoming more and more like the
enslaved coal miners of yesterday.  We carry out our financial
transactions in scrip instead of in real money.  The scrip we use
called "Federal Reserve Notes" is denominated in dollars but it's
not redeemable by your Government for gold, silver, or anything
else; nor is it backed up by gold, silver, or anything else
except the assurance of a corrupt government that we should think
of it as if it were money.  As I know from personal experience,
even the Blacks in the bush in Africa know that if the government
is corrupt, the money is corrupt; but most Americans have been
educated out of understanding that and are therefore learning the
hard way now.

   The scrip that used to be paid to the West Virginia miners was
not issued by the Government but by their private, employers, the
coal companies; and in America today our scrip is not issued by
the Government but by the Federal Reserve System owned and
controlled privately by the very same Rockefeller-dominated
corporations and financial institutions which increasingly
control your job, directly or indirectly, and from whom you must
buy most of what you need.  So our monetary situation in America
today increasingly resembles that of the coal-mining districts of

   We hear a lot about the money supply and the "balance of
international payments"; but as I explained three years ago in my
book THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR, these things no longer
really matter under the monopolistic control of the Rockefellers. 
Inflation is produced now not by money supply but as a result of
the combined impact of Big Business, Big Labor, and Big
Government compared with the real ability of the economy to
produce now that our gold reserves have been stolen!  And the
"balance of payments" has been rendered obsolete by the
Rockefeller multinational corporations which can make the figures
look any way they want simply by trading back and forth among
themselves across national boundaries.

As I also pointed out in my book, the alleged "Balance of
Payments Deficit" was used throughout the 1960's as a smoke
screen, a cover, to justify the hemorrhaging of America's gold
reserves out of the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox and our other
Depositories and sending it overseas.  Now that this has been
completed, however, and the Rockefeller Brothers have cornered
our nation's gold, the Government has just announced that now it
considers overall balance of payments figures to be obsolete and
will stop publishing them.

   The United States dollar has been reduced to the status of
pseudo money, scrip--and it's going "for broke."  We're coming
closer and closer to the day when the Federal Reserve scrip we
use today, which is disguised for psychological reasons to
resemble our real money of the past, will be replaced in a
reverse split of perhaps 100 to 1 by the "red-backs" now stored
in the mountain vault at Culpeper, Virginia, and other
underground vaults.

   Like the coal miners' scrip, the red-backed dollars will not
be convertible to other currency--they will serve only for
domestic transactions as we work as slaves for the Rockefeller
Corporate State and spend our red-backed scrip at various
branches of the nation-wide Rockefeller company store embracing
everything from housing to groceries.  The Rockefeller brothers
want to eliminate your independence and to make you dependent
upon them as a slave.  That is why they want to control money
itself as well as the means of production, distribution, and
supply of everything that money can buy.

   I can now reveal that if you have gold their plan now does not
call for it to be confiscated, but that it is because unlike the
situation in 1933, so very few people now have any gold that the
Rockefeller Brothers do not plan to bother with it since they
have already cornered the United States' monetary gold supply.

   We are to be left holding worthless paper money as the fruit
of our labors, while the Rockefeller Brothers themselves hold our
gold as the fruit of their crimes.  They plan to make another
great leap forward in their own wealth and power by turning our
entire nation into one big slave-labor camp for them to exploit
at will by destroying the economy we presently have, which does
not yet give them total control.

Topic #3--In monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 7 December 1975 I revealed
that the Canadian Government has decided to strike out alone,
instead of being led down the road to Rockefeller domination; and
now Canada is trying to defend itself against political and
economic war being waged against it by the Rockefeller Brothers. 
It may come as a surprise to some people but the Canadian
Government, unlike that of the United States, is currently trying
to act in the best interests of its own citizens.  For that
reason I seldom go into much detail about what the Canadian
Government is doing because I do not want to upset its efforts to
save itself.

   In a television interview in Ottawa on May 11, 1976, David
Rockefeller said to his Canadian audience, quote: "You face a
dilemma.  Are you more anxious to be completely independent?  OR
do you want to see your resources developed faster with the aid
of others?"  He added that Canadians must choose between greater
economic independence or increased prosperity.  His statements
reflect the intensifying economic pressure being applied to
Canada by the Rockefeller interests.  For example, they are now
backing out of major commitments to develop Canadian oil
reserves.  This led a few weeks ago to a bombshell announcement
by the Canadian Government that contrary to all past projections,
Canada will not be energy self-sufficient in the coming years
after all.  Meanwhile, the Canadian Government has struck back by
turning down for the moment at least a fleet of Orion military
aircraft built by the Rockefellers' Lockheed Aircraft Company.

   Whether it be individuals, companies, or nations, competitors
are always regarded by the Four Rockefeller Brothers as a threat
to be absorbed or eliminated.  Where there is competition and
diversity, there is always the chance no matter how small that
they might somehow lose their position of supremacy.  Losing
that, they reason, they might some day be exposed and brought to
justice--and that could mean losing everything because their
entire mode of operation is one of corruption, hidden
manipulation, and flaunting of the laws that they impose on us
peasants, as they call us privately.  So through a combination of
greed and an ever-haunting concern for security, there arises an
insatiable lust for power.  And because evil practices confer
vast worldly power, this leads to a conscious embrace of these
practices that amounts to the worship of evil.

   Early in the 20th Century the Rockefellers of that day joined
certain others who shared an identity of interest in such things
to form a commitment to create a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT.  This is
what Nelson Rockefeller means today when he refers to "an open
world"--no borders, no North and South Vietnam, no East and West
Germany, no Virginia and West Virginia, and no taxes for his
global corporations--just one stupendous world government, the
most awesome dictatorship of all time with himself as World
President.  To direct and coordinate the entire program under the
One-World commitment established two generations ago, the
Rockefellers set up powerful tax-exempt Foundations and used
public relations to give them the halo of philanthropy!

The first stage in this commitment, as I reported to you last
month, was to embark on the deliberate use of war to so alter
national life in the directions they desired.

   The second stage, which followed very quickly, was the forging
of a covert partnership between the Rulers of the United States
and those of the Soviet Union whose Communist system was put into
power by the same group of people.  The wealth and know-how of
the Western world, especially the United States of America, would
be drained off to strengthen their ally, the Soviet Union,
leading to the forced collapse of the United States!

This would mark the dawning of the third stage--One-World
Government under a partnership between the Soviet Union and an
America reorganized on the pattern of the Soviet system.

   To bring these things to pass, powerful forces were unleashed
over 50 years ago--corrupt, dishonest forces.  In 1920, for
example, the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations arranged
through the Guggenheim Foundation to establish scholarships to
begin the re-writing of American history to create doubt about
the principles laid down by our Founding Fathers.  Carefully
selected candidates were sent to certain universities in England
for indoctrination, after which they were brought back and placed
in strategic educational positions at the University of Chicago
and sprinkled through other important institutions of higher
learning.  Through their positions of leadership, they would
ultimately influence United States history teaching throughout
America.  The objective of this commitment was to bring on
"collectivism" through the downgrading of the individual and the
upgrading of the elitist group that planned to rule the
collectivist world.  At the same time propaganda through
entertainment, educational, and news media was to be designed to
render people incapable of believing the truth about what was
happening by making conspiracy theories of all types look
ridiculous, too silly to be taken seriously.

   In the more than half century since this One World commitment
was formed, the Trustees of the Rockefeller-controlled
Foundations have moved the One-World Program very far indeed; but
the forces they unleashed are now running out of control!  They
have opened Pandora's box and now they are beginning to see that
they, too, are being swept along by the very same forces that
they themselves have set in motion.  More and more of the
Trustees of the Rockefeller-controlled Foundations now believe
that the commitment for a One-World Government, as originally
conceived, has jumped the tracks; and now they see the specter of
a horrible end coming into sight just a little further down the
road--a double cross by the artificially strong Soviet Union with
the Soviets picking up all the chips for themselves.

   But the mounting fear of the Trustees still is not shared by
the Rockefeller Brothers themselves.  Loyal, patriotic members of
the United States Intelligence Community inform me they are
grinding their teeth in frustration because the efforts of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff to upgrade American defenses against the
very real Soviet threat are being vetoed at every turn by Nelson
Rockefeller through Henry Kissinger!

   The Rockefeller Brothers firmly believe that war is coming,
and soon; but even now they still believe the Soviets will abide
by their secret agreement for a completely programmed war when
that phase of World War III, or NUCLEAR WAR ONE, is reached which
calls for nuclear warfare on American soil!  David Rockefeller
and his affluent intimates still think they hold the upper hand
with the Kremlin bosses through various devices.  For example,
there are several casks of radioactive Plutonium-239 superpoison
stored by the CIA on the fourth floor of the central building of
the United States Embassy in Moscow.  These were taken there in
1971 from the Fort Knox Bullion Depository by the CIA to be
maintained as a blackmail threat against any tricks by the
Soviets.  Like those which remained in the Fort Knox Bullion
Depository, they began leaking long ago and are responsible for
the leukemia now suffered by Ambassador Stophil and others in the
Embassy.  This is the truth behind the cover stories you saw
recently alleging that health problems in the American Embassy in
Moscow were being caused by Soviet microwave radiation.

   But why expect the Government to worry about a few mere
employees at our Embassy in Moscow?  Exactly the same kind of
radioactive superpoison has for months been spreading through
underground streams from Fort Knox into the southeastern United
States!  One of the most immediate threats from the CIA
superpoison is an underground concentration centering on
Chattanooga, Tennessee.  This hot spot extends 23 miles west, 25
miles south, 42 miles east and northward toward the source, which
is Fort Knox, Kentucky.  The water supply for over a quarter of a
million Americans is threatened, yet the federal government still
refuses to tell the truth about this deadly threat.

   David and his brothers still believe also that the Soviet need
for trade with their global corporations will keep the Soviets in
line, adhering to their secret commitments--but how wrong they

   To get ready for the war, David Rockefeller has just built a
new fortified family hideaway on Bartlett Island, adjacent to Mt.
Desert Island off the coast of Maine where other Rockefeller
strongholds are now in existence complete with bombproof
shelters.  The latitude of Bartlett Island is 44 degrees 22
minutes North, almost the exact center of the supersecret NUCLEAR
SAFE ZONE which has been established for the Rockefellers and
their affluent intimates in America during the coming war.  This
zone is a band across roughly the upper half of the United States
and including the lowest portions of Canada.  It extends from 40
degrees to the South to 50 degrees on the North, and the center
is 45 degrees--almost the exact latitude of the Rockefeller
compounds off the coast of Maine.  That, in fact, is why 45
degrees was chosen as the center of the Nuclear Safe Zone. 
Members of the Rockefeller inner circle who are "in the know"
about all this, have been buying real estate in Oregon, Idaho,
Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas, as some of you may have
noticed who live in those states.  Now you know why.  Now you
also know the real reason why our anti-ballistic missile
installations which were located within the Nuclear Safe Zone
were dismantled last year.  The upper half of the United States
is to be a virtual de-militarized zone except for some military
installations which have been around too long to deactivate
without arousing suspicion, but they would not be used against
the Soviet Union in NUCLEAR WAR ONE by the United States.

   Just look at a map of the United States, my friends.  Look at
the enormous nuclear disaster that is in store for us if the
Rockefeller Brothers and their Soviet allies are allowed to carry
out their insane plans for total conquest.  Alaska, which lies
above the Nuclear Safe Zone, is scheduled to have its now
uncompleted oil pipeline blasted out of existence.  Hawaii, below
the Nuclear Safe Zone, is scheduled to be hit to knock out the
naval installations there.  But our real Pearl Harbor this time
is to be the Panama Canal, as I revealed 19 months ago in my

   As for the continental United States--California, Nevada,
Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and all states south of them
are immediate candidates for nuclear attack even if there is no
Soviet double cross of the Rockefeller Brothers.  As I first
warned on radio in June 1974, not only the Panama Canal but
American cities are already targeted by nuclear missiles in the
Republic of Guyana next to Venezuela, ready to strike from the
south where we are weakest.

   Americans really cannot believe the terrifying possibility of
nuclear war, feeling that neither the Soviet Union nor the United
States would risk its own destruction; but the Soviet Union,
spending over a billion dollars a year on massive Civil Defense
preparations, is ready to survive NUCLEAR WAR ONE, unlike
ourselves; and the Rockefeller Brothers and their intimates are
ready to survive it, too, with their fortified hideaways in the
Nuclear Safe Zone.  But for the rest of us, my friends, the only
war preparations are the mass burial sites which are now being
quietly set aside without explanation, such as the 80-acre site
in Wood County, Wisconsin!

   My friends, this IS WAR; and you, your loved ones, and
everything you hold dear are the targets.  We are being attacked
without mercy, and the weapons being used against us are the
CHANCE--not with the power of evil, however, but with the power
of truth, which I still believe is more powerful than the most
evil plans men can devise.

   Here is what we must do now:

First: We must stop the insane plans for America's destruction in
NUCLEAR WAR ONE, which I am convinced will be even worse if it is
allowed to take place than the Rockefeller Brothers planned
because of certain Soviet double cross.

   All aid and trade with the Soviet Union must be cut off, and
the Joint Chiefs of Staff must be freed to take the proper
measures to protect our country against the Soviet Union. 
There's no time to be lost.

   Every Governor, every Senator, every Congressman, every State
Legislator, and every Mayor in the states including or below the
40th Parallel plus Alaska and Hawaii, has an immediate duty and
responsibility for the lives of the citizens they represent. 
That duty is to demand that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
publicly reveal the secret war plan agreements with the Soviet
Union which established the Nuclear Safe Zone I have described. 
These agreements are now in the possession of the Four
Rockefeller Brothers in their hideaways on Mt. Desert Island and
adjacent Bartlett Island off the coast of Maine.  Every single
one of the officials I have described must be alerted to this
plan and, if need be, forced by public pressure to demand this
public accounting from Kissinger.  Any official who refuses to
pursue this life-and-death duty once alerted and pursue it
vigorously will be knowingly jeopardizing the very life of every
man, woman, and child he has taken an oath to protect.

   Second: We must block the program of the Four Rockefeller
Brothers to eliminate our beloved free CONSTITUTION and replace
it with their own dictatorial "New States of America

   The same officials I have just mentioned, but for all 50
States, must be alerted to this plan and must be pushed by public
pressure into action.  Have no illusions, my friends, neither
Congress nor most of the other officials I have mentioned will do
anything whatsoever about either of these things on their own. 
With rare exceptions, they respond only to pressure and usually
that pressure comes only from powerful special interests--which
these days usually means the Four Rockefeller Brothers and their
total lackeys.  But, if they are alerted to these terrible
dangers and are kept under constant unrelenting public scrutiny
and pressure, I believe Congress as well as the other officials
can be mobilized on both of these particular matters--the WAR and
the CONSTITUTION--to do what must be done to save our country,
because this time their own survival is at stake as well as ours!

   What you must do in this terrible situation is something that
does not come easily to most of us.  You must get off the
sidelines and into the fight.  You must speak out about what you
know even though many may not yet believe you.  You must search
out others who share your concerns once alerted to our common
danger and who will join with you to take action under our
Constitution to prevent disaster; and you must get your
priorities straight.

   This situation is not a Liberal, Conservative, Black, White,
Jew or Gentile, Democrat or Republican issue.  It's a matter of
survival, literally life and death; and survival as well as of
the system which allows all these individual differences among us
to continue to coexist.  You must join with others in your area
even if it is only one or two at first, and figure out what your
particular group can do to bring the pressure for action I have
just described.

   Do you have an independent newspaper in your area whose editor
will listen to the truth and perhaps follow up on it with his own
investigation and editorials?  Is one or more of you a member of
a lodge where you could bring up these matters and generate
support for action?  Can you rent or borrow space in a church or
school to hold public meetings where more people can be informed
through tapes or other means?

   Take stock of your own resources whatever they are and use
them, and don't ignore your financial resources be they large or
small.  Would you rather use a portion of your worldly goods in
order to preserve an entire way of life?  Or would you rather sit
back and let it evaporate uselessly through Rockefeller-induced
inflation and the searing heat of nuclear warfare?

   Remember: YOU count.

   The Rockefeller Brothers and their affluent intimates are
powerful, but their power is exercised through the willing minds
and hands of millions of others who for the most part do not even
know that is what they are doing.

   You and I are not confronted by a whole nation of enemies but
just a very few individuals who have learned how to push and
maneuver others into doing their bidding; so if you feel
outnumbered, don't.  As far as our real enemies are concerned
(those at the top), we now outnumber them, so what in the world
is the sense in letting them enslave us?

   My friends, I have told you what I think we must focus on, and
fast!  In December 1975 I also recorded AUDIO BOOK No. 6, "WHAT
WE CAN DO TO SAVE AMERICA", to give you some thought-starters;
and I know that some of you are pursuing suggestions I made then. 
But beyond that, I believe you must use your own initiative to
see how to put things together to work your way, working with
others in your area.

   Under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution,
you are guaranteed the right of peaceable assembly for a reason. 
Use it.  You are also guaranteed the right to petition government
for the redress of grievances.  Use it.  And keep in mind always
that under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments it is to us, the people
of the United States of America, that the ultimate power of our
government is reserved.  USE it, or very soon you will LOSE it!

   My friends, the time has come in your life when your future
depends on your willingness to face up to reality, and to act.  I
understand your attachment to things you have worked so long and
so hard to acquire and achieve.  And, yes, there is a risk
involved in doing as I am urging you to do--a risk of being
ridiculed by some, a risk of losing money, and even a risk of
failure; but the element of risk is now reversed from what we
usually think.  The real risk now lies in NOT taking action
because if you don't take whatever action you can, you risk
letting the Rockefeller Brothers succeed in their insane
plans--and thereby losing everything!

   As I begin the second year of the monthly AUDIO LETTER series
next month, God willing, I plan to keep on providing you with the
information you need in order to do your part to save yourself,
your loved ones, and our NATION.

   Will those who have exercised vast power through covert means
on behalf of the Rockefeller Brothers continue now to throw in
their lot with their masters now that they see at last where this
is leading?  Or will they choose to begin making amends for the
evil forces they have unleashed against us, the people who are
the United States of America?

   Never before in the history of our United States has this
phenomenon occurred that one family controls the destiny of this
country, and whatever happens I consider myself honored to be
placed in the position that I am now in to join with you in the
fight to move our great country forward once again on the path
laid out by our Founding Fathers.

   Until next month, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 11

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


   This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC.  (Current 1981
address: 1629 K St., NW, Washington, D.C.  20006)

   Hello, everybody, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is April 24, 1976,
and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 11.

   This year of 1976 is of course our Bicentennial, the 200th
anniversary of the founding of our beloved country.  It should be
a time for reflection on our hard-won unique heritage and for
thankful celebration of it.  At the same time, it is only fitting
that we also look ahead and give some thought to our future
destiny and that of our trusting children.  But on all sides we
Americans are being bombarded with propaganda enticing us to
focus only on the future without bearing in mind the lessons of
the past.  Bicentennial programs and articles dealing with our
nation's early days keep the spotlight narrowly focused on the
Revolution itself most of the time instead of on the wonderful
free Republic that was the product of that Revolution.  This is
no accident.  It is intended to gradually make us more revolution
minded in order to make the so-called "Second American
Revolution" being promoted by John D. Rockefeller III seem more
and more acceptable to us.

   The wise first President of our Republic, George Washington,
left us with advice in his "Farewell Address" that was so
forward-looking that it is still valuable today, and time after
time he referred to experience as, quote: "the surest standard"
by which to judge existing and planned governmental measures. 
This stands in stark contrast to the approach that is preached
regularly by the man who wants to preside over the end of our
free Republic, Nelson Rockefeller.  He keeps saying, quote:
"Forget the past and let's look to the future."

   To what sort of future does Nelson Rockefeller ask us to look
if it has nothing to do with our past?  It is the future that was
spelled out as early as 1924 by the father of Nelson and his
brothers, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., in a talk to a group of
students.  John Jr. was quoted by his attorney, agent, and
biographer Raymond B. Fosdick as saying on that occasion, and I

  "We are standing tonight on the mountain top with the world
spread out at our feet--your country, your country, my country,
all of us--so it may come to pass that some day, some day the
people of all nations will stand on the mountain top together and
no one will speak of 'my country' but we will speak of 'our

So, my friends, the real question of America's destiny that now
confronts us is one which has been forced upon us by the Four
Rockefeller Brothers--David, Nelson, Laurance, and John D.
III--pursuing this objective spelled out by their father.  It is
essentially the same question that faced President Abraham
Lincoln just over a century ago: whether or not the United States
of America was to be destroyed.  The threat then was one of
destruction by dismemberment and fragmentation, and it was met by
the use of federal powers to maintain the Union.  The threat
today lies at the opposite extreme of overcentralization of
power, and it can be met only by reasserting individual and State
powers and rights under the CONSTITUTION.

   To explore the radical change of direction in America's
destiny that is being plotted and manipulated by the Four
Rockefeller Brothers and their allies, I want to talk about the
following three topics today:




Topic #1--One of the strangest and most sensational kidnap
episodes in history began on February 4, 1974, when a young lady
named Patricia Hearst was kidnapped from her apartment in
Berkeley, California.  Her kidnappers soon identified themselves
as a radical group called the Symbionese Liberation Army, or SLA. 
Thus began a nightmare of impossible demands, tape recordings,
merciless publicity, shoot-outs and unrelenting pressure behind
the scenes for Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Hearst.

   On April 3, 1974, a tape recording announced a "new twist"
that Patty Hearst had joined the SLA under the new name Tania,
and a few days later Tania helped rob a bank as if to prove what
she said.  Just for good measure, a few days after that Tania was
seen spraying bullets from an automatic rifle to cover SLA member
William Harris as he left a store where he had allegedly been

   Soon the SLA was all but wiped out in the spectacular
shoot-out in Los Angeles, but somehow Tania just happened to be
elsewhere watching it all on television.  Tania had escaped, and
for more than 16 months in spite of an alleged manhunt
nation-wide by the FBI, she and her SLA companions William and
Emily Harris reportedly continued to evade capture.  But finally
on September 18, 1975, the manhunt suddenly ended as abruptly as
it began.  Tania and the Harrises were found right in San
Francisco, no less, where it all began, and the trio were quickly
rounded up without much fuss.

   I mentioned briefly in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 7 that the SLA
was a CIA operation, and that its purpose, in which it was
successful, was to bring about a Rockefeller take-over of the
huge Hearst empire.  But now I believe the time has come to tell
you more, for two reasons: First, I fear for the life of Tania,
the impersonator of Patty Hearst who is currently in custody; and
second, I am now convinced that Mr. and Mrs. Hearst, Patty's
parents, do not know that the girl captured last September is an

   Until very recently there were indications that they knew this
but were keeping their silence about it to protect the rest of
their family.  For that reason I have refrained from discussing
the details of the Patty Hearst case other than to tell you about
the Rockefeller take-over of their holdings.  The Hearsts of all
people have good reason to fear additional CIA-engineered
reprisals against them and I would never want to usurp their
personal prerogatives; but I have at last obtained evidence which
convinces me beyond question that Mr. and Mrs. Hearst are still
in the dark.  And it is for their sake and for the sake of the
life of the girl whoever she is, that I am about to reveal the
truth in the Patty Hearst case, for I truly believe that the
truth even when it is unpleasant, is always to be preferred over
lies no matter how pleasant or convenient; and only the truth can
provide the basis for justice to be done.

   The Hearst newspaper chain first incurred the wrath of the
Rockefeller Brothers three decades ago when they led the campaign
to expose major abuses spawned by the Rockefellers.  For example,
it was the Hearst chain that publicized secret Congressional
testimony showing that America's atomic secrets were handed over
to the Soviets--not stolen by them--even before our first atomic
bomb was finished; and that the Rockefellers were directly
involved in this.  This was very easy for the Rockefellers, by
the way.  The world's first controlled nuclear reaction was
achieved at their own University of Chicago late in 1942; and the
Manhattan Project worked outward from there.  Even this name
"Manhattan" for the atomic bomb project was chosen as a subtle
acknowledgment of the real bosses of both atomic energy and the
nation's power centers in Manhattan, the Rockefellers.

   The Rockefeller interests launched savage counterattacks on
the Hearst empire, using financial and other means to force many
of the Hearst newspapers out of business, just as they are
presently strangling the Star here in Washington by means of an
advertising boycott.  But the Rockefeller Brothers never forget,
and their ultimate goal was to eventually take over complete
control of those portions of the Hearst business complex that
managed to survive the initial Rockefeller counterattacks.  Patty
Hearst was the pawn they used in order to do so.

   The first tapes after Patty was captured were full of fear and
urgency, and relayed crushing demands to her parents as
conditions for her release.  Mr. Hearst was coerced into
incredible outpouring of his resources in a giveaway program only
to have the demands from the SLA keep rising until they became
unreachable.  Then, after a period of silence, came the first
Tania tape claiming that Patty was disgusted with her parents and
was joining her captors.  But, my friends, the real Patty Hearst
was no longer alive by that time.  On February 28, 1974, just 24
days after her abduction, Patty was drowned in a bathtub by three
SLA men against whom I am told Patty put up a tremendous fight. 
Afterward cremation was used to prevent any chance that her body
might be discovered and identified.  This is common practice in
covert CIA executions, by the way and I am reliably informed that
this was also Jimmy Hoffa's fate after his abduction late in July
1975, which I discussed in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 3.

   The rest of the charade up until the capture last September of
Tania, the impostor who is alleged to be Patty Hearst, had just
one purpose--to maintain unmerciful pressures on the Hearsts in
order to crack their control of the Hearst interests.  And the
prime pressure point in this campaign was Tania herself who was
used in order to convince the Hearsts that their daughter Patty
was still alive.

   Any loving parents in the position of Mr. and Mrs. Hearst
would cling desperately to the hope of having their child
returned to them, and the Hearsts are no exception.  So long as
she was not captured there would be no chance for the Hearsts to
discover Tania was an impostor; and by allegedly being spotted
from time to time, the assurance was maintained that she was
still alive.  Thus in the best Rockefeller-CIA traditions, Mr.
and Mrs. Hearst were tricked into believing that they were
bargaining for the life and for the return of their daughter
Patty even after she had actually been murdered.

   This deception continued for nearly a year and a half until at
last the CIA achieved by way of the SLA what the Rockefellers had
sought all along--a transfer of the control of the far-flung
Hearst interests to the Rockefeller Brothers.  As soon as the
arrangements were made for this transfer of control, the bargain
was for Tania (alias Patty) to surface, and surface she did. 
This was a simple matter since the FBI had known even before
Patty's kidnapping that her abduction was planned, and was aware
of her whereabouts and that of Tania, Patty's impersonator
throughout the so-called manhunt of 19 months duration.

   The Hearsts gave up practically everything in a deal to get
their Patty back; and the last most critical part of the SLA
operation was to convince them that they had gotten what they had
bargained for--namely, their daughter Patty.  Tania, therefore,
had to be captured and convince the Hearsts that she is their
daughter Patty; and the psychological profiling techniques which
were so useful in Watergating Richard Nixon and his aides out of
the White House were also used on the Hearsts in order to
minimize the risk that they would see Tania as a fraud.

   The Patty Hearst-Tania manhunt was dragged out over 19 months,
and during that entire time the Hearsts were subjected to cruel
psychological pressures of all kinds for the purpose of damaging
their capacity to perceive anything from a normal perspective. 
During most of that time the Tania charade was utilized to get
them gradually accustomed to the idea that if they ever did see
Patty again she would be drastically changed by her ordeal and
therefore not like they remembered her.  And Tania, for her part,
was herself schooled and psychologically programmed in order to
be as convincing as possible in brief encounters with the Hearsts
after her alleged capture.

   Even in spite of all this, the whole elaborate trick almost
broke down when Mr. and Mrs. Hearst first got to see their
alleged daughter after her capture.  She was even more different
than they had imagined, and afterward Mrs. Hearst sadly said to
the press, quote: "That girl just isn't our Patty."  She
apparently meant it in a figurative sense, but her words
unconsciously expressed the literal truth.  But the natural
deep-seated wish to believe that Tania is Patty apparently won
out, reinforced by all the inhuman pressures which even now still
rest heavily on the Hearsts.  For the moment the Rockefeller
Brothers have won their gamble, they have fooled the Hearsts.

   Now there remains just one more detail to be attended to--the
girl herself, Tania, the girl who is alleged to be Patty.  She
has now completely served her purpose and it is her turn to be
double-crossed.  The one thing the Rockefeller-CIA agents cannot
permit to happen is for Tania to be released and have extended
contact with Mr. and Mrs. Hearst.  It is one thing for Tania to
hoodwink the Hearsts into believing she is Patty during brief
encounters under tense unnatural conditions in unfamiliar
surroundings and against a two-year backdrop of nightmarish
events.  But it would be quite another matter for Tania to return
home with the Hearsts and continue to convince them she is their
daughter during the course of an ongoing relationship in what
should be familiar surroundings.  The Hearsts would without any
doubt soon see that something was terribly wrong about the girl
who is supposed to be Patty Hearst, and that, my friends, is why
I fear for the life of this girl who has called herself Tania in
the past.  She cannot be allowed to go free; and now that her job
is finished as far as the Rockefeller Brothers and the CIA are
concerned, she has become a liability for them.  If she is very
fortunate she may just be locked up out of sight and the key
thrown away; but I fear for her life because if she is silenced,
the deception of the Hearsts will have been sealed permanently
and any chance that she herself might some day blurt out the
truth will be ended as well.  If this happens, Tania will have
gone the way of Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, and many others
before her.

   The Patty Hearst case is a tragic example of the way in which
individuals are seen as nothing more than pawns to be pushed
around on the chessboard of power by the Rockefeller Brothers and
their helpers.  But you do not have to be a Hearst, or a Nixon,
or a Hoffa to become a Rockefeller CIA pawn.

   I revealed in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 5 for October 1975
that electronic psychological programming techniques are being
used by the CIA to program people like human robots to do all
kinds of things they normally would not do.  There is now a
rising demand by the CIA for people who can be made to run
involuntary errands for them this way, busy as they are with
bombings, terrorism and other projects to warp America's
Bicentennial to Rockefeller purposes.  But people vary
considerably in their receptiveness to such programming, and a
catalog of highly receptive individuals is therefore of great
interest to the CIA.  Therefore the CIA has secretly aided in the
establishment of a chain of centers which offer to help you quit
smoking, lose weight, or stop drinking almost overnight.

   What they use are psychological conditioning techniques which
are related to the very much more advanced techniques used by the
CIA; and if you go to such a center and your therapy reveals a
very high susceptibility rating, your name, with or without the
knowledge of the particular center you visit, will end up in a
special CIA file for possible future use.  If you contemplate
using such therapy, you should be warned of this hidden
liability.  If you have already used it, I can only suggest that
you exercise due caution whenever you must receive medical care,
especially if hospitalization is involved.  If possible, stick
with your family doctor or others you know you can trust.

   On March 24, 1976, President Ford announced still another
effort to treat us as pawns, and this time every man, woman, and
child in the United States is intended to be involved.  I refer,
of course, to the trumped up Swine Influenza threat, and the
proposal to inoculate everyone against it.

   The stated medical reasons for this totally unprecedented
project are so patently flimsy that everyone from the World
Health Organization to individual doctors all around the country
have sharply questioned what is proposed.  Many doctors have gone
so far as to openly ask what the real political reason for it is,
so unconvincing is the medical basis for it.  Meanwhile the
Rockefeller-controlled major media are beating the drums in favor
of it.  Some groups have questioned whether perhaps something
sinister is to be added to the vaccine; but while this could be
done, it is not the underlying reason for the Swine Flu program. 
The whole Swine Flu swindle is an elaborate cover-up, the most
diabolical so far of the truth about the horrible CIA radioactive
plutonium super poison which is now contaminating the entire
southeastern portion of the United States and is even beginning
to show up now in traces nation-wide.  This is the poison which
was stored in the Central Core Vault of the Bullion Depository at
Fort Knox, as I first revealed in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 5,
October 1975.

   As part of the federal government's cover-up, they made
matters a thousand times worse when they deliberately dumped it
into underground streams under Fort Knox during January, as I
have previously reported.  Now they are beginning to realize the
hideous extent of their folly; but instead of honest remedial
action, their response is still cover-up.

   First, the Swine Flu campaign began by alarming everyone with
its alleged threat.  Then it was pointed out that even those who
do get the vaccine run a considerable risk of getting sick anyway
due to side effects.  And to cap it off, officials expressed
public doubt by the end of March that it would be possible to
produce and administer enough vaccine to inoculate everyone by
late this year, when the Government allegedly fears a Swine Flu

   The whole thing is intended to condition us all to the idea
that this will be the cause if and when Americans start dying
like flies in some area soon due to poisoning from the spreading
CIA plutonium poison from Fort Knox.  And just for good measure,
preposterous stories have also found their way into print
recently, alleging in effect that plutonium is practically
harmless based on records which have 'suddenly' been discovered
recently about people who were injected experimentally with
plutonium years ago.  It's all big game of "look over there"; and
you, your children, and your loved ones are the pawns in this
cold-blooded game.

Topic #2--Down through the centuries, war has always been an evil
which the vast majority of individuals have feared and wanted to
avoid, yet we all know they keep right on happening.  And why? 
Because there also have always been small groups of men who have
viewed war from a very different perspective.  To them, war is
just one more tool to use in both the exercise and the expansion
of their own political and economic power.

   In the 20th Century, wars have become bigger, more frequent,
and more savage than ever before.  For nearly three generations,
one place or another around our planet has been aflame with the
fires of war and revolution; and now, having already suffered two
World Wars, we are stepping across the threshold of a third!

   What's wrong?  It's said that "From a little acorn, a mighty
oak will grow"; and where war is concerned, a very important
acorn was planted shortly before World War I.  The Trustees of a
tax-exempt foundation, known at that time as the "CARNEGIE
ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE" which involved an alliance
with the Rockefeller and Carnegie interests, spent a full year
debating just one question: Is war the best way by which to alter
the life of a nation?  And incredibly, my friends, the conclusion
they decided upon was: Yes.

   Shortly thereafter World War I began.  President Woodrow
Wilson, a Rockefeller puppet, was enthusiastically supported by
the Trustees of the Carnegie Endowment when he got America into
the war; and on at least one occasion, they even sent Wilson a
telegram urging him not to let America's involvement in the war
end too soon!  They did not want to cut short all those desirable
changes in America that were to be expected as a result of our
involvement in that war--"desirable" according to their criteria,
of course, not yours or mine.

   By the time World War II was brought about by the Rockefeller
interests and their allies, this philosophy was even more
entrenched and more powerful.  The United States was deliberately
dragged into World War II by means of Pearl Harbor with the
active help of President Franklin D. Roosevelt; and as in World
War I, World War II was also deliberately dragged out longer than
necessary, in order once again to bring about major changes in
national life--not only in the United States but in other
countries as well.  For details on this subject I refer you to
the recent two-volume AUDIO BOOK talking tape No. 7 entitled "THE
TRAGIC TRUTH ABOUT THE FDR ERA" recorded in February 1976 by
Colonel Curtis Dall and myself.  FDR was Colonel Dall's
father-in-law, and Colonel Dall speaks from personal knowledge
about many very important things.

   Three years ago in my book "THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE
DOLLAR", I pointed out the very intimate connections that linked
politics, economics, and matters of war and peace.  And in this
regard I tried to call attention to the very powerful, important
new economic and political forces now emerging in Asia, and I
ended my book in these words, and I quote:

  "If the new Asian forces are not understood, but are met with
ignorance and arrogance, then the world will indeed be headed not
for a 'generation of peace' of which President Nixon has so
proudly boasted, but for World War III."

   In the same context, I referred to the crucial importance of
the Panama Canal, and on June 1974 on a radio program in Dallas,
Texas, I relayed Intelligence information I had just received
confirming that the Temehri Airfield in the Republic of Guyana,
next to Venezuela, is now ringed with atomic missiles aimed at
the Gatun Locks of the Panama Canal and at cities in the United
States.  But, as usual, the federal government still refuses to
this very day to permit an honest investigation of this
life-and-death situation.  And, by the way, Temehri Airfield is
being used by Cuba nowadays to ferry its mercenaries and supplies
to southern Africa for more wars there.  Temehri Airfield, 25
miles outside Georgetown, Guyana, is larger than our Kennedy
Airport in New York!

   In my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6 last November, I was able at
last to reveal the whole grand strategy of the coming war,
including the opening rounds in the Middle East and the
succeeding stages by which it is presently intended to mushroom
into a full-fledged world war.  And on April 19, 1976, just five
days ago, the United States Government gave the official green
light for the Middle East war to begin.  On that day, April 19,
the White House quietly dropped its previous opposition to all
outside military intervention in war-torn Lebanon.

   All of the blocks in the Middle East war plan are now falling
rapidly into place.  On March 13, 1976, Saudi Arabia sealed its
own doom when the negotiations with American top oil people in
Panama City, Florida ended in an agreement for Saudi Arabia to
buy the remaining 40% of the assets of ARAMCO, the four-company
Rockefeller oil combine that operates in Saudi Arabia.  Oil
minister Sheik Yamani revealed that the take-over transaction
will be carried out all at once within four to six weeks.  What
they do not realize is that after the Rockefellers get their
money, the oil wells will be bombed out of existence by an
American limited nuclear strike emanating from the Sinai.  The
White House go-ahead signal April 19th to get the ball rolling in
this war, came exactly five weeks after Sheik Yamani's

   Meanwhile Prime Minister Vorster of South Africa injected his
country into the Middle Eastern fray by making a secret visit to
Israel two weeks ago for the sole purpose of obtaining military
hardware in exchange for raw materials.  By doing so, he also
left his country open to infiltration by a client state of the
Rockefeller-controlled CIA.  On top of that, he inflamed the
Arabs and most all of Black Africans.  So, South Africa has
jumped from "the frying pan into the fire."  And Henry Kissinger
on his African trip will be handing out millions of American
dollars to the so-called Liberation Fronts who are bent on
liberating Rhodesia and South Africa for the Rockefellers.  And
so the Black leaders here and abroad will be used by the
Rockefellers in their attempt to help their ally, Soviet Russia,
do the dirty work for them in southern Africa for the rich
mineral resources there.

   The war situation we face, my friends, is increasingly
dangerous; and as far as the first stages of it are concerned,
imminent.  But before I leave this subject, I should add that we
must now not allow ourselves to lose our resolve to halt this
trend into disaster.  I believe we can still do it, and WE MUST

   Until recently, Rockefeller propaganda sought to create false
optimism about our foreign policy, military posture, and other
factors in our national strength.  But now people are waking up. 
They know something is wrong.  So now we are entering a new phase
of defeatism propaganda designed to ruin our morale so that we
will just lie down conveniently to be conquered.

   An example of this on the domestic scene was the statement by
Senator Frank Church last summer to the effect that Americans
would have no way to resist in the event of a take-over by a
dictator, so vast are the spying abilities of the federal
government.  This alleged warning, greatly exaggerated for
effect, came from one of the earliest accomplices in the cover-up
now in progress about the hideous CIA plutonium poison!

   Other voices are also lending their weight to the defeatism
campaign but on an international scale.  One voice stands out
above all others--that of the allegedly exiled Soviet author
Alexander Solzhenitsyn.  A recent quotation from Solzhenitsyn,
which is a condensation of practically everything he publicly
says today, is and I quote: "I wouldn't be surprised at the
sudden and imminent fall of the West."  Then he goes on regularly
and at great length to build up an image of Soviet power,
supposedly matchless in its propaganda and quickly becoming
invincible militarily.  He speaks of all this in disapproving
terms, thereby sounding as if he is on our side; but the image he
paints, my friends, is still one of defeatism for us and imminent
victory for our real enemies.  He spreads seeds of
hopelessness--not of hope as some would have you believe.  Such
hopelessness could cause the West to be defeated from within,
just as France was in the 30's and early 40's.  Even when he
admits for a moment that the West could still save itself from
complete take-over--which it still can, my friends--he follows
that up by putting down any notion that he actually expects that
to happen.  But Solzhenitsyn is very powerful in his use of
words, and he has become a Pied Piper with patriotic,
freedom-loving individuals and organizations following in his

   What will be the effect, my friends, if a year or two from now
with war and economic and political chaos on all sides,
Solzhenitsyn should dramatically announce: "The West is doomed,
I'm going back home to the home of Communism, the wave of the
future"?  Might not this be the crowning stroke the Soviets need
to collapse remaining patriotic morale in the West?  Apparently
the Rockefellers and their Soviet allies think so.

   That's why their controlled media are now giving Solzhenitsyn
tremendous publicity; and according to highly reliable
intelligence information I have received recently, this is the
real purpose for which Solzhenitsyn was sent to the West, while
other Soviet dissidents remain unable to follow his path.

   Whether Solzhenitsyn himself is consciously involved in this,
or whether he is simply the victim of psychological profiling and
programming, the defeatism he is spreading could prove to be one
of our most mortal enemies.  Remember, it was Lenin who also was
in exile in Zurich and who longed for the collapse of Russia!  So
why could not Solzhenitsyn, who also is supposed to be in exile
in Zurich, long for the collapse of the West?

Topic #3--If you have one of the newly-issued $2.00 bills in your
pocket, please take it out and look at the back, which depicts
the signing of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE in 1776.

   The seated gentleman that is No. 7 as you count from the left
is supposed to be Robert Morris according to the original
painting of this scene by John Trumbull.  Morris was then a
wealthy financier who gave his all for the cause of freedom and
independence, and ended up penniless as a result.  In his
original painting, Trumbull honored Morris for his sacrifices in
the cause of freedom by depicting him prominently in a shining
light with a proud look of determination on his face.  After all,
if it had not been for Morris, the rag-tag Army of the United
States might have collapsed for lack of funds.

   On the new $2.00 bill, Morris' important role is also
symbolically acknowledged--but by people who want to undo the
freedom which his sacrifices helped bring about.  On the bill,
Morris is darkened into obscurity, just as our Unseen Rulers want
to obscure and blot out our freedom.  As I have mentioned before,
such subliminal propaganda messages and signals are all around
us--such as the State flag postage stamps which say "Bicentennial
Era", code words which refer specifically to the so-called
"Second American Revolution" program of John D. Rockefeller III.

   In more direct ways, too, Rockefeller propaganda is designed
to advance their program toward dictatorship.  On April 18, 1976,
the Rockefeller-controlled Atlantic Richfield Oil Co.,  known as
ARCO, began taking out full-page ads nation-wide for something
they called a "Tricentennial."  It pictures a mock American flag
consisting of 300 white stars on a field of blue with the number
2076 in computer-style numerals against a field of red, and below
that it encourages you to write and tell what changes you want to
see in America--without even a passing nod to the fact that you
might like some things to remain as they are.  The crux of the
whole ad is contained in the words, and I quote:

  "In about six months we plan to gather your responses, analyze
them, and make a full report of what we found out."  And, quote:
"We'll make sure it reaches the people who are in positions to
consider and act on it."

   What people do they mean?  The Rockefeller Brothers and their
helpers, that's who!  The new ARCO Tricentennial campaign is
nothing more or less than a replacement for John D. Rockefeller
III's National Committee for the Bicentennial Era, which was
forced to shut down a while back after its Bicentennial
Declaration ad of a year ago was exposed as the kickoff for the
secret new Rockefeller Constitution.

   Meanwhile, Rockefeller progress toward implementing their
secret and dictatorial "New States of America Constitution" is
proceeding as fast as they are able.  During the first week of
this month, April, a so-called "critical appraisal" of the UNITED
STATES CONSTITUTION was held in Philadelphia with over 100
attendees representing universities, business, labor, civil
rights groups, the judiciary, Congress, and others.

   Prominent names from the WATERGATE investigation were on the
list, including Henry Ruth, Jr., who served as the Watergate
Special Prosecutor in the final phases.  Can you imagine?

Labor was represented by Victor Gotbaum of the AFL-CIO; and
Stephen Schlossberg, General Counsel of the United Auto Workers.

On the business side were Board Chairmen of three corporations:
J. Irwin Miller of Cummings Engine Co.;  John DiBold of the
DiBold group; and Fletcher L. Gramm of Coppers Company, an
especially outspoken proponent of ideas which appear in the
Rockefeller "New States Constitution."

The Presidents of the Council on Foreign Relations, the League of
Women Voters, and Common Cause were there; as well as the
Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union; and the
Co-Director of the admittedly radical, anti-capitalist Peoples
Bicentennial Commission, Jeremy Rifkin.

Top representatives were present from Time Magazine, the Federal
Reserve System, and the American Bar Association.  Nearly a dozen
federal judges were in attendance; plus a retired Supreme Court
Justice; and the head of the General Accounting Office himself,
Elmer Staats.

   It's hardly any wonder that Professor Marvin E. Wolfgang,
President of the sponsoring American Academy of Political and
Social Science, confidentially declared at the meeting, and I

  "Neither the Congress nor the White House can ignore what we
say here."

And this is no idle academic comment, my friends, because on May
12, 1976, the Philadelphia World Affairs Council, a unit of the
Council on Foreign Relations, plans to come to Washington to
begin seriously pressuring Congress in preparation for formal
adoption of both the dictatorial Rockefeller "New States of
America Constitution" and the treasonous "Declaration of
Interdependence" first introduced last October in Philadelphia.

   Meanwhile the four Rockefeller Brothers continue working to
position themselves to take full command of the dictatorship they
hope to create soon.  Front man Nelson is rapidly emerging now
with the publicity campaign I mentioned he was planning in my
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 9 two months ago, and he is pulling out
all the stops.  On one hand to one audience he says: "Forget the
past, and let's look to the future"; but to another audience he
professes to be an unabashed believer in, quote: "the
old-fashioned virtues."  Can you imagine?  He says living by
example is his key religious precept; but, of course, he doesn't
mention any of the examples of his past record that I revealed
for you in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 1.  Most recently he has even
begun lashing out at old friends and allies, even close family
friends of long standing--such as Dr. Dorothy Fosdick of Senator
Henry Jackson's staff--in his consuming ambition to harness for
himself the so-called "Conservative sentiment" that is now
sweeping across America.

   Nelson Rockefeller and his brothers are still playing their
deadly end game of tactical maneuvering to meet contingencies,
trying to time political and economic events here in the United
States to mesh with fast-breaking events overseas in the build-up
for war.  To this end, my latest information is that two prime
options have now been developed for Rockefeller's take-over of
the presidency; and, as usual, I reveal them in the hope that by
doing so such actions as may be necessary may be taken to prevent
their happening.

   Option 1 may be exercise of the forces for Middle East war
that have now been unleashed to progress very rapidly leading to
war there and a "Declaration of Emergency" here before the
conventions this summer.  In that event, President Ford may be
removed from office one way or another before the Convention, in
which case Rockefeller will become President and serve out Ford's
term until January 20, 1977.

   But, my friends, Option 2 is now at the top of the Rockefeller
preference list.  I can now reveal that Nelson Rockefeller plans
to use his infamous 25th Amendment to the Constitution again--but
in a different way.  He has already made Ford to agree that he be
his Vice-Presidential candidate.  Rockefeller now plans for Ford
to be nominated for President and himself for Vice-President
regardless of what happens in the Primaries!  Then, after the
Convention, the plan is for President Ford to be incapacitated
for one reason or another, thereby activating Clause 4 of the
25th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

   Under this Clause, and I quote: "...a majority of the
principal officers of the executive departments"--who are now 99%
Rockefeller client followers--will send a written declaration to
the President pro tem of the Senate and the Speaker of the House
of Representatives that, and I quote: "...the President is unable
to discharge the powers and duties of his office..."  Thereupon
Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller, who himself is the President
pro tem of the Senate, quote: "...shall immediately assume the
powers and duties of the office as Acting President."

   Now get that, Acting President!  Rockefeller plans to achieve
this on or about September 19, 1976; and in this capacity under
the provisions of the 20th Amendment he will serve, quote:
"...until a President shall have qualified..."  But that could be
indefinitely, because part of the plan is also to call off the
elections because of the very abnormal circumstances and
attendant confusion--all of this paving the way for acceptance of
their dictatorial "New States of America Constitution" by a
National Referendum!

   And if you think such a thing just couldn't happen, just
remember: The banks were closed and the people's gold was
confiscated by FDR in 1933--and the people accepted it because of
the abnormal circumstances.

And World War II--Japanese Americans were rounded up and herded
into Concentration Camps.  An unthinkable act, yet it was
accepted due to the abnormal circumstances.

And would you have believed, just four years ago that both a
Vice-President and a President could be hounded out of office and
be replaced by two appointees?!!

   My friends, our Founding Fathers realized that the day might
come when our governments, both federal and state, would fail us
and their Constitutional duties to represent the people.  It was
for that reason that they included ARTICLE X of the Bill of
Rights.  Often it is called the States' Rights Amendment, but it
should be called the Peoples' Rights Amendment.  It reads, and I

  "The powers not delegated to the United States by the
Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to
the states respectively, or to the people."

   I repeat: "reserved to the people."  So we have to look to
ourselves, and it has now come down to that--to you, to me, to
all the people of the United States!  It is time for us to highly
resolve, as did Abraham Lincoln:

  "...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of
freedom; and that government of the people, by the people, for
the people, shall not perish from the earth."

   Until next month, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 10

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


   This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC.  (1981 current
address: 1629 K St., NW, Washington, D.C.  20006)

   Hello, everybody, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is March 19, 1976,
and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 10.

   In his Farewell Speech as our nation's outgoing first
president, George Washington warned us with the words:

  "Let there be no change by usurpation, for though this in one
instance may be the instrument of good, it is the customary
weapon by which free governments are destroyed."

He would, no doubt be shocked to know that today, nearly two
centuries later, his words are more truthful, more urgent, and
more up-to-date than all the oceans of meaningless words being
poured into the ears of the American public by current
presidential hopefuls.

   "Change by usurpation" has become the order of the day as the
rights of the people are usurped by our Unseen Rulers in order to
change our way of life; and if the Rockefeller Brothers succeed
in their accelerating plan to destroy our Republic right before
our very eyes, their New World Dis-order in alliance with the
Soviet Union will engulf us soon with blinding speed.

   But my friends, WE MUST NOT GIVE UP; because in the decisive
days we are now entering, the Rockefeller Brothers will in many
ways be more vulnerable than ever before because their complex
program of conquest is now behind schedule, some parts of it as
much as one year behind, and they now have to play a deadly game
of catch-up ball.  They are being forced now to speed up and
compress the timing of very major events in the very next few
months in an attempt to get back onto schedule and the hour is
now very late for them, as well as for you and me!

   They are behind because they have stumbled repeatedly in the
past two years.  First they stubbed their toe by leaving a trail
in the Fort Knox Gold theft, which has profoundly disrupted and
now ruined some of the planned final stages of David
Rockefeller's world gold corner.  Then, for that and other
reasons, Nelson Rockefeller failed to seize the presidency
according to plan between March and June 1975; and beyond that,
he has stubbed his toes two more times in the early fall and
around Christmas 1975.  John D. Rockefeller III, for his part, is
being forced to close up shop at the New York office which
published the huge "Bicentennial Declaration" ads one year ago
calling for a "Second American Revolution--the reason being our
success in exposing its connection with the secret new
Rockefeller Constitution.  The work is continuing but it is
concentrated now in the "American Revolution Bicentennial
Administration", a federal agency here in Washington headed by
John Warner, who is on John D. Rockefeller III's committee of the
"Second American Revolution"--the name given to a book written by
John D. Rockefeller published in early 1973.  As for brother
Laurance, he is occupying himself with the Food Stamp Program and
other preparations for war.

   The Stock Market, while it is extremely sick now generally, is
being kept healthy looking to the general public by means of the
Dow Jones industrial average, which is made up almost totally of
Rockefeller companies.  Until the other elements of their game
plan can be put back on the track, the dramatic crash of the Dow
is being held in abeyance.

   The biggest of these other elements, of course, is the coming
war; and it, too, is over a year late now having been delayed
first by Egyptian President Sadat and then thrown into a cocked
hat last summer by Indira Gandhi's crack-down on the CIA.

   Because of these things among others, the Rockefeller Brothers
are faced with a complex juggling act that must orchestrate our
economic collapse here in America, world-wide monetary chaos,
foreign intrigues, political maneuvering here at home, and
igniting the first stage of World War III in the Middle East.

   They planned all along to do all of these things but not on
such a tight schedule as they now face.  Now they almost have to
do these things all at once, or at least in very rapid sequence. 
If they succeed, the effect will be devastating; but if they trip
again now, as they can be made to do by awakening public
awareness and reaction, they will be in serious trouble.  What's
more, they can't turn back.  They have opened Pandora's box and
unleashed forces that are slipping out of their control.  Should
they be further delayed long enough, their whole house of cards
will begin to fall apart as they are overtaken by the Fort Knox
Plutonium Poison Scandal, the rapidly spreading exposure of their
dictatorial new Constitution among other things.

   More than ever now the one thing that can and will stop them
short of their dictatorship goal is the POWER OF THE TRUTH,
spread far and wide.  So it is crucial now that we keep our eyes
on the international scene as well as that here at home, because
the two are inseparably linked together in the Rockefeller plan
to enslave us all.  If they pull it off, it can happen at a time
you least expect it, so don't be caught off base.

   If the worst does happen, you have been warned; and if you
have been doing whatever you can to do to warn others, whether it
seems a lot or only a little to you, you will know you did your

   To point out the connection between developments here in
America and those around the world, I want to discuss the
following three topics today:




Topic #1--To the uninformed, the words "world government" or
"one-world order" often bring to mind the utopian picture of a
world at peace--relaxed, free, with an abundant life for all. 
This, after all, is exactly the image that Rockefeller propaganda
is designed to plant in our minds.

    Then, there are others who may vaguely realize that any
"world order" or "government" on the horizon today would be
rather authoritarian in nature but who do not feel personally
threatened by such a thing.  People in this category reason that
since, after all, they have no political ambitions anyway, all
they would need to do would be to keep their nose clean, do the
work they are assigned to do without kicking up a fuss, and
things could not be too bad.  They are the ones who sometimes
say: "Better red than dead."  But those who harbor such
comforting notions are wrong, dead wrong.  They are not
acquainted with the psychology of those who seek World Government
or One-World Order--a psychology that drives for control,
control, CONTROL!  Control on the grandest scale possible--the
entire world, and, control all the way down to the smallest
scale--YOUR HOME!

   In my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 8 for January 1976, I revealed
that since at least 1954 there has been an official but
super-secret White House policy, quote:

  "...to so alter life in the United States so that it can be
comfortably merged with life in the Soviet Union."

This is why we see an unending stream of apparent mistakes,
concessions, and blunders by the modern outlaw band that
masquerades as "our Government."  These are not errors at all but
deliberate steps in the Rockefeller march toward dictatorial
world domination with their Soviet allies; and this includes the
Sovietization of family life, the last great bulwark against
total world domination.

   It is not hard to see, of course, that American family life is
under great pressure because the evidence is everywhere; it's
common knowledge.  The divorce rate is rising, the birth rate is
falling, and the Census Bureau claims that the average family
size is now at a record low level, and still dropping. 
Individuals are becoming more and more isolated.  But few people
know that we are seeing the fruits of a deliberate war on the
American family; and fewer still know that this is an integral
part of the Rockefeller drive for dictatorship.

   This attack on family life is well-organized, heavily funded,
and multifaceted; but the most important, most diabolical part of
it all is an intense but sugar-coated campaign now underway to
gain control of your children.  The objective: to break down your
control over your children and place them instead under the
supervision and control of the community--that is, the
government.  In other words, they are to be Sovietized.

   One aspect of this attack on your children is the subtle use
of familiar, already available avenues of communication in
EDUCATION.  Take, for example, that famous children's program
"Sesame Street."  Have you watched it lately?  Financed primarily
by Rockefeller-controlled foundations and the federal government,
Sesame Street has followed the standard Rockefeller philanthropic
formula that emerged over 70 years ago.  It established its halo
in the public eye by early programming, but has progressively
turned its efforts in more sinister directions under the
protection of that halo.  Arguments, bad temper, hurt feelings,
and even cartoons with an air of unreality are prominent today on
Sesame Street--and you will look in vain for any trace of an
identifiable family image.  Meanwhile the impressionable young
Sesame Street audience is treated with such things as a recent
episode showing all about how easy, painless, and perhaps even
fun, it is to use a tourniquet and syringe--all of it more
explicitly than you will see on nighttime adult programming! 
Harried young mothers trusting in the 'spotless reputation of
Sesame Street' often allow their children to watch with little or
no supervision, not realizing that concepts like this which pave
the way for early and easy drug addiction are being burned into
their children's minds.  Sesame Street is a product of the
"Children's Television Workshop", whose president is Joan Ganz
Cooney.  She is a Rockefeller insider who a year ago signed the
"Bicentennial Declaration" which I mentioned earlier, launching
the Rockefeller "Second American Revolution" to bring in their
secret new Constitution.

   Another example is seen in the big textbook controversy which
has made headlines because of the efforts of parents to prevent
their introduction into public schools.  Their objections, based
on the degrading and immoral material they see in the books, have
not succeeded in stopping these books, although the books have
been slowed down.

   The purpose of these books is to utilize the system of
compulsory education for a captive audience, supported by your
taxes but largely removed from your control nowadays, to shove
down your children's throats whatever the Rockefellers decide
they should learn.  The goal of these books is to make your child
think in terms of questioning your motives and challenging your
authority against a background of crumbling values.  The idea is
to subtly rob your child of everything he subconsciously clings
to for strength and security until suddenly he will find himself
totally lost, at sea and alone, and utterly dependent upon the
all-knowing, all-powerful federal government.

   But programs such as these, which use existing channels to
brainwash your child, are only half of the story.

   The other half is a gigantic effort to construct an entire new
apparatus nation-wide through which to take a giant leap toward
formalized and ultimately complete control of your child.  This
is the drive for what is euphemistically called "Comprehensive
Child Care."  This goes far, far beyond the mere establishment of
some handy Day Care Centers to help out working mothers, as you
may have been led to believe.

   Currently before Congress are two essentially identical
bills--Senate Bill 626 in the Senate, House Resolution 2966 in
the House of Representatives--called the "Child and Family
Services Act of 1975" in the Senate version.  It resurrects a
measure which would have become law late in 1971 except that
America's last elected President, Richard Nixon, vetoed it.  He
did so with a warning that it would commit the vast power of the
federal government, quote:

  "...to the side of communal approaches to child-rearing over
against the family-centered approach..."

adding that it would be, quote:

  "...truly a long leap into the dark for the United States
Government and the American people."

My friends, he was absolutely right.  I believe in giving credit
where credit is due, and Richard Nixon deserves nothing but
credit for that veto, which truly served the interest of the
American people in defiance of his Rockefeller bosses behind the

   Now the One-World-Order Rockefeller forces are trying once
again to push the same thing through with the aid of a new name
and a little face-lifting.  The connection between this so-called
Child Care Bill and the campaign for World Government is obvious
in many ways, right down to the personalities involved.

   For example, last month I mentioned that the
Rockefeller-sponsored "Declaration of Interdependence" was
introduced last October in Philadelphia exhorting us all to turn
our backs on America's right to continue as a free and
independent nation.  This was followed up in January 1976 with a
ceremonial signing of this Declaration by 126 United States
Senators and Congressmen, every one of whom thereby violated his
oath to preserve and defend our present United States
Constitution!  And if you examine the list of 27 sponsors of the
Senate "Child Care Bill", you will find that no fewer than 19 of
them also signed the treasonous "Declaration of Interdependence." 
These are the same forces at work!

   Today we no longer have an elected president to stand in the
way of the child-controllers in Congress--only alert, angry
citizens who so far have stymied the bill's progress through
sheer intimidation of both houses of Congress.  Those who are
focusing specifically on this bill have accurately identified its
key dangers.

   To begin with, the whole bill is built around the concept of
a, quote: "partnership" between the parent and government in
rearing and training the child.  But partners, my friends, are
co-owners of any enterprise for which the partnership is formed. 
Thus if you allow the federal government to become your partner
under this bill, you will be giving away a part interest in your
own child!  The ramifications of this partnership concept
ricochet all through the Child Control bill, and can hardly be

   But the real joker in this deck consists of just 14 brief
words buried clear back on page 56 of the Senate version, and
page 64 of the House version.  Title V, Section 501, Part 8 gives
the following important definition for the purposes of the bill,
and I quote:

  "Parent means any person who has primary day-to-day
responsibility for any child."

With this one key definition, which does not limit itself to
normal usage, the writers of the Child Control bill have thrown
the door wide open for ever expanding government control over
your child through endless interpretation, re-interpretation,
expansion, and elaboration under bureaucratic regulation.  It is
open-ended; it is an open invitation for the federal government
to maneuver into position to declare itself the parent of your
child, leaving you with no parental rights or powers at all!

   When and if that is allowed to happen, the FAMILY as we know
it will have been destroyed and the Rockefeller-Soviet world
empire will reign supreme for a brief moment over a broken and
ruined society before it crumbles and collapses into a repetition
of the "Dark Ages."

   Right now, as I said, this bill to pave the way for
dictatorial child control is temporarily stalled by citizen
alertness and protest; but if you think that is the end of the
matter, listen.

   The planned strategy of the child controllers is to lull the
bill's citizen opponents to sleep, if possible, by soft-pedaling
it.  Their plan is to put it in the closet and keep it there
until the very end of the current session of Congress if need be
and then, when the citizen protestors have evaporated in the
belief that they have won, the Child Control bill will suddenly
be whisked out of the closet and passed before we know what hit
us.  If this happens, the Rockefeller Brothers will be very close
to final success in achieving the objectives spelled out over 70
years ago for the Rockefeller program to take over education
under the guise of philanthropy.

   When John D. Rockefeller, Sr. set up the powerful "General
Education Board" in 1904, its purpose was spelled out clearly in
its very first publication called "Occasional Letter No. 1."  It
says, and I quote:

  "In our dreams we have limitless resources, and the people
yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands.  The
present educational conventions fade from our mind; and
unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a
grateful and responsive rural folk."

And the punch line, my friends, a few sentences later is:

  "...so we will organize our children into a community, and
teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and
mothers are doing in an imperfect way in the homes, in the shop,
and on the farm."

Topic #2--I have often commented that to get a glimpse of where
the United States economy is heading, one need only look at Great
Britain.  She is careening along down the road to disaster, and
we are not far behind.

   Early this month the British pound sterling crashed downward
through the $2.00 level of parity for the first time in history,
and it is still unstable.  Meanwhile, the United States dollar
also is in trouble in international currency markets, which are
becoming more jittery and unstable by the day.

   A full-blown international currency crisis is now erupting
exactly as planned by the Rockefeller Brothers when they forced
Europe to agree to a "floating" dollar with no fixed value on
March 16, 1973.  At a stroke, the Bretton Woods system of
fixed-exchange rates established in 1944 was wiped out, and now
we are back to the monetary anarchy and nationalism of the
1930's--pushed there by the Rockefellers.  This invites trade
wars, speculation, and rapid devaluations; and all of these
dangerous developments are beginning to materialize.  The
shocking 20% devaluation of the Italian lira a few days ago is
only a harbinger of things to come, and the key target in all of
this is still our own United States dollar.

   Soon the crescendo of events in Southern Africa will throw
more gasoline onto the fires of the world monetary instability as
the big prize, the Union of South Africa, faces a life-and-death
struggle after Rhodesia is disposed of by the
Rockefeller-Soviet-Cuban mercenaries fighting in that area.  Even
now, though you are hearing nothing about this through the kept
Rockefeller news media, panicky citizens of Rhodesia and South
Africa are trying to find some way to pull up their financial
stakes and leave, but they are trapped because of currency
controls in those countries.

   Soon, according to Rockefeller plans which I revealed as long
ago as February 1974, the gold mines of South Africa are to be
hit by strife, sabotage, civil war, warfare; and as the gold
supply from that source is substantially curtailed, gold prices
will be forced upward while our "floating" dollar sinks.  The
Rockefeller Brothers are bent on controlling the vast mineral
riches of South Africa, including especially the very large
uranium deposits there and the secret uranium enrichment process
South Africa has developed that is the most economical in the

   World Wars I and II were fought over oil.  World War III again
involves oil; but the emphasis this time is shifting to uranium,
since the Rockefellers are determined to make nuclear power the
energy wave of the future under their monopolistic control.

   The international monetary crisis will have its consequences
here at home in re-kindled inflation, credit crunch, and all the
other economic ills that it spawns.  The manipulated Dow Jones
industrial average hit 1000 a few days ago on March 11, 1976, at
a time when true unemployment, according to my own sources within
the Department of Labor, has now reached 19.1% nation-wide! 
Meanwhile the specter of threatened defaults--Lockheed in May,
New York in June, and others--is again coming into view.

   You also have been hearing about all kinds of banking problems
through the courtesy of the Rockefeller propaganda machine which
wants you to be aware of them in order to help undermine your
confidence.  But there are some aspects to the banking picture
right now that are far more major than anything you are being
told about through the Rockefeller media which involve real
mistakes and difficulties faced by the Rockefellers themselves.

   I am not referring here to those nerve-jangling front-page
stories about Chase Manhattan and First National City Bank which
were planted by the Rockefellers themselves for reasons I have
explained in another monthly Audio Letter recently.  I refer
instead to the situation which recently sent Henry Kissinger
packing off to Latin America.

   If you did not quite understand what our Secretary of State
was doing there, don't feel bad.  You weren't supposed to. 
Kissinger was sent there as a bill collector for David
Rockefeller who had suddenly discovered that his banking
interests, including the United States Export-Import Bank, have
about $25-billion in outstanding credits in Latin America that
are very shaky indeed.  The Four Brothers have been so busy
prying into everyone else's business that they have not been
minding their own store.  As presently scheduled, Kissinger's
trip is to be followed up in May by a trip by Secretary of the
Treasury William Simon before he resigns to continue working for
David Rockefeller in some other slot, perhaps at Chase Manhattan
Bank.  Simon can hardly wait to get out of the Treasury hot-seat
he has been ever since December 1975 when we caught him in an
outright lie in writing, no less, about the existence of the
Central Core Vault of the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox.

   The Rockefeller banking picture is in additional hot water
because for various reasons Arab-OPEC interests began pulling out
their funds in this country starting early this month, March
1976.  Around $20-billion in Arab money may be withdrawn; but
because of our dishonest fractional reserve banking system which
normally works to the advantage of the Rockefellers, the Arab
withdrawals could translate into a drop of over $100-billion in
total bank deposits.  That is enough to trigger some serious
economic repercussions prematurely before the Rockefellers are
ready to mesh them into their complex program, and that is why
the Federal Reserve Board surprised a lot of people last week by
starting to pump funds into the banking system.  And so it goes
as the Four Rockefeller Brothers continue to husband their own
cash resources to take advantage of cheap bargains while walking
the tight rope to Dictatorship.

   Meanwhile what is Congress doing for us?  Last month there was
a brief ray of hope when Congressman Wright Patman uncovered a
hornet's nest by exposing a network of interlocks between the
Federal Reserve System and the powerful Business Round Table
which helped defeat Patman's latest attempt to audit the Federal
Reserve.  This could have spelled real trouble for the
Rockefeller Brothers because both the Business Round Table and
the Federal Reserve are 24-karat Rockefeller.  But fortunately
for the Rockefellers, Patman just 'happened' to become seriously
ill before he could carry the matter any further, and he passed
away early this month!  And with him, died any hope that the
matter will be pursued an inch further.

   Now we are left with the likes of Congressman Otis Pike, who
made the terrible mistake of pointing his punches at the
Rockefeller CIA.  Had he followed through on the Fort Knox matter
after our discussions with him last September, he would be in the
driver's seat now; but as it is, the CIA has now vowed to finish
Otis Pike politically--and you can be sure they will try.

   And then there's Congressman John Conlan who several months
ago hurled a challenge at his constituents who dared to press him
for action about Fort Knox, saying that if they had evidence of
any wrongdoing he would put them in contact with the appropriate
authorities to carry out an investigation.  But when my colleague
Ed Durell who, with myself, does have access to such evidence
took up the Conlan challenge forwarded to us by those
constituents, Congressman Conlan apparently forgot all about his
pledge to help establish the proper contacts to get a true
investigation rolling.

   In my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 8 for January 1976, I read Ed
Durell's "Open Letter" to Congressman Conlan of January 7, 1976,
in its entirety.

   Here, now, is Congressman Conlan's reply in its entirety,
dated February 26, 1976--seven weeks after the date of Mr. Ed
Durell's certified letter, and I quote:

  "Dear Mr. Durell,

   Following up receipt of your certified Open Letter to me, I
wanted to bring you up-to-date on my actions.  I have written to
the Chairman of the House Banking, Currency, and Housing
Committee Henry Reuss; Chairman of the House Domestic Monetary
Policy Committee Wright Patman; and Chairman of the House
Government Operations Committee, Jack Brooks.  I will let you
know when I receive their replies.

   Also, I am enclosing a copy of my letter to Secretary Simon in
which I request a complete inventory of United States gold
holdings.  I have asked him to let me know what action he plans
to take in this regard.

   It is unfortunate that there are not more Congressmen and
people in the Administration and the Attorney General's office
who are more interested in clarifying this matter.  I am just one
sincere Congressman, Mr. Durell; and much as you and I would like
to think, I cannot order official Washington to do yours and my
bidding.  If I could, Henry Kissinger and others would have been
replaced a long time ago.

                                            John B. Conlan
                                            Member of Congress"

And that, my friends, is apparently that as far as John Conlan is
concerned.  He continually professes to be concerned about Fort
Knox, yet here is not even the token of an attempt to open any
doors for a good investigation into the matter--no speeches on
the House floor, no press conference, no real follow-up to Mr.
Durell's letter in any way--just a very intimate letter to
William Simon, Treasury Secretary, who himself is party to the
cover-up.  Why doesn't John Conlan tell us what Bill Simon told
him on the night of January 5, 1975, in private?

   Conlan did not even bother to dignify his reply to Mr. Durell
with a personal signature, as he did to Simon--instead, a
signature duplicating machine was used.  Yes, this is the same
Congressman John B. Conlan you may have read about recently
leading the White House Prayer Breakfast.  This is the same
Congressman John B. Conlan whose name you will see as the author
of a religious tract exhorting citizens to 'get involved'; and
this is the same Congressman John B. Conlan who, as the member of
the House Banking Committee, has accepted money for his
re-election campaign from the Banking Lobby!  Apparently this is
Congressman Conlan's concept of what it means to be a
Representative--and in one respect at least he is completely
representative.  He may not represent you or me, but he does
accurately represent what the United States Congress stands for
today.  His behavior is a perfect example of why our Republic is
so close to extinction today.  This being the case, I for myself
shall now leave him alone with his own conscience.


Topic #3--Recently a CBS reporter asked Nelson Rockefeller if he
would still like to be President.  He shot back:

  "What do you think I've been doing for the past 16 years?"

He has actually been at it longer than that, my friends, and now
the prize he has kept his eyes focused on for so long is almost
within his grasp.  But because of the foreshortened time schedule
now remaining to him, we are now entering a period of tactical
maneuvering that is likely to be bewildering in its dodges and
reversals of apparent direction.

   This final phase has already begun, in fact, since I spoke
with you just last month; and already one major tactical shift
has occurred.  When I recorded monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 9 last
month, my information was that the plan was to make President
Ford stumble in the Primaries and force him to bow out before the
onslaught of Ronald Reagan.  The goal of forcing Ford out soon
has not changed one iota, but the tactics to achieve this have
been revised drastically for reasons directly related to former
President Nixon's trip to China late last month.  In other words,
to understand our domestic politics now, you also must look at
the international scene!

   Last November 1975 you will recall that Ford went to China. 
While he was there the Chinese leaders confronted him about the
huge Asian war that is now brewing, and I am told that Ford
turned pale and wobbly as he learned about these things for the
first time from the Red Chinese.  What they told him about the
grand strategy for the war was the same thing I told you that
same month in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6; about the Middle East
being the opening gun, about the role of the Helsinki Accord last
summer, about the strategy of the encirclement of Red China by
means of the Rockefeller-Soviet conquest of southeast Asia.  Even
now as I say these words, the domino theory is being dusted off
and revived to explain the planned toppling soon of the last
important domino in that area, Thailand.  The 5000 or so
Americans there include a Fifth Column contingent that is to pave
the way for Thailand to be handed over to the Communists under
Soviet control!

   When Ford returned, he began working as closely as possible
with Richard Nixon; and now the team of Nixon, Ford, and Connally
are engaged in a power struggle against Nelson Rockefeller and
his lackeys--Ronald Reagan and Hubert Humphrey.  As I have
revealed in previous AUDIO LETTERS, Richard Nixon is on the phone
just about daily to tell Ford to "hang in there", and so far Ford
has done so.

   Nixon's trip to China last month was not at the request of the
State Department but instead at the request of President Ford
himself.  Nixon's trip to China was an errand of peace in that he
is trying to maintain a link between the United States and China
to offset as much as possible the hard alliance between the
Rockefeller Brothers and the Soviets.  Nixon knows very well that
Nelson Rockefeller is still out to get him if possible.  That is
why Nixon was unwilling to make the trip on anything but a Red
Chinese airplane sent here for that purpose.

   Faced with this Nixon-Ford-Connally axis, Nelson Rockefeller
decided several weeks ago on tactics designed to give his
opponents a political judo throw--that is, to send them sprawling
by using their own strength and momentum.  First he re-programmed
his kept media to help, instead of hurt, Ford in the Primaries,
thus lulling Ford into false confidence over his own seemingly
growing strength.  Reagan is to be beaten for now, but not so
badly that he would look bad later on when Rockefeller is ready
to tap him as his Vice-President.  To make sure Reagan gets the
message not to drop out of the campaign, Rockefeller told Reagan
to remain a candidate against Ford, quote: "as long as the money
holds out."  And just to make sure, Rockefeller's comments in
this vein were echoed by his lackey, Barry Goldwater, who
ironically ran for President 12 years ago on the slogan: "A
choice, not an echo."

   To further build up the self-confidence of the
Nixon-Ford-Connally axis, and also to fool the Red Chinese if
possible into thinking that a favorable shift in American policy
is being achieved, other things are also being done.  For
example, Ford has now officially deleted the word "detente" from
his vocabulary and some harsher than usual words have been
permitted to emanate from Washington in the direction of the
Soviet Union.  After all, words are cheap for domestic

   Meanwhile the final touches are being put on the preparations
for war; and at the same time, several options are being prepared
to enable Ford to be suddenly and surprisingly cut down and swept
out of office.  One option would involve the exposure of a
fast-breaking financial scandal whose possible speed can be
guessed at by the devastating experience undergone by
Vice-President Spiro Agnew in 1973.  Other options, however, are
also being prepared because Nelson Rockefeller intends to take no
chances at this late date.  When war, shortages, and economic
catastrophe arrive, Nelson Rockefeller fully intends to be the
beneficiary of it all, easing himself into power as our President
and then Dictator.  The eagerness with which he awaits this turn
of events stands in stark contrast to the horrified reaction of
other world figures who have learned recently about the imminent

   For example, early last December, when I was in Europe and
England, I gave a copy of my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6 detailing
the war plans to a person who played it for Prime Minister Harold
Wilson.  The result: On December 15 he secretly gave the Queen
three months notice of the fact that he intended to resign, and
three days ago he stunned England and the world by doing just

   It is sad indeed that Richard Nixon, who is now doing what he
can to fight for peace, was nonetheless used successfully by the
Rockefellers to do our nation grave injury in many areas while he
was President, just as they have done with every president since
Woodrow Wilson; and it is ironic that Nelson Rockefeller's plan
to declare an iron-fisted "National Emergency" soon will make use
of a tool left to him by none other than his present bitter
enemy--Richard Nixon.

   I refer to presidential Executive Order 11490 dealing with
emergency preparedness signed by Nixon October 28, 1969.  It is
33 pages long; it spells out vast powers and functions to be
exercised by 28 federal departments and agencies in the event of
a declared national emergency.  Under the terms of this Executive
Order, these emergency powers can be activated either by Congress
or by proclamation of the President.

   To the unwary, the idea may come across that this Executive
Order would only be used in time of war due to the frequent
references to, quote: "emergency, including an attack on the
United States."  But note well that "war" is actually just given
as an example of an emergency situation.  At the outset it is
stated to be applicable, quote:

  "in any national-emergency type situation that might
conceivably confront the nation."

No other criteria are given to govern the declaration of such an
emergency; therefore all that Nelson Rockefeller or another
president or Congress needs to do is to conceive of a situation
as fitting their concept of an "emergency", and Executive Order
11490 can be invoked!  It is to be done in the, quote: "national
interest", but that is never defined; but one section makes the
purpose of the Order explicitly clear in the words, and I quote:

  "assuring the continuity of the federal government in any
national-emergency type situation that might confront the

   The "federal government" is the focus here--not the nation,
not the people, not the Republic, but the federal government.  In
other words, it is designed for the benefit of our Rulers just as
in the secret new Rockefeller Constitution.

   Once invoked, Executive Order 11490 authorizes
unConstitutional and so illegal powers to be wielded by the
federal government.  Under the guise of bland-sounding words like
"emergency", "management", and "operation", the federal
government is authorized to completely take over business and
industry, or any parts thereof, without compensation.  Border
closing and control, censorship, and the registration and
continual monitoring of all citizens and their movements are also
provided for under Executive Order 11490 with the quasi private
United States Postal Service playing an important role in this,
as I revealed in my AUDIO LETTER last month.  Full powers over
transportation and communication are also granted, along with all
forms of energy right down to flashlight batteries.  Even your
pocket radio would be included because of the authority given to
control any device capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation,
which your radio and TV do in small amounts.

   The clandestine federal police structure now in place in the
United States, which I warned you about last month, would also be
activated under this Executive Order; so would special emergency
measures for custody and protection of prisoners.  These are
worded in such a way as to make their true meaning anything but
obvious unless the phrase, quote: "mass feeding and housing" is
noticed.  This refers, my friends, to the hush-hush CONCENTRATION
CAMPS which are now in a condition of operational readiness in
remote areas all around the United States!!

   Executive Order 11490 even places at the disposal of the
federal government that most cruel and most powerful of all tools
for mass political control--HUNGER.  Various provisions for
stockpiling of survival items, food and water included, are
worded in such a way that they could be initiated after the
"Declaration of Emergency" rather than being prepared ahead of
time to meet that emergency.  Thus the federal government could
artificially create terrible shortages at will under the guise of

   And if you think such a thing is too farfetched, just remember
back to the early days of World War II if you are old enough.  Do
you recall, for example, that you were required after war broke
out to turn in any extra tires you may have had, and thereafter
had a hard time getting any new ones?  The excuse given was the
rubber had to be stockpiled and recycled into the war effort--but
that was an outright lie.  I have been given eye-witness accounts
by people who saw these tires piled up, slashed, and burned after
they were turned in; and the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD in 1942
contains a great deal of material brought out by then Senator
Harry Truman showing that there was a deliberate larger plan to
deny many critical war materials both to the American public and
our military forces in the early days of the war.  And guess who
was implicated in all of this--you're right, the Rockefeller
Standard Oil interests.

   Given all of this, the possibility must not be overlooked that
there will be no election next November if Nelson Rockefeller and
his Brothers successfully orchestrate the various elements of
their do-or-die plan of conquest.

   Executive Order 11490 in the hands of a man who has shown
himself to be unhampered by scruples or conscience could be used,
in effect, to suspend our present UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION; and
next November we may be given no choice at the polls except a
"Yes" or "No" vote in a National Referendum on the proposed new
Rockefeller Constitution.  Voting on fixable voting machines
under the watchful eyes of the federal police, the outcome--if
that is permitted to happen--would be in very little doubt.  Just
as Cuba did last month on February 15, 1976, we could be counted
upon to ratify a new Constitution to replace our suspended older

   These things do not have to happen, my friends.  The
Rockefeller Brothers can be made to trip by the spreading
awareness of, and reaction to, the Truth, the absolute TRUTH. 
But in case there are any "doubting Thomases" listening to my
voice, I say to you now: If you sit back and watch as all this
comes to pass before your very eyes, do not look back a year from
now and say: "Why weren't we warned?"--because, my dear friend,
you were.

   Until next month, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 09

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


   This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC.  (1981 current
address: 1629 K Street NW, Suite 5092, Washington, D.C.  20006)

   Hello, everybody, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is February 16,
1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 9.

   According to federal government decree, this is the day that
we are to observe the birthday of George Washington, although, of
course, he was born on February 22.  This is just a tiny example
of the elaborate psychological warfare being waged on us by the
Four Rockefeller Brothers to subtly pry us loose from every
tradition, great and small, that tends to make us resistant to
their take-over plans.  Their goal, after all, is to twist the
Bicentennial celebration of our nation's independence and use it
to silence the Liberty Bell forever.  It is up to you and me, my
friends, to repair the crack in our Liberty Bell so that it can
once again ring out loud and strong.

   Our beautiful DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was signed 200 years
ago on July 4, and ever since as a reminder of our nation's
birthday each year the federal fiscal year has always begun in
July--every year, that is, until now.

   Last fall on October 24, 1975, a chilling parody of our
nation's Founding Document was signed in Philadelphia, no less,
to enhance its historical image.  It is called the "Declaration
of Interdependence" for which our puppet President Ford served as
the advance publicity man in speeches last spring.  It calls on
all Americans to turn our backs on our precious independence and,
quote, "narrow notions of national sovereignty" in favor of what
is expressly called "a new world order."

   And, my friends, you may be shocked to know that when our
current fiscal year runs out on June 30, 1976, it will not be
followed as it always has in the past by a new fiscal year
beginning in July.  Instead, there is to be a nameless transition
period of three months, and all fiscal years thereafter are to
begin in October!  Why?  To commemorate the signing last October
of the new Rockefeller Declaration of Interdependence.  Thus July
4, like Washington's birthday, is to become just another date on
a calendar slipping quietly into oblivion, a relic of what our
Unelected Rulers tell us is our obsolete, outmoded past.

   As we say Good-bye to our Declaration of Independence and
everything it has stood for during the past 200 years, we ought
to ask at least:

  "What is it that our Rulers are so anxious to have us throw
away?  What kind of things does it remind us of that the
Rockefeller Brothers want so desperately to have us forget?"

   The DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE starts with the assumption
that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain
inalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness, and that the preservation of these is the entire
purpose of legitimate government--quote: "To secure these rights,
Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers
from the consent of the governed."  And this is so basic that,
quote: "...when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing
invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under
absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw
off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future

My friends, our real government today is not the one defined in
our CONSTITUTION which belongs to us.  We are ruled today by the
Rockefeller Brothers and their empire of modern outlaws pulling
the strings and manipulating the actions of the visible
governmental apparatus.

   So, what were some of the elements of that "design to reduce
them under Despotism" that led to the Declaration of
Independence?  Why do the Rockefellers fear to have us reminded
of it?  Just listen to a few examples of the grievances listed in
the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and think of any parallels you
can see today, and the answer will be obvious to you.  Quote:

  "He (the King) has erected multitudes of New Offices, and sent
swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their

What about our mushrooming federal bureaucracy?

Another quote:

  "He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction
foreign to our constitutions, and unacknowledged by our laws;
giving his consent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:"

What about the super secret White House Merge Policy Directive to
Sovietize America which I made public for the very first time
last month in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 8?

What about the growing mountain of unConstitutional "Executive
Orders" and oppressive regulations which today constitute
pretended legislation?

Another complaint, quote:

  "...depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by

Our forefathers fought and died in a bloody revolution over this,
yet it is only one of the many safeguards which are specifically
eliminated as a right in the secret new Rockefeller Constitution
which we are expected to accept this coming November!

Perhaps most telling of all, quote:

  "He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his
Protection and waging War on us."

   My friends, you and I have been declared out of the protection
of our own Government by the Rockefeller agents who control it! 
As I have documented for you in previous tapes, every remedy
provided by law for the redress of such grievances as the
terrible Fort Knox Twin Scandal and other such serious matters,
has been blocked by Rockefeller agents and fellow travelers
contrary to law.

   Most recently, for example, my associates and I took up a
Congressional challenge to state our specific charges about Fort
Knox so that a Grand Jury might be empaneled to investigate them. 
The challenge was leveled by Congressman John B. Conlan of
Arizona at certain of his constituents who dared to press him for
action, and was an act of gross hypocrisy because Congressman
Conlan knew full well that those individuals were in no position
to present such charges and evidence themselves.  But in an Open
Letter to Congressman Conlan dated December 7, 1976, my colleague
Edward Durell did exactly what had been asked, as reviewed in
complete detail in my AUDIO LETTER of last month.  The result? 
The same studious silence and inaction from Congressman Conlan
that has characterized his attitude toward Fort Knox for over a

   Whoever knows what is right to do and fails to do it, for him
it is a sin.

   The Rockefeller Brothers are truly waging undeclared war on
us.  Your survival may depend on your understanding this fact. 
My three topics today are, therefore:




Topic #1--Two days ago on February 14, 1976, Ford declared in a
Florida campaign speech that he has had it with terrorism, and he
proposed the death penalty for a range of terrorist offenses. 
Not long ago full-fledged terrorism was something most Americans
tended to associate only with other countries.  "That couldn't
happen here."  But lately it is happening here, more and more. 
First there was the spectacular SLA case involving Patty Hearst. 
More recently, hundreds of grocery stores, banks and whatnot have
been bombed.  On December 29, 1975, 11 people were killed and 75
injured when a bomb exploded in the passenger terminal at New
York City's La Guardia Airport; and you can rest assured that
this is only the beginning.

   On January 13, 1976, FBI Chief Clarence Kelly helped get our
Bicentennial Year rolling by predicting growing terrorism in
America and assuring us all that the FBI is bracing itself for
the worst.

   What you are not being told is that this new frightening
problem is a carefully orchestrated part of the undeclared war
being waged on you by the Rockefeller Brothers.  The terrorism
itself is flaring up, courtesy of your friendly CIA, which was
behind the SLA and La Guardia episodes as well as many others of
lesser note.  Of course after they have given enough examples for
people to copy, they fully expect a few unstable individuals here
and there to decide to do the same thing, and those amateurs will
be the ones who will be caught from time to time and prosecuted
with great fanfare.  As usual, the Rockefellers first create a
problem on one hand--in this case terrorism--and then stand ready
to solve this problem for us on the other hand--in this case by
way of a nation-wide law enforcement apparatus, which they are
subtly bringing under federal control.

                        POLICE SITUATIONS

   This same technique is being applied in the related area of
"civil disturbances."  Lodged within the so-called United States
Department of Justice is a relatively new and little known agency
called the "Law Enforcement Assistance Administration" or LEAA
for short.  In the few years of its existence, LEAA has turned
into very big business indeed, and is busily converting segments
of your local police all around the country into Regional
branches of our as yet unadmitted "Federal Police Force"--in
other words, our GESTAPO.  Of course "Gestapo" has an unpleasant
ring to it so don't expect them to name it that.  These "special
duty law enforcement teams" are for the most part not yet well
known by local citizens in each area.  Lately, though, a few of
them have received some unwanted publicity in scattered locations
around the country, so keep your eyes open.

   One favorite type of unit is often called a Metropolitan or
Metro Police Unit.  These are typically formed as a cooperative
arrangement among a group of communities.  Each community
contributes a few of its officers to the Metro Unit, which is
given jurisdiction throughout all the communities involved.

   The LEAA assists in getting these going by footing the bill,
or most of it, with your federal tax dollars for the first few
years.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?  But it is the first step toward
replacing your local policemen with Regional cops who may feel
much less attachment to you or your town.  Worse yet, LEAA takes
deliberate advantage of the natural tendency of most local Police
Chiefs not to give up their best men but to instead pawn off any
troublemakers or less reliable men onto the Metro Unit.

   It's no wonder that in one area I was recently told about,
such a Regional police unit has already acquired the nickname of
"The Storm Troopers."  The residents in that area have no idea
how appropriate that nickname really is.

   Most of this is tied in directly or indirectly with the secret
domestic "OPERATION GARDEN PLOT" about which I warned you seven
months ago in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 2.  Most of this huge
program, which has even involved domestic war games and maneuvers
for several years, is still well hidden.  One exception, although
its connection with "Operation Garden Plot" is not generally
known, is the new breed of police usually known as "Special
Weapon Attack Teams" or SWAT.  They are the Green Berets of the
police, and there is even a popular TV program to make them
appear as heroes rather than the menace that they really are. 
True, they are frequently used right now in situations where
their services may be beneficial, but this is little more than
"combat readiness training" to insure that they can be used for
more serious purposes when the time comes.

   But you may say: "These policemen are good Americans
themselves.  Surely they would not allow themselves to be used as
tools in setting up a Dictatorship!"  Of course they wouldn't IF
they saw the situation that way, but "Operation Garden Plot"
started nearly 10 years ago in the wake of riots which were
deliberately ignited in the mid-60's.  All the indoctrination
given to these Special Police Units is given the slant that
serious civil disturbances might rise again and that at all costs
they would have to be put down to save our country!  This is the
diabolically clever trap being laid for us by the Rockefeller
Brothers.  We must stop the secret new Rockefeller Constitution
before it is adopted, otherwise the streets of America will run
red as frantic Americans try too late to reverse the so-called
"Second Revolution" of the Rockefeller Brothers.


   Of course there may not yet be a Regional police set-up where
you live, but something else is bound to be closer to home, the
Post Office.  If there is one thing Americans probably don't fear
it is the Post Office.  We have been brought up to take for
granted the safety, dependability, and convenience of the United
States mails, and that is exactly what makes it such a valuable
tool for the Rockefeller Brothers now that it has fallen into
their clutches.

   On May 28, 1969, the "Postal Service Act of 1969" was
introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Morris
Udall of Arizona on behalf of the Rockefeller interests who had
been paving the way for it for two years.  More recently, by the
way, Udall has been leading the campaign to destroy your property
rights by means of national "LAND USE" legislation, and he has
also rendered other useful services to the Rockefellers.  Perhaps
you have wondered how good old "Mo Udall" has been able to come
from nowhere and receive such favorable publicity in his
presidential campaign.  Now you know.

   After an appropriate delay to suggest due deliberation, the
"Postal Service Act" was passed overwhelmingly by both houses of
Congress and signed into law by President Nixon late in 1970.  At
the stroke of a pen, the "United States Post Office Department"
was abolished and replaced by the quasi-private "U.S. Postal

   Just as the "Federal Reserve Act" in 1913 handed over control
of our money to the Rockefeller interests, the "Postal Service
Act" handed them the control of our most basic communication
system, the Mails.

   Like the Federal Reserve System, the Postal Service is now
privately owned, yet it retains the powers and privileges of the
federal government.  And not only was it obtained at no cost to
the present owners aside from lobbying and propaganda expenses
but their investment bankers have already reaped over $50,000,000
in brokerage fees for placing Postal Service Bonds in the private

   When the Act was passed, there was lots of hoopla telling us
that the new Postal Service would hold costs down by improving
service; but postal rates have almost doubled already under the
Postal Service, and just today the news was filled with
statements that the Postal Service will just have to raise rates
again due to its huge deficit--a billion dollars this year alone!

   And as for service, the real plans of the new Postal Service
Corporation when it was created were the exact opposite of the
Public Relations promises.  Plans contained in documents that are
virtually unknown to the American people spell out a well defined
process by which postal service is to be progressively cut to the
bone, not improved; and this process of Sovietization of our mail
service is even laid out in the favorite Soviet style--a
Five-Year Plan from July 1, 1971, to June 30, 1976.

   The mail service reduction plan involves nine separate
measures.  Briefly they are:

1. Elimination of a six-day mail delivery and manned window

2. Consolidation of mail processing centers;

3. Individual and group production standards;

4. New techniques for carrier office work;

5. Limiting mail delivery by requiring such things as "cluster
boxes" at trailer courts, and making only one attempt to deliver
a Parcel Post;

6. Cutting back on basic services such as smaller Post Offices
and the number of Mail Collection boxes, and no longer delivering
Parcel Post and Certified Mail to your home;

7. Requiring you, the customer, to do more and more of the Postal
Service's work, such as coding and sorting the mail;

8. Eliminating the use of Air Transportation for first-class mail
within 750 miles; and

9. Establishment of so-called Standardized Postal Facilities.

   So far these measures sound pretty harmless, don't they? 
Aside from a little inconvenience, they probably don't arouse
much concern on your part.  That is because they were
deliberately written to avoid arousing such concerns and
suspicions.  Each of these nine measures is described by the
Postal Service itself as a, quote "stratagem."  The word
"stratagem", my friend, means a trick in war for deceiving the
enemy.  We, you and I, are the enemy whom the Rockefeller
Brothers intend to deceive with these bland descriptions of very
important things.

   For example, consider Stratagem 2--Consolidation of Mail
Processing Centers.  This implies centralization of mail
processing which will help render the "Search and Seizure"
provisions I will tell you about in a moment more powerful.  It
is also tied in with Stratagem 6 under which more than 3000 Post
Offices have already been shut down, and more will be lopped off

   Most, if not all of the nine Stratagems for downgrading postal
service, imply severe cutbacks in Postal Service personnel.  The
dwindling personnel and lengthening lines in Post Offices these
days are only a foretaste of things to come.  Last year alone
over 15,000 Postal Service jobs were eliminated, and it is going
to get worse as postal jobs disappear right and left.  One might
have expected appropriate Labor spokesmen to put up a howl at
such a plan, but not so George Meany, the AFL-CIO president who
really works for the Rockefeller Brothers, not his Union members. 
He supported this so-called "Postal Reform", thanks to a virtual
yellow-dog contract which gave the AFL-CIO exclusive rights to
represent Postal Service employees without their consent.

   But the mere downgrading of postal service, swindling of
Postal Service employees, and the financial milking of Postal
Service assets and public cash by the Rockefeller Brothers take a
back seat to far more dangerous and little known provisions
quietly written into the "Postal Service Act."

   For example: Suppose you were to write a note or a letter to a
friend and then decide for some reason to take it to him yourself
or have another friend who is going that way drop it off for you. 
That, my friends, is a violation of federal law--the Postal
Service Act of 1969.  The Rockefeller Brothers will brook no such
competition with their postal monopoly.  The only way you can
legally take or send a letter by any means outside the Postal
Service is to treat it as if you had mailed it--seal it in an
envelope, address it for mailing, put the amount of postage on
that would have been required to mail it, then cancel the stamps
in ink and write the date on the envelope.  If you are willing to
go through all that, then you may send or take the letter by some
other means other than the Post Office--that is, unless and until
paragraph 1401-B of the Postal Service Act is invoked which
allows even this privilege to be suspended.

   The parallels between this situation and the "Stamp Act" which
helped bring on the American Revolution are interesting, aren't
they?  This virtual prohibition on carrying letters out of the
mail sounds petty and greedy, but it is far more than that.  It's
the key to a whole range of the Gestapo-style controls for
search, seizure, and censorship which can now be activated at any
moment.  The law already exists.  All that need be done is to
suddenly start enforcing it.

   Under paragraph 1403 of the Postal Service Act, Postal Service
officers can make searches for any such illegally transported
mailable items.  They can stop your car and completely search it,
or if they find your car parked anywhere they can search it.  If
you have any package with you--for example, a birthday gift for a
friend all wrapped up with a fancy bow--they can open that up to
see if you are smuggling a forbidden letter inside.  Should an
illegally transported letter be found in such a search, it may be
seized; and if it was concealed in the package or parcel, the
package is simply forfeited outright.  Within six months after
such a seizure, the Postal Service has the option of bringing
suit or other proceedings against you.  It need not return your
letter to you in event of a favorable ruling until two months
after those proceedings are completed.  In other words, that
seemingly petty little provision about not sending a letter
outside the mails, along with the other provisions dependent on
it, open the door for wholesale detainment and searching of
anyone and everyone traveling anywhere off his own property. 
They constitute an extremely dangerous trap ready to be used when
the occasion calls for it to restrict and control your movements
and activities.  Any time you may be suspected of engaging in any
activity the Government does not want, a postal inspection may be
imposed on you to look for damaging evidence.  It is only one
short step further, of course, for such evidence to be planted
during the search itself.  "UnConstitutional", you say?  Of
course it is.  After all, it is the product of the same people
who brought you Adolf Hitler and who now seek to destroy our

   And what I've said is not all, there's more.  For instance,
there are the provisions against what is called "Non-mailable
Matter."  Right now public acceptance of this concept is being
promoted by applying it only to pornographic material; but later
it's application can be expanded to include anything our Rulers
find objectionable, such as criticism of their policies!

   Furthermore, sanctions can now be imposed on anyone who uses a
fictitious name or address, and advanced fingerprint techniques
can be used by the Postal Service to track down those who have
handled an anonymous letter.  Should the President declare a
"National Emergency", such as he may do soon on account of the
war that's planned in the Middle East and as is mentioned 13
times in the secret new Rockefeller Constitution, everyone will
be required by Executive Orders now in effect to register at
their Post Office just as aliens do now.  You would then be on a
very short leash.

   The Postal Service also is given other dangerous powers, such
as the power of "eminent domain" by which this huge private
corporation can acquire your property if it so desires.  So the
Rockefeller Brothers are weaving their Postal Service web larger
and larger out of the public eye until the day they decide to put
it to use to entrap us all as a part of their "undeclared war"
against you and me.

Topic #2--When World War I ended, the Treaty of Versailles
required the defeated Germany to pay huge war reparations to the
victorious Allies.

   After World War II, Europe was again forced to pay
reparations, but you won't find them in any history book because
this time the reparations were paid not to any nation or group of
nations but to the Real Rulers of the Western world--the Four
Rockefeller Brothers.  And, as always, it was done at your

   Here is what happened.  As I explained in AUDIO BOOK No. 1
about the "...COMING DEPRESSION AND WAR...", World War II was
brought about by the international Rockefeller interests and
succeeded in its purpose--to smash the British Empire in order to
break the British boycott against the Rockefeller Standard Oil
Company in the immense Saudi Arabian oil concessions.  Europe was
devastated in the process, however; and after the war the
Rockefeller Brothers set about rebuilding Europe and Japan, and
their own major holdings there, using American taxpayer's money
as usual.  It was called Foreign Aid, The Marshall Plan, and the
Point Four Program among others, the Rockefellers themselves
profiting handsomely from all the so-called foreign aid
programs--and still do today through their multinational
corporations.  But, for the fraction of these programs that did
benefit Europe and Japan, they also laid plans to exact
reparations from Europe and Japan to go into their own coffers.

   Three years ago in my book "THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE
DOLLAR", I showed how the Rockefeller Brothers caused the United
States dollar to be divorced from its gold backing so that gold
could be phased out of the international monetary system and into
their own private pockets.

   Over two decades the Rockefeller Brothers had expanded their
multinational corporations into a formidable economic force using
proceeds from foreign aid as well as the tremendous profits from
Saudi Arabian oil, which they obtained at a net cost of only five
cents (5) a barrel for over 30 years!

   In the late 1960's foreign affiliates of the Rockefeller
multinationals, armed with $200-billion, started dumping these
dollars on the London Gold Market, forcing gold prices up there. 
European central bankers lost billions of dollars worth of gold
in an attempt to keep the gold price and their own currencies
stable, but to no avail.  The forces against them were just too
great, and by March 1968 they were forced to give up, causing the
establishment of the "two-tier" gold system.

   In mid-1971 these same multinationals launched another such
offensive dubbed "Campaign May" bombarding the same central
bankers of Europe with wave after wave of billions of dollars
until finally on March 1973 the central banks of Europe were
forced to purchase the stolen gold reserves of the United States
in Switzerland at $90 an ounce--2-1/2 times the then current
official price of $35.00 per ounce.  The Rockefeller interests
received $45-billion for their trouble.  What thus appeared to be
a soft dollar devaluation in early 1973 was actually reflecting a
huge behind-the-scenes reparation payment extorted from Europe by
the Rockefeller interests for their role in rebuilding Europe and
Japan after World War II--a war which the Rockefeller interests
themselves had caused.

   Since that initial sale of America's gold, the Rockefeller
Brothers have made windfall profits on that same gold several
times over by massaging the gold market up and down--buying low
and selling high.  Such international economic warfare, as well
as the undeclared domestic warfare being waged on you and me,
lies behind the theft of America's gold from Fort Knox and
elsewhere; and there have been hints, at least, about the Fort
Knox rip-off in the past.  In 1968, for example, one William
Ruckelshaus was running for the Senate from Indiana on the
Republican ticket and he took a poke at then President Johnson by
saying, and I quote:

  "I would that every one of our 200-million American citizens
could embark on a sacred pilgrimage to Fort Knox and walk the
silent passageways and view the empty vaults which were once
stacked with gold."

But Ruckelshaus is now one of the Rockefeller "inner circle" and
we hear no more from him about irregularities at Fort Knox!  Nor
do we hear about it through the major news media.  Most are
silent because they are under control one way or another.  The
remaining few who are aware of the Fort Knox situation have so
far knuckled under to pressure and a completely wrong public
interest argument--namely, that if the truth about Fort Knox
comes out, it could bring down the world's monetary system.  But,
my friends, the Rockefeller Brothers have already done that--it
is on the road to total collapse right now to suit their

   What exposure of the Fort Knox Scandal would do is to wrestle
it free from their control so that it could be rebuilt for the
benefit of everyone.

   The news has recently included big stories about other alleged
irregularities and corrupt practices within the United States
Treasury.  For example, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner
Donald Alexander is presently under a Grand Jury investigation
here in Washington, D.C. on corruption charges.

   But the biggest story of them all is Fort Knox; and though it
has been 22 months since I have made my initial charges in
Congressional testimony, there still is no Grand Jury and no
Congressional investigation about Fort Knox, and the story itself
remains blackballed and embargoed by the Rockefeller-controlled
major media!

   But the strain of covering up is taking its relentless toll. 
As I related last month, Treasury Secretary Simon has now
resorted to outright lies, saying the Central Core Vault at Fort
Knox does not exist--despite our evidence to the contrary from a
former Commanding General of Fort Knox and other sources.

   The Simon lie is now the new official line at the Treasury and
is being repeated verbatim by one official after another.  And
poor Mary Brooks!  Mrs. Brooks, of course, is the Director of the
United States Mint, ostensibly so.  In September 1974 she capped
off the Boy Scout picnic for visitors at Fort Knox with those
famous words: "See, its all here", but she later found out that
my charges are true and that she had been made a "fall guy" by
her bosses.  She tried months ago to resign as I mentioned in one
of my monthly AUDIO LETTERS, but was refused supposedly until all
blows over.  But the strain is becoming unbearable, and reports
have just surfaced to the effect that she has been under hospital
care since last November for nervous exhaustion caused by worry
and strain.  Officially what she is said to be worried about is
the ridiculous case of several missing experimental aluminum
pennies.  If you want to believe that one, go right ahead.  Poor
Mary Brooks is now in a very precarious situation.  She has
become unreliable for the conspirators and they now have her
right where they want her--in a hospital!  If she is lucky she
may be allowed to resign for "reasons of health", or she may be
about to follow the last footsteps of Mrs. Louise Boyer for
knowing too much.  The successful mass media blackout on the Fort
Knox Gold Scandal has now guaranteed that you will face very hard
economic times shortly.

   But still worse is the Fort Knox Plutonium Poison Scandal,
which is being covered up even more brutally.  It has now been
four months since I first revealed that a CIA super poison
processed from deadly radioactive plutonium-239 was stored in and
leaking from the Central Core Vault of the Fort Knox Bullion
Depository.  Cancer figures released shortly thereafter by the
Government revealed an appalling 18% upsurge in cancer downwind
of Fort Knox, but now the press is filled with efforts by the
Government to discredit its own figures as a fluke due to their
connection with the Fort Knox situation.

   A month ago they also began beating the drum about other
radioactive leakages allegedly discovered 'suddenly' in the
vicinity of Fort Knox, thereby camouflaging Fort Knox as a
radiation source itself.  Meanwhile an invisible deadly atomic
plague is seeping outward from Fort Knox.  The insane, inhuman
plans discussed in the White House on November 8, 1975 were
carried out.  The contents of the leaking casks of CIA super
poison stored in the Central Core Vault were dumped into the
underground streams beneath Fort Knox, and now the possibility of
containment of the poison is gone.

   It's no longer a question now, my friends, of doing what I
suggested four months ago.  That was to abandon the Fort Knox
Bullion Depository and seal it up in a tomb of rock and lead so
that its deadly contents could no longer escape.  But now, over
40-million people in the southeastern United States are living in
what should be declared a "National Disaster Area" by President

   The atomic plague now spreading throughout the southeast has
some similarities to the bubonic plague or Black Death that
decimated Europe hundreds of years ago.  Like bubonic plague
germs, the CIA super poison is invisible, tasteless, and
odorless.  When the bubonic plague struck Europe it advanced
relentlessly and largely out of control because modern medicine
had not yet come along to educate people to the nature of the
unseen danger.  And today the atomic plague from Fort Knox is
also advancing relentlessly and without warning, because this
time the plague is man-made; and the men who made it refuse to
issue the life-and-death warning that is needed.

   In the relatively low concentrations now building up in places
throughout the southeast, the time lag between exposure to the
plutonium poison and its deadly cancerous effect may be
considerable--months or even years, varying from one place to
another depending on local conditions.  So if nothing is done,
40-million Americans seeing nothing wrong, unable to taste or
smell the atomic plague and not being warned by the Government,
will be taking more and more poison into their bodies--men,
women, and children.  By the time people start dying in alarming
numbers from the cancerous effects of the poison, the Rockefeller
Brothers expect to have their dictatorship in place.  After all,
it is down to a matter of months for them now after decades of
work.  If we accept their diabolical new Constitution in 1976,
they will be home free and they won't let anything get in their
way if they can help it.

   Forty-million people?  Don't be silly, they've already caused
the sacrifice of many times that number of lives in the 20th
Century in order to advance their drive for world domination. 
And looked at from their perspective, 40-million people are
scarcely more than one per cent (1%) of the world's
population--hardly even a visible dip on their planning charts.

   President Ford knows about the hideous death threat to
40-million Americans and it has him petrified; but in his belated
efforts to break free of Nelson Rockefeller's iron grip, he is
afraid his own life would be in danger if he went too far. 
Perhaps when he realizes that the atomic plague is also being
carried toward Washington, D.C., he will conclude that he has no
choice but to act.

   Meanwhile the grim joke is on the Rockefeller Brothers and
their henchmen.  Contaminated gold from Fort Knox is now stored
in their hideaways in New York State and elsewhere in banks,
estates, and certain mountain caverns used as depositories by
major multinational corporations controlled by the Rockefeller
Brothers.  As I revealed two months ago in my monthly AUDIO
LETTER No. 7, both Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger among
others have inadvertently poisoned themselves by handling some of
this stolen gold.  That is why Nelson was described in a
Westchester newspaper two weeks ago as, and I quote: "hoarse,
somewhat pale and, according to persons who have known him for
years, lacking the old fire"; but we shall see.

   I should warn you that deteriorating health on the part of
these men is not likely to save us from their plans in the
slightest--just the opposite.  Any sense of desperation
Rockefeller may feel could cause him to try to speed up his own
timetable, especially since it is now considerably delayed.

   Meanwhile, war is imminent overseas; and there, too, you will
be the one to pay for it according to present Rockefeller plans. 
The overall strategy is still as I explained in detail three
months ago in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6.  It is also still
targeted to begin this month or next, but two factors may cause
them a slight further delay.  One is the bungled CIA attack on
Arab OPEC oil ministers in December, which was linked to the
crisis in Lebanon.  The multinationals have left Lebanon and have
not returned, please note that.  The other factor is that when I
was in Europe early December 1975 I alerted European and OPEC
governments to these war plans hoping to throw a monkey wrench
into them.  Whether I succeeded at all remains to be seen, but at
least I am informed that Henry Kissinger is boiling mad at me

   The situation in Angola is only a small part of the overall
Rockefeller-Soviet plans for conquest in Asia and Africa, but the
Rockefeller media are putting a heavy spotlight on it to keep
your eyes off the bigger picture.  It doesn't matter whether the
CIA or the Soviet-backed forces win in Angola since they are both
in the Rockefeller orbit.  Angola is primarily a stepping-stone
toward the take-over of rich South Africa, which has about a year
to go on a three-year timetable that the Rockefeller Brothers
have been following.  Meanwhile the Cuban forces in Angola will
shortly be shifted over to Mozambique to put pressure on
Rhodesia.  And very soon Congress is to be forced to take action
tantamount to a declaration of war, and all sorts of emergency
measures will come into force including sedition laws which the
Rockefeller Brothers may try to use to silence people like
myself.  Now should that happen, I beg of you: Please don't
forget my warnings which are for your benefit.  Play this and any
of my other tapes you have over and over so that you will learn
all you can from them to protect yourself and your family.  The
more completely you know and understand the truth, the less
vulnerable you will be to lies and propaganda.

   After the war is so declared, anyone who has signed up for the
highly publicized Food Stamp Program may be in for a nasty shock. 
This program is now controlled by Laurance Rockefeller and has
ties to the less well known Federal Job Program which is to
provide masses of people to be sent to the Middle East to rebuild
the capped-off oil wells even while there is still residual
radioactivity there!  But perhaps you won't be among those
tricked into literally signing your life away like that, and
maybe you don't have to drive much so won't be very disturbed by
gas rationing.  Possibly you are even among the few who have
sufficient liquid assets to weather a severe depression and come
out on top.  And, of course, the odds are 4 out of 5 that you
don't live in the path of the atomic plague in the southeast
United States, so why should you worry.  Here's why: Once the
Arab OPEC oil wells are capped off by nuclear strikes, the next
step is the huge Asian war with the United States pressed into
all-out service as the factory for the Soviet Union.

   But that, my friends, will only be the first stage of World
War III.  The second stage will consist of a double-cross of the
Rockefeller Brothers by the Soviet Union itself.  As I warned in
AUDIO BOOK No. 1, an attack on the Panama Canal will set off that
war, and an attack on the Alaskan Oil Pipe Line, which will be
vital by then, will leave the United States virtually helpless to
defend itself against a vastly superior Soviet armed might, which
has been built up at your expense by the Rockefellers themselves. 
This is the final, catastrophic bottom line toward which
so-called detente is leading--nuclear war, ultimately on American
soil and Soviet domination of our land IF WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. 
Only if you and I do our part--passing the word and waking up the
sleeping American people, can this unthinkable disaster be


Topic #3--Early last November Nelson Rockefeller publicly
announced that he was bowing out as a candidate for the
Vice-Presidency in 1976.  I warned then that his
Vice-Presidential withdrawal was only a trap for the unwary; and
on February 4, 1976, he himself said practically the same thing I
told you last November.  Rockefeller's words were, and I quote:

  "I withdrew as Vice-President.  My statement includes the
Vice-Presidency only."

And in just a few days, on February 19, 1976, Nelson Rockefeller
plans to burst into the presidential campaign arena, stealing the
spotlight from everyone else in coming weeks and focusing it on

   Since becoming Vice-President under the 25th Amendment, which
he himself engineered into the Constitution, Rockefeller has been
thwarted several times in his efforts to replace Gerald Ford in
the Oval Office.  Most recently, Ford was supposed to get out of
the way in time for Rockefeller to give the "State of the Union"
speech as president; but for some time now Richard Nixon has been
calling Ford almost daily to say "Hang in there, Jerry", while
Rockefeller keeps pressuring him to get out.  It is a question
right now of who has the worst blackmail material on Ford: Nixon
or Rockefeller.  So far, Nixon has been able to keep the upper
hand in this tug of war.  So it was back to the drawing boards
again for Nelson Rockefeller, and he is determined not to be
thwarted again.  Ford stammered and fumbled his way through an
insignificant "State of the Union" address as if reading it for
the first time, which he may have been since it was worked up
practically at the last minute.

   Meanwhile the electrifying State of the Union message
Rockefeller had planned to deliver will now be delivered a chunk
at a time in a little over 10 speeches.  He will be speaking
about things no other candidate does--fundamental matters that
look far beyond mere current issues.  Just as a Rockefeller
puppet named Franklin Delano Roosevelt called for a "New Deal" in
a time of national trial, Nelson Rockefeller will try to convince
us of the pressing need for a new balance between the public and
private sectors.  Rockefeller's ideas and proposals will be
controversial; but in the coming months you will be battered and
buffeted by escalating problems that are intended to make
Rockefeller's ideas look more and more attractive to you.  And to
help calm any residual fears you may have that Rockefeller's
proposals are too radical or dangerous, the instant Conservative
strategy which began last summer will be brought into play.

   Several months ago I explained the role that AFL-CIO president
George Meany is to play in this, and he can hardly wait for the
go-ahead to publicly endorse Rockefeller.  Just today, February
16, Meany announced that the AFL-CIO will not endorse a Democrat
prior to Convention time.

   A few days ago Rockefeller's instant Conservative strategy
shifted into high gear.  Senator Barry Goldwater, who is perhaps
the biggest Rockefeller Trojan horse of all, has now endorsed
Rockefeller for President saying he has 'changed' his liberal
ways.  Since last May I have tried first privately, then through
public appeals, to get Goldwater to release crucial Fort Knox
evidence in his possession which was obtained from the widow of a
man who died suddenly under very strange circumstances; but Mr.
Conservative refuses to cooperate, and is still sitting on that
evidence to this very day!  Now we have the public proof of the
reason, which I have known privately for some time.  Goldwater's
evidence would tend to implicate the Four Rockefeller Brothers;
and Goldwater, who has sometimes been called 'the conscience of
the Senate' by the increasingly generous Rockefeller media of
late, is himself a keystone of Nelson Rockefeller's instant
Conservative strategy to deceive you.  By the time Ronald Reagan
becomes Rockefeller's Vice-Presidential running mate, the plan is
for Rockefeller's magical transformation in the public eye to be

   Meanwhile, things will be going from bad to worse, crisis
heaped upon crisis.  On Jefferson's birthday April 13, 1976, the
new $2.00 bill is to be introduced, highlighting the inflation
that is sending the dollar into oblivion, or a moratorium. 
Simon's so-called "red-back dollars", described in my AUDIO BOOK
No. 1, are getting closer and closer.

   The risk of losing your job is also going up and up.  My
latest confidential information direct from within the Bureau of
Labor Statistics, is an unemployment level of 18.3%, up 3% in
only a month's time!  Meanwhile the papered-over financial
collapse of New York City and State is still progressing and will
shortly surface again in dramatic fashion.  The Stock Market
hangs high but it hangs by a thread; and confidence in the
nation's banks is being whittled away steadily because only today
another large bank failed, the Hamilton National Bank of
Chattanooga, Tennessee, with assets of half a billion dollars.

   With the Mideast war is to come gas rationing, and with it a
whole new ere of shortages.  The deep drought in the Great Plains
that is now developing was predicted for me two years ago by oil
experts who told me that deliberately excessive rates of domestic
oil production were gradually lowering the water table in that
part of the country and would soon bring back the dust-bowl
conditions of the 1930's.  Our huge grain surpluses of recent
years, of course, are now stored in the Soviet Union so you and
your family will be the ones affected by shortages.

   Nelson Rockefeller is determined to run as our incumbent
president next November.  After conspiring for over 20 years,
spending $25-million to get himself confirmed, and forcing
Congress to seal damaging testimony for 50 years, he does not
intend to be stopped again.  When the time is ripe this time,
Gerald Ford will depart from the scene one way or another.

   If our beloved land is to be saved, it is UP TO US, you and
me, to do it.  The only weapon we have is the TRUTH, made known
to everyone; and in AUDIO BOOK No. 6 on "WHAT WE CAN DO TO SAVE
AMERICA", I have tried to explain exactly how we can do it.  If
you have some better ideas, fine; please go to it, but we must,
each of us, do what we can whether it seems great or small, and
we must DO IT NOW.  We are in the last lap of a long, long race;
and the prize is our own FREEDOM.  Like an Olympic runner, we
must get our "second wind" now and run as if our lives were at
stake because, dear friends, they are!

   Until next month, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 08

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


   Hello, everybody, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is January 21,
1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 8.

   As we begin to celebrate the Bicentennial of our Independence,
let us reflect for a moment on our past.  Out of a vast
wilderness our people created a nation with astonishing speed. 
Our Forefathers brought forth a nation with the highest and most
stable form of self-government ever conceived by man.  It was
unique in the entire world, a prescription for freedom simple
enough for everyone to understand, yet truly a work of genius. 
It's no wonder that from our earliest days as an independent
nation the eyes of the entire world have been riveted on the

   What was initially called our noble experiment was spectacular
in its success, and America's banner of freedom became a symbol
of hope for oppressed peoples everywhere.

   Would any of this have happened without the clear patriotic
vision of our Founding Fathers?  Could it have come to pass
without the courage of George Washington who in 1776 led the
famous surprise attack on the far stronger British forces in
Trenton?  Would we have had our inspired and inspirational
CONSTITUTION if Benjamin Franklin's call for prayer had not
broken the impasse over representation at the Constitutional
Convention in Philadelphia in 1787?  Could we ever have had a
government sensitive to the wishes of the people if the humility
of our early leaders had been replaced with the arrogant boasting
practiced by our corrupt rulers of today?  And, would we have had
a nation such as ours if our Founding Fathers had believed in the
internationalism promoted today by the Rockefeller Brothers?

   What would our Founding Fathers say today if they could see us
meddling in the affairs of other countries?  How would they feel
about the tremendous sacrifices they endured if they could see
our rulers of today building up another nation to become our
slave master at our own expense?

   We would all do well to look back once again at the patriotic
words of George Washington in his Farewell Address as President. 
He advised his countrymen to extend commercial relations to
foreign nations with as little political connection as possible. 
He did not advise against such commercial relations in
themselves, nor did he object to temporary alliances with foreign
nations when needed in an emergency; but he did give us a clear,
strong warning that has an urgent relevance to us today, and I

  "to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the
foreign world."

Is this rule being followed today by our Rockefeller Rulers and
their client followers?

   Since 1917 the Rockefeller empire has been allied with the
Soviet Union, with which we are to be merged against our will and
with the Soviets ultimately in the driver's seat!!  As I
explained last month, and have often discussed on other
occasions, we, the people are the victims of an alliance between
State Socialism in Russia and Corporate Socialism here under the
Rockefeller Brothers.  And, my friends, this is not an informal
arrangement.  Since at least the early days of the Eisenhower
Administration, which was actually run behind the scenes by
Nelson Rockefeller, there has been a White House Directive which
I am about to reveal to you for the very first time.  It is
short, but not sweet.  It establishes as a prime goal of federal
policy, and I quote here:

  "to so alter life in the United States that it can be
comfortably merged with life in the Soviet Union."

   My friends, I do not merely challenge, I dare President Ford
or anyone else in the White House to deny the existence of this
Directive under oath.  They won't do so unless they have become
so desperate that they are willing to gamble on any bluff,
because I have access to documentary evidence on this matter that
could immediately convict them for perjury and lead to
impeachment and/or prison.

   Yes, this short White House Directive, my friends, quote: "to
so alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably
merged with life in the Soviet Union"--that's the key to all of
our domestic and foreign policy today.  It explains why we have
become the factory for the Soviet Union.  It explains why so many
multinational corporations are being used to build up the Soviet
economy while depressing our own.  It explains why the many huge
Rockefeller-controlled, tax-exempt Foundations, which are all
working in this direction, are immune to prosecution for their
flagrant violation of their charters.  It explains why the
Rockefeller-controlled banks and financial institutions are so
single-mindedly financing the Soviet Juggernaut at American
taxpayer expense.

   It is little wonder that Nobel Prize-winning biologist George
Wald in an article a year ago about the runaway power of the
multinational corporations said, and I quote: "hence no nation so
closely resembles the United States as the Soviet Union."

   My fellow citizens, it is essential that we halt this horrible
slippage backward into tyranny.  If we are to survive as a free
people beyond this our Bicentennial Year, we, the people, must
rise up and make the Government that belongs to us turn its face
forward once again to the still new, still fresh ideals and
principles that launched our great nation.  I am absolutely
convinced that we can still do it IF WE WILL.

   Last month I recorded AUDIO BOOK No. 6 entitled "WHAT WE CAN
DO TO SAVE AMERICA" to explain the strategy which I believe can
and will do the job.  And already alert citizens all over America
are listening to this message, getting to work, and making
suggestions.  If YOU will join in the task, we can do it. 
Meanwhile I intend to keep informing you about what we are up
against, how events are progressing, and what plans are being
formed behind the scenes.  To this end, I want to talk to you
today about three topics that all reflect the drive to merge life
in America with that in the Soviet Union.




Topic #1--It is essential that I give special attention to the
first topic today, but I will deal with the remaining two topics
as fully as I can in the time that remains for them.

   Almost two years ago in April 1974 during Congressional
testimony before a subcommittee of the "House Banking and
Currency Committee" I first revealed that the Bullion Depository
at Fort Knox had been looted of its gold.  I stood ready to
present evidence to substantiate my charges, but nothing whatever
was done!  Having been failed by Congress, I then took my story
to the public through lectures, radio Talk Shows, and publication
of my charges in a national weekly newspaper.  Faced by this
public pressure, the Government responded by setting in motion a
well orchestrated cover-up, a cover-up far more massive and more
serious than that of the Watergate scandal which removed our last
elected President from office.

   The actual cover-up began on September 23, 1974, with the
carefully staged visit of Congressmen and newsmen to Fort Knox. 
I have detailed the ensuing cover-up, among other things, in my
TO YOU."  I have also given you continuing updates since June
1975 by means of my monthly AUDIO LETTER.  In October 1975 I
revealed what I had just learned at that time that makes a "twin"
super scandal of the Fort Knox situation--namely, the presence of
about 60 pounds of radioactive liquid super poison processed from
deadly plutonium-239 in the Central Core Vault of the Bullion
Depository at Fort Knox.  The canisters of poison put there in
1968 by the CIA are corroding and leaking faster and faster,
endangering the health and even the lives of millions of
Americans in the southeastern United States.

   The Government's response to this second, far more serious
half of the Fort Knox Scandal, has been the same as to the
first--COVER UP.  I've explained in recent months how first
Senator Frank Church and then Congressman Otis Pike, Chairmen
respectively of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees,
have become parties to the Fort Knox plutonium scandal cover-up;
and how bureaucratic gobbledygook is being used by Government
officials to avoid giving straight, honest answers about the

   But now, the Fort Knox Scandal cover-up is getting even worse. 
It has recently entered a new phase of outright lying and of
masking the evidence concerning my charges.  They are going for
broke, and they have long since passed the point of no return. 
The same tactics of lying and cheating by the Government that are
standard practice in the Soviet Union, into which we are to be
merged, are now being used here in the United States, and these
tactics are far more effective here than in Russia because
Americans, unlike Soviet citizens, have not yet learned to expect
their government to lie to them continuously.  Up 'till now the
main cover-up approach has been one of evasion, but now an
atmosphere of desperation on the part of the wrongdoers is
becoming increasingly apparent.  For the very first time Treasury
Secretary William Simon has made the fatal mistake of actually
lying, in writing no less, about a crucial matter--the existence
of the Central Core Vault of the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox. 
We have challenged the Government to either confirm or deny its
existence in the past; and we have identified it not only by this
name, "Central Core Vault", but also by describing it to avoid
any possibility of misunderstanding due to terminology.

   In a letter to a friend of mine dated December 10, 1975, Simon
said the following, and I quote:

  "The allegation that plutonium 239 is, or ever has been stored
at Fort Knox in a central core vault is false, and the Army has
just conducted an extensive test of the Bullion Depository and
has found no evidence of radioactivity.  I should add that there
is no such thing as the Central Core Vault."

Notice that Simon's denial of the presence of plutonium-239 at
the Depository is tied right in with his denial of the existence
of the Central Core Vault.  Obviously if there is no Central Core
Vault then it cannot contain plutonium-239!  But on the other
hand, to have any faith that his denial about the plutonium is
truthful, you must also believe his assertion that there exists
no Central Core Vault at the Depository.  If he would lie about
one, he would lie about the other.

   With that in mind, please listen now to an excerpt from
another letter--this one written to one of my associates by a
retired Lieutenant General, John L. Ryan, Jr., a former
Commanding General of Fort Knox.  General Ryan probably knows
more about the Depository than anyone else who ever commanded
Fort Knox.  He spent two tours of duty there before he returned a
third time as the Commanding General; and when the gold was moved
to Fort Knox to be stored there for the very first time in 1937,
it was he who was placed in charge of the actual physical
movement of the incoming gold into the Depository.  With regard
to the disputed Central Core Vault, he says, quote:

  "When I use the word 'vault' I am referring to the central core
of the Depository where the bullion was stored.  This vault was
below ground level and could be entered only through a specially
constructed bank-type door that opened onto a screw lift.  This
door was in the Receiving-Shipping area of the Depository. The
Receiving-Shipping room was above ground level.  The vault was
below ground level.  Around the vault proper, or central core,
below ground level was a passageway.  On this passageway were a
number of cell-like compartments.  There was no means of entering
the vault from this passageway."

   My friends, the passageway with its compartments are all that
the visitors saw in September 1974.  The existence of the Central
Core Vault, which is where the gold, if any, should have been, is
absolutely confirmed by General Ryan; and as his letter makes
clear, the 1974 visitors had no chance of finding out about it
while wandering around in the passageway and looking at the small
compartments you heard and read about in the news.

   Such bald-faced lying is bad enough, but the mounting
desperation of the Rockefeller Brothers and their lackeys over
Fort Knox now goes even beyond mere lying.  It is standard
practice whenever an extremely damaging secret is in danger of
exposure, to distract attention from it and confuse the issue by
deliberately exposing something else--something far less serious
and dangerous than the secret being hidden yet shocking enough to
satisfy the public's appetite for the truth.

   With our totally manipulated government of today, a good rule
of thumb is whenever something that looks really damaging is
revealed, ask yourself: "Why are they letting this out of the
bag?  What is it that is worse that they are trying to distract
my attention from?"  Thus, for example, Sen. Church's sensational
revelations last summer about deadly shellfish toxins and the
like fooled many into believing they had been given the whole
ugly truth about CIA misdeeds, but actually he was covering up
what he knew about the insane nuclear super poison at Fort
Knox--something a thousand times worse than anything he revealed.

   Now in the same way a cover-up campaign has been launched in
regard to the leakage of the plutonium-239 super poison from Fort
Knox, and it's horrible.  A few days ago on January 12, 1976, a
truck carrying radioactive waste just "happened" to have an
accident in eastern Kentucky, smack in the heart of the area now
most heavily affected by radioactive poison leakage from Fort
Knox.  Fourteen of the 32 drums of waste on the truck fell off,
and 8 of them broke open and leaked.  The newspaper stories
around there about it contained the usual assurances that there
was no danger, that it had been cleaned up, etc., but leakage had

   Just six days later on January 18 newspapers contained big
articles about still another alleged radioactive waste leakage
problem in Kentucky.

   The truck I mentioned a moment ago had been on its way to a
nuclear waste dumping ground at Maxey Flats, Kentucky, which had
been in use since 1963, and now we are suddenly told that the
leakage is occurring there too.  Federal investigators, those
wonderful watchdogs we are supposed to trust and admire, claimed
that radioactive waste in steel, wooden, and even cardboard drums
has been just dropped into trenches and covered up with dirt; and
after 12 years they have just now abruptly discovered that some
of it has gotten loose and is spreading through the ground,
through the water, and through the air.  And a study by the
General Accounting Office, while it gives the standard assurance
that there is no immediate danger, recommends a crash program to
correct the situation and develop systematic standards for safe
disposal of radioactive waste.

   Now, why all of this sudden concern about leakage of
radioactive contamination?  And why does the spotlight on actual
leakage cases just happen to be on Kentucky?  After all, there
are vastly more serious problems of this sort elsewhere in the
United States, for example, in New York State--but so why
Kentucky?  Two reasons, my friends.  For one thing, they are
using the opportunity to continue the nuclear "con game" that has
been pulled on you for years by assuring you even when there are
nuclear waste leakages that you don't really have to worry about
it.  But, more importantly, in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 7 last
month I posed a direct challenge to the federal government to
either prove or disprove my charges; and I spelled out a fair,
objective way to do it.  What is going on now is their answer to
my challenge by spreading stories about other kinds of
radioactive waste leakage in the general vicinity of Fort Knox,
and possibly by deliberately causing such releases--such as
occurred in the truck accident--they are feverishly tampering
with the evidence.

   The program I suggested to use offsite measurements to detect
leakage from the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox would, as they
can now argue, no longer prove anything conclusively about my
charges because of these other radioactive leakages which
allegedly have also suddenly been discovered in the same region. 
I, for one, would like to see the whole business about Fort Knox
laid to rest once and for all, and I know you would too.  I know
that my charges about the gold and about the plutonium poison are
true; but for the sake of argument IF I were wrong, I would
rather be honestly proven wrong about any or all of them and be
made a laughingstock than to have the American people's worry
over this matter dragged out endlessly like this.

   Whatever the truth is, I want you to know; but the Rockefeller
lackeys in the Government know only too well that the truth is
exactly what I have told you, and they don't want you to know. 
They will do anything and everything to try to save themselves
regardless of how many other human beings they may doom in the
process.  And so, my friends, this is the vicious reality behind
the smooth mask that our Rockefeller-controlled federal
government wears.  We, the people, must bring the pressure to
bear that will cause these things to be honestly investigated and

   The United States is under the thumb of modern outlaws; and if
we do not bring them to justice, they will bring us and our
children to total ruin.  So far the United States Congress has
not seen fit even to consider my charges about the gold, about
the plutonium, about anything!  The problem is not that I don't
have the evidence, but that I have too much of it.  The same
applies to the Justice Department, the General Accounting Office,
the White House, and so on, so on.

   But recently a Congressman who heard my testimony in Congress
about the missing Fort Knox gold in April 1974 and who went to
Fort Knox in September 1974, gave us a tiny opening, whether
wittingly or unwittingly.  His constituents have been pressing
him continuously for some answers about Fort Knox; and in recent
replies which were forwarded to me, he in effect challenged us to
do exactly what we have wanted to do for nearly two years--to
present our charges and evidence in a proper legal forum.  Our
response is a six-page "Open Letter" by my able co-patriot, Mr.
Edward Durell of Berryville, Virginia.  The letter is addressed
to Congressman John B. Conlan of Arizona--but it is open, because
based on past performance we have little reason for optimism that
he will take any constructive action unless he is forced to do so
by public pressure.

   The letter presents charges which parallel completely, even in
legal form, the impeachment charges leveled at President Nixon by
the House of Representatives.  It is a legal document, and YOU
are the nation-wide Grand Jury.  Under our CONSTITUTION, it is
ultimately we, the people, who constitute the highest human
authority in our land, and it is UP TO YOU to decide.  Do our
charges deserve an open, complete, honest investigation in a
proper legal forum or not?  If so, it is UP TO YOU to return a
"Citizens Indictment" by demanding that your elected
representatives provide a legal forum through Congressional
investigation or formal Grand Jury proceedings.

   Here now is Mr. Durell's letter to Congressman Conlan of
Arizona.  I will be quoting from the letter from here on all the
way to Mr. Durell's signature.  Mr. Durell's letter is dated
January 7, 1976:

  "Dear Mr. Conlan,

   Your letters of December 5, 1975, to Mrs. Mary Barrow and Mr.
Art Bentley both of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, have been sent to
me for comment.  To that end I write direct to you, with copies
to them and other interested parties.

   In your letter to Mrs. Barrow you state among other things
that, quote: 'Grand Juries are empaneled to investigate criminal
wrongdoing', and that if, quote: 'you personally have evidence of
crimes committed in connection with our nation's gold holdings,
please let me know so that I can put you directly in touch with
appropriate officials of the United States Justice Department who
would have jurisdiction in this matter.'

   In your letter to Mr. Bentley you state among other things
that while you have, quote: 'some misgivings' about the gold
situation, quote: 'I can assure you that exposure to any
radioactive poison would have caused me serious illness.  Neither
I nor anyone else who went to Fort Knox has suffered any such

   Please allow us firstly to answer your letter to Mr. Bentley. 
It is common knowledge in nuclear medicine that if one is exposed
to alpha particle radiation of plutonium, death due to cancer can
come in a matter of months or years.  It all depends upon dosage
level and duration of exposure.  In this respect we would suggest
that you contact Dr. John Gofman, former professor of Medical
Physics emeritus, University of California at Berkeley; or listen
to him by way of a one-hour tape cassette obtainable from AUDIO
BOOKS, INC., P. O. Box 16428, Fort Worth, Texas, 76133; special
tape No. 2 for $6.00 postpaid.

(Editor's note--1981 address is:

    The Dr. Beter AUDIO LETTER
    Suite 5092, 1629 K Street, N.W.
    Washington, D.C.  20006.

Current price is: $7.50 postpaid.)

In this tape Dr. Gofman speaks on the effects of radioactive
poison, among other things.

   In addition, over 18% increase in cancer deaths in the first
seven (7) months this year over last year has taken place in the
central-eastern states, which has left medical authorities in the
dark as to the cause.  They felt they had made such tremendous
cancer advancements in the last few years, and then to have such
a high upsurge in the first seven months this year over last year
in that area alone, is baffling.

   One more thing about this radioactive poison in the United
States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox--hereinafter called 'Fort
Knox.'  We know from sources in the Intelligence industry that
this plutonium poison was part of the plutonium-239 stolen by
members of the Intelligence community in 1966 and that this most
deadly substance was processed in four plants--two in Kentucky,
one in North Dakota, and one in California--into radioactive
liquid poison.  It was then taken--60 pounds each--to Peru,
Panama, Bolivia, and Argentina under cover of a multinational
cement corporation by a CIA officer, Harold Leroy White, for the
sole purpose of threatening to contaminate the United
States-planned and built water aqueduct systems in those
countries for political and economic pressure.  Sixty pounds,
however, intended for use in Argentina, was brought back by Mr.
White and placed in the Central Core Vault at Fort Knox where it
has been stored ever since late 1968.  The casks are now
corroding, causing leakage and contamination over the entire
areas east and southeast of Kentucky, and as far away as Cuba. 
This contamination is endangering the lives of over 40-million
people in this country.  Can we afford to allow these people to
be expendable?

   The federal government has now publicly admitted our charges
that opium and morphine--150,000 pounds and 24,000 pounds
respectively-are stored at Fort Knox.  Why will it not admit the
existence of the plutonium?

   It is suggested that to do so might subject the Government to
thousands of legal actions involving hundreds of millions of
dollars under the Federal Tort Claims Act and/or the Price
Anderson Act, the 1954 Atomic Energy Act as amended, Title 42
Section 2011 and following for, quote: 'extraordinary nuclear
occurrence'--that is, quote: 'any event causing a discharge or
dispersal of source, special nuclear or by-product material from
its intended place of confinement in amounts off site or causing
radiation levels off site and which has resulted or will probably
result in substantial damages to persons off site or property off

   And why will it not admit the loss of our gold reserves?  For
the same reasons--legal actions including those criminal in
nature.  And in the latter connection, we would like here to
pursue your suggestion to Mrs. Barrow and list the charges of the
high crimes committed relative to disappearance of the people's
gold reserves.

   On behalf of the American people it is herein charged that the
United States Treasury Department--hereinafter called
'Treasury'--in violation of its Constitutional duty to protect
the people's gold and in violation of its Constitutional duty to
take care that the laws relative to the safeguarding and custody
of said gold be faithfully executed, has failed so to do in that
between January 1, 1961, and January 1, 1974, prior and
subsequent thereto, Treasury engaged itself through its
officers/agents and in concert with others in America's corridors
of financial power in a course of conduct or plan designed to
convert unto themselves the people's gold entrusted to it for
safekeeping for the avowed purpose of profiting unjust
enrichment; and in a course of conduct or plan designed to cover
up, conceal and protect those responsible and to conceal the
existence and scope of other unlawful covert activities.

   The means used to implement this conduct or plan have included
one or more of the following:

1.  Treasury has failed to render a true account of the amount of
gold shipped out from the United States Bullion Depositories from
1961 to 1968 under color of the 'London Gold Pool Agreement';

2.  Treasury has failed to reveal the true prices, if any,
received for the sale of said gold or reveal the names of the
ultimate purchasers of said gold;

3.  Treasury has failed to give a true account of the amount of
gold shipped out of the United States Bullion Depositories from
1968 to 1974 under color of an ad hoc committee composed of the
Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, the Chairman of the
Council of Economic Advisers, the Chairman of the White House
Council on International Economic Policy, the Secretary of State,
and the Secretary of Treasury, among others;

4.  Treasury has issued a statement dated August 31, 1974,
purporting to list 24-million ounces of good delivery gold at
Fort Knox when in actual fact the Secretary of the Treasury
admitted December 3, 1974, that such listing is false or

5.  Treasury has taken, December 9, 1974, without lawful
authority, two-million ounces of gold from the Exchange
Stabilization Fund by a simple bookkeeping device and four days
later announced by way of the General Services Administration
that there would be an auction of two-million ounces of gold on
an 'as is' basis January 6, 1975.  In addition, a Dutch auction
was held June 30, 1975, with the remainder of said gold based on
a price not considered best for the taxpayers of America;

6.  Treasury has caused a statement to be issued April 11, 1975,
which is false or misleading in that it purports to list all of
the gold shipments out of Fort Knox when in actual fact such list
omitted among other things a shipment of gold consisting of four
(4) tractor-trailer loads on January 20, 1965, which shipment
consisted of 1.762-million ounces valued over sixty-one million
dollars ($61,000,000) at $35.00 per troy ounce--the par value for
official gold at that time;

7.  Treasury has in its immediate possession and control the
necessary keys, combination numbers, and time-control data for
the vaults, depositories, and their mechanisms.  It thus has the
highest duty to take care that its trust be faithfully executed,
but it has acted in a manner contrary to its trust and subversive
of responsible government to the great prejudice and to the
manifest injury of the people of the United States by acting in
concert with others to aid and abet, to surreptitiously remove
the gold under the cover of legal right;

8.  Treasury has made false or misleading statements for the
purpose of deceiving the people of the United States into
believing that a thorough and complete inspection and audit have
been conducted with respect to allegations that Fort Knox
contains no significant amounts of gold and not accounted for, in
that an inspection trip to Fort Knox September 23, 1974, revealed
one (1) cell-like compartment, No. 33, to contain only
copper-hued bars.  Mrs. Mary Brooks, the Director of the Mint,
Treasury, said, quote: 'It's all here.'  Her statement is
analogous to the so-called Audit of October 1974 of only three
(3) of the cell-like compartments at Fort Knox, which Audit calls
the Report to be submitted to Congress February 10, 1975--also
based on a belief that, quote: 'It's all here.'

   Further, the inference given by the inspection trip and the
Audit was that the gold at Fort Knox was of good delivery form
and the remaining ten (10) cell-like compartments were full of
good delivery gold;

9.  Treasury is withholding relevant and material evidence or
information from the American people in total disregard or
violation of the Constitutional right of the people to know what
has happened to its gold reserves and to its right of freedom of
information for purposes unrelated to national security, the
enforcement of laws, or any other lawful functions of Treasury in
that the Central Core Vault at Fort Knox was concealed from the
inspection group of over 100 news media people, six (6)
Representatives, and one (1) Senator of the United States

10.  Treasury has unlawfully utilized its authority to cause the
General Accounting Office to fail to take care that the laws be
faithfully executed in that the General Accounting Office, a
legislative entity, was forced to have only two (2) of its own
people on a settlement committee to audit the alleged gold at
Fort Knox, whereas Treasury had thirteen (13) of its own people
on said committee;

11.  Treasury has not caused to be made an annual physical
inventory of the people's gold since 1953.  Thus Treasury has
failed to take care that Title 31 USC be faithfully executed by
failing to make the required annual physical inventories.

   In all of this and more, Treasury has acted in a manner
contrary to its trust and subversive of Constitutional government
to the great prejudice of law and justice and to the manifest
injury of the people of the United States; wherefore, Treasury
through its officers, agents and others in concert with it, by
such conduct or plan, warrant such parties be brought before
appropriate legal authorities to answer these charges; and,
further, for the restitution of the people's gold except that
portion which is contaminated by radioactive poison in which case
said parties shall be ordered to pay the current market gold
price and for such other appropriate action as may be deemed just
and proper in the premises.

   In support of the charges, please be informed that former
Congressman Frank Chelf's AFFIDAVIT dated April 7, 1975, in which
he deposes and says among other things, and I quote: 'that the
United States government was moving quietly as a church mouse out
of Fort Knox' and that the gold was, quote: 'constantly and
surreptitiously on the move.'

   Fort Knox is located in former Congressman Chelf's
Congressional District.  He further deposes and says that, quote:
'In response to my previous requests for gold removal
information, Treasury officials had been courteous and most
friendly but always non-committal or evasive.'  Mr. Chelf had
earlier made the same charges on the floor of the House of
Representatives, but to no avail.  (See Congressional Record page
15522 - August 21, 1963.)

   Further, Lt. General John L. Ryan, Jr., US Army (Ret.), in his
statement of September 26, 1975 before Congressman Otis G. Pike
in his office, has proved the existence of the Central Core Vault
and in fact has drawn sketches of it.  In view of this, there is
no valid reason for the Secretary of Treasury to continue to deny
the existence of the Central Core Vault at Fort Knox unless there
is something deeply secret stored therein.  There admittedly may
have been the necessity for some secrecy in the 1960's when all
of the gold at Fort Knox was stored in the Central Core Vault. 
Why the secrecy now, since the Comptroller General has stated on
February 10, 1975, quote: 'As of June 30, 1974 about 55% of the
gold claimed by the Treasury was stored in thirteen (13) sealed
compartments at the United States Bullion Depository at Fort
Knox, Kentucky'?

   As further evidence, we call your attention to the balance
sheets of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, which carry Gold
Certificate accounts as an asset to reflect a stated amount of
gold which, in turn, is reflected as a liability on Treasury
balance sheets; however it is submitted these Gold Certificate
accounts reflect assets--gold--which do not in fact exist in
Treasury vaults.  This same situation prevailed in 1943 relative
to silver when, quote: '14,000 tons of silver from the Treasury
reserve backing American paper money was secretly taken from
Treasury vaults although carried publicly on the Treasury balance
sheets', cited in "Tragedy and Hope" by Professor Carroll
Quigley, page 855, 1966/1974.

   We could go on, but suffice it to say that Treasury during our
18 months investigations has not moved to refute by evidence the
basic charges outlined above.  Meanwhile our economy is suffering
by those twin disasters, inflation and deflation--high prices
with high unemployment--initially caused by the disposing of our
gold reserves in secret and its attendant game plan.

   Mr. C. Gordon Tether in his December 11, 1975, article, quote:
'A NEW TWIST OF FORT KNOX SAGA' in the Financial Times of London
stated, quote:

  'But whatever the cost in terms of loss of face, might not the
United States authorities be well advised to do whatever is
necessary to demonstrate that there is no Fort Knox cover-up?  In
the light of what has happened in the United States during the
past few years, deeds inevitably now speak louder than words; and
the refusal to prove that they have nothing to hide, is
inevitably destined to go on fostering precisely the opposite

   Considering all of the above, would you please be so kind as
to put the undersigned and Dr. Peter Beter, as you offered to do
for Mrs. Barrow, quote: 'directly in touch with appropriate
officials of the United States Justice Department who would have
jurisdiction in this matter'?  I am authorized to state that Dr.
Beter concurs with the contents of this letter and is fully
prepared to give further evidence before a United States Grand
Jury and any Congressional investigating committee in
confirmation of the charges herein cited, among others.

   Further, I would suggest you personally bring this letter to
the attention of the Chairman of the House Banking Committee of
which you are a member, for appropriate action.  Failure on your
part to do so will lend credence to the fact you, yourself, have
become part and parcel of the cover-up on this vital matter; and
failure on the part of the Chairman of said Committee to take
such action will further lend credence to the fact that he
himself is in league with those underlying forces at work in
America's corridors of financial power.

                                              Most respectfully,
                                              EDWARD DURELL."

AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU", I warned you to watch for the Stock
Market crash signal, meaning general unemployment in the range of
20 to 25%.  This was originally targeted by the Rockefeller
Brothers for the fall of 1975, but their schedules have been
increasingly upset by their preoccupation with the Fort Knox
Scandal "cover-up" and by the anti-CIA actions of Indira Gandhi
last summer.  Even so, they are working frantically to get the
pieces of their plan together again.

   Here in America, the Government officially says that
unemployment in November 1975 was 8.3%; but my own confidential
information, direct from sources within the Bureau of Labor
Statistics, is that the true figure for November was over
15%--and still increasing!  Therefore the real unemployment
levels are now moving closer and closer to the Stock Market crash
signal levels I revealed nearly a year ago.

   Meanwhile the Dow Jones averages lately are streaking upward
artificially in a dream world of their own, totally divorced from
reality.  The stage is being set for a dramatic visible plunge
downward if the Rockefeller Brothers cut the cable on the Stock
Market elevator.

   And New York City, supposedly safe from outright bankruptcy by
federal loans, is already far behind in its schedule for raising
funds to stay afloat under that loan program.  At the same time,
the Nation's banks are again the subject of widespread concern,
and no wonder.  Recently front page stories have deliberately
been planted in major Rockefeller-controlled newspapers about the
alleged shakiness of the mammoth Chase Manhattan Bank and in even
larger First National City Bank of New York, both of them
Rockefeller controlled.  This is partly an attempt to lower the
Rockefeller profile by saying: "See, we have problems too."  But
more importantly, it is a deliberate effort to undermine
confidence in our whole banking system.  Banks and their
customers should therefore watch for trouble.  A publication
which is doing an outstanding job of keeping on top of the
banking situation as well as many other matters is the Daily News
Digest, Box 27496, Phoenix, Ariz.  85061

   This month's meeting of the International Monetary Fund in
Jamaica produced no communique, no general agreement, only
reflecting continued confusion there.

   Pressed by the smoldering Fort Knox Scandal on one hand and
the imminent war in the Middle East on the other, the primary
goal of the Rockefeller Brothers has now shifted to just one
thing--to abolish the official price of gold in America so that
the non-existent American gold hoard can be quietly dropped from
Treasury and Federal Reserve balance sheets.  Most of the IMF
gold is beyond their grasp for the time being.


                            Topic #3

   Last summer Indira Gandhi cracked down on the CIA to stop the
Rockefeller take-over of her country, India.  Existing war
preparations were immediately diverted to a new direction, and
since that time a major new Asian war has been brewing.  In my
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6 two months ago, I spelled out the
basic strategy for this war, including the role to be played by
the Middle East conflict in paving the way for the Asian War. 
Plans are proceeding rapidly.

   A few days ago Japanese Prime Minister Miki fell into a Soviet
trap.  Reacting to brusk and uncooperative Soviet treatment, he
announced that Japan will sign a treaty with Red China that
includes the anti-Soviet hegemony clause desired by China.  At
the same time, as you may have noticed in news reports, American
business men are rapidly packing up and leaving Japan, supposedly
because their Japanese understudies are now ready to manage
things themselves--but actually because the Rockefeller Brother
interests are bailing out in advance of war, just as happened a
few months ago in Lebanon.

   To set the stage for the big Asian War, hostilities are first
to break out in the Middle East to provide an excuse for a
limited American nuclear strike to cap off Arab OPEC oil wells. 
This will result in cementing the Sino-Japanese alliance for war,
neutralizing Europe and producing real suffering there, and
causing gas rationing in a major body blow to our wobbly economy
here in the United States.

   The terrorist attack on OPEC oil ministers in Vienna last
month, engineered by our own CIA, was supposed to get the ball
rolling in all of this.  Two key oil ministers were supposed to
be killed, leading to escalating reprisals and war--but the job
was botched.  For bungling this top priority operation, the man
in charge, Richard Welch, the CIA station chief in Athens, was
judged unreliable and executed by the CIA itself.

   And now Lebanon, which was primarily a distraction earlier,
has now become the new springboard by which the broader Middle
East conflict is to be enlarged.  All of this, my friends, is
part and parcel of so-called "detente" with Soviet Russia on the
way to a world collectivist dictatorship.  Rockefeller Brothers
internationalism, which is always portrayed by them as the path
to peace, is actually a prescription for war, destruction, and
enslavement.  To them it is "progress."

   On December 31, 1975, President Ford said on the eve of our
Bicentennial Year, and I quote: "Liberty is the most precious
possession of our past."  But, fellow citizens, it is up to us to
restore liberty to our future as well.  Had we simply been
heeding George Washington's wise warning to avoid permanent
foreign alliances, the horrors I have been discussing would not
exist.  In his Farewell Address, he also left us with many other
equally wise observations that have direct application today. 
Washington's words and example helped launch the greatest nation
on earth, and they can help get it moving forward again IF WE
WILL ALLOW THEM TO.  In this, our Bicentennial Year, I plan to
return frequently to the forward-looking sage advice left to us
by our great first President.

   Until next month, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 07

mp3 part 01

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


   Hello, everybody, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is December 21,
1975, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 7.

   As I celebrate Christmas with my family a few days from now, I
will be thanking God for the precious gift He has given to all of
us this year--the gift of time; because, my friend, the year
1975, even as difficult and trying as it has been, was a year of
reprieve due to delays in the timetable of the Four Rockefeller
Brothers.  At this very moment, some important parts of their
plan are as much as one year behind schedule; and in the
meantime, more and more Americans have been awakening to the
truth of what is going on.  Yes, we have been granted a little
more time than we might have had to respond to the menace we all
face, but we dare not relax and waste whatever time we have left. 
The Four Rockefeller Brothers are working feverishly to make up
for lost time.

   Overseas, the way is being paved for war, including that
nightmare the world has feared for 30 years--NUCLEAR WAR.  Here
at home, our economic woes are getting worse while a corrupt
government, controlled by the Rockefeller Brothers, tells us
'Prosperity is just around the corner.'

   Preparations for the dictatorial new Rockefeller Constitution
keep marching on; and the man who has conspired for 20 years to
become our first Dictator, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, stands
poised at the threshold ready to seize the presidency.  That is
why it is so important that more and more alert Americans are now
asking just one question: "What can I do?"

   I am convinced that now, at last, there are enough of us to
launch a successful rescue of our great, free Republic. 
Therefore I have just unveiled a strategy for action which I
truly believe can and will save our country.  It is a strategy
which you, as an individual, can undertake starting right where
you are.  It uses the powers you are granted by the most basic
law of the land--our present United States CONSTITUTION; and if
you will faithfully do your part, you can rest assured others all
over America will be doing theirs too.  The result, IF WE WILL
EACH DO OUR OWN PART, is a plan of action which, in my opinion,
cannot be stopped.  This entire plan of action is presented in a
new AUDIO BOOK recorded December 15, 1975, and it's entitled:
"WHAT WE CAN DO TO SAVE AMERICA", and it is my answer to the
question, "What can I do?"

   The challenge before us, my friend, is to regain control of
the government that belongs to us, and we must act quickly before
that control, which is already in the hands of the Rockefeller
Brothers, slips forever beyond our reach.

   CONTROL--that is the word, more than any other, that sums up
the actions of the Four Rockefeller Brothers.  Control is both
the end toward which they work and the means by which they extend
their reach still further--control of money and of government,
control of industry and of Big Labor, control of natural
resources and of human resources.

   The incredible financial wealth of the Rockefellers is
actually nothing more than a result of this insatiable drive for
control; and it grows continuously due to their control over your
money, your resources, your labor, and your government.  They
believe they have a right to do all these things because they are
convinced that they have been divinely ordained to rule the
world.  So, for example, using the CIA for their own private
purposes is right and proper, according to their concept of
themselves as America's royal family.  It matters not what you
and I think, only they know best.  All of this and much more is
made clear in the book that was written for them as their Mein
Kampf in 1930, "THE AMERICAN RICH" by Hoffman Nickerson.

   Today I want to discuss three topics that point out some of
the fruits of such control by the Rockefeller Brothers:




Topic #1--In their drive for control, the Rockefellers are trying
to snare us all in their giant trap, catch us so that we cannot
wrestle free or fight back; but they know that if they move too
quickly we may notice what they are up to, and react to protect
ourselves.  So they have been moving with great patience and
determination over a period of several decades to get their trap
assembled and in place ready to spring it on all of us.  To
understand what is really happening, therefore, you should do as
they do: look at long spans of time, compress them in your mind,
and see where things are really headed.

   Gradualism is the tactic now being used--while TV, Sports, and
other distractions are being used to focus people's attention
away from what is really happening.  Thus, even while many people
find the idea of a new Constitution for America preposterous,
many of its provisions are already being put in place, ready for
ratification by a National Referendum in the near future.  The
federal government already regards the United States as divided
up into 10 REGIONS, the forerunners of the 10 so-called "New
States."  The Federal Election Commission, along with some other
activities, is the forerunner of the Electoral branch, and so on. 
So keep your eye on their objective--that is, the direction in
which they are moving events, so that you won't be fooled by
their shifts in timing to meet their various contingency plans.

   The secret new Constitution, which was developed over a
10-year period to fit the outline laid down personally by Nelson
Rockefeller himself, just as he did our present 25th
Amendment--this secret new Constitution is coming sooner or
later, unless we stop it once and for all!  As former Senator Sam
Ervin said so emphatically just a few days ago, and I quote:

  "We don't need a new Constitution.  Ours has weathered many
storms in the past 200 years.  It was written to last for the

   But, my friend, if we leave the Rockefeller machine in control
of our government, our communications media, and our economy, we
will have a dictatorial new Constitution!

   Senator Ervin is quoted as saying something else too, and it
is supremely ironic.  Concerning Richard Nixon he said, quote:

  "He had the most pronounced, aggravated notion about the powers
of the presidency.  He envisioned the President as being
something of an absolute monarch."

However well these words may have applied to Nixon, they apply
far better to the man who made, used, and then unmade Nixon--that
is, Nelson Rockefeller.

   Perhaps Senator Ervin himself now realizes how cleverly he was
used in the Watergate coup d'etat, since he said last spring, and
I quote:

  "If I had known then what I know now, I would never have voted
to confirm Nelson Rockefeller."

   Whenever possible the Rockefeller Brothers maneuver people
into doing what they want done without their puppets even being
aware of it--not, at least, until later.  But the Rockefeller
style also includes more solid avenues of control over all sides,
if possible, in every arena including that of politics.  Thus,
for example, the Rockefellers have their hooks equally deep into
both the Democratic and Republican Parties as well as fringe
political fronts, both left and right.  And while they have often
found it advantageous to maintain a so-called Liberal image with
their public relations they are not true Liberals, any more than
certain of their lackeys who wear the Conservative label are true
Conservatives.  As Nelson Rockefeller himself said in Dallas on
September 12, 1975, and I quote:

  "Conservative and Liberal to me are misleading as labels."

   These and other similar labels have completely lost any
utility they may once have had, thanks to their control by the
Rockefeller Brothers.  Their only true loyalty is to themselves,
and that transcends all of the conventional boundaries of
political affiliation.

   A perfect example of Rockefeller control of all sides of a
political situation is before us right now in the alleged
Presidential campaign.  I say "alleged" because there is no doubt
at all as to the outcome under the Rockefeller scenario. 
Instead, the game is being played for other reasons.  For the
moment the most prominent players on the stage are four:
Humphrey, Reagan, Ford, and his ventriloquist Rockefeller.

Hubert Humphrey wears a big label that reads "Liberal Democrat",
while the equally large label on Ronald Reagan reads
"Conservative Republican."  President Ford's label is a large
question mark.

Nelson Rockefeller's label which, by the way, is made of solid
gold, is rather large.  It reads: "Liberal New Deal Democrat
turned instant Conservative Republican."

It looks like quite a field, doesn't it?  But it so happens that
Nelson Rockefeller has the other three in the palm of his hand
and his own label is only for show.

   Hubert Humphrey is currently the beneficiary of the so-called
'Humphrey phenomenon'--an undeclared candidacy that is being made
to look impressive by the Rockefeller major media and by polls
which can easily be manipulated.  Humphrey's well concealed
control of a huge major multinational oil company for over 20
years has been very helpful to his Rockefeller supporters behind
the scenes.  Partly for this reason, a possible
multimillion-dollar tax case against him by the Internal Revenue
Service has been covered up under Presidential seal, and the
IRS-FBI agents who worked on the case are no longer around!

   Ronald Reagan, of course, is the polished actor who has been
rehearsing so-called Conservative lines ever since 1950.  That
was the year when, during Congressional hearings, he officially
admitted his previously ultra-Liberal activities but claimed that
he had seen the light and was turning over a new leaf.  Yet his
actions, as sharply distinguished from his words, have never
really changed.  He has maintained many active ties with
Rockefeller-dominated organizations, such as their complex of
governmental-controlled groups known collectively as "1313" in
Chicago.  The Reagan administration in California was heavily
populated with people from the Rockefeller stables and the Reagan
record in California parallels that of Rockefeller in New York in
many ways, but Reagan has consistently spoken as if his views and
policies were totally opposite to those of Rockefeller.  Reagan's
service on Rockefeller's CIA cover-up commission earlier this
year, therefore, helped to quiet the cover-up fears of some who
are not aware of Reagan's strong Rockefeller ties.

   President Ford is where he is because then-President Nixon
double-crossed his boss Nelson Rockefeller.  When Agnew was
forced to resign, Nixon was supposed to nominate Rockefeller; but
Nixon could see where that would lead, so instead he selected
Gerald Ford, whose political star had risen considerably after
his participation in the work and defense of the Warren
Commission.  Good old 'Jerry' was well known and well liked by
his colleagues, yet his confirmation hearings bogged down
unexpectedly.  Behind the scenes Nelson Rockefeller applied the
brakes until Ford agreed to nominate him (Rockefeller) upon
Nixon's departure from the presidency.  Once the agreement was
reached, Ford's confirmation hearings rapidly concluded
favorably.  And Nelson Rockefeller immediately resigned as
Governor of New York, surreptitiously moved into his Washington,
D.C. residence, and personally finished Watergating Nixon out of
the White House.  Nelson was so proud of his success in this
project that he wrote to a banker friend in Mexico afterward to
tell him all about it.  Can you imagine?

   Thus Rockefeller control denies us any real choice in national
politics.  Ultimately the Rockefellers choose all the
presidential candidates that count--and have ever since Woodrow
Wilson's time.  We, the voters, are then given the useless
privilege of choosing which of their hand-picked puppets we want,
just like they do in Soviet Russia.  Even in the election itself,
the deck is stacked in favor of their preferred choice.  But,
just in case, they control the other side too.  If this isn't

   In Congress, too, most of our politicians end up in the
Rockefeller pocket one way or another.  Some deliberately throw
in their lot with the Rockefellers and become active Rockefeller
agents.  Others become compromised by skeletons in their closets,
and are pawns in the Rockefeller game of blackmail and
double-cross here in Washington.  And still others just go along
to get along, not rocking the boat.  And so when government
abuses become so flagrant that they are detected, we are still
left without recourse because the Rockefellers control the
investigations in almost every case.

   As I speak to you, the ante has gone up due to the leakage of
radioactive plutonium-239 super poison from the Bullion
Depository at Fort Knox, and the government is doing nothing
whatsoever to stop it!  My previous information was that the
region which has been primarily affected by the leakage over the
past several years consists of a swath through Kentucky, my home
state of West Virginia, and Virginia with a combined population
of over 9-million people.  But on November 8, 1975, a secret
meeting was held in the White House to discuss alternative means
of disposing of the deadly poison.  The discussion included some
ideas that would be as insane as the poison itself--such as
dumping all 60 pounds of it into the underground streams that lie
under Fort Knox.  Not only might this allow the poison to spread
uncontrollably from there, but it could possibly also cause
contamination of any of the huge underground caverns under Fort
Knox which are used for natural gas storage.  Now if this were to
happen, natural gas could carry traces of the radioactive
plutonium poison straight into the industrial plants and homes of
thousands of people in that area.  The deadly plutonium radiation
would be unaffected by passing through gas flames, after which it
could be inhaled or set on to food.

   I received no further information concerning the action, if
any, taken at the November 8 White House meeting; but I have
received updated information to the effect that the poison is now
spreading throughout the entire Southeast of the United States
and even beginning to enter the Gulf of Mexico.  Thirty-six
million Americans are now at stake.  And what is our government
doing about it?  Nothing.  The White House meeting had only one
purpose: to save face for the wrongdoers, not to save 36-million

   And what about Congress?  And all those investigations we keep
hearing about?  Consider Senator Frank Church who is our newest
presidential candidate.  On November 20, 1975, he explained the
release of his Committee's report about assassination plots on
foreign leaders with the words, and I quote:  "The people were
entitled to know what went wrong, and why."  But when it comes to
an immediate deadly danger to all of us caused by the same
elements of the Intelligence community, apparently Senator Church
believes we are not entitled to know, since he has been covering
up this vital information now for four months while the situation
grows steadily worse.  And for over two months the same has been
true of his counterpart in the House--Congressman Otis Pike.

   Meanwhile what else is happening in the Executive Branch,
specifically the Treasury Department?  My friend, I believe it is
time to let you in on an example of the evasions, half truths,
and distortions which Rockefeller bureaucrats use to cover their
tracks.  I call it a lesson in bureaucratic gobbledygook, the
slippery language that some people also call double talk.

   For over three months now, all of our attempts even to
communicate directly with the government about the twin disasters
at Fort Knox have met with nothing but a very loud silence. 
Having deepened and confirmed their own guilt time and again
through various slips in the past, they apparently no longer have
the courage or the courtesy even to answer us!  Through an
indirect channel, however, we were able to extract a letter from
Mrs. Mary Brooks, the Director of the Mint, dated November 21,
1975.  This indirect channel is Congressman Kenneth Robinson of
Virginia who, while he does not choose to pursue the Fort Knox
matter on his own, has at least cooperated with us in ways such
as this.  In this regard, he is exceptional.  No one else in the
entire United States Congress has done even this much.

   As I read the letter try, if you can, to find any clear-cut
YES or NO type answer to anything.  You will only find one to the
effect that a certain statement, and I quote: "is simply not
true."  But the statement referred to is not our statement but a
carefully selected misstatement of our charges by someone else. 
Now here's the letter:

  "Dear Mr. Robinson:

   Thank you for your letter of November 10, 1975, concerning
allegations that plutonium-239 was stored in the so-called
Central Core Vault at the United States Bullion Depository, Fort
Knox, Kentucky.

   We do not store plutonium-239 or any other radioactive
substance at the Depository, and have no reason to believe that
it is stored there by other government agencies.  We authorized
the Military at Fort Knox to make radiation tests in the
Depository last week.  We were informed that the tests did not
disclose any evidence of radioactive material.

   The allegations relating to the so-called Central Core Vault
are carried in a Swiss Newsletter entitled 'Myers Finance and
Energy' that is currently being circulated by those who have
persisted with all the wild allegations about the Bullion
Depository at Fort Knox.  The Newsletter discusses Dr. Peter D.
Beter's allegations and states (and the letter quotes as

   'In 1942-43 Major Stanley Tatom designed and oversaw the
construction of a Central Core Vault below the Main Vault.  To
get to this ultrasafe vault, an elevator had to be installed and
it used up the space occupied by 12 of the former Vault
compartments.  This explains why the numbering in the Vault
compartments upstairs had a 12-digit gap.'"

And Mrs. Brooks' letter continues, and I quote:

  "This statement is simply not true.  There were no major
alterations to the Vault after construction of the Depository was
completed in 1936.  The elevator was installed at the time the
Depository was constructed.  We have no record of Major Stanley
Tatom designing or overseeing the construction of a Central Core
Vault.  In fact we do not, and find no record that we ever did,
refer to any part of the Depository by that name.

   The Visitors Log at the Depository does show the name of Major
Daniel F. Tatum as calling on the officer in charge on July 29,
1942.  We also have records which show that a steel door was
erected by the Champion Wire & Iron Works, Louisville, Kentucky,
at the entrance to the corridor that leads to Compartments
numbered 1 through 14 in the basement level of the Depository.
This work was completed on January 7, 1942, and the No. 15 was
assigned to the door.  After this work was completed, gold was
stored in the corridor for a time during which the door was
locked and sealed."

Still quoting from her letter:

  "The allegation that there is a 12-digit gap in the numbering
of compartments is also inaccurate.  Our records show that the
Depository had 28 compartments, 14 on the lower level and 14 on
the upper level at the time of construction.  The compartments on
the lower level were numbered 1 through 14, and the corridor door
was numbered 15 when it was added in 1942.  The compartments on
the upper level were numbered 21 through 34.  There is no record
of the numbers 16 through 20 ever being used on Vault
compartments of the Depository.

   If I could be of further assistance in this matter, please let
me know.


and there follows the signature of

                                          "Mary Brooks,
                                           Director of the Mint."

   My friend, letters like this one are the product of a year and
a half of continuous effort on their part to refine their story
and put their very best foot forward.  They are written with
great care, with careful choice of every word.  The letter I have
just read to you, in fact, was not even written by Mary Brooks
alone.  Much of it was written by an official in the General
Accounting Office who has ties to the Intelligence industry.  The
GAO itself is implicated in the Fort Knox cover-up through the
falsified Gold Audit done in the fall of 1974, so this letter is
important, and it deserves closer examination.

   First: Why does the Government deliberately go so far out of
its way, to Switzerland no less, to find someone else's
misstatement of the Bullion Depository modifications so that they
can attack that instead of refuting our own statements?  If they
can refute our actual charges, why don't they do it?  I invite
the Government to listen to my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 2 for
July 1975 and respond to that, not someone else's secondhand
statements.  As I clearly stated then, the Central Core Vault was
built into the Depository at the start.  Major Tatom's job later
on was to build a rapid retrieval system into the Gold Vault, not
to build the Vault itself.  I also explained that there is a gap
of six digits, not 12, on each floor of Vault compartments.

   My friend, the Government is acutely aware of my real charges,
so why don't they answer them?  What do you think?

   Notice also, in trying to wave aside references to Major
Stanley Tatom, how cleverly it is done!  We can prove that he was
there and did oversee the work on the rapid retrieval system, and
apparently the Government knows we can.  Therefore the following
sentence is used to mislead without actually lying, and I quote:

  "We have no record of Major Stanley Tatom designing or
overseeing the construction of a Central Core Vault."

Of course they don't, because that is just not what he did.  He
built a rapid retrieval system to give access to the Central Core
Vault.  The writers of the letter included one other item which
was intended to help throw everyone off the track, but actually
does just the opposite.  According to our own sources, during the
work on the rapid retrieval system in 1942-43, the disruption was
so great that the gold was taken out of the Central Core Vault
and, quote: "piled around in the corridors."  Now we are told in
this letter about the strange corridor door, which was installed
for unstated reasons.  Listen again to these astonishing words
from Mrs. Brooks' letter, and I quote:

  "This work was completed on January 7, 1942, and the No. 15 was
assigned to the door.  After this work was completed, gold was
stored in the corridor for a time during which the door was
locked and sealed."

Mrs. Brooks does not tell us for how long a time, much less why! 
But thanks to our own information, she doesn't have to tell us.

   I suggest that you replay Mrs. Brooks' letter all the way
through and see for yourself what you will pick up.  For example,
listen to all the assertions and denials that are all couched in
the words, quote: "Our records show ..." or "We have no
record..."--this coming from the same office whose records are so
suspect in other ways.

   Records of the quality of gold stored in Fort Knox and
elsewhere, as I have revealed on other occasions, have disagreed
with one another in glaring ways.  The official Mint records omit
shipments we can prove from Fort Knox.  Even the case of the
missing experimental aluminum pennies that has erupted lately is
another example of the 'dependability' of United States Mint

   But notice also that the letter spends the least time on the
most important matter of all--the radioactive plutonium poison
stored in the Central Core Vault.  It is stated that the
radiation tests by the Military, quote: "...did not disclose any
evidence of radioactive material."  In much the same vein, and
with similar bureaucratic phrases like, quote: "We have no
evidence...", the Kentucky Department of Human Resources claims
that there is nothing to worry about.  But, my friend, plutonium
radiation is very hard to detect, yet very deadly if it gets
inside your body.  Experts sum it up with the phrase:

  "If there is enough plutonium to detect, it is already too

Therefore nothing less than a serious, comprehensive, honest
check by top experts with the best equipment available can be
considered satisfactory.  The stakes for over 36-million
Americans in the Southeast United States are too high to settle
for less.  The United States Government expects you to just take
their word for it regardless of what they may tell you.  No
proof, no criteria, just believe what they say.


   Well, my friend, I do not ask you to do that.  I am now going
to issue a challenge to the federal government either to confirm
or refute my charges about the plutonium poison leaking from the
Bullion Depository at Fort Knox--openly, fairly, and
conclusively.  Furthermore, I am going to state clearly what my
criteria are for a test of my charges that I believe the American
people could accept and believe in.

   Here specifically is what I propose:

First, formation of a truly blue-ribbon committee to test for
plutonium poison leakage from the Bullion Depository at Fort
Knox, this committee to consist of scientists, recognized
authorities fully qualified for such a task.  If my challenge is
accepted, the committee must include certain individuals whose
names I will reveal at that time.  The Government may nominate an
equal number of scientists to the committee.  However, my
nominees will be men who are not my employees or associates; and
likewise any members of the committee nominated by the Government
must not be federal employees unless my own information indicates
that they can be trusted.  In other words, the committee must be
independent and totally unbiased.

Second, this committee is to be given complete authority and
discretion over the conduct of the plutonium poison
investigation.  They are to be provided at federal government
expense with any and all technical assistance they may request as
well as the most up-to-date and effective instrumentation.  This
must include the 1026 multichannel analyzer and any other devices
they may specify.  They must also have the right by majority vote
of the committee to add other experts to their investigating
committee if they deem it necessary.  They are not to be
interfered with or limited in any way.  Should federal or other
authorities choose to impose limitations, the investigating
committee shall be empowered to immediately state any objections
they may have to these limitations over live nation-wide
television and radio so that their message cannot be edited out
or reinterpreted by anyone else.

Third: Upon completion of their investigation, the investigating
committee shall be granted up to one hour of live broadcast time
on nation-wide radio and television to present their findings,
and also their recommendations if my charges are confirmed.  I am
willing to accept their conclusion as final if it is unanimous,
and the federal government must agree to do the same.

                          - - - - - - -

   There is no time to be lost.  If you agree that my proposal is
reasonable, start passing the word and applying public opinion
pressure to make it happen.  Otherwise the ever-expanding control
exercised by the Rockefeller Brothers will prevent it.  It is UP
TO YOU, because the once free, once great major media in America
are being gobbled up ever more completely by the Rockefellers.

   Their latest victim is the mighty Hearst publishing empire,
whose publications reach a total audience of nearly 86-million
adults.  This take-over is the bottom line in the tragic Patty
Hearst case involving the CIA-financed SLA.  A stock transfer to
a tax-free Foundation controlled by the Rockefellers was the
objective, and it has now been accomplished.

   It's sad that we have to look overseas to see any meaningful
reporting about the Fort Knox plutonium disaster.  In the
Financial Times of London for Thursday December 11, 1975, the
story was broken by C. Gordon Tether whose financial column is
read the world over.  In his article titled "A NEW TWIST OF FORT
KNOX SAGA", he reviews the Fort Knox Gold Scandal cover-up and
then informs his readers of the latest charges concerning
plutonium.  He ends the article with words that no columnist of
his stature in America has yet dared to write, and I quote:

  "But whatever the cost in terms of loss of face, might not the
United States authorities be well advised to do whatever is
necessary to demonstrate that there is no Ft. Knox cover-up?  In
the light of what is happening in the United States during the
past few years, deeds inevitably now speak louder than words; and
the refusal to prove that they have nothing to hide is inevitably
destined to go on fostering precisely the opposite impression."

Topic #2--On December 11, 1975, New York City went into default. 
Hundreds of millions of dollars in City notes came due on that
day, and the City did not pay as promised.  A DEFAULT is nothing
more or less than a failure to pay, and that's exactly what
happened.  "But wait a minute", you may say.  "President Ford
announced that he would ask Congress to give New York City
2.3-billion dollars in loans because New York bailed itself out. 
What's going on here?"

   What is going on, my friend, is just another Rockefeller shell
game.  New York City has declared a three-year moratorium, so
called, on payment of 1.6-billion dollars of City notes.  Anyone
holding one of those notes cannot cash it in for three years, and
will also receive a lowered rate of interest during that time.

   New York noteholders do have another choice though.  Until
December 29, a few days from now, these noteholders may, if they
wish, trade their notes for bonds issued by the "Municipal
Assistance Corporation", or otherwise known as "MAC", on behalf
of New York City.  These bonds cannot be cashed in for 10 years
or more, but they carry a higher rate of interest.  And, oh yes,
there's one other little uncertainty: MAC is a so-called "moral
obligation agency", an idea given birth by Nelson Rockefeller and
his own lawyer John Mitchell, and its bonds are "moral obligation
bonds."  Its promise to pay the bonds when they come due is not
backed up by a legal obligation on the part of New York City, New
York State, or anyone else.  Either way, the person who simply
wants to cash in his City note as it comes due is now out of
luck, he can't do it; so New York City is in default.

   Don't be misled by the fact that the major media under
Rockefeller control are not using that word "default" for the
time being.  As I pointed out last month in my monthly AUDIO
LETTER No. 6, the dress rehearsal for default in New York some
weeks ago was used to give that word "default" a very apocalyptic
meaning.  The word is therefore being saved for the right moment.

   Meanwhile, the effect of this New York failure to pay is
already spreading through our economy.  Municipalities all over
America, and even abroad, are suddenly finding it hard to sell
the bonds.  As the municipal bond market dries up, so will funds
for public employees, projects, etc.  The domino effect has
already started, but our advance revelations have made it
dangerous for them to highlight this just yet.  But you can be
sure that the word "default" has not been so carefully given its
present frightening connotations without a purpose--and it may be
that we will all see that purpose within a matter of a few days. 
A court ruling is due soon concerning the Constitutionality of
the so-called moratorium imposed by New York.  Should it be ruled
unConstitutional, financial chaos will be the result in New York,
and that chaos will quickly be labeled "default."

   There are a whole string of other time bombs like that too,
all ticking away.  When the time is just right, the Rockefeller
Brothers can set off whichever one is the handiest.  When they
do, the results will be the same, regardless of the exact timing. 
Armed with this knowledge, I hope you have taken the necessary
steps to protect yourself, such as I described in my AUDIO BOOK

   Meanwhile, gradualism continues to be the word for the step by
step actions of the Rockefeller Brothers; so if you watch the
Stock Market, for example, don't fall into the trap of reading
great significance into the daily up-and-down wiggles.  What
counts is the month-to-month trend--and that is down.  The Stock
Market crash actually began in July 1975, as I said it would, but
it does not yet suit the purposes of the Rockefeller Brothers for
this to be obvious to all.  Instead, the overall market is
sinking downward in gradual, almost imperceptible phases.  It is
crashing in slow motion like a bad dream.

   Meanwhile most people--that is, those who do not specialize in
the Stock Market and financial matters--generally keep track of
little more than the Dow Jones industrial average.  There are
nearly 2,000 stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange but the
Dow index is an average of just 30 of them.  They were chosen to
be representative of the whole Market, assuming no manipulation,
but that assumption is no longer correct.  Very special attention
is paid to the manipulation of prices of these 30 stocks.  As a
result, the real behavior of the Market can be completely hidden
from the general public.  Whenever man is involved, races will be

   Turning to the monetary picture, a development I first
revealed in April of this year has just happened.  At the 1975
"International Gold and Monetary Conference" here in Washington,
D.C.,  I revealed confidential information to the effect that the
Soviet Union would soon be issuing an international gold ruble,
and just a few days ago it happened.  The Soviet Union has
introduced their "chervonetz", or 10-ruble gold piece.  It bears
the date 1975, and only 250,000 have been minted, 50,000 of which
are already here in the United States out of 125,000 to be
consigned to the United States.  Under a 1923 Soviet law it is
legal tender, making it convertible.  This new gold coin is an
attempt by the Russians for the first time in 52 years to
penetrate the world gold-coin market and to compete directly with
the "krugerrand" issued by South Africa.  The chervonetz is about
one-quarter of the size and value of the krugerrand, which means
that South Africa will have to take measures to compete with it.

   The other major event, supposedly in the monetary sphere, is
the Monetary Conference, so called, at Rambouillet Castle near
Paris late last month.  It was a summit meeting of the Big
Six--the United States, France, Britain, West Germany, Italy, and
Japan, but please note that Canada was not there, and for very
good reasons.

   First, here's what happened, then I will explain why it
happened, which is far more important.

   Treasury Secretary Simon said on his way back from the meeting
which took place over the week-end of November 16, 1975, that a
compromise had been reached on exchange rates, among other
things.  France wanted fixed rates, while the United States had
been campaigning for a "free" float to continue.  The compromise
that was reached is just what I had told you it would be: stable
yet flexible rates of exchange, which they chose to call a
"managed float."  Simon also said he hoped that, quote: "the
agreement will be approved at an international meeting in
January, and that Congress will readily approve necessary changes
in the Articles governing the operation of the International
Monetary Fund."

   Now a "managed float" from a legal point of view does not
require any change in the Articles that govern the IMF unless it
changes the par value of gold.  So what is brewing now is a
system of so-called "stable yet flexible rates of exchange"
indirectly tied to a par value of gold.  I revealed in my monthly
AUDIO LETTER No. 5 for October 1975 that the plan is to repeg
gold at or about $195.00 per ounce, and this is still on track. 
This, in effect, will amount to still another devaluation of the
dollar, and the official price of gold ($42.22) will be abolished
beginning early next year.  Keep in mind that the private gold
markets will not be closed; and after this action, private gold
prices will go past the $195 mark.  A leapfrog condition will
have been set in motion that will jack the price of gold higher
and higher, and the process will be intensified by the coming war
and world-wide economic problems.  David Rockefeller's gold
skyrocket will be launched at last; but the 50-million ounces of
gold to be sold by the IMF will never reach the private market,
going instead to the central bankers by way of sale, auction, or
restitution.  Five-million ounces of this, returned to the United
States under the restitution provision, will be used in an
attempt to continue to cover up the Fort Knox Gold Scandal along
with gold now being smuggled into the United States by the CIA
for the private coffers of the Rockefeller Brothers.

   The biggest question about Rambouillet is: Why did the United
States compromise?  The answer is that a "free-floating" system
would be too uncontrollable during the upcoming limited nuclear
war against the Arab OPEC nations which is targeted to begin late
in February 1976, just two months from now.  So the United States
had to compromise to complete its preparations for this war.

   What I am telling you, my friend, is a military secret, or was
until I revealed it in detail in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6
last month.  The code name for this military attack, by the way,
is "OPERATION COBRA", and preparations for it are moving rapidly. 
Already the first detachment of crack United States Marines are
now in Germany ready for swift deployment into the Sinai, where
war will break out; and the build-up toward the staged
provocation to ignite the conflict--namely, an attack on the
so-called American advisers in the Sinai--is progressing
steadily.  Only today, December 21, 1975, the latest step was
taken in this plan when a CIA-supported group made a provocative
attack on OPEC Oil Ministers at their headquarters in Vienna,
Austria.  This is intended to lead, by stages, to reprisal
actions against the Americans stationed in the Sinai.


   Now I turn briefly to Topic #3.

Topic #3--As I explained last month, the limited nuclear war
which is scheduled to begin soon in the Middle East is only a
part of a much larger picture.  The Rockefeller Brothers have
designs on India, while the Soviet Union has its eyes on China. 
In resource-rich Africa, both the Rockefellers and their Soviet
allies have an interest.  So the real theater in the war now
brewing is Asia.  After the OPEC oil wells are capped by the
nuclear strike, Russia's western flank (Europe) will be crippled
and Africa will be more easily finished off by the guerrilla
warfare already going on there.  Oil-hungry Japan will be thrown
into the arms of Red China which, by the way, has just announced
it can now export oil; and the stage will be set for the big
Asian war that is to be the next round in the bloody game of
global monopoly.  The strategy of all this was spelled out in my
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 6 last month.  My purpose now, however,
is simply to point out the basic nature of all this.

   It is, my friend, a DRIVE FOR CONTROL--control of people, of
resources, of the entire world.  Furthermore, it is a product of
unholy alliance between the State Socialists in the Soviet Union
and the Corporate Socialists in the United States, the
Rockefeller Brothers and their client followers.

   Many people mistake the Rockefeller Brothers for capitalists,
but that is not at all what they are.  David Rockefeller, for
example, has been quoted as saying, "I believe in the enterprise
system", but he does not say "free", much less "competitive
enterprise."  The entire Rockefeller empire is built on the exact
opposite of that--monopolies and trusts.  Their major
multinational corporations are an ingenious device for casting
off loyalties to any country, and they are already more powerful,
collectively, than most nations.  The Rockefellers, you see, are
Corporate Socialists.  Corporate Socialism and State Socialism
are nothing more than two sides of the same coin.  Both boil down
to the same thing--dictatorships or near-dictatorships--enabling
a very few people to control everyone else.  Once you grasp this
fact, the alliance between the Rockefellers and the Soviets will
no longer surprise you, nor will the fact that the Russian
Revolution in 1917 was financed by the Rockefeller interests.

   The State Socialism of Nazi Germany also falls into place
since it, too, was just another version of the same pattern.  In
all of these cases, as well as many others we see today, the
Corporate Socialist empire of the Rockefeller Brothers gains
handsomely--mineral riches, oil, and other rewards--in return for
cooperation with State Socialism.

   Thus it is that Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a
Rockefeller agent for 20 years and more, defends the Soviet Union
against charges of cheating on the so-called SALT Arms Limitation
agreement, but allows his out-going Ambassador to Canada to
publicly accuse our closest neighbor of being "no longer reliable
or to be trusted."  Kissinger speaks not for you or me, but for
the Rockefeller Brothers; and to them, Russia is the ally, the
friend, while our close friends in Canada are the 'enemy', the
people not to be trusted, because Canada's government now knows
what is in the wind and they are taking all the necessary steps
to weather the storm.  The Canadian government wants no part of
the coming war, monetary chaos, and all the rest of it, and has
privately said so to Kissinger in no uncertain terms.  So Canada
has become 'unreliable', which means outside the circle of firm
Rockefeller control.  Bravo for Canada!  Long may she continue on
her independent course.

   Ultimately the greedy misdeeds of the Rockefeller Brothers and
their allies will be their eventual undoing.  Even now both
Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger have doomed themselves by
handling some of the gold that was taken out of Fort Knox.  That
gold was contaminated by the radioactive plutonium-239 super
poison, and now their bodies are contaminated with it.  Even
though they and the rest of the Rockefeller organization may well
succeed in destroying our Republic IF WE DO NOT ACT, they will
not live long to enjoy it.  What poetic justice!  Their dose is
even stronger than that received by the Congressmen and newsmen
who visited the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox in September
1974.  Yes, eventually, the huge empire of the Rockefeller
Brothers and their allies will tear itself apart, and perhaps
destroy the world in the process.  But meanwhile, IF WE DO NOT
ACT NOW, there will be untold suffering for millions--ourselves,
our children, and probably our children's children.  Can we
possibly sit by and let that happen?  Or do we act NOW, while we
still can, and take back our rightful control over our own
destinies?  For me, there can be only one choice, and I hope for
YOU as well.

   Until next month, this is Dr. Beter.  I wish all of you a
blessed Christmas and a healthy, happy, holy New Year.  May God
bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 06

mp3 part 01

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


   Hello everybody, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is November 14,
1975, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 6.

   As I speak to you today, the four Rockefeller Brothers--David,
Nelson, John D. III, and Laurance--operating as a unit, are
nearing the goal line in their merciless drive to enslave
America.  Even so, as I discussed in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No.
2 for July 1975, they have been partially tripped up recently by
unexpected obstacles, both here and abroad--obstacles caused by
your increasing awareness of what is going on.  Their grip on the
ball has been loosened a trifle, and they are beginning to lose
their balance.  They can be stopped; but this will only happen if
each of us keeps doing our part, spreading the word by all
possible means about what is happening.  Otherwise they still
can, and will, reach their goal line of DICTATORSHIP.

   One thing we should always keep in mind is that you and I are
not alone in this fight.  There are many, many members of the
United States Intelligence Service who do not agree with the
horrendous perversion of their activities that is going on under
the control of the Rockefeller Brothers, so they give me
information and I pass it on to you.  I'm fighting on their
behalf, among other things, especially for over 500 ex-CIA and
ex-FBI officers and agents who are now "dead" on file, agents who

   Last month I mentioned the electronic techniques of
psychological programming which are now in use.  Similar
techniques are used on agents themselves in Operation DEEP
FREEZE, enabling them to assume false identities so completely
that they can even pass lie detector tests.  They are programmed
this way for an assignment and are supposed to be deprogrammed
afterward, releasing their minds from this artificial state.  But
some of these agents have been double-crossed by the CIA and FBI
for certain reasons--pronounced "dead" on file and dumped out on
the street without being de-programmed.  They are left without
access to jobs, welfare, or in most cases even their families. 
Many of those in this situation are the very men who most want
what is right for America--not for the international conquests of
the Rockefellers; and, therefore, I'm fighting their fight as
best I can.

   The three topics I want to discuss today parallel the three
AUDIO BOOKS that I have recorded so far for Audio Books, Inc.  In
those I have tried to give you essential background information. 
In my monthly AUDIO LETTERS, on the other hand, I am trying to
keep you continually informed of the latest plans and
developments on a current events basis.

   My first AUDIO BOOK released October 1974 warned of the coming
depression and war, and today my Topic #1 is:


   My second AUDIO BOOK released March 1975 explained the "Fort
Knox Gold Scandal" and its crucial role in destroying our economy
and our Republic.  And today my Topic #2 is:


   My third AUDIO BOOK released July 1975 tells you all about the
"NEW CONSTITUTION" which has already been written secretly for
America's conversion into a dictatorship, and today my Topic #3


Topic #1--Last month in my AUDIO LETTER No. 5 I explained how the
four Rockefeller Brothers are preparing to sacrifice New York
City as one way of triggering what will be called "The Ford
Depression", and on October 17, 1975, a dress rehearsal was held
for the default of New York City.  Sudden news bulletins the
previous day said that New York City was on the brink of default;
and for 24 hours the TV and radio news was filled with dire
speculations about what might happen.  The cliffhanger ended with
a default being avoided only by a matter of minutes, and in the
process the financial term "default" was transformed into a
household word--and a frightening one at that.

   For weeks President Ford and his spokesmen have been opposing
any federal aid to prevent default, and so had Vice-President
Nelson Rockefeller--that is, until October 11, 1975, just a week
before the near-default in New York.  On that date, October 11,
Rockefeller suddenly launched a public campaign of speaking in
favor of aid to New York, even while still working behind the
scenes in Congress and the banking community to prevent it.  Thus
began the carefully-orchestrated public split between Ford and
Rockefeller that is to leave Ford holding the bag when our
financial catastrophe arrives very shortly.  Twelve days later,
on October 29, Ford crawled out still further on the limb that
Rockefeller is sawing off by announcing that he would absolutely
veto any kind of legislation Congress might send him to bail out
New York City; and only four days after that, Rockefeller put
further distance between himself and his lackey Ford by removing
himself from the Vice-Presidential ticket for next year.  Many
people are falling right into Nelson Rockefeller's trap as a
result, discounting Rockefeller in their thinking and leaving
Ford 100% in the spotlight.

   Because of considerations such as those I discussed last
month, the effects of a default by New York City, or State, would
not merely ripple through our economy--a tidal wave would be a
better term.  Even if the federal government or Federal Reserve
does step in to apply financial band-aid, the Rockefeller
Brothers, through their control of the Federal Reserve System as
well as the Government, have it within their own power either to
intensify this process or to soften it.  But as of now, they are
preparing to pull out all the stops.  Meanwhile, Government
economic spokesmen are lying when they say our economy is
recovering.  The United States dollar is sinking overseas, and
our domestic economy is on the ropes ready for a knock out punch
from a New York default, stock market crash, or other such blow.

   A lot of attention is being paid especially to the effect a
New York default would have on the nation's banks.  Well, there
are quite a few banks around the country that would be in
trouble, but the big New York City banks owned by the
Rockefellers are not among them!  They hold vast amounts of New
York City bonds but that's in trust for other investors--the
banks themselves do not own them.  The Rockefellers, as I said
before, bailed out months ago; and, after the crash, they will be
thoroughly liquid ready to buy up everything in sight for a penny
on the dollar.  Of course they could force one of their own banks
to fail for the sake of appearances; but if they do, it will be
strictly voluntarily on their part.

   A more telling warning of the impact of default came from the
Bank of America, the largest bank in the world and also
controlled by the Rockefellers.  They revealed that over
two-thirds of New York City bonds are held by individuals, not
banks.  The life savings of many people are, therefore, directly
at stake.  The economic calamity now brewing in the United States
is, as I have explained before, to beat us into such a submissive
condition that we will accept a dictatorship under the new
Rockefeller Constitution a year from now.

   Already the building attack on the Food Stamp Program is
leading into something called the Federal Work Job Program.  It
will seem to offer food and benefits to those in need as the
depression deepens--but at the expense of signing away your
present CONSTITUTIONAL rights in the fine print.  Its actual
purpose is the conscription of people into slave labor--which may
not be immediately apparent since no barbed wire compounds will
be involved at first; but when the time comes, they are scheduled
to be packed up and sent to the Middle East to help reconstruct
that area after the coming war--never to be heard from again!

   To get Americans to accept such schemes, the food shortages I
have been warning about for over a year now are being engineered. 
One factor in this has to do with shutting off the flow of
natural gas used to make fertilizer in California, which supplies
up to 40% of some of the food supplies used in the United States. 
Another factor is the continuing shipments of grain to Soviet
Russia on so-called "sale terms" which are only 10% down, the
rest guaranteed by YOU, the American taxpayer!!

   Official estimates of the Soviet grain crop keep being revised
downward as an excuse and cover for additional shipments, but no
evidence of Soviet crop failures has ever been given to the
United States Agriculture Department--and it never will be,
because the alleged Soviet "drought" is fictitious.  Instead, the
Soviet Union is stockpiling for the coming Asian war!

   As it now stands, my friends, the war in Asia could come as
much as one year earlier than was indicated by my information
just a few short months ago.  As of now, the Rockefeller Brothers
and their Soviet partners have set a target date of February
1976, just a few short months from now for initiation of
hostilities, which are planned to begin in the Middle East.  Such
a shift in timing is unnerving, but so far the information I have
been able to give you has been more accurate than that which
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sometimes provides in
confidential briefings of top businessmen.  For example, in the
early fall of last year Kissinger briefed a group of about 100
American businessmen who do business in the Middle East, and told
them that by late spring of 1975 there would be war in the Middle
East.  The war he was talking about is a war that is now set to
begin in February 1976.  What Kissinger was really talking about
was his diplomatic objectives.  My own information, however,
indicated that conditions would not be ripe yet for a Middle East
war at least through the summer of 1975, and that information
turned out to be correct.

   But the war preparations are indeed moving quietly now, and
very quickly.  First, David Rockefeller must obtain an
international monetary agreement on exchange rates at the January
meeting of the International Monetary Fund, since a floating
currency during wartime would be unmanageable.  Meanwhile in the
diplomatic ring, Kissinger's Sinai Accord is the key feature. 
You may have been left with the impression by our kept press that
the Sinai Accord is between Egypt and Israel with 200 American
technicians being sent there just as a sort of glue to make it
stick.  But, my friends, this is just not the case.  It is in
reality two (2) separate treaties--one between the United States
and Israel, the other between the United States and Egypt.  They
are executive agreements in effect considered as being treaties.

   By ratifying these so-called treaties comprising the Sinai
Accord, the United States Congress has sold the American people
right down the road to war!  They have now set the stage for
America to be involved in something we have not had for 30
years--a declared official war.

   The 200 American advisors, or technicians so called, are
already in the Sinai, as President Ford admitted in a slip of the
tongue on "Meet the Press", November 9, 1975.  And they have two
(2) purposes.  They are the vanguard of a secret American limited
nuclear strike force, and they are also to be the deliberate
targets for a provocation that will be used to ignite the war. 
Now that we are officially at peace with Egypt by way of the
Sinai Accord treaty, we will have to officially breach that
peace--that is, declare war, in order to retaliate against this
rigged attack on the Americans.

   The Anti-Zionism Resolution which has just been passed in the
United Nations is also part of this plan.  The Arabs have fallen
into a terrible trap by pushing through this Resolution which
will be used to whip up fears that Israel is being surrounded and
will be snuffed out if America does not respond militarily to the
provocative actions mentioned a moment ago.

   The fighting between Moslems and Christians in Lebanon has
been fomented by Libya, which is controlled by the Rockefellers,
for two (2) reasons.  For one thing the excitement there
distracts attention away from the true, larger picture of war
preparations in the Middle East; but even more importantly, the
fighting in Lebanon has given the Rockefellers the excuse they
wanted for pulling their own companies out of that area prior to
the coming war.  As of now, all of the big United States
multinational corporations formerly based in Lebanon have pulled
up stakes and headed for London, out of the war zone.

   The American foreign policy known as detente with Soviet
Russia has, in reality, hardened into an alliance, in spite of
recent remarks by Secretary of State Kissinger for domestic
consumption.  While the United States bargains away its defense
capabilities at the so-called SALT talks and receives nothing in
return, Russia goes right on doubling and redoubling their
military build-up with Kissinger and the President Ford and
Rockefeller consent.

   Meanwhile the United States is being turned into a factory to
supply the Soviet Union.  The Rockefeller Brothers think that
they and the U.S.S.R. will thus end up as partners ruling the
world; but the horrible risk, my friends, that they are taking is
that after the coming Asian war is out of the way, Russia will
double-cross the Rockefeller Brothers and take over the whole
world for itself.

   Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger was fired by Nelson
Rockefeller through his puppet President, Gerald Ford because he
was getting in the way of this alliance.  Schlesinger insisted,
very properly, that true detente must be balanced with a strong
defense, and he refused to knuckle under.  So he had to go, but
as he went he said some words that should be burned indelibly
into the mind of every American, and I want to quote here:

  "Some years from now someone will raise the question, 'Why
weren't we warned?' and I wanted to be able to say, 'Indeed you

   The Red Chinese can see what is developing, that is why they
accorded Secretary of State Henry Kissinger such a frosty
treatment during his recent visit.  Red China is being encircled
by the Soviet Union with the help of the Rockefellers through
their manipulation of the wealth of the United States. 
Indo-China has been delivered into Soviet hands in return for
turning over the rich offshore oil leases of North Vietnam to the

   The coming war is intended to suck up India, Red China, and
all of Africa into complete domination by the Rockefeller-Soviet
alliance.  In the process, it is also to slap down Europe and
Japan, which are trying to squirm free of the Rockefeller bonds
that already grip them.

   Here now is the grand strategy for the war which I can reveal
to you for the very first time; and, as always, I reveal it in
the hope that doing so will throw a monkey wrench into these
plans and cause them to fail.

   World War II was used by the Rockefellers to bring Britain
down to her knees, as explained in my first AUDIO BOOK last year,
and also to make great inroads into Western Europe.  Since World
War II, Britain has been generally subservient to the
Rockefellers, but lately both Europe, and Japan, which has been
the special domain of John D. III since the War, are showing
signs of struggling to break free.  However, 99% of Japan's oil
needs are supplied by the Middle Eastern Arab members of OPEC,
and 67% of the oil needs of the European Economic Community come
from there also.

   On top of that, India, one of the prime targets of conquest in
the planned war, is also heavily dependent upon OPEC oil.  And
Africa, another target, leans heavily upon Europe for all kinds
of support and will be easy picking if Europe is neutralized. 
The OPEC nations of the Middle East, therefore, hold many of the
keys for accomplishment of the Rockefeller-Soviet joint
objectives in the Asian war.

   Plans now exist for the Americans in the Sinai to be attacked
and for over 100 of them to be killed, enraging Congress and
public opinion in the United States.  On top of that, the drum
beat which has begun with the United Nations "Anti-Zionism
Resolution" will by then make it appear that Israel is in danger
of extinction.  War will thus be declared by then-President
Rockefeller's rubber-stamp Congress.  Cobra helicopter gunships
have already been delivered secretly to the Sinai, and these will
be equipped with air-to-ground tactical atomic missiles which
have been in the Sinai secretly for two (2) years under strict
American control.

   After hostilities break out, this limited nuclear strike force
is to put the OPEC oil wells out of action with atomic blasts. 
No nation in the Middle East, including Israel and Lebanon, will
escape radioactive fallout from this limited nuclear strike.  And
the oil wells themselves, due to radiation, will remain unusable
and capped off for a period of approximately 10 years.

   The United States, which currently gets about 19% of its oil
from the Middle East, will experience manipulated shortages far
worse than those during the Arab oil embargo two years ago, and
this will help further rip our domestic economy to shreds.

   But the effect on Europe and Japan will be far more drastic. 
At one stroke the heart of Europe will be crippled and completely
at the mercy of the merciless Rockefeller Brothers; and Japan,
which is being rudely rebuffed by the Soviet Union and wooed by
China these days, will be thrown fully into the arms of China. 
China has begun developing its own vast oil deposits and could
provide some to Japan in return for an alliance against China's
mortal enemy, the Soviet Union.  Thus will the Sino-Japanese
alliance be cemented.  The already bitter clashes between China
and Russia on the one hand, plus lesser skirmishes between China
and Russia's client state, India, on the other hand, will set the
stage for the larger Asian war, which is planned to follow very

   Africa, cut off from its ties to Europe, will be like a ripe
plum, ready for the plucking by the Rockefellers, and this
includes Rhodesia and South Africa.

I turn now to Topic #2.

Topic #2--The French have a saying that "The more things change,
the more they remain the same."  How true that is, and how

   It's been over a year and a half now since I first exposed the
FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL during Congressional testimony.  Long ago
I offered publicly to go to jail as a rabble rouser if I could
not prove my charges in an appropriate legal forum.  And has
Congress acted?  NO!

   And now the gold manipulations have entered a new phase. 
Gold, my friends, is now coming back into the United States along
with huge amounts of illegal drugs--in return for American-made
guns and weapons which are being sent abroad for use in wars,
revolutions, and terrorism!  The gold now coming in is not
reflected in Treasury records.  Instead, it is being hidden
around the country by the CIA for the Rockefellers.  The
Rockefeller interests want to have it handy for sale to the
Government for war purposes or for other purposes at the elevated
prices that will soon prevail.

   Meanwhile, as I revealed last month, the Fort Knox Gold story
has taken a deadly new turn; and, as before, Congress is doing
absolutely nothing about it.  The Central Core Vault of the
Bullion Depository at Fort Knox contains canisters of liquid
radioactive superpoison processed from Plutonium 239, the
deadliest substance imaginable.  These canisters are leaking due
to corrosion, and the radioactive leakage is escaping through the
porous concrete walls of the Vault and through the dehumidifying
system and getting out into the countryside to be carried away on
the winds, contrary to what officials tell you.  The prevailing
winds in that area for the past several years have been very
unusual--from essentially due west rather than from the
northwest, as is more common.  As a result, the thin invisible
fog of radioactive poison from Fort Knox is being carried from
the Depository (which is located south of Louisville) eastward in
the general direction of Lexington and West Virginia, and onward
approximately toward Washington, D.C.; and this leakage has
already been going on for several years in sufficient quantity to
be having an initial impact on health statistics now.

   My own investigators have reported to me that many doctors in
the region east of Fort Knox are baffled lately by a large
increase in the incidence of cancers of all types; and on
November 7, 1975, just a week ago, the Government itself released
statistics that show the same thing.  The National Cancer
Institute announced that so far this year the cancer death rate
nation-wide is up by 5.2%.  This is five times the rate of
increase that has prevailed over a period of many years, and they
frankly admit that they are at a loss to explain it.  But buried
in those same official Government statistics is a regional
breakdown, and that east-central states containing Fort Knox and
the area east of it shows an astronomical 17 to 18% increase!

   Now, before I go on, there is something I feel I must make
clear; and I am not just sitting back and saying, "Well here's
something sensational to talk about."  Any such callous attitude
on my part would be impossible.  It so happens that my beloved
father and other members of my family are in my childhood home of
Huntington, West Virginia, smack in the path of the Fort Knox
radioactive killer fog.  They are among the millions of people
who have already been exposed to the first whiffs of plutonium
poison, and I fear for their lives if nothing is done to stop
this leakage, which is steadily accelerating; and the feeling I
have for them carries over to millions of others--men, women, and
innocent little children who are in the same boat all because of
the insane efforts of the Rockefeller Brothers to seize power at
any cost and by any means.

   Some will also say, no doubt, that I shouldn't tell you things
like this because it will cause alarm; but, my friends, this is
something to be alarmed about.  It's no joke.  If I did not tell
you, I would be just like a Civil Defense official who, warned of
an imminent attack by enemy bombing aircraft, would say: "I'm not
going to turn on the air raid sirens because that might frighten
people."  But, you may say, wouldn't the Government warn us and
take the necessary measures to correct such a situation at Fort
Knox?  My answer is: NO.  The Government is stonewalling it; and
up 'till now major newspapers, news magazines, and the TV and
radio networks are also sitting on this life-and-death story with
one exception.

   Two days ago, on November 12, 1975, the Louisville
Courier-Journal broke the Fort Knox plutonium story on its front
page, in the best traditions of newspaper reporting.  Their
courageous exercise of free speech guaranteed by the First
Amendment to our CONSTITUTION may make it impossible even for the
Rockefeller-controlled major media to ignore the situation
indefinitely.  In any case, top business and financial people
here and abroad are being kept aware of the Fort Knox fiasco,
thanks to specialized newsletters of all kinds.  While the major
media try to brainwash you with slanted news and distract you
with all kinds of entertainment, these newsletters tell what is
really going on.  One of the best of these, which began informing
its readers about the strange goings-on at Fort Knox over a year
ago, is: Myers Finance and Energy, edited at P.O. Box 5531,
Station A, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

   In his Oct. 31, 1975 issue Mr. Myers caps off a story on Fort
Knox by quoting the following letter of my able associate, Mr. Ed
Durell, to the Acting Director of the Mint, quote:

  "I now ask you for the record, please, to confirm or deny the
existence of the Central Core Vault at the U.S. Bullion
Depository at Fort Knox, Ky.  I refer to the single, large,
centrally located underground chamber serviced by elevator."

As Mr. Myers asks in his Newsletter, quote:

  "Why can't the Acting Director of the Mint answer simply YES or
NO?  The whole nation is asking a question.  Why won't they

For two months now we have received a dead silence from the
Government.  Every one of their past evasions has confirmed and
deepened their guilt--and they know it, so they are stonewalling

   What then is Congress doing?  Is it, too, just writing off
9,000,000 people rather than sound the alarm and get the deadly
situation at Fort Knox corrected?  YES.

   Listen.  As just pointed out, the United States Government has
to this day never admitted the existence of the Central Core
Vault, which was not mentioned to the 100-odd visitors of Fort
Knox last year on September 23, 1974.  To admit its existence
would all by itself prove that the so-called "Gold Inspection
Visit" by Congressmen and newsmen was a total fraud, and also the
so-called "Audit" done by the GAO and the Treasury together.  And
since the Central Core Vault is where the leaking plutonium
poison is, they want desperately to keep you from knowing that
the Vault exists.

   I am now going to reveal previously confidential discussions
which have been held between Congressman Otis Pike, Chairman of
the House Intelligence Investigating Committee, and myself and
associates.  I'm making it public now because Congressman Pike
himself has breached this confidentiality in the worst possible
way by turning over our information, without our consent, to the
Church Committee in the Senate.  As I explained last month,
Senator Church is already sitting on the plutonium poison story
while he plays games with you and me; and now, for whatever
reasons, Congressman Otis Pike, too, has let America down.

   In mid September I held private discussions with Congressman
Pike about the situation at Fort Knox.  At that time I did not
yet know about the plutonium poison stored there, but I did know
that the CIA and FBI were tied in with the theft of America's
gold from Fort Knox on behalf of the Rockefeller Brothers.  He
appeared to be generally interested and courageous as well--a
quality which has virtually disappeared from the United States
Congress today; but his major sticking point which he came back
to time and time again was the Central Core Vault at Fort Knox. 
Its existence had never been admitted by the Government, so
Congressman Pike could not believe that it did exist.  The No. 1
requirement that he placed on us was, therefore, that we prove
that the Central Core Vault does exist.

   So on September 26, 1975, we met again with Congressman Pike
and two of his top staffers in his office, and this time we had
with us no less than a former Commanding General of Fort Knox,
Lieut. General John L. Ryan, Jr., U.S. Army (retired).  General
Ryan commanded Fort Knox from 1956 to 1959.  He had also served
two earlier tours at Fort Knox, the first being in the late
1930's when he was placed in charge of the Army contingent that
was assigned to help store the nation's gold in the Bullion
Depository for the very first time.  All of the gold was put in
the Central Core Vault at that time, having been constructed
specifically for that purpose.  The many small jail-cell-like
storage compartments seen by the Fort Knox visitors last year
were also in existence at that time but were not intended for the
storage of gold but for other valuables.  General Ryan stated
that for the entire duration of his long experience with Fort
Knox, the gold was always kept in the Central Core Vault.  He
also said he was mystified as to why the gold would ever have
been removed from the Central Core Vault and placed in the small
jail-cell compartments on the levels above, which offer a much
lower degree of security.

   Congressman Pike then asked us for certain further
information, including specific connections between the Fort Knox
affair and the Intelligence community which is within the
jurisdiction of Congressman Pike's Committee.  We agreed to
provide what he asked, and it was in following up the connection
between Fort Knox and the Intelligence industry that my sources
informed me of the hideous plutonium poison in the Bullion
Depository at Fort Knox.

   But when we returned to Congressman Pike ready to provide
witnesses and other evidence about the plutonium and other
things, Mr. Pike's response had changed.  It is now the classical
position that is always used to say 'good-bye' on Capitol Hill,
quote: "We're too busy to work on this."  Our information given
to him in confidence has been unceremoniously dumped on that
dead-letter office, the Church Committee; and Congressman Pike's
opportunity to stand head, shoulders, and waist above everyone
else in Washington by simply doing his duty, has been forfeited. 
Only an informed, aroused public can now move Congress in the
right direction.

   One of the unanswered questions when I recorded AUDIO LETTER
No. 5 last month was why this insane radioactive plutonium poison
was ever made at all.  Now I can tell you.  During the early and
mid 1960's over 200 pounds of this superpoison was made for the
CIA and FBI Intelligence communities.  It was processed in four
plants--two in Louisville, Kentucky, one in North Dakota, and one
in southern California.  One thing it is handy for, in very small
doses, is putting troublesome individuals out of the way.  But
why so much plutonium poison?  For political blackmail, my

   In 1966 the CIA divided up this poison and sent about 60
pounds to each of four Latin American countries--Peru, Panama,
Bolivia, and Argentina.  There threats were made that it would be
used to contaminate United States planned and built water
aqueduct systems--can you imagine?--unless certain political and
economic actions were taken.  In Argentina this successfully laid
the foundation for the return to power of the Peron group; and
then the poison was no longer needed there, and so it was
returned to the United States in 1968.

   But a problem arose: where to store this illegal nuclear
poison.  CIA agents within the Treasury, however, knew that the
Central Core Vault at the Fort Knox Bullion Depository was being
emptied of gold and suggested that it be stored there.  This was
done with all but 12 grams (less than half an ounce), which the
CIA extracted from one canister to experiment with.  This 12-gram
sample of the plutonium poison, whose full effects still were not
fully understood at that time, was taken to the White Sands
Proving Grounds in New Mexico for evaluation purposes.

   During the experiment there, about 3 grams 'accidentally'
leaked into an underground water supply which was being used by
12 families in that sparsely settled area.  All of them died
quickly from the poison; and the CIA mounted an elaborate
cover-up, burying those innocent victims secretly.  Perhaps you
will recall, in fact, some strange news items several years ago
about the sudden disappearance of some ranch folk out West, a
disappearance that never was explained.  Well, now you know what

   At about the same point in time, by the way, IT&T was involved
in the so-called "Mole Hole Project" to drill deep into the
earth's crust, for reasons which were never made clear publicly. 
Its purpose, I can reveal, was to reach a hypothetical
underground 'world river', so-called, and contaminate it with the
plutonium poison to deny its use to everyone.  After spending
vast amounts of taxpayers' money, it was abandoned as an
impractical project.  Insane?  YES.  Fiction?  NO.

   The CIA agent who was put in charge of getting the poison to
the Latin American countries under cover of his multinational
company, was named Harold Leroy White.  Once he became fully
aware of the details of the project, however, he became disgusted
and sick at heart and decided to go to--guess who?--Senator Barry
Goldwater with the story.  He arranged to see Goldwater but died
on the way, apparently because his intentions became known to the
wrong people.

   Whether Goldwater knew what White wanted to see him about is
not clear from my information so far, but it does seem strange
that we keep running into Senator Goldwater in all of this. 
First there was the crucial Chapter 12 of the unpublished Tatom
manuscript on Fort Knox, which Goldwater obtained from Tatom's
widow after Tatom's death under suspicious circumstances. 
Goldwater has never released the manuscript, even though I
challenged him to do so in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 1 for June
1975.  Now, there's the Harold Leroy White case.  Did Goldwater
know what was afoot or not?  And now he has come out in strong
public opposition to any further investigation of the CIA and
other United States Intelligence agencies.  What's going on here,
Senator Goldwater??

   Since I first revealed the presence and leakage of the
radioactive Plutonium 239 superpoison in the Central Core Vault
at Fort Knox, I have been astonished by the failure of some
people to stop and realize what it means.  My associates and I
were hoping to obtain a court injunction to open the Vault and
prove that the gold is gone--but now, God forbid.  The whole
Depository should be abandoned immediately and covered up with a
pyramid of lead, cement, and stone--whatever it takes to shut off
its deadly contents from the environment before its effects
become a runaway disaster.  It would be a pyramid with a poison
core for thousands of years, but that is apparently the best that
can be done now.

Topic #3--If the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox is indeed
abandoned and entombed under a giant pyramid to shut it off from
the world, it would be an ironic symbol of the miscarriage of
Rockefeller power and ultimately a symbol of the self-destruction
which the four Rockefeller Brothers are bringing upon themselves.

   If you will take out a $1.00 bill and look at the back as I
talk, you will see what I mean by this irony.  On the left side
you will see the pyramid and eye symbol that today signifies the
power of the Rockefellers.  They did not invent this symbol, but
in 1933 they appropriated it as their own property.  In that year
their puppet President, Franklin D. Roosevelt came to power, and
this symbol appeared on our money for the very first time, and
it's been there ever since.

   Many people attach patriotic and religious meanings to the
various parts of this symbol, but that is not what it means to
the Rockefellers who put it there.  The 1776 (MDCCLXXVI)
inscribed at the base of the pyramid refers not to the founding
of our Republic but to "May Day" 1776, the day celebrated today
by the Communists and radical Socialists the world over.

   The pyramid itself symbolizes the pyramid of power.  At the
bottom are you and I, the general public; and its successively
smaller layers above us are fewer and fewer people with more and
more power.  Floating above the pyramid, seemingly unattached to
it, is the very hub of power, the essence of which is secrecy--no
visible connection with the rest of the pyramid--and spying,
symbolized by the mysterious eye with a view in all directions. 
The words "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" on the banner underneath mean
"New Order of the Ages"--or freely translated, "New Deal."

   Little understood symbols like this are one way our secret
Rulers have of signaling to one another the progress of their
grab for power.  They are all around us today, even on postage
stamps, and you should watch for them.  The same pyramid symbol
often appears over Walter Cronkite's shoulder these days when he
discusses the economy on CBS TV news.  It is also embodied as a
triangle at the top of the headboard and footboard of Nelson
Rockefeller's celebrated $35,000 bed, which was designed by an
artist of Satanic symbols, Max Ernst.

   Another symbol to watch for on Walter Cronkite's TV News is
the Rockefeller Road to the Bicentennial emblem, showing a road
heading into the center of a circle of stars.  Count the
stars--there are not 13, but 10 stars in the circle standing for
the 10 'new states' which are to replace the 50 we now have,
under the new Rockefeller Constitution.

   The shake-up of the Ford Cabinet over the weekend of November
2 coinciding with Rockefeller's announcement that he will not run
with Ford, or as Vice-President, in 1976, is a clear signal that
Ford's remaining days in office are distinctly numbered.  CIA
Director Colby and Defense Secretary Schlesinger were fired at
Nelson Rockefeller's behest, but these unpopular moves were hung
like an albatross around President Ford's neck by having him say,
"I wanted my guys."

   At the same time Henry Kissinger was ostensibly taken down a
peg.  I have always warned that Kissinger would have to go as
soon as Nelson, his long-time boss, made his takeover move,
because their egos will not permit them to actually work together
without terrible friction.  Kissinger knows this too, and is a
Little Hitler waiting in the wings under the illusion that he may
be able to displace Nelson Rockefeller and become our Dictator
himself under the provisions of the new Rockefeller Constitution. 
But he has already begun to find out otherwise, and in all
likelihood will be successfully removed from the scene regardless
of what moves he may make against Nelson.

   What is already being called the "Sunday Night Massacre" by
some of the barking dogs of the Rockefeller media, is only a
prelude to bigger shake-ups ahead.  Once the onus of the coming
crash is firmly stuck to President Ford, the stage will have been
set for him to retire from the scene, voluntarily or otherwise,
to be replaced by Nelson Rockefeller riding out on his "white
horse" to save the nation--just like F.D.R. did in 1933.

   As it stands now--and please remember that they often change
their plans when they are spotlighted--the timetable is as

On or about November 20, 1975, New York enters another crisis on
the way to default, which will probably come while Ford is off
drinking tea in China.

Also on November 20, Ronald Reagan, the consummate actor who is
Nelson Rockefeller's good friend and America's most two-faced
Trojan horse, will make an announcement about his own candidacy.

On or about December 20, 1975, Nelson Rockefeller now plans to
publicly take the reins of the presidency from the floundering
President Ford, the new Herbert Hoover.  Ford's image is already
in the process of being torn to shreds in a systematic campaign
now under way.

On January 20, 1976, President Nelson Rockefeller expects to
deliver his first "State of the Union" message, which is now
being written secretly, and electrify Congress and the nation as
he proposes the writing of a New Constitution for America.  He
will speak of the moment as a solemn one in the nation's
experience, a time when the past is being conditioned to the
future, and when a law fundamental to all other laws must again
be created as it was by our Founders in another time of national

  For the remainder of the Rockefeller scenario, ending with our
acceptance of the New Constitution by National Referendum on
rigged voting machines, I refer you to my AUDIO BOOK No. 2 

Finally, around February 1976, war is supposed to break out in
the Middle East, to be followed by the greater Asian War.

Yes, my friends, this is what is going on.

   Meanwhile our United States Congress is doing nothing whatever
except playing games with you and me.  Both the House and the
Senate are packed with members who are totally ignorant of the
big picture, intimidated by Rockefeller power, and weakened by
skeletons in their own closets.  Interspersed among them are the
Hugh Scotts, the William Proxmires, the Henry Reusses, and the
Hubert Humphreys--on both sides of the aisle and in both houses
of Congress--who provide the active leadership to lead Congress
and the nation down the primrose path being laid out for us by
the Rockefeller Brothers.

   My friends, only public opinion--massive, powerful, focused
public opinion--will move Congress in the right direction.  It is
therefore up to us--you and me, our neighbors, our friends--to
save our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC for ourselves and our children
by becoming aware of the truth, spreading awareness of the facts
to others, and focusing that awareness into such pressure on
Congress that they will realize they must stop catering to the
special interests dominated by the Rockefeller Brothers.  I hope
to have more to say in this vein soon, but for now, use your own
imagination, your own resources, and DO WHAT YOU CAN.  The hour
is late!!

   Until next month, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.



Audio letter No. 05

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Posted by Jon Volkoff, mail address eidetics@cerf.net

"AUDIO LETTER(R)" is a registered trademark of Audio Books,
Inc., a Texas corporation, which originally produced this tape
recording.  Reproduced under open license granted by Audio
Books, Inc.


This recording is a product of AUDIO BOOKS INC. (Current 1981
address: 1629 K St. NW, Washington, DC  20006)

   Hello, everybody, this is Dr. Beter.  Today is October 15,
1975, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER(R) No. 5.  One year ago
this month I made my first cassette tape recording for AUDIO
BOOK No. 1.

   Stop and think what has happened since then.  It may startle
you.  In October 1974 our government was still assuring us there
was no recession; but the very next month the government
announced that there was a recession under way; and today, a year
later, we have already endured what is officially the worst
recession since the late 1930's.  But we haven't seen anything

   As I say these words, we are again being fed optimistic lies
by Rockefeller agents in our government from President Ford on
down when we are actually poised on the brink of a far worse
economic cliff than the one we fell over a year ago.  In this
regard I want to talk to you today about the following three




Topic #1--On September 19, just a few weeks ago, a mini scandal
involving the United States Bureau of the Mint broke
nation-wide--"THE GREAT PENNY CAPER" in the words of the Wall
Street Journal.  Two years ago the Treasury had 1-1/2 million
experimental aluminum pennies minted supposedly at the suggestion
of Mrs. Mary Brooks, the Director of the United States Mint. 
Samples went to Senate and House Banking Committee members, and a
few went to Mrs. Brooks' own office.  In the end, the aluminum
penny idea was scrapped, and all those million-plus experimental
coins were melted down--all, that is, except a dozen or so that
seemed to have disappeared in the Senate, the House, and the
Bureau of the Mint offices.  Since they are potentially worth
thousands of dollars as collectors' items, the Government
professes great concern about the situation, and may even be
forced to mint the low quality aluminum pennies after all, if
they can't be recovered.  An Assistant United States Attorney
said, quote:

  "This may just turn out to be the world's worst blunder by the
Bureau of the Mint, an egregious case of negligence."

Well, my friends, here is a perfect example of the
look-over-there distraction tactics that the Rockefellers always
use.  They make a big to-do about a few pennies while they cover
up the FORT KNOX GOLD SCANDAL.  They're playing games with you
and me.

   We have also heard a lot lately about the United States
Intelligence Community--the CIA, the FBI, and so on--and a lot of
pro and cons about it.  First there was the CIA whitewash by CIA
boss Nelson Rockefeller with the able assistance of his good
friend and Trojan horse, Ronald Reagan--who, by the way, is
presently in line to be Nelson's Vice-President once Gerald Ford
is out of the way.

   More recently there have been the lurid revelations by the
Senate Intelligence Committee chaired by one Senator Frank
Church: assassination plots against Castro, poison dart guns to
stun guarddogs at enemy installations, all manner of James
Bond-style murder weapons, and even deadly shellfish toxins kept
by the CIA despite presidential orders to destroy them.  "Strong
stuff", you say.  Wrong.  The Church committee, like the Treasury
with its pennies, is playing games with you and me again.  The
United States Senate hearings on shellfish toxins last month did
not reveal anything except the tip of the iceberg.  The same
applies to what they have not told you about assassinations,
psychological programming, and other things.  As usual, the
Government is telling you just enough to make you think you have
been told the truth, while keeping you in the dark about what
really matters.  So I'm going to tell you a thing or two about
what really goes on in the Rockefeller Brothers espionage

   I believe what I am about to reveal, my friends, is actually
mind boggling.  It's tragic, it's frightening, and frankly, it
borders on the unbelievable.  But my information, which I have
carefully double-checked, comes from sources which have been
proven absolutely reliable in the past, therefore the absolute
truth to the very best of my knowledge; and I believe you have a
right to know the truth about the things that affect your life,
your health, and your destiny.

   Senator Church's committee made a big publicity splash over
the 11 grams, less than half an ounce, of the shellfish toxin
kept by the CIA in defiance of presidential orders.  But they
have known for over a month now about something far worse than
those shellfish toxins--something that is a direct, immediate
threat to unsuspecting citizens right now--and they are not
telling you about it.

   CIA operatives have stolen from 40 to 60 pounds--pounds, not
ounces or grams--of deadly radioactive Plutonium-239 from various
stations in the United ed States.  Plutonium-239 is the deadliest
substance imaginable, and is the material used for nuclear
weapons; and these 40 to 60 pounds of stolen plutonium have been
processed into an incredibly dangerous radioactive superpoison so
lethal that one (1) gram--1/28th of an ounce--is enough to kill
over 60,000 people; and this insane illegal poison is now stored
in the "Central Core Vault" at Fort Knox!

   The Central Core Vault, which was originally designed to house
the nation's gold, has been emptied of that gold and turned by
the Rockefellers' spy establishment into a chamber of death,
containing enough radioactive superpoison to kill over one-third
of the world's population!  Shellfish toxins, my eye!  But, my
friends, you still haven't heard the worst of it.

   The clandestine operation involving the plutonium poison was
not only insane but it has been botched as well.  This
radioactive liquid poison in the Central Core Vault is stored in
a number of lead-lined casks to somewhat resemble large milk cans
in outer appearance.  Most of these were put there as long ago as
1968, even before the last of the gold left Fort Knox.  They have
not been subject to the safety precautions spelled out for
radioactive materials by the former Atomic Energy Commission, and
the containers began corroding long ago.  Leakage began occurring
several years ago as a result, and it's steadily accelerating
now.  The entire United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox
and its environs are already contaminated with radioactivity, and
it is increasing daily!

   "But", you may ask, "how can these things have happened?  How
could the gold have been taken out from under the Army's nose? 
And how could the CIA, or anyone else, have sneaked this
plutonium poison into Fort Knox?  Everyone knows Fort Knox is

   My friends, the answer is so simple it may amaze you.

   First, I must correct one erroneous item contained in my
monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 2 for July 1975.  It is true that it
takes two keys and two people to open the vaults in the Bullion
Depository, but the Commanding General of Fort Knox is not one of
them!  The two people with the keys are the Treasury agent in
charge and his deputy, both Treasury officials.  Furthermore,
control and authority over the depository building and the
immediate grounds within the fence surrounding it, lies
exclusively with the Treasury Department.  The United States Army
has no authority whatsoever over the Bullion Depository.  The
Army never becomes involved in any way with the activities at the
Depository except when the Treasury requests Army Guard duty for
major shipments of gold.

   What you probably think of as Fort Knox, the famous Bullion
Depository with small grounds and a fence around it, is properly
called the "United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox,
Kentucky."  It is a little Treasury island located geographically
within a huge Army Reservation that is called Fort Knox.  Access
to the Bullion Depository is possible without passing through any
Army Guard stations, and without the Army even having to pay any
attention.  There is a controlled access divided public highway,
US 31-W, that runs from Louisville north of Fort Knox south to
Elizabethtown, and it runs smack through the middle of the huge
Fort Knox Military Reservation.  If you stay on that highway, you
can drive all the way through Fort Knox without stopping or being
interfered with in any way.  But if you take any of the exits
onto a crossroad within the Fort Knox Reservation, then you will
come to a Guardhouse within a few hundred feet.  Driving north or
south along Highway 31-W through Fort Knox, you come to a point
at which you get a good view of the imposing Bullion Depository,
which sits on a hill perhaps a quarter mile east of the Highway. 
If you take the nearest exit from Highway 31-W, you find yourself
on a crossroad that goes right past the Depository, right up to
an Army Guardhouse where you will, of course, be stopped.  But
about 50 feet before you reach the Army guard, there's a wide
driveway that leads into the Bullion Depository itself.  If you
turn into that driveway, the Army guard 50 feet down the road
will certainly see you, but he need not take any action. 
Instead, it's up to the Treasury guards to either admit you or
keep you out of the Depository grounds itself.  Thus the Bullion
Depository at Fort Knox is virtually impregnable for any
potential thieves from the outside.  The Treasury people at the
Depository need only squawk once for help, and the Army will be
swarming all over the area in moments.

   But for an "inside job" through the Treasury itself, the
Bullion Depository is a sitting duck.  Access to the Depository
is exactly the same as it would be if the Depository were located
clear outside the Fort Knox Military Reservation, since no Army
checkpoints have to be passed; and inside the fence that
surrounds the Depository building, everything is strictly up to
the Treasury--unless they call upon the Army for assistance.  So
the Treasury Department had to come to terms at some level with
the Intelligence people responsible for the radioactive plutonium
poison.  The United States Treasury is now acting as a nuclear
banker for the United States Intelligence Community, which works
for the Rockefeller Brothers.  They wanted to put their deadly
valuables in a great big safety deposit box--the Central Core
Vault--and the Treasury allowed them to do so.

   The people who went to Fort Knox last year on September 23,
1974--six Congressmen, one Senator, and over 100 news media
people--were all exposed to this radiation without their
knowledge.  Far from being warned of this hazard, the very
existence of the Central Core Vault was deliberately hidden from
the unsuspecting visitors.  As a result, every one of those
visitors has grounds for a lawsuit against the federal government
and against the Treasury officials personally responsible for
this terrible trick, under the Federal Tort Claims Act.  Had I
known about the radioactive plutonium poison at that time, I
would have publicly warned everyone to stay away.  As it is now,
all I can do is to suggest that those who visited Fort Knox last
year be checked up medically.  It is even more urgent that those
who work at the Depository be checked.  I am informed that those
who have worked there for a sufficient period of time may already
have the beginnings of cancer.  Most doctors are unfamiliar with
the effects of radiation poisoning, and it can easily be
misdiagnosed.  Elevated blood sugar, irritability, dizziness,
itching, elevated temperature, and a number of other symptoms can
result from radiation poisoning.  For further information I refer
you to that wonderful book, "ARE YOU RADIOACTIVE?" by Linda

   Knowing what we know now, it is obvious why the man who
invited the visitors to Fort Knox last year, United States
Treasury Secretary William Simon, knew better than to go there
himself.  It also explains why the Government has so steadfastly
refused to admit the existence of the Central Core Vault.  They
dare not open it now, even for a peep show.  And on October 9
just last week if you will recall, President Ford abruptly
canceled--yes, canceled--a scheduled trip to Louisville,
Kentucky, near Fort Knox; and just 16 hours earlier I had
publicly broken the plutonium poison story in Los Angeles. 
Before that, our puppet President probably knew nothing about it.

   But why has the Church committee of the Senate, which has had
information about all of this for over a month, kept it so
carefully covered up?  Has Senator Frank Church, whose
presidential ambitions are well known, found what he considers a
better use for this life-and-death information than to tell the
American people about it?

   Up to now, the main effects of the radioactive contamination
seeping out of the Central Core Vault have been confined mostly
to the immediate vicinity of the Bullion Depository itself.  But
the Central Core Vault was never intended to house radioactive
substances.  Its walls, ceiling, and floors are made of
reinforced concrete several feet thick, but any such concrete
structures form thousands of cracks all through it over a period
of time--some visible, some microscopic.  That makes no
difference for gold storage; but for radioactive materials, the
concrete structure of the Central Core Vault is like a giant
sieve with tiny holes on all sides.  Once the radioactive poison
gets out of those lead-lined storage-tank cans, as it already is
doing, a good fraction of it will eventually find its way
outside.  A major catastrophe--radioactive poisoning of the
entire southeast portion of the United States--is now a real
possibility unless steps are taken to prevent it.  But I am
informed that there is no way to neutralize this radioactive
poison.  All that can be done is to seal it off from the
environment.  Even if there were some other safe place to take
the leaking cans of poison for storage, which there is not, it
would not be safe to open the Central Core Vault now, much less
enter it.  This means that the United States Bullion Depository
at Fort Knox must be abandoned forthwith, and a massive tomb of
lead and rock built around it to contain the radiation.  The
contents of the Depository--any left-over dregs of gold still
there, the stores of curare poison and other drugs and poisons
for the Intelligence Community, Bureau of Engraving plates,
important documents, everything--has already been subjected to
radioactive contamination, and are unsafe so that they might just
as well be entombed with the Depository itself.  Needless to say,
a project like this--the abandonment of the Bullion Depository
and the construction of a radiation shielding mound over
it--could scarcely be done and kept secret.  Thousands of people
drive by the Depository every day on the public highway, US 31-W;
and even if that highway were closed, the fate of the Bullion
Depository would necessarily become known if these corrective
steps were taken.

   But that would lead back to the source of the trouble--the
Rockefeller Brothers themselves through their intrigues with the
CIA, FBI, and the rest of the United States Intelligence
establishment!  The only way the Rockefellers can protect
themselves in this hideous thing they have caused, is not to do
anything so that no questions will be asked.  By the time the
spreading effects of the radioactive leakage from Fort Knox can
no longer be hidden, they expect to have their dictatorship in
place.  Then they can do whatever is necessary without worrying
about you or I or anybody else.  Think about it.  Therefore
nothing will be done about the hideous, invisible killer fog
slowly creeping outward from Fort Knox unless the public knows
about it and demands action.  Yet Senator Frank Church contents
himself with the public posture of shock at a mere half ounce of
shellfish toxin; and even those are not being destroyed!  If you
will notice, the Church committee merely voted to suggest to the
CIA that its stockpile of shellfish toxin be turned over to
scientific agencies for research.  That's like saying: "If you'd
like to, why don't you take the poison flask out of your left
hand and put it in your right hand instead?!"

   Senator Church has his publicity.  The CIA, FBI, and the rest
of the Rockefeller spy network still have easy access to their
beloved poisons.  The public has been given an exciting show, and
made to think everything is being straightened out; and the real
secrets of the Rockefeller Brothers end up more secure than ever. 
If our Republic is to survive, this kind of thing has got to
stop.  In other ways, too, the CIA and its brothers in the United
States Intelligence industry, are knee-deep in things about which
you are not being given the slightest hint.

   The Rockefeller spy and espionage establishment specializes in
poisoning minds, as well as bodies.  I refer especially to the
many techniques of psychological programming which they have at
their disposal.  Even President Nixon, after all, was Watergated
out of office through an elaborate CIA plot on Nelson
Rockefeller's behalf that pivoted around psychological profiling
of Nixon and many of those who surrounded him in the White House. 
An artificial environment was created at the White House during
the Watergate siege with predictable results based on the
psychological profiles of Nixon and his aides.  After it was all
over, you may recall, some of the Nixon people expressed
confusion and amazement at what had happened.  They could not
understand how they had lost their way and become totally
divorced from reality.

   But this is only one aspect of the psychological control
exercised on selected individuals by the Rockefellers through
their Intelligence web.  They also have a variety of brainwashing
techniques including highly advanced secret electronic devices. 
All that is necessary to use certain of these techniques is to
get a victim into a hospital.  Once he or she is there, it's all
over.  In this controlled environment, a millivolt system with
small electrodes is used to alter the brain wave pattern and
inject thoughts and tendencies.  As a result, a person can
actually be programmed to do things they normally would not--say,
to leak information from a Congressional committee doing special
investigative work; or a world leader can be programmed to change
his policies; or the wife of a diplomat can be turned into a spy;
or a world leader can be assassinated by a close relative
programmed to do so; or a true patriot can be programmed to
assassinate a political leader or a potential presidential

   In all of these cases, the brainwashing techniques permanently
damage a person's mind.  It is terrible, alien to our way of
life, but it is going on right now on behalf of those
self-proclaimed philanthropists, the Four Rockefeller Brothers. 
I know of specific instances of every one of the programming
situations I just gave you, but suffice it to mention only one:

   Sara Jane Moore who took a shot at President Ford in San
Francisco on September 22, 1975.  Unlike the incident 17 days
earlier with "Squeaky" Fromme, the attempt by Mrs. Moore was
real.  Had President Ford gone across the street as planned to
mingle with the crowd, he would have gone exactly where she stood
patiently waiting with her gun, which she had picked out for
purchase the previous day with a United States Treasury agent by
her side.  You may have been baffled by all the accounts of her
attempts to get arrested ahead of time and her unsuccessful
efforts to stop herself.  But she truly could not help herself,
because she was electronically brainwashed and programmed as an
assassin by Rockefeller Intelligence agents.

   Only last night, October 14, 1975, still another odd
occurrence happened to President Ford.  He was involved in a
traffic accident, so-called, as his motorcade drove through
downtown Hartford, Connecticut.  And for the third time in a row,
an apparent brush with possible death by the President was caught
beautifully by the TV news cameras which just happened to be
riding in the motorcade this time, three cars behind the
President.  The limousine President Ford was riding in was
supposedly the same one J.F.K.  rode in when he was killed, but
90% rebuilt.  Due to the accident last night, it will, of course,
have to go into the Ford Motor Company shops for repair in
Detroit.  Will it return to service, outfitted once again as a
murder car as it was that day of November 22, 1963, in Dallas? 
After all, the Rockefeller Brothers have a habit of using any
trick that proves successful over and over again.

Now I turn to Topic #2:

   On October 2, 1975, while cheery promises of economic recovery
were emanating from Washington, the largest financial collapse in
retailing history occurred.  The huge W. T. Grant Department
Stores chain with over 1000 stores in 40 states filed for
protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Act.  Tempted by
the booming years of the late 1960's and early 1970's, the chain
had expanded at breakneck speed and was caught high and dry when
our economy began to crumble two years ago.  Suddenly, in the
changed economic environment, Grant simply could not find enough
buyers for its goods to cover its liabilities.  Bankruptcy came
with the chain owing over one-billion dollars, more than all of
its assets put together.

   But companies are not the only things that can go bankrupt. 
On October 2, 1975, a major firm that rates government bonds
suddenly and completely suspended all ratings on New York City
bonds.  It had become apparent that the City's finances were in
bad, bad trouble.  New York City, like W. T. Grant, was in over
its head.  Frantic maneuverings ensued in order to try to keep
New York City afloat, including creation of the Municipal
Assistance Corporation, or "Big Mac" as it is often called.  With
that, New York State was drawn into the City's tangle of
financial woes, and now the State's bond ratings are on the way
down too.

   Experts confirm what is all too obvious to everyone.  It is
now only a matter of time until New York State and City default
on their crushing debts as they come due.  The result will be
legal and financial panic and confusion as creditors, city
employees, welfare recipients, bondholders, and others are thrown
into a battle to try to get their money.  City services will be
cut back, unemployment in New York will skyrocket due to layoffs,
people who have put their life savings into so-called safe New
York City bonds will be in danger of seeing it all go up in

   This is the exact situation that I warned disbelieving Wall
Street bond traders about in a seminar in January of this year
1975.  All of this is likely to happen within just a few weeks,
just in time for Christmas, unless federal or quasi-federal
authorities step into the picture with some sort of temporary
bail-out scheme.  But will this happen?

   One of the main contingent plans of the Rockefeller Brothers
is to let New York go down the drain.  They themselves bailed out
months ago, so that they will not personally suffer if New York
goes bankrupt.  Therefore they are in a perfect position to use
the State and City's financial collapse for three purposes:

First--to trigger the general economic collapse for which they
have worked so long;

Second--to be able to label our coming crash "The Ford
Depression", so that Nelson Rockefeller can then ride out on his
white horse like F.D.R. did 42 years ago, proclaiming himself our
savior; and

Third--to convince the American people that the United States
Congress has become a totally worthless institution so that the
Congress can be abolished in the course of setting up their new
Constitution and dictatorship.

   The plight of New York City and State after all is not unique,
as you may think.  The deteriorating financial condition of all
of the government bodies, with local governments least able to
fight back, is a deliberate and predictable product of the
economic forces unleashed by the Rockefeller Brothers four years

   The era of STAGFLATION and monetary instability entered its
current phase in the spring of 1971 through Rockefeller
manipulation of their multinational corporations.  In my book
"THE CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE DOLLAR" published in 1973, I called
it "Campaign May."  I now quote, starting on page 32:

  "It happened on signal.  It was May 1971.  The affiliates of
the multinationals, armed with dollars, opened their Spring
offensive.  They dropped bombs of dollars on Europe.  The
Europeans, as they had attempted in 1967/1968, tried again to
rescue the American dollar.  The multinationals sent waves and
waves of dollars against the central bankers until these bankers
were compelled to stop supporting the dollar by giving out high
fixed-price currencies.  The time had come to think of their own
currencies and what they were doing to their own economies.

   The dollar began to 'float'.  It had become free from a
fixed-rate in relation to other European currencies.  It had, in
effect become devalued, 'softer'."

   Then came August 15, 1971--mark it well, my friends--the date
when our current inflation really began.  August 15, 1971, the
Rockefellers, through their government lackeys, persuaded
President Nixon to repudiate the 1944 Bretton Woods Monetary
Agreement by suspending settlement of international transactions
in GOLD, since the Rockefeller Brothers had already stolen almost
all of America's gold by then.  This action, severing the dollar
from gold, set in motion an inflationary force greater than
America had ever experienced in the 20th Century.

   Continuing on page 81 of my book, the predictable effect on
governmental bodies such as New York City was pointed out as
follows, and I quote:

  "The waves of Campaign May had reached the shores of America.
The war against the dollar in Europe was coming home to Americans
in the form of high prices and social unrest.

   The impact of the econostrategic and econopolitic measures of
the New Imperialism of the Rockefeller Brothers will be felt for
many years in the United States.  The legislative bodies of the
local, state, and federal government will be incapable of coping
with the situation we call stagflation; that is, the problem
previously referred to of high inflation combined with a lack of
real growth in the economy."

Still quoting:

  "After two official devaluations followed by 'unofficial'
devaluations as a result of the floating dollar, the value of the
dollar, in terms of goods and services bought is going down and
down, buying less and less.

   Devaluation of the dollar is a presage of increased inflation.
The burden of devaluation ultimately falls on the average working
man, the pensioner, and those on fixed incomes.  It erodes
savings accounts, bonds, and other fixed income instruments.

   It also takes more dollars for local, state, and federal

   Thus, thanks to the stagflation era, launched deliberately by
the Rockefeller Brothers several years ago, mounting deficits by
New York City were inevitable as they simply tried to maintain
programs and services which had begun under a non-stagflation era
economy.  The same applies to the federal government itself,
which is now running a record deficit half again as large as that
experienced at the height of World War II.

   If the point is reached when New York cannot pay its massive
obligations to creditors, then at least some of those creditors
will in turn have trouble paying off their obligations and loans. 
This process can, therefore, ripple through our general economy;
but in normal non-stagflation times, it would die out and be
absorbed after some point.  But the American economy is now
dangerously top-heavy with debt, and much of it is owed, by the
way, to the huge major banks, insurance companies and the Federal
Reserve System--all controlled by the Rockefellers who,
therefore, stand to pick up an awful lot of property through

   Recent figures indicate that corporations, taken all together,
have twice as much debt as liquid assets.  Worse yet, two years
ago we passed the point at which the total debt of the United
States--governmental, business, and personal--exceeded our total
assets.  In other words, our whole country is now like a great
big W. T. Grant operating with a negative net worth.

   Should our nation's debt structure collapse badly in one spot,
say New York City, the whole thing can start falling down
progressively like a house of cards.  There is no solid debt-free
financial underpinning left to absorb this process and make it
fizzle out.  One way or another, therefore, it is only now a
question of time whether the Government and/or the Federal
Reserve will leap into our collapsing economic situation, and
their so-called 'solution' for our problems will come down
ultimately to printing more dollars.  Inflation will then
skyrocket even faster than now.  Any remaining confidence in the
dollar will be shattered, and all of this will come along just in
time to send gold prices streaking upward under the conditions
which David Rockefeller has labored so hard to finally achieve. 
I discussed this last month in connection with the IMF gold sale
decision, and everything is still very much on track there.

   On the weekend of October 5, 1975, just 10 days ago, a secret
meeting was held in New York City by delegates of the United
States, Britain, Japan, France, and West Germany to lay the
groundwork for a Western economic summit to be held later this
year.  David Rockefeller is trying to make sure that the January
1976 meeting of the IMF in Jamaica will reach a compromise
agreement acceptable to France on the matter of exchange rates so
that the conditional Gold Agreement reached last month will then
take effect.  My current information is, that to satisfy France,
stable yet flexible exchange rates between currencies will be
defined in terms of gold.  Gold will be officially fixed at or
about $195.00 an ounce for this purpose, this being the first of
several successive stages within a period of 2-1/2 years from
today, with gold ultimately targeted to reach $2,000.00 per

   So bankruptcy of New York City, if it comes, will serve the
Rockefeller Brothers well in their scheme to bring America to
submission economically.  And after spending months telling
President Ford, both directly and through advisors, not to help
New York City, Nelson Rockefeller has suddenly hopped on the
other side of the fence and now says, for public consumption,
that federal authorities should help New York.  But this is only
lip service, my friends, for behind the scenes he is still making
sure that ultimately nothing is done.  Now when the ultimate
collapse comes, it will be President Ford--not Nelson
Rockefeller, the real culprit--who is blamed for not effecting a
rescue.  Along with Ford, Congress will also be the loser in all
of this.

   On October 11, 1975, when Rockefeller went public with his
statements in support of New York, he said in a speech which,
please note, he did not bother to clear with his puppet Ford, and
I quote:

  "After the Control Board in New York City have acted to restore
fiscal integrity, it will be a true test of the responsiveness of
our Congressional system as to whether the Congress can act in
time to avoid catastrophe."

   This is the very same Nelson Rockefeller who, as Governor of
New York State, increased New York State taxes by over 500% and
its debt by over 300%, and drove numerous industries, including
some of his own, out of the state by confiscatory taxation.  But
you can rest assured that Congress will now be watched very
closely by the Rockefeller mass media to see what they do about
all of this.  Thus the Rockefellers are trying to make us think
of New York City's fate as a criterion for the continued
usefulness, or lack thereof, of Congress.  And regardless of what
Congress does, they intend to make sure that Congress does not
pass the public opinion test.

   So, my friends, don't be too mystified by the strange things
going on around us.  Keep your eyes focused on causes, not
effects, because what man makes, he can unmake.

   In the 1920's, the Rockefellers brought a very sophisticated
German economist to America from Berlin to work out a plan to
massage the Stock Market in order, so they said, to try to
deflate inflation.  But once they had his plan, they promptly
twisted it and used it to bring about the Stock Market Crash of
1929.  He resigned in disgust and went into a religious retreat,
but later became a university professor.  It was my privilege to
have studied under this man, and we became good and close
friends.  It was he, my wise German professor, who taught me
finance, banking, and economics and who confidentially taught me
to forget all about the effects that economists had written about
in their books, even including his; and to focus instead on
causes and the way these effects can be brought about.  He died
with shame in his heart because of the cruel way in which the
Rockefellers had warped and misused what he had taught them in
good faith.  His identity must remain a secret, but he left with
me a heavy responsibility to use what he had taught me for good,
and that is what I am trying to do now--for you and for him.


Topic #3--Perhaps you are wondering why I have chosen to talk
today about preparations for our new American Constitution and
maneuverings for a new Asian war all as one topic.  The reason is
that both are parts of the larger Rockefeller plan for world
conquest and one Rockefeller-world-government, as outlined in
Hoffman Nickerson's Rockefeller-authorized book "THE AMERICAN
RICH" published in 1930.

   On previous occasions I have alluded to the fact that Japan,
since World War II, has been substantially under the thumb of the
four Rockefeller Brothers, and in particular of John D.
Rockefeller III.  It was John, as I explained in AUDIO LETTER No.
3, who helped pave the way for the Japanese attack on Pearl
Harbor through his spy ring activities under the cloak of the
"Institute of Pacific Relations."

   If you had any doubts about what I have told you of the
Rockefeller control over Japan, I hope you paid close attention
to the recent visit by Emperor Hirohito to our country.  From
start to finish with scarcely a break, he was in Rockefeller
company on Rockefeller turf, from the Colonial Williamsburg,
Virginia tourist attraction owned by the Rockefellers, to
Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller's Japanese-style house at
Pocantico Hills.  Our figurehead President Ford and other
officials hardly even counted!

   Nelson's brother John, who is heading the publicity campaign
for their own new Constitution under the banner of a Second
American Revolution, is still up to his old tricks in the Pacific
too.  On September 15, 1975, a significant article appeared in
the Vancouver Province newspaper describing a hush-hush meeting
that was not even reported in the United States.  The article was
reads in part as follows, and I quote:

  "An informal conference of some of the Pacific Rim's most
influential political and economic thinkers convened by financier
John D. Rockefeller III ended here Saturday; and only then was
the list of participants released.  The 43 guests invited to the
'Williamsburg Five Conference' from southeast Asia, Australia,
and North America met for four days in off-the-record sessions
representing only themselves, not their organizations."

Still quoting:

  "Participants included George Ball, former United States
Undersecretary of State; Derek Davies, editor of the
authoritative Far Eastern Economic Review; Newsweek editor Osborn
Elliott; Exxon chairman C. C. Garvin; United States Senate
Minority Leader Hugh Scott; Mitsubishi Research Director Morihisa
Emori; and Khoman Thanat, former Thai Foreign Minister.  Other
guests included top-level experts from Asian and United States
companies, publications, banks, universities, various ministries,
and presidential circles."

In a news conference after the meeting, Robert Barnett, director
of the Washington center of the Asian Society, was asked what
effect the discussions would have on the foreign policy of
various countries, and he answered, quote:

  "I would say the probability of direct influences, very small;
and the probability of indirect influence is very considerable."

It is mentioned that the conferences began in Williamsburg,
Virginia five years ago to discuss, quote, "the then-new
breakthrough in United States-Chinese relations."

   The Rockefeller Brothers are maneuvering rapidly to bring on
the Asian war, which they plan to ignite in March 1977 as their
target date.  Their goal is to take over India, the former crown
jewel of the British Empire, which is rich in iron ore, precious
metals, and various other natural resources as well as cheap
labor.  Already 1000 or so inhabitants of a small island in the
Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia, are being involuntarily relocated
elsewhere to make room for the rapid build-up of a U.S. Naval
Base in preparation for the coming war in that area.

   Henry Kissinger's new controversial Sinai Accord, involving
200 so-called civilian technicians to be placed in no-man's land
between Israel and Egypt, is also a part of the global
preparations for Asian war by the Rockefellers.

   The primary focus right now is not the Middle East itself, but
Asia.  Israel is, in effect, to become our advanced base for
American military operations when we are drawn into the Asian
conflict on the side of Russia and India and against the
Sino-Japanese Axis which, through Japan, will also be under
Rockefeller influence.  Huge amounts of arms are being pumped
into Israel, with much smaller token amounts promised to Egypt. 
Israel is being used, while the Arabs are being placated for now
to keep the region's oil supplies secure for the planned war.

   Those so-called civilian technicians will be civilian in name
only.  They are actually the advance command nuclei of the
American military build-up in the Sinai that is already going on
in secret.  The whole purpose of this is not fundamentally to
protect the Israelis and Egyptians from one another, but to keep
open the American supply line to the East for war in India. 
Should India fall through subversion before 1977, the war now
brewing will no longer be necessary.  In that event, the
Rockefeller plans will revert to those described in my AUDIO BOOK
No. 1 released a year ago: WORLD WAR III, with America the
primary nuclear battlefield, beginning just a little later than
the war now planned.  For that purpose, the Rockefeller Brothers
have as their ace in the hole the Panama Canal.  It is already
targeted by atomic missiles in the Republic of Guyana in Latin
America; and while negotiations proceed to return partial
sovereignty over the Canal Zone to Panama, the United States is
negotiating to retain the right to defend the Canal indefinitely
in case of attack.  The Panama Canal will thus be the new Pearl
Harbor, and we are to be dragged into nuclear war in its defense
under that contingent war plan of the Rockefeller Brothers.

   Meanwhile here at home the Rockefellers are already making
war--propaganda war, economic war, and political war--on us, the
peasants as they call us.  As I explained in my AUDIO BOOK, "THE
several contingency plans through which their new Constitution
may potentially be put into effect, and they are keeping all of
them alive.  The primary plan is still for us to accept it by the
national referendum in the midst of economic chaos a year from
now; but earlier this year, for example, House Concurrent
Resolution No. 28 was introduced calling for a Constitutional
Convention to be called and complete its work before July 4,
1976!  Under this resolution, one of the co-chairmen would be the
Senate president pro tem--that is, Nelson Rockefeller.

   Meanwhile the piecemeal dismantling of our Constitutional
Rights is continuing.  One of the more notorious examples lately
has been Senate Bill No. 1 sponsored by a whole flock of Senate
stars when it was introduced, ranging from Senator John
McClellan, who ought to have known better, all the way down to
Nelson Rockefeller's waterboy, Birch Bayh.

   Senate Bill No. 1 is a two-inch-thick complete revision of the
Federal Criminal Code with some hair-raising provisions carefully
buried all through it.  One of these would amount to an official
secrets act, imposing criminal penalties on anyone who might dare
to publicly expose errors or misdeeds by government officials. 
Another provision which ties in with the increasingly shrill
cries for gun control to disarm us prior to our enslavement,
would effectively remove your right to defend yourself in your
own home!  But these are only proposals so far.

   Other things are taking effect now.  For example: another
portent of Rockefeller's proposed Electoral Branch of government
is present in the Justice Department which is usurping local
authority over the conduct of elections all over America through
tools provided by the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  For a sobering
account about this, I refer you to the front page of the
September 29, 1975 issue of the Daily News Digest, P.O. Box
27496, Phoenix, Arizona  85061.

   And speaking of the Justice Department, Attorney General
Edward Levi recently took the unprecedented step of placing the
FBI under his direct, immediate control.  There exists no more
dangerous Rockefeller agent in our entire government than Levi!

   All of these things are very clearly spelled out in the secret
new Rockefeller Constitution; but they are only the beginning, my
friends.  The 10-year multimillion-dollar study that produced
their horrendous new document was funded by the Rockefeller
Brothers through their controlled Foundations, and no clearer
statement of the evil philosophy that motivates the new
Constitution is possible than the one given by McGeorge Bundy,
the Rockefeller insider who is president of their controlled Ford
Foundation.  He has been quoted as saying:

  "It is better for man to build his own heaven on earth than to
seek heaven in Heaven through blood on a cross."

This, my friends, is the true philosophy of the Four Rockefeller
Brothers.  They strive for their brand of a heaven on earth for
themselves, even if that means hell on earth for all the rest of

   Until next month, this is Dr. Beter.  Thank you, and may God
bless each and every one of you.