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Happy Holidays!

Hey! It’s been almost two years when I started this web-blog and it has been a quite ride. Thank you all, who have supported the blog and I mean just visiting here. The most important thing is to spread the info. So happy holidays to you all and have a nice Christmas!


Here’s our little present for you. Music piece from our latest gig called “Lost Soul”, enjoy:

I hope that no one of you is a lost soul on these holidays. Enjoy your freetime. We will be back!

Sincerely, Blogman

Mind Crimes at GIG today!!!

GOOD NEWS!!! We are happy to announce you, that Mind Crimes’s first gig is today in a restaurant called Torvi here in Finland. More happy news are, that our old friend from the past will be joining us on the stage. Ville Repo is quitting in his band called Burntfield and he will make a guest appearance with Mind Crimes. This gig will include Mind Crimes as a warm-up band and Burnfield as the headline act.

You can read more about Burntfield here.

This means that there isn’t postings for a while, because of the arrangements. After the Mayhem we will be back.


Mind Crimes on the Limuradio!!!


Mind Crimes on the radio today!!! Ari and Ryan will be on the Lahti’s local Internet campus radio called Limuradio. They will talk about education and music. Both has brought their own favorite bands and songs from those bands will be played on the air. There will be discussion about band’s latest EP called Deadly Mistakes and band’s future plans. Couple of songs will be played on that EP.  The show will start at two o’clock (14.00) local Finnish time on the Internet. You can listen the show here: http://www.limuradio.fi/




>> Front Covers (300dpi)

1. Deadly Mistakes (Rautio, M. Welsh) 4:23

2. Trapped (Sealed With The Fist) (Rautio) 3:34*

3. World Is A Rigged Game (Rautio, Mikkola) 5:37*

4. Alone (Rautio, M. Welsh) 4:05

Total Running time 17:40

* Lead Guitars played By Ville Mikkola


Mind Crimes are:

Mari Welsh, vocals

Ari Rautio, guitars

Ville Mikkola, bass & Keys

Ryan Welsh, drums



Ville Mikkola, recording

Ville Mikkola & Ari Rautio, mixing

All songs composed, written and arranged by Mind Crimes

Cover concept, logo, art & design by Ari Rautio

Recorded at Hellhound Studios during Winter 2014

© Mind Crimes Holdings 2014

Homepit Releases


Here is the Soundcloud link to Trapped single from this EP:

If you want your copy. Contact band here (5€ pcs+shipping 2€, Finland only).


Mind Crimes Deadly Mistakes EP recordings finished!

As you may know I have couple of different musical project in process. Now we have finished the recordings of Mind Crime’s Deadly Mistakes EP. Now we are in the mixing phase and I hope, that we can release the EP in March. We had some difficulties with bass, but now everything is looking good. More information to come…

You can follow our progress in our music biography page: