Boss Level (2020) – Movie full of Donald Marshall references

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I just watched a movied called Boss Level (2020). This movie is incredible if you know the Donald Marshall story including the pro board stuff. If you have not heard about DM please search on this site by typing “Donald Marshall” in the search in the top bar.

There have been movies about Donald before, but not so many references as this. I am not gonna open the backgrounds, but you can find this stuff on the Donald Marshall proboards. I mention however couple of things so that I got your interest. So here are some of them:

  • Movie’s basic plot is that man wakes up in a same day just like in the movie called Groundhog Day featuring Bill Murray. Difference is that in this movie the main character gets killed in different horrible and brutal ways every day. Just like Donald in the cloning center (Megadeth).
  • Movie has a machine, which can bounce time back called Osiris-Spindle and you can do this only a limited times just like Donald Marshall has told about CERN and timewave zero. The whole thing about DM story is that he released his official letter so many times that they could not bounce time back anymore. The machine in the movie also looks similar as CERN.
  • Main character learns sword fighting just like DM does in the cloning centre. The final battle in the cloning facility is also done by swords. For example DM has told that he has fought with Eminem with swords in the cc.
  • There is a reference to Marshall in the middle of the movie when characters talk:

    00:55:20,008 –> 00:55:22,008
    – Marshall.
    – Hello, Brett.

    00:55:22,592 –> 00:55:24,967
    Don’t ask who this is,
    because you know exactly who it is.

    00:55:25,008 –> 00:55:27,383
    – Where’s Marshall?
    – Who’s that? Bomb boy?

  • There is also a very important rederence about actor Liam Neeson. If you know the DM story you know that one of the few actors who have defended Donald Marshall in the cloning centre was Liam Neeson. This reference is a joke about him, but in the movies there is on coincidences:

    00:45:31,800 –> 00:45:37,508
    Are you like that guy, the one from Taken,
    who has a particular set of skills

    00:45:38,925 –> 00:45:40,717
    – Liam Neeson?
    – Yeah.

    00:45:40,758 –> 00:45:44,633
    No, he’s kind of a fake tough guy,
    but me I’m the real guy

    00:45:44,675 –> 00:45:47,217
    – Really?
    – I’m not kidding you, that’s real.

So if you are interested about Donald Marshall you should definitely check this movie out. Here is the info:

IMDB link

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