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Revelation tribulation timeline

I got an interesting contact from a person about the coming times and timeline. He agreed that I can share his info here so I will post the short timeline here and at the end is the link to the whole document.

All thanks go to document creator:
Scott Robert Salmonsen aka Heavenly Handiman


SEPTEMBER 15, 2020: The “Abraham Accords” Peace Treaty (Covenant) is signed in Washington DC and the 1st of 7 Seals on a Book is broken by the Lamb of GOD (Jesus). The first of 4 Horses and 4 Riders, ride out upon the earth “Conquering, and to Conquer” with a Crown (Covid19 Corona Virus) and a Bow (Synthetic mRNA Toxic Nano Spike Protein Injections). Human DNA is Marked and permanently altered in all 194 UN Member Nations, 70% of the world, 80% USA, 97% Israel.

SEPTEMBER 2021: The 2nd Seal is broken, and a Red Horse and Rider begin to take “Peace from the Earth” and get “Men to kill Men”.  Communist and Islamic countries (Red) spread Totalitarianism and dictatorships throughout the world. Russia is hooked into conflict with Ukraine, the US, NATO and Israel. China prepares for war with the US. Conflict escalates in the Middle East. Russia, China, N. Korea, Turkey, and Iran all start to work in concert to take down the Western Nations and Israel. Cities across the world start to become lawless, falling into decay and chaos. Terrorists and fighting age Chinese males pour across the Southern US border.

SEPTEMBER 2022: The 3rd Seal is broken, and a Black Horse and Rider start to bring Massive Hyper-inflation and World Starvation. Money is printed at insane record levels. A Controllable, Programable, Instantaneous Worldwide Digital Money System is rolled out across the world and will eventually be used by the Antichrist to Control the Entire World thorough His Beast System.

SEPTEMBER 2023: The 4th Seal is broken, and a Pale Horse and Rider are given power over ¼ of the Earth to kill by Sword, Hunger, Death and Beasts of the Earth. The Gates of Hell are opened by Apollyon/Abaddon. Demonic entities from both above and below are loosed upon the Earth. The Antichrist Rises to Power as the World enters the Great Tribulation. He begins to Demand All Humans Worship His Image and Participate in His Beast System. Cities fall to violence, pestilence, and famine. Those in the countryside fall by the sword (protecting their homesteads). Those in the mountain’s morn.

WINTER/SPRING 2024: The 2nd half of the Seven Year Tribulation begins. This starts the worse time in human history. The Antichrist rises from the dead after 3 days and begins his 3 & 1/2-year ministry. He Desecrates a “Holy City” and demands total obedience and must be worshipped to survive. Christians who Worship the Devil and participate in His Beast System are Removed from the Lambs Book of Life! The Nation of Israel comes under siege by Gentiles (UN) for 42 months. The Mystery Babylon, The United States of America Falls in 1 Hour to some kind of Grid Down Siber/EMP Attack. The World’s Economies fail. Money is Reset (WEF)

SEPTEMBER 2024: The 5th Seal is broken and the Souls under the alter of GOD are told to wait a Short Season longer to be Avenged. Their Fellow Brethren on earth are Martyred and their number is fulfilled. Most Christians who have had unwavering Faith in Jesus Christ are killed, or rounded up, placed in Internment Camps, tortured for 10 days and Beheaded!

SEPTEMBER 2025: The 6th Seal is broken. There is a Great Earthquake. The Sun and Moon are Darkened by Hell. Stars Fall from the Sky (Satellites). Every Mountain and Island are Moved. Satanic Globalist Elites are Exposed. Men wish they were dead and try to hide from the Face of GOD (Jesus) and the coming Wrath of GOD (The Father).

SEPTEMBER 2026: The 7th and final Seal is broken. There is Silence in Heaven for ½ an hour. The Elect meet Jesus in the Clouds (the “Blessed Hope”). The Great Wrath of GOD aka The Day of the Lord begins for which Christians are Not Appointed. The 7 Vials are Poured Out Full Strength specifically on the Satanic Globalist Elites who have corrupted and destroyed all of GOD’s Creations.

FALL 2027: Jesus Returns on a White Horse with a Sharp Double-edged Sword and the Armies of Heaven to Judge and Make War for 30 Days. After which a New Heaven and New Jerusalem is brought down to a New Earth. The 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom begins.

*Only those prepared with a strong foundation in Jesus Christ will resist the Devil and His Beast System!


There is a battle at hand between the forces of good and the forces of evil. While this battle is as old as mankind, the darkness is growing rapidly. To understand this insanity occurring all around the world you must come to the conclusion that the source, the top of the pyramid, is in fact the Devil spoken and detailed in the scriptures of the Holly Bible. He has slowly, mostly through indoctrination by secret organizations and more currently by Zionism taken control of the world’s leadership, decision makers, money managers and wealthy powerful families, most notably the Rothchilds & Rockefellers. His goal is to take control of the entire world, to deceive belief in the one true living GOD, to be worshipped as god, and to send as many people to hell as possible. He is the Father of lies and he is now in near complete control of our world. The bible warns us that in the final days before Jesus Glorious return, right would be wrong and up would be down, woe to those who call good evil and evil good. (Isaiah 5:20) This is the only explanation for never ending wars, rigged elections, plandemics, sabotaging resources, opening borders, education by indoctrination, offshoring jobs, selling technology, foreign control precious metals, manufacturing, and drug production. But most of all this is the reason why there is a concerted effort to genocide the majority of the earth population. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12). The Devil has us fighting each other instead of him and his minions.

Approximately 90% of the world’s population has very little to no idea how corrupt their governments and media have become and what their true agendas are. Hollywood and mainstream media news largely thorough broadcast television have brainwashed the average citizen, especially Americans into believing their versions of reality and truth. “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. That they all might be dammed who believe not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12) It makes no sense to continually believe sources that are always wrong.

The liars in charge call anything contrary to their false narratives a “conspiracy Theory”. Their so-called “fact checkers” and online research sites along with search engines like google are controlled and paid for by the very same governments, corporations and alphabet agencies that spin the non-stop stream of lies. I personally believe that nearly everything I have been told since my birth in 1961 has been one giant lie. From Christmas & Easter to the faked moon landings to planes flown by Islamic terrorists taking down skyscrapers. From innocent till proven guilty to mandatory college educations to fair presidential elections. Wars and economic downturns are used solely to make the rich richer and to steal from we the people. These powers that be, have conditioned the poor to be lazy and entitled. They are constantly vilifying, stealing from, and dumbing down the hard-working middle-class heart of our once great nation.

Of the 10% who can still think and apply reason and common sense, only 1% care enough to fight back and try to educate the masses. Of that 1%, almost all of them are God fearing followers of Jesus Christ. They have to be, because GOD and His Word is the harbinger of truth and gives us the confidence to boldly go after said truth no matter where it leads regardless of the consequences including death. The term “conspiracy theory was first used by the CIA to cover up their assassination of JFK. The CIA has been a terrorist arm of the US government since its inception in 1947. If you want to get killed while in a US office, just try taking down the Federal Reserve money printing apparatus. The current 3rd version of the FR is not federal, nor does it have any reserves. It is owned and run by foreign banks and corporations. It was created in 1913 under President Woodrow Wilson along with our unconstitutional progressive income tax system. America isn’t even a republic anymore; it is a corporation run by Satanic Zionist Global Elites out of the nation state of Washington DC. London City (not the city of Loudon) and Vatican City in Rome are also separate sovereign countries with their own charters, police force, and agendas. The vast number of lies being told, stem from two very powerful and influential evil families, the House of Rothchild and the Rockefellers. The Rothchilds are estimated to have a net worth of 100 trillion dollars! They have long taken over control of banking worldwide. They steal from citizens all over the world. Nothing happens without their approval. The Rockefellers control American energy, education, medicine, big pharma, and poisonous plastics just to name a few.  Together along with the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Klauss Swabb, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Francis, and Donald J Trump they have created a Truman like Show of false reality, that we the people are stuck in. There is no way out. These powers that be, call them Elites, Globalists, Zionist, the Cabal, or the Deep State, I call them Satanic Zionist Global Elites control every government, alphabet agency, every military, every intelligence Agency, and news outlet in the world. The only thing that will save us is the love of Christ Jesus and his triumphant return. Some of you may know this or have been told this in the past, but what virtually no one knows is how close we our to his return. It is through much tribulation that we enter the Kingdom of GOD. Matthew 19:24 quotes Jesus as saying, “And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” You may not think this applies to you, but in Jesus’s day we here in America would be considered incredibly rich. The Devil, aka Lucifer, Satan, and the All-seeing eye, knows his time is very short. His manifestation and rise to world power is a matter of weeks away, not years. Regardless of whether you are a follower of Jesus, believe in one of the many man-centered religions, consider yourself a so-called scientist, or maybe you don’t believe in anything, the leaders of the world have been Infiltrated, conditioned, programmed, and yes demonized to control and commit mass genocide upon their citizens using any and every means possible. Their agendas are published records and are being done in advance of the coming Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution that will replace more than 80% of the world’s workforce by 2030.  Presently these Stanic Zionist Global Elites are still managing to hide their true agendas and allegiances.

No matter what you believe today, I beg you not to throw away this manuscript and timeline. Put it in a safe place where you can find it when the Satanic Zionist Globalist Elites finally drop the hammer on the world’s economies and populations. Their genocidal agenda will soon be on full display and they will no longer be able to hid and deceive it from the world. When that hour comes, don’t rush out and join the hysteria, hunker down, find your old King James bible, and discover Jesus for yourself. It’s never too late until it’s too late (Residing in Hell). They can take your life, but they can’t take your Sole or your Faith. Give your life to Jesus and don’t look back. Fight, surrender, or lead in confidence. The Son of Man, Jesus Christ, GOD in human form is coming back to abolish these Satanists and set up his new kingdom right here on earth. Don’t be one of the 90% who are deceived. Join Jesus and fight evil wherever it finds you.  


The purpose of this timeline and supporting manuscript is to prove to the reader that we are in the end times spoken of in the Holy Scriptures. That we are already in the 7-year tribulation that occurs just before the return of Jesus Christ. That there is no such event as the Pre-tribulation Rapture and to prepare all individuals, whether Christians or not, for the coming reign of Antichrist (Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, the Man of Sin). The 3-½ year period in which the Antichrist (AC) rules is the worst in human history. Worse than the Days of Noah and Sodom & Gomorrah combined. If GOD the Father does not send his Son, Jesus back to earth all of humanity would be destroyed (Matthew 24:21-22).  The ceremony in which a world leader who is mortally wounded, probably by a sword, possibly to the head, and indwelt by the Devil, Lucifer could take place at any time before the Spring of 2024 (Rev 13:3). It will most likely take place in the Masonic city of Washington DC. He will appear to solve all the world’s problems for a short period of time. He will desecrate a “Holy Place” and cause the “Abomination of Desolation.” (Matt 24:15, Dan 11:31 & 12:11) This event will end all oblation and communion in remembrance of Jesus Christ and start his false ministry. He will quickly demand to be worshiped and followed. He and the False Prophet (probably Pope Francis) will perform miracles and offer up things like Universal Basic Income (UBI), freedom to travel, the ability to buy and sell, healthcare, medications, which most citizens of earth will willing accept. Anyone who does not participate will not be able to buy anything necessary to survive. Anyone who does participate no matter the reason why, will spend eternity apart from their creator GOD, in the bottomless pit, commonly known as Hell.

 According to the above timeline Jesus Christ is returning in a little less than 4 years. Whether this timing is correct or not. this should be celebrated around the world and preached every Sunday. This is what all the Disciples and every Christian has longed for, for nearly 2000 years. One way or another, those that have put their faith in Christ, Jesus (Christians) are going home soon (Heaven soon to be on Earth). This is arguably an even greater event than Jesus first coming. So, why are no Pastors or Priests preaching of his glorious return. Not only is his return not being preached, but neither are most of the events that lead up to it. We hear very little these days about either Heaven or Hell. The biggest reasons I can come up with is they do not understand how wonderful Heaven and Jesus are and they do not want to know anything about the birth pains that must come first. This is also why the notion of a Pre-tribulation Rapture is so popular. It sounds great, fills seats, sells books, garners likes and followers and plays well at the theaters. Citizens of earth do not want to leave their earthly home and possessions behind and go to their eternal home, especially in the West. They do not want to go through the sorrows described in the bible (Mat. 24:4-39 & Luke 21:8-36). They do not know how absolutely incredible heaven led by Jesus will be. They are afraid of leaving this sinful world, losing their possessions and its Niceties. The term is called “Normalcy Bias”, the inability for the average human to recognize an impending disaster until the very hour it begins (Jews in Germany). The inability to change and prepare ahead of said disaster and collapse will be devastating for the vast majority of the world. Instead, we make excuses why we do not or cannot prepare or even think about these future events, even though we are surrounded by a world in rapid decay, both physically, culturally, and spiritually.

The word Rapture cannot be found in scripture and the Pre-tribulation Rapture only started to become popular in the mid-19th century. It was first penned by John Nelson Darby in 1830. In 1900 it was introduced into the Ministry Colleges of American through the Scoffield Reference Bible. This Bible was sponsored by the single most evil family in modern history, the Rothchild’s. It was used by the Devil to deceive Christians into believing they would face no Tribulation as we approach the end of this era of mankind. This Refence Bible teaches Once Saved Always Saved and that the more than 400 altered versions of the Authentic King James Bible (AKJB) are just as accurate as the original. There is a similar event in scripture called the “Blessed Hope” (Titus 2:13 & Rev. 11:15). This event is where “The kingdom of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ.” (Rev. 11:15). If you wanted to call this event The Rapture that would be fine, but it does not occur until the last of 7 trumpets sound, also located in Revelation 11:15 deep into the 7-Year Tribulation. Why would GOD show the Apostle John a motion picture of what would take place before Jesus returned and have him send it to the seven churches of the 2000-Year Church Age, if we, the Faithful, the Elect, his Bride were not going to be here? “We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22). Of all 7 churches in Revelation, we the Laodicean church say, “I am rich, and increased with goods and in need of nothing” (Rev. 3:17). Jesus wished we were either hot or cold and spit us out of his mouth (Rev. 3:16). No Body of Believers in history has needed trials and tribulation more than us (Rev. 3:18). If we look at what we are told by today’s 501C churches about this fictitious event, called the Pre-tribulation Rapture; clothes are left behind, planes fall from the sky, cars crash, parents around the world push empty baby carriages, just to name a few catastrophes that would occur if large percentage of the world’s population were to instantaneously vanish. And all this is supposed to occur before a 7-year peace treaty/covenant. Not a child under a certain age, which is unknown, continues to exist on earth. And this is supposed to be done by a GOD who wants none to perish and all to come to him.  No, the so-called Rapture the bible calls the Blessed Hope occurs after the last trumpet that sounds 6 years into the tribulation, 2-½ years after the Antichrist begins to throw his full arsenal at Christians. I do not believe very many true unmartyred Christians will be left at this point. We must be prepared for the ultimate liar, Lucifer. He will try everything to get us to deny the real Christ Jesus, follow him, and participate in his Beast System. We must prepare our hearts and souls for real hardship, like we have never known and most importantly we must have a personal relationship with Jesus the only Living GOD ever. Time is short and getting shorter.James 4:4 “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” (Authentic King James Bible)

Here is the whole document: