Cloning is real and it is the end of the Mankind

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I have posted before cloning info via Donald Marshall posts, but now “they” or elite or what ever NWO are pushing cloning to your faces blatantly. Now the cat is out of the bag. This is it. They have revealed it to the public by allowing these celebrities talk about it. Talk about what? That they are just clones, elites clones to make money for them They can be scrapped and placed with a new one if they don’t dance with their pipes.

Here are some text from the company called Clonaid and they blatantly told you that they have cloned people from 2002. So What else can I say? The end is here, because “we” the real people will be obsolete if we allow this to continue. Donald Marshall told this to us in the year 2012 and we didn’t listen. Now it is on our faces…

Here are some excerpts form Cloneaid’s website:

– For immediate release –

Commending Michael Jackson’s ‘pioneer vision of cloning,’
Clonaid reaffirms its privacy policy

LAS VEGAS, July 8 – After fielding numerous inquiries about the possible cloning of Michael Jackson, Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, head of Clonaid, today reaffirmed the company’s policy of strictly respecting the privacy of each of its patients.

“Clonaid prides itself on never releasing the identity of the numerous individuals who have been cloned in the past six years,” Boisselier said. “Even if that policy has been at the cost of my reputation, it’s important for us that the celebrities and other interested parties contacting us know they won’t be betrayed.”

Boisselier expressed admiration for Michael Jackson as an artist and also commended his courage in expressing support for human cloning at a time when it was getting much negative publicity in the press.

“Michael was a visionary who wasn’t afraid to embrace new technologies,” she said. “I’m glad his interest in cloning is being revealed now, since he was a pioneer in his views about it back in 2002 and his fans ought to know about it.”

“Human cloning is still making headlines six years after the birth of the first clone child,” Boisselier added. “But even if the media still present it as being too controversial, the public is much less afraid of it than it was initially. People have gotten used to the idea to the point where many see it as highly desirable. ”

She said that although the Clonaid team has received cloning requests from around the world, a surprisingly large number come from the Los Angeles/Hollywood area.

“Artists welcome our technology and have given us tremendous encouragement,” Boisselier noted. “Thanks to them, the public is getting more accustomed to the idea and hopefully the bans will soon be removed.”

She said Clonaid’s sister company, Stemaid, has launched an anti-aging program using stem cells derived from clone embryos.

“This development is also getting a good reception in the artists’ community,” she said.

Human cloning: what is it ?

The word “cloning” etymologically comes from the Greek and means “asexual reproduction”. Two types of human cloning need to be differentiated: therapeutic cloning and reproductive cloning.
Therapeutic cloning enables the creation of embryonic stem cells. Stem cells are multi-functional cells which can be further specialized into brain cells, liver cells etc. These stem cells are genetically identical to the ones of the original cell donor and can therefore be used to create specialized cells artificially in order to fight diseases and eventually even create genetically compatible organs.

Reproductive human cloning gives life to a new human being. Until recently only sexual reproduction or artificial reproduction techniques e.g. IVF existed. Reproductive cloning represents a new reproduction technique by which life can be given to an identical twin of the original cell donor.

Who is it for ?

Therapeutic cloning can be used to fight diseases and create organs artificially. Once specialized cells can be derived from cloned embryos the following diseases threatening millions of people on earth can be treated:

  • Brain disorders like Parkinson and Alzheimer thanks to derived brain cells
  • Diabetes thanks to derived insulin-producing pancreatic islet cells
  • Spinal cord damage thanks to derived nerve cells<
  • Autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis thanks to derived cells of blood and bone marrow Cancer

In addition, it will help to save the lives of the thousands of people worldwide waiting for an organ transplantation by helping to create artificial organs. Not only is it difficult today to obtain an organ but even if organs are available many are being rejected by the body because of incompatibility; let alone the brutal way some organs are being obtained i.e. by buying them from people in third world countries or even extracting them without the donor’s consent ! Therapeutic cloning will eventually provide genetically 100% compatible organs such as livers, kidneys etc. and therefore save the lives of those who would perish without it.

Reproductive human cloning helps:

  • Infertile couples: we have helped many infertile couples who couldn’t have children even after years of infertility treatments. For those people cloning is the only way to have a child of their own genetic offspring.
  • Homosexuals: they cannot have a child today that is 100% related to them genetically but human cloning provides this possibility for them.
  • Families who lost a beloved relative: human cloning can give life a second time to the same genetic code who has died at an early age for example.


And if that is not enough here is ther interview of the rapper called Kid Buu and he just blatantly talks how he is a clone and Cucci the other rapper is a clone… so this is just stunnig. They just blew it wide open:

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2 thoughts on “Cloning is real and it is the end of the Mankind”

  1. Thank you for your informative reply. Yes it is hard to know what is real and what is not. But I think one thing is sure, they are using doubles or clones or whatever and making deals for fame that’s for sure. So much info about cloning that it is hard to know what is real anymore. But for example Donald Marshall tells a pretty good info about all the situation about it. If you have not checked his story, please do so.


  2. Check out:

    uploaded 20 sept. 2018

    Mug shot of ´Kid Bu´ / Florida Hillsborough County
    vid 5.55:
    His real name is Marquez Santiago is born in 1988 and was arrested for child abuse in 2009. He gets exposed by a former girlfriend. The very fact that convicted childabuser Marquez S. refers openly to ´Cloneaid´ in the vid says enough about Cloneaid.


    Is cloning of humans (already) real? A socalled govt. insider George Green on human cloning centers….:

    Note the strange editing of the audio and video when Green talks about cloning in the hotelroom.


    comments: 1 year ago (edited)
    ´´George is a shill for the NWO. He doesn’t comment AT ALL about DAARPA, DEW’s, or any other of these Rothchild-authored climate change devices. Climate change is man-made, designed to induce control and movement towards the NWO. If he were really a whistle-blower, he would be dead. Too many conflicts. I call BS… Too many lies… Temps are not rising… BS, BS…´´

    Understanding the real science behind the headlines and the hubbub
    See the diagram at “2”: human cloning has not yet gone beyond this stage….

    I have watched yesterday the Dave Chapelle thing. His socalled cousin appears to be fake as well. Chapelle was strong enough to refuse their offer, went to Africa but then fell in their trap. But is this ´new´ Chapelle really a clone?

    That these music industry slaves etc. disappear that is for real, but the ones who are replacing them might be be doubles, look alikes. So the situation for us as real humans may not be already ”beyond the point of no return´´ after all.

    The satanic cloning clowns of th nwo should be stopped before that point is reached.


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