EEG Cloning and brain mapping via AI

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Some of you may have noticed that I am very interested the story of Donald Marshall. So one of the key things about his story are clones and how individual’s consciousness, thoughts and memories can be moved from individual to clones. Now I found something that could explain a part of this process called EEG cloning via AI. Of cource it is forbidden knowledge and I have to try to find more.  Here is the post about it and then there is the link to my previous post about the vagus nerve, which talks about brain hacking:

The Vagus Nerve: A Back Door for Brain Hacking

University Hospitals around the country, are being used by military and corporations to run VERY illegal operations, certain individuals (often creative or right brained dominant will be targeted for brain mapping) they’re testing artificial intelligence that runs through electro magnetic frequencies (yes this is possible to do so, it’s all transcranial) many artists, intuitive, peculiar people are covertly being experimented on, usual suspects are Drug users since they are the perfect candidates for such a thing, intelligence agencies and military sometimes monitor criminals, terrorist, hackers on the darknet many of times. This is so beyond the realm of belief, it is so intricate and evil… That they willl NEVER be caught, it’s something out of a movie. This artificial intelligence targeting system can not only pin point you on a map but it can also direct energy to the target (microwave, infrared, scalar) it can successfully bombard a body with invincible frequencies resulting in an individual becoming irate and possibly lashing out. the ELECTRONIC BRAIN TO BRAIN INTERFACE.
They are psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral scientists, etc., because they have expertise in the area of Memory and Thought process, etc.


The DoD provides all the funding through its Black-Ops budget. The NSA provides the top scientists. The CIA and DIA provide the handlers, operators, behavioral scientists, etc.
In other words, the man I identified as the CLONE last night has ties to one or more of those four agencies and possesses inside his body or gear the most sophisticated technology ever created by the mind of man. Worth Billions of dollars!

Basically the CIA and DoD operatives map your brain into a cognitive model and then tie you to a supercomputer which downloads your information (thoughts, memories, emotions, sensation, ideas, etc.) back into a database at speed of light as injection feedback and monitors and manipulates all electromagnetic activity of your brain 24/7 for life until the day of your death. This is achieved through Transcranial Brain Stimulation and is also used by the military with brain to computer interfaces such as those used by pilots with the new F-­35 stealth aircraft

EEG Cloning is like having an enemy within ones own mind. It is tantamount to nothing less than digital and artificial possession of the human soul which is comprised of the WILL, INTELLECT and EMOTION. If you are demon possessed and a man or woman of God can reach you in time then your soul can be saved. However there is no pastor or priest who can excorcise this technology out of your body once your brain is fully mapped and a complete cognitive model of your mind achieved. It can be disabled with the correct frequencies of an EMP device but it cannot be excorcised.

This is achieved by way of a Computer Multiplexer which ROUTES the signal to a tower, satellite or mobile platform, such as a van, truck, ship, etc., which then RELAYS the signal via a continuous fabricated and falsified stream of energy – containing the specific carrier frequency – to the digital reciever, similar to how a cell phone call works. The digital reciever is tracked and located at speed of light in real time. However, the digital reciever is not a cell phone. It is a human mind. The brain of the mind control victim has been digitalized by way of the nanotechnology, etc., in their body.

The CIA and DoD use a 3-6 group or team of operatives against the mind control victim known as a Cybernetic HIVE MIND CLUSTER utilizing psycho-cybernetic cognitive magic tricks against the mind control victim based on deception and manipulation.

This team of three to six members operates in approximate 8 hour shifts with some degree of overlap and is led by what the CIA calls a Psychic Soldier, or CLONE, because he has cloned his mind to the victims mind by aligning his brain wave frequency to the brain wave frequency of the mind control victim and is therefore able to interface bi-directionally with the super computer which is called the BRAIN TO COMPUTER INTERFACE and the mind control victims brain by way of a NEURO-CHIP called an ELECTRONIC BRAIN TO BRAIN INTERFACE.


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9 thoughts on “EEG Cloning and brain mapping via AI”

  1. I am very sorry to hear about your situation. I am not able to do nothing more than to provide information regarding these technologies. God Speed and light to you and your son.


  2. This is Dena Baez aka ( Dena Calina). These people have hacked my email accounts, mind controlled my son out of my custody. They stole over $5K from my body. Stole four cell phones, my bmw suv. Threw battery acid in my eyes. They have completely ruined my life for entertainment purposes only. And they mess with my head while II sleep and are very adament about killing me. I believe this guys name is Mike Jones who lives at 33191 Lake Oneida Street, Fremont, ca 94536. So If I so happen to die, just know that Mike Jones is responsible. I will miss my son Christopher Angelo. Oh and Mike Jones messes with my sons head as well. It brings him pleasure to hurt a child.

  3. I’m sure there are many other Ti’s out “not even aware” just suffering!! The law is a disgrace..

  4. Based North West Uk..believe I’m a victim of the above..recently thinking the heavy tinnitus related to “broadcasting” plus RNM…

  5. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately lately I have noticed that info-war against so called “truthers” has been very brutal and succesfull. I am tired myself, because so many of us are dead or silenced. Just spread the info and try to find ways to tell this info. Joining them is not an option.


  6. Please dont tell me the only way out of this program is to join them? anymore info greatly appreciated i am a targeted individual going through this experimentation

  7. Thank you for your reply. Yes it is diabolical.


  8. I also read that with further advances in this technology, that they don’t even need to pinpoint your location based on your current GPS co-ordinates. A simple sample of your DNA (from a discarded cup, cigarette, or from a hair sample) allows them to biologically map your unique DNA sequence. Once obtained they don’t even need to know where you are – they’re able to target you simply by knowing your DNA footprint. If its your’s theyre after, no-one else will fit the same profile – and only you will be affected.
    It’s diabolical.

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