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Just wanted to say, that I am still here, but my life situation has been changed and so is the world. I have covered many topics through these years, but are there some topic you, the readers, would like to know or that I should investigate? Leave me a comment below and I will go through them and start to answer or creating new posts about them.

Thank you in advance, I am waiting for your comments.

BR, Blogman

Ps. and remember to check-out our library here: https://www.auricmedia.net/downloads-pdf/

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2 thoughts on “Hello users!”

  1. Thank you for your comment. Salla is familiar and I have read some of his documents.


  2. Hello, Auric Media. I’m new to your site. I loved your article on the raid on the Dulce DUMB and also the article about Project Looking-Glass. I hope you are following Dr. Michael Salla, as he has posted some fantastic dicslosure to his YouTube site (also Rumble). His web site is Exopolitics.org.

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