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28th Of July

Shitty year with plandemic continues… We have moved to a new rehearsal place, but unfortunately we have had to make songs separately. Blogman’s idea about EP recorsings have faded, but luckily he has managed to do 2 songs with his buddy Ilkka. They are still missing a bass player.

These pre-demo songs should be on the next EP with lyrics, but for now they are just plain instrumental. Enjoy:


8th Of August

So many things is happening in my life that music have been on the back, but now things are changing and new things are starting to grow. We have moved our rehearsing place and it is not ready yet. Good thing is that there is recording studio in the next building so future recordings might be quite good.

I have composed 4 new songs on the forthcoming EP called Fatherland. There is also an old/new member in the band when we have joined our forces with Ilkka Engström. He is a skilled musician and can play all instrumensts like bass, drums and guitar. He can also arrange demo recordings etc. So future is looking bright once again and we hope that we can release the single called Fatherland at the end of this year.

Tracklist for the EP will be:

1. Fatherland
2. King Of The Road
3. High Octane Soul
4. Westworld

4th Of March

Blogman was bored about the current situation of the band and decided to do a little side project under the Mind Crimes band. He composed a little demo and asked his friend Ilkka Engström to join the project. With Ilkka they recorded a little pre-demo. Ilkka recorded, made drums and played furious solo to this demo. This demo project is called Rex 84 Trash experiment and here you can listen the first Pre-Demo: Rex 84 Trash Experiment


12th Of April

Life seem pretty busy, but Blogman has recovered from his serious hand injury and has done some new song demos. New members are also on the horizon. A bass player from Chile could be next choice to fulfill Mind Crimes needs. Here are some new rehearsal stuff:

High Octane Soul (Rehearsal demo premiere) (Blogman)
Alone (Rehearsal version) (Blogman)
Jester’s Tear (Rehearsal version) (Blogman, Mikkola, Blom)

And here is the bass player called Juan Bravo from his previous Death Metal band Azazeth:


22th Of November

This year have been a very rough, because of the Blogman’s hand injury. Blogman almost sewered his thumb loose and it has been a long recovery. Also the loss of members have been a problem to continue with a Mind Crimes project. We would need another guitar player and bass player. For now Mind Crimes is the only project and Blogman is thinking to bury this project if there are no new players. Next phase could be another project with more industrial metal elements so that the band is not so dependent on players.


Some demo songs recorded and scattered rehearsals. Lost players and have been busy with family and other projects.


30th Of September

In June 2015 Blogman broked his finger so the band is out of business about 3-4 months. Now when the arm is quite good and healed the band can continue to rehearse the songs for their upcoming EP. There are talks, that old good friend might be on the new record. So the things are heating again in the Mind Crimes camp. Stay tuned.

4th Of January

Release of Live @ Torvi DVD


Mind Crimes

Live @ Torvi

Released 2015


1. Alone
2. Lost Soul
3. Deadly Mistakes
4. Wylde
5. Wanker
6. Into The Abyss
7. Raise The Flags
8. Faust’s Judgement

*Bonus Features:
3 Cam Onslaught

1. Lost Soul
2. Deadly Mistakes
3. Wylde
(click to watch Youtube)

>> DVD Covers

1st Of January

New year started with the release of World Is A Rigged Game digisingle from Deadly Mistakes EP.


28th Of December

Gig went great and here are three songs from that Show. Filmed with 3 cameras at Torvi 18th of December filmed & edited by Riku Kaminen and audio recording by Ryan Welsh:


2nd Of December

GOOD NEWS!!! We are happy to announce you, that Mind Crimes’s first gig is confirmed and will be 18th of December in a restaurant called Torvi here in Finland. More happy news are, that our old friend from the past will be joining us on the stage. Ville Repo is quitting in his band called Burntfield and he will make a guest appearance with Mind Crimes. This gig will include Mind Crimes as a warm-up band and Burnfield as the headline act.

You can read more about Burntfield here.

3rd Of October


Mind Crimes on the radio today!!! Ari and Ryan will be on the Lahti’s local Internet campus radio called Limuradio. They will talk about education and music. Both has brought their own favorite bands and songs from those bands will be played on the air. There will be discussion about band’s latest EP called Deadly Mistakes and band’s future plans. Couple of songs will be played on that EP.  The show will start at two o’clock (14.00) local Finnish time on the Internet. You can listen the show here:

28th Of August

Bass-master Mika Autio is back!!! Now the long lasted bass-crusade is over, because our old bass player Mika Autio has joined to the group once again. Mika played with my music projects back in 2005-2007 and now we are very glad, that all differences are in the past and we have a very good bass player. Warm welcome to you Mika and now we are back in the business. We had our first rehearsals today and everything just “clicked”, he is the man. Now we can start to rehearse our gigset and new songs for upcoming EP. Everything is looking good once again.

21st Of August

Sadly we have to inform you, that we have departed the ways with our bass player Ilkka Engström. We wish him only good and God Speed what ever he is up to. We begin to look for a new bass player immediately and we already have couple of suitable candidates. All info about this situation will be posted on this page.

New songs have been composed and we are going to start practice them as soon as possible. We are also planning to do a gig later this year and info considering about this will be posted here. New EP will contain 4 songs and we try to start the recordings on this fall.

20th Of March

Mind Crimes new line-up confirmed and first rehearsals were pretty good:

Mind Crimes are:

Mari welsh – Vocals
Ari Rautio – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
(Ville Mikkola – Solo & Rhythm Guitar)
Ilkka Engström – Bass
Ryan Welsh – Drums

11th Of March

Deadly Mistakes EP sees the light of day:


Finally the long waited Mind Crimes: Deadly Mistakes EP is released. Tracklist is:

1. Deadly Mistakes

2. Trapped (click to listen)

3. World Is A Rigged Game

4. Alone


28h Of February

We proudly present a digisingle from our forthcoming Deadly Mistakes EP called “Trapped”:

25h Of February

We had some difficulties with bass tracks and we had to record all of them again. Now the bass work on the EP is done by Ville Mikkola. It was a tough decision to make, but we wanted that the EP comes out in March and we had to make this decision. Now we are in the mixing phase and the EP sounds pretty amazing if you ask me. Now we are concentrating on the artwork and we hope that we can send the master record to press as soon as possible.

20th Of February

All recordings for the Deadly Mistakes EP has been done so next phase is mixing. Here is a little video from Hellhound Studios. Here we are recording bass tracks:


13th Of February

Mixing of the first track on Mind Crimes Deadly Mistakes EP


6th Of February

All drum recordings has been done and here’s a little video from the studio. Little difficulties at first, but finally everything went pretty well.

31th Of January

All guitar works has been done on the forthcoming Deadly Mistakes EP. Now we have to record some bass, drums and vocals. Then mixing and mastering. We hope, that the EP will be out no later than March. We try to add some recording diary videos lately on this page, but for now everything looks good for the March release.

Here’s the new logo layout if you have missed it:




19th Of December

Today we finished the recordings of first song of the upcoming EP. Now it’s time for a holiday break, but after that the work continues. We need some equipment so it’s nice to have a little break. We hope that the EP will be out early next year.

28th Of November

Today we started the recordings of our next Deadly Mistakes EP. The EP will feature our good old friend Ville Mikkola on lead guitars and he also takes care of recording and mixing of the EP. So we are living interesting times my friends. Fisrst single should be out at Christmas. Tracklist of the coming EP is:

Deadly Mistakes EP

1. Deadly Mistakes
2. Trapped
3. World Is A Rigged Game
4. Alone

26th Of September

Mind Crimes found new bass player called Anssi Malinen, welcome to the family Anssi! First rehearsals with him rocked and now we are practising songs to our forthcoming EP. More info about EP soon…

26th Of July

Jyrki “Jykä” Pekkarinen wasn’t the right bass player for Mind Crimes, so ways parted with him peacefully. Thanks and Godspeed to him. Next the band will concentrate their energy to new songs and upcoming EP.

19th Of July

First rehearsals with bass player Jyrki “Jykä” Pekkarinen. We trained with bass player, which has previously played in a project called Mefisto (year 1992) and we will see how things are going to turn.

9th Of July

Added 2 videos from Mind Crimes: The Best Of Garage Days 2001-2012 DVD. Probably my best composition Jester’s Tear and fast piece called Raise The Flags

7th Of July

Added 2 videos from Mind Crimes: The Best Of Garage Days 2001-2012 DVD. Into The Abyss is from Jester’s Tear EP and Lawnmover is far from history.




24th Of March

Mind Crimes released new instrumental old school metal digisingle “Chaos God”. All arrangements by Blogman. Also new logo was introduced to the public.

1st Of January

New year came with new tricks! Now with Mari Welsh Mind Crimes could add some keyboards and beautiful mystic vocals to their songs. Band is rehearsing new songs and goal is to release 2 song single and do a gig with this line-up.

Up The Crimes!


Winter 2012 project Auric comes to an end and Blogman departed ways with Kimmo Palo. Blogman talked with Ville Mikkola and they started a new project called Mind Crimes. In January to March they wroted 10 new songs and the project was seriously under way. Band looked new players and Ilkka Engström was interested to be a new bass player. Old friend Ryan was also behind the drumset (again ;)).

16th August
Blogman and Ryan filmed garage DVD with their longtime friend Jari. Purpose of the DVD is to collect best bites of their garage songs. DVD is called Mind Crimes: The Best Of Garage Days 2001-2012. Some clips will be added later.

20th August
First Clip from Garage DVD added to Mind Crimes YouTube channel. First pick was Deadly Mistakes, because it is not provided elsewhere on the media section. Enjoy! More will be added soon…

Mind Crimes: The Best Of Garage Days 2001-2012


1. Finlandia Hymn
2. Jester’s Tear
3. Wylde
4. Wanker
5. Raise The Flags
6. Trapped
7. Deadly Mistakes
8. World Is A Rigged Game
9. Into The Abyss
10. V5
11. Midnight Massacre (Running Away)
12. Alone
13. Motherland
14. Lawnmover
15. Lost Soul
16. Faust’s Judgement

22nd August
Second Clip from the Garage DVD is added to Mind Crimes YouTube channel. This one is called World Is A Rigged Game and it was planned to be released in 2010 under Auric project.

And here is the title song from the World Is A Rigged Game EP:

23rd August
Song called V5 is an old fashion heavy metal tune and this is the 2012 version taken from Mind Crimes: The Best Of Garage Days 2001-2012 DVD.

Second clip for today is an epic song called Faust’s Judgement. Slayer kind of tune spiced with stadium kind of vibe. Hope you like it.

3rd September
Mind Crimes: The Best Of Garage Days 2001-2012 DVD officially released. If you want your copy, please contact us via contact page (5€/pcs).

2 more clips from Mind Crimes: The Best Of Garage Days 2001-2012 DVD added to YouTube-channel. This time we added Wylde & Wanker. These tunes are good old school metal:



Summer 2011 was good time for the band. Band searched new members and found Kimmo Palo who could play guitar, bass and sing. New project was forming and they decided to call it Auric. Blogman designed a new logo for the band and they started rehearsing as a trio. New EP called World Is A Rigged Game was under a way and first single from it was called Redemption. Fall 2011 Auric searched a bass player and things lookined promising.

29th September Ari and Kimmo check new songs for rehearsals and Kimmo Palo’s song Full Throttle is added to the set.


Ryan Welsh made a return and again this dynamic duo formed a core to a new line-up. This time Blogman decided to keep things simple and they start rehearsing as a couple. New songs are composed and consept for the next EP is forming.


In the summer of 2009 band faced difficulties and line-up change was near. As a result of these problems Blogman decided that it was better for the band that same line-up continues, but Blogman play bass and Mikko moves to play rhythm guitar. Songwriting was under way for the band’s next EP. Three songs was written to this EP by Ville and Osku. Composed songs were Misery, Rise Again and Verge Of Falling. Release date of this recording was set at fall 2009. Band tried to have few gigs for this year also.

In November 2009 band faced so much difficulties, that continuation was impossible. Denied died 16.11.2009 and Blogman gave thank to all who was been part of this band’s joyrney. Godspeed to you all.



In the beginning of the year Blogman talked seriously with Ville Mikkola and they decided to be the heart of Denied. Conversations with Ryan and Mika started, but this time joining must be definitive. Blogman’s vision about Denied’s frontman was strong and he talked with Fireball’s keyboard player Jukka Ilmonen. Winter 2008 Blogman and Ville composed new songs for Denied’s first serious recording, concept EP Signs Of Cydonia (Now called Jester’s Tear).

Conversations with Ryan and Mika came to an end. Decision was that Ryan continues as Denied’s drummer, for now. Mika and Jukka has other plans so Ville came with an idea that Mikko Lepistö (former Power Supply and Signs Of Cydonia guitarist) could be denied’s new bass player. In june 2008 Denied finally found their frontman Osku Blom. Osku had clean personal voice spiced with Timo Kotipelto’s style. He indeed was proper frontman, that Denied has lacked for years.

October 26th Denied finished the recordings of Jester’s Tear EP and it was sent to Jussi Kraft for mixing/mastering.

18.11.2008 Denied releases it’s first seriuous recording called Jester’s Tear and continues composing songs for the upcoming album.

November 23th Denied decides that new drummer for the band is former Power Supply and Signs Of Cydonia Drummer Eetu Juvonen. Ways departed with Ryan Welsh, because of personal issues. Ryan continued with band called City Without A Name.



Year began with search of proper singer. It was time to search the web again. Blogman founded couple of candidates and decided to try them out. First one was bald headed Jussi Viljakainen, but he wasn’t the voice Denied needed. Through a friend Denied found another candidate called Henkka Peltola. Henkka’s voice was promising and he was musically in-clined. With Henkka’s help Denied recorded little demo, but then something mysterious happened and Henkka disappeared. Once again Denied was without a singer.

Blogman had became friends with his workmate Ville Mikkola. Ville was interested in melodic heavy metal also and he had played in a band called Power Supply. Ari and Ville joined forces and formed a group called Signs Of Cydonia with Ville’s friend Mikko Lepistö. Signs Of Cydonia rehearsed couple times with Power Supply’s drummer Eetu Juvonen, but things didn’t worked out with this group and they broked up after couple of months. Lack of motivation knackered Denied’s heart and in autumn Ville Repo announced, that he wasn’t happy about the current situation without a singer and decided to leave Denied. But this was only the beginning of the end. End of the year Ryan moved his drums away and Mika talked departing Denied also. Ari was astounded about the situation of the band and his vision was fading.


Band was furious and composed more strong songs like Bacterium, Day Of My Life, Edge and legendary Faust’s Judgement (Judgement). Songs were quite complicated and instrumental, because Denied was still without a proper singer. Band practiced every week, but motivation was fading away. Rest of the year consisted of fragmented rehearses and Blogman knew, that situation was bad.


Mika had departed with his long time band called Flylow (Flo, Flylow Organization) and he was a great choice to play bass. Blogman knew that he needed another guitar player and searched the web. He found great young guitar player called Ville Repo. Ryan moved away from Laune and band had to found another place to practice. Blogman’s schoolmate Vellu Mattila played in Flylow and they moved to Helsinki. Flylow’s practice place was in the center of Lahti and it became a homeplace for the group. Band needed a face-lift so they decided to change their name. In the stormy night of 2005 Blogman woked up and draw logo to the band. Denied was born. Band’s search for the singer continued, but Blogman’s vision about the voice of Denied was strong and the band remained without a singer.



Band played their songs instrumentally, but searched a singer keenly. This was the first time when Blogman asked his long time childhood friend Jukka Ilmonen to join Visual Dimension. Jukka had played his own band called Toxical Sound and had put all his effort to this band. Unfortunately this great group broked up, but Jukka wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, so Visual Dimension was still without a singer. More bad things happened when Ville Helppi was asked to play with his long time friends in Withering and he decided to go. Shortly after Risto decided to leave the band also. Now Visual Dimension practiced as two-piece with Blogman and Ryan. Blogman was anxious with his band and didn’t want to quit so he asked Ryan’s friend Mika Autio to join the band.


Band mowed to Laune where Ryan lived and found a little practice room at his basement. It was time to make some more good old heavy metal. Band was a three-piece now and they needed a bass player. Ryan’s friend Risto Sillanpää played a bass so he was a obvious choice. Band composed more songs such as Eclipse (Sun Won’t shine), Dump Her (Wanker) and Alone.


In the dawn of 2001 Blogman formed a band called Visual Dimension with his schoolmate Ville Helppi. Band rehearsed in the basement of Blogman’s parents and composed strong songs like Frozen, Kind Of Wylde, Massacre, and Motherland. Blogman’s close friend Jari Eerola designed a logo and everything looked good. Band practiced as two-piece for a while, but then Blogman met his old friend called Ryan Welsh. The two had met each other somewhere in the late 80’s. Ryan was a progressive drummer, which band needed badly. Visual Dimension tried to add keyboards to the songs and asked Sami Huupponen to play with them. Unfortunately Sami was not into heavy metal and he had to go, he’s still good friend though 😉 Band tried to rehearse in the basement, but neighbours didn’t like heavy metal either so Visual Dimension had to find another place to practice.

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