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This is the future we are headed if we don’t stop it…

Happy New Year fellow Lightworkers and Truthers!


It’s been an interesting year and I’m glad that so many of you have been visiting in my blog. The search for the Truth continues and will deliver important information about different kind of topics to you.

Because of my other work and musical projects sometimes there will be days, that there are no postings, but then you can spend time to read all the fascinating books you can find on the top under “Downloads (pdf)”. There I have gathered the most interesting books I have managed to salvage. Some of those have been disappeared already elsewhere.

If you are Truth-seeker, don’t give up, ever. This is our task here on this globe and if you have noticed all is crumbling down, because of you. When you wake-up from the sleep, the power will be so enormous that things are going to change for the better.

So have a nice new years eve and be careful with all that firework and boose 😉 . We see you again on next year 2021!

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The Kraken has been released…

Here is some info I found regarding the current situation. Take it or leave it…

The Kraken has been released. The Kraken is SOF directed against domestic enemies who committed the election theft of 2020.
This Kraken is needed because the CIA was running a rogue ELECTION THEFT!!!! operation out of our US Consulate office in Frankfurt Germany starting Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.
This is similar to the dozens of other election theft ops that the CIA has conducted in other countries around the world, very illegal then and now. Americans got a taste of what its like to be fraked by the CIA. Something many countries around the world already know.
The US Army command was ordered by DoD and Trump to go in to Frankfurt and seize the CIA’s own servers as evidence of the theft.
The US Army did NOT raid Scytl’s Frankfurt operation, that story is a ruse.
The US Army seized American servers. We own them.
We retrieved our own servers from a rogue CIA Election Theft Operation (similar to Hammer/Scorecard).
Now President Trump has the servers.
Trump watched in real time the theft of the midterm 2018 elections particularly in Southern California. He knows that Nancy Pelosi (40 years in office), Diane Feinstein (60 years in office) and Adam Schiff (20 years in office) have never won a fair election in their entire political career. All fraud, all cheating.
Trump knows California is RED Trump territory.
This news will bring down the CIA, FBI, all of the major news organizations Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, all of the television media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, all of the tech titans Facebook, Twitter and especially Google.
Foreign governments in Canada (PM Justin Trudeau), in United Kingdom (PM Boris Johnson), in France (President Emmanual Macron), in Germany (Chancellor Angela Merkel) and even the entire European Parliament will collapse.
Trump has encrypted calls of John Brennan and Chris Way commiting sedition.
Trump has encrypted communications between Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer commiting sedition.
Trump has information proving that dozens of Congress people, Senators and Governors all around America have committed election fraud and sedition.
Trump has all the information and evidence needed to prove that CNN, FOX, Facebook, Twitter have all conspired to steal this election from the American people.
President Trump has all of this information.
Trump controls the NSA and the NSA has everything.
Trump has everything because the NSA has everything.
Scytl is yet another company implicated in the Election Fraud of 2020.
Scytl = Psy Tel = Psychological Intel = CIA Front Company
(Smart-matic is the software used in Dominion. Dominion Voting Systems is used for elections in Canada, U.K. France, Germany and European Union Parliament)
The word ‘Dominion’ from Dominion Voting Systems is defined as total control over, no freedom.
Dominion Voting Systems corporate slogan: “Changing the Way People Vote”
Yup, they sure are.
Also note: The corporate logo for Dominion Voting Systems, please go take a look at their logo. It is a red paper ballot going into a box and a blue paper ballot coming out of the box. They are telling you right in front of your face that they are cheating!

CISA recently stated that “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised. The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history.”
What CISA is not telling you is that Dominion Voting Systems and Smart-matic both serve on the board of CISA’s Executive Committee of the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (GCC) and the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating council (SCC).
Both Dominion and Smart-matic are “organizing members” of the SCC.
Why are so many Dominion Voting Systems employees deleting their LinkedIn profiles?
Over 100 employees have now deleted their profiles from that site.
Further, why are so many of these employees based in Serbia?

Boss Level (2020) – Movie full of Donald Marshall references


I just watched a movied called Boss Level (2020). This movie is incredible if you know the Donald Marshall story including the pro board stuff. If you have not heard about DM please search on this site by typing “Donald Marshall” in the search in the top bar.

There have been movies about Donald before, but not so many references as this. I am not gonna open the backgrounds, but you can find this stuff on the Donald Marshall proboards. I mention however couple of things so that I got your interest. So here are some of them:

  • Movie’s basic plot is that man wakes up in a same day just like in the movie called Groundhog Day featuring Bill Murray. Difference is that in this movie the main character gets killed in different horrible and brutal ways every day. Just like Donald in the cloning center (Megadeth).
  • Movie has a machine, which can bounce time back called Osiris-Spindle and you can do this only a limited times just like Donald Marshall has told about CERN and timewave zero. The whole thing about DM story is that he released his official letter so many times that they could not bounce time back anymore. The machine in the movie also looks similar as CERN.
  • Main character learns sword fighting just like DM does in the cloning centre. The final battle in the cloning facility is also done by swords. For example DM has told that he has fought with Eminem with swords in the cc.
  • There is a reference to Marshall in the middle of the movie when characters talk:

    00:55:20,008 –> 00:55:22,008
    – Marshall.
    – Hello, Brett.

    00:55:22,592 –> 00:55:24,967
    Don’t ask who this is,
    because you know exactly who it is.

    00:55:25,008 –> 00:55:27,383
    – Where’s Marshall?
    – Who’s that? Bomb boy?

  • There is also a very important rederence about actor Liam Neeson. If you know the DM story you know that one of the few actors who have defended Donald Marshall in the cloning centre was Liam Neeson. This reference is a joke about him, but in the movies there is on coincidences:

    00:45:31,800 –> 00:45:37,508
    Are you like that guy, the one from Taken,
    who has a particular set of skills

    00:45:38,925 –> 00:45:40,717
    – Liam Neeson?
    – Yeah.

    00:45:40,758 –> 00:45:44,633
    No, he’s kind of a fake tough guy,
    but me I’m the real guy

    00:45:44,675 –> 00:45:47,217
    – Really?
    – I’m not kidding you, that’s real.

So if you are interested about Donald Marshall you should definitely check this movie out. Here is the info:

IMDB link

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