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Earth’s magnetosphere is totally fucked-up, what happened?

I have been watching and monitoring the Earth’s magnetosphere over a ten years now and never, ever have I witnessed the mess we see today. It’s like total havoc and chaos… Like the magnetosphere has been ripped or is been ripped a part. It’s totally absurd and I think frightening, because folks this is our shield. It’s like Star Trek terms the shields have been torn down…

It would seem we (meaning all of us on this planet) are in the midst of rapid changes taking place right now on a global scale to the Earth. We are told by NASA, ESA and other governments that all is good and there is nothing to these wild claims that the Earth and our Solar system are changing. They say there is no scientific evidence to support any such claims. Okay, so please explain what happened here because one thing is for certain this is not normal.

My question; is this being caused by a natural event or is this somehow artificial, man made, CERN? From what we can see whatever is causing this it is causing havoc to the Earth and are we now seeing the effects of this?

For this to be recorded for over 5 hours and to realize this is happening with more frequency and intensity it has got to mean something.

I want to thank Skywatch Media News for having recording this event please subscribe to his channel he has excellent material,


Bully on the whole CERN thing! The forces involved in the events of March 13 and 14 are in a 80 day cycle – it is an outside influence.
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Earth’s Magnetic Field Wobbles to the East

Little info about Earth’s Magnetic field:

Editor’s Note: This may be the most important item that ZS Livingstone has ever posted at educate-yourself.org, as the event described below will affect everyone on the planet. If enough people become aware of the impending magnetic pole shift and its ramifications as explained here, we can avoid a great deal of apprehension and fear that will surely follow in the wake of this event. Our Illuminated governments and Doom & Gloom promulgators, in general, will seize upon this event as a sure sign of the ‘Wrath of God” or the “End TimesBritish Israel hoax or an inbound rogue planet, or perhaps assign blame to extraterrestrial forces, a la Project Blue Beam, and use that as an excuse to attempt to consolidate all political power under a single, One World Government nightmare administered by the Illuminated Satanists of Zion in order to “protect” us. But we’re not going to allow the fear promoters and government liars to seize this liberating event in order to further promote their control and enslavement agendas. To be forewarned is to be prepared: physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Spread the word. ..Ken Adachi]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 27, 2013

Earth’s Magnetic Field Wobbles to the East by ZS Livingstone (March 27, 2013)

re. http://www.spaceweather.com/

Auroral Oval

The Auroral Oval is the truest indicator of where the North Magnetic Pole is from day to day.

Yesterday it was north of Michigan. Last week, it was north of Minnesota. Today it is north of Maine. The actual North Magnetic Pole is 2500 miles beneath the surface of the earth. The wobble is a day to day rotation under the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. At this time it is under Greenland. Tomorrow, it might be under Ellesmere Island.

The few articles I have seen state the North Magnetic Pole is drifting westward towards eastern Siberia. Supposedly the magnetic field lines emerge from the centre of the earth in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. This Auroral Oval shows the extrapolated Aurora Borealis a thousand miles to the east.

The huge shift has done nothing towards destabilizing the spin of the earth, nor has it caused crustal slippage and massive earthquakes worldwide. The magnetic energies and the electrical energies of the aurora are huge, but only a tiny fraction of the energy held by the spin of the earth. The earth’s magnetic field is about a half of a Gauss (0.5 gauss) and is important for the positioning of the Van Allen Belts in which the lower astral realms reside. When the earth’s magnetic field shuts down in the not too distant future, the astral realms will collapse. This will not bring disasters upon the earth as most of the densified aether has been removed in the past few years and the one’s who created the dark material are gone too.

The earth’s magnetic field will be “off” for a brief time and then reverse with the South Magnetic Field near the North Pole. During the hiatus, aurora will be seen at all latitudes after sunset and before sunrise. The earth’s atmosphere will expand slightly and gravity will increase slightly. Many satellites will spiral downward. The International Space station will need extra fuel to stay in orbit. Geosynchronous satellites will drift from their positions. TV broadcast will be affected.

All these events were planned a long time ago. Mother Earth herself is making the changes as smoothly as possible. She has long wanted to rid herself of the parasites. She is shaking off the fleas. Humanity will benefit as the hypnotic thraldom placed upon humanity will be erased. Man and Woman will be able to make their life decisions without interference.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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