Donald Marshall – I know everything about 911…

Here’s important info and another view about 911:

Watched it unfold and play by play. Were clones of arabs on the planes…Were american agents on chip in arabs clone brains…Werent even arabs. Those arabs were already dead… One is still alive and is in like saudi arabia and supposedly blew up with the plane…No one followed up on it it was swept under the rug Once its not on tv anymore people just pass it off,… Like the colorado theatre shootings… The courtcase was not public… They didnt tell what was said in court with holmes there No one knows what he said, his explanation… And its suppressed and no one is demanding to hear the court records of the trial

Its just not questioned…The towers…Theyd been bombed like 10 years before and the foundation cracked…One was gonna topple sideways in time couldnt repair it… Too much weight They were full of asbestos They needed to be replaced…Would have been millions and millons in tearing down gradual….So… They did that..Explosions finished the buildings off,… And they got a bunch of high paid govt employees killed to make room to hire lower paid people… And they had a big insurance claim on the towers….

And it paved the way to go to war with afghanistan to get control of the opium fields there for the pharmaceutical companies that needed opiates…but the afghans had upped the price… The us took over and payed nothing just took the opium… Best opium fields in the world… Best weather to grow wm in afghanisten

No no bombs… Building controlled collapse bombs…Ok we at the CC knew what was gonna happen and as I told ypu there are many jews in it… Well not all jews go to the CC but anyway… They passed by word of mouth dont go to work sept 11th something big n bad is gonna happen…. Something like 20,000 jewish people didnt go to work in new york that day….Crazy shit huh?

Wasnt even a plane that hit the pentagon,… It was a nuclear “capable” missile shot from a North Korean “TV” satellite… The U.S didn’t want theyre people to know north korea could pinpoint nuke strike any target from orbit at any time…

They said 2 things about the plane that dissapeared… Said it was escorted and the people taken and held underground as slaves all cvered up for national security…And that russians have a tech that makes stuff go away… It zaps it somewhere they dont even know where… In future past other dimension they dont know…Said they did that to the plane to make it look like the plane hit pentagon not dud missile.. They have no compassion… For human life… Only for themselves.

the arabs on the planes were mark 2 or 3 clones with the consciousness of someone else running them through a brain chip….The actual arabs were already dead.

Merri Cowden – The first thing that struck me as odd about recent train explosion in Quebec was the mention of the bodies being “vaporized”. So, no bodies, eh? Also, what kinds of explosions, besides nuclear, vaporize objects? The ONLY times I’d ever heard of that happening, in all my life, was due to nukes. Now, it is the a la mode of disasters. WTC, Shanksville flight ninety three, are two that come to mind. Quebec train disaster: Oil fire may have ‘vaporized’ victims

Donald Marshall – vaporized lol. Just like EVERY SINGLE BODY AND PIECE OF PLANE, that supposedly hit the pentagon, not a suitcase left,… however, the engine turbines were made of a titanium alloy and would not have vaporized would not have melted… and the government quickly just put gravel over the hold and rebuilt over it before it could be investigated in detail… not a seat cushion, not a wire not nothing.

the world trade center was damaged from a bombing in the basement from like 10 years before, the foundation was cracked, could not be repaired, AND the insulation was full of asbestos. They needed a new building, and they didn’t want to dismantle from the top to bottom because it would have cost MAD money, and they’d have to pay demolition workers extra for exposure to asbestos, SO they used the situation to blame “al quaeda” and use this reason to enter Iraq for the oil, and Afghanistan eventually for the opium fields so they could get free opium for ingredients that go into pharmaceuticals. The Arabs on the planes were either clones or were bodysnatched.

some time after 911, The clones out at the place were laughing, they had set up a low level fly by of Air force 1 over New York… they did this purposely to scare people and laugh about it… it was said to be a photo op for air force 1 BUT no photographs were taken by the government, They ALL sat in the stands of the cloning center AS clones, laughing at the emergency calls coming in to dispatchers… “Help, more planes over New York, Al Quaeda is back blah blah blah” then other calls to emergency dispatchers, ” OMG Plane plane help help” They ALL sat there hysterically laughing at this…. that was the reason for the low level fly by of air force 1 over New York, To scare for sport, and to have something to talk about at the cloning center amongst themselves.

Pentagon was a missile dropped by a satellite in space supposedly they said.

Unknown about shanksville, it wasn’t a plane though,… that plane seems to have disappeared, as well as the one that supposedly hit the pentagon.

yeah the passport thing, lol the one they found in the towers belonged to an arab that was STILL ALIVE lol Had never been to the U.S and was worried he was being framed, he was on the arab radio Al Jazeera,… that part got swept under the rug real quick. Unknown if that arab is still alive.

The foundation was cracked from the previous truck bomb years before, it couldn’t be repaired. They needed to bring the building and build new, But the structure was full of asbestos insulation and the piece by piece dismantling of the towers would have been millions and millions. So they came up with this. Quick and easy demo job, way less cost, an excuse to go to war.

Even President Obama is involved with these people, he and his wife go to these gatherings, they thought up a sick joke there [at the cloning centers], they and their administration set up a low level flight of air force 1 over New York city some time after the 9/11 world trade center bombings simply to terrify people!!! Just because they could. Told people afterwards it was a photo opportunity for they’re plane but no pictures were taken, they had the emergency calls of frightened people brought to the clone place, listened to them and laughed hysterically, people yelling out “Al qaeda has more planes calling emergency lines, lots of calls from terrified people. Then looked at me and said “Donny we are all powerful, If we can do this and nothing comes of it how are you going to be able to get us? You are our slave and the people here won’t speak up for you for fear of torture and death. Now make us a new song or we’ll gut you like a fish and leave you to writhe in agony”.

And here we go… Vladamir and the Russian government KNEW the towers were going to get hit… it was the talk of the cloning center at the time… all staged in part of a large plan… Russia Today News Declares 9/11 An Inside Job False Flag Attack!

Right in yo face. They laugh at you. Seoul’s New Tower Seems Familiar, and Not in a Good Way

It hasn’t been built yet, just designed by architect’s so far, but it will be constructed. I’m predicting those people are going to get fucked up now…Based in Rotterdam aaaaand SHANGHAI!

Laurence Mountford – thats like if a guy dies and everyone goes around wearing a small version of how the guy died around their necks or somethin…

Donald Marshall – yep thats some weird shit too.


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