Donald Marshall: UFC

Something info about UFC by Illuminati cloned Donald Marshall:

Steven P. Nuxoll (May 2014) – Of all the UFC and MMA types, which if any are seen at all at the cc.?

Donald Marshall – so many and I dont want to list the long list as they will bother me next time I am there…

Dana White goes… he brings them there for toughness training, they smash each other with battering rams and destroy clones of each other thinking it will give them an edge in real bodies.


Jay Deutsch (June 2014) – D you mentioned a while back that Dana White attends and takes some fighters too. Does Dana do fucked up shit? And what fighters have u seen?

Donald Marshall – yes, and many fighters, nearly all the top ones… surprisingly Matt Hughes ex UFC champion is the scummiest of them all… I was surprised as he “looks” like he’d be a nice guy…

you can’t tell by looks…

especially not in a cloning crisis OR a bodysnatching scenario crisis… of which Earth has both.

Tim Silvia, ex UFC world champion is supposed to be some remade clone of some large person from the past… different kind of cloning, from a baby up…

and he’s a scumbag too.

I can tell you about it…

i hate that guy bad,… now I’m thinking about it again…. thing is… he’s got whatcha call “has been syndrome”

you see he won his welterweight title on a technicality… both he and his opponent were knocked out and he just woke up first… lol

Jay Deutsch – Frank Mir broke his arm…how bout frank? GSP?

Donald Marshall – both there.

wouldn’t attack me, thought it was too dishonorable.

Russians wanted Brock Lesnar removed from UFC and MMA

they have some guy last name Fedor (sp)? and they wanted to promotehim, but Brock crushed him at cloning with relative ease.

Jay Deutsch – How bout the Diaz brothers

Donald Marshall – yes.

Nates pretty mean… made fun of me called me a slave.

Jay Deutsch – Lesnar was weak, didnt like getting hit. Junior dos santos destroyed him

Donald Marshall – his younger brother tried to be mean to me like his older brother but couldn’t and actually cried in pity for me.

it was the edge of a glove that tore his face… but true, brock didn’t like getting hit in the face.

Illuminati said they messed with his pituitary gland at some point to make him bigger.

Jay Deutsch – Nick is oldest, i cant believe those two especially can keep the secret

Donald Marshall – if they don’t they die.

easy as that pretty much.

also, they might know about cloning… but not know about vrill and hosts…

Jay Deutsch – Wow, crazy

Donald Marshall – they don’t tell everyone that part.



Billy Sweeney (August 2014) – By the way don I got a quick question if you don’t mind

Who’s the best celebrity fighter you’ve ever known or seen at cloning?

Donald Marshall – Of celebs. Besides UFC fighters at hand to hand. Marshall Mathers (Eminem) the rapper. Good sword duelist.

Billy Sweeney – Really? I wouldn’t have expected that, that’s real interesting, I wonder if it’s because he had a shitty life when he was growing up

Maybe that made him tough

Donald Marshall – No, he saw me sword fighting with katana and took lessons from japanese experts. He’s good at it. Equal to me.

Billy Sweeney – Ahhh I see, well em definitely wasnt the answer I was expecting, I guess I was maybe expecting someone like 50 cent or Mark whalberg or someone with that tough image

Donald Marshall – I got free lessons from the worlds best for 30 years.

Nope. They don’t duel.

Billy Sweeney – Are there also hand to hand duels or fights that are held at cloning?

Donald Marshall – Yes, a lot. Brock Lesnar is the brute. But he don’t fight aliens. I do.

Billy Sweeney – I’d imagine that’s just because of his ridiculous athleticism, I’ve seen the guy fight and there’s definitely better fighters out there, but they just don’t have that same Ridiculous Strength and explosiveness brock has

Donald Marshall – Brute. He’s super saiyan Broly… From dragon ball Z

Billy Sweeney – How about hand to hand Don, who’s the best hand to hand celeb fighter you’ve seen in action? And who’s the best technically? (Most skillful)

Donald Marshall – A japanese guy that teaches many there called Odanisama. Modern day samurai.

There are many trainers. He teaches using pain as a motivator Enslaved me participated in my slavery. I’m gonna kill him. He knows too lol Shits like kill bill But this chink best not strike my ass down.

Billy Sweeney – I’d love to see a celeb from cloning who’s great at hand to hand get into a fight with someone who’s a celeb that has that super tough gangster guy image, just so I could see that “tough guy” with the image get humbled unexpectedly lol

Donald Marshall – Because people will skin him and make him die for 2 weeks if he did lol He will lemme have that head. Crazy huh?

Few are gangster. Very few They’re all fake from the country club.


Donald Marshall (February 2014) – I wanted to make super saiyan Brock… after Brock Lesnar… but they called him Broly instead… made him look similar though.


Donald Marshall (May 2014) – “Super Saiyan Broly” is a representation of ex heavyweight ufc champion Brock Lesnar.

I wanted to name him Super Saiyan Brock, but they wouldn’t let me.

Jann Samzy – What would Akira Toriyama say about this?

Donald Marshall – he’d ignore you or pretend he didn’t see any questions about me and or cloning. like the rest do.


Ronda Rousey

Donald Marshall – She is very fake. They set up fights and people take the fall for her. She has been to cloning many times. Baddest woman on the planet…

She’s just a pretty face to fit the part.

Phil Chuppa – Yep like musicians and actors, they need an attractive commodity to sell.

Donald Marshall – Yep They use clones sometimes too. A lot of them train at cloning.

Davina Eubanks – are the Super Bowl games staged?

Donald Marshall – Yes Even with use of time travel…Technology.

She will be in trouble for harming me. In a metaphysical state.

Because they’ve used me for things For instance they put me in a clone to face josh koscheck it was to be one punch knockout or feel much pain. I fell after one punch intentionally. Ok?

Michael Marullo – How were you treated while there [at the cloning centers]?

Donald Marshall – Badly with threats and the hateful attention of UFC fake fighter woman Ronda Rousey. The fights are set up. Her big fights are against clones. She may be a clone herself while fighting. I’ll have much to say about her.

UFC fake fighter Ronda Rousey keeps bothering me at cloning. Trying to talk me into trouble. Trying to keep the place going. She likes it there. She benefits much. I hate that woman badly. She picked up where Elizabeth left off. Tell you all about it. She’s part of my second update I’m procrastinating on.

Nick Brooks – Woe, hold the horses, “she’s picking up where queen Elizabeth left off” ??? Am I out of context or miss somethin about the queen & not running the show there now or what, I’m confused??

Donald Marshall – She wanted to be the center of attention. The one that talks/bitches at me.

She won’t leave me alone at cloning. Keeps bugging me.

The fights are mostly scripted. Once I was a clone in the ring with Josh Koscheck… I was told to fall after one punch or is be tortured terribly at the cloning center. If the fights don’t go as planned they bounce time back and do it again. Groundhog Day.

Jesse Arnett – How long she been there bud ?

Donald Marshall – She’s new there.

Jesse Arnett – She Olympian 2 times just did movie and defended her title for 4th time her mom first world champion judo

Donald Marshall – Just a poster girl

Spencer Allen Eskridge – She looks kinda stupid in the face….Don… is she… ya know… slow? Upstairs?

Donald Marshall – She is mentally impaired. Yes. That retarded whore is gonna pay for bothering me in a metaphysical state.


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