Donald Marshall: Project Camelot a plan they have implemented to create a messiah like figure…

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Nothing is as it seems. Here is Donald Marshall’s take on Project Camelot. Stay vigilant my friends…

Donald Marshall (Wed. October 31, 2012) – PROJECT CAMELOT! Ok I forgot to say about Camelot and it must be told NOW… it is a plan they have implemented to create a messiah like figure… to calm the public in the event of global catastrophe… they had many people set to play the role, A female named “The Metreya” a man named “Lord Rayel” a man we all know as Steven Joseph Christopher (the internet God guy), and Donald Marshall… me… the purpose of this is… to welcome the possible landing of the Vrill type 3 (“pleadians”) and encourage friendship with them… also to tell their followers to follow them into the depths of a D.U.M.B (deep underground military base) where they will become hosts for the subterranean parasitic lizard race known as the Vrill… types 1 and 3… contd —>

I ddn’t know Steven was Steven there until somewhat recently… he is a rotten bastard you must watch this video, the man is trying to betray his so called friends and followers to a subterranean alien race of bodysnatchers!!! WATCH THIS NEXT VID!!!!! DUMBs AWARENESS CAMPAIGN – LET US IN!!!!!

No one believes “The Metreya” is a messiah… she is not going to be used… No one believes “Lord Rayel” he went on radio and said oh I am the Christ and you must bend knee to me or I will rain fire from the heavens. I will cause strife upon the surface until you bend knee to me… well no one believed Rayel either and SO the Illuminati went along with Project 2012, using H.A.A.R.P they are manipulating weather to MAKE the revelations prophecy come true… Rayel is going along every step of the way… each of these will tell you to seek shelter in a D.U.M.B…

With me? I refused to do this I would rather die… and I am also NOT going to tell people I’m the messiah,… they didn’t like this as they said I’m the best candidate for the job, likable and all the songs and stuff… I TELL YOU NEVER ENTER THE D.U.M.B’s (((NEVER))) even under gunpoint, let them shoot you first… you must resist!!! You will be droned by Vrill or eaten by Vrill lizards or made a slave UNTIL you are droned or eaten by them…

Watch Stevens video and look into the eyes of one of the most detestable human beings on Earth… his intentions are exactly this… he will recieve benefits and slaves… the benefits depending on the number of unwitting people he lures down there!!! More the better. Now you know Bluebeam and Camelot… Disregard my warning at your own peril… Slave To The Parasites

nothing off world is coming to fight off the Vrill… there are only Vrill that the illuminuts have encountered. most evil things in the world… I’m hoping some celebrity drones dont go on tv and try to pull a Steven and say seek shelter in the bases underground… that could be bad… I need widespread knowledge of this before it is too late… theyve been building up to this for a century..they put out the video’s,… the illuminuts… for this plan to take effect.

OH I FORGOT ONE… Prince William… they had him picked out too… but the royal family and others thought he wouldn’t be believed as they do scummy stuff all the time and people would know something is up. So Prince William was out of the plan…

Steve knows there is no glass… he is trying to get as many people down there as possible… and now u know why.

Steven is secretly down with them and will say he has connections to the UN, they will be allowed entry. all part of the plan.

thats what bluebeam and camelot are… bluebeam they were thinking of doing illusions of God in the sky, they gave up on it.

project 2012 was the haarp effects… and project muffin…..that was cloning kids to bang…

I didn’t mention their plan cuz they asked me to wait but now with new york flooded due to haarp and Steven lookin to get people into a dumb it looks like their gonna do it. Have to say now.


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