Exposing The Music Industry: Celebrity Cloning, the Deep State & the Donald Marshall Story

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Widely known Youtube channel Edge Of Wonder has made an brilliant information video about Donald Marshall story. Please spread this, because it is beautifully done and it is a nice small video wrapping the key points of his story:

Part 1 is on edge Of Wonder’s own page:

Hey wonderers! For those that are wondering, part 1 is on our .tv platform because the truth gets a bit too hot and it’s too risky to put on YT. Link here if you’re interested: https://edgeofwonder.tv/episodes/15d4c2d0167bfd

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2 thoughts on “Exposing The Music Industry: Celebrity Cloning, the Deep State & the Donald Marshall Story”

  1. Thanks for your reply and support. Just trying to do my best and find the Truth.


  2. I work seven nights a week so I sleep during the day .
    I remembered these lizard looking people and it looks like we’re in some sort of odd cement floored metal railing multi-level almost like hotel room doors but I was on the outside overlooking the lizard people I remember them saying things about who they were going to get but their Whispers were so confusing I knew they’d be coming soon as soon as I turned around to run into one of the rooms I was grabbed by my ankle held upside down and slash on the bottom of my foot to this day I feel that exact spot. 3am hour is a hard time for me…
    I appreciate you speaking out there are many of us that hide in fear I try not to think about it because I know they get you in your thoughts but I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone.

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