Speed of light fixed

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The main thing in these videos are how science denies the possibility of consciousness and that everything you know and see is in your mind. This is so narrow world view, that it almost make’s me sick. Here Rupert Sheldrake talks about how science for example just fixed the speed of light (the numerical value) in physics books and because of that, people started to get errors in their calculations. Is the speed of light just some thing, that you can change whenever you want? Point is, that science community keeps some things as absolute truth and others for example consciousness as a ridiculous joke, because we don’t have the necessary tools to investigate the phenomenon.

Why I’m posting these 2 videos is, because I thought, that TED was open to all kind of ideas, but for example here are 2 videos, that they removed from the official listings. Why? Because they contain subjects, that science community can’t handle.

Here is the Rupert Sheldrake’s video:



And here is a video from an excellent researcher of ancient Egypt, Graham Hancock‘s censored TED speech:



Why I bring this up? Because I just wonder, that how long we are going to see this kind of suppression and censoring? Even tough these videos don’t present absolute truth or facts, could we even have an conversation about these topics? You think we are living in a free world… well think again.

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3 thoughts on “Speed of light fixed”

  1. Why they even took these presenters to the conference, if they don’t agree with the content and then they have to remove these videos?


  2. Thank you for your comment, but I’d appreciate a discussion about the post itself meaning suppression and banning of information. Even if information is not confirmed by scientific community, that doesn’t mean it has to be removed, in this case from TED website.


  3. What a load of populistic pseudoscientific nonsense wrapped into a book promotion.

    Ofcourse constants can change in scientific world. For example when new or more accurate measuring/calculation method is introduced. Gravity varies depending on the location etc. I believe I learned that already in junior high. And the last guys who made a press release in Italy about invalidating the Eistein’s E=mc2 most likely wish they wouldn’t have made such a fool of themselves. There might come a new theory one day but until that we have to use the best or the most accurate one.

    There ain’t no miragles, science just haven’t figured those out yet.

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