Spiritualism, A Guide for Those Who Seek

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Ethel Rowe at 89th birtjhday in 2000[Editor’s Note: Nov. 2011. These concepts were set to print in a small booklet authored by Ethel Rowe and Norma Bright in 1985. Ethel was a wonderful spiritualist teacher who I met through the Learning Light Center in Anaheim, California where Ethel held prayer services every Sunday. During the latter half of the 1990s, I attended psychic development (mediumship) classes (on and off) at her home in Anaheim for a couple of years , along with perhaps 8 or 10 others. All of her students learned a great deal and were deeply inspired by Ethel’s knowledge of metaphysics and her ability in mediumship. Ethel would occasionally recall anecdotes about fellow traveler and co-learner Norma Bright, who died from cancer in 1982 and of Ethel’s late husband, Jack, who was also well known as a healer and spiritual teacher. Ethel passed over about 7 years ago and would have been in her mid 90s. She was an inspiring and dedicated teacher nad very easy to like.

Take the time to read each chapter presented here. You will be amazed at the profound wisdom and understanding contained within Ethel’s explanations. I’m sure her words will bring you closer to a greater understanding of life, of God, and the purpose behind the physical plane. …Ken Adachi]

By Ethel Rowe and Norma Bright
November 28, 2011 Ethel Rowe on her 89th Brithday in 2000

Spiritualism, A Guide for Those Who Seek (Nov. 28, 2011)

Introduction to Spiritualism

Spiritualism is an outpouring of spirit to humanity, a divine revelation from the Spheres of Light. It is the highest message we have, as yet, grown to grasp, the one whose depth, beauty, and mighty significance we will imperfectly realize.

A Spiritualist is one who believes as a part of his or her religion in the communication between this and the spirit world by means of mediumship. It is one who endeavors to mold his or her character and conduct in accordance with the highest teachings derived from such communication.

How little we know of true Spiritualism! How far we are from mastering its wonderful philosophy! It cannot be contained between the covers of any book or outlined fully in any written creed.

Spiritualism is the broad educator, the great redeemer, the emancipator which releases the human soul from the bondage of superstition and ignorance. It lifts the clouds of error that have for so long enshrouded the world and illuminates the darkness of the world’s materiality. Through the gateway of inspired mediumship, it has stimulated science and enriched philosophy. It has broadened the concepts of man and liberalized beliefs and creeds.

Spiritualism has abundantly proven that there is no death; that there is a world of spirit where we live, move, and have being in a spiritual body as real then as our physical body is now. Man’s moral status after death is the same as immediately before the change and he enters into a high or low estate according to his spiritual attainment in this world.

In the spirit world, man retains his individuality. The unfoldment of his mental, moral, and spiritual faculties is continued indefinitely by processes not unlike ours in this world.

Good deeds, done from a good heart, create a force in building a pleasant abode in the spirit life. The sinful create their own unhappy place. The wicked must compensate for their evil deeds here and hereafter. They must attain a state of justice before they are prepared to enter the path that leads to spiritual happiness and progression.

Through directive wisdom, the intuitive person receives guidance from centers of inspiration in the upper realms. Ever grander revelations will be forthcoming as we grow ready to receive them. It brings to the surface man’s spiritual gifts such as inspiration, clairvoyance, and healing powers.

We increase in spiritual knowledge by rich experience and potentialities of the spirit. We learn, while yet embodied, what it is to be free and masterful spirits. We are capable, even now, of every noble conquest and achievement.

Spiritualism is the science, philosophy, and religion of continuous life. It is based upon the demonstrated fact of communication by means of mediumship with those who live in the Spirit World.

Spiritualism teaches that the spark of Divinity dwells in all. As a flower gradually unfolds in beauty, so the spirit of man unfolds and develops.

Death is not cessation of life. Death is in reality, the portal of the spirit world, where a life of living and learning continues. Nothing physical is necessary; no money needs to be earned. They are busy with loving relationships and the gaining of wisdom.

Man does not have a soul; man is a soul and has a body. Man is a Spiritual being now, while encased in the flesh. As man sows on earth, so shall he reap in the life to come. Those who have passed on are conscious – not asleep.

Communion between the living and the “dead” is scientifically proven. It thus brings comfort to the bereaved and alleviates sorrow.

Spiritualism is a manifestation, the demonstration and proof of the continuity of life explaining many spirit manifestations recorded in the Bible.

It demonstrates that many spiritual gifts with which mankind is endowed, but which, through want of knowledge, have been allowed to lay dormant. Through prejudice, it has been violently and unjustly suppressed.

Every soul will progress through the ages to heights sublime and live gloriously where God is love and love is God!

Spiritualism is God’s message to mortals: “There is no death!” All who have passed on still live. There is hope in the life beyond for even the most sinful.

Ethel Rowe

Spiritualism, A Guide for Those Who Seek

Part 1~ Science
Part 6 ~ Mediumship
Part 2 ~ Philosophy Part 7 ~ Healing
Part 3 ~ Religion Part 8 ~ Ancient Spiritualism
Part 4 ~ Prayer Part 9 ~ Conclusion
Part 5 ~ Meditation Part 10 ~ Closing Thoughts





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