The Brotherhood of The White Lodge and Their Plans For America

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Here’s some insider info about the cabal:

There are quite a few people who have been talking about the topic of the Illuminati’s plans for America.  On a recent program on Tribulation Now Radio, I talked about some of the same things, but from a perspective which people probably haven’t heard yet, that of being born into the organization that has authored the plan for the NWO and of being under the mentorship of this organization’s top hierarchy.
From that position, I acquired knowledge of many aspects and details that most people serving in this organization never get to know… and those who do know either 1.) stay in the organization, 2.) die trying to leave or 3.) meet their demise shortly there after.
So…who are the authors of this global conspiracy referred to as the NWO?
Many people say it is the “Illuminati”.  Some say it is the Jesuits and others say the Freemasons or that the plan has it’s beginning at the Vatican, however, none of those are the correct answer. Those groups are only small factions of something much bigger.
Like the Iceberg That Sank The Titanic…
When I describe the plan for the NWO, I often use the analogy of the iceberg that sank the Titanic.  The most dangerous part was what was hidden beneath the surface.
There is a part of the organization that many people do not know exists because it has been hidden, and yet this part of the organization is actually the design center and command central of “The Plan”.
On the broadcast and in this blog post:
  • I expose this hidden division and name it exactly what it is.
  • I define “The Brotherhood of The White Lodge”.
  • I define “The Brotherhood of the Dark Lodge”.
  • I define “the spiritual hierarchy”.
  • I speak of Lucifer whom top “Illuminists” know is the dark evil being, Satan.
  • I define “The Plan”.
  • I talk about how “The Plan” was explained to my mother and me.
  • I define “the organization”.
  • I give numerous examples of how this organization operates on both the physical and supernatural levels.
  • I give examples of how this plan has worked through the last nearly 60 years to get us to where we are today.
  • I contrast the past with that of today (by taking the listeners back to my childhood in the late 1950’s, when “The Plan” was first explained to me.  I wanted the listeners to briefly visit that time period with me as a reminder of how very different that time was from the world we live in today.)
When I was a child and was told about the future, I remember thinking how very far away it sounded, not in years, but how far in distance the hearts and minds of the masses of that day would need to travel in changes before they were at the mindset and heart condition to willingly embrace the organization’s planned global leader.  I never doubted, thinking it couldn’t be done.  I just knew that we who were serving “The Plan” most certainly had our work cut out for us.
  • I share some about my childhood mentors (human and non-human) and methods of “education” still being used today.
  • Also on this broadcast, I talk about “the organization’s future plans for America.

Here is the interview of February 11th posted on You Tube.

The Brotherhood of The White Lodge and Their Plans For America (Part 2)
On March 22nd, Dan Duval and I returned to Tribulation Now Radio to pick up where we left off on the previous program.
Here is the link to the 2nd interview on Tribulation Now Radio
Following this link are the notes I put together for this program.

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