The Body Snatchers

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{Editor’s Note. The author of this book was reported to have drowned off a beach in Nassau, Bahamas in October of 2009. Her true name was Jeannie Gospell. She was likely murdered. After you read this book, you will understand why. I will be gradually editing the English grammar in this posting (as time allows) to make it easier to read and understand what the author is trying to explain (currently, I’ve edited up to section 2.1). The original, unedited version is found at this link (

This book is extremely important. It offers many insights into the psychology, methodology, motivations, and long term goals of the reptilian aliens who are engaged in an agenda that is threatening -in the extreme- the continued existence of the human race on this planet. As humans, we need to confront this threat and DEAL with it (as burying your head in the sand is NOT going to solve anything). If we don’t stop this reptilian infiltration and takeover, our very existence as a race of people, living on our own mother planet, is in peril. This agenda must be recognized; it must be exposed, and it must be stopped.

It should be noted that the author of this book is limited in her understanding of higher metephysical principles. She’s perplexed by the apparent conundrum that reptilians think and behave with such evil intent and malice, yet they operate in in a “higher” dimensional plane. The author equates “higher” dimensional planes with higher spiritual advancement. It doesn’t exactly work that way. Yes, when you go above a certain threshold of vibration, evil thinkers and evil doers cannot exist, but the fourth and fifth dimensions are not strictly bound by that limitation.

A second problem to be recognized in this writing is the author’s WILLINGNESS to participate in the subjugation and abuse which she experienced at the hands of her reptilian/human  lover (and abuser) ‘Brian.’ This woman was FASCINATED by the apparent power and mental ability of her abuser, thus she repeatedly accepted degradation, humiliation, coersion, and victimization as the PRICE she had to pay to be with him and acquire “inside” information. We need to remember that cooperating with evil, on ANY level, is a MISTAKE and it will ultimately come back to bite you.

Update, March 14, 2010: Since first posting this book, I’ve received some interesting comments which I will insert at the bottom of this page under Reader Comments. I’m especially impressed by the comments of our regular contributor and essayist, ZS Livingstone. His letter is posted at the top of the Reader Comments section. Perhaps, you should read his letter first, before diving into this book.

Reference is made in this book to both reptilians and Dracos. Dracos are the royalty or elite class of reptilian aliens. In full reptilian form, they have large, folded wings and a long tail, while non Dracos lack both wings and a tail……Ken Adachi]

by Susan Reed BSC

1. Introduction
2. An Alien Experience
3. Their Overall Plan
4. What We Can Do To Stop You?
5. Colonising The Earth With Their Hybrid
6. Reptilian Entities
7. Genetic Samples
8. Debilitation Through Nutrition
9. Financial Dept
10. Space Stations
11. The Environment
12. Other Reptilian Hosts Exposed
13. Their Secret Weapons
14. Viral Infections
15. The Reptilian Anti-Higher Consciousness Agenda
16. Crop Circles
17.  A Main Alien Race Reincarnating Here
18. The Alien Race Known As The Nordics
19. Rigging of Juries
20.  The Royal Family
21.  News Topics
22. Education
23. Control Of The Media
24. Changing Art
25. Suppression Of Architecture


This will be my only book as long as I am left alone. Here are four years of my experiences. I have to write them out or they will stop it by stopping me. One reptilian has already made attempts; this is why I have had to write it.

The reason I wrote this book was to get rid of the reptilian entity I will call Ettissh. Ettissh was originally sent to me by the man I will call Brian. Brian is depicted on the front cover and was hosting a reptilian. Ettissh fell out with Brian and started working alone. I had some personal information on the reptilians that I had no intention of telling others, but the connection of Ettissh and his attempts to harm me, which went on for three and a half years, meant that I had no choice but to publish the information in order to stop him. He was following a reptilian rule inappropriately. “We stop people before they expose”. But I wasn’t going to expose them anyway, so he was quite ridiculous to have brought this about. His characteristic of “I have to win no matter what” was also partly to blame.

The other reason that this book was written and published is that Ettissh enticed the overseeing entity of “John of God” psychic surgeon in Brazil to work for him. He enticed her with reptilian secrets such as one about karma and another an alien agreement. In exchange, she joined forces with him against me. At the same time, however, she wanted to help out against the reptilians and was instrumental in producing this book.

The reptilian Ettissh doesn’t care about the reptilian organization – only himself.

1. Introduction
Describes the human/reptilian Brian and about his organization.
1. (a) How it all began for me,
1. (b) All about a reptilian host Brian.
1. (c) Brian using me to get himself transferred out of Spain
1. (d) The human/reptilian emotional problems
2. About the human/reptilian
I have unique insights into exactly how a reptilian body-snatches a human. He is a combination of a reptilian spirit in control of a human spirit, having taken over a human body. His abduction is described, his remarkable abilities and characteristics, such as advanced mental abilities, and his cruelty and fundamental badness are also explained. Surprising for higher dimensional beings, reptilians, when in a human body, are emotinally immature, experiencing profound emotional hurt which lead to ‘chips’ on their shoulders, resentments, and ego problems. Brian’s are described.
2.2 The John of God psychic surgery centre in Brazil
Ettissh recruits help from this centre.
2.2a Increasing world belief in spirits…
2.2b John of God in league with the reptilian Ettissh : Ettissh recruits help/ a book gets written.
3. Their overall plan: Identity cards will eventually kill us.
Here Ettissh starts to talk. Selfishly, he gave away some of their plans. They want this planet for themselves and in order to have it, they must kill us off first. This will be achieved via an implant and they plan to implant everyone with a microchip. The implant will replace an identity card (the most likely route) or credit card. Right now, steps are in place to remove money so that credit or money cards alone are our only options.
4. What can we do to stop them?
Describes what we can do to stop them such as finding out what is going on and not burying our heads in the sand; refusing their control mechanisms, using cash rather than credit cards, campaigning for a credit card pin number, and more.
5. Colonising the earth with their hybrid.
Describes how they plan to colonize the earth with their hybrids, having killed us off first. They are developing a hybrid using human DNA.
6. Reptilian Entities
Talks here about them
7. Genetic samples
Brian collects DNA samples, believe it or not, from women he seduces. He actually takes a brain sample at night when they are asleep. I describe how my DNA sample was taken.
8. Debilitation through nutrition.
They reduce our intellect significantly by withholding essential nutrients from baby formula milk. Breast milk is best by far. Those who know are killed, such as the scientist that Ettissh describes. They harden our arteries with a toxic substance found in a common food item -wheat.
9. Financial debt
They control the banks and money. They use the universal Law of Abundance to their advantage making debt easy. Once in debt, we are more susceptible to negative influences and they can control us better.
10. Space stations
They are actually in the earth’s atmosphere.
11. Environment.
They intend to live on the planet and are concerned about the environment.
12. Other reptilians exposed: -naming names.
Included are politicians such as Condoleezza Rice, bankers such as the Vanderbilts, famous actors including Tom Cruise, Emma Thompson and tennis star Virginia Wade, and British royalty such as Princess Anne.
13. Weapons.
13. (a) I have personal experiences with most of these weapons.
13. (b) Weapon # 1 is used to kill and it appears as though the victim has had a heart attack, always at night. Time of death is 2.40 a.m. or soon afterwards.
13. (c) Weapon # 2: Lethal. Creates a stroke. A wavelength is used that transfers a chemical which create blood clots.
13. (d) Killing in groups; their London meeting takes place in the Royal Albert Hall as Freemasons. Opponents are killed using weapon Numbers 1 and 2.
13. (e) Weapon # 3: Non-lethal, temporary effect. Suddenly out of nowhere, you feel very disorientated and unable to function normally. A hand held device no bigger than a credit card is used to fire toxic energy/substance. Usually fired from a distance. Could be used against public speakers.
13. (f) Weapon # 4 – Non-lethal, permanent effect. Causes general debilitation including depression, mind suppression, tension, and dullness. Given between the hours of approximately 12.00 noon until 10.00 pm, there is a peak at approximately 3.00 pm. The afternoons are the worst. Work output is reduced.
13. (g) Weapon # 4A: Mass toxic energy/substance put in the atmosphere to suppress us all. Sent between the hours of 12 noon until 10 p.m. approx.
13. (h) Weapon # 5: Non-lethal, permanent effect. This causes anxiety resulting from harmful vibrations given into the body and a timer is involved. There is a break between 9.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m. at night
13. (i) Weapon # 6: Non-lethal, temporary effect. Used at night at 2.40 am. Creates tension.
13. (j) Weapon # 7: Non – lethal, permanent effect. Creates depression. Used on activists.
13. (k) The source of some of their weapons is a machine attached to their space stations.
13.(l) Harming using their minds. Visualisations.
13. (m) Enhanced witchcraft. Black witchcraft combined with E. L. F radio-wave enhancement.
14. Viral Infections
They manufacture viral infections including shingles and I describe how I was deliberately given this by Steve. Other viruses are SARS, Influenza, and HIV.
15. Anti higher consciousness agenda.
15. (a) Introduction
This is their hidden agenda. Raising our consciousness is our real purpose, and the reptilians do whatever they can to stop us. As we raise our consciousness, we become harder to control and will see what is going on. I was targeted for the contact details of a higher consciousness course I was doing called Luminescence. I AM VERY CONCERNED FOR THE SAFETY of the people involved with this organization as they intend to stop this organization and have threatened to kill the founder. I also discuss how mankind’s actions are helping the reptilians take control and that changes will reduce their control.
15. (b) Targeting higher-consciousness organizations.
Ettissh discusses how they are targeting Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation, Hare Krishna, and now, via me, Luminescence, but they haven’t done this yet and I am trying to prevent them from destroying it. If they can not stop an organization because it is too well known, then they infiltrate the organization and kill the founder. An example is given of the killing of the Pancham Lama.
15. (c) Additional help we are getting from the higher planes
To attempt to counterbalance what they are doing, we are getting a lot of help from the higher planes such as the Pleiadians from the star constellation, the Pleiades. There is more “light” around now than there had been in the recent past, but we have to access it. Luminescence uses this.
15. (d) Implants to detect people of a high vibration.
In order to detect humans of high vibration, all reptilians, except those who work in higher consciousness organizations, have an implant. It feels like a terrible red siren is going off in their body.
15. (e) A Prison system
They are so advanced that they have spirit technology and are using this to imprison human spirits of a high vibration after death. They are attaching nets of fifth dimensional machinery to take spirits to their prison pending destruction. This is outlawed by the overseeing council monitoring intereaction between us and the Dracos. This council is not aware that the Dracos are working on a means to destroy human spirits using an explosion technique.
I have this net, although I am below their criteria. I am gathering more evidence. These spirits are then stored indefinitely in a static force field next to their machines in space. This is happening world-wide and to a million people. It is fundamentally wrong as it leads to the destruction of the soul. IT MUST BE EXPOSED. I have evidence.
15. (f) How the reptilians locate people and attach the net.
Very simply, they use town planning for street names and house numbers, the telephone directory, and websites. I provide my own experiences. The reptilian being/spirit has to be energetically present in order to attach the net
15. (g) A planned force field to trap us on the planet.
The reptilians wish to erect a force field around the earth, this has also been called a frequency fence by the Nibiruan Council’
15. (h) A Reptilian Secret given away by Ettissh on a planned force field.
A secret concerning the force field and an alien race who want to prevent it has been passed on by Ettish to the spirit realm.
15. (i) Ettissh gives away a reptilian secret on karma
Ettissh, in order to prevent himself from being continuously held and for his own support by the spirit realm, actually passed on a reptilian secret about karma. This was an important secret that he gave away. Apparently they are adding karma and he spilled the beans. It is unbelievable that a reptilian would squeal like this, but as he was basically ousted from the organisation and from Brian, he was working for himself entirely and doing anything that would get himself favours If he could get himself favoured by them, he would tell them anything. Very crafty to get the spirit realm thinking he is great. There was Ettissh freely giving away this secret as bribery to have the spirit realm do as he wanted.
Here Ettissh explains how they work behind the scenes in our Akashic records, which is where our past lives are kept. They are able to erase our past lives to create karma They are able to implant lives into our record that are someone else’s in order to affect us negatively and create more karma The end result of this is to prevent us raising our consciousness and be more susceptible to their harm. Ettissh has spilled the beans on this secret to the spirit realm quite recently for his own personal reasons
15. (j) Implants to reduce consciousness.
Most of us have implants that they added a million years ago to reduce our consciousness. They have been around that long.
16. Crop Circles.
Some are real, some they fabricate
16. (a) The Roswell Incident.
Discusses the Roswell Incident. All alien information they cover up so we will not believe it possible that an alien race is taking control of the planet.
17. Another alien race reincarnating here on earth.
Discusses how this alien race also is producing a hybrid but they are peaceable and are helping mankind when they reincarnate as humans. They encourage environmental protection and higher consciousness.
18. The Nordics.
Our ancestors bred with an alien race known as the Nordics and produced what we have today. This is covered up.
19. Rigging of Juries
They sit on juries ensuring those they frame are jailed. Brian has done jury duty three times.
20. The royal family.
They are making Prince Charles unpopular through bad press in order to prevent him from being King.
21. News Topics.
21. (a) Princess Diana’s Death.
Their point of view is put forward that Dodi was the target in order to appease a close family member.
21. (b) September 11th
To bring about a war with Iraq 21.
21. (c) Wars they create wars.
21. (d) B. S. E [Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, or Mad Cow’s disease] They are responsible
22. Education
They write the curriculum’s to suppress our minds. In England, grammar is deliberately under stressed so that we don’t have the writing skills to complain.
23. Media.
They use this to distract us from what they are doing.
24. Influencing Art
They undermine art as it is therapeutic. A reptilian artist is described.
25. Suppressing Architecture.
They control architecture. Ugly square buildings that suppress us are built instead of circular buildings that would enhance us.
We can stop them as they are working against the natural laws on earth. Creation is easy and destruction requires effort on their part. It is easier for us to control ourselves and harder for them to control us; this is a natural law. They have to work very hard to control us. The natural laws work against them.

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