Reincarnation and savants

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Some people can become very agitated about the subject of reincarnation, so if you have strong feelings against the idea or possibility of it, please don’t read any further or open the link at the end of this message.

For those who have an interest in it, please understand that reincarnation is a seriously researched subject with a great deal of solid academic scholarship attached to it. There are over 100 topnotch cases on record like the one you will see documented in the video that follows. It should give us all pause.

I see such evidence as an unmistakable message to all of us, a phenomenon we should pay very serious attention to, in the same way savants are a phenomenon we should pay close attention to.

To me, savants make it blindingly obvious that we ALL carry in our heads the wide range of incredible mental capabilities they have. Unfortunately, those capabilities were sealed off from our normal use by the rather haphazard genetic engineering that created humans to be the “dumbed-down slaves and servants” of the technologically advanced beings who literally created us around 200,000 years ago.

With savants, every so often the genetic “firewall” built into our brains is slightly breached. After some degree of damage (from mild to severe) to the normal portion of their brains, a sliver of light shines into the sealed-off area, the “forbidden” area, giving them the incredible access they have, whether that “gift” is in music, art, math, etc.

If we simply look at the savant evidence and accept it for what it is, it becomes inevitable that at some point in the future we humans will become skilled enough with genetic manipulation to breach and tear down the firewall put into our brains, giving all of us access to the full capacity of every savant who has ever lived, and then some.

All those many pieces will be fused into one phenomenal brain that all humans will carry from that point forward. However, that is probably a century or more away from where we are now, and it’s anyone’s guess whether we’ll last that long without destroying ourselves.

This is where reincarnation comes in. As with savants, more than 100 topnotch cases of reincarnation have been studied and verified in the same ways you will see in the upcoming video. When there is that much smoke, we have to accept that there is a real fire.

Also as with savants, if it works for so many, it seems logical to accept it probably works for all. All of us carry savant brains in our heads, but because we are “normal” we can’t breach the firewall. All of us would also have memories of our past lives, but there is clearly another firewall in our brains that blocks out those memories.

As with savants, some of us are born with faulty “past-life” firewalls, which gives those individuals a glimpse into the “forbidden” area we are never supposed to access. Mistakes happen in everything, and those who are savants, and those who recall past lives, illustrate for the rest of us what is possible, and what is real, on the other side of those firewalls.
Relative to reincarnation is, of course, life after death, or if not exactly life as we understand it, something after death. In my own case, my mother is one of those rare individuals who has died–literally dead–and returned to life with a clear vision of those first moments after her death. For those who find this of interest, I tell her story in a degree of detail here.

For those new to the idea that humans were created by advanced beings around 200,000 years ago, it will be a radical departure from what you were taught in schools. Yes, radical it is, but also backed by considerable evidence. If you’d like to review some of that evidence, below is a series of slides with text beneath to explain their themes in a few slides each.

These provide a crash course “Cliffs Notes” introduction to Intervention Theory, which is explained in full in my book Everything You Know Is Wrong. Each of the links below open a new slide show. Use the green pointers on each slide to navigate forward or backward. To return to the question list, click the “Intervention” in the menu on the left of your screen.

In the beginning

How did life begin on Earth?
(13 slides)

Did prehumans evolve into true humans?
(10 slides)

Do I have personal knowledge of Hominoid existence?
(14 slides)
Complex life

How did complex life arise?
(7 slides)
Human Tracks

What can we learn from human foot tracks?
(8 slides)

What is the Intervention Theory based upon?
(14 slides)
Miocene apes

Where did mankind come from?
(9 slides)

What are Hominoids (Bigfoot/Yeti/etc.)?
 (14 slides)

What proof remains of outside Intervention?
(17 slides)
Apes into Prehumans

Did primates evolve into prehumans?
(7 slides)
Hominoid Tracks

What can Hominoid tracks tell us?
(19 slides)
Human Genetics

Were humans a result of Intervention?
(7 slides)

Did domesticated plants and animals result from genetic engineering?
(9 slides)

How can we be sure common things we think we know are actually true?
(12 slides)


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