The Golden Extraterrestrial Masters, Part 12 – 14

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And here we go again…


From Willy and Andy
April 7, 2006

Golden Extraterrestrial Masters (Part 12)

Netaboruli / Extraterrestrial Cosmic Beings

This is a highly spiritual developed race of extraterrestrial here to assist the planet in the process of Ascension or how they describe as the mutational change of the human species from a physical existence, to bodies of living light. As with many high ET beings, they choose how much to reveal about themselves and this is what we learned:.

They travel thought the Galaxy assisting planets in transition, where the species have gained enough momentum to take the leap toward a higher reality of existence. These Golden Extraterrestrials are Ascended Masters that are helping our planetary Ascended master in the transformation of consciousness for humanity.  Even though they exist in a non-duality all love dimension (8th dimension, ready to go to 9th where they will be formless), they acknowledge that humanity has to transcend through the 4th dimension of reality where all the battles between good and evil are fought seeking balance. It is in this 4th dimesional plane that the dark forces control and direct all evil individuals and organizations on the planet.

If humanity manages to transcend the 4th dimension toward the 5th dimension of love and light, a new species of being will be born in our beloved planet- free from duality experience and living in the delight of their own exquisite divine nature.  The golden masters said that they are very patient with humanity as they see the potential with us to transcend, and that’s why they wait for the right moment to assist us more deeply.   They see humans as 5th dimensional beings that are projecting into the 3rd dimensional picture of reality, so they in truth always see us as whole.

The Golden ET masters seem to posses many technologies of consciousness that range from interdimensional symbols, paintings, toning, music, and meditation. The have enormous golden space ships of light of oval shape around the planet.  Being so spiritually advanced, they don’t need naves to travel as they have other faster technologies of vibration and portal to travel, including materializing themselves where their consciousness is directed.

They also advised that they have sent in a form of walk-ins; many of them to assist us in the planet.  As we understand it, they descend with the permission of a humans individual into their body and the soul leaves the body, being replaced by the soul of the Golden Et master.  In that way, they can interact with us and help us in many areas, especially in the development of consciousness.  They said that they already did a lot of teaching on the planet through a teaching vehicle they called “Extraterrestrial Earth Mission”, but though no longer teaching, yet they are still walk-in among us working on another aspects of their mission. The synthesis of their message is: “Follow you spirit without hesitation”.

These Extraterrestrial masters said that there is going to be a great shift in consciousness on 2012 and for many, there can be a total transcendence of their limited pictures of reality to start living not as individuals, but as Beings in tune with the Universe.  They advised that for those who feel guided by their spirit to connect with them, there is going to be at disposal for all the planet, an initiation into what they call: The Golden Ray of Alarius.

On April 22nd at 9 pm your local time, if you wish, sit for 20 minutes and just relax. Ask internally that you wish to receive the Golden Ray of Alarius Initiation. That’s all.  They said that after the initiation, you can call upon the Golden Ray of Alarius any time you want a repeat the same experience, just by mentally saying : “Golden Ray of Alarius”.-Whatever experience you may had they said is just for the exaltation of your Beingness.

The Netaboruli
April 26, 2006

Humanity is very fortunate that these Extraterrestrials beings are assisting humanity at this time where the faith of our species is hanging by a tread. There existence has being veiled from humanity’s consciousness since millenniums ago, due to our egocentric ways and ignorance.

These beautiful extraterrestrial beings are only 23 inches tall and one of their main physical features is that their heads are very big in proportion to their small bodies. Their bright and beautiful eyes are like windows that allow you to see their unlimited consciousness and the Divine nature. The color of their eyes is violet and the form of their eyes is like our Asian races but bigger and are perfectly design to lite in the darkness of the night that is experienced in their far away planet, where the sun is seen just as another star in the firmament.

Their skin is one of the most wonderful creations that the mind of God have conceived, which looks like the most pure, clear starry sky, but with a purple background. Just to look at their skin can take your breath away. Their skin is like a miracle of nature and is very sensitive to heat as it has the ability to accumulate the light of the sun and the stars, creating thermal bubbles on top of their bones. This accumulated heat allows them to live on their cold planet.

The Netaborulis do not breathe oxygen like human beings, because the plants in their planet don’t work like ours as the sun is very distant and the plant can’t use photosynthesis. So their plants feed from subtle vibrations that are all over the planet, many of them produced by the same Netaboruli, in that way processing vibration into energy and producing carbon dioxide that in turn is breathed by the Netaborulis through their unique multifunctional skin. The Netaborulis are also heterosexual, none the less their bodies were never developed to have intimate relations. So their process of procreation is done by the use of vibration. (Later you will understand more about vibration).

Their babies do not grow inside the mother’s womb and of course are not born as human babies. During conception, the couple stand in front of each other and begin to produce a vibration sound through their skins, that sounds very similar to the Universal AUM, and through this vibrations a cocoon is formed in between the couple. The cacoon is made of sound waves and the baby begins to materialize inside until it is in complete form in only 3 terrestrial hours. But this is not an event that happens every day, only once a year. And if we understand that one of their years is equivalent to 1000 of our years, you will understand that this is something that is not very common.

The Netaborulis exist in all the dimensions, but those that materialized in their most dense form, can have an incarnation of about 10000 years. The newborn and small children will never go to school as our children do, because they are born with all the knowledge they need, their purpose and mission, all according to the vibrations that have been impressed in their minds and hearts. Their function to be is also influenced by the stars and the needs of their society.-

They have a very unique language that to the listener may sound that they are talking backwards and their mind can process their thoughts in the form of memories of things that have not happened yet. This process is impossible to comprehend for us humans as we have a rational linear mind. But do not get confused, their form of communication is one of the most perfect in the universe. It is not expressed though phrases or words that represent an idea, but through a language based on tones that vibrate though their skin, that to us would sound something like: Peng! Pang! Pik! Puk! pank! but in perfect tone beyond our imagination and our normal senses.

Each word that they express or vibration that they broadcast is a universal tone in a language that is beyond human comprehension or the capacity to speak. Other innate qualities they posses are gifts of Healing and Harmonization. The life of the Netaboruli have been always directed towards a pure spiritual life, to the point that they are the ones that have the key to purify all the karma in our solar system.

We were surprised when we found out that their planet is located in our solar system, beyond Pluto. They sometimes refer to it as the 8th planet and this may be that could be the 8th planet they colonize in this galaxy or maybe is the 8th planet from the Earth. Nonetheless the name they used for their planet is Keviananda in honor to the first netaboruli that materialized there. This planet has an oscillation between the physical plane and the etheric plane and as you know Pluto have a more elongated orbit than the other planets around the Sun and this is caused by the vibration attraction that keviananda exerts over Pluto. Keviananda’s orbit around the sun is done in a 90 degree angle, different from the other planets and it takes Keviananda 999 years to complete its orbit around the sun. As we mentioned before, this is not their original planet and it was colonized by them around 750.000 years ago when they perceived the first signs of troubles and lack of harmony in our solar system. They are like cosmic gypsies that travel from solar system to solar system where they are more needed. Every time they succeed in taking a system to a harmonic momentum that will propel the system towards final harmonization, they leave to go to another system where their presence is required.

May 1, 2006 (Netaboruli continued)
The Netaboruli are the greatest masters in the entire Universe in respect to their mastery over vibration. Everything in the universe has a vibrations and the one who understands it, can understand all the mysteries of all creation. There is an Absolute vibration in the Universe that they call the Universal Symphony, to which they tune and recite as part of the spiritual culture. Our solar system has a vibration and they said each planet also has a specific vibration. The Netaboruli says that all the planets in our solar system are tuned, to the “Universal Symphony” with the exception of the Earth and Mars.

The Netaborulis mission is to assist in the harmonization of our planet to this Universal Symphony. For example in this moment we could say that the tone or vibrations of the planet is a low ooooooooooo when it should be a hi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. For this reason the Netaboruli has little tolerance with the actions of the Zeta Reticulim, because all they do is interfere with the planetary tuning process.

The Netaboruli never die, because their DNA is based in pure vibration that is in harmony with the Universal Vibration. The moment a Netaboruli decides to leave his body, they go to a special meeting place where the other Netaboruli form a circle around the departing Netaboruli. Then he enters a kind of trance with the Universal Symphony and frees all the vibrations of his body throughout the colony, leaving in the minds and hearts of the others a living impression of his own perception about reality and all he experimented with in his long life. Then the Netaboruli transcends to a more subtle body that he can use to live in the highest planes of existence, where the Netaboruli will accumulate more vibration energy from the Universal symphony, until the time the soul decides to descend to another more dense body. With this process of transcendence, the colony evolves 1000 faster in experience and knowledge than we humans, as they don’t have to live all the experiences in their own bodies and can learn by osmosis from the tons of experiences that the transcending Netaboruli leaves behind. It may take up to 5000 years before a Netaboruli can accumulate enough energy to accomplish this process of Transcendence or Ascension.

They have their elders, but they are not the oldest in incarnation, but those who are in the highest dimension. These elders have the lowest vibration of all the Netaboruli and their minds are Eternal. They believe that the highest level of consciousness is the one closest to total dissolution into Source and the less vibration that you have, the closest you are to the level of dissolution and therefore God.- Because their bodies are based on vibration, the humans can’t see them or their spaceships, unless the human has been trained to see the subtle planes.- The Netaboruli were friends of humanity in the times of Lemuria, where and when humans had the ability to connect to the highest spheres. It was in those times that the Netaborulis brought the first dolphins to the earth and left them in our oceans that in those times had a golden vibration. But, the ties of friendship where broken when humans began to become Egocentric, and pass judgment and be possessive. It was at that point that the Netaboruli stepped back and Lemuria began to disappear to the eyes of the ignorant and Atlantis began to be created, where the abuse of technology made them lose the inner vision and the communion with the most subtle planes of existence.

Even though, the relations between humans and Netaboruli were broken, the last ones have maintained eternal vigilance over the human race. When humanity started to leave the white path, the original dolphins were pick up by the elder of the Netaborulis named Tanas, and he returned them to their original home where they still remain in special golden pools that contain the pure vibrations that existed in Lemuria, which are the most pure vibrations from the Earth and the Sun. The Netaboruli says that when the planet is ready once more, they will return the violet hue dolphins to our oceans, creating a new vibration and transforming the water to their pure original vibration. Our present day’s dolphins are a dense version from the original ones. Still, our present day dolphins emit healing tones waves and are extremely receptive to the Netaboruli’s transmit ion.- The Netaborulis also said that they are the ones that brought the first plant seeds to Earth. They say that the trees are the only living beings that never loose contact with the Universal Symphony. (Hence why the Druid tradition believe nature to be divine).- In contrast to many other civilizations of beings around the universe, the Netaboruli’s culture and civilization has been preserved intact and in perfect harmony since the beginnings of time.

May 4, 2006 (Netaboruli continued)
The densest Netaboruli travel in spaceships that are propelled by their talents in the fields of vibration, producing tiny multiwaves of sound and vibration that bounce toward the posterior parts of the spaceship. As they are Universal Healers, they have to travel in their spaceships between galaxies and planets. The Elders don’t need spaceships as they can transport themselves to great distances due to their low vibration. The less vibration, the easier for the mind to transfer the body. Their spaceships don’t have a metallic structure, and are made of tiny treads of crystal that they call magnetrityn , used to build the basic structure of the ships. When the Netaboruli board the ships, they produce a tone equivalent to their vibration of their destination, and the crystals sustain that vibration, creating a vibrational field between the treads, filling all empty spaces and sealing the ship, then expelling the excess of vibration through the back of the ship, creating propulsion. There are no steering wheels, levers, buttons or anything like that, as everything works with vibration and magnetism. Once the spaceship is magnetized by the vibration of the destination, it is magnetically attracted to the arrival point and magnetically repulsed away from the point of origin, thus creating a secondary propulsion at the one originally mentioned as a discharge.

As they know all about universal vibrations and know the vibration of all the stars, if the destination point is too far, they can allow the ship to be magnetized toward a specific star at the half way point, with a similar vibration to their destination point, and use the star’s own magnetic force to sling shot the ship to the final destination. As we mentioned before, the Netaboruli consider themselves Universal healers, as they understand that all the Universe is like a symphony of vibrations and they know how to use vibration to heal and also their deep spirituality gives them a clear knowledge about karma, even of entire galaxies and the Dharma or purpose of all beings in the Universe. The Netaboruli believe that Karma is when a body, event or condition is not in tune to the Universal Symphony. They perceive that not only the bodies have vibration, but also events, circumstances, and even time and space have the most subtle vibrations. So they consider that not only the bodies and plants can be healed, but also events and circumstances in time and space, by tuning them to the Universal Symphony. The Netaboruli understand that everything in the Universe is interdependent. They understand that this symphony of existence has a Source, but they never seek to escape into that source and dissolve in it. They know that eternally they have been that source, and to live as Source is more powerful that to dissolve in it and loose your individuality.

Only then you can experience the highest vibration in the entire Universe that is “Universal Love”. This is their highest achievement that is different from the beliefs of our yogis and some Buddhist that seek liberation in the Absolute or Source and total dissolution in the Divine Consciousness or Nirvana or Brahman. The Netaboruli believe that this attitude is only for those that have not been able to develop their hearts fully, as they know that the Source is always present and they don’t want to exclude Creation, but on the contrary, they want to include it as part of their  “Totality”.

Then, the level of vibration closest to the dissolution in Source, is where you experience the highest and purest love of all, as in this point, they are fully manifested and almost dissolve at the same time. The eldest Netaboruli’s Avatar named Remukala Tanas said once: “Love Rules All”. The Netaboruli are helping us maintain the vibration balance for all the planet. As we mention before, there is a war of vibration occurring at inner levels. There are forces misaligned with the Universal symphony that are manipulating the planet with their own vibration and even humanity with their own, out of tune vibration in the lower psychic levels are part of this vibrational tension. So, the Netaborulis are assisting us to sustain the right vibration, so it won’t be lost at the most fundamental vibration level. They say, that the humans can easily listen to the Universal Symphony if they follow a discipline routine of meditation, but to really understand the vibration pulse, it could take thousands of years or more. Their race is the Originator of all the meditation techniques based on vibration, tones, and mantras or sounds. The meditation technique that they propose is the simplest one we have ever heard. They say: (Take time to go out to an open space, close to “Nature” if possible, and “Understand” that the Universe and you are “connected”. Keep silence and allow that the tuning with the Universal Symphony to occur. Is that simple!

May 16, 2006 (Netaboruli continued)
The more humanity begins to tune to the Universal Symphony, the easier it will be for the planet to also tune. In that way the final transcendence will happen. So, just relax and try to feel the vibration in the heart, and don’t look for the Universal Symphony with the senses, just feel the vibration. If you can’t go outside to meditate, you can find an empty room in your house and lie down and relax. Make surethat there are no electromagnetic devices in that room, because electromagnetism acts as a shield that breaks the vibrational waves and distorts them. Imagine that the ceiling of the room disappears and in its place, an open sky. Relax and allow the tuning to happen.

These vibrations are being transmitted all over the solar system and beyond. The Netaboruli transmit them through their glorious skins and pores that act as transmitters, although the vibrations originated in their hearts. Just relax and tune to this wonderful universal vibration that already exists where you are now. You already know that the transmission is ongoing throughout the solar system, you just need to tune in. The human mind at its root is simple- a universal antenna that can receive all. This aspect of the mind is perfect and divine, and will never change unless the human in the final transition wants to dissolve the mind into the Divine Consciousness or Source, or dissolve the owner of the mind as the Netaborulis say.

The Netaborulis priority is the Universal Symphony, although they support any technology based on vibration that is in harmony with the Universal Symphony, as they understand that the universe has many dimensions and that there is a tool in every dimension for every mind. The Universal Symphony or Auniversam OUM, is the same that our mystics named AUM [“om”]. Knowing the existence of the sound is not the most important thing, but the vibration behind the sound is what matters.

As the Netaboruli Avatar Ramukala Tanas taught: “Behind each sound there is a subtle vibration”. The Netaboruli said they have some connection with the gods of the Native American (North and South) Tradition, as they believe these gods are the most connected to humanity. They said that the gods of other traditions like Egyptian, Norse, Kabalistic and others, are not originally from this planet and don’t have the clue for the final transition of the Earth.

The Netaboruli also work very close to the Ascended Masters of our planet, as their purpose is the same. The Ascended Master act as filter for this symphony and vibration, doing the necessary modifications as the original vibrations would be too strong for humanity to handle. The Ascended Master know at a very deep level human behavior and its tendencies, so they can adapt the transmition to get the best and safest result. So, if you are going to pray or meditate, it’s better to work with an Ascended Master that an ET.

The Netaborulis have no direct connection to the human lineage on this planet, and they assist us not because of a lineage connection, but because they understand humanity’s need to heal and evolve. Not only do they assist us through our Ascended Masters, but they protect us from other extraterrestrial races, like the Zeta Reticuli and other grays, creating enormous shields of vibration around the big cities of the world and even stronger shields around some special mountains. Now it is easy to understand why the abductions that the Zetas perform, mostly occur in open spaces beyond the perimeters of the big cities.

Balance is not about good and evil as humans understand it, but it’s all about tuning into the Universal Symphony. The Netaboruli can control the deposits of light inside their bodies and release them to be transferred to another being, creating instantaneous changes. In the case of the Zetas, they make them realize the consequences of their bad actions, not by showing them or telling them, but rather by allowing them an opening in their hearts, so they can feel with their own hearts, the unbalance that they have created. It makes the Zetas conscious of their wrongful actions, so they can reexamine their lives, and begin the path of harmony that should exist in all creation.
When the Netaboruli open the Zetas’ hearts, their mind is free and this allows a release from the chemicals that control them, implanted by other species. Even though these chemicals continue in their bodies, the experience of an open heart is so strong, that the host can find the will to overcome the chemicals negative influence and neutralize them. This procedure has produced great results; so good, that many Zetas have left their peers and created a small base on Mars, where slowly they are getting together and growing in numbers, to leave the solar system at a later time.

June 6, 2006 (final installment on the Netaboruli)

The Netaboruli are the only Extraterrestrials that classified themselves as Trans-multidimensional. That means that they not only have members of their species in “every dimension of creation”, but even in parallel universes. Their Avatar Tanas was the first one of their species to reach the spiritual level that they named “Trans-multidimensional Diversity”. That means that he can maintain a balance quantity of his total vibration in each atom that exists in the universe. To put it in Vedic terms, we know of the following progressive levels of Consciousness Enlightenment; Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, Unity Consciousness, Brahman Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness. Krishna level may be equated to Trans-multidimensional Diversity. On this planet, only Krishna of course and probably Moses had reached that level. We have to understand one thing about the Netaboruli: they have been Eternally manifested and their minds are Eternal. They have never dissolved in Nirvana, Source or the Absolute. There has never been a time when they have not been Enlightened. Their reality is Eternal: no beginning, no end, no notions of time and space -only Eternity. They live in the NOW and they have no goal or objective but to tune to the Universal Symphony and they allow whatever transition from one level to the next happen, just by tuning to this Symphony.

The final transition to Trans-multidimensional Diversity can take a Netaboruli one year or 20 millions years. It does not depend on them, but it’s up to the Universal Symphony. The general population of the Netaboruli live in Unity Consciousness and it doesn’t’t matter in what tribe or dimension they are, they are all ONE.

They don’t possess any powers, nor are they active in the Creating part of the universe, as from their perspective, it is something that naturally occurs, thanks to this Universal Tone. But they can co-create if they need, amplifying their frequencies or vibrations of creation and tune to the type of vibrational being they want to create. But this is not their function, as there are other species doing that who don’t work with vibration, but with light. This is not an ego based race seeking power. It is s a divine species, sublime and very, very spiritual; a true role model of harmony and perfection for the universe.

Their powerful transmissions of energy and vibration are reaching more and more on our planet. In the coming years, this new process will start to change  our species from carbon based to silicon (or crystal) based. Changes in DNA and mind structures will happen. Their last transmission was on March 11, 2004, when through the Polar star, they sent a transmission to begin restructuring the old genetic codes. At the end of this transmission, we will jump from having 2 pair of genetic chains to 12 pairs of genetic chains [DNA strands].

The Polar star transmission will last for 300 years. In the near future, the Vega star will also begin a new transmission to assist genetic restructuring. The next available transmission for those that want to consciously share their life force in this process will be on October the 8th, 2006 at 4 pm  Eastern Standard time and will last for 3 hours. Just lay down on the floor in the outdoors if possible and place your bare feet in the direction of the polar Star. Relax and enjoy the sunset.-

Other Extraterrestrial Groups

Part 14 (Oct. 2, 2006)

Extraterrestrial Cosmic Beings

These Divine Beings are the most advanced extraterrestrials that are visiting our planet now. They have no form and live in the 7th and 8th dimensions. In the 7th, they look like fluctuating geometric forms and in the 8th, they basically have no form and their bodies look like a radiant transparent clouds. They are purely spiritual beings and with great powers.

They have no spaceships as they transport by thought. They are beings of pure love and see us as their little lost brothers. These beings are not Ascended Masters, but Cosmic Beings and they act as Universal Archetypes looking within themselves.

They don’t need planets to live and if they were to need one, they just could manifest one at will. These beings represent entire galaxies and are here simply because we are within them. They could ascend the planet with a blinking of an eye, but that would kill us all as we are not ready.

These are the hardest Et masters to comprehend and there is not much to say about them. They work with all the extraterrestrials on this planet, even the evil ones, as their love has no limits. Even though they are cosmic in nature, they still have individuality and can still differentiate from each other.

In this moment, there are three cosmic ET beings assisting the planet and their names are: Alkarius, Zentririus and Melkarinius. To assist us in the process of ascension, they recommend humanity to use and the intellectual and feeling process. For example ask your self:

How can I connect to Alkarius?…………………..Feel
Is Zentririus working with me?…………………….Feel
Is Melkarinius teaching me something?………….Feel

This is what they propose as a spiritual practice. This all we could get from them at this time and still make some sense to our human minds.

Conclusion of the ET Saga

During these times of havoc, humanity is coming to the point where decisions have to be made in order to prevail against the dark forces that have been dwelling within us, since the beginning of this era. It is true that these forces have been controlling us since time immemorial, but that is because we have failed to gain the true knowledge of our reality. Now there is so much to tell about the possibilities that lie ahead for us when thinking about the enormous odds that we are confronting us against an invisible enemy that is hiding behind the wall of injustice, as true freedom is being negated for all of us.

These extraterrestrial beings are here for many purposes as you have read before, but knowledge is power and how you use that knowledge makes a big difference in the outcome of this enigmatic part of our history. We can prevail against this foe, if we but claim unity ourselves in one voice against the obvious cover-up behind these lies that others are telling us about the existence of these beings.

Yet, it is not our place to judge or to pass judgment to those that are so blind as to see that they are but puppets in this mystery of the rebellion against human will, to act and to be free. Dominion over the planet Earth is imminent if we are to do nothing. Action is the only way to overcome the odds that others has been piling up against our families, friends and countries.

The interest of these negative beings are far from being honest as you have read, but there is more to their agendas than what we have been able to reveal. There is hope in knowing that there are other superior beings willing to give their all to defend us in this injustice. But, is not up to them to win the battle, as is in our own nature to be able to prevail against the dark forces that are about us.

Not by war, but by Peace.

Not by being violent, but by cultivating a spirit of Brotherhood and Love.

The war is won in the heart of each and every one of us. There is no technology, no matter how far superior, that can eradicate the human spirit, if only we are to believe in our own Divine right to be Free.

So, it is time to rise up against all this injustice and these cover-ups that are just misleading humanity. It is not your job to make others believe in this stories, as only one can unveil truth by himself, but it is your job first to seek freedom within yourself and then show the way to others.

When there is no mind to conquer, there is nothing to gain. Free yourselves from the bondage of the mind and allow your true self divine expression to blaze through this darkness that is but a mere illusion in this world. There is nothing more to say, but to uplift your spirits and your love to new heights, where none can touch you as you are free in your heart and in your soul. Divinity is the open door to overcome illusion and it is but in front of your eyes when you look at a mirror.

Behind that wall of fake appearances lies the true nature of your divine soul, eternally free and ever self- sustained. No extraterrestrial, no matter how mighty his powers may be, can conquer your free spirit that is living beyond the illusion of the human mind…

Blessings for you all and may we walk the White Path of Truth and Freedom as Love opens all the ways.

Love Willy and Andy.-


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