Under The Silver Lake – A Movie With part of Donald Marshall Story

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I am just so blown away… They did it, not exactly, but almost as the Donald Marshall story. The story, how one man has created all the best music in the World. This movie is called Under The Silver Lake and it tells the DM story so good, that now people will think that his story is just a movie. Donald released his info in 2012 so looong before this:

IMDB link of movie >>

Here is a small clip from the man who has created all the good music in the world exactly like Donald Marshall has told that he has done major part of the best mainstreme songs in the world in the cloning centers:

This is so sick… I never ever thought they would make something so close to the Truth.. I think they will make exactly the Donald Marshall story soon so that they can say “It’s just a movie.”

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2 thoughts on “Under The Silver Lake – A Movie With part of Donald Marshall Story”

  1. Hi and thanks for reply. Usually elite make sometimes movies like these where they tell some truths and rest of the movie is just nonsense. In this case the music scene where one man has made all music is a clear reference to Donald Marshall and his story.


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