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Five Ways the Matrix Feeds your Addiction to… the Matrix

Is this all just illusion and computer generated? Are we living inside the Matrix? Maybe not like in the movie Matrix, but close…

As long as you are plugged into the computer program that is running your reality, you can’t escape its hold over your life.

You are literally programming and reprogramming yourself, without your conscious will, to toe the line of some very sneaky potentates who would like for you to forget just how powerful a being you truly are.

As long as you are subservient to the status quo – the belief that you must slave away for the monarchy, namely the RockefellerVatican Gates J.P.Morgan-World Bank delusionists, then you will not ever truly know that you can change your reality in the blink of an eye.

The world in its current state is not meant to be your experience of life, yet playing the computer game that has been set before you keeps you disillusioned and deluded.

It’s time to WAKE UP.

Following are 5 of the practically infinite ways by which the powers that be keep you thinking you are small, helpless and powerless, when in fact, you are Infinite in scope:

  1. They are hypnotizing you with their agenda

    If you participate in the mainstream media – watching its television programs, sitting in front of its Hollywood movies, or even leaving the tube on as you go to sleep, then you are programming your brain with the entirely ‘wrong’ frequency.

    Of course, it’s a choice.

    There really is no wrong or right – we can continue to portray minorities, women and any person who isn’t rich and white as less intelligent or capable, or portray endless scenes of violence and bigotry, hate and racism, but we have to ask ourselves what purpose this truly serves.

    It seems if we are fighting against one another, because of the color of our skin, our religious or cultural backgrounds, our sexual preferences or our gender, then we can’t really focus on the true ‘enemy’, which is really only like Oz behind a curtain. 

    CBS and ABC both have officials that have top positions in the Obama administration. Monsanto and several large Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Oil corporations have cronies in almost every leg of the mainstream media. 

    These people don’t report the truth. They promote their own greedy agendas. With just a little crack in the looking glass, you can see that there is another reality.

    David Icke‘s The People’s Voice Network is just such an example. It’s literally time for a different program. Cut your addiction to mainstream media.

    They are keeping you enslaved to a decaying paradigm.

  2. They are poisoning the enlightenment right out of you

    Big Corporations are poisoning your water with fluoride, heavy metals and endless other toxins.

    Big Ag is poisoning your food with GMO crops.

    Big Pharma is supplying you with drugs that actually make your food-induced cancer or heart disease worse, as well as dumbing down entire generations with autism, while quietly paying out families for the damage that MMR vaccinations have caused.

    The secret of the Matrix is that these addictive patterns – high fructose corn syrup, McDonald’s Happy Meals and nutrition-less foods – do more than make you fat and sick. They literally block your ability to have an enlightened experience of the world – explicitly one which allows you to see outside the Matrix.

    These companies provide the pain and then feed you the pain-killers, which are really just another way to kill you.

    You are not a depressed, dark, lonely individual. You are a creature of light and hope, love and prosperity beyond your current imagining. Don’t let them drug you into oblivion.

    Eat wholesome foods, detox your pineal gland – the seat of enlightenment – and participate in age-old natural healing.

    It is not only for your physical well being, but for your spiritual ascension – and a great and final unplugging from the Matrix.

  3. They use religion to perpetuate a lie

    This is a hot button for many people.

    The truth is that use of religion alone is one of the easiest ways that they can divide and conquer. Every religion has at its core, a message of truth and LOVE, not the bastardized, quantified, you-need-me-to-get-to-God message that so many people mistakenly proselytize to the masses in order to keep them in check.

    The leaders of great religious movements know that we can only survive together as one. There are sites around the world that teach an integrated, accepting approach to realizing the Great Mystery of which we are all a part. 

    Thanksgiving Square, for example, has been visited by,

    • the Dalai Lama

    • Catholic nuns including Mother Theresa

    • Zen Monks

    • famous Hindu yogis

    • Muslim and Christian spiritual leaders,

    and so forth.

    It is time to elevate our spirituality to one of inclusiveness instead of segregation and division.

    Realizing this is a great way to shun the Matrix lie that there is only one pathway to God.

  4. They indoctrinate you early in public school

    Henry Louis Mencken puts it so perfectly:

    “The aim of public school is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry [slaves to the Matrix], to put down dissent and originality.”


    There are numberless geniuses who were able to skip a ‘cursory’ education and, instead, used their own curiosity and creativity to guide them through the material world. 

    Michael Faraday opened a famous bookshop without any formal education, but he also experimented with electricity, magnetism and other sciences on his own. 

    William Herschel, a musical composer with no formal education in astrophysics, discovered the planet Uranus and was only later called an ‘astronomer’ for his discovery.

    Don’t let them tell you what you can know or limit your genius. This is another tactic to keep you enslaved to the Matrix. Teach your children to think for themselves and seriously question whether they need to attend public school at all.

  5. They convince you that this is the only ‘REALity’ 

    You can create a world that does not poison its people, pollute its oceans, rivers and streams, air and soil. You can create a world where people do not engage in endless wars and genocides. You can create a world where a few greedy bastards don’t run the whole show. You have the choice to run another program.

    It starts with waking up to the reality that has been forced upon you so that you can choose differently.

    Kurt Vonnegut once said in Mother Night:

    “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.”

    You are just pretending this reality right now. You can just as easily choose another.

    As long as you have the belief that you are stuck in this version of reality, you will be. They reinforce this belief in every way they possibly can. Though our minds have a hard time conceiving of Infinity, it exists. Start expanding it to new levels, and suspend your disbelief.

    This will help you to untie your bondage ropes to the Matrix.


Breaking The Matrix

Are we living inside the computer program? It’s the question that only we can find the answer. Here’s a little brief of what it could mean:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that The Matrix and its follow-up, Matrix Reloaded, have become cult movie classics and have surpassed the financial expectations of filmmakers and film critics alike. The simple fact is that people here on this planet are waking up from their own long programmed sleep.

The movies raise many questions about our group reality and individual reality; the biggest being,

“who is really in control and what, if anything, can we do about it?”

Indigenous groups of the past understood this and within the program of their time learned all the nuances to keep themselves from being suckered into the black hole of lost and forgotten souls; that is, sheep being led to the slaughterhouse.

They learned to survive using their own senses rather than by the noise of outside institutions constantly telling them how to live, breathe, think, pray, and behave, to conform to rigid and unnatural social mores and laws.


  • Who really are the controllers?

  • Is it one overlord, is it many, is it the government, or is it the entire institutionalized system?

The Matrix is confounding to most because not only does it present a scenario that most people haven’t ever considered, let alone understand, but one that presents a picture that is not pretty and creates fear for those who might even want to consider its message.

Exactly what is the Matrix?

We all dream and some are fortunate enough to remember our dreams. We are programmed by institutions such as psychiatry to view our dreams as preoccupations, fears, neuroses and sometimes psychoses. But the Maya and many indigenous cultures understood far better that our dreams were the key to reality rather than the other way around.

Our dreams show us a side of life that we all live when our ego is no longer involved in the process of maintaining the physical. They show us what is really going on from an objective point of perspective and can also be prophetic, helping us to realize our own power and those weaknesses that must be overcome to live unrestrained. Most of all, they show us how we remain bound in a controlled world, and sometimes they even show us how to break through the boundaries imposed on us by others, and mostly by ourselves.

Traditional psychiatrists would have us think that these dreams manifest to show us just the opposite; how we must find a means to control our impulses and fit into the system, rather than break out of it.

How does this tie in with the Matrix?

 If you take your current reality and your dreams, and transpose them so that your dreams are your reality and your reality the dream or maybe I should say, “the living nightmare”, you start to get the gist of the program.

If you can buy this, then you’re starting to understand the Matrix!

Then you begin to wonder just who is controlling the entire waking scenario, keeping you in a constant state of amnesia so that you don’t even realize you’re a walking, talking slave, feeding a system that cares little about your wellbeing. This faceless system feeds you crap about family values to contain you, and then brainwashes you into believing that there is value in fighting and dying and working for such causes as economic freedom, liberty, etc.

In fact, these actions do not liberate us but just tie us further into a system that benefits only a few and keeps us from determining our own values!

  • And where are the people who are feeding you this garbage?

  • Do you see them on the frontlines, or do they instead take your money and your time, and then run, glorify everything that will help them in their pursuit of power at your expense?

Now you’re beginning to understand the Matrix…

The Matrix is in fact a machine, a political machine, an economic machine, a social machine, a religious machine, a family machine, and any machine that feeds off the people without them realizing it.

The Matrix raises serious issues about choice, destiny, control, and the nature of God and faith.

  • Are we then all programmed to do exactly what we do and to believe exactly what we believe?

  • Or are there a few brave souls out there who see through the Matrix, ask questions, understanding that there is an element of choice, destiny, control and faith existing within the collective unconscious and even themselves?

  • Remember the old hippie adage, “challenge authority?”

  • How did we ever draw that conclusion?

  • Was it a result of programming, or by some of us choosing to expand our minds and tapping into the collective unconscious?

  • Was the drug culture a program to wake us up?

  • Do you understand why the church and government is so fearful of those who woke up and ask questions?

  • Is it any wonder that alcohol, a depressant is legal and marijuana, a mind expanding stimulant is illegal?

  • If we are one big universal computer program, can we break the code?

  • If so, what’s in it for us?

  • If we break the code, do we become terrorists as our governments want us to believe we are, or heroes to those of us who saw through the program of the few and mighty and fought it to obtain their freedom of choice?

  • But once broken, what are our choices then and what is our destiny?

  • Is there a God who created us as part of his imagination so that we think we’re living but instead we’re his program that he can turn on and off as he chooses?

  • Are there those in his favor who carry out his program for his and their own self interests?

  • Are his interests solely in his favor or are they humanitarian?

  • Do our lawmakers and church leaders really make laws to protect us or protect their own interests?

  • Are they part of the programmed hierarchy of foot soldiers and agents who get special treatment for doing so?

We are all God’s creation, whatever God is.

The God program has many embedded programs that play themselves out; some are useful and some become obsolete. We are not perfect and will never be so despite the God program that occasionally tries to wipe his own creations off the face of the planet either in biblical proportions or by use of his agents. Once here, we gradually mutate to accommodate our new environment.

New programs may be instituted to control mutants, and programs can even be aborted if they no longer have the desired effect. But some mutants may become anomalies. They adapt but sometimes not according to plan. They run amuck and threaten the status quo. Some programs may contain their actions but ultimately lose control due to unforeseen expectations; that is, the lack of foresight in programming.

These anomalies somehow manage to tap into the spiritual guidance source code; sort of like the hippies of the 60s. They get inspiration from the angel program, the ghost program, the UFO program, or the oracle program.

As humans, with spiritual guidance, we learn we must move beyond playing by other people’s rules if we want to spiritually survive. While we physically mutate by evolutionary design to adapt to our physical environments, we also have the capacity to change our destiny and make our own choices by taking back control of our thoughts, beliefs, and creativity.

Believing in anyone or anything other than ourselves keeps us a prisoner in the Matrix. Some people succumb to the spiritual program, and as with most religions, give up their free will believing that a higher force they do not understand has more power than them. However, understanding that we each have a role in creating our own destiny if we follow own intuition and heart, and by refusing to play by other people’s or higher power’s rules, is the key to breaking through matrix prison.

There can never be a perfect world if that world is conceived only by one and everyone else becomes a part of that person’s limited and controlled design. We are all “the one” when it comes to controlling our own destiny. And when we realize we are all “the one” and we each have the same purpose of fulfilling our individual destinies, we all become one with each other, raising a new consciousness level that breaks the old programming.

The currently running limited-edition God program will most likely abort in the near future. More sheep are due to wake up upon realizing something is very out-of-sync, which will result in cracking the cosmic code.

Then a brand new program will take over within the God program.

  • Could that program be the one where we are expected to progress to a new level of understanding; the understanding that the one ultimately in control is just “you”, and that the choices we make must be of our own free will, and that those choices are what ultimately create our destiny?

  • Do we have enough faith in ourselves to unravel and understand our coded purpose?

Don’t bother to ask the “authorities” for the answers because authorities won’t tell you.

They have too much to loose and everything to gain by keeping us trapped in a six-sided, limited-view box. You must find the answers within yourself to free yourself.

You are your own oracle and your oracle’s sole purpose is to function not as a slave master, but as a guide, moving you to new dimensions in awareness.


The Strawman Illusion Explained

Here is a interview with a man who explains what real life Matrix is. Very interesting indeed:


Notes from Ken Adachi, Editor
April 2, 2010

The Strawman Illusion Explained by Thomas Anderson (April 2, 2010)

Someone sent me an e-mail today and asked me if I ever visited a web site called The Crow House (http://thecrowhouse.com/home.html) I took a look and was pleasantly surprised to see a well-stocked Australian anti-NWO site that covers many of the subjects which I touch upon here.

I came upon this excellent one hour and 34 minute audio presentation by Thomas Anderson, an Australian who also uses the name Agent J or “J. Anderson” on his videos. He has a clear and melodious voice which he puts to good use in explaining the fiction of commerce which we are all subjected to called the Strawman and our assumption of representation of that fictitious entity whenever we sign our name or give our name to the court. I spent a lot of time listening to talks given in Long Beach, California in the mid 1990s which explained the basic tenets of the Freeman movement (referred to as the Redemption movement)..This man successfully distills those hours and hours of lectures down to a succinct and crisp single lecture. Well done.

Thomas Anderson has published four books which can be obtained through his official web sites:

www.theclassifiedfiles.com and www.myspace.com/theclassifiedfiles

The Strawman Illusion

Audio: Live Interview With Thomas Anderson About The Strawman
Interviewed By Adam Davis TruthMovementAustralia.com.au
28th January 2009


Original links in taht articel were dead, but here is the interview in Youtube (10 Parts):




I also found Mary Croft’s book: How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known to Man, available as a free pdf download.  ( http://thecrowhouse.com/Documents/mary-book.pdf ) . The book ably covers most of the key principles involved in understanding the Strawman and other aspects of the Redemption movement. I knew of the book’s existence a few years ago, but didn’t actually read it until now. I was greatly impressed.

Beyond the money/debt stuff, I find her perspective about the Wasteland called ‘higher education’ to be in sync with my own views. While I love the idea of education, self-education is the only thing that adds any meaning or value to our lives. Formal schooling, both public and private, could be an expansive and gratifying growth experience, but most of the time, it isn’t. The quality of education in America has been intentionally DUMBED DOWN thanks to the hidden hand of the (British) Fabian Society, which gradually infiltrated their Illuminated agents into the American educational system, starting at the turn of the 20th century. The end result is that today, we have kids being driven to exhaustion trying to pile on ever more truckloads of useless DATA, while stifling the creative expression normal to kids, and doing everything possible to keep kids from THINKING FOR THEMSELVES. Paul Verge, producer of the DVD Hijacking Humanity, recently produced some excellent video and audio interviews on this very topic. I’ll be posting them soon to this web site.

Ken Adachi


Do we live inside the reality matrix?

Now we plunge in to the world of reality Matrix. Have you ever thought that the World we are living in could be a computer generated matrix? If so do you want to know it? Here is a article about this topic:

Do We Live in the Matrix?

Tests could reveal whether we are part of a giant computer simulation — but the real question is if we want to know…


In the 1999 sci-fi film classic The Matrix, the protagonist, Neo, is stunned to see people defying the laws of physics, running up walls and vanishing suddenly. These superhuman violations of the rules of the universe are possible because, unbeknownst to him, Neo’s consciousness is embedded in the Matrix, a virtual-reality simulation created by sentient machines.

The action really begins when Neo is given a fateful choice: Take the blue pill and return to his oblivious, virtual existence, or take the red pill to learn the truth about the Matrix and find out “how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Physicists can now offer us the same choice, the ability to test whether we live in our own virtual Matrix, by studying radiation from space. As fanciful as it sounds, some philosophers have long argued that we’re actually more likely to be artificial intelligences trapped in a fake universe than we are organic minds in the “real” one.

But if that were true, the very laws of physics that allow us to devise such reality-checking technology may have little to do with the fundamental rules that govern the meta-universe inhabited by our simulators. To us, these programmers would be gods, able to twist reality on a whim.

So should we say yes to the offer to take the red pill and learn the truth — or are the implications too disturbing?

Worlds in Our Grasp

The first serious attempt to find the truth about our universe came in 2001, when an effort to calculate the resources needed for a universe-size simulation made the prospect seem impossible.

Seth Lloyd, a quantum-mechanical engineer at MIT, estimated the number of “computer operations” our universe has performed since the Big Bang — basically, every event that has ever happened. To repeat them, and generate a perfect facsimile of reality down to the last atom, would take more energy than the universe has.

“The computer would have to be bigger than the universe, and time would tick more slowly in the program than in reality,” says Lloyd. “So why even bother building it?”

But others soon realized that making an imperfect copy of the universe that’s just good enough to fool its inhabitants would take far less computational power. In such a makeshift cosmos, the fine details of the microscopic world and the farthest stars might only be filled in by the programmers on the rare occasions that people study them with scientific equipment. As soon as no one was looking, they’d simply vanish.

In theory, we’d never detect these disappearing features, however, because each time the simulators noticed we were observing them again, they’d sketch them back in.

That realization makes creating virtual universes eerily possible, even for us. Today’s supercomputers already crudely model the early universe, simulating how infant galaxies grew and changed. Given the rapid technological advances we’ve witnessed over past decades — your cell phone has more processing power than NASA’s computers had during the moon landings — it’s not a huge leap to imagine that such simulations will eventually encompass intelligent life.

“We may be able to fit humans into our simulation boxes within a century,” says Silas Beane, a nuclear physicist at the University of Washington in Seattle. Beane develops simulations that re-create how elementary protons and neutrons joined together to form ever larger atoms in our young universe.

Legislation and social mores could soon be all that keeps us from creating a universe of artificial, but still feeling, humans — but our tech-savvy descendants may find the power to play God too tempting to resist.


If cosmic rays don’t have random origins, it could be a sign that the universe is a simulation.

National Science Foundation/J. Yang

They could create a plethora of pet universes, vastly outnumbering the real cosmos. This thought led philosopher Nick Bostrom at the University of Oxford to conclude in 2003 that it makes more sense to bet that we’re delusional silicon-based artificial intelligences in one of these many forgeries, rather than carbon-based organisms in the genuine universe. Since there seemed no way to tell the difference between the two possibilities, however, bookmakers did not have to lose sleep working out the precise odds.

Learning the Truth

That changed in 2007 when John D. Barrow, professor of mathematical sciences at Cambridge University, suggested that an imperfect simulation of reality would contain detectable glitches. Just like your computer, the universe’s operating system would need updates to keep working.

As the simulation degrades, Barrow suggested, we might see aspects of nature that are supposed to be static — such as the speed of light or the fine-structure constant that describes the strength of the electromagnetic force — inexplicably drift from their “constant” values.

Last year, Beane and colleagues suggested a more concrete test of the simulation hypothesis. Most physicists assume that space is smooth and extends out infinitely. But physicists modeling the early universe cannot easily re-create a perfectly smooth background to house their atoms, stars and galaxies. Instead, they build up their simulated space from a lattice, or grid, just as television images are made up from multiple pixels.

The team calculated that the motion of particles within their simulation, and thus their energy, is related to the distance between the points of the lattice: the smaller the grid size, the higher the energy particles can have. That means that if our universe is a simulation, we’ll observe a maximum energy amount for the fastest particles. And as it happens, astronomers have noticed that cosmic rays, high-speed particles that originate in far-flung galaxies, always arrive at Earth with a specific maximum energy of about 1020 electron volts.

The simulation’s lattice has another observable effect that astronomers could pick up. If space is continuous, then there is no underlying grid that guides the direction of cosmic rays — they should come in from every direction equally. If we live in a simulation based on a lattice, however, the team has calculated that we wouldn’t see this even distribution. If physicists do see an uneven distribution, it would be a tough result to explain if the cosmos were real.

Astronomers need much more cosmic ray data to answer this one way or another. For Beane, either outcome would be fine. “Learning we live in a simulation would make no more difference to my life than believing that the universe was seeded at the Big Bang,” he says. But that’s because Beane imagines the simulators as driven purely to understand the cosmos, with no desire to interfere with their simulations.

Unfortunately, our almighty simulators may instead have programmed us into a universe-size reality show — and are capable of manipulating the rules of the game, purely for their entertainment. In that case, maybe our best strategy is to lead lives that amuse our audience, in the hope that our simulator-gods will resurrect us in the afterlife of next-generation simulations.

The weird consequences would not end there. Our simulators may be simulations themselves — just one rabbit hole within a linked series, each with different fundamental physical laws. “If we’re indeed a simulation, then that would be a logical possibility, that what we’re measuring aren’t really the laws of nature, they’re some sort of attempt at some sort of artificial law that the simulators have come up with. That’s a depressing thought!” says Beane.

This cosmic ray test may help reveal whether we are just lines of code in an artificial Matrix, where the established rules of physics may be bent, or even broken. But if learning that truth means accepting that you may never know for sure what’s real — including yourself — would you want to know?

There is no turning back, Neo: Do you take the blue pill, or the red pill?


Couple videos about the subject:



“There is no religion higher than the truth.”
MARK FROST, The List of Seven

Are you living inside the Matrix?

I found this interesting article and decided to share it with you. The idea of Matrix has always intrigued me so here are some videos where some facts are explained and the small article:

What is mind? What is matter? Never mind. It doesn’t matter.

The Holographic universe suggests that the physical world we believe to be real is in fact illusion. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world.

The perceptions we observe may well be coming from an artificial source. Suppose we could take our brain out of our body and keep it alive in a glass jar. Put a computer in which all kinds of information can be recorded. Transmit the electrical signals of all the data related to a setting such as image, sound and smell into this computer. Connect this computer to the sensory centers in our brain with electrodes and send the pre-recorded data to our brain. As our brain perceives these signals it will see and live the setting correlated with these.


Here’s are the videos:

 Nice weekend to all! 😛