How to be happy?

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The one common aspiration that links each and every human being, regardless of faith, gender and social or financial status is the desire to be happy. And in this quest our species is not alone. Every living creature, from the tiniest ant to the majestic elephant seeks how to be happy. Although finding happiness is our aim in life, Spiritual research has shown that worldwide, the average human being is happy only 30% of the time, while 40% of the time he or she is unhappy. The remaining 30% of the time, a person is in a neutral state where he or she does not experience happiness or unhappiness. This is because often we are looking outwardly for happiness, but what if we looked within? Deep within each of us, is a soul (ātmā). The soul is the God within us and one of the qualities of God, is perpetual Bliss (Ānand). Bliss is that happiness which is of the highest order that is not dependent on anything else. In the course of the process of our spiritual evolution we acquire the ability of going within and gaining access to the Bliss (Ānand) from our soul (ātmā). The quality and quantity as well as the duration of the experience of the Bliss are directly proportional to the stage of our spiritual evolution. By starting spiritual practice and making consistent efforts to increase it will also bring about more happiness and bliss in our lives.

Research articles on how to be happy

  • About happiness

    Every human being regardless of their faith, gender and social or financial status desires to learn how to be happy.

  • Reality of life

    Did you know that the average human being is only happy 30% of the time?

  • Why do we want happiness?

    Let us look within to understand why we strive and want to learn how to be happy.

  • The law of change

    The outside world is never constant – there is only one thing constant about the external world, and that is CHANGE.

  • Bliss

    Bliss is a superlative state which is far above and beyond happiness.

  • How does one gain access to the Bliss from the soul?

    As we grow spiritually through spiritual practice, we gain access to the Bliss from the soul.