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“Religion is what keeps the poor man from murdering the rich.” — Napolean

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Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Where do we go when we die? These are the primary questions we all ask as human beings. We wake up one day on this planet as helpless babies raised as children by our parents. Everything we know is pretty much taught to us by our mothers and fathers and the conditioning of society/culture as a whole.

CREATIONISM — Under this scenario “God” created us. This is the view/teachings of the major religions such as Christianity. In this scenario we will go to either heaven or hell (and in some cases pergatory) when we die. Or in the case of Hinduism and Buddhism we will reincarnate over and over again until we attain perfection or nirvana and then we will graduate from this earthly plane. Religion was designed to control the masses through hope and fear. ALL MAJOR RELIGIONS WERE GIVEN TO HUMANITY BY PRINCES OF THE ELITE ROYAL FAMILIES OR NOBILITY. Notice how the religious messiahs are often depicted with the golden halo of the sun.

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The teachings of Hinduism are largely based upon Lord Krishna who was a prince, the eighth son born to the princess Devaki. Krishna married Rukmini, the Vidarbha princess. In the epic holy writing the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna convinces the hero, Arjuna, on the battlefield why fighting the war against his own family with full dedication is just.

In his groundbreaking book “The Gods of Eden” William Bramley explains how the caste system came into being:

“Somewhere between 1500 B.C. (the time of Thutmose in in Egypt) and 1200 B.C. (the time of Moses), the Indian subcontinent was invaded from the northwest by tribes of people known as “Aryans.” The Aryans made themselves India’s new ruling class and forced the native Indians into a servient status.

Precisely who the Aryans were and exactly where they came from is a puzzle still debated today. Historians have generally used the word “Aryan” to denote those peoples who spoke the Indo-European languages, which include English, German, Latin, Greek, Russian, Persian, and Sanskrit…”

“… The Aryans invaded India just before monotheism was created in the Brotherhood, but at a time when the Brotherhood had already begun sending out missionaries – and conquerors. In India, the Aryan conquerers established a complex religious and feudal system known today as “Hinduism.” Hinduism proved to be yet another branch of the Brotherhood network. Some Brotherhood organizations in the Middle East and Egypt maintained close ties with the Aryan leaders in India and frequently sent students to be educated by them. Because of the Aryan invasion, India became an important world center of Brotherhood network activity and remains so today. The Aryan leaders of India claimed obedience to the same type of space age Custodial “gods” found in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Many of the humanlike “gods” worshipped by the Aryans were called “Asura.” Hymns and devotions to the Asura are found in a large collection of Hindu writings known as the Vedas…”

“… If accurate, these and other translations of the Vedas give us humanlike “gods” centuries ago who cavorted in whizzing spaceships, engaged in aerial dogfights, and possessed ffatal beam weapons.

As in Mesopotamia and Egypt, many Hindu gods were obvious fabrications and the apparently real “gods” had an enormous mythology woven about them. Behind the blatant fictions, however, we find important clues regarding the character of mankind’s Custodial rulers.- Hindu writings indicate that people of diverse races and personalities made up the Custodial society, just as they do human society. For example, some “gods” were portrayed with blue skin. Others displayed a kinder and more benevolent attitude toward human beings than others. By the time of the Aryan invasion, however, the oppressive ones were clearly the dominant ones. This was evident in the social system imposed on India by the Aryans. That system was unmistakably designed to create human spiritual bondage. As elsewhere, this bondage was partially accomplished by giving spiritual truths a false twist. The result in India was a feudalistic institution known as the “caste” system. The Aryan caste system dictates that every person is born into the social and occupational class (caste) of the father. An individual may never leave that caste, regardless of the individual’s talent or personality. Each stratum has its own trades, customs, and rituals. Members of the lowest caste,who are known as “outcasts” or “untouchables,” usually perform menial work and live in abject poverty. Untouchables are shunned by the higher classes. The highest castes are the rulers and Brahman priests. During the Aryan invasion, and for a long time thereafter, the highest castes were composed of, naturally, the Aryans themselves. The caste system is still practiced in India today, although it is no longer quite as rigid as it once was and the plight of the untouchables has been eased somewhat. In northern and some parts of western India, the lighter-skinned Indians who descended from the original Aryan invaders continue to dominate the upper castes.

Force and economic pressures were the initial tools used by the Aryan invaders to preserve the caste system. By the 6th century B.C., distorted religious beliefs emerged as a third significant tool.

The Hindu religion contains the truth that a spiritual being does not perish with the body. Hinduism teaches that upon the death of the body, a spiritual being will usually search out and animate a newly-born body. This process is often called “reincarnation” and results in the phenomenon of so-called “past lives.” Many people are capable of recalling “past lives,” sometimes in remarkable detail.

Evidence accumulated from modern research into the phenomenon of “past lives” indicates that highly random factors usually determine which new body a spiritual being takes on. Such factors may include a person’s location at the time of death and the proximity of new bodies (pregnancies). Whether a person chooses a male or female body may depend upon how happy she or he was in the life just ended. Because of these variables, the taking of a new body by a spiritual being is a largely random and unpredictable activity in which sheer chance often plays a role. The Aryan religion distorted an understanding of this simple process by teaching the erroneous idea that rebirth (“reincarnation”) is governed by an unalterable universal law which dictates that every rebirth is an evolutionary step either toward or away from spiritual perfection and liberation. Each Hindu caste was said to be a step on this cosmic staircase. If people behaved according to the laws and duties of their caste, they were told that they would advance to the next higher caste at their next rebirth. If they failed in their duties, they would be born into a lower stratum. Spiritual perfection and freedom were achieved only when a person finally reached the highest caste: the Brahmans. Conversely, the caste into which a person was born was considered an indication of that person’s spiritual development, and that alone justified whatever treatment the person received.

The purpose of such teachings is clear. The caste system was designed to create a rigid feudalistic social order similar to the one created in Egypt under the pharaohs, but carried to an even greater extreme in India.

Hindu reincarnation beliefs accomplished two other Custodial aims. Hinduism stressed that obedience was the principle ingredient bringing about advancement to the next caste. At the same time, Aryan beliefs discouraged people from making pragmatic attempts at spiritual recovery. The myth of spiritual evolution through a caste system hid the reality that spiritual recovery most probably comes about in the same way that nearly all personal improvement occurs: through personal conscious effort, not through the machinations of a fictitious cosmic ladder.”


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Buddhism was given to us by Gautama Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Siddhartha was born in a royal Hindu Kshatriya family. According to the most traditional biography the Buddha’s father was King Suddhodana. His mother, Queen Maha Maya (Mayadevi) and Suddhodana’s wife, was a Koliyan princess. Siddhartha is then said to have spent 29 years as a prince in Kapilavastu and had three palaces. He taught that suffering was part of life and that one should suppress desires. He outlined what is the “right” way to think and behave.

Judaism was given to us from Moses, their most important prophet, via the first five books of the old testament, the Torah, which was said to be written by him and the ten commandments which God supposedly gave to him while on Mount Sinai. He then went on to lay down countless laws in the book of Deuteronomy which were interpreted by the priests and overrode those of the kings. According to Exodus 2 Moses was conveniently said to have been found in a reed basket in the Nile river by the princess daughter of the Pharoah and adopted by the egyptian royal family and raised in the court of Pharoah so Moses was treated as an egyptian prince. Dreamworks Pictures even made a famous animated movie based on this named The Prince of Egypt starring Val Kilmer as Moses. Moses’ name is similar to that particular dynasty (Ah-mose, Thut-most, Kah-mose, etc.).

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Muhammad, the founder of Islam, was the son of the most noble family in Arabia of Banu Hashim and married a wealthy businesswoman from a very prominent family of an elite tribe named Khadijah who was given the title Amirat-Quraysh, Princess of Quraysh. The royal family of Jordan and the Moroccan royal families claim descent from Muhammad, the founder of the muslim faith. (The Arab kings of Seville married into the royal families of Castile and Portugal, which married other European royal families?) The Hashemite royal family of Jordan are direct descendants of the Prophet through his daughter Fatima and her husband Ali bin Abi Talib. From United Press International
October 10, 1986 article entitled MOSLEMS IN BUCKINGHAM PALACE: “Mixed in with Queen Elizabeth’s blue blood is the blood of the Moslem prophet Mohammed, according to Burke’s Peerage, the genealogical guide to royalty. Brooks-Baker said the British royal family is descended from Mohammed through the Arab kings of Seville, who once ruled Spain. By marriage, their blood passed to the European kings of Portugal and Castille, and through them to England’s 15th century King Edward IV.”

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Christianity was based upon the life and teachings of Jesus. Jesus was in the line of King David and was the source for the controversial books Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code. We can also see how much power the royal family had in the creation of Christianity in the very fact that Emperor Constantine, a murderer, officially made it the state religion. Also, King James commissioned the translation of the King James Bible. There are even two books in the Old Testament named Kings and Kings II. So as you see, Christianity and the Bible was very much rooted in politics. In fact, councils were held to decide which books to include and exclude from the Bible.

As a small group of people with enormous wealth and power, the easiest way to control the masses and prevent them from revolting and taking all that gold and power from them was to placate them and promise them eternal life for being good and doing good works and playing on the fears by scaring them with an eternal hell if they don’t behave. They were instructed to turn the other cheek and forgive others for their sins lest they be judged. The meek shall inherit the earth.

Why wouldn’t a God reveal himself to humanity all at once telepathically by appearing in the sky? Why appear in a localized manner and give conflicting messages throughout time to different racial groups? This is surely a recipe for diaster. Of course, this is by design by the ruling elite in order to divide and conquer. War is a very profitable business for them. It is also quite a convenient excuse to justify their actions. It is quite easy to get the backing of a populace if you can convince them it is God’s will. This has resulted in countless holy wars when the real reasons are to plunder nations for natural resources such as gold, oil and drugs, if not secretly engaging in a sacrificial rite.

Religion and using its books as a propaganda tool are a clever means to control the population. If the people believe that an event, such as armageddon, is God’s will then they will do nothing to stop it. They will not fight back, but allow the “prophesied” event to occur. Has turning the other cheek and loving your neighbors ever worked? Cultures who practice unconditional peace and love set themselves up as doormats for warfaring tribes.

And then you have the question of who created God? Where did God come from? If your answer is that God has always existed then the same thing can be said about the universe itself. God just seems to be a catchall phrase for what we don’t know or understand. No proof for God exists apart from humans who have had “visions” or heard God “speak” to them. So it thus becomes a personal matter of experience or belief. Faith by its very definition is belief in something that can’t be proven or measured.

“Religion is what keeps the poor man from murdering the rich.” — Napolean, Emporor of France (quoted from Robert Byrne, 1,911 Best Things Anybody Ever Said, 1988).

“Religion is the opiate of the masses.” — Karl Marx.

“If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god” — Napolean

Pope Leo X has been incorrectly attributed with the following quote: “What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!” These books are nothing more than propaganda given to us by the elite themselves. Much of this has come to light recently in the latest research in the books by Ralph Ellis who relates evidence that Moses and Jesus were pharoahs.

Caesars Messiah book

In fact, the smoking gun may just have been found by Joseph Atwill author of “Caesar’s Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy To Invent Jesus” where Joseph outlines the series of events in Jesus’ ministry that are parallels with the events of the battle campaign of Titus Flavius as recorded by Josephus Flavius in “War of the Jews”. Numerous scholars had noticed the parallels between the Gospels and Josephus’ work before, but Atwill is the first to notice that all the parallels take place in exact sequence and use the names and exploits of Caesar’s family for characters and events in the New Testament. Also the Calpurnius Piso/Flavian dynasty whom Caesar was inlaw of was detailed in the book “The True Authorship of the New Testament” by Abelard Reuchlin.

Researcher Ralph Ellis has further shown in his trilogy of books that Jesus was the great grandson of Queen Cleopatra and was actually the king of Edessa, King Izas Manu. Jesus-Izas fulfills the prophecy that the messiah would be named Emmanuel as predicted in the Old Testament in the Book of Isiah and in the hymn “O Come O Come Emmanuel” in that Emmanuel was said to be translated as “God is with us”. God in ancient texts was called El so Em-Manu-El could allude to “God” Manu.

At any rate even the Bible admits that Jesus is from the line of King David and was mocked by the Roman soldier as “King of the Jews”.

As an aside it is interesting to note a homophone for “god” is “gaud” whose original, archaic meaning is a trick or deceit.

Jordan Maxwell has revealed that Christianity and all of the other major world religions are, in fact, descended from earlier solar, lunar and stellar cults, and represent the sun. In his book That Old Time Religion and his video series The Naked Truth, he explains since no one on earth can claim ownership of the sun, it must be “God’s sun“. Since it provides daylight, the sun of God is the “light of the world“. Ancient man feared the cold, dark conditions of the night and waited each morning for “the risen sun“. Without the energy which the sun sacrifices to sustain life on earth, we would die so it was said that the sun was “our saviour” and “sacrifices his life for us” so that mankind can have “everlasting life” on earth.

Jordan continues to explain how in Egypt, the sun was known as Horus and at daybreak Horus had risen on the horizon (Horus-risen) and was said to be “born again“. When the sun died at night, we were ruled by the “Prince of Darkness” whom the Egyptians called “Set” because God’s sun had “Set” at “sun-SET“. When the sun died, it was said to wear a “crown of thorns” or a corona. The sun is said to begin its ministry at the age of 30 because it enters each house of the zodiac at the 30th degree and is said to die at 33 because it exits at the 33rd degree. He further explains how you can draw a cross over the circle of the sun, dividing it into the four seasons comprised of two solstices and two equinoxes, which is why you can look at the cross on top of most churches even today and see a circle over the top of it. “God’s sun” is on “the cross”.

To quote Jordan, “On December 22, the sun going south, reaches its lowest point in the sky (our winter solstice). At that lowest point, the sun stops moving on the sundial for three days, Dec. 22, 23, & 24th, in the Southern Constellation known as “The Southern Cross”. Hence, our Savior (dead for three days) died on the cross. … The “Southern Cross Constellation”, that is. This is the only time in the year that the sun actually stops its movement in our sky. On the morning of December 25th, the sun begins its annual journey back to us in the northern hemisphere, bringing, of course, our spring. Therefore, on December 25th, our sun is “BORN AGAIN”. And to this day, his worshippers still celebrate his birthday!

book Suns of God

Jordan claims the Bible is astrotheology. In the age of Taurus, the altars were made in the image of a golden calf. In the age of Aries, rams were sacrificed. In the age of Pisces the fish, Christians used the symbol of the fish to signify themselves as believers. In Revelations, a book purported to prognosticate future events, a man bearing a pitcher of water is mentioned. That is the sign of Aquarius which is the sign we are currently entering. The days of our week relate to Gods and their planets. Saturday is Saturn’s day, Sunday is the Sun’s day, and Monday is the Moon’s day. Did you catch that? Sunday, the day when Christians go to church to worship God, is SUNday!

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REINCARNATION (EARTH AS A SCHOOL) — This belief teaches that we reincarnate over and over again in order to learn lessons and once all our karma has been overcome we can graduate from this earthly plane onto a higher dimension. As one of tenets of the major religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, believers are taught that their reward will be given to them in their next lifetime in the form of karma. If reinarnation is true then why don’t we remember the reason we are being punished for? How can we possibly learn from our mistakes if we can’t correlate events of this present life with mistakes we made in a previous one? How can we know what we are being rewarded for? And it seems there are much better teaching mechanisms. When we go to school we are able to learn from text books and from spoken instruction. Yes, there are experiential labs especially in the sciences which could equate to life here. Also if lessons learned are stored in our soul’s character or our subconcious memory, then why can’t the data or knowledge just be transferred directly and save us all the trouble? And why is the process so slow and painful? We could learn lessons without going through so much difficulty, it would seem. If, as most eastern religions teach, we are part of the infinite all, then why limit ourselves like this? Are we that bored? Why couldn’t we cycle through a temporary forgetting of sorts to make experiences still seem fresh and exciting without the dull, tedious boredom which could come with knowing everything. It would be like being able to hit a hole in one on every single hole in golf. There would be no challenge and would become boring. I get that, but why go to the other extreme where there are wars, people being tortured, and children starving? Are they being taught lessons too, and isn’t there any other possible way that would be more humane? Surely an all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful God could find a better way. Then there is the not so small matter of increasing population. Where do all the new souls come from? Are they reincarnating on a more frequent basis? Are souls being fragmented so that they live multiple lives at once? Many eastern religions teach that god is an energy that flows through everything and that we are all one and have forgotten our true divinity so we need to return to the source that is god.

Evolution to robot

EVOLUTION – This theory is widely believed by most scientists and is based on Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species. It is the prevailing theory taught in schools today. It posits that man evolved from monkeys based on the similar DNA and appearances.

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INTERVENTIONISM – This recently emerging ancient astronaut theory claims that an avanced alien race of beings intervened in the evolutionary process on earth and created humans by merging their own DNA with that of the evolving primitive man. It is a marriage of both evolution and creationism. There would be no need to find the missing link since there needn’t be one. The theory’s main evidence is the translation by Zecharia Sitchin of sumerian texts and supported by all the ancient out of place artifacts that have been found and mysteries such as who built the great monolithic structures.

book The 12th Planet