Godly visions

There have been many stories about how when a person is in coma or in tragic accident they see angelic beings, Jesus or God. Do you think these visions are real? there are lots of them and you just can’t prove anything except if you have been shown things from the future and these events come to reality.

God Took This Man To Witness the End of America-What He Saw Will Shake You To the Core!

In 1996, Author Benjamin Baruch was taken by God to see the end of the United States of America, and witnessed things that were downright chilling to the bone, including concentration camps, martial law, and more! He was also shown September 11, 2001 before it happened! Wait until you hear all that God told him, and revealed! Coincidentally, Baruch strongly feels that what God revealed to him is upon us now! It will literally give you chills and take your breath away!

This is one of the most powerful messages. By the end, you will both understand the urgency that most other Christians are experiencing, and the reason why.

Leave America Now, Economic Collapse, Millions Will Die within 3 Years Warns Researcher

Or then these visions are the product of government made in so called cloning centers, which Donald Marshall is talking about. People are transferred to these centers via REM dream and planted in clone body. If you you want to know more about that check these posts from Auricmedia:

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