Four Fingers, Almond Eyes and a Guest Appearance on Oprah

Who should sit in the panel when extraterrestrial beings contact Earth? Who are the people who should make the first contact? I think that it is stupidly military in our case, but I think it should be ordinary people or scientists:

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Four Fingers, Almond Eyes and a Guest Appearance on Oprah

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20th January 2011

According to a just published extraterrestrial-themed edition of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society world governments should prepare a co-ordinated action plan in case Earth is contacted by aliens. Contributing scientists argue that a branch of the UN must be given responsibility for “supra-Earth affairs” and formulate a plan for how to deal with extraterrestrials, should they appear.

According to Simon Conway Morris, a professor of evolutionary palaeobiology at Cambridge University, anyone planning for alien contact should prepare for the worst. Evolution on alien worlds, he said, is likely to be Darwinian in nature: “Why should we ‘prepare for the worst’? First, if intelligent aliens exist, they will look just like us, and given our far from glorious history, this should give us pause for thought,” wrote Morris in the journal’s special issue.

Some months back Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking were saying the same thing, i.e. Watch out, alien life is both highly likely to exist and highly likely to be predatory. This double whammy from leading scientists is thus given more weight by the eminent scientists now calling for a world plan to deal with this potential threat. But hang on a minute, who said ‘potential threat?’ Why is there no recognisance of the solid evidence that they are here already.

On September 27th 2010 a press conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington, where at least a dozen former high ranking U.S. Air Force personnel, mostly officers who worked on secret projects connected to sensitive nuclear weapons sites, admitted that they were privy to UFO and alien-related incidents that occurred during their time of service. Tens of thousands of reliable witnesses including pilots, policemen, politicians, even astronauts, testify to their witness of this phenomenon. Two US astronauts, Gordon Cooper and Ed Mitchell believe that they are here already. Yet Johnny come lately scientists are preparing for the fact that they probably do exist might contact us and are likely to be dangerous. This news along with Hawking’s and Kaku’s predictions plus the revelations made at the Press Club should be of world significance as they affect the prospectus of all humanity. Yet each is a very small afterthought in the wake of other events of earth-shattering importance such as celebrity news and developments in popular soaps on TV. In the light of this perhaps we deserve being trodden underfoot by alien visitors with a supremely advanced technology. But let’s take a look at the evidence thus far:

In researching my books I have come across well over a hundred distinct types of alien that witnesses report are actually here. There are cat aliens, dog aliens, horse aliens, and even aliens masquerading as Punch and Judy puppets. That is not to mention the strange looks I get from my wife sometimes.

So how do you establish that any alien stories are verifiably true? The answer is of course is you just simply cannot. The simple-minded and of course the downright gullible may believe them but for most they will be curious stories with some entertainment value. Who can blame them, the human imagination is notorious for attention seeking, for vanity, for risk taking, profit making, confabulating and as many ‘ingy’ things as you can think of. Yes there are the informed few who can filter the true from the false but the mainstream is a hung parliament.

Now it would be quite different if you could get the odd alien to the nearest TV studio and hitch up a TV broadcast to the world. Here you could get a battery of the world’s most respected doctors, lawyers, accountants, and most important of all celebrities to attest that what the punter is seeing and hearing is true. Notice I left out scientists, priests and politicians from the verification list, my intention there is only to ensure that the truth police don’t pay us a visit. Back to the show: Music, (by that I mean semi- industrial cacophonies masquerading as a beat) flashing lights and disparate volumes of frozen carbon dioxide for atmosphere will attract the young punter or ‘future generation’ and all will be set to convince the world that we are not alone. An appearance by Russell Brand might ensure that we might as well be, just in case the alien company is boring, and flash bang wallop a commentator or two from Reynard TV, US of A can act as referees for judging the fairness of any arguments an ascendant alien intelligence might for example make in propagating a cull of anyone more sepia toned than arctic pinkish white with blond highlights.

All will be set to convince the world that we are not alone and that human history as we know it is all bunkum.

Will it all work? Not on your nelly. We have forgotten the rent a sceptic brigade, that awesome breed of one arm bandit intelligences, all five of them, that intersperse airways globally as the self appointed guardians of the ’empirical way.’ The verification panel with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ boards and straight ahead one way minded pebble lens views for whom there is no up, down or sideways.

Now while all this is being set up. Any friendly mega intelligent alien (it came here past the speed of light barrier after all) would have to stretch a long four finger point and cooperate more indulgently than your pet poodle while being placated, poked, prodded, prompted and questioned. Imagine a group of ants doing that to your average representative of the human flock on ANT-TV. Heavy shoes for stamping and insect repellent would be out for a start. No need for an ‘I am a good Alien’ tee-shirt slogan on its chest either. If everyone is still there un-zapped and alive and the cameras work, we can take that slogan as implied.

Cameras roll, music, (something like ‘Sprach Zarathustra’ and the Star Wars theme) credits form and disappear, a pan into close up and there would sit David Frost, Piers Morgan, Oprah, and as a special return cameo Larry King. They’d all be there to see us through the alien’s credentials as genuinely inter-galactic.

That’s it! We have lift off. The world is about to be changed to its root forever. The truth will not be out there anymore. It would have come to roost in a TV studio where it has always belonged.

Lift off Larry. Lift off Oprah. Let’s get the show on the road. Did I say lift off!!! You’ve got to be joking. You’d be living in cloud cuckoo land if you thought that all this would convince Mr and Mrs, Master and Miss Mainstream Witness out there that what they were seeing was genuine and true. A room full of Popes, Rabbis, Imams, Mahanayake Theras, Grand Ayotollahs or even Arsenal fans would be deemed nothing to the strokes of a simple video pen. A million angst ridden bloggers and commentators with the entire lexicon of the ‘f’ word leading them and the dexterity of egg noodles and Kentucky fried soaked fingers, will descend on every server of good or bad grace and crash every laptop and PC within the 25,000 mile circumference of the planet. The whole thing would in seconds be deemed mere “Windows'” dressing in the hands of some clever technicians or hackers with the latest precious clutch of transistors and diodes and back up viruses lovingly set on the parody of the gift the Greeks left the Trojans. And who would do the ‘deeming?’ You’ve guessed it. It would be there smiling if it could. The kind of smile you would get from your vacuum cleaner when you switched it to blow when you meant suck. Game, set and match. A studio full of our best set human value written on billions of oblong screens of cold and hot light around the globe, its relevance smashed to smithereens.

Cut to the studio control room’s editor’s suite. A discreet hand reaches forward on the master edit console. A button is pressed down by a fore-finger. The hand has no thumb. The ‘ON AIR’ sign lights up. A single spotlight blazes on a strange spindly form. Only the most intelligent and gifted humans will see that it is irrelevant to ask the question. Where are you from?

© Nigel Kerner 2011


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Skeptical people have always wondered whether or not we are alone in the universe. The Truth is that extraterrestrials have visited our planet long ago, and they even have contacted with some countries secretly, but these governments won’t acknowledge the existence of UFOs officially. However, before the end of this century, a massive extraterrestrial contact will take place on Earth. That day will be historical for mankind and not even the most recalcitrant skeptic will deny the existence of UFOs anymore.
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Do Skeptics continue with their stubborn posture denying the existence of UFOs and the spiritual world?
Ruanel: Correct, and they also have phobia against all that is related to esotericism and they continue with their truth. In some cases there are skeptics that become directly in fools when they deny what reality is.
Interlocutor: In the case of skeptics they must have ego and engrams without any doubt, otherwise one cannot understood,- and excuse me the term-, such imbecility.
Ruanel: Obviously.
Interlocutor: What I am not sure of is if they act in bad faith, or it’s simply their stupidity.
Ruanel: Don’t think so. There are skeptics that make fun of people they attack verbally they demean not only to your group but also to other groups. They take as irrational to all those who believe in everything related to the spiritual world.
Interlocutor: Well, I believe that this issue about skeptics is over. Here I have scheduled something that many people have asked me constantly; they ask if there will be a massive extraterrestrial contact. I mean to a public and, official contact, of extraterrestrials with the human race, so that nobody has doubt that they are here. I asked this question to Eon, you already know it, and he avoided giving answers with the excuse that the expectation brings intention or something like that. (laughs)
Ruanel: Well, then I’m off the hook. (laughs). You already know that fortunetelling doesn’t exist.
Interlocutor: Yes, of course, but I’m referring to time travelers, they should have revealed something.
Ruanel: I haven’t ran into someone, Have I? (laughs)… There is a phrase said by the Dear Absolute who has created us all and to him we go again, a while ago, through the mouth of this vessel: “The planet Sun 3 is a gigantic kindergarten, where these children, these small children, these lads that have so much knowledge to paint the best paintings, to build the best architectural works, they also produce killing machines, polluting machines to destroy to their own species. They destroy animal species. There are hundreds of extinct species of fish. They destroy the drinking water.
Imagine, for example, that you as a spirit have embodied in another world where all the beings help to each other and you come to this planet, and you see from your space ship what is happening in Sun 3, what would be your reaction?
Interlocutor: Well, at least my morale would be very low.
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: But returning to the question Did a time traveler make the smallest reference concretely to this matter, the massive extraterrestrial contact?
Ruanel: Yes, he made reference to the massive extraterrestrial contact, and I repeat his words literally: “They are waiting for the human being to grow up”
Interlocutor: And when the human being will grow up so that that contact takes place? When somebody asks me that, I always respond that many millennia probably pass before something like that happens.
Ruanel: No, no, then I correct you. The idea of some extraterrestrials I contact myself with, I refer to their thetans, it is that before this century ends.
Interlocutor: Not millennium?
Ruanel: Not millennium, but century, It must be a contact. That’s the idea of some aliens from closer solar systems.
Interlocutor: See? How with my cleverness I could coax the secret out of you? (laughs).
Ruanel: You are very clever. (laughs)
Interlocutor: It’s a joke, Master… (laughs)… come on Master, take a chance. Didn’t a time traveler reveal the date of that massive contact?
Ruanel: I will respond you in a very coherent way: Every time traveler drags to his thetan. His thetan has knowledge of that future time. His thetan is not at all times with “the curtains low”. Although we respect his free will. Understand that free will is respected when the thetan has the conceptual curtain low. If he doesn’t have his conceptual curtain low, we can perfectly perceive his thought, and then we take out from him all the information.
Interlocutor: Concretely then, you know for sure when that future contact will take place.
Ruanel: We know perfectly the date, the day and the hour.
Interlocutor: Then you know it?
Ruanel: Of course we know, because we can read the thought of the thetans of time travelers!
Interlocutor: So if you don’t say it it’s because there is a kind of agreement with Eon to leave it as an expectation like he did. (laughs)
Ruanel: No, it is not an agreement with Eon, because the Absolute allows our free will. If I, at this time disclose that information I would not be breaking any law because the Absolute doesn’t forbid anything. How will he forbid since he has given us his Love and Free Will?
Interlocutor: Certainly, I had forgotten the issue of free will.
Ruanel: We don’t say it because it is a matter of ethics, because it is not the moment, nothing else. We can say what should have happened and didn’t happen, as the dear and sublime Master Johnakan said: we were not prepared for the atomic fusion and it was made in the year 1938, when it should have been made in the year 2100.
Interlocutor: That’s clear. If I requested a date simply as a speculation? I ask it because at some time Eon gave an answer in that way.
Ruanel: As a speculation, there is a number that says 2070.
Interlocutor: Well, that is already something, although I won’t be here to see it.
Ruanel: How you won’t be?
Interlocutor: Yes, yes, Master, it was a way of saying. (laughs)
Ruanel: Even you can be one of those aliens, if you embody in that planet that will make the massive contact.
Interlocutor: You’re right, Master, I didn’t think about it.
Ruanel: There is an earthly phrase that can be applied here: “Life goes around”
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand what you mean. Before to move on to another topic I’d like to ask if Carl Sagan’s article “The Burden of Skepticism” has caused a lot of damage. I admit that this article drives me crazy and causes me irritation.
Ruanel: Sometimes The skepticism of the other “hits” the ego of the other. This is my answer.
Interlocutor: I understand what you mean, but concretely the question is about the damage that this article has caused. Notice that it’s spread all over the internet.
Ruanel: Yes, it has caused a lot of damage, as well as it has made a favor to their investigations. Anyhow, any middlebrow being would acknowledge… And I hope that skeptics know that if a Galaxy has around 100000 and 300000 million stars, even though there is an inhabited world each million stars, there would be 300000 inhabited worlds.
Interlocutor: That’s clear, but the gist is that skeptics in general accept that there are other inhabited worlds, but they deny that extraterrestrials have been able to arrive until here.
Ruanel: I would tell to the skeptics that, at this time if a Stone Age man saw a computer, he would not understand what it is or what the images in the monitor represent.
If a terrestrial man of the year 2000 saw beings of 10000 years from the future, he wouldn’t understand their energy field either, he wouldn’t understand how they travel through the Milky Way… Systems of Energy, of energy branches between the walls of matter and dark energy and the walls of common matter, these are topics I don’t want to talk about because they would not understand, neither you nor those who read this.
Then those skeptics who boast that they are mathematicians, well, Let them develop at this time, how they could move a motor with dark energy…
Just like you who speak Spanish would say: “Don’t speak to me in basic Chinese”
Interlocutor: I Do realize what you mean, but the skeptics don’t listen because they only listen to themselves. By the way, In which spiritual plane is Carl Sagan?
Ruanel: He is not that bad, He is in the plane 3.9, at one sublevel to arrive to a Mastery Plane, because he has a noble spirit and he seeks to research, simply the concepts he had were wrong when he was incarnated, but he was not hostile.
Interlocutor: Did he lower from plane when he disembodied or he returned to the same place he was?
Ruanel: He lowered from plane because in some things he was very stubborn, besides he dragged roles of ego and with roles of ego one cannot be in the Planes of Light.


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