It is just a clone… don’t be fooled

This photo has circulated on the Internet for years and here Donald Marshall tells his story about it:


Donald Marshall – its just a clone…dont be fooled. A clone Called a homonculous. Oversized clone.

JUST so everyone knows,… the Illuminuts can make oversized or undersized clones, called “homonculous’s” and another idiotic plan of theirs was to have oversized clones come down in man made ships claiming to be Gods from olympus that “made humans” and theyre back to save the day against the Vrill… taking vrill and drones away with them, and anyone else that wants to come… this is a deception. They’re just oversized clones.

They will say they are called the “Ur” (err) it’s all bs.

they might go with this plan, as they dont think the “tall grey” (vrill type 3) will work… Yeah I wouldn’t mind hercules and them coming to save the world.

they can also make what is called a homonculous of you, a larger or smaller version of your adult body… they can make a 3 foot tall you… bones more breakable and feel wierd but yeah… they can make you bigger too but moving around is hard.

theyve activated me into an oversized clone a few times… it’s easy… all off balance awkward clumsy. and heavy. It’s just an oversized clone… they can make smaller than normal clones… a clone made any other size than normal is called a homonculous, bigger or smaller…

vrill in clones or on chip in clones, larger ones called homonculous.

Undead alien techno God’s might be real… but then it could be a Nazi bs scheme to control people using oversized clones called homonculous’s and gene-spliced creatures… I’m not certain on that part…

they can make homonculous clones, bigger than original or smaller. Seen them, fought them.

They have said they may fake a return… using oversized clones called homonculous’s and using man made saucers,… Olympian God names,… race caller the “Ur” and theyre going to say they want gold. If they go ahead with it, know it is a deception.

I was told this picture was taken in modern day by an old antique camera… and the tall dude was a hollywood made special effects dummy… they do tha a lot, just take a pic with an old camera and wrinkle the photo up some and stain the edges a bit and people just automatically believe its authentic lol. they were going to use this and many other things, to encourage the belief of these tall humanoud aliens called the UR… lol sounds like (err) like Durr the illuminuts are stupid lol… oversized clones called homonculous’s they were going to call themselves the Olympian Gods, Zeus and Athena and the rest, say they created humanity and that they were returned and they wanted all the gold… lol it’s one of several plans they has in their options list, including the “Pleadeans” arrival… I’ll tell you bout the gold in phase 4. pretty wierd.

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